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12x11 Coda

Based on this post from @hannahruth990

I meant to write a fluffy story about watching that cute little forgetful fish.  
I slipped. Sorry not sorry

Dean exhales slowly and shifts, trying to make himself comfortable. He can’t sleep, so he’s resigned himself to scrolling through Netflix. He needs something to occupy his mind - some noise, a mindless distraction.

There’s a knock at his door and he calls the visitor in, his eyes still fixed on his computer screen. He assumes it’s Sam, coming to check on him after the emotional roller coaster of a day. “Hello, Dean.”

He tears his eyes away from the screen and smiles. “Hey, Cas.” His voice is soft. Reverent. Seeing Cas somehow puts him at ease.

Cas is hovering in the doorway until Dean waves him in. He sets the computer aside and watches Cas close the door. “I would have called to let you know I was coming home, but Sam told me you’d broken your phone. And it’s late. I wasn’t sure if he was sleeping, so I– Why are you smiling?”

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you ever think about the fact that purgatory is a place that makes you bare, strips you down to nothing but raw instinct, makes you “pure,” and that in that setting, for a whole year, every single unadulterated instinct dean had was to find cas

Commission for Jen for her in-production AU A Little Patience~ I’m excited cuz in this fic neither Dean or Cas are dom/sub they both like to switch~ In this scene they’re both trying on collars and stuff and Cas is all gung-ho about it like “this has to be perfect, Dean, the best” and Dean’s just like “hnrnrhghrhghhhhhhhhh….” *blushy blushy*

You can’t really tell but the metal bolts on the collar are green~ I think Dean’s having a little bit of a tough time closing that clasp……

because it finally dropped below 80 degrees this weekend and im excited for the cold im really in the mood for some close cuddles and blankets so

Cas is being hit by a cat curse, and though it does not alter his appearance, it sure does his behaviour – unsurprisingly, to that of a grumpy cat.

Dean’s only thankful Cas remains on his two legs. Mostly.

Cas is entirely useless for their hunts, so he stays at the bunker at all times. There, he lies and dozes on the sofa, the dinner table, the library chairs, various kitchen furniture, and especially Dean’s lap. It’s absolutely embarrassing, to say the least, and the first time Cas crawls into Dean’s lap with a small snuffling sound, Dean instantly tries to shoo him away – at first with gentle coaxing, then with harsher words, then by attempting to bodily remove him. Needless to say, it doesn’t work out so well, which is how Dean ends up with his arms all scratched up and a softly purring Cas making his home in his lap. Much to the amusement of Sam, who didn’t even bother to try and help him, of course, instead only stood by and watched with a smirk.

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So Castiel is the son of some senator, and he’s just basically the family disappointment because:

1. he’s gay

2. he’s not religious enough

3. he’s not very ambitious

So despite the fact that he’s sweet and smart and genuinely kind, he’s the family disappointment, which is a constant point of stress on his poor little heart.

Meanwhile the Winchester brothers, they’re criminals, okay? They try not to hurt anybody, it’s mostly credit card fraud and the like, and at the moment they just need like one more big job to get them enough money to just retire somewhere.

So one day they’re out and they see this kid walking along and Dean says, 

“Holy shit, isn’t that that senator’s son?”

and Sam is like, “Fuck, it is!”

So they grab him, and they take him to this run down cabin that they’re currently living at in the woods.

and of course cas is freaking the fuck out, because like wtf is going on? Are these terrifying plaid-clad mountain men here to kill him?

Dean is calm, and he’s sorry they’re scaring this kid, he really is. It’s nothing personal, even if the kid’s dad is kind of a dick. So he explains to Castiel gently that everything is going to be fine, if Castiel’s father pays the ransom then Castiel will be back at home by tomorrow, safe and sound.

But, of course, things don’t go to plan. Sam gets into contact with the senator and the guy basically tells them to fuck off, because he’s paying ransom because his f***ot kid wasn’t smart enough to keep himself from getting kidnapped, and he’s not putting up with terrorist demands, etc.

And Sam is just thinking this is so fucked up, the whole time he’s on the phone. And he gives Castiel an edited version afterward, but the kid knows, and he just sits on the floor and starts fucking bawling. Because okay, he doesn’t know what these kidnappers are going to do with him now, which is scary, but even more than that, his dad doesn’t care enough about him to pay money (that he has) to save his life. And that’s not a good feeling.

And the Winchester brothers just have no fucking idea what to do now. They didn’t get the money and now they have this kid. And like, what do they do with him?

So Dean sits down with Cas and he lets him cry and, you know what, he puts an arm around him. The kid needs it, okay?

“I just- fuck-” Says Castiel, hiccuping, tears running down his face, “He didn’t even want me back. What’s he going to tell the media? That I died? Ran away? He’d rather risk a massive scandal than have to put up with me at all. I just-” His bottom lip quivers, and he’s crying again, “I thought he’d want me back.” He whispers.

Dean lets him cry for a long time and he pats the kid’s back and he lets the kid lean on him while Sam makes supper.

Once Castiel stops crying so much Dean says, “I know it hurts, okay? I know. But it’s going to be okay. You’re dad’s a prick, and you don’t need him.”

Castiel scrunches his face up and says, “You don’t know.”

And Dean has to sigh and say, “I really, really do.”

It’s afterward, when they’re all sitting together eating supper the way Castiel’s family has never, ever done, that he gathers the courage to ask, “So, what happens to me now?”

The Winchester brothers just look at each other, because they have no fucking clue.

“We’ll figure that out later.” Says Sam, “How’s your spaghetti?”

Eventually they decide to drop the kid off someplace and give him a little money to make his way home. But the idea doesn’t sit well with Dean. If Cas’ dad doesn’t even care enough to pay a moderate ransom to get his son back, what kind of father could he be? What kind of environment are they dropping Castiel back into?

So he keeps coming up with reasons not to drop Castiel off. This town is too dangerous, this one doesn’t have a bus stop, at this one it would take too much money to get him home.

Secretly, Castiel is relieved. He’s never been happy, he’s never been afforded any sort of freedom, and now… he is. The Winchesters let him do what he wants, treat him like an adult, talk to him like they actually want to know him. He finally feels seen and heard and, truthfully, he doesn’t want to go back to being a blank-faced senator’s kid.

Little by little, Castiel becomes a part of the family. He joins the brothers on con-jobs, he starts wearing plaid, he lets his hair grow out.

And then, one night he’s drinking on the back of the impala with Dean, and they’re looking at each other, and they just fall into each other.
They kiss (neither can remember who initiated it), and they keep kissing, and they start holding hands, and Dean lets Castiel pick the music in the car.

Sam doesn’t notice at first, but after a while they earn enough to rent a little house and one night he goes to check on Castiel only to find his bedroom empty. He checks the living room and the kitchen and finds them empty. His first thought is that Castiel finally decided to leave.

But then he goes to tell his brother and when he opens the door he finds Castiel and Dean curled up asleep together, Dean’s face in Castiel’s neck and his arm around Castiel’s stomach.

They looks sweet, and soft.

Sam watches them for a minute and then he goes back to his room, to listen to music and fall asleep, and everything is good.