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“I have this new group of people that I consider to be like my fans and sort of my family..who kinda get all this stuff about me that–for a while, you know, some people were like,‘that’s weird that you do that’ or 'you’re kinda quirky’.. 'you’re kinda short’..'you’re kinda this, you’re kinda that.’ That stuff starts to mess with you as an actor–And suddenly to have that sort of validation…  People don’t like to hear the word,'validation’ but it’s nice to have people be like,'we’re cool with that, actually. And we like it. And we believe it,so we’re gonna go on the ride.’ Um…so, I’m touched.”- Nicole Beharie

i can’t decide what’s worse. fuckboys or the ones turn everything into a romantic love fest (like the sappy, cliche, “oh i’ll play a song for you on the guitar so you have to date me”) 

Official Prompts

Day One - College - July 21st

We all know that Stanford and Fiddleford were “college buddies” back in the day, but what exactly did they do together? Did they just click together right away, or did they have some disagreements first? Did Backupsmore have some paranormal activity, sweeping them into an adventure?

Optional QOTD: What were your initial thoughts on FiddAuthor? What had you shipping them, and is there anyone whom you must thank/file complaints for it?

Day Two - Vacation / Holiday  - July 22nd

The lovely @llamanee-sama brought up some very good points last night for this prompt and it being summer now had me side with her on a Holiday Vacation kind of theme. Choose which ever season you want and write / draw how you imagine they spend their time off (vacations at home or abroad) and / or how they celebrate any Holiday of your choosing together as a couple. 

Optional QOTD: What is an activity that brings them together during their down time? Holiday themed or anything.

Day Three - family - July 23rd

Family is a very important element that drives both of their actions and choices forward in canon. Really show how important family is to both of them by having them bond with Tate, Mabel, Dipper or any of the extended Pines family. 

Optional QOTD: How does the family react to their relationship?

Day Four - Bill Cipher - July 24th

This can range anywhere from Ciphord abuse to Bill just messing with the couple or anything you can think of that puts Bill in the mix.

Optional QOTD: Bill is disgusted by these humans and their human affection, how does he react?

Day Five - Science/ Supernatural - July 25th

This can focus on a project the two are working on together as a team or a monster hunt or them studying something weird and strange together. 

Optional QOTD: Fidds becomes a lab rat during a science project or Ford some how talks him into being live bait, how does this end? Can be as silly or angsty as you want.

Day Six - Gift Exchange - July 26th (The Journal releases!)

This is a very special day for GF fans, so celebrate this joyful day by making something nice for your fellow fiddauthor fans. This can be a request or just creating something you know they will like or based on something they have made in the past.

Optional QOTD: Who is your favorite fiddauthor creator? What is your favorite work by them? And Why do you love them so much?

Day Seven+ - Create from Journal - July 27th and beyond

Take anything from the journal that inspires you to make a wonderful fiddauthor piece of your choosing.

Optional QOTD: Do you think the ship has a chance at being canon?

By the nature of the last prompt alone, we don’t expect you to be on time and really its fine to be late on any prompt. Please go at your own pace when creating these prompts and have fun! This festival will be going strong until the end of August.

Remember to tag everything as ‘Fiddauthor Fest’ so we can share you work to everyone who loves fiddauthor. 


Aaron Tveit at Elsie Fest — Billie Jean