everything i want in a relationship

Fall in love with my mind.
Fall in love with my heart.
Fall in love with me.
Listen to my pointless rants.
Tell me I’m going to be ok when all I can do is cry and cry.
Hold me tight.
Look at me like I’m the greatest thing you’ve ever seen.
Treat me like I’m the best you’ve ever had.
Make me feel like you truly want me.
Treat me like your princess.
Talk to me about anything and everything.
Call me at 4am when you can’t sleep because you want to hear my voice.
Take pictures of me to look at for when you’re missing me.
Tell me everyday that you love me.
But, tell me the truth.
Treat me how I treat you.
Call me ‘babygirl’
Let me be your one and only.
Promise me forever, and mean it.
Make me feel loved.
I promise I’ll do the same.
—  I promise. I’ll do the same.

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Biggest Fear - not being able to achieve everything I want to, letting myself down. 

Current Time - 11:05pm

Drink you Last Had - coffee
Easiest person to talk to - my brother tbh.
Favorite song - y’all know Hamaki released an ALBUM three weeks ago right?
Grossest Memory -that one time a cockroach flew across my room and i learned that cockroaches indeed fly
Hometown - brooklyn? but also cairo?
In love with - health, makeup, baking
Jealous of - honestly? cats
Killed someone - mmmohmygod
Longest relationship - same
Middle name - my dads first name #justegyptianthings
Number of siblings - 1
One wish - to figure out what I want to do post-grad
Person who you last called - my brother I literally dont ever call anyone else 
Question you’re always asked - ‘where are you from’ ‘how tall are you’ and by tauntes its ‘mafeesh 7ad keda wala keda hhh’

Reasons to smile - cats, babies, walks on the beach, good company, art.

Song you last sang - can’t remember but probably a hamaki, lo2ai or abdelhalim song (surprise, surprise)

Time you woke up - 8:30 am

Underwear color - 2al.

Vacation destination - Santorini. Or Split, Croatia.

Worst habit - overthinking and not speaking up enough irl.

X-rays you’ve had - right leg when i broke it and teeth?

Your favorite food - macarona bechamel w keda

Zodiac sign - sagittarius 

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How to get over a breakup? I'm ready to stop being sad and be myself again.

Do some exercise, eat up and focus on the positives. Why did it end?! What have you learnt from that, how can you grow? What do you want from your partner, what do you want from yourself? Literally everything is a learning/growing experience. This is an amazing opportunity to work on yourself and prepare for bigger and better relationships in the future!!  

Who here has seen Psych?

I am halfway through the first non-pilot episode and I am in love with Gus Guster but everything about the psychic thing is embarrassing and everything about Shawn’s relationship with his father is unpleasant. Do either of these things improve? Because I am here for Gus and Shawn being incredibly married but pretty much nothing else so far, and I don’t want to get too invested if I get too little Gus and too much Shawn.

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Hey Lauren! my boyfriend and I are both going into 11th grade and we've been dating a year (just to give you a little background info). I feel like both of us are pretty serious about things.. more than other people our age, not just about dating but in general. and recently we both listened to David Platt's Secret Church sermon (I don't know if you're familiar with it at all, but if you want to listen to what we listened to, it was session 3) and I know I didn't really agree with

everything Platt said, but my boyfriend did. What platt said was that in the bible, there are 3 God-ordained relationships (neighbor, family, and marriage) where only one (marriage) should include physical intimacy. I agree that the bible does only mention those 3 relationships, but only because dating didn’t exist then. The part where I didn’t agree with platt is where he said  "if you’re not married, she [your girlfriend] is basically your sister.. and you wouldn’t kiss your sister!“ What I’ve decided that I think is that the bible says we shouldn’t engage in sexual immorality, and what platt thinks is immorality (which includes kissing) is not what I consider immorality. I don’t think God would be displeased with me treating my boyfriend like he’s not my brother. if that makes sense lol.I know that there’s a point that can be crossed that becomes sinful and that kissing can be done with wrong intentions and all that but really I don’t believe that kissing, if you’re in love, is bad. just a week or so ago is when my boyfriend decided that he doesn’t think kissing is right. we’ve been dating for almost a year (in August it’ll be a year) so honestly we never had a problem with kissing till now. What my boyfriend has told me is that even though it’s weird and he doesn’t regret kissing me, he still doesn’t feel like he can justify it. he says that the bible doesn’t support any kind of physical intimacy outside of marriage because it literally doesn’t talk about dating or what should be done in dating. he said that literally everyone he knows is okay with kissing, but he just feels convicted.. my boyfriend is my best friend and I’m not mad at him for thinking what he does about kissing and I want to respect his convictions, so I told him that if that’s what he wants to do, not kiss, then I’ll do that for him but just because he told me his reasons doesn’t mean that I change my mind about what I think… so I just wanted to know what you think. is kissing okay? and if it is, why is it okay? 

