everything is embarassing


This is so-

I’m reading The Cursed Child and i had to represent their first meeting.

So I was thinking
We know that boggarts represent what we fear most
And we also know that Hermione’s boggart is failing her classes, but it’s really the subconcious feeling of rejection and loss she fears, right? (same with Harry and Dementors)
But what if your worst fear is yourself
Like all your flaws and weaknesses,
The constant feeling of not being enough and of self-hatred
What would the boggart turn into?
It’s most likely it’ll turn into yourself,
just maybe with all your flaws being even more obvious to you
But when you want to change it into something ridiculous, you would kinda have to bully yourself
So it would make everything even worse and super embarassing
How the hell do you deal with a boggart like that man?

warning for guro content 

happy late birthday our cool lead artist. not because I forgot. totally not. 

  • me, making awkward eye contact with someone sitting in a window across from mine: i could write a snowbaz AU about this
  • me, seeing a hot girl on the metro: i could write a snowbaz AU about this
  • me, realizing the girl behind me is listening to my animated conversation about lizard people conspiracy theories: i could write a snowbaz AU about this
  • me, falling down the stairs right as a pretty girl walks by: i could write a-