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BTS Reaction- S/O Falls on a Another Member’s Lap

BTS Reaction to their S/O falling on another member

Fluff / Angst

I feel like I write a ton of angst, but I also like angst, so nothing is going to change. I don’t think that any of them would take it badly, everything just depends on their relationship with the member off camera, and how their relationship is in that moment. I hope you like it😊


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He wouldn’t be one to get jealous, he would probably laugh, but also make sure you and the member are okay. He’d laugh it off and watch as you carried on with your way. He’d forget it even happened pretty quickly, knowing that you were already embarrassed about it and it wouldn’t be best to tease too much.


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Yoongi could go one of two ways, either he would laugh it off like Jin had, or if the member touched you when you fell, like holding your hips to steady you or accidentally touching really anywhere near any private areas, he would get pretty jealous. However, he wouldn’t make that known, he would keep his jealousy concealed, at least until you were alone. I feel as though Yoongi is someone who feels the need to assert himself if he feels threatened, especially in his relationship.


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He trusts his members a lot, but his reaction would largely depend on how you or the member reacted to everything. If it was just a quick fall and a exchange of apologies, he would think nothing more of it. If anything was taken even a little bit sexual, or if another member made a joke, he would have an inkling of jealousy and insecurity. I imagine he would probably want to keep you close afterward, always keeping his hands on you in some way or another.


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Namjoon would joke about it to make you feel better if you were embarrassed, saying how you are such a clumsy couple and how your kids will destroy the world. However, Namjoon also tends to have trust issues in relationships, so if this was early on he might been a bit jealous and the insecure thoughts would drift through his mind. If you were together for a while, and you were more comfortable with each other, he wouldn’t let those thoughts get to him.


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I see Jimin as the one who wouldn’t get jealous at all, he’s one of the members who is close to all of the members and trusts them implicitly. He would immediately make sure that both you and the member were okay, and, like most of the others, would tease you a bit about it.


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I think Taehyung tries really hard to be fun and to seem carefree, but I think that he’s someone who has a lot of insecurities about himself, and compares himself to others a lot. I think this would be one of those times where he compared himself to the member. He would question himself a little, but wouldn’t fully know why he felt that way. He’d chuckle in the moment, but in his head he would be swimming with thoughts of you being with that member. I don’t think he would hold onto that long though, pushing it away before you even left wherever you were and going back the outgoing Taehyung.


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I think in general Jungkook would be a bit insecure in a relationship, so, you being that close to his member wouldn’t sit well. He’d be afraid that if you got too close to another guy, you would leave him for them. He would probably be a bit quiet afterward and try his best to ignore it. He would end up being far touchier than usual. Like Yoongi, he would feel the need to assert himself in order to feel confident in the relationship.



Chicago Fire Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Favorite Relationship
“Gabby, you know how much you mean to me, right? […] You’re the best thing to ever happen to me… I want you to remember us happy, together. Holding each other. You’re my miracle, Gabby. You’re my miracle. I love you.”

The8; ideal type and kinks

Request: Could you also do the ideal type and kinks for the8 an wonwoo? I really liked the other ones 😊🌹💕

Hii i really love your writings! Could you please do the ideal type for Minghao? 

hey! could you make a minghao part for ideal type and kinks, please? he’s my bias *heart eyes emoji*

Remember that everything is based on my opinion!

