everything is falling apart

Summary of 18′s role in Bio Broly in a nutshell.


“Leaving to an island for a fight with your former training partner? YOU ARE TAKING ME WITH YOU BECAUSE I’M NOT LEAVING WITHOUT MY DAMN MONEY!”

“Honey, please listen to me and stay behind with our precious child while I deal with this added nonsense.”

“I am surrounded by idiots and I am 100.00% done with this sh**.”

“Bio Warriors? How cute, I fought better. Oh, Trunks and Goten are here too.”

“A Bio Warrior clone of a Super Saiyan and everything is falling apart because of the fluid? I am 1000000.00% done with this sh**.”

“Dammit, I’m badly beaten by the Bio Warrior Super Saiyan, I am not paid enough for this.”

“My husband disobeyed me because he was worried about my safety and saved me in the nick of time. I have the best husband ever.”


“This was one long day of bullsh** and I am glad that all this is done.”

i can’t promise it’ll be perfect. My hair will always stick up, i will get clingy when I feel like everything’s falling apart, and so many others that I can’t list but, I can promise that I love you with all my heart and I hope you do too.
—  i shouldn’t be allowed to feel this much

Fighting with your boyfriend really wasn’t on your Christmas to do list, and yet, somehow, it had snuck it’s way in. It wasn’t that everything was falling apart, per se, but with Tommy wanting to spend Christmas day with you, and you already having agreed to spend it with your family, it simply seemed that neither of you would budge.

“Fine!” Tommy practically yells, throwing his arms into the air as he begins to walk away. “You don’t want to spend your Christmas with me, don’t!”

Irritation bubbles away at you at his words. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to, it was that you had already told your family you would visit them. Given the option, you would have happily picked him, well, you would have before tonight anyway.

“You’re not listening!” you shout to his back as he continues to walk away, ignoring your words. “Tommy!” you shout, trying to get him to stop.

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Why are we not talking about desperation Thranduil betrays in this scene. It starts with shock and grief over pile of dead bodies in Dale, bringing back memories of all these wars they fought for causes of others, losing so much, HER, to him like losing everything? He sees his soldiers slaughtered yet again and he remembers, before, when he was idealist, when he believed in purpose of this fight, until he lost her, until he lost everything that matters. It’s a sharp reminder, and it terrifies him, how close to going through this all over again he is now. With Legolas. Legolas is out there, chasing the feeling of complete, of belonging by fighting for someone else’s freedom, someone else’s justice, someone else’s home, as he himself hasn’t got one. Legolas is out there, sacrificing himself in this war. I will not sacrifice any more Elvish blood is the first rock in avalanche of fear that paralises him. Until finally he’s choking with one thought, on thought only: I will not lose my son. Not him. Not after her. Not after my father before. So he looks for him with this SHEER DESPERATION, maybe it’s too late, maybe it’s too late for them anyway. But it’s not too late for him. there is so much he can do, SO GREAT HE CAN BE. The only choice of this family of this realm to become what is should always be: HOMELAND. Have I lost you too? And then he sees him … THERE’S RELIEF, THERE’S APOLOGY, THERE’S LONGING, THERE’S PRIDE, THERE’S SO MUCH LOVE. And then he knows what he has to do anyway . .  if he really loves him, if he ever did. He needs to let him leave this prison he built for him. He needs to let him go for him to become a man, a soldier, a prince he was always meant to be. And so he does.
Because he loves him this much.

Trans guys in need of donations

Hey guys! so i’ve moved my boyfriend in with me to get him out of a bad home, however we didn’t have any money left over to get us things we needed. Summer is hitting hard, so we’d like to get lighter colored binders (and just new ones since the seams of our current ones are coming undone), STP’s, and maybe even a swimming specific binder, and we need clothes as well because all we have are dark clothes and pants. I’d also like to get a shirt meant to swim with, because i’m not comfortable swimming in just my binder in a public setting. 

A single binder from gc2b plus shipping is about $40 or more, but we have two trans guys here to buy them for. One of the lowest quality STP’s i can find are about $20, and again we need two. Basically we just need to raise a metric fuck ton of money to get our necessities. We would have probably been able to get most of these things ourselves, except that when our 18th birthdays rolled around, we literally got no birthday money at all, when we were expecting at least $100. We’re both unemployed, and right now its impossible to get a job since no one around us is hiring, we dont even have shoes to wear to walk since ours have quite literally fallen apart, and we don’t have a car. 

If you could donate, the paypal email is meepingkankri@aol.com, but if not please single boost this! I really hate asking for things, but binders are things that are needed, as well as clothing, and shoes. Any amount of money helps honestly!!!