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When The Sky Comes Crashing Down

I’ll return from darkness and will save your precious skin
I will end your suffering and let the healing light come in
Sent by forces beyond salvation
There can be not one sensation

World on fire with a smoking sun
Stops everything and everyone
Brace yourself for all will pay
Help is on the way

- “World on Fire” by Les Friction

Another doodle that got out of hand - while taking a little break from working on my submissions for the Kuro week, a new bro-things drawing aaand the next Kuro comic. XD Damn… Finals are around the corner, but I guess I cannot be bothered.

By the way: imagine Kuro coming for Lance who got in trouble while on a mission. This man cannot be stopped.

Erwin’s diary is forever full. Levi never knew when the man rested or even took a breath. Erwin was in his office one summer’s day when the grounds were quiet, a Sunday where there is very little activity except for Erwin he continued at his normal relentless pace. Levi walks into Erwin’s large stuff office both windows open and his work held in place by paperweights. He doesn’t acknowledge Levi’s presence so he walks over to his desk and perches right at Erwin’s left side, crossing his arms over his chest. Not even a hello? How rude. Levi thinks as he turns his head away from the window and to the Erwin’s profile. Then he notices. He sees Erwin shaking his leg Levi can do nothing but roll his eyes, even the commander is a bloody child.

“Erwin.” He says causing Erwin to startle, whipping his head quickly to his side to finally notice Levi.

“Oh Sina, Levi. How long have you been standing there?”  He smiles eyes still wide as he turns his attention back to his desk, back to work. Levi huffs loudly shaking his head.

“Go to bloody toilet Erwin, you are jiggling like a baby.”

“I will after I finish reading this.” That was the last straw for Levi, not like he had many straws to begin with. He slams his hand on top of the paperwork leaning into Erwin’s personal space. “Go take your piss, this will be here when you return.” He rips the paperwork out of Erwin’s grip. His commander glares at him, not that Levi cares he feigns interest on the paperwork (tax audit). Erwin says nothing as he makes his way out of his own office and to the communal toilets.

Now alone Levi lets out a long sigh rubbing his hand over his forehead, rolling his neck to relieve some strain. He casts a glance over Erwin’s desk filled with crap but he knows better than to tidy up. The last time he did that was the first time in years Erwin had shouted at him with more venom than the criminals of the underground. Under a small pile of paper, he find’s Erwin’s planner curiosity getting the better of him he reaches over and takes hold of the leather-bound book. Erwin’s name on the front in gold, he allows a small selfish indulgence and strokes his thumb across the golden letters. The Diary is packed to the brim sheaves of paper poke out of each and every way. Numbers, names, lists even the odd doodle or too causing Levi to smile softly.

He flicks to today and sees each piece of paperwork Erwin intends on doing that day, and Levi knows that, without a doubt all the designated papers of today will be completed even if a titan chose this moment to attack. But he notices a small blank space between completion of one item on the list to the next one. He reaches for Erwin’s inkwell and quill and scratches a small word “relax” he huffs with satisfaction as he draws a small wobbly image of a person, the best he could muster, apply large eyebrows and a bolo tie.  He knows, Erwin will ignore the request but he hopes, even for a moment Erwin will smile. He hasn’t smiled lately, and as much as Levi hates to admit it. He misses the Commanders loud laugh and lopsided smile.

Satisfied and a job well done he pushes himself off the large oak desk, placing the planner where he had found it. He out of the office before Erwin even returns.

It’s not until about 3 hours later does Erwin reach over for his diary, He cannot remember what was the next priority on his list, everything is a Priority it is up to him to figure out what took precedence first. He finally comes across the small and terrible doodle of himself. He can’t help but laugh, leaning back in his chair. He turns his chair to face the window, it is such a lovely day and many of the recruits are enjoying the hot weather. Maybe a break won’t be too bad? He pushes his large frame off of his chair, groaning softly. His body growing old. As he opens his door he finds Levi leaning against the wall opposite his office door, a small smirk forming on his lips. “here I thought I would need to drag you away kicking and screaming.”

anonymous asked:

i want to start journal type thing like the pics you just reblogged and i was wondering what basic things i need to get started? and also tips on how to come up w/ ideas? thanks in advance 💞🐝

hey!! I meant to do a journaling post but I’ll give us some basics real quick:

people to ask about journals/look at for inspo: peachy-blonde avocavo gradientgod artkid vangoghkid 🍌

things to get:
-a relatively thick notebook u like (I go for grid or plain but some people like lined too?? it’s more for writing tho)
-a rly good pen!!! then buy 20 once u know what u like
-some pencil crayons/copics/cheap watercolours
-paper clips
-little scissors
-a glue stick
-fun tape or just masking/scotch tape ya know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
-sticky notes

things to put in:
-tickets from things u saw
-old photographs
-napkins with doodles
-pages from other notebooks
-magazine clippings

ideas to get u started:
-draw everything on your desk w a personality
-sketch old ppl on your bus
-write down what you’re thinking at this EXACT moment. then illustrate it.
-draw faces on inanimate objects. have them give you little reminders
-write someone a letter
-find a photo and write the (real or made up) story behind it
-write lists!! about everything!!!
-draw a pattern and continue it until it becomes something
-draw out your mood and everything that comes to mind

hopefully this was a bit helpful!! everyone has rly different things they put in their journals and that’s ok the most important thing is to just get your journal started!! it’s all downhill from there 🌟💃

Hello everyone!

The time has finally come for us to say ‘So long’, not goodbye, to this amazing show!

HxH Week is now officially underway, and thanks so much to those who helped spread the word, and to those who’ll be participating by contributing!

Doodles, sketches, cosplay, paintings, gif sets,voice acting,fic,  songs and song covers, finger paintings! ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Late submissions are ok, and we’ll be tracking the tag #hxhweek!

Here’s a link to the main post explaining prompts and rules!

Hope everyone’s as excited as we are, and be on the look out for the hxhweek tag!

Lets Celebrate all that this wonderful series has given us by sending it of with a bang!

Flip your day around

We all have days when we wake up feeling energized and ready to go, you feel as if nothing can stop you. On the flip side, there are also days when you feel like the world is against you. You lost your keys, missed your ride, had an argument, even the little things like running out of gum can discourage you. But whichever is the case, here are some tips on how to have a good day (or make one better).

Go outside

Going outside can really help you whatever the case is. When you’re feeling energized it’s a great way to start off your day. Go exploring, try that new ice cream place that you’ve always wanted to go to, or take a walk in the woods. A little nature never hurt anyone right? When you’re feeling down, it can act like a calming factor helping you to collect your thoughts; as well as preventing you from doing things on impulse. After all, you’re kind of away from everything and anything.

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