  • okay so
  • he looks really cute and soft outside, but he’s not like that inside
  • he’s serious and doesn’t like playing around-he wants to be in serious relationships
  • that don’t last like a day
  • but i really think he hatesss hates hates playing around or flirting with someone he doesn’t like or taking these things for a game at all
  • he takes relationships really seriously, and that’s why he probably won’t have much, because it would break his heart so deeply
  • i also don’t think he has high standards
  • probably someone who just understands him, loves him, and is loyal to him
  • omg he would get so angry if his partner cheats on him he would probably break something in the house lol
  • by loyal i mean he would get really jealous if his partner flirts with other boys/girls and will get mad so he doesn’t want you flirting or even talking with anyone from the opposite gender while you’re dating him
  • for his ideal type, like i said i don’t think he has many preferences, just someone who understands him and loves him
  • pluses will be if the partner has aegyo and can make him drool lol
  • another plus may be big thighs or ass cause i just feel like he loves the feeling of grabbing something big and squeezing them ok iM SORRY
  • noooow for the kinks 
  • ;)))
  • like i said just now, one of his kinks is big thighs or ass
  • i think he has big big big very big kink for
  • toys
  • TOYS
  • his favourite will probably be vibrators
  • he loves when he teases you with them instead with his cock
  • and watching you squirm from the vibrations
  • i think he’s very dominant, so he also likes putting handcuffs on you and keeping your hands in place, not allowing you to touch yourself
  • that would be such a turn on for him, getting him hard in no time
  • he would also be really interest about these toys he can control through a little remote or through his phone 
  • and will love watching your reactions as he teases you in public, making them vibrate and always catching you off guard and unprepared
  • with two words, he’s very dominant and would love to watch his partner squirm underneath him ;)
  • and his ideal type is someone who just understands him and loves him so much and doesn’t hurt this actual sweetheart :’)

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I LOVE THE GRADUATION, I WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY TOO AHH 😭 I'm not crying, my eyes are jut..A lil sweaty..

*gasp* THANK YOUUUU—- I just want to see everything floofy, cute and sweet… I just want a cute happy “healthy” relationship between these 2 huhu.

annnnd huh… sure.. sweaty > w >

I was supposed to make a little continuation from that… like a little conversation between Specs and Prof. Rick but— this is the only thing that popped out of my head (tbh it sound better in my head than out)

sorrry— it doesn’t make sense and the quality is crap… plus all I had was a pink pen and a smol ass sketchpad.

Reasons For Loving You

Word Count; 1,036

Relationships; Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell

Summary;  “W-well, you’re everything to me, Michael. The thought of losing you… it’s unbearable. I know I’ve fucked up a lot in the past. I know that when I had the squip, I hurt you so badly, I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like… I wanted to give you something that would remind you, no matter what happens in the future, I’ll always love you.” I finally brought myself to meet his gaze. “Michael Mell, I love you more than anything in this life.”

“Jeremy? It’s the middle of the night, what’re you still doing up?”

The sudden sound of Michael’s voice shocked me from my daze.

“I was just w-working on something,” I stammered out as I struggled to hide the book from Michael’s line of sight. Oblivious to my actions, he crept closer, wrapping his arms around me. Sighing, I leaned back into the embrace, allowing myself to become fully enveloped in his warmth.

“You need to come to bed, Jerebear.” Michael whispered as he tightened his hold on me slightly.

“I will, I will… just… after I’ve finished what I’m working on…” I whispered back. He made a noise of contempt and placed his chin on top of my head.

Michael hated sleeping alone due to having a fear of the dark. He had admitted this to me one night while he was high. The next morning, when he realized he had let it slip, he begged me to forget about it. I told him I would, but I could tell by the look in his eyes that he knew I wouldn’t.

A quick peck to my cheek brought me out of yet another daze. I glanced up at Michael and realized he had asked me a question. I sucked in a breath. “Sorry, w-what’d you say again?”

“I asked you what you’re even doing up this late.”

“O-oh, I, uh… I was d-doing math homework.” I smiled uncertainly at him, hoping he bought my answer.

It was rare for me to lie to Michael, especially after the squip incident, but I couldn’t possibly tell him the real reason as to why I was up so late. For the last month, I’d been working on a secret project.

Michael and I had begun dating a few months after the squip was destroyed, after everything went back to normal. Soon after our relationship began, I found myself writing down the reasons why I love him at random. It’s been nearly a year since then, and I decided to put together a book for him, filled with the reasons why I love him as well as all the memories we share.