Hey girly! I am familiar with David Platt–I’ve read his book “radical” and attended one of his Secret Church seminars at his church a few years ago. I vividly remember how compelling his message was, how infused with truth it was, and I was truly receptive of it at the time. I remember it making me feel like I wasn’t as holy as I wanted/needed to be, and it caused me to feel shame in my life about my relationship with Charles (who I am now engaged to!). I never really got any clarity about it, and just kind of sunk into acceptance that our relationship wasn’t godly because it wasn’t in alignment with Pratt’s view of healthy dating.

Your boyfriend brought up an interesting point in saying that because the Bible doesn’t address how to “properly” date as a Christian, and because it doesn’t say it’s okay to kiss, that you should avoid it all together. While I understand the intentions of this mentality, I don’t think that it holds any water, and here’s why… the Bible is only so many words and for whatever reason, God let it address the certain things He thought were worth discussion. What we do know from scripture is basic principles of godliness, and we know that we have the Holy Spirit to guide us in determining with discernment and wisdom how to uphold a life that delights in God and glorifies him.

Dating didn’t come around until around the 19th century. It is a completely foreign social structure to the biblical dynamic of relationships. So, since the Bible doesn’t mention it, does that mean that we shouldn’t do it? Not necessarily. We are able to bring the values and principles of the instruction we do have from scripture and apply it to all areas of our lives–even and especially dating.

I’d like to go ahead and say that I do not think that Pratt’s view of dating is sufficient or the ultimate route to godly dating. Romans 16 says to greet each other with a holy kiss. Let’s think about that. I’m not going to stretch that verse and take it places it doesn’t belong. It was clearly an appropriate form of greeting, but I think it’s interesting that it says to do it in a holy way. I admire your boyfriend’s heart and think that it’s obvious that his ultimate desire is holiness. The problem, I think, is when we fall into the trap that in order to be holy we must excessively abstain from things that are not necessarily unholy, but because they could potentially lead to unholiness, it is marked “bad” and unholy. We have got to be careful to not fall into that pit because it is a place of shame-driven self righteousness that over simplifies neutral behaviors and categorizes them into good vs. bad. When we do this, we miss the point. We forget that holiness can not be attained through regulations and rigidity, but through Christ alone. We forget that there is a sin nature within us that can take anything and make it into sinful and no amount of rules will protect us from the reality of our brokenness and our neediness of Christ. We forget that with all these grey areas, we don’t need to make more rules for ourselves–rather, we need to hold our hearts and minds under truth and look for motives that aren’t representative of Christ’s heart.

Can kissing be engaged in an unholy way? Of course. It isn’t the kiss, though–it is the motive. Can kissing be engaged in a holy way? Of course. And it is the motive. Here, I do want to say that I don’t know your boyfriend’s heart. Only God does, but I would be careful in making assessments about what’s right vs. wrong in the realm of dating should be anything more than a personal decision based on the individuals in the relationship.

I think it’s saying something that you aren’t convicted in the same way. Be careful to not misunderstand that incongruence to mean that he is more in tune with God or more holy, because that is very unlikely the case. If you are feeling that way, I think that only further shows that this approach to dating is an attempt to earn righteousness. Please don’t misunderstand–I am affirming of the biblical principle of purity; however, I don’t think that kissing threatens your ability to lead pure and blameless lives.

Lastly, as for the concept of treating you like a sibling…. I just. can’t. I see what Pratt is trying to say, but it’s just absurd and way too much of an extremist view. Relationships are more complex than that. Why would anyone ever get married if they saw everyone like a sibling? Wouldn’t any healthy form of physical attraction then become a diluted form of incest? I mean, come on! You are “brothers and sisters in Christ,” but this is not literal! This is meant to communicate the unity of us all being adopted into the family of God. It is about unity and all being in the commonality of grace and freedom as a body! This is not about the literal social and relational dynamics of biological siblings. Technically, your father is your “brother in Christ,” but it is not ideal to treat your father like a sibling. So, as for that point Pratt tried to make, I think that is taking a simple truth and making it into something that lays burden onto us rather than ushering us further into freedom.

