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#thankyoubones week: day 9 → 4 hodgela scenes that made you cry

Hodgela ❤️ Yet another couple who have been through hell and back together, and have come out stronger despite the odds. What I love most about Hodgela is that while their journey from friends to lovers to an engaged couple happened in such a short timeframe, no one questioned their love or commitment to each other back then because they too, were always meant to be. Of course, an ex husband, a break up, Roxie, Wendell and several eons later, these two realised that themselves and thankfully, got married (in a jail cell no less). I have to say, that the day they spent in the jail cell represents some of my favourite Hodgela moments of the series, and their pregnancy arc in season 6 is a definite favourite, along with Hodgins’ paralysis storyline of course. I am so glad that after everything they’ve been through, particularly recently, they are now as solid as ever, if not more so. ‘We’re gonna live together and we’re gonna love together and we’re gonna have so much fun, and a little pain, and we’re gonna live a life that’s gonna make other people die with jealousy, wishing they were us.’ Hell yeah you two are ❤

Shadowhunters 2x20 - It’s all about the details

It was the last episode of the season, and I can say I’m utterly satisfied. I was prepared for the worst, thinking they wouldn’t have the time to solve everything, but they did and they did it perfectly. I’m so proud.

There are tons of people who are analyzing this episode better than I could so I’m not going to bore you with how good it was. But I am venting out about TWO of my ultimate favourite aspects of it:

  • The hurt!Magnus moment

People who know me by now are fully aware I love this trope in fanfiction. Sometimes, I just need Magnus to have some kind of problem and Alec being there to help and reassure him (for the positivity of going through things together). THAT trio scene, with Magnus closing the rift and collapsing to the ground, with Alec rushing towards him, was the epitome of all I ever wanted. It was so well done, not too dramatic but not immediately dismissed either. It even managed to pull them closer, emotionally AND physically. It was fantastic.

  • Vulnerable!Magnus (I know, I know, my biasness is showing)

I am sorry if some people didn’t understand Magnus’s behaviour in the previous episodes, or why he reacts in certain ways when Alec confesses his love. To me, Harry Shum Jr. only demonstrates, every single time, how he completely understands every single aspects of Magnus Bane. It’s amazing the journey this character has gone through during a SINGLE episode.
It starts with him avoiding the Maia issue, still trying somehow to keep the alliance with the Seelies together, because otherwise it would mean go back to the Shadowhunters (and ultimately, to Alec).
It continues with the saltiness we love during that “door” scene with Alec, where he tries, AGAIN, to push him away to avoid getting hurt one more time.
When he enters the Institute, if you look closely, he clearly avoids looking at Alec when ALEC looks his way. It seems he’s still not ready to face him and his feelings; Magnus is still hiding behind his “angry” façade. Then, when he understands how dangerous the situation is, he changes and he goes full business with the “What have you got” line. It’s like he finally gets he needs to put his private matters aside and just concentrate on solving the situation.

From that moment on, Magnus slowly goes back to his “old” season 2A self, mainly because working with Alec and being in direct contact with him for an extensive amount of time help him realize how the “fights” (Alec’s words, look at Magnus’s face when he says it) were taking a toll on him as well (hence, the “Don’t apologize” answer). Worrying about each other was the perfect plotline to solve things between them.

That whole party scene before their “talk” was even more amazing. Look at the details. Magnus is away from everyone (again, ALONE) drinking to heal his soul. The moment Alec finds him he keeps on rambling and babbling about everything he did but, more importantly, about nothing serious (look at Alec’s face though, how he’s pleased to hear the other man talking about everything he loves. Matt did an amazing job: it was like Alec missed Magnus’s soft voice so much, talking to HIM about all sort of things). Magnus was clearly avoiding the “talk”. When Alec suggests they need to discuss, Magnus’s eyes literally change (how the hell can you do that though, Harry) and he goes in full whisper “Yes”. That is scared Magnus talking. Let’s face it, he was scared. He was scared of facing Alec and breaking up for good, of facing his own feelings and facing Alec’s as well.