This past week, I’ve been putting all my spare time towards the book, trying to finish it in time for our one year anniversary. Luckily, all my effort has been paying off. One more afternoon of working and it’ll finally be complete. Just in time too, our anniversary is tomorrow and I plan to present him with the gift before the day’s end.

He continued to stare at me for a moment before finally letting out a chuckle.

“Yeah, Ms. Young’s homework is killer, isn’t it?” He untangled his arms from around me as he spoke. “It’s Saturday night though, Jer. I’m sure you’ll have better luck with it in the morning.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m pretty tired anyway.” I stood from the table, stretching my arms up towards the ceiling as I yawned.

I turned towards Michael, taking his hand in mine. Even after all the time we’ve spent together, his cheeks still turn an adorable shade of red every time our hands become intertwined.

“Shall we?” I gestured towards the bedroom with my free hand. Michael smiled briefly before pulling me along behind him.

Sunlight filtered in through the window, waking me from my sleep. I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed. Sitting there for a moment, I blinked the drowsiness from my eyes. After a few minutes, I stood up, and began to prepare for the day.

I soon found myself once again at the kitchen table, putting the finishing touches on Michael’s gift. We had made reservations at a nearby restaurant for today’s special occasion, and I figured the best time to present him with the book would be soon after returning home. Immediately after finishing the book, I went into the living room and hid it under the edge of the sofa.

Glancing at the clock, I saw it was time for me to leave and meet Michael at the restaurant. I quickly grabbed my coat, left the apartment, and began my walk downtown.

Laughing, we stumbled through the front door together. We shed our coats and moved into the living room. Michael immediately plopped down on the couch and closed his eyes. I gingerly sat down in the space beside him, watching the motion of his chest as he breathed.

I reached under the couch and pulled out his present. A few moments passed before I found the courage to speak. “Michael, I, uh… have something for you.”

His eyes blinked open, and he stretched before glancing over at me. I handed the book over to him without giving him a chance to speak. Rather than questioning my actions, he instead opened said book and began reading. It felt like an eternity had passed by time he reached the last page.

“Jeremy… I don’t know what to say…” He looked up at me with tear filled eyes. “It’s… it’s amazing, Jer. I love it! Thank you!”

I rubbed the back of my neck, “Y-you don’t have to thank me, it’s not a big deal.”

“I think it is, Jere… I didn’t even think it was possible for there to be so many reasons as to why you love me.” He took a shaky breath. “I just wanna know though, what inspired you to do this for me?”

I looked away.

“W-well, you’re everything to me, Michael. The thought of losing you… it’s unbearable. I know I’ve fucked up a lot in the past. I know that when I had the squip, I hurt you so badly, I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like… I wanted to give you something that would remind you, no matter what happens in the future, I’ll always love you.” I finally brought myself to meet his gaze. “Michael Mell, I love you more than anything in this life.”

At this point he was flat out sobbing. I reached out and wrapped my arms around him. Sometime passed and he finally calmed down enough to speak. “I love you more than anything in this life too, Jeremy Heere.”

A/N; Well, hopefully you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Feel free to leave comments as they’re always appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Oh, I don’t think that this ref very cool. I think I wac made thi better.
Bidybab is not a bad child. She is obedient, but sometimes doing not very good things. She loves to spy on the other. Because of this, she heard something what she shouldn’t have heard. This has greatly changed her attitude to some. She is difficult to be beside with someone from the family. Especially with Anatom. She feels fear. But in spite of that she make everything he ordered. Even Baby’s words won’t stop her. By the way, Baby’s and Bidybab’s relationship is much better. They like spending time together, but still Bidybab doesn’t tells her many things. Her brother(Electrolab) she almost never saw. But she really wants to spend more time with him.
And now her sister. It has exactly the same name(but I’ll call her Bidybab 2) and looks like Bidybab. She spends time alone, examining all the places, but if she meets someone, she will tell what she saw.
Age- 10 years
/Sorry for bad English/
Hope you like it!