“I want you to be free from anxieties. The unmarried man is anxious about the affairs of the Lord, how to please the Lord; but the married man is anxious about the affairs of the world, how to please his wife, and his interests are divided. And the unmarried woman and the virgin are anxious about the affairs of the Lord, so that they may be holy in body and spirit; but the married woman is anxious about the affairs of the world, how to please her husband. I say this for your own benefit, not to put any restraint upon you, but to promote good order and unhindered devotion to the Lord.” 1 Corinthians 7:32-35

I get that this passage is about marriage, but I bolded the portions that I think are important as for how Paul is discussing whether people should marry or not, and I think we can parallel this to kissing to an extent. He is acknowledging that whether you do or don’t is not the issue and he doesn’t say “get married” or “stay single” because both can be holy (in motive and deed). He leaves it up to the individual to decide and he emphasizes at the beginning and end that ultimately, since it doesn’t matter either way, we should be free from anxiety about it! And he tells us that it is our personal decision. That freedom is given to us for our own benefit, so that we aren’t given “unnecessary constraint,” and to promote good order and unhindered devotion to the Lord. He doesn’t create a holy vs. unholy category. He emphasizes that it is not about which choice we make, but that it is one we make in faith and self-reflection as we seek to honor the Lord.

I hope this helps!

I Can Show You the World

by Anonymous

by Anonymous

Or the one where Harry and Niall are soulmates but Niall is blind and Harry just wants to show him the light.

“Is it just me or is the world just a bit more colorful today?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“W-What do you mean?”

“I’m blind.”

For StylanVevo who wanted ‘Soulmate au where when they first touch their soulmate they can see color but one of them is blind’

Words: 16559, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1JAsp6j

To the Broken Hearted:
Stop replaying everything in your mind.
Stop thinking about all the ways it could’ve been.
Stop trying to figure out where you messed up.
Stop thinking that somehow, this whole mess could’ve been prevented ‘if only’.
This was not your fault.
I am sorry.
I am so sorry for the painful heartbreak. 
No one ever deserves that.
I know the hardest part is that when the relationship died, so did your best friend.
And the image you had of them got shattered.
Part of you wants to believe that they are still in there.
Part of you hates yourself because you genuinely don’t hate them at all.
But the biggest part is just sad because honestly,
You are mourning a death;
The death of a friendship.
The death of a relationship.
The death of a future you planned with them.
But the most painful part of this death is seeing a part of yourself die;
The happy loving part of yourself.
The you that you were when you were with them.
Because you feel like you were better together.
Whether that be as friends or as a couple,
You felt happier, kinder,
More in touch with life when you had this sweet person in your life.
So mourn.
Mourn the many deaths that come along with a broken trust. 
It’s okay not to be okay,
Because the pain you are feeling is real.
But at the same time,
Your worth has NEVER been on the table.
Because they can say or do whatever they want;
But it changes nothing about the fact that you are enough.
But mourn with the hope that life will go on.
Your identity is not found in them.
You were never defined by the quality of that relationship.
No matter how long you were together.
No matter how far things went.
No matter how much of yourself you gave away.
It never defined you. 
So move forward;
Out of this darkness.
Out of this hurt.
Out of this guilt, and blame, and bitterness.
And joy will come.
Joy will come because THAT is who you are.
You were created for joy.
You were created for greatness.
This brokenness will heal.
You are enough…

You have always been enough.

—  For the Broken Hearted because-he-loved-words

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Describe your type of girl

I know it’s cliche, but I don’t have a type. Now there’s a difference because I do have preferences. Although I’m pretty open to almost everything and everyone. What I pay attention is to how we vibe. You gotta trust the energy and connection you feel between the people you meet and the relationships you have and / or establish. Don’t get involved with someone just because they’re nice to you or give you things or say this and that. 

Do things because you genuinely want to and you genuinely feel something between them. I will say that a majority of my exes and relationships have been with Asian women. But that doesn’t exclude any other race or type. It just turned out that way, ya know? Also, I love a girl who can be comfortable with me. Someone that can be themselves and not ashamed of it. That’s really important to me because if you pretend to be someone you’re not then I’m just gonna fall for someone who you really aren’t. Be real with me and I’ll do the same. Of course everyone will have their differences and ways of doing things etc. But that’s okay too. 

Another deep connection I love to share is music. I listen to all types of music as long as it sounds good to me. I don’t care what it is, but if I’m feeling it then I’ll bump it. Food… I don’t care if you eat like a pig or crave weird shit aha. Share your interests with me, tell me what you want to do, your dreams, and goals. I’m tired of pretty faces with no substance or ambition. You wont get too far with me if you cant hold a conversation or spark my interest. It’s not like you have to talk every second, but let me know what you think and feel. I’m a very spontaneous person and love to try new things. I love a girl who is outgoing and loves to travel and be down for me.

I can go on and on, but I’d leave that to whoever wants to know or find out. Give me your all and I’ll give you mine plus more. Happiness is better when shared. 

I like taking photos of my boyfriend, but not because I want to brag about my relationship by posting it on social media. 

One thing about me is that I take photos of everything. My boyfriend noticed this, and so he asked me why. I told him I liked preserving memories, things that make me happy at a certain moment—beautiful, beautiful things that I want to keep being reminded of. Suddenly, he took out his camera and snapped a photo of me. I laughed, covered my face, and asked him, “What gives?”

