everything is a good idea at midnight

midnight drive [m]

summary: the waiter at a new restaurant is more than dashing and he catches every fragment of your attention. good thing you decide to stay after hours, to which he gladly offers a late night drive to you that only escalates into something more.

pairing: waiter!johnny & reader insert

includes: fluff, smut (car sex, fingering, oral, penetration)

wc: 12.2k

note: I know the cover picture is a sunset, but I couldn’t find a good photo of a midnight drive ;~; Anyway i hope you guys like my new fic! I used johnnys korean name by the way—i was really torn on which of his name to use… haha

It had been a monotonous day.

Ever since you woke early dawn for your morning run with your close friend and roommate, Yuju, you had been nothing but drained; your energy was gone like the wind. You did not get enough sleep to begin with and dealing with the drone-like strangers on the streets, a grumbling stomach—everything—was an arduous chore. She proposed the idea of going out for dinner again at her favorite local restaurant—one of the few places you actually despised because you found the food quite distasteful. But due to the many times you resisted ensconcing yourself within the confinements of the dim, fancy restaurant you finally complied with Yuju to eat there once.

You spent your day pacing the apartment as Yuju ran errands; you sometimes wasted hours by staring at the flickering television. Then, once she arrived back to the apartment on the dot of seven o’clock, she pestered you to get ready and kept the angry question of why you were lounging on the couch locked in her chest. You responded with a groan and pulled yourself from the sofa to drag yourself into the restroom.

You freshened up with a quick shower and minimal makeup, tossing on a dress nicer than usual and giving you the pop of spendthrift. You waited patiently in the kitchen for Yuju, who was taking her sweet time in perfecting the minor particulars of her makeup and hair. You were leaning on the counter, lips pursed into a pout as you dreaded the upcoming dinner. The food at Yuju’s favorite restaurant was nothing but bland to you, and you groaned at the thought of the given sustenance.

Yuju finally waltzed out of the bedroom appearing resplendent than most normal patrons, a bright smile sheening her face more than the diamond necklace that looms from her neck. Her shoulder length hair curved perfectly inwards, providing the appearance of a black sea of silk. “We’re just going out to dinner,” you commented with an eye roll.

“And I gotta look my best!” she responded while grabbing onto her keys. “Come on, I want to beat the line.”

You stepped out of the apartment and began walking to her vehicle. “If you spent half the time you did on your makeup, we would have skipped the line.”

Yuju only smiled. Inside her lean black vehicle she prepared to drive; the engine purred and she turned up the pop tunes of her fresh radio. She stirred up mindless conversations amidst the transport, rapidly jumping from topic to topic—probably from excitement of eating at her favorite restaurant. After all, it was not everyday for you to agree to an annoying event.

She parked close to the curb messily, moving slow and careful as her head turned to peer back, then to the front. Your fingers were drumming on your thighs as she steadied the car, and when she finally parked it close to flawlessness you felt as if you found a solace.

You and Yuju exited the lean black vehicle with a scenic smile, feet meeting the sidewalk as heads turn your way. You were gawking at the familiar sights, taking in the known scenery and recognizable architecture, and amidst the moment something different caught your eye—no, someone.

There was a waiter in Yuju’s favorite restaurant across the street serving drinks to a table outdoors, a shining beam gracing his expression. His hair swept over his forehead in a handsome manner, and the uniform he adorned seemed as if it was immaculately tailored for him specifically—because he looked that perfect. You felt your face get hot, a hopeless grin painting on your face and it matched his own.

“Are you ready to go?” Yuju asked you, shattering your reverie.

“Huh?” Your body jolted from her words and you flashed your attention back to her. “Ah, y-yeah.”

Yuju looked to where your attention was directed: right at her premier restaurant—the one that you found distasteful. She raised an eyebrow, piecing together two and two because you were never interested in what her loveable restaurant had to offer to eat. Then, it hit her. It was not the food—nothing like the outstanding drinks that came in an array of colors—it was a man, the waiter, that caught your eye.

And in that very moment, eating at the once despised restaurant did not appear all-too-bad.

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I don’t even know what cool means. If it means “dresses fashionably,” that’s silly. If it means “good person,” that’s a nice compliment. I think someone’s cool if they’re a genuine, compassionate person.

August 23, 1978 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULES!

[SFW] Baby Headcannons for Soldier/Genji/Road/Rein

Soldier 76

  • Assumes the role of Dad 76 after the first positive pee test
  • Goes out and buys every book in the parenting section
  • Plus a small collection of dad jokes
  • challengeaccepted.gif
  • You have to remind him not to tell everyone until the second trimester
  • But the socks’n’crocs give it away
  • He spends every spare moment at the hardware store
  • Not because he’s trying to build a crib by hand
  • But because he bought one from IKEA and it’s impossible to put together
  • Missing half the damn pieces
  • Fucking astrological chart for instructions and shit
  • He’s never discouraged though
  • Sometimes you catch him staring at you
  • And he’s like
  • You’re just so beautiful. I love you so much. I just… Need to appreciate you…
  • Wants to name the baby Jack Jr.
  • If it’s a girl you pick but supports Jaqueline or some variant
  • He just loves this baby so much
  • Like, if this little girl wants to wear a tutu to the grocery store, he’s going in one too
  • Peter Pan and Wendy every Halloween
  • Or Ash and Pikachu
  • Costume game on point yo
  • He video tapes the birth
  • Tries to narrate it like David Attenborough but you put a stop to that shit real quick
  • Cuts the cord while taking a selfie with the doctor
  • Cries like the baby he’s holding
  • Falls asleep that first night home with his hand in the crib

Genji Shimada

  • I hope you have room
  • For all the things
  • From every store
  • Because he is going to shower this baby with material things
  • Uncle Hanzo will be spending plenty of time at the house too
  • And he’s buying the finest clothes for the little dumpling
  • Genji rubs your feet every night
  • Becomes super over cautious
  • Kinda polices what you eat and drink and do
  • You have to tell him to back off a bit
  • Extra foot rubs that day
  • He does all the cutsey things with your big belly
  • Draws kitty faces on it
  • Sings to it
  • Takes progress pictures with you
  • He floods social media with all the updates
  • Spends afternoons wondering what kind of personality they will have
  • Secretly worries he’s not ready
  • Or that the kid will be ashamed of a cyborg father
  • Needs reassurance that everything is okay
  • He waits outside the delivery room
  • Tries to stay calm
  • Maybe meditates with Zenyatta
  • Absolutely loses his shit when the baby comes
  • Picks the first name he can think of after seeing your child for the first time
  • Worships the ground you walk on for bringing this beautiful life into the world
  • Stays up all night watching you and the baby sleep
  • Handles all overnight feeding and changing


  • Never wanted to be a father
  • Has a hard time accepting it
  • Uses his work as an escape
  • But then Jamison gets wind of it…
  • And holy shit
  • He shows Roadie the light
  • Hog cooks and cleans for you
  • Gives you money to get pampered like the queen you are
  • Thinks pregnancy is this huge unnatural burden
  • You roll along with it
  • Is super concerned with you and baby’s health
  • Wants desperately for everything to go smoothly
  • Praying for a little girl
  • Couldn’t handle another boy, you already have Junkrat
  • Wants to spend his days doing her hair and playing with makeup
  • But also teach her how to throw a tomahawk because that’s the kinda guy he is
  • Loves to meet up with the other dads for playdates
  • Him and Soldier fight over the grill master title
  • It’s him
  • Soldier burns the burgers every time
  • Is constantly pranked by Jamie and Toddler
  • With a little help from mom of course
  • But he loves it
  • Helps draw fake tattoos with magic marker
  • So she can look just like daddy
  • He’s so proud of her
  • The best days end with the family watching a movie together
  • Falling asleep on the couch
  • Then waking up late for midnight snacks


  • Words cannot express how excited he is to be a father
  • Would go door to door if you let him
  • Asks Lucio how to download the Tweeter and Facespace so he can share the good news
  • Takes charge or designing the baby’s room
  • Paints a mural right from all his favorite fairy tales
  • Builds everything from scratch
  • Has a new book to read every night for the next 3 years
  • He doesn’t quite care about the details
  • But loves the idea of being a father and making memories
  • Goes to every lamaze class with you
  • Breathes harder than all the other women there
  • Champion childbirther here
  • The big day finally comes
  • And he’s got like, 6 suitcases in the car
  • Ready for anything
  • One bag is just for books
  • Spends like an hour deciding what the first story should be
  • Seriously conflicted
  • You pick The Three Little Pigs
  • Coaches you through your labor
  • Wipes the sweat from your brow
  • Gets a little queasy when the baby pops out all slimed up
  • Stays strong for you
  • Hovers protectively over the doctors trying to see what they’re doing
  • Sheds a joyful tear when he holds his son for the first time
Organization Tips

[day 10. how I keep organized] Organization, oh how I love thee.

