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to anyone who’s recently discovered they’re trans: relax. it’s not the end of the world if u can’t find yr labels just yet, they will come. it’ll be ok. you’ll find a name that fits u perfectly + it’ll ring like windchimes when u hear it. you’ll get more comfortable with new pronouns eventually, it takes time. everything is going to be alright + i am here for anyone that needs support. you are not alone, i promise.

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Virgil is having a rlly hard time doing basic things. i.e. talking to the other sides, he's getting too nervous, cants sleep at nite. He goes to Logan for advice. Yet butterflies attack his insides and when he look as at Logan all he can do is blush and the same is happening for Logan. Idk it's all fluff in my head

Pairing: Analogical 

Warnings: Sleep deprivation 

Word Count: 784

Sleepy Crushes

Virgil was having one of those days. One of those days where his heart was beating too fast, his hands too shaky, and every little sound would make him jump.

He could barely sleep the night before as his thoughts spiraled to all the mistakes he made the day before: he dropped Patton’s cookies, so obviously Patton hated him now; he spaced out when Roman was talking to him, so now Roman probably thinks he doesn’t care about him; and he played his music so loudly that Logan had to tell him to make it quieter so he could work, so now Logan believes that he’s disrespectful.

Logan. Normally Virgil would go to Logan for help when he can’t sleep, lest he have a day like this. But lately, Virgil’s been having these butterflies in his stomach when he talks to Logan, and no they aren’t just normal I-am-talking-to-someone-dear-lord-save-me anxiety feelings.These butterflies have been more like I-have-a-stupid-crush-dear-lord-save-me feelings.

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“Nothing to Everyone” - James Potter x Reader Imagine

request:  Hi, could you please write James x reader where reader is the best friend of Lily, although they’re kind of different since reader doesn’t stand out compared to Lily and she’s quiet and keeps a low profile mostly, so she’s usually cast into the shadows while Lily’s popular and liked by many, especially James, whom reader is secretly in love with. Angst please and thank you <3

— I really love writing about James, definitely. Hope you like it!♡

Being in the shadow of Lily Evans was great and annoying at both times. You being a quiet, shy girl, you really liked it to be her shadow. You would not require attention and could live your life peacefully. But when it came to guys, it was annoying. They had eyes only for the red-head girl and you were just her weirdo best friend that helped them get in contact with her. You were so over this, you thought this was getting really annoying but then again, you said nothing and hide your emotions.

Walking through the hallways with Lily’s arm linked with you, wasn’t your best time. Of course you loved your friend, to death even, and you loved being next to her. But the attention she got just reminded you how you were a nothing to everyone. Basically, they would all say hi to her, compliment her, some guys would flirt even, but you felt so bad because everybody just assumed you were lucky to have her. Yes, you were. But did the fact that she might be lucky to have you ever came to their mind? Probably not.

It was fine, really. Until you developed a secret crush into James Potter. And then the crush became feelings towards the boy as he was always around. The problem was that, him too, was seriously infatuated with the red head and you were just a shadow of hers. He was always around, always smiling, and she would just roll eyes and avoid him. You felt pity for him, he seemed genuine. But sadly, you just wished he would give up and go back to his friends because his presence made you even more in love. If that was possible.

It was a Tuesday night and you were in the Gryffindor Common Room with Lily, both studying hard. She was, actually. You were just in reading a book. But then again, the contrast was huge ; she was there with her long red hair down her shoulders, long eyelashes battling and biting her lip nervously as she scribbled on the parchment, looking to her school book from time to time. She looked flawless.
And then there was you. You were in a messy bun, old big pjs and reading a book stained with old coffee rings. But you couldn’t change and be like Lily, it just wasn’t you. Everything was alright until James entered.

“Hey, Evans. Wanna make out?” he shouted cockily, making her roll her eyes.

You watched carefully as the rest of his friends went in their dorm and he stood in front of you both, arms crossed.

“Leave it, Potter.” she replied dryly.
“C'mon. One date, I’m not that bad!” he said sighing. She said no with her head and proceeded on working as she moved her hand in a “go away” move.

James sighed one more time and looked at you. You immediately stuffed your nose into your book, hiding your red cheeks. You felt the couch sink and you looked up lightly, seeing he just sat next to you. He licked his bottom lip, messing his hair, and put one arm on the couch, behind you.

“Would you tell her? I’m handsome and nice!” he said.

You started stammering, not really knowing if you should tell him what you think of him or not.

“Pardon?” he cut you off, frowning.

Lily giggled which you drew a long hard stare to, and closed her book.

“I’ll leave now. And, Potter, just leave it. There’s no chance, okay?” she said, taking all of her belongings into her arms.
“Why??? Huh???”
“LEAVE IT, POTTER!” she screamed.

She left and he sighed again and looked back at you, you were pretending to read.

“How come she doesn’t like me? Should I really let go?” he asked. You kept your nose in your book.
“I mean, she really is the opposite of fancying you. I don’t think you got a chance.” you said honestly, eyes on the pages, feeling really poorly for him.
“That’s just mean!” he said, pouting. “You’re mean.”
“Don’t say I’m mean. I’m just being honest to help you!” you said dryly, looking at him.

