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Dirty Little Secrets

Bering and Wells meets Scandal! Sort of. Helena needs a wife to improve her image because of her well-publicised philandering. Enter Myka Bering and Giselle Katz, prospective candidates. Who will Helena choose? 

This idea came to me after watching Scandal one day; Olivia was helping some dude to get elected as governor or senator and she thought he was gay. She suggested that they find him a husband because she could sell that easily. So here’s my take on a Bering and Wells political marriage AU. Tropes abound, and I don’t care. 

Helena Wells had fallen into the world of politics mostly by accident, rather than by design, but now she was committed to doing what she could to make a difference. The power was attractive; of course it was. But the main attraction for her was getting to a position where she was able to make the kind of difference she had always dreamed of making. The kind of position where she could make a difference in people’s lives. She wanted to be the kind of person whose name ended up in the history books as the reason why the course of history was changed. 

She was a realist. Part of being a politician was being in the public eye, but most of what the public saw was the illusion that the politician and their team projected. She knew that there would be things she would have to do; things she wouldn’t want to do, to get to where she needed to be. She had never expected to be faced with this particular situation, however.

“You need to get married, HG. You need to find a good, honest woman and marry her. Your sexuality isn’t a problem for most of the people we’ve polled; the philandering is the problem,” Deb Stanley said from the other side of the huge conference table. They were in Deb’s office in central Washington. The President’s Chief of Staff, Arthur Nielsen, had sent Helena Deb’s card, with a note that said “We want you to be her Successor. Deb will help – use her.”

“You want me to get married? To whom? Just some random woman?” Helena asked incredulously.

“We have a list of possible candidates,” Deb said, holding her hand out without looking. Her assistant passed a file to her smoothly, as if they’d rehearsed the move.

Helena stared.

“Is this a thing that people do? Have you done this before?”

She had thought she couldn’t be surprised any more by what went on in Washington. Apparently she was wrong.

“More times than I care to tell you about,” Deb said.

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Happy World Turtle to all my followers and fellow torts

   Today I must say I was quite myself , a little down and blue even though its celebrating turtles every where .You see on the news and the world wide web that many torts and turtles are abused, hurt and well not loved or respect in this so called human society . So my owner decided to prove me wrong that humans love their little companions both wild and none.That they show their  love in everything they do to educate the world you can care about torts and turtle  through their works . SO I was magically transported to meet some very lovely people . 

  • Rainbow Dash from my little pony - tank 
  • Sarah and Duck- Tortoise

  • Franklin

  • Sly Cooper -Bentley 

  • Yertle Turtle 

  • Gil Turtle _ Final Fantasy 5 

  • Spiny - Mario video games

  • Lion World Turtle - Legend of Korra and Avatar
After seeing all these torts and turtles my spirit was lifted and am grateful to be a loved little tort with an amazing little family. To be reminded that there are people who do care in the world .
To all I hope yall have a turtly awesome day 


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Updates on Herman never fail to make me smile :)

This is from today, before i took Herman 🐢 in from outside. I let him roam the garden so he get’s enough exercise. I keep him in an outside enclosure during the day so he get’s the uv-b rays he needs for metabolizing the vitamin D3 for growing until i get the proper lighting for him. He is just a hatchling, weighs around 20 grams or more and is just somewhat 2 inches in length.

Herman 🐢 is somewhat of a rescue, when he was brought to me his shell was damaged underneath and a thin piece got chipped. Walking around must have hurt him. I have nursed him very well and he is in good health now. He was very very shy at first but now he is well acquainted with me. 

Keeping a tortoise in a country where no one… NO ONE… keeps reptiles properly is hard. They require special care and equipment which are not available here anywhere. I mean sure they sell fresh water turtles here but they’re not the same. Fortunately i have an extensive knowledge in like…. everything and have my workaround for keeping this baby tort healthy and happy. I basically became an expert for this species overnight.

I do need to get him all the proper things he needs cause i am gonna keep him. His survival rate here is pretty low, around 1% in the wild. And he is a bit of an endangered species although it is a very common species for a pet, so being a tortoise steward does something to keeping this species well in existence.

What i need rn is a uv-b lighting (fluorescent or other) and calcium supplement powder. I have workarounds to these but they make my life and Herman’s 🐢 a bit harder than it has to be. But we’re best buddies already and he is a healthy happy tort. Although just like me he needs support.

Herman 🐢 greets all of you although he is sleeping rn burrowed in his hide in the enclosure. 🐢


Today was special just like I thought it would be. I got to be an elf and help mom decorate! My job was to untangle the lights and fluff the garland! Mom hung everything up where I couldn’t reach. Fort Tort is now ready for Santa!