Since one of the things my blog is devoted to is organization, I decided to turn today’s prompt into a masterpost. So here are my best tips to staying organized!~

Minimize as much as possible! If you saw my What’s in My College Backpack post, then you saw that I foolishly planned on taking separate notebooks for each class. THIS WAS A BAD IDEA. It was heavy and heavy hurts your back. Now I use a binder and place everything (syllabi, class notes, textbook notes, handouts, etc.) in there. Although I do take a notebook to take messy lecture notes in before tranferring it to my binder, this method is much lighter and stress-free, since all I need to remember is one binder.

Clean out things regularly! I clean out my binder every week, my backpack every night, my online life every two weeks, etc., etc. Keeping things clean lets you think better.

Have an ideal schedule to go off of! Using a study schedule printable from @theorganisedstudent, I recently was able to plan my ideal study schedule: how much I would study each day, what I would study, and when I would take breaks. I based it off my maximum productivity levels, and having this is a great reminder when it’s Friday afternoon, I have the whole weekend ahead of me, and it doesn’t seem like anything needs to be done. Beyond studying, though, plan your dream day. Be realistic, but also be ambitious. Rarely will you ever matcn it to a T, but having this skeleton to go off of gives you a good idea of when you should be doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and also how much time you can afford to spend on YouTube. 😉

Prepare in advance! Pack you backpack the day before! ALWAYS. Even if it’s past midnight and all you want is sleep – when you wake up, you are definitely not going to feel like dealing with stocking your pencil case with everything you need. I’m a cute and casual shirt, jeans, and boots kind of gal, so deciding what to wear is not a big to-do for me, but if you spend way too long deliberating in front of the closet, you may want to set out your outfit the day before.

Keep a planner! I know this is a pretty stereotypical tip, so I won’t go into depth about it. Just make sure you have a definite method for organizing your planner and also that you stick to it.

Study smarter, not harder! Know which classes you are weaker in and spend more time on those. For example, History is an easy A for me. I barely study. Math, however, is the bane of my existence. In order to make As in math, I need to put in 3x the effort. Make sure to organize your schedule to accommodate this extra time.

Live simply! I’m a huge fan of minimalism. While definitely not a minimalist myself, I wholeheartedly agree that the more stuff you have, the less peace of mind you enjoy. Declutter everything you don’t need or even want. Have a place for everything and try to keep everything in its place. This helps keeps your mind and thought processes organized.

Clean mental clutter! I see a lot about taking care of your body, but what about your mind? Make sure to tidy your thoughts too. (That sounds sort of creepy, lol.) What I mean is – relax. Pray, meditate, take some time to write down everything pestering your mind – whatever works for you. Once it’s out, you can focus all of your mental capabilities of whatever task is at hand.

Spend a few minutes to save a few hours! This is more of a personal one, and definitely one that not everyone thinks is worthwhile, but I thought I would include it since it’s one of the main reasons I stay organized. I find organizing things extremely relaxing. (Actually, this weekend I plan on decluttering and organizing my space, and I’m really looking forward to it!) So I do a lot of (admittedly) silly things to help myself later. I organize my closet, first by style of clothing, and within those sections by color; my undergarments, pairing all of the socks and rolling all of the underwear; my books, genres then series and then standalones by author; my jewelry, fancy with fancy, everyday out in the open; etc. My most-used items are always at the forefront. I don’t have to do this, but I like how I can easily grab what I need without having to search for it or disturb a bunch of other stuff for it.

Hope some of these helped!

Evan: it’s 11:59 guys

Zoe: it’s almost your birthday Jared!

Connor: yeah you’re 18-year-old life is over soon

Jared: *concentrating intensely*

Midnight: *happens*

everyone: HAPPY BIRTH-

Jared *jumping up on the table simultaneously knocking everything over*: WHAT UP IM JARED IM NINETEEN AND I NEVER FUCKING LEARNED HOW TO READ

Sometimes I actually DO use more than 10 - 60 minutes for a drawing. I had so many things I wanted to say about this - like drawing till 2am before an early wake to a work is not a good idea - but I listened to “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)” too many times in repeat I forgot it all! 

Prompto is here to literally remind me to keep up the playful spirit, positive outlook in everything and concentration on the things I love, whether they are art, sleeping, stars or chocobos. 

We Don't Wear White After Labor Day, That's Why I Wear Red


Oops, I came up with this idea at midnight with my friends in a discord group chat. They all started to cry with the idea.


Lance was done, Lance was just done. He didn’t know what to do anymore, he’s tried so hard to keep a smile on his face, everything just hurt Lance to be around everyone who seemed so carefree. 

Lance was just tired, not the physically tired that could be solved with a good nights rest. If it was that kind of rest, Lance’s depression and anxiety would be solved in a night. Oh if only it was true. 

But no, Lance’s kind of tired was that everything felt heavy, he could barely think straight with all the thoughts that were running a thousand of miles per minute. It was tiring to keep up with all his thoughts, even if they weren’t good thoughts, they were his thoughts none the less. He needed them to be alive.


“I wonder what day it is back on Earth.” Lance mumbled aloud during one of their few times to relax after long days of relentless training.

“Now that you mention it, I wonder what it is too.” Pidge looked up from her laptop for once in a few hours, “I bet I could make a calendar under a hour. Hunk, you wanna help?”

“Sure, but I should make dinner soon.” Hunk shrugged standing up to sit closer to Pidge to point out a few coding that could get the calendar working. 

Lance didn’t know what to say anymore or even do anymore. Lance’s mind was a huge well, mess of a mess, “I-I think I’m going to turn in now." 

Keith looked at Lance with a quizzical look, "Why are you turning in now? It’s early. Are you feeling okay?”

Lance turned to Keith and tried to muster up a great smile to show that everything was okay on the outside but certainly not on the inside. But Lance wouldn’t allow Keith to see that.  

“Very well, be sure to be on for training. We’ll be doing hand to hand combat.” Shiro spoke up, making eye contact with Lance who’s smile faltered a bit. 

“Got it! I’ll be sure to be on time!” Lance smiled again before rushing out of the common room.


Lance could barely focus for the millionth time for maybe the minute. But Lance had one focus, he had to get injured enough to get to the medic wing. He needed something sharp, something sharp like a scalpel. Lance couldn’t take it anymore, Lance was sorry to say it but he needed to, he couldn’t do it anymore. Lance hated being a fake or even a poser yet here he was.

“Oh yea! I managed to figure out what day it is on Earth!” Pidge cheered as everyone was taking a short water break after training for a few hours.

“Really?!? What day is it??” Lance perked up a bit upon hearing the news. 

“It’s the day after Labor Day. It’s crazy on how long we’ve been in space!” Pidge cheered again though it wasn’t as happy as the first cheer.

“Wow… You’re right, I’m not sure how long ago we’ve left Earth but wow… We’ve been in space for a long time.” Lance gave out a low whistle, “I’m going to go grab something quickly, I’ll be right back!”

Once again for the second time of the day, Keith gave Lance a quizzical look, “O-Oh okay. I think we’re done with training, right Shiro?” Keith turned to Shiro who gave Keith a curt nod.

“G-Great! I’m going to go take a nap then after I finish up my chores!” Lance clapped his hands together with a smile on his face before racing out of the training room.

Once Lance left the others in the training room, everyone was quiet before Keith spoke up, “Is Lance okay…? He’s been very… jumpy today or at least a little… off." 

Hunk was the one to speak up this time, "I’m not hundred but maybe he’s just homesick after finding out its after Labor Day. His family always did something extravagant.”


Lance’s hands were shaking, he wanted this, no, he needed this. Lance was tired, so, so, tired. Yet why were his hands shaking? Was he scared…? Possibly, but everything happens for a reason, right…?

Yet Lance didn’t want to see what he was about to do. If he ever goes home, if he even makes it out of this situation alive, his mama would kill him.

Closing his eyes, Lance pressed the scalpel against his tan skin, allowing the scalpel to ruin it. 