He left a pause, thinking, then got closer to you, making your insides turn.

“Is it me? Am I really that bad?” he asked, this time with a soft voice and almost a whisper. You stammered again. “What?” he interrupted, confused.

You closed your book, clearing your voice, took a deep breath and looked at him. There it is.

“I think you’re nice. You’re sweet, funny and caring. You are a nice guy and let’s face it, you’re smart and talented. And no one can take away the handsomeness of you. I think you’re just not her type,” you said truthfully.

He looked at you for a moment, looking at every feature of you. He was looking right through your soul. He humidified his lips again, making you stare at them for a moment then back to his eyes.

“How come I never noticed how you are?” he said, whispering almost. You shrugged.
“I’m nothing to everyone,” you said looking down. He took your chin into his hands and made you look back at him.
“You’re not nothing to me. You never were. I just never noticed how beautiful you are, I only focused on your personality, I guess..” he said, feeling less and less confident with his confession.

You looked at him for a moment and frowned.

“Yes. You always were nice to me, and you’re really smart, too. I of course noticed you. And just now, I notice not only your inside is pretty. The outside is gorgeous too, yeah?” he said chuckling.

You giggled and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you James.”

This boy made your head spin. You took your book in hands and got up, to go to bed. You gave him a little wave which he responded to with a smile and you left to your dormitory. A few feet away from the stairs, you felt your hand being taken and you turned around. There he was.

“Yeah?” you asked confused. He looked at every feature of your face and stopped on your lips, making your heart stop, too.

He licked his bottom lip again, making you bite yours. He slowly touched it with his thumb, bringing it down slowly.

“This is really sexy. And the more you bite it, the more I want to kiss you.” he said. Your head started spinning.
“Do it.” you dared to say, in a whisper.

He crashed his lips into you and you felt electricity all over your body. You answered the kiss which turned into a full make out. You both were all over each other and kissing until you heard someone clear their throat. You both separated despite your want and looked behind James. There was Sirius with a little smirk and arms crossed.

“Well, well, well…” he started.
“Shut up, Pads. Go up, I’m coming!” said James, cutting him off. Sirius winked at you and walked back upstairs with an amused smirk.

James looked back at you and pecked your lips.

“Goodnight, love.” he whispered against them.
“Night, James.”

You both separated to your own dormitories, both with a speed heartbeat, a body full of heat, a mind spinning and the biggest smile of the world on the lips.

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idk if this was intentional or not but another thing i liked about the episode is how it subtlety endorsed the message that, despite what the other characters were saying about him, tweek wasn’t completely out of his mind. like, the climactic creek argument in the amusement park took place as distracted drivers were mowing kids down around them and all the while craig is telling him, ‘everything is alright, there’s nothing to worry about’ when like..obviously there was. maybe it wasn’t the exact same thing tweek was worrying about but it was connect to it and  this was a connection he later made when he wrote the song. so like, not only was the scene illustrating how much craig’s pragmatic approach wasn’t working, it was also driving home the point that tweek’s reaction wasn’t completely irrational or disproportionate to the circumstance- things were getting out control! like, back in the earlier season, tweek’s overreactions where used primarily as comic relief and they were all exclusively overreactions. and it’s not like i’m saying that he’s not ever going to overreact again (he did so many times in the same episode) but what i do appreciate is how they’re expanding on this and showing that while he does have this anxious energy, sometimes it’s not because he’s irrational but because he’s picking up on things that hasn’t registered with the rest of the town, and not only that, but when he’s able to manage that energy he becomes, in craig’s words, “capable of more than he thinks.”

Dorks and Dopes

Summary: I wonder how Logan and Roman spend their days off.

Warnings: none. This is pure fluffy cuteness.

A/N: Idk how this turned into a “prompt fill per day” thing but here we go. I’m not sure why but I wrote this from Patton’s perspective. The alliteration in the title is supposed to be a reference to a certain game but I’m not smart oops. Anyway,I don’t feel too great about this one, but I hope you enjoy! (Tag list at the end)

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Just a quick tip to artists

If you’re an artist who likes to work really close, (like me), do yourself a favor and put up two views. You can do this by clicking View–> New on your toolbar.

There’s nothing worse than finally zooming out and realizing what you were doing was very wrong. This saved me a lot of grief tbh. I’m sure everyone knows this already but ._.;; I arrived quite late to that party.

P.S, this is for Paint Tool Sai!

Be alone. Eat alone, take yourself on dates, sleep alone. In the midst of this you will learn about yourself. You will grow, you will figure out what inspires you, you will curate your own dreams, your own beliefs, your own stunning clarity, and when you do meet the person who makes your cells dance, you will be sure of it, because you are sure of yourself.
—  make sure you know yourself :))

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Thank you so much Seda, for your kindness and friendship.

little things to remember

because everything is going to be alright, love

-          Smiling at strangers and watching them smile back

-          Dogs resting their heads on your lap

-          Being shown around the house of a brand new friend

-          Remembering your favourite scene from an old movie

-          Childhood friends

-          Soft new socks

-          Finishing a favourite book and thinking it over

-          The soft glow of the microwave as you heat up a midnight snack

-          Being the last one awake at a sleepover and the comfort from being                with your friends

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