When they are in the alley, his body language says it all: he’s stiff and puts his arms around himself to protect him. If you look closely again (details, details), when Alec is in front of him, giving his back, Magnus looks around to gather his thoughts and takes a huge breath. The moment Alec turns around and looks at him, Magnus straights his back and puts his “everything is okay” mask on. He can’t start the conversation, however, and he’s not the one leading it: it’s Alec. Magnus his sure of what he feels for the other man and he knows where he stands in their relationship. Throughout the episode he manages to understand Alec’s position and feelings as well, to finally understand that Alec has apologized enough and there’s no need for more (”Don’t apologize”) and that everything about the Soul Sword was “in the past”. Magnus should have continued the talk from there on but he can’t and he waits for Alec to go on. Because, once again, he’s scared of what is going on and he needs Alec to tell him clearly. And Alec does it. He goes full confession time. Again, look at Magnus’s face when Alec says he can’t live without him, the way his eyes immediately search for Alec’s face. He’s surprised. That is the same surprise he showed during 2x10 when Alec said he loved him. It’s because none of his lovers were so straightforward with their feelings, nor the depth of their love was as big as Alec’s. Magnus had many heartbreaks and hurt moments in the past, never forget. But we know Alec always manages to surprise Magnus, and it is a good thing, because Magnus deserves all the pure love he can get.

And yes, one day I’m going to go full “Harry’s acting” meta. It’s going to be a huge babble of feels, I warn you.


Women’s Appreciation Week | Day Two ♀ favourite female driven show

Spring Reunions

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[ youngk ]


word count; 1.8k
genre; angst/fluff

summary - YoungK comes back home to be reunited with his lifelong best friend. However, he soon realises that things have changed. Due to being away and loosing contacting over the years he has been gone, it is not as easy to know your friend anymore.

The buzzing of my phone indicated that it was time for me to get up, whether I wanted to or not. I pulled the heavy duvet over my head to keep in the warmth and to avoid getting up. Eventually, I rolled out of my bed, pulling my blankets with me, landing with a hard thud. I untangled myself from the mess of blankets and pulled myself up from the ground. Realisation soon hit me when I realised what day it was today. Today was May the tenth. The tenth of May is just a normal day to anybody else, nothing spectacular or relatively interesting. Today, he was coming home. YoungK was coming home.

I rushed over to my bedroom window and peeped outside. The Kang’s driveway was empty meaning that they must have already left to go to the airport and collect him. I was feeling all sorts of emotions; anger, excitement and upset. I even felt slightly sick.

YoungK and I had been friends for as long as I can remember. When he told me everything about how well his auditions went and that he would be moving to Korea three years ago, happiness was an understatement of how I felt for my best friend. I was proud and delighted that he was getting the opportunity which he deserved to live and pursue his dreams, especially under one of the biggest entertainment companies in the Korean music industry. Initially, maintaining our friendship was simple, easy even. We video chatted almost every morning and night. However, our contact soon deteriorated. A few weeks later our only contact was a phone call a week, which turned into a few texts a week before it all came to an unfortunate end. Neither of us have spoken in months and honestly I didn’t know how to feel about this. Before he moved away we had been so close and for such a long time too. We had been through everything together; first days of school, first concerts, first break ups and so on.

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From the Ashes

Summary: When Merlin uses magic to save Arthur’s life, he is condemned to death, and Arthur is too late to save him. But when the grief-stricken prince, along with Morgana and Gwen, journeys to Ealdor to return Merlin’s ashes, a series of strange events leads them to believe the warlock may not be as dead as they thought.

Gingerbread Men

Summary: It’s nearly Christmas time and at Merlin’s favourite coffee-shop wooing techniques get a seasonal twist.

House of Pancake

Summary: ‘I just moved in and didn’t realize how thin the walls are in this building and oh god you’ve been overhearing my horrendously embarrassing baby-talk to my cat for the past two weeks’

Playing For Keeps

Summary: Royal Philharmonic Conductor Arthur Pendragon thinks he has everything under control, until his solo violinist calls in sick the night of a major concert and he’s cumbered with a last minute substitute. The substitute in question, Merlin Emrys, is everything Arthur believes a lead violin shouldn’t be: argumentative, riotous, not properly awed by tradition. But he still catches Arthur’s eye because he plays beautifully and has an endearing way about him that’s not easily ignored. And Arthur does try to stick to that ignoring option hard.