It hurt a little, or more like it hurt a lot but what done is done. There was no turning back now.


“Where’s the Blue Paladin?” Coran spoke up during dinner, his eyes scanning the table to find one spot missing.

“He must be sleeping. One of you guys should go get him.” Shiro spoke up, also scanning the dining table.

No one said anything until Keith spoke up, “I guess I could go get him.”

Standing up Keith grabbed a bowl space goo for Lance and left the dining room to go find the lanky Blue Paladin.


“Lance…? Are you in here?” Keith knocked on the door of Lance’s room. Surprisingly, it opened at Keith’s touch. 

“Lance-” Keith began to speak again, setting the bowl of space good onto the table before turning to Lance’s bed and just seeing Lance on the bed made his heart stop.

“L-Lance…?” Keith rushed towards the bed, trying to feel a pulse amidst the blood on Lance’s skin.

“K-Keith….?” Lance allowed his eyes to flutter open, the blue eyes staring at him. 

“Lance…? What happened?” Keith’s heart was beating ever so fast, his thoughts were assuming the worse.

Lance let out a weak chuckle, “I-I guess that I-I happened…”

Keith felt his heart drop to the floor, “What do you mean…?”

“I mean that I was tired of everything… I couldn’t deal with it anymore.” Lance mumbled, his eyes dulling, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…”

“It’s okay, It’s okay Lance. You’ll make it out alive.” Keith gingerly picked Lance up and rushed towards the med bay.

“You know how there’s a saying about how you’re never supposed to wear white after Labor Day…?” Lance mumbled quietly, his eyes looking right at Keith’s who were filled with worry, “I guess that’s why I’m wearing red today." 

Keith felt his heart drop any further if that was possible, "Oh Lance… You’ll be okay.”

To be honest, Keith wasn’t sure if Lance was going to be okay. All Keith had to do was believe that he was going to be okay and maybe Lance would be.


Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 11

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 11 (and with this chapter we’re finishing the second season of the show :))

Please, note that I am French and so there might be some grammar mistakes.

Let me know what you think :) enjoy !

Originally posted by darksoulandhiddenthoughts

You had been stuck in this room for a while now. If you weren’t worried about the others you probably would be starving. It was passed midnight, you wondered how everything was going.

The door opened and you see Katherine enter. “You can get out of the room now, but you still can’t leave” she sighs. She doesn’t even look at you. You figure it’s better this way. You make your way to the kitchen, to look for something to eat.

“Do you think they’re gonna fail?” the vampire suddenly asks you.

You look up at her. “I hope not” you say.

She sighs loudly “Your hopes are no good to me…or them.”

You sat on the couch, giving up the idea of eating anything.

“What should we do?” Katherine says, you’re not sure she’s speaking to you. She turns on the radio and starts dancing. She takes a bottle of alcohol and starts jumping around. You just sit there, listening to the music, wishing for the best.


Several dead bodies were on the ground. The fires lit up the night. The sound of thunder joined the screams and the cries. Elijah had his hand in his brother’s chest. “In the name of our family, Niklaus.”

“I didn’t bury them at sea” the hybrid quickly says to his brother.

Elijah was about to rip his brother’s heart out of his chest but stopped. “What?”

“Their bodies are safe.” Klaus reassure his brother. “If you kill me, you’ll never find them”

Elijah hesitates. He doesn’t know if he should trust those words.

“Besides, I have your little human under my surveillance. Imagine what will happen to her if I never go back?”

Elijah frowns. He doesn’t understand who his brother is talking about. “She is quite lovely, your little artist.” Elijah’s eyes grow bigger with realization. He looks at Stefan and Bonnie “I’m sorry” is all he says before vanishing with the new hybrid. If he was lying about his siblings, he knew his brother well enough to know he wasn’t lying about you.


You fell asleep on the couch. Katherine was destroying the apartment and the sounds of her destruction woke you up.

“I’m still stuck here! He’s still alive!” she screams, throwing a chair against the wall, making you jump.

You look at her with a sorry look. You sigh. You had no idea who had survived last night and more importantly, who hadn’t.

You watch Katherine falling on the floor, panting.

You decide to make breakfast. That you didn’t know how long you were gonna be stuck here and that, maybe, with a little luck, the “psycho bitch” liked pancakes.

You were in luck. She devoured your pancakes like it was the best thing she’d ever eaten, but you figured she just hadn’t eaten in days.

“You’re lucky you’re a good cook” she says “I was planning on eating you as my breakfast”

You look up at her to see if she was kidding but judging by her tone and by the fact that she wasn’t even looking at you, she was probably serious.

You spent a couple of days with her. She liked to talk a lot about herself, but you didn’t mind. You had to admit that she had lived a very eventful life. You drew her at her request and liked every piece you had made of her. She tells you ridiculous stories that makes you laugh so much you almost fell from the couch several time.

Finally the front door opens. You expect to see Klaus but it’s actually Stefan who shows up.


Katherine doesn’t let any of you say anything. “Two days I’ve been waiting, I’m supposed to be free of Klaus’s compulsion by now. He’s supposed to be dead.”

“We ran into complications.”


“Doesn’t really matter” he tells her “I just need to see him, do you have any idea where he might be?”

He was expecting an answer but not to be pushed against a wall. You jump out of the couch when you see both Klaus and Elijah enter the apartment.

Katherine pulled Stefan by his jacket “Look who decided to come for a visit”

Elijah was looking you up and down, checking for any injuries before his eyes fell into yours.

You both stay silent.

“You just keep popping up, don’t you?” Klaus says to Stefan.

“I need your help, for my brother”

That’s right. Katherine had told you that Damon had been bitten by Tyler and that he was going to die.

“Whatever it is, it’s gonna have to wait. You see I have an obligation to my brother that requires my immediate attention.”

Elijah’s eyes move from you to Stefan as Klaus left the room. “You understand how important family is or you wouldn’t be here” he says. “My brother gave me his word that he would reunite me with my own.”

You jump, seeing Klaus suddenly standing behind Elijah.

“And so I shall” he says, daggering his brother once again.

You scream “No!” you were about to go to him but Katherine stopped you. You look at Elijah’s unconscious and once again grey body and tears were filling up your eyes.

“Katherine” Klaus says. “Be a dear and compel this lovely young girl to forget she just saw that”

“No!” you start to cry. You were trying to get to Elijah but Katherine was too strong.

“Please” you tell her “don’t!”

“It’s for the best, trust me”

You closed your front door behind you. Robert was at work. You look in the mirror before you step in the shower and you looked like you had been crying, which was weird. You take your phone and call Bonnie. She tells you about everything that happened. You learn that Jenna had died, that Caroline’s mother and Matt knew about vampires. Today, Jeremy got shot by Sheriff Forbes but Bonnie brought him back with her magic. You couldn’t believe in all the things you had missed. But what astonishes you the most is that she doesn’t even ask about you. You had been gone for 3 days, you had missed Jenna’s funeral and nobody thought about asking where you were. You were starting to feel something and it wasn’t good. You clean up the house with loud music to forget about all that had happened. You wanted to forget about it all. No more Elijah, no more Klaus. You weren’t getting involved anymore. You wanted to go back to your old life. You wanted to be alone, you wanted the feelings to go away. You were starting to care and that was just the best way to get hurt.

You hear knocking. You sigh and wonder who might be knocking at your door at this time. When you open the door you are surprised to see Katherine standing there.

“Hey” she says

You frown. “Katherine” What did she want ? You weren’t gonna be able to go back to your old life if every psycho vampire in town decided to come knocking at your door.

“Damon is gonna be okay” she quickly says.

“Good for him” you reply.

She raises an eyebrow. “I got something for you” she says raising her hand. She was handing you a very beautiful bracelet. “It has vervain in it” she says “you can’t be compelled if you’re wearing that so never take it off, okay?” She puts the bracelet in your hand and then she disappears.

That was weird… What’s gotten into her?

You close the door and sigh. You look at the bracelet for a while then you put it around your wrist. You decide to follow her advice and to “never take it off”.