Sequel to ‘Kindergarten Boyfriend’ by Mercy @whatin–tarnation  

Inspired by ‘POV’ from McFly

(please read the first part before reading this one, it would be less confusing)

Warnings: self-loathing, suicide, major character death, angst


I never wanted everything to end this way
But you can take the bluest sky and turn it gray

Roman sat on his bed, holding onto the stuffed bear Virgil gave him years ago. Ever since they stopped being friends, Roman had missed their relationship when they were young, taking care of each other, being close. They were best friends. 

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Why … do people feel so compelled to drag Archie for anything and everything?

And I see this in regard to his friendships, more specifically, his friendship with J/ghead. 

I’ve seen so many posts of people talking about how Archie is a terrible friend and that J/ghead should dump him aside, or how either B/tty or J/ghead need to yell at Archie so he can finally be a good friend. 

Part of me just want to be like fuck you. Archie has issues with most relationships in his life, starting out with his absent mother. I’m not saying she’s a bad person or anything. on the contrary, she loves her son very much and that is evident. But archie hasn’t been living with his mom since he’s 13 and whether people want to acknowledge it, that really effects a teen’s mindset. Secondly, we have grundy where he basically blames himself for running her out of town. And we can see all the other relationships that aren’t doing so great either, like him missing that roadtrip w/ j/ghead, which wasn’t his fault. You can say he chose Grundy over Jughead but Grundy manipulated him. there is enough evidence to see that she’s manipulative and is willing to use young boys and make them do her bidding. And if you blame archie for skipping out on the roadtrip, no matter to what extent, you are still victim blaming and shaming.

People have these lists of requirements that they apply to Archie in order for him to quality as a “good friend.” And I just think that’s ridiculous. These are teenagers we are talking about.  Sorry that they don’t have a PhD is human experience. They fuck up. They both have. And they both forgive each other. And from my personal experience, friends will mess up and piss you off. But luckily, Archie and Jughead both forgive each other (and that’s something most adults haven’t learn to do). 

I just don’t understand people’s thought process. They are like, “Archie needs to do these things in order to be a good friend.” And a lot of it requires someone yelling at Archie after he does a ‘dumb thing’ (yelling doesn’t solve anything) or someone giving him an ultimatum, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Archie cares about the people in his life, and I think that is the wrong way to go about things – it’ll just fuck his head up even more, rather than solve anything. 

Maybe I just don’t like the notion of going out of your way prove a friendship. I think that should just happen naturally, like just being there when they need you without them having to ask you. 

And Archie has already proven to be a good friend. He without hesitation invited Jughead to stay with him when Jug had no place to go, and was weary of FP on Jug’s behalf (shaving =/= good parent). 


Okayy it worked finally u_u

I didn’t think I’d get the good ending but I did surprisingly, even halfway through the party I thought I was getting a normal ending, this route and its choices are wayy more ambiguous and it gets kinda hard to know what’s the ‘right’ thing to say at some moments, in the other routes it’s easy to know which choice to take for a bad or a good ending but definitely not in this one u_u

Hhhh I have so much to say about this route though gosh u_u I won’t say anything since I guess a lot of people don’t want to be spoiled or something but ahhh I might make a separate post talking about the route and the ending and rika and everything because I really have a lot to say haha

I just hope when the epilogue comes out, we can have some cute and happy relationship things with V and that we can have a cute CG of MC and V together and kissing or something because my god, we deserve this after this angsty af route u_u

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all the aus i mentioned are under the cut be warned it’s very long