The Sheep Whisperer

Summary: A modern romantic comedy AU. With sheepdogs.

A reluctant Arthur sets out to meet his sister in South Wales for a New Year party. But instead, the broken satellite navigation system leads him to a ramshackle cottage, a trio of sheepdog puppies, and a brush with hypothermia. Not to mention the most glorious hot chocolate Arthur has ever tasted, and happiest of all, a scruffy local farmer with killer cheekbones and a sideline in flirtatious banter.

But even as the hot chocolate thaws Arthur’s body and Merlin’s clumsy flirting melts his heart, dark clouds are amassing on the horizon…

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Am I a terrible person if I said that seasons 4 and 5 of the original sailor moon are my least favorite seasons?

In what kind of world you become a terrible person for not liking two (or those being your least favourite) seasons?!?!

There’s not such a thing as ~true fan~. Being a fan doesn’t mean loving everything, every aspect and every single thing that your fave puts out (whether it’s a musician, a writer, an anime, etc).

Being a fan is about love, loving something that makes you feel good and you enjoy. You don’t need to prove how big of a fan you are, that’s dumb. Nobody is a bigger fan than anyone because they love everything just like nobody is less of a fan just because they don’t like certain things.

It’s ok not to like certain aspects of that thing you love and that’s ok, you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

All this ~true fan~ crap comes from manga purists claiming that you weren’t a true fan if you hadn’t read the manga or considered it the holy superior material of the franchise (which it isn’t) and from Pride Siders (most are manga purists) claiming that you weren’t a true fan if you didn’t force yourself to love Crystal.

You just need to love Sailor Moon to be a Sailor Moon fan, whether you like only the classic anime, the manga, PGSM, Crystal or everything.

There aren’t tiers or levels in being a fan, we’re just fan of the same thing and we are all the same.

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5x09 Rant

ugh. i was sooooo disappointed with this episode that i just had to get a few things off my chest. feel free to chime in anywhere–i’m curious to see how everyone else felt about this episode. here are just a few points i had issues with:

lack of clones. here’s an idea: instead of having art and scott and hellwizard fight the final battle with sarah, maybe—i don’t know—have the clones do the fighting? i’m all for supporting characters, but it’s the SECOND TO LAST EPISODE OF THE SERIES and aside from sarah and helena (and a little bit of rachel), the rest of the sestras are pretty much nonentities. instead of having scott, art, and hellwizard literally walk into the belly of the beast with zero resistance (don’t even get me started), have the sestras there instead. some may say, “but what are alison and cosima supposed to do?” well, now that neolution has been exposed and dyad is being swarmed by reporters and whatnot, why not use that to their advantage? if alison and cosima and even rachel all showed up to the dyad building with the same face in a show of solidarity to start talking to reporters, to share their story about what’s happening to helena inside of dyad right now, wouldn’t that be far more damaging? to me, it would symbolize everything this series is supposed to be about—autonomy, family, all of that good stuff. i would much rather see them stand together as a family and expose themselves to the world on their own terms than have a couple dudes run aimlessly around dyad mission-impossible style.

picture it:

sarah sneaks into dyad to try to save helena. she gets pinned down, unable to escape. helena’s going into labour. they’re completely out of options. just as pt is closing in on them, someone pulls him aside. “sir, you should see this.” a television screen turns on. it’s cosima and alison (and maybe even rachel—i’d love to see rachel stand in solidarity with her sisters for the first time) on the news, standing in front of the dyad building, telling their story. they share that two of their sisters are currently trapped inside of dyad as neolution tries to rip helena’s babies away. they plead for help. krystal steps out of the crowd—she’s been watching everything with dyad unfold—and she joins her sisters on screen. art tells his police captain that it’s all true—they need to get to dyad now to save those women. they storm the building to save the twins, but pt is unwilling to go down without a fight. realizing he’s cornered, he tries to burn the whole goddamn lab down with him. flashback to kira’s “you set mom on fire.” there’s mass panic. we don’t know if sarah and helena are still alive. and then suddenly, through the fire, they walk out with the twins and rejoin their sisters.

