everything is bulkier there

you're best friends and he accidentally turns you on

Ashton- For as long as you’ve known him, Ashton has always been drumming with something. Whether it be a pot and wooden spoons or an actual drum set, he was always putting down a beat. Despite his constant beating, his arms were always a bit scrawny previously and he lacked any muscle or anything that would make you recognize him as a drummer. However when you pick him up at the airport as he is returning from his first tour, the first thing you notice is when he hugs you, he’s practically lifting you off the ground and everything about him is bulkier and not as feeble. After dropping his luggage off at home, you both decide to go to your favorite cafe as a tribute to old sakes time. Once you’ve eaten and talked for hours, Ashton demands that he drives home since he’s missed driving and he loves your old car. Agreeing, you slide into the passenger seat and watch as your best friend slides into the car and adjusts the seat to properly fit his larger frame. As he drives, you can’t help but continuously glance over at him. Was his hair always that soft looking? Were his eyes always that bright? You know his arms definitely weren’t as toned as they are now. The car pulls up to a red light and you take another glance at Ashton to meet his eyes and he smirks as you blush, knowing you’ve been caught. One of his arms is resting on the top of the wheel with the other tapping out a beat on the center console and you can’t help but watch his arm veins pop and muscles flex. Watching his arms has become mesmerizing to you with the return of this more muscular Ashton. Breaking the silence, his deep voice calls, “Y/N, I can feel you watching me, are you okay?” Humming a yes, you continue to watch his arms, amazed at the power they now seem to possess. Again, Ashton interrupts the silence and you can hear the smirk in his voice as he asks, “Y/N, are my arms really the fascinating? Are they that enticing to you that you can’t focus on anything else?” Flushing a deep red and turning your head, Ashton starts to chuckle and surprises you by confessing, “It’s okay if my arms turn you on Y/n, lots of things you do turn me on.” Quickly glancing up at to see his face, he has a gentle smile on his face as you squirm in your seat and you both lean in over the center console. Just as your lips are about to meet for the first time, the car behind you honks as the light has turned green. WIth wide eyes, you back away from Ashton as he quickly turns to refocus on the road. 

Calum- Your best friend was coming over with junk food to eat and stupid movies to watch together to help try and cheer you up after a fight with your mother. Hearing a knock on the door, you run over to let Calum into your tiny apartment. After greeting each other, Calum creates a makeshift bed in front of your television with blankets and pillows before opening a bag of chips and selecting a movie. As the opening scene of the film plays across the screen, Calum keeps whining about how he can’t reach the food in your lap and how you’re hogging the blankets and he’s cold so you lift the side of the blanket and allow him to cuddle into your side. After the first movie is over and a new one is playing, you readjust your position so your head is resting in the nook between Calum’s shoulder and neck. Your legs are tangled together as you lay on the ground that has been softened with pillows. You don’t give a second thought is Calum is comfortable because let’s face it, the best part of having a guy best friend is they are forced to cuddle with you whenever and however you want. However it turns out that maybe you should’ve reconsidered where Calum’s hands were resting because after settling down he moves his hand and ends up rubbing circles into your bum. Raising an eyebrow, you ask what he thinks he’s doing and he replies that he didn’t realize it was your bum and thought it was further down your leg. Letting the incident go, ten minutes later his hands are again on your bum except this time it becomes apparent through pinches that are being left across your bum. Clearing your throat, he again removes his hands and moves them to the small of your back. Thinking its safe to doze off, you’re awoken by a gentle yet firm slap across your bum. A quiet yelp leaves your mouth at the surprise of his actions. His hands are now rubbing the spot he had just slapped but he isn’t looking at you, simply watching the movie. With an annoyed sigh you quietly murmur, “Cal, stop touching me like that it isn’t fair.” He looks down and he meets your eyes with a questioning look. Sighing, you bury your head into his chest so you don’t have to watch him laugh as you embarrass yourself. “Calum, when guys get turned on they have it easy, they can just go to the bathroom and take care of it. It isn’t that easy for girls and now i’m gonna be all turned on and sensitive for awhile.” Feeling his chest start to rumble as he laughs at your expense, he quietly whispers an apology into your ear before giving your bum one last pat and moving one hand up to the small of your back and the other up to play with your hair.

Michael- Lately you’ve been missing your best friend a lot more than you usually do and to try and make you feel better he’s recently flown you out to visit him while he’s on his headlining tour. Your first day there was spent on the tour bus with the rest of the band as you all drove to the next location but tonight Michael had a huge concert that you knew he was nervous for. This show was their biggest show to date and they were debuting a bunch of new songs that Michael didn’t feel quite as confident with and you could tell he was freaking out internally. As the time ticks down to the time when the concert is set to start, you pull your best friend aside to give him a pep talk and try to get his confidence and energy level back through the roof. You held his face in between your hands and forced him to look into your eyes as you gave him words of encouragement and reassurance. Finally, a stand hand pulls Michael away and as the band rushes onto the stage Michael turns back and gives you a smile and a thumbs up. Fast forward a couple songs, and all the boys are sweaty and dancing around on stage having the time of their lives. You feel like a proud mother standing on the side of the stage watching the boys you love make their way into the big leagues. Focusing now on your best friend, you see how into the performance Michael has become and the smile on his face is contagious. As you watch him more intently, you begin to notice a lot of things that you haven’t seen before, like the muscles in his arms are bulging out and there are drops of sweat dripping down his neck and resting by his collarbone. Most importantly, you find that his hips are thrusting in time to the beat and for the first time ever, you begin fixated on the fact that that is what he would like while thrusting during sex. Just thinking of this causes your face to flush and you to get familiar tingles low in your stomach. With a particularly large thrust, you excuse yourself and make your way backstage to find a water bottle. When you finally calm down enough to go back to the side of the stage, Michael looks your way and shoots you a wink letting you know that he purposely made you all hot and bothered. 

Luke- Like any other major band, 5 Seconds of Summer was constantly creating new merchandise for their fans and with new merchandise comes new pictures. Seeing as their latest photo shoot was set to happen in a studio close to home, you decided to tag along with your best friend Luke to see the less glamorous side of the fame. Sitting in a director’s chair, you watch as shot after shot is taken of the boys. Individual shots, group shots, instruments, no instruments, backgrounds, props, and of course varying outfits are all incorporated into the shoot. On one of these outfit changes, your best friend beckons you over and begs you to grab him a water bottle before he sweats off all his make up. Giggling at his dramatics, you grab a water bottle before making your way over to the designated changing area. Ashton, Calum, and Michael are all changed into their next look but it seems that Luke had trouble with his pants and fallen behind the pace. As the other boys are called back out for individual shots, Luke takes a huge gulp of the water before turning around to change his shirt. As he pulls the dark blue t shirt off his body, you watch the muscles in the back contract and become more prominent. Wide eyed, you become even more mesmerized as Luke turns back around to face you and the bottom of his abs and beginning of his v lines are visible for a brief second before the new fabric covers them. Looking at your face, he can easily tell what your previously watching and laughs before telling you that there will be more outfit changes later where you can ogle at his heavenly chest. Luke is called by the photographer and quickly makes his way over to the shoot again. Falling back into a chair, you sigh and can’t help but wish for the next outfit change to come faster so you can see more of his body sooner. With that thought in mind, you take close attention to Luke throughout the rest of the shoot. 

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