everything is fest


“I have this new group of people that I consider to be like my fans and sort of my family..who kinda get all this stuff about me that–for a while, you know, some people were like,‘that’s weird that you do that’ or 'you’re kinda quirky’.. 'you’re kinda short’..'you’re kinda this, you’re kinda that.’ That stuff starts to mess with you as an actor–And suddenly to have that sort of validation…  People don’t like to hear the word,'validation’ but it’s nice to have people be like,'we’re cool with that, actually. And we like it. And we believe it,so we’re gonna go on the ride.’ Um…so, I’m touched.”- Nicole Beharie


me: [crafts a formal email] [screams for 10 years while pressing send]

As of this moment, this is my favorite picture of Aaron ever.  Now since this is a full blown obsession that could change any second now haha but he just looks so darn cute and sexy and so happy so how can you not love this?


Aaron Tveit at Elsie Fest — Billie Jean