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Unpopular opinion: I'm actually fairly glad that the alliance rune didn't happen. Because Malec were in a fight and there was so much happening it probably would have been rushed and not worked very well. They probably wouldn't have spent enough time on it, which would have made it disappointing. I hope we see it in season 3, while Malec are at a good place in their relationship (this also means antis don't have fuel to say it's rushed) and it has sufficient time to develop.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Agree on everything you mentioned. I just… I really wanted to see the alliance rune but of course my rational self understood that it was better this way. So now I am counting on s3. Because when it happens it will be a-ma-zing and I will clearly not make it. lol

send unpopular opinions

thanks for the message @deermouth​. i have approached certain individuals privately that i have been particularly close with on here over the past year to address what was said and to try and begin repairing relationships with them. i didn’t make a public statement because i’ve always felt it’s difficult to express sincerity that way, unless an explanation is asked for as you have done (thank you again), because it always feels defensive or like trying to explain away wrongdoing or shift blame. dash/follower activity the next day also indicated to me this was not a conversation folks wanted to continue at that particular moment. i went to address everyone in the fun lodge personally a few days later, after there was a chance for everything to cool down a little, but discovered i no longer had access to the group. (here is an example of a place where communicating sincerity is difficult–i am not saying any of this in sarcasm/passive aggression/snarkiness, honest, just stating what happened and why you haven’t heard from me.)

i publicly apologize for the nazi comment again and admit my wrong on invoking them. i also don’t really know what else to do about that now other than apologize for it, and reiterate that i won’t make the same mistake twice.

regarding cooper… i think what you said makes sense. last week i particularly appreciated @rosecoloredwings ’s post and will appreciate hal’s engagement, directness, and general kindness for a very long time. for myself i have a lot of thoughts on coop but also none at all, considering, as you have said, that there are many ways of interpreting what happened, and as david has said, that there are as many ways of interpreting what happened as there are viewers, all of which are valid. it was wrong of me to be so ridiculously and publicly confrontational about other people’s interpretations, and i admit that. but i don’t really wish to discuss my thoughts on cooper on this blog anymore, because i also have very strong gut feelings and questions and pains about the finale, and him specifically as a character, that i need to unpack and address for myself on my own terms. what i said was confrontational, triggering, disrespectful, and hurtful, but it was not flippant. this is a very serious, troublesome question for me that i have to look at very carefully. i tend to approach peaks like i do scripture or theology or semiotics, and in those disciplines i am the type of person who will sit and push on a question, however painful or troublesome or unacceptable, until it gives. i forget sometimes that such an investigative/deconstructive process should not always happen publicly, and certainly not in the way i framed it that night. 

i love cooper too. it is precisely because i love cooper so much as a character that i am so troubled by these gut feelings i have from the finale. it is also because i care about him (and laura!) so much that i feel the need to pursue this question with such gravity. i take these questions so seriously because i love him, and i want to see him and understand him directly for myself. ultimately we all have to come to our own conclusions with what everything means or doesn’t mean. if you come to a different conclusion, i am being completely honest at this moment that i will support and honor your conclusions, because you came to them through the process of grappling sincerely with the content through your own feelings, intelligence, intuition, and experience, all of which are beautiful and honest and valid. shame on me for implying that the understanding of others is incorrect. 

but finally: all of what i said above is just context for where i was coming from in what i wrote that night and my subsequent silence–that’s it–and it all takes a backseat for me to the fact that i hurt friends over what i said. that’s always the bottom line for me–at the end of the day relationships and community are way more important to me than being right, despite however much i may have indicated the opposite by my behavior and words last week. so if you, or anyone else, is willing to let me try and repair things, i welcome and am humbled by the opportunity.

Fall in love with someone...

If you ever fall in love… fall in love with someone who wants to know your favorite color and how you like your coffee. Fall in love with someone who loves the way you laugh and would absolutely anything to hear it. Fall in love with someone that puts their head on your chest just to hear your heart beat. Fall in love with someone who kisses you in public and isn’t afraid to show you off to everyone they know. Fall in love with someone who makes you question why you were afraid to fall in love in the first place. Fall in love with someone who never wants to hurt you and will do anything to try and protect you from anything. Fall in love with someone who falls in love with all your flaws and thinks you became their version of the word ‘perfect’. Fall in love with someone who thinks that you’re the one they would love to wake up with each morning and each day.

You are the best surprise of my life.
—  Poets Love Her