everything is already giffed probably


sparrabeth + an au
               a marriage interrupted or fate intervenes?


i will fight for the place where i’m free, to live together and exist as me
i will fight in the name of rose quartz and everything that she believed in
i will fight for the world i was made in, the earth is everything i’ve ever known
i will fight to be everything that everybody wants me to be when i’m grown


10x14 “The Executioner’s Song”

“It’s not the first time today.”

I honestly don’t know where to start and end with this scene. From Dean handing the blade to Cas - because he might expect him to make good on his promise to take him out. To how his voice sounds so un-Dean when he says the line above. The way Sam reacts to it and possibly wonders what Dean might have lied about as well today and Cas, who is possibly able to sense that something irreperably broke within Dean. The pain in all their faces kills me. And you know what might kill me most? This last look of Dean upwards. It’s the same look he had on his face after what happened with Charlie in the ending scene, the same look he had on his face when he was praying in 5x14 when Sam was detoxing. He is looking up to heaven. Hoping against hope there is something that can prevent his “fate”.

Errrrrrg that empty chair by Hiccup’s bed at the end of HTTYD 1 will never cease to punch me straight in the feels. It tells such a story by its presence alone! Think we know where Stoick perpetually sat all the while his son was recovering.