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Top 10 things about Sagittarius rising! Or a love/hate on them too 🌹🌜💐

I’ll do a top 10 🌞

1. When we smile we usually have the widest and biggest grin plastered all over our face
2. We’re REALLY energetic (at least when we’re in a good mood) and move a lot and I personally like that a lot
3. We usually know a lot of stuff
4. We love happiness and want to make others happy just because we want others to have a good time as well
5. We’re very bubbly and easy to approach
6. We have big dreams
7. We can be pretty extra ahaha
8. Midnight adventure? Cool! Walking 9 miles just to surprise a friend? Great idea! Staying in all day watching Netflix? Neat! Building a sandwich tower? Awesome! We’re really down for almost everything
9. We get extremely into it when we tell a story and most of the time we can make others laugh with that
10. Our arrow really does target the horizon - we always want to experience more

RFA + V and Saeran reacting to an MC whose ready to start a family

ヽ( >∀<☆ )ノ

Zen was surprised to say the least, he worked a lot of hours and wasn’t sure his house was baby proof yet. He’d like a family, just hopes he’d be a good dad. He would like to plan it out a little bit though, definitely wants to move before you guys settle down because his apartment and neighborhood is not a very good place for a kid to grow up in. After all that is settled and he gets shorter hours, he’d love to have a baby ( or two ) with his angel. When you’re pregnant he’s the absolute sweetest with everything. Mood swings? Takes them like a champ. Cravings? Drives to the store at midnight. Lots of affection and foot rubs. Keeps an ultrasound picture in his wallet of all times.

Jumin isn’t too for it at first, were you not happy with just him? He really doesn’t want kids right now, he’s content with you and Elizabeth the 3rd. He has no idea how to be a father either, he’s terrified of the idea itself since his father wasn’t exactly the best. Definitely needs a lot of time to wonder on it, but he’ll come around after a lot of thinking. If you want a baby with him, he wont refuse. Lots of preparation beforehand, everything a baby would need or want he’ll buy before you two are even trying. He’s constantly nervous when you’re pregnant, will panic whenever braxton hicks happen. Even though he’s jumpy he’ll settle down eventually, even enjoys watching how you grow. Tons of research, reads a billion baby books.

Yoosung is so excited, he’s always wanted a big family. He’s hinted at it before, but he was never sure if you were ready or not. Practically can’t wait to start trying, he’s constantly asking if you feel any different or if something’s off until finally you become pregnant, he’s over the moon and calls everyone he knows as soon as you tell him the news. He wants to move to a bigger place right away, and with Jumins help he does. His tiny place wasn’t even big enough for the both of you, let alone a baby. In pregnancy he’s so sweet but the mood swings scare him a lot, he’ll take them but will just stay quiet through the whole ordeal. Lots of belly kisses, always says goodmorning to you then goodmorning to the baby right after.

Seven is a mix of Yoosung and Jumin, he’s dreamed of having a family but he’s always thought it would never happen so he crushed those pipe dreams a long time ago. Once you say you’re ready he needs a few minutes to think about it but he’s definitely down to create a couple of spawns. Tells Saeran to get a hotel for a few days while you guys are trying to make him an uncle ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ
He won’t start to baby proof the house until after you’re pregnant since he’s sort of lazy and wants to wait until you’re sure. He’ll deep clean the whole place making sure there’s nothing a baby could get into, puts those little socket protectors on everything too so little fingers can’t work their way in there.
He likes to draw on the baby bump a lot, sometimes faces or words. But once you find out you’re having twins is when he’s even more excited and nervous. He’s getting two for the price of one, what a steal!

V is ecstatic since he absolutely loves children and babies. He’s always wanted a child that he could teach his ideals to and help them learn and grow. He’ll literally jump when you tell him you’re ready, he’s been ready for so long for this. But you guys have trouble getting pregnant, it takes a super long time before you finally do. A little over a year and a half, right when he was starting to give up the hope of him becoming a dad. He’s so excited when it finally happens, shows you off to everyone once you start to show a little baby bump.
Hey, did you know my wife’s pregnant?
To literally everyone, even people in the grocery store. It’s sort of embarrassing but he’s just so overjoyed he can’t help it.
He’s the sweetest out of all of them during pregnancy, he genuinely thinks that the changes in your body are natural and so beautiful. Traces every stretch mark with soft kisses and touches. Lots of hugs in front of mirrors so you can see how gorgeous you look through his eyes.

Saeran flat out says no. It’s harsh but he doesn’t want a child, not now not ever. He can’t deal with it, he has too many issues in his mind to raise a kid. He’s so happy with just you, he doesn’t want it to be ruined. It’ll take years before he finally says yes to it, even then he’s still not sure. He still doesn’t know everything about babies and how that all works so he reads a lot of books first. He’s not too romantic during pregnancy, maybe some massages and kisses but nothing more deeper past that. Will argue with you over moodswings sometimes, but he’s never really mean about it. He’s nervous but Saeyoung also helps him out a lot, reassuring him that he and you were there to guide Saeran with whatever he needs. It’s nice when he does get excited over tiny things, like watching the baby kick or buying clothes. Gets a lot of black leather for them even when you say babies can’t wear that. His babies gonna be the coolest around, no exceptions.

the dos and don’ts of first year med.

Recently, I got a question from @party-shaker about being a first-year meddie and surviving.

Let me tell you about my first-year self. I failed my first exam. Not ‘failed’ as in ‘I only got eighty percent’, I ‘failed’ as in ‘bottom of my class, warning letter from the faculty’ failed. First year med is tough. The content is new, you constantly feel like you’re not good enough and you have no idea what you’re doing, and everyone seems smarter than you.

But I got my act together, and got some really good grades by the end of the semester. Mind you, I made a lot of mistakes in the process. Here’s my dos and don’ts of first year med.

DO get adequate sleep.

DON’T trade sleep for studying. Early in my med school career, I had an anatomy tutor who petrified me. In order to learn everything, I would sleep at 10pm, wake at midnight, study until 4am, and sleep until 6am. I was able to answer some questions in the tutes, but I recall none of that anatomy now.

DO find out how you learn. Mind maps, flash cards, bright colours, lists. Do what works for you and don’t listen to anyone else.

DON’T skip class. Yes, the lecturer may be boring and you may be tired. But you’ll have a head start on your learning by going, and the lecturers write the exams.

DO ask questions.

DON’T assume everyone else knows the answers. They don’t.

DO spend time every day revising. Even ten minutes pays off in the long run.

DON’T cram. In fact, you can’t cram medicine. I tried cramming for my six years in med school – I can guarantee that it doesn’t work.

DO have breaks. Run, walk, see your friends, get some Vitamin D. Being stuck in your study or library all day will inevitably drive you crazy.

DO make a study group. You’ll learn more and make friends. It’s win win.

DON’T be competitive. Don’t tear other meddies down or humiliate them. Be nice to other students, help them, but don’t put them down. Not only is it mean, but medicine’s a small world. The kid you were mean to in med school will not refer you patients when they’re a consultant.

Even if you do everything on this list, you will still be tired most days. You will still have moments where you feel like you can’t make it. But this will hopefully stave off burnout and keep you loving what you do for longer.

I want there to be a follow up to the Kirby anime that eventually delves into life for cappy town after the original series, and eventually the lore of the actual games, or at least have the first few episodes focus on Dedede trying to cope with not ever being able to order monsters anymore.

The first episode would involve Dedede throwing a tantrum about it and how he can’t try to “get rid o’ Kirbeh” anymore, only to go a complete 180° as he, in the middle of an argument with Escargoon concerning the matter of him moving on, spies on Tiff as she attempts to teach the other kids about birds. One of them brings up how Dedede might be a bird but he doesn’t fly like the others, so he interrupts Escargoon’s lectures with a fateful question:


He then follows Escargoon around all day, earnestly asking him the same question over and over…


…..wh- WHY CAN’T I FLY?”

Nobody gives him any answers, leaving Dedede to face a morbid case of depression at the mere notion that he can’t “fly up high like da burdees”

Eventually another event happens involving Escargoon trying to stop Tuff and Kirby from skating in the courtyard, but in some freak accident he gets jet engines strapped onto his shell, trips on a board himself, and hurls off a cliff



but in the end Dedede just follows by kirby’s example by puffing up air and they fly into the sunset together and that’s how he can fly in the games.

