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What kind hobbies would you think that Axis would do on their free time?

Germany: Free time? What is that? But seriously, when this man actually got free time, he’d spend some of his time reading a book he never had the time to finish before, or playing with his dogs. Also, working out. That’s actually relaxing for him.

Italy: Feli would love to paint on his free time, everything from still-life or little doodles that came to mind. He also loves to sleep, so if he has free time (which isn’t as often as you’d think) he’d love to enjoy his naps. Watching cute cat videos are a must. 

Japan: Kiku would spend his time off doing things that help him wind down. For example, tending to a bonsai tree that he keeps in a small rock garden (similar to a zen garden), or catching up on new manga series that have come out and of course, his favorite one of all, taking hot baths. 

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When The Sky Comes Crashing Down

I’ll return from darkness and will save your precious skin
I will end your suffering and let the healing light come in
Sent by forces beyond salvation
There can be not one sensation

World on fire with a smoking sun
Stops everything and everyone
Brace yourself for all will pay
Help is on the way

- “World on Fire” by Les Friction

Another doodle that got out of hand - while taking a little break from working on my submissions for the Kuro week, a new bro-things drawing aaand the next Kuro comic. XD Damn… Finals are around the corner, but I guess I cannot be bothered.

By the way: imagine Kuro coming for Lance who got in trouble while on a mission. This man cannot be stopped.

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This will sound very stupid. I see a lot of people on Tumblr who has OCs and they're pretty cool. All of them are artists and draw then there's a little text that explains about how they are. Now I can't draw and I don't write. But I really wanna make an OC but I feel like it's easier to draw them first and then write the characters story. How do you write/draw your OCs? How hard is it? U think I should just go for it and write whatever? Honestly I'm not really sure what I'm even asking here.

It’s not stupid, don’t worry! I think everyone has their own way of creating characters; some like me start with a drawing and then come up with everything else, because appearances usually really inspire for a story; some has a clear story in their mind, but haven’t yet figured the appearance. I know people who only have description in their head, but search for artists and writers to help embody their character.

Whenever I draw someone random it’s always quite easy for me to find out what they do and how they are. Since it’s YOUR characters, you can go with it however you like! Even a messy not quite there doodle can help a lot, or a crappy no beta test writing.  Definitely go for it!! Don’t stress too much, creating OCs should be fun and stressless experience. They don’t even have to go with a full figured story! 


Hey! I recently joined a DND group and realized how much it helped me to draw my character (the bard with the recorder, who is featured in this post) so I could see how he looks. I also like drawing elephant shrews and other animals. I’m moving out and will be paying for my rent and food and everything to go to grad school, and currently selling my art is my only income. I also want to help peoples characters come to life! if anyone is interested please message me, if not please reblog! thank you <3 

I will also offer this special SALE/GIVEAWAY- you can get an elephant shrew doodle, shark doodle, OR agouti doodle for any price you want!  
a randomly selected commissioner will get a free animal full color of their choice two months after I post this, they will be selected from a random generator  


I did it for my whoniverse work so here it is for Worst Witch. Everything I’ve drawn within the fandom.

And what have we learned? That I spend far too much time thinking about this show and doodling mini sketches when I’m meant to be working.

Although I am really happy with the proper drawings especially the Hicsqueak one it was the first time I’d drawn melding multiple images together and it turned out better than I’d hoped.

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i want to start journal type thing like the pics you just reblogged and i was wondering what basic things i need to get started? and also tips on how to come up w/ ideas? thanks in advance 💞🐝

hey!! I meant to do a journaling post but I’ll give us some basics real quick:

people to ask about journals/look at for inspo: peachy-blonde avocavo gradientgod artkid vangoghkid 🍌

things to get:
-a relatively thick notebook u like (I go for grid or plain but some people like lined too?? it’s more for writing tho)
-a rly good pen!!! then buy 20 once u know what u like
-some pencil crayons/copics/cheap watercolours
-paper clips
-little scissors
-a glue stick
-fun tape or just masking/scotch tape ya know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
-sticky notes

things to put in:
-tickets from things u saw
-old photographs
-napkins with doodles
-pages from other notebooks
-magazine clippings

ideas to get u started:
-draw everything on your desk w a personality
-sketch old ppl on your bus
-write down what you’re thinking at this EXACT moment. then illustrate it.
-draw faces on inanimate objects. have them give you little reminders
-write someone a letter
-find a photo and write the (real or made up) story behind it
-write lists!! about everything!!!
-draw a pattern and continue it until it becomes something
-draw out your mood and everything that comes to mind

hopefully this was a bit helpful!! everyone has rly different things they put in their journals and that’s ok the most important thing is to just get your journal started!! it’s all downhill from there 🌟💃

Hello everyone!

The time has finally come for us to say ‘So long’, not goodbye, to this amazing show!

HxH Week is now officially underway, and thanks so much to those who helped spread the word, and to those who’ll be participating by contributing!

Doodles, sketches, cosplay, paintings, gif sets,voice acting,fic,  songs and song covers, finger paintings! ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Late submissions are ok, and we’ll be tracking the tag #hxhweek!

Here’s a link to the main post explaining prompts and rules!

Hope everyone’s as excited as we are, and be on the look out for the hxhweek tag!

Lets Celebrate all that this wonderful series has given us by sending it of with a bang!

Flip your day around

We all have days when we wake up feeling energized and ready to go, you feel as if nothing can stop you. On the flip side, there are also days when you feel like the world is against you. You lost your keys, missed your ride, had an argument, even the little things like running out of gum can discourage you. But whichever is the case, here are some tips on how to have a good day (or make one better).

Go outside

Going outside can really help you whatever the case is. When you’re feeling energized it’s a great way to start off your day. Go exploring, try that new ice cream place that you’ve always wanted to go to, or take a walk in the woods. A little nature never hurt anyone right? When you’re feeling down, it can act like a calming factor helping you to collect your thoughts; as well as preventing you from doing things on impulse. After all, you’re kind of away from everything and anything.

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