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Couldn't stop myself-m

a short imagine where Y/n goes out with justin’s friend but justin is attracted to her and they have sex together lmao. Enjoy :)

“YEAH?” you shout back on the phone. 

Your cellphone was placed on the bathroom sink while you were currently having a shower, so the loud noise from the pouring water was making it difficult to hear what your boyfriend was saying on the phone even though it was on speaker mode. 

“I’ll just meet you at the party. I have to do something important, sorry i can’t pick you up.” 

“Oh,” you mutter, trying not to act disappointed, “that’s fine, i’ll just meet you there.” 

You were disappointed as you and the gang already planned out that you were going together. You hop out of the shower. You wipe the fogged up mirror. You were quite angry and sad and all those other emotions were pitted up in your stomach. A sudden loud knock woke you up. You quickly wrap yourself around in your soft fluffy towel. You quickly open the door to find Justin there with his hands in his pockets. 

“Oh hi.” 

You didn’t expect Justin to be there. 

“Uhh,” he quickly returns his eyes back to your face, “are you and Ryan ready yet?” 

“No, i’m meeting him there.” 

“Ohhh..” Justin sutters. 

“You can come in, i won’t take long.” 

Justin awkwardly walks past you and sits on the couch. 

“Juice? anything i can help you with?” 


You open the fridge and chuck him a small bottle of water. He catches it with ease and quickly drinks half of the bottle. Justin needed to calm himself down. 

You walk off quickly, you didn’t want to keep him waiting. Justin sits there stunned. 

As soon as he saw you, the thoughts of his bestfriend’s girlfriend weren’t friendly at all. He could briefly imagine what was behind that towel. He could imagine how luscious your skin was, how fresh you would smell, how beautiful you would look under him. He quickly adjusts himself in his ripped jeans, shuffling awkwardly, hoping his growing erection would die down. 

“Justin! Can you come here for a quick second?” 

Justin’s eyes drop out at the call of his name. He needed to quickly fix his problem in his pants. You grow impatient as you couldn’t zip up the back of your strapless dress. You walk out, your bare feet causing the wooden floor to make a slight noise every time you take a step. Justin hears you coming. Justin’s was sitting on the couch, his back facing you, so you couldn’t see his front. You stand up, your back facing him. 

“Can you zip this up?” 

Justin’s breath hitches as he sees the dress you have on. Your dress was black, tight, short, showing all the right places of skin and causing him to shiver at the thought of fucking you with it on. Justin couldn’t run away from his thoughts anymore. He gets up, his front facing you as he settles his hands on your hips. You feel his presence but don’t figure out anything out of place until suddenly you feel Justin’s obvious raging boner against your lower back. Before you could move away, Justin holds you steady by your waist and pulls your body closer to his, feeling his whole body against yours. He suddenly places soft kisses at the back of your neck, working his way to your earlobe. You couldn’t mutter any words.You stood still, completely frozen, you couldn’t believe the situation taking place right now. He spins you around on your bare feet. You look at him with shaky eyes. 

“Justin what are you doing? This is wrong.” 

“I want you Y/N, ever since i first laid eyes on you. I can’t hold back anymore.”  Justin latches his lips onto yours, enveloping your mouth into a passionate kiss. 

“Justin,” you mumble, attempting to push his body away from yours. 

You push against his chest, feeling his muscles through his grey t shirt. He pulls away from the kiss. He holds his fingers at the top of your dress. You couldnt deny the sensation bubbling in your lower stomach anymore.

“Can I?”

 “Yeah,” You whisper out. 

You were scared. You couldn’t think straight with Justin holding you like this, or touching you like this. Justin quickly peels off the top of your dress, freeing your bare breasts. You start to feel shy as you try to cover them with your arms. He sits back down on the couch, trapping your body with his legs. You look down at him, wondering what he was trying to do. 

“Come here, let me pleasure you.” 

Justin grabs on your waist, tugging your body down at he extends his neck up. He latches his teeth onto your left nipple. You gasp out at the action. You hunch over and support yourself with your hands gripping the top of the couch. Justin’s narrows his eyes up at your face. He studies the look of pleasure on your face. Your bottom lip was taken between your teeth, your eyes shut tightly. This was a sight justin would never forget. Justin doesnt stop abusing and teasing your breasts, he causes your lower stomach to tighten up.

“Justin,” you moan with your eyes still shut, “please fuck me.” 