helena. despite the fact that they re-casted young helena, i didn’t have a problem with the flashbacks per se. they were well done and this is a helena-centric episode, so it’s to be expected. however, my main issue is that the flashbacks didn’t really reveal much about helena that we didn’t already know. i think the helena-centric episode should have come much earlier in the season because honestly? it fell super flat to me. helena has essentially been absent for the last two seasons so we’ve got virtually no character development from her. and now—in the penultimate episode of the series—we finally see some sort of crack in her form? helena has always been excited about the prospect of motherhood, has never doubted herself before and suddenly, with a few nasty words from coady, she’s completely flipped around? she suddenly feels unworthy? she tries to kill herself? it’s ridiculous. i would not have had a problem with this storyline if it had come A SEASON AGO WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE. like, if we had seen helena struggle with the idea of motherhood and what that meant and whether she could be a good mother after everything she’s done all throughout season 4 and the first half of this season, then her decision to attempt suicide would have been far more impactful. helena started out as my favourite character in the series and now i could really care less about her because instead of exploring her guilt and vulnerability, they turned her into a comedy duo with donnie and then made her disappear when they didn’t know what else to do with her. this episode was the most soap opera-y the show has ever felt to me because they tried to cram two seasons of character development into 40 minutes. this is not something we should be seeing in the second-to-last episode of the series.

siobhan. i understand that there’s way too much shit going on for everyone to properly mourn siobhan’s death, but it still felt sort of… cheap? siobhan has been there since the beginning—has been the matriarch of the family—so i would think her death would have been more felt? that comes to another huge problem i had with this episode—a whole lot of bark and very little bite. it felt like we were being told shit rather than actually be shown it, which brings me to my next point:

exposition. for an episode that had so much going on, it felt like nothing really happened. i think this is because we were told most of the information and not shown anything; we’re told that sarah is distraught over siobhan’s death by multiple characters, but aside from a couple of minutes of her looking downtrodden, we don’t really see it—we’re not given time to see it; we’re told that neolution is completely unravelling now that they’re exposed, but again, we don’t really see the effects of this—we have some off-screen murder/suicides of the board members, some mentions of the press going crazy, but not much else. hell, even the whole idea of pt hiding out in the old dyad building is ridiculous. we get nothing but exposition; scott and cosima explain that the building has been closed down, so it would be a perfect hiding place for him. uhhhh… since when? there was absolutely no mention of this before? even if they had casually brought it up in a past episode, it would have made some sort of sense. instead we’re just presented with a problem and solution all at once. and on the same note, when they initially thought pt would take helena to the island and the response was “oh, he wouldn’t do that. it’s not safe for pt anymore now that revival has revolted and been destroyed.” uh, motherfuckers—they were just about to bring kira to the island two episodes ago even after revival had fallen and suddenly it’s unsafe? i get it—the writers needed a reason for pt to be in toronto so the sestras could have a final showdown—but shit. they could have tried a little harder here.

mark. i guess we were supposed to feel bad for mark. i get it—i actually liked mark—but he’s been gone for so long at this point that he’s hardly relevant anymore. they brought him back for all of three minutes and then cut him out again. his death was just sooooo rushed that it was impossible to feel anything. you’d miss it if you blinked. there was too much shit going on in this episode for it to really count.

coady. another character clusterfuck. they set coady up as sort of the ultimate evil—no conscience, willing to do whatever it took for the sake of progress—the opposite of susan. i understand that human beings are rarely so one-dimensional and that she’s probably not 100% evil, but they sprinkled this episode with little moments of doubt. first she advised against pt’s hasty treatment towards helena (wanting to cut the babies out), and then she voiced her anger over gracie’s death and her reluctance to euthanize mark. so i thought, “okay, are they going to try to flip her now? is she actually going to realize that she’s been pushing too far and that pt is a psychopath? does she actually feel something towards castor after all? is she going to see the error of her ways?” i mean, it’s a little late for that, but i guess it could sort of work. nope. she expresses her reluctance to euthanize mark and then goes “welp. guess i have no choice.” she’s seemingly sympathetic to helena in one breath and then in the next is all “welp. you’re still an animal, so fuck you.” i guess i just don’t understand where the writers were going with this? i thought maybe she’d turn sides and try to help helena, because why else would they show these little moments of coady’s doubt/resistance? yes, it would be a little predictable and cliche, but if she had no intention of shifting her allegiance, then why even waste time showing these moments at all? chekhov’s gun, people! i guess the jury’s still out since we don’t know if helena actually killed her and coady could still be relevant, but it seems kind of pointless now.