The series would then enter an arc where Tiff realizes there’s some good in Dedede after all so she tries everything she can to make him do “the good things” but at the peak of a huge celebration with Dedede winning back everyone’s trust even after all the crimes he committed against them in the past, a waddle dee takes an ice cream bar without knowing it was his, causing him to snap and steal all the food in dreamland and that starts off the Kirby’s Dreamland arc.

i. she is childhood, she is the dream you never want to wake up from. she kisses you in excitement one day and you never forget the way her lips feel. this is love, this is a castle you can never gain entry to even though the flags fly your sigil. her boyfriend likes it when the two of you hold hands. you burn yourself against her skin. this is love as a volcano you want to drown in.

ii. he is shadow, you fall in love because good girls should love their best friends. he coughs into your soul and others call you lucky. he puts his fingers into your head and breaks so much glass that even now you’re still finding new places he left cracks. this is love as a novel with happily ever after and you can’t stop crying.

iii. you are drunk, she is sober. in the morning, you’re dating, even though you don’t want to. you tell her that you’re hurting from things that have no name. she says it’s okay. you don’t feel okay. when you hurt yourself, she punches a wall and breaks her hand. in the hospital, you stare at her and wonder why something so deeply personal as your scars has become a wound she wears under a cast. this is love, this is an i.v. drip and not getting rid of your razors. it’s all her.

iv. he is the reason you flinch when others raise their hand too quickly. you love him because the alternative is suffocating.

v. you meet him on a day where your heart is so aching that nothing else can hurt you. you are all wild, a fire others think is too beautiful to be out of control, you do a good job making broken look whole. he is patience, he is calm, he is nothing like the ones you have held in your arms. you cannot love him, not when he means everything to you, not when he is home, not when the idea of losing him as a best friend is the same as acid against your skin. but this is love: this is falling for the first time somewhere between the bad jokes and the midnight stargazing, this is discovering love can create instead of destroy, it is a lake you find in the woods where the mirror of his eyes finally shows you as someone you want to be, where being together is easy. this is love for the first time, something terrifying and great and something you don’t understand until you’re in the middle of it and it becomes redefined and everything else falls away because this is it, this is real love, finally.

—  “My first love.” // r.i.d

I don’t know if I am ready to post this, but if not now I will never decide to do it. This is my favorite one I guess and you have no idea how many changes I have added since I had started writing this fic.

This is another day and I want to say you guys are doing great, I feel my soul has left this world twice or thrice already ;)

DAY 3: “I swear if you weren’t so attractive, I’d have punched you in the face nine times by now”        


Luna hasn’t complained much since she moved into this pretty, small house with Nina, Jim and Yam. Their place is so cozy and warm and the smell of wood is the best thing waking her up every morning. Luna misses her parents- of course- but she feels more adult being on her own and she needed this feeling so much.

The neighborhood is really great, people are so welcoming and there is even one old woman who brings them cake she bakes herself every Sunday.

Living here isn’t that expensive since girls divided costs into four parts. Another pro of this situation is definitely fact their college is two streets away.

For an almost whole semester Luna hasn’t had any problem with her neighbors. Until today.

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Chen : Lovable Prankster

A day at work was incredibly tiring - it was wearing you out more than anything but the thought of being able to come home to the one you love, it made everything alright again. All worries and thoughts had disappeared as you drove back to your house you shared with your boyfriend, Chen. Before you reached home, you decided to drop by the nearby grocery shop that was open at all hours - it sounded like a good idea for a midnight snack as you knew he’d love it whenever you made him his favourite ice cream with biscuits topped with whipping cream with sprinkles on top.

As you bought all the items you needed to make his favourite midnight snack, you locked the car door before you held the bag of items in your hand while the other hand had your handbag on your shoulder with your keys in your hand. Balancing everything you had now, you managed to unlock the door only to see your favourite person sitting on the sofa with a book in his hands as he waited for you to get back. Almost immediately he shot up from the sofa, ditching his book just to come take your handbag and the bag of items as he closed the door behind you.

“Thanks.” You smiled at him gratefully as he set down the bag along with your handbag just to pull you in for a giant hug.

“How was my baby’s day at work today?” He planted a soft kiss on your forehead and you giggled, arms wrapping back around him with a grin. “It was pretty tiring but, coming back home to you makes it all worth it.”

Smiling back at you, he probably noticed the ice cream tub that was partially showing. “For me?” He had two of his eyebrows raised and you nodded once proudly, “I thought I’d make your favourite ice cream snack before we sleep.”

He ruffled your hair and then patted your butt, “Go shower, you’ll feel much better. I’ll handle the snack.”

With that, you gave him a nod and proceeded to do so.

After you wore your pyjamas which was just a simple black v-neck shirt and a pair of grey sweats, you opened the bathroom door, leaving your towel behind as you walked out to the living room where you saw him smiling at you warmly with two cups of ice cream along with biscuits inside topped with whipping cream, coated with sprinkles on top. “It even looks tasty.” You mumbled cutely, sitting down beside him and as you tried to reach for a cup, he pulled it aside.

“Nuh-uh. Someone has to blow dry their hair before they can have any.”

Pouting at him slightly you shook your head, “Why?” He ‘tsk’-ed, pushing them out of your reach even more before he moved to cup your cheeks, shaking your head a little. “Because someone could get a really bad headache if they don’t.”

Puffing your cheeks up, you stood up and patted his head lightly, “I’ll be right back then.”

Smiling at you triumphally as he get to eat the ice cream first, you showed him your tongue just before you disappeared back into the bathroom.

As you held onto the hair dryer, you switched it on, aiming it at your hair but the unexpected had already took place before you could even try to blink. Flour puffed out of the hair dryer, exploding all over your as you coughed a few times. Instinctively, you managed to just switch off the hair dryer and let it fall onto the sink counter. You couldn’t even see properly as the flour had entered your eyes and as you coughed, you backed away from the sink until you bumped into the door behind you. Losing your balance from what the hell had just happened, you fell down onto the bathroom floor with your head knocking onto the edge of the sink counter before you fully landed on the floor.

You were too much in pain, too suffering to even scream or shout that you already knew who was behind all of this.

You knew Chen was the type of person to go around pranking people - even you, but you never knew he would take things this far.

Flour was all over in your clean hair - not to mention it was wet. You tried blinking the flour out of your eyes but it was practically impossible that it started to sting a little as you hissed, rubbing your eyes but it was making things worst, you don’t even know what to do for crying out loud!

You’ve had your fair experience of having flour in your hair (life was crazy at camp and at the end of the day, your mom would clean it for you) but this was hell. The bump on your forehead felt painful but not as painful as the pain you felt on your butt. You hear a faint chuckle when you knew Chen thought you were angry or pissed or maybe even shocked but those weren’t the emotions you were feeling. You were just feeling one; pain. When you felt like he was beside you, his face paled as this wasn’t the outcome he had expected. He had expected you to scream at him for doing this, laugh at your own stupidity for even switching it on or at the very most, fall onto the floor like how you were but he had never expected you to be silently crying out in pain.

You were even shedding tears as your feet kicked against the cabinet before you, you just wanted the pain to be gone!

“B-Baby? Oh my god.” He cried out desperately as he cocooned you in his arms, crouching down beside you. You pushed him away roughly and cried even harder - it made him feel guilty in an instant, he felt horrible. He noticed that you were rubbing your eyes which indicated that you had flour in your eyes. Almost instantly, he shot up from the ground, “D-Don’t move! I’ll get a small cup for your to rinse your eyes.”

“Like I could go anywhere!” You manage to shout - but it wasn’t loud. You ended up coughing out flour as your back leaned against the door behind you. The flour stuck at your throat made you feel nauseous as you tasted the flour in your mouth. Your vision roughly came back to you as you vaguely saw the sink in front of you. Struggling, you kneeled up even though your butt hurts but you managed to put an arm on the sink counter, the other hand desperately switching onto the faucet so that you could put some water into your mouth as you washed away the flour in your mouth.

When you let the water touch your tongue and enter your mouth, it felt good. It felt like things were getting a bit better as you continued doing so but your body couldn’t support yourself any longer. Chen wasn’t around either. Before you could even fall back onto the floor, a pair of hands had hoisted you up and you winced in pain. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Chen apologized dearly - trying to catch his breath as he ran but now he was putting you onto the sink counter as he patted your back each time you coughed out flour - it was supposed to be hilarious, but now it was eating him alive. He watched a prank video online and the reaction he saw in the video and what he was seeing now was completely different.

Seeing you in this state and seeing you in such pain - it hurt him too. His hand reached up to lightly press on the already red mark on your forehead but you swatted his hand away with a hiss, “Don’t touch me.” You deadpanned weakly and he gulped in guilt, a frown visible on his lips as he held onto your hand to hand you a small cup at the size of your eyes. “I… I ran to the nearby grocery shop to buy this for you.”