Justin hears your request and it goes straight to his lower stomach, his length twitching at your high pitched moans. He never thought he’ll hear those words in his life. You felt as if your legs were about to give up. As if he could read your mind, Justin switches positions and places you along the couch. He quickly hovers over you. He sees the fucked expression covering your presence. He grins as he was proud he could get you to this state. He sees the hair, messy and covering your face slighty, your eyes shut and your heavy pants coming from your sweet lips. 

“You’re so beautiful Y/N.”

You thrust your hips upwards, wanting him to help you get rid of the intense feeling in your lower stomach. Justin doesnt waste another second as he rolls up your dress, bunching the material at your waist. He dips two fingers in your panties, brushing against your sensitive bud. 

“Fuck- you’re dripping.” 

Justin could believe you were already dripping, your juices coating his two fingers completely, the warmth even dripping down onto the palm of his hands. Justin enters his fingers in your heat, slipping in with ease. He feels your warm slippery walls clenching his fingers. He moans out, imaging how amazing you would feel around his shaft. 

“I’ve always imagined you like this Y/N. Ryan is such a lucky guy, getting to fuck you whenever he wants.

Justin pulls his fingers out. You feel empty and groan at the feeling. Justin holds your face with one hand, squeezing your cheeks together. 

“Open up babygirl.” 

He pushes his two fingers in your mouth, stuffing them until they hit the back of your throat. Your eyes open wide as you feel his fingers reaching the uncomfortable state of your throat. You feel the tears covering your sight. Justin pulls his fingers out, along with your string of saliva. Justin groans deeply at the sight of you. 

“I wish you would suck me off like that.” 

Justin doesnt go a day without thinking of you with your mouth deep and wrapped around him. Everytime he would see you, everything you would laugh or speak, his eyes would always fall apart from reality. Justin knew you were together with Ryan. You and ryan were together for nearly half a year now and you had seen justin a couple of times as you would sometimes hang around with Ryan’s friends. Every time Justin would see you come through the door with Ryan, he couldn’t help but always undress you with his eyes, he would always pay attention to you. Justin just couldn’t help himself. He was attracted to you and only you. Justin couldn’t tell if he had feelings for you but he knew liked you in that way. 

“Justin, please get in me already.” 

Justin narrows his eyes down to find you fondling with your clit. 

“Stop that Y/N. I’m fucking you, remember that.” 

He sntaches your hands away by gripping your wrist tightley. He quickly yanks his ripped jeans down and his boxers down letting his hard shaft sprang free. You look at his length, all red and veiny making your mouth water at the sight. He catches you staring. 

“Like what you see baby?” 

You thrust your hips up, rubbing your wet core along his shaft making him groan out the sight. He doesn’t peel his eyes away from the sight, too focused on the situation before him. You break from the grasp and grip onto his length, feeling him hard and rigid as ever. You couldn’t wait to feel him inside you. You steady him as alline your opening and push into him. You bite down on your lip at the feeling of his thick length stretching your tight walls apart, almost fearing he would break you if he started moving. 

“Fuck, so tight around me. God Y/N.” 

Justin groans out, clenching his eyes shut at the warmth and tightness around his shaft. You begin to thrust your hips at the a steady pace with justin’s body hovered on top of you. Justin supported himself with both of his hand gripping the armrest. You begin slow as you loved the feeling of him rubbing his whole length against your, hitting the soft spot you never knew you had. 

“I’m there already.” Justin spills out. 

Justin clenches his eyes shut, not believing you could get him there so fast, so quickly and so easily. 

“don’t hold back for me, i’m nearly there as well.” 

You shut your eyes, thrusting quickly as you feel yourself explode around him. You clench yourself, feeling how thick he was around you. Justin let’s go at this action, letting his seed spill. 

“Fuck. We’re late,” justin huffs out, sounding breathless ,before climbing off you. 

love-life-and-wanderlust-deacti  asked:

Yo can I have headcanons/short scenario for the gang finding out their girlfriends were injured and in the hospital? (Each character's girlfriend got injured in their own way, they were jumped, car crash, abuse, attempted suicide, etc.)

okay, so this might suck so sorry in advance. also, i’m not sure if this is what you want, it might be too fluffy, so i’m so so so sorry :( hope you like it!!