pt westmorland. he’s just become a caricature at this point. they should have kept rachel as the big bad. honestly, i would have much preferred to see her kill him and try to take his place and watch her slow and painful downfall. now that neolution is exposed, what even is his endgame? to prolong his life? okay. but then what? the charade is up—even with the few loyal followers her has left, he’ll never be able to push his agenda on a large scale, so what’s the point? he’s now just doing evil shit for the sake of being evil.

Fic Writer Wednesday (8/2)

In which I read Too Much Fic™.

Seriously, I was travelling this week which means there is A Lot.

<<Doctor Who>>

Ten x Rose

A Kiss A Day by @lastbluetardis​: This is adorable and necessary for my soul and I love every word.

A Place For Us To Dream (Chapter 59-61) by @dimensionhoppingrose​: Turn Left!! One of my favourite episodes ever and it’s such an interesting twist having the Doctor searching for Rose!! And Stolen Earth is beginning!! They’re so close to getting reunited!!!

Electrostatic Potential (Chapter 29) by @tenscupcake​: Bad Wolf!Rose, telepathy, the Doctor and Rose demonstrating again and again why they are my otp… this fic has it all, and this chapter has it in spades! The moment when the Doctor finds out Rose can actually follow through on forever will always be my favourite.

Call of the Void (Chapter 4) by @fadewithfury​: Ohhh this fic has been a roller coaster ride and one of the most unique reunion fics I’ve ever read! Highly recommended! I always love moments when the Doctor gets a taste of his lost culture and there aren’t enough of them!

With a Kiss, Undone by @chocolatequeennk​: This is what happened. I’m always a sucker for post-Idiot’s Lantern fluff and Nancy always delivers. This is glorious! 

Mirage by @chocolatequeennk​: No one does Doomsday angst like Nancy and in only 200 words too! Owwww.

Forever and Never Apart (Chapter 13) by @chocolatequeennk​: the ongoing Sontaran saga. Lots of changes mean Colonel Mace isn’t as antagonising but there’s still the issue of the Martha clone and Donna alone on the Sontaran ship… Everything about this fic is perfection!

To Bring Them Home (Chapter 4) by @chocolatequeennk​: Bad Wolf Program One hurt me just as much as it hurt the Doctor I think! It’s such a Rose thing to do and ohhh the knife just twists even as it fills its intended purpose! I’m very much looking forward to Nine’s entrance and getting Rose and her plus one home again!!

Of Impossible Things (Chapter 5 & 6) by @goingtothetardis​: So happy to have them together again, and bonding will always be one of my favourite things to read. This was such a wonderful fic and such a great addition to a fantastic series!

Newly Found & Newly Bound by @jellyneau-xo​: I always love me some good jellyneau angst… always finds a way to put these characters I love in impossible situations that hit the sweet spot for me and these two are no exception. Memory loss is always a fertile trope and pairing it with the great twist on the shag-or-die trope in the sequel (on their honeymoon no less!) meant that I really had fun with these two stories!

Forever Found (Chapter 31): Further adventures on Messaline! I hope this story will have a happy outcome for our little family!!! Maybe Jack’s presence with the Hath will make a difference?

An Ode To Hope (Chapter 6) by @kelkat9​: The Doctor’s investigation of Amelia Pond’s mysterious house is mirrored by Team TARDIS’ investigation of the different, equally mysterious Caliburn house! The plot continues to thicken and I’m so excited to see where it leads, especially now that Martha’s on board too!

Getting Through (Chapter 7 & 8) by @khaelis​: Rose has uncovered the Doctor’s secret now in the worst way!! Crying in the shower hurt/comfort is best hurt/comfort and wow the emotions in this are so raw! But all that matters is the Doctor believes in Rose, and that’s all they need!

these violent delights (have violent ends) by @lvslie: I’m not quite sure what’s going on here yet, but it’s gorgeously written and I know amazing things are going to happen so I’m going to wait right here as the mystery unravels!