You pushed his hand away but he made sure you held onto the cup tight. “Let me help yo-”

“You’ve done enough.” You hissed when you felt pain stinging your body as you tried to get off the counter. “P-Please, let me-”

“Get out.” You whimpered instead, failing to sound stern when you pushed yourself off the counter, nearly falling down to your knees but he held onto your waist. “Be careful…”

You looked away and he sighed dejectedly, “If I leave, will you please rinse your eyes to get the flour out of your eyes?”

Nodding once without looking at him, he nodded back. “I-I’ll leave then…” With that, he stepped out of the bathroom, spinning back around to hope for you to call him back in for help but he let his lips part involuntarily when you slammed the door at his face as you tried to rinse the flour out of your eyes - this was going to take a while.

As you could finally see clearly without flour in your eyes, you put away the cup just to look around in the bathroom - it was a complete mess and the feeling of your damp hair with flour in it along with flour covering you felt like crap - you just wanted to fall asleep now. With your sleeves rolled up, you managed to get on fours with a cloth as you started wiping all the flour off the floor. It took quite an effort considering you were still injured but the sight of this makes you feel so uncomfortable.

When you tried to stand up, you were in need of help but you didn’t want to call him - him pulling this prank on you is enough. Like magic, you managed to get up on your own without wincing in pain only to realize that Chen was helping you up. You looked over your shoulder to see that he was holding onto your waist. He let go of you and stepped back, “I’m… I’m sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“I’m not, just go.” You pointed at the door behind the two of you but you knew that wasn’t what you wanted. You just wanted to hug him tight or even scream at him for what an ass he is. No matter how horrible a prank he’d pull on you, you’d love him nevertheless… although now you just wanted to wrap your hands around his neck. “No. I’m not going.”

With a firm voice, he moved past you to put the toilet seat down and he made you sit down without making you feel pain so much before he took the cloth from your hands. “I’ll clean this up. You just… sit there. Just please don’t tell me to go away anymore… I feel bad enough…” This is where you felt a pang in your heart. You knew that he was just doing this for fun to create a lively and exciting relationship between the two of you but he definitely chose the wrong prank to pull at a time like this, it felt like it was already past midnight.

As he cleaned the mirror and the sink counter, he glanced at you from time to time when you stared at him. When your eyes met, you’d look away naturally and he sighed, wanting to apologize more but he knew he should just clean this up without a word.

When he was done, he put the cloth to dry as he crouched down in front of you. “Baby,” He called you out and you lifted your chin to look at him blankly. He sighed as he came closer, hands holding onto yours tightly. “I’m really sorry. I just… I didn’t know it would turn out to be this bad and honestly, I wished I never saw that video to prank on you like this. I won’t play pranks anymore. I promise.”

Sighing on how much he wanted to give up pranking just for you, you cupped his cheeks warmly this time as you lock gazes. “Chen, it’s alright to pull pranks but… really? A prank like this at a time like this? Are you trying to raise my blood pressure?”

When he heard the way you talked this way, he knew you had already forgave him as he pulled you in for a tight hug - he didn’t care if you were covered in flour with your hair wet - he didn’t care at all.

“I’m really sorry…” He sounded so sincere, it felt like it was alright.

“I’ll forgive you on one condition.

He broke the hug sharply to widen his eyes at you - he couldn’t exactly believe it, “R-Really? What is it? I’ll do it!”

You looked up to your hair and to the bump at your forehead before looking down to his eyes again.

He chuckled, pecking your lips before he got up from the floor. “I’ll go call my mom now to ask how to get rid of flour from your hair and… I’ll massage that bump in your forehead. Wait here, hmm?” With another kiss he gave on your lips, he had gone to fulfill the words he had just said not too long ago.

What to do? You still loved this guy regardless of his pranking ways. 

Indeed he was, the one and only, Chen.

The Only One Pt.4 (Jimin scenario)

Paring : Jimin / you (female)

Genre : Vampire AU / angst / romance

Words count : 1700+

A/N : Enjoy! 

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7 Pt.8 Pt.9 Pt.10 Pt.11 Pt.12 Pt.13 Pt.14

Originally posted by forjimin

You walked back and forth in your room, your heart beating fast, your hands were shaking, a smile was printed on your face, you felt butterflies in your stomach, the conversation of earlier was running in your head over and over, “oh my god! I can’t believe this is happening.” you were practically freaking out because of what he said to you.


“I think I’m falling in love with you.”

You looked at him shocked, you opened your mouth but you couldn’t say anything.

“I know this sounds strange because we met a week ago. You’re a beautiful girl and I .. I was lonely and I really enjoy having you around. Um.. I hope that you accept my feelings,” he let go of your hand and stood up, you just stared at him with a slightly opened mouth, “just think about it. I have to go.” He grabbed his keys and walked out of the house leaving you frozen there, it took you a couple of minutes to actually realize what had happened.

_end of flashback_

“I feel like I’m dreaming!” You let out a small scream of happiness, good things happened one after the other in a short amount of time, finely things were good again, one man fixed everything in your life.

It was almost midnight and you hoped he would come back earlier just this time so you could tell him how you feel.

Jimin in the other hand was sitting in his car somewhere in the dark, his eyes were closed, thinking about you as always.

What if she says no? What if she doesn’t like me back? What if she leaves? He opened his eyes as that last question popped in his head, “what if she leaves?” He was terrified by the idea itself, so he drove home right away.

As soon as you heard the door open, your heart skipped a beat, he let out a breath when he saw your things in the same place he left them.

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mediawatchingal  asked:

Love your Christmassy change over 😍 how about how do Regina and Robin spend New Year's Eve? Your choice of which AU version. MERRY CHRISTMASSSSS!

Would it be terrible for me to do this for an AU that you guys haven’t seen yet? If so, I’m gonna be terrible.

They’re ringing in the New Year – soon, anyway – in an hour or so, and Regina can’t say she’s sad to see this one pass. It has been a year of unfathomable tragedy, and terrifying change, but here she is. In a London nightclub with Robin and his friends – their friends now, she supposes, this urban tribe of his, this band of men that have accepted her sudden appearance without question. 

Some of them know the truth, she knows, but not all of them. Not Will, who’s just handed her a fourth glass of champagne. It makes her feel loose and effervescent, has a laugh percolating up and out as she takes the fresh flute from his fingers and sets her empty one aside.

“Are you trying to get this woman drunk, mate?” Robin asks from beside her, and she sobers, a reflexive bolt of panic striking in her belly, her fingers tightening on her glass as she prepares for stony eyes and a deceptive calm that forebodes an evening of bargaining with a jealous, liquor-soaked man, a morning of carefully applying concealer to fresh bruises. But when she looks at Robin, all she sees are blue eyes bright with laughter, an easy smile, and a shadow of something just a hair more intimate, something just for her.

Right, she thinks. That part of her life is over, left behind in the rubble, and Leo is not here, cannot touch her. And Robin is nothing like her ex-husband. He’s not a possessive man, even if she knows he wants her (she’d have known even without the heated kisses they’ve only so recently given into - she should have known staying with him was a dangerous proposition, had known it, in fact, but, well, after everything she’d wanted safety and Robin’s flat had seemed the safest place in the world, possibility of inappropriate kisses notwithstanding). 

He doesn’t bat an eye at Will’s flirtation, just shakes his head when the man replies, “It’s New Year, Robin. If she’s not blotto by the time the fireworks go, she’s doin’ something wrong. Innit that right, Vic?”

Regina smiles automatically, as much for the sentiment as for the fact that even after three drinks she is able to remember that Vic is her. Victoria Miller, citizen of the UK, Vic to her friends, to these men. She’d adjusted quickly to the tube, to traffic on the wrong side of the road, to the rhythms of life in London (not all that different from New York, and yet so very different), but the name change, that’s been the hardest part. She’s fairly certain half of Robin’s friends thought she was hearing impaired for the number of times she simply didn’t responded to her name in those first few weeks.

But she’s grown used to it now, to Vic, to freedom and safety and second chances, fresh starts. 