warnings: abuse & suicide & swearing

sodapop: it had been two days since the incident. on wednesday, you were working late so soda, being the amazing boyfriend he was, decided to cook dinner for you. it smelled great, however, soda unfortunately forgot about your major peanut allergy. the grilled chicken he made contained peanut oil, which had caused you to pass out cold. you didn’t realize what was happening until you woke up two days later in the hospital with soda by your side.
when you first opened your eyes, soda shed a few tears. it had scared him so much to see you pass out, and to have all the medical equipment strapped up to you to help you breathe. he was so glad that his baby was okay, but also very guilty.
“baby, i’m so sorry. i’m such a bad boyfriend, i don’t deserve you, i’m so so sorry you had to go through that, i will never forgive myself,” he said, tears in his eyes.
you giggled and caressed his soft cheek, “soda don’t say that. i love you with all mu being and i am so lucky to have you.”
he gently took your hand and kissed it, promising himself he would never do that again.

dally: you ran as fast as you could out of that house. you were never going back. you have had enough of your father mentally beating you up, but tonight, it was physical. your nose was bleeding and you had a black eye. you had no idea where you were going but you just wanted out. out of this town, out of your life. suddenly, you remembered dally and ran to bucks. you and dallas weren’t dating, he always was sleeping around with some girl or other but you were definitely best friends and had a strong emotional connection. you watched out for him and he did the same for you. you two would do anything for each other, but none of you would ever admit it.
by the time you got to bucks, something was up. your head felt weird and your eyes felt sunken. everyone stared at you weird while others backed away. maybe it was worse than you thought…
“holy shit y/n, what happened to you?! we cmon lets go to the hospital, this is pretty bad. holy shit, what the fuck happened?”
“it was my father he-”
dally’s grip tightened around your shoulders as he lead the way out of buck’s.
“look y/n, it makes me so mad what he does to you. you deserve so much more you know that? you could do so much more for the world and i have no fucking idea why he can’t see that. he can’t beat you up like that, its fucking wrong, you know i’m so mad right now! say the words, y/n, say the words, and he’ll be out of your life forever.”
dally began to say something else, completely enraged, but suddenly everything became blurry and quiet until everything was black and silent.
you woke up the next morning, surprisingly, dally was beside your side. there was a big bandage across your head and your mouth had a weird taste, like medicine.
“jesus, you’re awake,” dally said.
“guess i am.”
“look y/n, i was real worried about you and it just made me realize-”
i had feelings for dallas as long as i could remember. sometimes it seemed like he did too, but with dally, you never really knew.
“it made me realize how much you mean to me. how upset i’d be if you died you know? and i can’t even believe im saying this, it sounds like something fucking ponyboy would say.”
you smirked.
“what?” he asked, you could sense he was worried.
“kiss me.”

ponyboy: you heard the brake slam. your head hit the wheel. it seemed like you heard everything. the smashing of the glass, your car hitting theirs, but the most dominating of all was your screams. and everything went black.
“she’s what? what happened?”
pony felt like his heart stopped when he received the phone call from dally. he felt his fingers getting numb. y/n? his y/n? in the hospital? no. he just was with her 20 minutes ago! this can’t be happening. pony couldn’t feel his voice anymore. he ran out of the house, straight to the hospital.
“Y/N! Y/N!” he shouted as soon as he burst into the room you were.
the nurse soon had him held down, telling him you were okay, but he needed to stay calm.
“ponyboy. pony, i’m alright. i’m so happy you came, it was so scary, i-”
“-shhh, honey. you need to rest. im here now,” he said putting his hand on your chest and began to calm down, realizing his babygirl was okay.

steve: you knew you should be scared when you heard the footsteps. you knew it wasn’t my type greasers, and you were scared.
“what’s up babyyyy..” one of them said, obviously drunk.
“s-st-stay away from me,” you imagined it would be more confident in my head, but when you said it out loud it probably just sounded like a lost little puppy. your heart was beating really fast now.
before you knew it they were beating me up, and beating me good. there were 4 of them, against you. you were pretty small and looked younger than you were. there was blood all over the place.
“let go of her!” was the last thing you heard before everything went black.
you arose a couple hours later with a nurse by your bed.
“where the hell am i?” you asked groggily.
she gently smiled and said, “hello, y/n, i’m your nurse and from what i’ve heard, you got beat up pretty badly, i’m so sorry to hear about that.”
everything came flooding back to me at once, as i felt the large bandage on my arm.
“and honey, there was this young man really worried about you, in tears even. he felt so bad, i’m gonna go call him over right now.”
steve? steve was worried about you? steve was the only one who would be, he’s your boyfriend. you felt content at the fact that steve was worried.
on cue, steve burst through the doors.
“baby! y/n! are you okay? holy crap, i’m so sorry i wasn’t there walking you home. this is all my fault-why are you smiling, did they put you on some drug?”
“no stevey, i just love you so much.”
“definitely some drug.”

