everything is coming out as a doodle HELP

Signs Drawing

Capricorn: Accidentally draws a perfect painting.

Aquarius: Fingering painting with Sagittarius.

Pisces: Doodles a bunch of different things on her paper.

Aries: Claims their art work is trash and throws it away when he’s done.

Taurus: Gives up halfway through and watches Virgo, instead.

Gemini: Deciding if she should draw an inspirational photo or a person.

Cancer: Gets mad when it comes out wrong but at the end it’s great.

Leo: Loses his patience while drawing eyes and asks Libra for help.

Virgo: Tries to get everything perfect; Scorpio’s copying off of her.

Libra: Directing Cancer to how to draw eyes.

Scorpio: Trying to copy Virgo’s artwork but it looks trashy.

Sagittarius: Fingering painting with Aquarius because he’s too lazy for pencils.