So tonight, she flirts with Will, and makes occasional eye contact with Robin. One more glass of champagne and she starts entertaining the idea of taking him to bed tonight when they get home – it will change everything, absolutely everything, and she knows he’s been trying to give her time, knows they’ve made a silent-but-mutual agreement not to give in to this attraction until they know it’s more than just adrenaline and high stakes that make them want to be foolishly intimate, but God she hasn’t had sex in ages, and good sex in even longer, and she wants, she wants…

Midnight draws nearer and so do they, orbiting in tighter and tighter proximity as they reach twenty minutes to midnight, fifteen, ten…

She finds herself next to him, right next to him, as the revelers begin to count down from 30, and it’s all very bizarre to be watching a television screen that isn’t showing Times Square. It feels alien to know that the ball won’t drop for five more hours, and for a moment, she feels grief, tight and squeezing in her chest, a deep sense of loss and displacement for the city she so loved but left behind. For the financial district, and a good slice, and those tickets to The Producers that she’d never gotten to use. Central Park, and dirty water dogs, and The Met, and her life

This is wrong, all wrong, she shouldn’t be here, she should be there, this isn’t home, isn’t–

Robin’s hand finds hers and squeezes, and she looks to him, feels everything settle into place. Right. This is home now. 

London. The Eye. Those eyes. That freckle on the back of his neck, just below his hairline. 

10… 9…

Robin’s hand warm in hers, his gaze reassuring, somehow knowing, though he says nothing but, “8…7…6…”

She steps in closer, and sees John glance their way out of the corner of her eye – he knows, both about her and, she’s sure, about them, even though there is no them, not really (there has always been a them, since before That Day, since before Victoria Miller, since Regina Mills and Central Park West and long days in tailored suits, there has been a them and maybe it’s time they owned that?).


She grips Robin’s hand tighter, and smiles, and nods, and 2…1…


The whole place erupts in revelry, and Robin tugs in her in close, and threads his fingers in her hair, his mouth against hers, warm and eager, more than just a friendly kiss. He tastes like champagne and hope and safety, and she drinks him in eagerly, everything else falling away. 

They part, but only to tip their foreheads together, breathing the same air for a moment until Will’s indignant “Oi!” from beside them.

Regina turns her head and smiles guiltily at his mock-offense. “And here I thought I’d be the one kissing you at midnight,” he grouses. 

Robin laughs quietly beside her, and offers a “Sorry, mate,” that has not even a drop of apology to it.

Still, Regina takes pity, and leans in, pressing a kiss to Will’s cheek and snickering at his bemoaning the sorry state of affairs that is being sloppy seconds on New Year’s Eve of all nights.

And then she steps back into Robin’s embrace, lets him draw her out onto the dance floor and boogies until her feet ache. 

Finally, finally free.

EH 25.2 - The Devil's Due

~2700 words

Cast: Haylan ( @siriusdraws ),  Rythlen Theirin ( @picchar )​, Milliara (me!) Theseus Trevelyan (@perditionxroad), Peanut Adaar ( @cupcakelogic ) Guest appearance: Karya and Aldes ( @kingsdragonage ), Kenslynn ( @megan-mayhem )

Haylan - The Peanut Gallery Skyhold

Haylan found herself sat between Peanut and and an elf with a large bowl of popcorn balanced on her lap. She’d protested weakly about spying on the ball, but the chance to watch the goings on of an Orlesian court event live was too tempting to pass up. Besides, Fiowyn had repeatedly assured her that the Inquisitor was aware of the fact that the video was being streamed to Skyhold.

“Ooohhh good one Millie,” Fi said as her cousin promised to take a bite out of the Templar. “I’ll need to remember that.”

Varric had pulled open his tablet and started typing furiously, no doubt this would show up in his novel about the Inquisition. At least, Haylan //hoped// there would be a novel about the Inquisiton. One that conviniently left her out of the story so she didn’t feel weird about reading it.

“Well if she didn’t, I’d volunteer to,” the male elf –Aldes?– said.

“Millie’d fight you,” Karya said quietly. “And you know how she fights.”

“Pretty?” Peanut asked.

“Dirty,” Aldes answered.

“Booooo!” Fi said, throwing a handful of popcorn at the screen as the Chevalier Frederic and the Grand Duke appeared on screen.“Go away Fred. No one wants you.”

“Who’s that? Why are we booing?” Rumbled a deep voice from the doorway. Haylan looked over her shoulder to see Warden Hawke and the giant Qunari standing there. Carver looked confused, the Qunari, Metal Bull or something, just looked amused.

“That’s the Inquisitor’s ex, Nils’s dad,” Fi said over her shoulder, waving them in. “We don’t like him until he proves he’s not the asshat he was.”

Bull nodded thoughtfully, walking over and sitting on the floor to lean against one of the couches. Carver joined Varric at a cleared off desk, still not sure what to make of the whole situation.

“So, what’d he do that was so bad?” Carver asked, looking towards the elves.

“He locked her up for like five years,” Fi said.

The room went quiet, and all eyes shifted to the Inquisitor’s cousin. Fi, realising that what she’d said sounded strange sank into the couch and pulled her blanket up to her nose.

“Well. At like, an estate? Cottage thing? All I know was there were bears.” Both Aldes and the quiet young elf made a face.

Carver’s eyes narrowed and he looked back at the screen. “And he’s still alive. Why?”

“Politics,” Haylan said quietly. “What’s that the Duke was saying? I missed it.” But it was too late, the Inquisiton was entering the ballroom, announced one by one to the Orlesian Court.

“Lady Inquisitor Milliara Lavellan, Herald of Andraste, Protector of the Apostates of Redcliffe, former bard of the Orlesian Court and former mistress of Chevalier Frederic Rousseau.”

Bull let out a low whistle.

“Someone’s playing dirty,” he muttered. “Former mistress. That’s gotta sting.”

Haylan stayed quiet, but she was glaring at the screen. You didn’t do that to someone. Not- not when they were there to help save the nation from demons. It was just so petty and rude.

“Bottle of wine says whoever paid the announcer to say that will be dead before the night’s over,” Fiowyn grumbled. When no one answered she looked around at them, an eyebrow raised.

“Fluffy, aint no one gonna take that bet who’s ever met Sunshine,” Varric said with a dark chuckle.

Rythlen - The Winter Palace

Hand tucked into the crook of her husband’s elbow, Ry cast a last look over him before reaching out to straighten his tie. The Inquisition was entering the ballroom now, and they would be next. She missed what was said that caused the gathered crowd to gasp, but the sudden bristling of the members of the Inquisition told her it wasn’t something that was in their favour.

“What’d he say?” she asked Alistair quietly. Her husband’s ears turned red and he cleared his throat.

“Uh, I… don’t know. I got distracted by how pretty you are,” he admitted, the blush spreading to his cheeks. Anyone else and it would be the worst kind of line, saccharine and ridiculous. But this was Alistair, he was exactly that kind of sweet. Ry couldn’t help but smile and steal a light kiss, careful not to transfer any lipstick.

“Charmer,” she chided with a wink. Smoothing her hand over the dress one last time, Rythlen took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Ferelden politics were one thing, but Orlesian court was a whole different playing field. She’d dressed for social war, a sleek dress of silver silk on her left and blue on her right, cut through the centre by a panel of sheer mesh than dodged towards her hip and became a slit for ease of walking. A similar sheer panel cut down her spine and off to her other hip, suggesting skin without actually revealing more than she was comfortable with. Alistair looked dashing in a suit of the same blue, trimmed with steel grey and silver medals that hung from his chest.

They were war heroes, and as silly as that felt, Rythlen knew that flaunting such status would work in their favour among the foppish, frilly court of Orlais.

“I wish you could have brought Fyr,” Alistair muttered from the corner of his mouth, resting his hand over hers as they stepped forward to be announced. “Just imagine her slobbering all over Celene’s fancy guests.”

Ry had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from dissolving into laughter. She elbowed her husband as the Announcer motioned them forward.

“Announcing the Her Majesty Queen Rythlen Cousland-Theirin of Ferelden, Slayer of the fifth Archdemon, Veteran of the Fifth Blight, Hero of Ferelden, Ferelden ambassador to the Inquisition, and her husband His Majesty King Alistair of Ferelden, Grey warden and hero of the Fifth Blight.”

“Oooh, I get chills whenever I hear I’m married to a hero,” Alistair murmured, leading them forward to cross the floor slowly towards where Empress Celene waited to greet them.

“We’ve been married for almost ten years,” Rythlen said through her quiet smile, nodding at certain dignitaries as they passed by.

“I still get chills,” Alistair said, looking at her. Rythlen’s smile bloomed back up at him, and she nudged his side.

“I do too, but try to pay attention tonight,” she said, turning back to Celene to greet the Empress of Orlais with a graceful tilt of her head. The empress was wearing some monstrosity of a dress, with heavily emboroidered fabric artfully curving out from her waist in architectual tiers. It looked like it must weigh at least twenty pounds, if not more when Rythlen considered the glittering sunburst ruff that framed the Empress’s face.

