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34. “It’s not like I missed you or anything.” Jace and Simon, it so sounds like them

this ended up being almost 1000 words - much longer than i originally intended. so anyway! please enjoy

(also everything past “go to sleep” is under a readmore for those on mobile)


his head jerked off the table, eyes blinking rapidly, “huh? what is it? what’s wrong?” his eyebrows furrowed together in confusion as his eyes darted around the institute before settling on clary. “what is it?” he repeated, slowly rising from his seat.

“everything’s fine, simon. you just need to get to bed,” she said, taking hold of his shoulders and gently pushing him towards the elevator. “jace will be back when he gets back.”

a frown tugged at his lips because jace was supposed to be back from idris by lunchtime and as much as he wanted to point that out to clary, he didn’t. was he worried? yes. jace and alec had been gone for two weeks for a “top secret” meeting in idris, and they hadn’t communicated to anyone what was up. even magnus didn’t know what they were going to do in idris. and it’s not that he didn’t trust jace, of course he trusted him – he just worried about his safety.

“jace will be fine, simon. now, go to sleep.”

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yesterday's kids
the runaways, ft. micki steele
yesterday's kids

yesterday’s kids better step aside
yesterday’s kids with their horrible lies

|| fionainculta


Jessica was exhausted. It felt like she had been walking for days now. Actually, had she been walking for days? It could have been a day or two or three since she’d left the GNR building… It had been a while since she’d drunk anything or eaten, and she was feeling a little light-headed. But she had to keep going. She had to get to Rivet City. Which, despite not being far away, was proving difficult to find. She kept getting lost. Jessica could well have been walking in circles by now. But she had to get there. Dad could be there…

Was that a person up ahead? She hadn’t seen anyone, friendly or otherwise, for a while now. “Please don’t shoot me,” Jessica said, her voice thin from exhaustion. She really didn’t want to have to fight, to kill right now. Not that she ever wanted to kill.

Out On Patrol | Blay and Qhuinn

Blay looked around his mated room. This was the first night that Blay was going out on patrol since he was attacked by the lessers at the mall. He hoped to god that everything was going to be okay this time round.

Ivy pulled up into he drive way of her small home, she still found it hard knowing that her brothers wont be there to annoy her or bother her. She had gotten the grocery out of the trunk and didn’t see the large bump int he drive way before falling face first into the ground. “Damn it” She says looking around and seeing everything spill out around her. 



Summary: Seth has been going out night after night ever since being back and you got slightly annoyed then fed up with it. Sparking an argument, To your surprise Seth comes back to apologize.

  • Pairing: Seth x Reader
  • Warning: fluff
  • Word Count: Its fairly short

Its been a long week and you just felt so exhausted. You wanted to just curl up in your bed and sleep. You tried to swallow down all the emotions you had from the night before.

“what’s the problem now? Huh (Y/N)? every time I go out and come back home you get in this bitter mood.” Seth sighed in frustration. “Seth you wanna know why I get this way? You know when I get limited time with you I want to spend it with you and you spend it out and not with me I feel like … like you don’t want me or want to be around me.” you blurted out, “You do this every time . Over and over again. When are you gonna see that I have feelings..” you spoke quietly. “I’m not gonna deal with this tonight.” Seth turned his back to you walked to the door. The door slammed causing you to flinch.

You felt like such an idiot, You felt the pain in your chest grow bigger and tears began to flow down your face. You stood in the kitchen for a good five minutes before the lock turned and the front door opened.

You peek around the corner to see Seth walk in with flowers and a teddy bear. You slowly creep forward, “Seth..” You whispered.  Seth Froze, noticing the way your face was stained with red. Before you could blink he was in front of you, pulling you tightly into him.

You burst into tears..“I’m sorry Seth I was being selfish and I-I-I’m sorry…” You sobbed into his chest. Seth presses you closer and kisses your forehead nuzzling his head into your hair. “ Its not your fault.. I’m the one to blame. I’m sorry. Everything you were saying was completely right and I didn’t recognize your feelings..” Seth confessed. You look up at him as he cups your cheeks, wiping away all your tears he tilts your chin upward and places a kiss upon your lips.

Taking his sweater off and placing the flowers and teddy bear down, He grabs you and picks you up. You wrap your legs around his waist and let him carry you to the bed room you both share. Seth lies you down slowly still locked in a kiss with you. You pulled away and looked into his eyes. “Seth, I love you..” You smile softly. “ I love you too baby..”

The night was spent slowly being showered with kisses, Seth decided it’d be ok to leave bitemarks all over you. “I want everyone to know you’re mine..” Seth mumbled as he kissed your neck slowly, “Seth I know that, everyone at work knows that, no need to mark me” You giggled. Seth stopped and looked up at you, “i’m just making sure (Y/N)”. You ran your fingers through his hair and give him a soft smile, “i know..”


(A/N: ok i know these usually go at the beginning but doing everything through mobile on christmas day is kinda hard. I know its short as well and probably bummy as well but its been a while since i’ve done imagines for ANY fandom so I wanna get back into the groove of it. I do love feedback of all kind negative or positive i will take it to make it better so please tell me!!)

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Headphones? Sure, headphones. Besides clothes, there are five things on my person each time I step out of my apartment: keys, wallet, watch, phone, and headphones. Apple already makes a best-in-class phone and is working on a best-in-class connected watch. But for reasons I won’t even guess, it makes weirdly fragile plastic headphones. Owning the most popular premium headphone manufacturer means Apple is an iWatch away from producing the top high-end version of just about everything I carry around with me when I walk, besides a wallet (which is going to the cloud anyway) and keys (which, who cares). The implications of dominating the high-end ambulatory consumer market in a world where everything is going to mobile seem profound.

Apple + Beats = Genius — Derek Thompson

This is the first write-up on this head-scratcher Apple+Beats deal that has made any sense at all to me.