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200815 - #GTOPDAY

I’m gonna collate everything #GTOP that happened today. What a bless for #GTOP Shippers worldwide :(((((

The recorded Zutter together on MCD. Then they went for a BRUNCH DATE together. Then they received the trophy together. They took multiple Insta clip of each other & post numerous Insta post abt GD&TOP… they were so happy on stage together. They looked so married!!!!!!!

Lemme die in heaven :(((((((


Choi made Kwon laugh again





anonymous asked:

What's the story behind the 'me' shoes? Is it a gtop thing?

there’s not much to the “official” story, but basically on May 23rd, 2014 Jiyong liked this picture on Instagram:

And then on May 26th, 2014 when he was in Paris for the girls exhibition he posted this picture:

You can see him writing on the shoes in the “Journey to Rise” documentary around 1:38 (x)

so obviously he liked how the shoes in the first picture looked and wrote on his own and uploaded a picture of them (with a conveniently placed boyfriend tattoo and chrome hearts bracelets). Now this cute romantic shit posted a picture of his dirty ass, well worn shoes on White Day

Where are you looking at, TOP?


How long are you planning on staring at GD? (or at his ass~)

I’m asking you, Seunghyun~

You’re not possibly looking at Ri (in red jacket) because it’s obvious that you’re overlooking him. Instead, you’re looking at–

HOW COULD YOU STARE AT JIYONG SO LOVINGLY DON’T YOU KNOW IT MAKES MY HEART HURT BECAUSE OF TOO MUCH GTOP FEELS. poor Youngbae, he didn’t know that there were a lot of flirting happening behind him haha


Ayyy sup sooo I hit 500 followers today?? And this is kinda late because I have 525 now screw you “follow whoever reblogs this” posts but imma do it anyway and if I forgot you it’s because I’m stupid and cannot be trusted.

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