AU fic

And Baby Makes Four (Chapter 3) by @lastbluetardis​: ahhh the joys of living with a toddler continue… this time it’s Rose who loses her temper (understandably so) and Ainsley has her first talk about the birds and the bees… Everything about this fic is wonderful.

Tentoo x Rose

In Living Memory by @skyler10fic: did I mention how I’m a sucker for memory loss fics? The Doctor is just so wonderful with Rose and so in love despite all the blows to his heart and the angst is so great <3

Doctor x Rose

A Rose for All Seasons by @rudennotgingr: such a fantastic reunion/fixit!! How everything fits together is just magical! A new favourite of mine for sure! I think Ten asking Eleven if it was worth it is one of my favourite moments in fic ever.

<<Dragon Age>>


All I Ask of You (Chapter 19) by @khirsahle​: It’s been a joy to reread this gorgeous tale from the other side but alas, all good things must come to an end. And what an end! I’ve fallen as deeply in love with these two as they did with each other!

The Scifi Channel (I will die on this particular hill) makes some of my favourite shows at any given moment.  But whenever someone asks me what are some shows I’m enjoying, I always ALWAYS forget almost everything on Scifi.

Y’know why?

Because the seasons are SO DAMNED SHORT and are only on for two or three months out of the year!!  You gotta hit me JUST right when they’re on and on my mind.  Otherwise, you’re asking and it was a whole other calendar year…

anonymous asked:

Fav Gallavich moments? (I feel like I rarely see you talk about canon 😂)

This made me laugh for like a minute straight :D this is going to sound really weird, but I’m not sure?? I feel like almost everything good in canon (completely removed from my own headcanon) comes with something bad. And this is where I’m probably going to be little controversial, but trying not to think about it too much and just feel, I think my favourite canon moment (right now) is the dock scene in season 7. It has so much potential to enrich the previous two seasons of otherwise underwhelming plot, and then pave way for a continuation of Ian and Mickey’s characters and romance in a way that could have been emotionally and dramatically satisfying. Key word there is “could”.

So I started answering this when it came in, and it’s been hanging out in my drafts for a couple of daaaaaa- a week? And I’ve had time to think about it more (oh no). I think I was down in the bitter dumps when I started this answer? Thanks to some of my lovely friends flooding my dash with shameless gifs this weekend, I’m feeling much friendlier towards canon today. 💖

I think my all time favourite moment is guest womb. I fudging love this scene, it’s got everything I want; ghetto married bants, cheeky puns, motherflippin’ heart-eyes. They do admittedly talk about one of their story lines, so I guess there’s a wee bit of exposition in there, but largely this is one of the few conversations they have that isn’t so much about pushing the story forwards as it is about showcasing their relationship. Whole show like this, please?

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Just got caught up on the rest of the new Samurai Jack episodes… and immediately needed to draw some Ashi fan-art.

This new season has had everything I love about Samurai Jack: crazy action scenes, gorgeous backgrounds and striking geometric poses. I really love how the Daughters of Aku are basically just silhouettes.

The first two drawings on the left are two my favourite standing poses in the latest episode. they just work so well as silhouettes!

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My trip to Orlando
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: Right now
30. What are you listening to right now: “Small World” By: Idina Menzel
31. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Maybe?
32. Something that is getting on your nerves:
33. Most visited website: YouTube or Tumblr
34. Hair color: Blonde
35. Long or short hair: Long
36. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes
37. What do you like about yourself: My creativity and my humor
38. Piercings: One in each ear
39. Blood type: I have no idea.
40. Nickname: Soph, Soph-A-Loph
41. Relationship status: Single
42. Zodiac: Aquarius
43. Pronouns: She/Her
44. Favorite TV show: Supernatural
45. Tattoos: Nope
46. Right or left handed: Right
47. Surgery: I’ve two mouth surgeries 48. Sport: I’m not the most sporty, but I enjoy bowling
49. Vacation: Italy or somewhere else in Europe
50. Pair of trainers: I’m not for that life
51. Eating: Ice Cream
52. Drinking: Water
53. I’m about to: Play a board game with my family
54. Waiting for: My turn
55. Want: More sleep
56. Get married: One day
57. Career: Singer, Actress, or Therapist