johnny: (hey, i usually don’t feel very comfortable doing this, but just this one time. i’m so sorry if this offended you in any way, but there was a warning. i deal with this sort of stuff everyday and if you need someone to talk to, you can always, ALWAYS talk to me.) nothing was okay anymore. everything was falling apart. you cried and cried until you couldn’t cry anymore.
“love, love, are you okay?” my boyfriend johnny asked, obviously concerned, nervous & distraught.
shit. no. johnny did everything for me, he was my everything. he can’t see me in this state, he can’t. it’ll hurt him too much.
“i-i-i’m sorry…i-i-just-..”
he grabbed me and buried his face into the crook into my neck.
“y/n cakes, tell me what’s wrong. i love you so much you know that.”
i was hysterical, but he’s seen me like this before and he knew what was up.
“baby, don’t think like that. you know i could never live without you. i need you. i love you so much.”
i cried even more, how did i deserve him?
he picked my up bridal style, and carried me to the hospital.

two bit: you ran to the bathroom, for the eighth time today, barfing over the toilet.
your boyfriend, two-bit, rushed in after you.
“y/n. maybe we should go to the hospital, this doesn’t look too good…” two said for the hundredth time today, but this time you agreed. you felt horrible.
he brushed your hair and kissed your sweaty forehead, and guided you over to his car.
as soon as you hit the hospital bed, you fell asleep. it was deep and peaceful.
thank god, when you woke up you felt better. they gave you some nasty tasting medicine, and two rubbed your chest while you took it. it really helped that he was with you, he cracked jokes that made you feel better, and he was incredibly caring.
“you doing better, buttercup?” he asked with a playful smirk on his face.
“you betcha, keith.”

darry: the pan sizzled as you inhaled the amazing scent of garlic chicken you were cooking. suddenly, your hand slipped and the pan fell onto your left foot with a crash.
a string of loud profanities left your mouth as tears escaped from your eyes. GOD, that hurt a lot.
soda, who was the only one home immediately rushed into the kitchen.
“y/n are you alright? holy crap, that does not look good. ummmm, lets take you to the hospital and then we’ll call darry. dang, y/n i’m so sorry man that looks bad.”
he said while you were sobbing and hopping on one leg. he supported half of your weight as he dragged you to their car.
the nurse had put some numbing medication on your foot and bandaged it all up. it still burned, but it sure as hell felt better than it did before.
soda was on the phone with darry now.
“darry, yeah, so basically, y/n was cooking and the hot pan fell on her foot and she’s in the hospital. okay, it aint my fault, and its not her’s either! it was an accident!”
“hey, y/n, dars really worried. he’s gonna be over in 5.”
i gratefully smiled.
darry came sooner than i expected. he was real worried and was pacing and jumpy.
“dare bear!”
“y/n, don’t pull that crap with me. god i feel awful. i’m so sorry i had to work late. GOD that is a hue bandage. does it hurt anymore, shit.”
“darry, i’m okay now, calm down. i’ll be able to go tonight and i’ll only be on crutches for two days. i’ll be okay so just relax,” then you added, “i love you.”
he softened and sat next to me, while we spent the whole day talking while he drew shapes on my bare shoulder.

memories, dreams, wishes

For the “forget me not” square on my stony bingo card.

It wasn’t really a romance; there was no love at first sight, there wasn’t even getting to know each each other, no long looks and too brief touches.

Tony didn’t desperately try to memorise Steve’s face; Steve didn’t touch him to learn the shape of him.

No, they didn’t need this, not anymore.

They’d both had done it all before; not with themselves, but close enough; similar, yes—just enough to know nothing would be the same anymore, ever again.

“He had brown eyes,” Steve said one night into Tony’s chest.

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Just Like a Star

Originally posted by stardust-blake

summary; reader is stargazing and is joined by Bellamy, who they have developed feelings towards.

a/n; hey! i’m kinda new to this so if this is trash just ignore me. it’s like 2 am and this was in my head so i wrote it.


After majority of the camp had slunk off to their tents, I slipped out of the gates. I trudged through the woods with my eyes on the sky, not really giving much thought as to what would happen should I come a cross a Grounder or wild animal. After a bit of walking, I sat against a tree and sighed. The weight of the world slipped off of my shoulders and into the chilled air.

