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Making “Perfect” the enemy of the “Good”

So as America endures yet another mass shooting, the inevitable “gosh darn it there’s just nothing we can do today that will make everything better tomorrow” defense of passing no new gun laws is well under way. “Oh,” people say, “we can’t fix America’s mass murder problem instantly, so there’s no point in trying.”

Well, I call bullshit. This argument is a classic case of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

See, here’s the thing: NO social problem can be fixed or improved easily or quickly. That’s why they’re social problems. If all one had to do was wave a wand and fix everything, well, then they’d probably have done it already, don’t you think? If the solutions were easy, we wouldn’t have to struggle and argue and stumble in implementing them. We’d just do it.

Put another way, I often ask my students which is easier, curing poverty or landing people on the moon and returning them safely to Earth? The answer, of course, is landing on the moon – a point proven by the fact that we’ve already done it.

To see my point, let’s think of other social problems less charged than guns. Cars used to be deadly weapons. Now, after 40 years of regulations, many fewer Americans die in car accidents (per passenger mile driven) than was the case in 1975. We have massively less drunk driving over the same period. We have massively lower incidences of smoking addiction than we used to. Meanwhile, after centuries of water system development, no one I know has died from cholera.

All of these problems, and many more, changed for the better only after decades of work and effort. And they’re still not perfect. They’re just better than they used to be.

So if you want to reduce gun deaths over time, there may be rights-respecting solutions that make things better in the long run. Mandatory gun safes, with seizures of “unsafed” weapons found in warranted searches. Mandatory trigger locks, with seizures of unlocked weapons when discovered in otherwise legitimate searches. Background checks, weapons registration, tracking of sales: none of these things – NONE OF THEM – prevent legal ownership of weapons. They just make them harder to abuse. (And no, gun people: the rare instance of self-defense is not worth the gun violence problem in America.)

Oh, and gun people: if you believe I need ID to vote (a right), or should have to register to vote (a right), or have to wait to have an abortion (protected by the right to privacy), then you can’t seriously claim an unfettered right to gun ownership. No right is absolute. None.

We can make things better.The fact that we can’t make them perfect is not a reason to do nothing.