“Empress Celene, many thanks for your thoughtful invitation,” Rythlen said. “Ferelden wishes only for the peace and prosperity of both kingdoms.”

Celene returned the gesture.

“We are pleased to host such distinguished guests. We hold great respect for your service for the system both past and present. Please make yourselves welcome.”

With that, they were free to roam. Alistair led Rythlen up to the gallery where Milliara was speaking with Leliana. Neither looked pleased. Were Rythlen to guess, she would place good money the reason being related to the gasps she’d heard earlier.

“Ah, you must be Millie,” Alistair said smiling and holding out a hand to the elf to shake.

“That’s me,” Milliara said, taking his hand and shaking it firmly. “Thanks for lending me your wife. She’s been a wonderful help with… everything really.” Milliara glanced at Ry and offered a fleeting smile, but a real one.

“Just so long as you don’t keep her,” Alistair said. “I want her back by midnight or so help me I’ll have to ground both of you.”

Rythlen bit back a laugh at the Inquisitor’s expression. Her eyebrows had lifted and Ry could see the elf working through how to react to that. Actually maybe it would be a good idea to NOT let her react to that.

Ry cleared her throat and waved at Theseus who was standing nearby. He nodded, and began to wade through the over-built dresses of Orlesian ladies that had flocked his way.

“So, apparently Theseus is my long lost cousin,” Rythlen said. “According to his father at least.”

“Really,” Milliara said, looking over to the Templar as he approached. “I can see it, actually. But, his father’s in Halamshiral?” she asked Rythlen.

“Unfortunately,” Theseus said, handing a glass of champagne to Milliara and Rythlen both. “I wish I could have recorded what Ry said to him though. I’ve never seen him turn quite that shade of purple. No offense,” he added, glancing at Millie who shrugged in reply.

“I had heard he might be in town,” Leliana said. “I have also heard rumours that a former companion of ours might be in attendence tonight as well.” The redhead tapped a finger to her chin, eyes scanning the ballroom. “Though what she could possibly be doing here is-”

“Maker, please tell me you’re talking about Wynne,” Alistair interrupted. “Please.”

Leliana’s smile was sharp and devious and it felt good to see a flash of her old playful self, Rythlen thought.

“Oh…no,” her husband groaned and bent his knees to disappear into the crowd as he looked around. “Where is she?”

“Question,” Milliara said, lifting a finger up from her glass of champagne. “Who are we talking about? Is this Morr-”

“Dont’ say her name!” Alistair hissed. “She hears it. I don’t know how she does she just does. And then she shows up like a vulture hovering over your shoulder and starts picking your life apart in bitter, angry pieces.”

“How charming tis hear that I am such a horrid creature. What ever Rythlen sees in you, tis not your mind, I assure you.”

Rythlen turned to look over her shoulder, face splitting into a smile at the sound of her friend’s voice. The witch, dressed in Orlesian finery, was indeed right behind Alistair. It was a bit of a shock to see the witch of the wilds that Rythlen knew to prefer leathers and unorthodox clothing in a grand ballgown, but somehow Morrigan seemed to be comfortable enough.

Ry supposed when you changed your skin so often clothes seemed to be just another shape to shift into.

“Tis good to see you, friend,” Morrigan said, clasping Rythlen’s free hand. “But I wish ‘twas in better circumstances. You are in grave danger here, as are we all.”

“Cheery,” Alistair muttered, crossing his arms.

“I’ll leave you three to reconnect,” Milliara said, then glanced up at Theseus. “Let’s go out to the garden, there’s a lovely fountain out there.” Without waiting, the elf had slipped her hand into the crook of the Templar’s elbow and steered him away from the small group, leaving only the Blight Veterans behind.

“Is that-” Morrigan asked, glancing at Leliana and then Rythlen. “Such strange magic. How curious.”

Theseus - The Winter Palace

The ball was dizzying, more so than he’d expected. It seemed like every courtier was trying outdo the others when it came to the amount of excess they wore. What had to be wigs were vibrant in colour, dresses and suits covered in flowers or feathers or other designs. He was sure he’d seen one woman wearing a dress that looked like it was made with butterflies. Compared to the Orlesians, the simplicity of the Inquisition and the Ferelden delagates was a welcome break to his eyes.

Walking through the crowd with Milliara, he took the time to scan the crowd for any familiar –and unwelcome– faces.

“Sorry for not mentioning my father earlier,” he said, leaning over to murmur in Milliara’s ear. “You seemed like you had enough on your plate. I didn’t want to bother you with anything.”

Millie looked up at him, lips quirking into a smile. Since they’d left the front courtyard, some of the icy demeanour had settled. She seemed more comfortable now that she was in the very thick of things. Of course, thinking about the front courtyard made him think of what she’d said and now wasn’t the time for that. Later though…

“That’s alright,” she said, squeezing his arm gently. “I’m curious, I want to see what shade of purple we can get him to turn.”

The garden was thankfully open to the night air, with climbing vines on trellises, and a small quartet playing classical Orlesian arrangements. There really was a fountain, smaller than the one out front, the bottom of which glittered with small silver coins.

He might not have noticed Millie’s small sigh if he wasn’t so close, but he felt it through her hand. Glancing over at her, he wondered if the wistful look on her face was nostalgia for times past or something else. Gratefulness of being free of the crowded ballroom maybe?

Theseus meant to ask, but the sight of the Inquisitor had drawn attention and already a man was approaching them, wearing a white suit with a small cape pinned back over one shoulder. He looked faintly familiar, though it took the man’s accent to place him.

“Excuse me, Lady Inquisitor?” Starkhaven. The Prince of Starkhaven. It seemed that anyone important in Southern Thedas was at the ball. No wonder his father was in town, Ivan Trevelyan had never had much contact with the Vaels, to his father’s frustration.

“Yes?” Milliara said, hand slipping from Theseus’s arm to hang by her side, ready.

“Inquisitor, if I may make introductions, this is Prince Sebastien Vael, of Starkhaven,” Theseus said. “It’s an honour to meet you, your highness.” And he meant it. Unlike the usurpers who killed off the Vaels, Theseus had heard nothing but grudging praise for the Prince. He was honourable, he cared for his people and he’d sent funds and hands to help rebuild after Kirkwall… oh.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” the Prince said with a bow, “I was hoping. You were both with my good friend Hawke at the end, were you not? I-”

Milliara nodded, setting aside the glass of champagne to clasp the Prince’s hand in both of hers.

“He offered to stay behind,” Milliara said quietly, “To save his brother. To save us. There was a demon, I wish we could have stopped it and saved everyone. But…”

“But we couldn’t,” Theseus finished for her. “I am sorry your highness.” Just thinking about the Fade made his back itch and burn. Had that only been a week ago? It felt unreal, like it had happened to someone else, sometime else. Theseus twitched his shoulders to try to ease the itch deep in his muscle, but it wasn’t any use.

The Prince smiled sadly, resting his spare hand on top of hers.

“Please,” he said. “I did not come for apologies, merely a misguided need for closure. To have lost my good friend after so much strife… I would pledge Starkhaven’s support to the Inquisition. Should you need anything that we can spare, you need only speak the word.”

Calm blue eyes looked at Theseus then back to Milliara, and the Prince smiled slightly, though the grief was still evident on his face.

“I can feel the Maker in your actions, just as I felt Him when Hawke would stand up against the injustice done at Kirkwall. He and our Lady Andraste ask much of us, but I have Faith in your abilities Lady Inquisitor and Ser Knight.”

He bowed again, releasing Milliara’s hands.

“I have stolen enough of your time. Many wait to meet the Inquisitor who will save us from the demons of the Fade. I hope to remain in touch.” With another bow, the Prince stepped away, leaving both Theseus and Milliara watching him as he walked away, towards the Ballroom.

“That’s a real person, right?” Theseus muttered. “I feel like he can’t be real. I’d heard stories-” he trailed off, realising Millie had looked up at him, eyebrows raised.

“You’re one to talk. But I think you just lost your title of Prince Charming,” she teased with a smirk.

“Title ceded,” Theseus said with a smile back. “And maybe by the end of tonight you’ll have to retract 'boyscout’ too.”

He was rewarded with a blush and swat of her hand into his side. Grinning, Theseus picked up the glass of champagne and followed her into the crowd, taking a sip as he went.