I remained unmoving as I heard footsteps approach me from behind. I knew immediately that if it were a Grounder coming to kill me, they wouldn’t be so damn loud. My eyes stayed trained on the heavens. The stars were so bright, so beautiful. The sky was thick with stars, a glittering and twinkling canopy of light. The heavy footfalls came to a halt beside me as the person sat down.

“I feel so small,” I finally spoke up after a few minutes of comfortable silence. I was surprised at whose voice piped up beside me in response,

“I know what you mean.” Bellamy sighed.

“Even on the Ark they were so close but so far. Like I could just reach out and touch one if I wanted but at the same time, they just stretched out around us into infinity,”

When I turned my head to look at him, he was already staring at me. I couldn’t read the look on his face as he tilted his head up. I followed suit and searched the sky. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for.

All my life, I have been in love with the sky. Even when everything was falling apart around me, the sky was always there for me.

“Who said that?” He questioned.

“Yoko Ono.”

Bellamy hummed. I snuck another glance over at him and this time his eyes were toward the ground.

“Penny for your thoughts?” I inched closer toward him, feeling heat radiating off of his body,

Bellamy was always warm. In contrast, I was always cold no matter how many layers I piled on. For this reason, I always found myself gravitating toward his warmth. I wanted nothing more than to curl up into his arms and fall asleep, but I restrained myself. There was no way I would allow my feelings for Bellamy Blake to surface.

I memorized every scratch, scar, and line of his face. Everything inside of me was screaming to tell him how I felt, but I held back. My fear of rejection kept me from truly opening up to him the way I wanted to. Who was I to think Bellamy Blake, “The King” of our small population would actually want me back? We were friends, nothing more. I listened to him worry and stress about everything there was for him to worry and stress about. I tried to give advice the best I could and when that failed, I at least gave him an ear, a shoulder when he needed it. I just didn’t think all of this would lead to me falling for him.

He hesitated and then spoke. “Honestly, I don’t have a damn clue what I’m doing here, Y/N.”

“You’re doing the best you can, Bell.”

This time it was his turn to scoot closer to me. The sag in his shoulders made my heart pang. “I..” He sighed. “I can’t protect them. I can’t save them all no matter how hard I try. Their lives are all in my hands and I can’t..”

“Bell, you can’t always save everybody.”

He said nothing in response. I sighed and moved over, closing the space between us so that our shoulders were touching.

“Hey,” I nudged him, meeting his eyes. “Without you this place would crash and burn, you know that right? They listen to you, they trust you, Bell. If it weren’t for you more of us would be dead.”

We sat in silence for a moment before his face broke into a small smile. He looked back up at the sky. “Thanks for that, Y/N.”

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and squeezed. I immediately leaned into him. My heart soared at the contact. We stayed like that for a second and then as soon as the moment came, it passed. He stood up and looked up at the sky once more before holding out his hand.

“I think it’s time for us to head back.”

I placed my hand in his and let him pull me up. As we began to walk back to the dropship, my mind and heart raced. Say something! Do something, anything! My thoughts screamed. Before I knew it, we reached camp.

“Well,” I turned to him and smiled, shoving my hands in my pockets.

“Well,” he echoed. “Good night, Y/N. Get some rest.”

I sighed as he walked away toward his tent. “Good night, Bellamy.”


you take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.

New Beginnings

FS + space + comfort + fluff 💕

They sat on their bed, silence over taking them. Fitz was wrapped in Jemma’s arms, Jemma’s face buried in his neck. Fitz had already cried, Jemma had too, no, now they just held each other as they consciously knew they were somehow floating through space on a spaceship. Everything was always falling apart around them, nothing could ever just stay.

Jemma’s eyes clamped shut, heaving in a heavy breath. “I’m so sorry, Fitz.”

His hold around her tightened. “You’ve done nothing wrong, Jemma.”

She shook her head in the crease of his neck. “But I did. This is all my fault.”

At that Fitz pulled back, just enough to see her face. He swept a hair from her eyes so he could look straight into them. “Why would you even think that?”

She gave a weak smile while a scoffed a escaped her mouth. “Because it’s true.”

