everything is embarassing

alicedcampbell14  asked:

Hi I love your blog♡♡ You write so beautifuly and your scenarios are adorable! It's the first time i request and i feel kinda embaressed >< Can you please write a "He/she cant make you feel the way i make you feel" scenario for Dazai please?

Aww thank you so much for loving my blog. And don’t be embarassed, everything is fine! Of course I can write this! Though I used a bit creativity to make it different from the Fitzgerald one. So.. the s/o is only Dazais crush and he has enough of the friendzone :)

But it’s a bit angsty, I am sorry D:

Osamu Dazai

Dazai was your best friend since your childhood. You were at his side when he joined Port Mafia and you comforted him after Odasaku died and he left the Mafia. You had mutual feelings for each other, but neither of you dared to speak them out loud.

So his heart dropped when you announced that you got a boyfriend. But this man was not good for you. He was always drunk, yelled at you, cheated on you and he even slapped you when you didn’t obeyed him. You found yourself often in Dazais arms, crying your eyes out.

This time, your boyfriend went too far. He didn’t let you see your family after some years and he even spent all your saved money for prostitutes and alcohol. You had enough, really enough. Aswell as Dazai when he hugged you and whispered sweet comforts into your ear.

“He is such an asshole. I don’t understand why you are still with him.” Dazai spoke with a voice cold and venom in disgust at the thought of your boyfriend. He was just scum in his eyes. “I don’t know.. Maybe because he is the only person who loves me.” you answered and buried your head deep into the crook of his neck.

“You call that love? Being treated like trash and throwing your money away? He doesn’t love you.. And that’s not true, that he would be the only one.” he said and put his index finger under your chin, slowly raising your head. Your eyes widen, when he closed the distance and kissed your lips. “I love you more than he’d ever would. And I am positive that he can’t make you feel the way I make you feel, when you’d let me love you.” he mumbled and kissed your neck.

You melted in his arms and sobbed silently. “Dazai.. I never thought you would feel the same.. I love you too.. I always had.. I.. got him because I was in believe that I could never get you.” you sobbed. Dazai kissed your tears away and chuckled. “You had me since childhood, [Y/n]. I was always yours.”