58. Hugs or kisses: Hugs
59. Lips or eyes: Eyes
60. Shorter or taller: Taller
61. Older or younger: Older
62. Nice arms or nice stomach: Nice Arms
63. Hook up or relationship: Relationship
64. Troublemaker or hesitant: Hesitant

65. Kissed a stranger: No, I’ve never kissed anyone
66. Drank hard liquor: No
67. Lost glasses/contact lenses: Yep
68. Turned someone down: No
69. Sex on the first date: Nope
70. Broken someone’s heart: IDK
71. Had your heart broken: Most definitely
72. Been arrested: Nope
73. Cried when someone died: Yes
74. Fallen for a friend: Yep

75. Yourself: Yes
76. Miracles: Yes
77. Love at first sight: No
78. Santa claus: I used to
79. Kiss on the first date: No
80. Angels: Yes

81. Current best friend’s name? Emma
82. Eye color: Hazel
83. Favorite movie: Inception

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What's your favorite episode in Inazuma eleven ?

I have mentioned this before in that 30 day thing I did a while back but I don’t mind answering it again.

Episode 36 of Go is my absolute favourite when Tenma discovered that the person who saved him and he idolised was the one that was controlling soccer and making him miserable.

From the minute Yuuka asked Tenma to meet someone and then Seitei appeared at the top of the stairs… 

To the way Ishido implied that it was Tenma who was taking soccer away from everyone and not him…

And then the hint of the real Gouenji as he stops the mugger from hitting Tenma and stealing his the lady’s bag off him…

And then Tenma’s awful realisation that the person who made him want to play soccer in the first place and come to Raimon is the one doing all these terrible things to the game he loves…

But when questioned on it, Ishido just tells Tenma to win Holy Road and then wanders off…

Before returning to the two loves of his life…

And finally meeting up with Tsurugi who knows his true identity and asks him for a favour…

Overall, everything about this episode was perfect for me. And while it’s no surprise to anyone that I favour the original characters over the Go ones, Go season 1 is still my favourite because I just love the adults so much.

To help you survive the last 23 days until season two, I present you my all times favourite malec fanfictions

All Things Shadowhunters : More than 300 (!) fics and ficlets including everything from fluff to angst

Fake-Date Coupons : An unusual take on the fake dating AU

Have Pride : Mostly High School AU feat. Saphael and Isabelle/Lydia

Wild Life : dancer!Magnus is picked up by photographer!Alec when is car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they end up making a roadtrip together

This could be the start: High School AU again.

Crash, Coffe, Concert, Love. : Alec and Magnus literally crash into each other. The rest is history.

Home : The clave arrests Alec and puts him on trial.

A Different Kind of Hero : After the wedding incident, Alec gets a few very special letters

on the line. : Alec is a hockey player, Magnus owns a clothing store and Alec tries to find a present for Izzy

7 Hours 58 Minutes : Alec is waiting for Izzys plane. He is not the only one.

Pride: Aaaand one more High School AU

You are Certainly my Poison of Choice : They hook up, and then it becomes something more.

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Name: Danny

Nicknames: Dan Dan, Dans, Denny’s, Danosaur, and a whole bunch other other ones

Zodiac: Libra (Party)

Height: 5′6

Orientation: Pansexual ( I’m not gay like Gerry (-: )

Ethnicity: N/A

Favourite Fruit: Strawberries or cantaloupe 

Favourite Season: Autumn 

Favourite Book:Anything that’s about horror or Old Hollywood 

Favourite Flower: water lilies or pink roses 

Favourite Scent:Dryer sheets and the beach 

Favourite Colour: everything is cool except orange (It’s becoming more likable to me though)

Sleep Hours: Nonexistent 

Cats or Dogs: I like both but I have two cats

Favourite Fictional-Character: It’s a tie between my friend’s dnd character (Tolthe) and Station Management from WTNV

 Dream Trip: everywhere ! I’ve seen so little of the world

When Did I Create This Blog: October/December of 2014

Number of Followers: 785

I tag : @sonflwer @ekourege @cilantro-haters @konditorei @dykelord666