“Jemma, you never -”

“I left you, Fitz.” Her breath hitched, her gaze falling to her lap. “I was so determined to get revenge on AIDA and end all of this that I mindlessly left you all alone, without Davis or anyone, you didn’t even have a gun…” She looked back up, tears flooding her eyes. “I might as well had left you for AIDA wrapped in a nice little bow, ready to slaughter.”

“Jemma, I was perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

“Yes, but if I hadn’t left you then I and Davis could have helped you fight them off. They knew that Davis and I had guns and we would be too much of a challenge to try to defeat - I fell right into AIDA’s trap.”

“So did all of us.”

“Yes, but it’s different Fitz.”

Fitz normally wouldn’t argue with Jemma, she was always right in her mind and arguing never got him anywhere. However, this time she was wrong, and he wasn’t going to let her put the blame on herself. “How?” He probed, knowing Jemma was hating him for it.

She sniffled, taking in a sharp breath. “Because I wasn’t supposed to ever leave you again.”

Fitz’s mouth gaped open, his hand reaching for her shoulder. “Jemma, we didn’t -”

“We had every choice, Fitz. And I chose to leave you all alone, again, leaving you for the wolves while I went off to prove myself. I promised myself I would never leave your side - we were supposed to be in this together. Through thick and thin, side by side. Look where I’ve gotten us now? If I hadn’t left you you might still…”

“We might have both been taken, and in the Framework you would have been killed, and I could have lost you forever.” Fitz moved his hand from her shoulder to her cheek, brushing her cheekbone with the pad of his thumb. “I’m grateful you left. Because wherever you went, you were safe.”

Jemma lapped her hand over his. She tightened her fingers around his and pulled it back just enough so she could kiss his palm, then allowed it to return to her cheek. “I just hate myself for leaving you in danger. I might have been safe, but you’ve been close to death for these past weeks, and I did nothing to prevent that.”

“You pulled me out of the Framework, didn’t you? You've​ made me realize that who I was in there isn’t who I am here, with you. You saved me over and over again, just in these past few days.”

Their hands fell between them, intertwined. “I wouldn’t have had to if I had never left you in the first place.”

Jemma had to always be right, and he was never very good at convincing her otherwise. But he had to, because he couldn’t express how grateful he was that she was here, safe, and with him.

They were quiet, both watching their hands as their thoughts overtook them. Finally Fitz found words again, so he practically whispered, “Remember when I said we were cursed?”

Jemma nodded, a small smile crossing her face. “How could I not?”

“Yeah, well, that was my way with coping. It was my only way to pass the blame, because I blamed myself for leaving you in that room with the Monolith, all by yourself, to be consumed by another planet and stuck with a lonely astronaut, and without… me. I told myself if I had stayed that if anything, you would have had me on Maveth. We could have been together. But I knew, deep down, if I was up there with you - I would have never been able to save you. We would have been stuck in another world, with Will, and we would have lost our minds, sooner or later.” He shrugged a little, meeting her gaze. “It didn’t matter, though, because while you were back and recovering, and the trauma you had to bare, all I could do was blame myself for leaving you. So, instead of blaming myself, I blamed the universe. Once I was done with blaming, I realized that what happened - me leaving - was for the best, in some twisted way … it was fate.”

“Oh Fitz,” she wanted to tell him that was never his fault, it was nothing he could have ever prevented, but then his point occurred to her. She blinked, holding his hands even tighter.

“You were able to hack into the Framework and save me, Jemma. If you hadn’t done what you did then I wouldn’t be here, right now. I would have died as my own worst enemy, and without you.”

She smirked, just slightly. “So what you’re saying is the universe is on our side?”

Fitz smiled, rolling his shoulders forward. “Maybe it is.”

Jemma leaned her forehead in, pressing hers against Fitz’s. She took in a deep inhale, then when releasing it she said, “The universe brought us up here - where it all began. Perhaps, if it did have wants and desires, it brought us up here for a reason.”

He lifted his eyes, meeting hers. “What reason would that be?”

“For new beginnings.”

Fitz’s lips curved up into a smile once again, his hand brushing the side of her face as their foreheads stayed pressed together. “I guess space is fitting. But, can we not go back to square one again?”

Jemma chuckled, shaking her head against his. “No, I was thinking of another kind of beginning.”

“Really? And that would be…?”

Jemma bit her bottom lip, closing her eyes shut. “Perhaps … a baby kind?”

Fitz jerked back, his eyes immediately searching hers. “A baby? As in…?” his eyes fell to her stomach. He stammered over some words before he managed​ out,  “Are you saying you're…?” He then gestured to her stomach, letting Jemma fill in the rest.

Jemma nodded. “I didn’t know until we came up here. They gave everyone their exams for coming in and… well, seems I’ve been too distracted to notice.”

“You're… pregnant.” Fitz mumbled.

Jemma snickered. “Yes, Fitz.”

“With a baby.”

“Usually how it works.”

“With … our baby.”

“That’s not much of a question, but yes.”

Fitz suddenly grinned, a laugh escaping him. “We’re going to be parents.”

Jemma returned the beam, nodding. “We are.”

Fitz and Jemma hadn’t kissed each other, truly, since before this chaos had taken hold. Fitz had been dealing with so much that Jemma didn’t want to rush him, and Fitz felt Jemma needed time to cope with whom he saw in the Framework. Other than holding hands, hugging, and the occasional kisses on their hands or cheeks, their had been nothing physical between them. But without thought, Fitz reached for Jemma, kissing her passionately on the lips. It was quick, and when he pulled back his face changed to a worried expression, but Jemma didn’t mind at all. “I’m sorry, I -”

She raised a brow, took him by the collar of his shirt and pressed her lips to his in return. Fitz instantly melted into her embrace, both of them losing themselves in each other.

Space or no space, they were starting a brand new chapter in their lives, a chapter where they would do anything to keep their family safe - for better or for worse.

Fitz pulled back, his eyes wide. “We have to tell the team,”

Jemma rolled her eyes in response. “You’re right. But whatever Coulson says, we are not naming our child after him.”

Fitz smiled. “Even if it’s a girl?” he teased.

Jemma smirked. “Especially if it’s a girl.”

me to my mom: “idk mom, some really beautiful things have come out of these last few months of what seemed like everything fall apart”

mom to me: “it always happens that way chris. always. so remember this for every other ‘falling apart’ time”

18. Hearts don’t break around here

Birthday Party 
Fandom: Teen Wolf - Stydia
Song: Hearts don’t break around here - Ed Sheeran (Love this song!!)
For: @proudtobeadepphead

The best thing about his girlfriend being rich was that money really never was an issue. Stiles was stuck in DC for the pre FBI program – which he really, really loved, but felt stuck nonetheless, being at least an eight hour drive away from his girlfriend – while Lydia went to MIT. It sucked, being that far away from each other, and even though it clearly could have been worse – Scott studying at UC Davis meant there were about 2.800 miles between him and his best friend – it was not ideal. He was well aware that University life never was, or at least only rarely, but that didn’t change the fact that he was really happy about the amount of money that Lydia was able to spend on plane tickets.

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mosylu  asked:

Ooo, I would love to see Killervibe and 21. “If you walk away, everything will fall apart.” Thank you!

21. “If you walk away, everything will fall apart.”

(This is also for the nonnie who requested the same one) 

Sorry this is a long one. The under 1000 drabbles couldn’t last long. It was inevitable, guys, I’m long-winded.

Set a little bit after the finale.

Caitlin glanced at her watch and drew in an anxious breath. Thirty minutes till boarding.

You are going to go through with this, she told herself sternly. You have to. You want to.

You have to want to.

Even this late at night, the airport was full and busy- intercom messages and crying babies and the low murmur of chatter blended together in a stream of noise that made her head hurt. She hadn’t slept in… she wasn’t sure how long, and she certainly wasn’t going to be sleeping for the next five hours. She’d gotten better at controlling her powers without restraints, and she could sleep for short periods with minimal involuntary effects, but she was afraid that if someone startled her awake, she’d freeze them to death. Sleeping was not an option.

She hugged herself, feeling small in comparison to the vast uncertainty that loomed ahead. She had no idea where she was going. Her plane ticket said Phoenix, Arizona, but that was temporary. She’d picked Arizona because it was home to the five hottest cities in the country, but she was worried it had too many people. Instead of going somewhere hot enough that she wouldn’t be cold, she could go somewhere so cold that no-one would notice. Like Alaska. There were less people in Alaska. Arizona was just a pit stop; somewhere far enough away from home that she could collect herself and think of a long-term plan.

She hadn’t thought ahead of Arizona, because even though she knew that she needed to leave, the idea that she was leaving behind her life forever hurt more than she wanted it to. Leaving Julian and the Wests and the Steins and- Cisco, her heart hurt thinking about Cisco. He was the only reason that she hadn’t left a long time ago, before she’d ever had a chance to lose control. He was comfort and safety and the only thing that made her feel like herself. She’d let him convince her to stay, and look where that got them. H.R. was dead, Barry was gone, and the team was shattered. She needed to leave Central City before she hurt anybody else.

Caitlin was vaguely aware of someone sitting down next to her. She flinched away, like she usually did whenever anyone came near her. She let her hair fall in front of her face and contemplated moving seats.

“Wow, I don’t smell that bad,” the person next to her said, and her heart skipped and she snapped her head up. Cisco was sitting in the seat next to her, wearing jeans and a vintage Star Trek t-shirt under his black bomber jacket.

“Hey there,” he said, and half-smiled in a way that didn’t reach his eyes. “Fancy meeting you here.”

His eyes were probing and full of concern, and she suddenly wished she could throw herself into his arms and let him hug her and stroke her hair. She crossed her arms and turned to face him, establishing distance between them. “How did you find me?”

“You know. I got a vibe.” She raised her eyebrows. “Well. A vague one. So I hacked into your computer and restored your deleted search history by hacking into your browser’s cookies, which I’m not proud of, but, I had a feeling that you were up to something, and lo and behold…” He threw his hands out. “Here you are. Up to something.”

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I Got Troubled Thoughts

Prompt: Not Requested. The reader’s parents are fighting and Patrick comes over to help them sleep.

Warnings: implied/mentions of domestic abuse

Word Count: 444

Pairing: Patrick x Reader

You’re parents are fighting again, screams echoing around the house dotted with breaking dishes and someone crying. You’re sitting on your bed, looking at the wall blankly and trying to ignore the sounds of bruises being formed and the endless crash and burn of a marriage. You jump at the sound of someone knocking on your window but you give a weak smile when you realize it’s Patrick, looking sympathetic and comforting. You climb off your bed and open the window, embracing Patrick tightly the second he’s inside. He isn’t wearing his hat, hair mussed from when he was probably half asleep before coming over, and he’s wearing that really soft Ninja Turtles shirt you got him for Christmas that he always sleeps in. He’s adorable and you cling to him desperately.

“I heard them next door and figured you’d be having trouble sleeping.” He explains and you nod against his shoulder, gripping tightly to his back.

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4 am
eyes wide open
thoughts swirling in my head
listening to the drizzle outside
water dripping down my window
was it you
who decided this was it
who left it all behind
who threw everything away
who forgot about my presence
all for nothing?
or was it me
who underestimated your will
who was too blind to see
that everything was slowly falling apart
that the silence was always more abundant
than our own words and thoughts?
yes, we all fall down
like the rain outside my window
like ashes to the ground
like puzzle pieces
like damaged people
and yet we forget
that we could’ve at least tried
that you could’ve said more
that i could’ve been able to see that
we were both falling apart.
- the truth is what hurts the most
~just me

a smoke, a fire, a sea

Summary: In which Nico and Will are the sons of two rival families, which have gouged a divide through Siena with years of violence, blood, and hatred. Or, of enmity, destiny, and the consequences of falling in love with a man you’re intended to hate.

Nico di Angelo’s life started - and ended - with a kiss.

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amis couples on Valentines:

  • Courf makes the rounds in the morning and drops some flowers, a card, and maybe some chocolate or something, on all his friends door steps. He thinks he runs away in time, but everyone knows its him. Especially Combeferre because he drops the flowers, runs away, and comes back in exactly seven minutes and thirty seconds (what he figures is enough time to not be suspicious) for their date. Every single year.
  • Marius always manages to mess up his own Valentines plans. Its a Big Day and theres too much pressure and everything ends up falling apart but Cosette is always very impressed that he tried so hard and they end up having a very lovely evening picnic, sometimes on the living room floor if the weathers bad.
  • Joly, Bossuet, and Musichetta spend the three days leading up making So Many paper hearts, and put them all over their apartment. They dont take them down until the tape stops being sticky and they fall on their own. One heart has been stuck on the ceiling by the bookshelf for 5 years now.
  • Feuilly and Bahorel don’t really have a routine for the day like the others do. They do whatever either of them have time for, really. Some years that’s a whole day out and nice dinner and candles and roses and all that jazz, but some years its getting home from work at 10 pm and watching a movie on the couch in pajamas. They love each other, just like they do every other day of the year.
  • Enjolras and Grantaire don’t make a big thing of it out either. Breakfast in bed usually happens, then just being with each other for the day. Casual and happy.