To this, he replied, “You said you wanted to preserve the beautiful moments that make you the happiest. Let me take photos of you, too.”

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ok but where is the zirry fic where zarry are in an established relationship (bc i'm trash like that) and harry notices before zayn that he might be into taking more than one dick at once, and after speaking to a blushing but interested zayn about it he invites his friend liam who he trusts 100%, to join them in the bedroom, all on harrys and most of all zayns terms to spice things up abit, idk i just need zayn to be ruined, in the most loving way, by harry and liam at the same time *eyes emoji*

Oh god but this is everything I want 110%. A healthy relationship (with maybe a bit of BDSM thrown in in a healthy way) and Liam helping Harry to ruin Zayn in the most tender, loving, and devastating way possible. I am so into this concept yes please. 

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Oh man I'm right there with you about this ship and how canon has effectively just fucked everything up about it. I don't think I can ship lolix ever again without wanting to choke.

this is my exact problem

i can rationalize how everything makes no sense and the writing is bad and that the reveals made weren’t necessarily absolute truths because stories are always told with bias and limited points of view

but I can`t refute that this is somehow what the canon now is

this ship has brought me so much joy in this fandom

and now I feel it`s been tainted so horribly by this `revelation`because what was important to me was that in this relationship they were horrible and complicated and both too interdependent

but they were equally so and needy in different ways, and they balanced each other out in different ways to keep on track on their terrible agendas, and importantly, to me, involved in a balanced sharing of power in this interaction

except now they’re not and now I ship an emotionally unbalanced and shitty abusive relationship in some capacity, no matter how I remove myself from it 

a part of me, I worry, thinks or knows that i can’t on good conscience ship this anymore because it goes against so many of my values and things I hold dear where it comes to shipping and relationships, even for terrible characters

and it hurts me because i feel like something special was taken from me with this reveal

and it wasn’t necessary or something i saw coming and it really just… was dropped without enough evidence or past hints for me to take it and understand it and move on quickly from it

this isn’t my first time being confronted with a ship being completely trashed, perhaps not in this manner, but ships are found and lost all the time

i can rationalize around it and argue this and argue that

but I can’t stop this horrible nauseous conflicted feeling

and i’m just so frustrated

because why

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How are you doing better or still things are a mess ? Can I ask what has been bothering you ?

Hey thank for asking! Things are always a mess with me haha :) You guys can always ask whatever you want, I don’t mind. I’m so open it’s pathetic 😂
I’m just under a lot of stress lately and have a lot of personal family problems. I was supposed to move LAST weekend, but Y kept putting things off until the last minute and ticket prices soared, so now I have to wait until the end of the month, which is a bummer. But alhamdulillah for everything, I’m sure there must be some benefit unknown to me in waiting.
Then there’s my relationship. I don’t even know where to start with that. Tbh it’s simple but?? So I guess most of my mutuals know I’m “engaged.” Like, the families know and are happy with our intentions to marry and basic plans have been made, but the “official question” hasn’t been asked and our plans aren’t yet up for public discussion lol. I use the term engaged lightly and only because you can’t even mention a relationship on tumblr without people jumping on you and assuming it’s not halal. Anyway, I had a little bit of a meltdown in mid-August, then out of nowhere last week he tells me I need to take a break from the relationship. He’s all “I still plan on marrying you inshallah, but we need to pause and you really need to focus on other things” etc etc. at first I was really hurt because I took that as a nice way of him telling me he doesn’t want to be with me. But then I started to get really angry. And that’s still what I am. A message I never sent to him: “You seriously said you spent time "thinking about what should be done.” Like… how about nothing. I didn’t open up to you so you could think about what should be done. I didn’t open up to you so you could turn around to become an authority and start making life choices for me.“ And he was never my primary focus anyway, so the cocky assumption that he was also fueled my fire???? I’m really really bad about the "don’t tell me what to do” attitude. Butttttt I’m trying to practice managing my emotions, so he knows nothing of how I feel about that. He thinks it’s all good even though I feel like this and all the little details I’m not even mentioning here have actually made me want some distance from him. BUT THEN, that’s not all. He says all that, and I’m growing angrier by the day about it, yet his behavior hasn’t changed at all? Like AT ALL? There’s been no “break”. Things have been normal ever since he said what he said, as if that conversation never took place. This morning I woke up to a good morning princess text.???.
Anyway I’m just waiting and seeing what Allah has in store for me. I have 0 expectations. I’m just tired and want all the confusion about everything in my life to end, and I don’t care how.

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Just wanted to tell you that I loved your tags on that biphobic ass post like, it's everything I wanted to say but couldn't think of words for bless you

omg okay I wanna make a blanket statement (you’re not the only message I got about this nonny, fear not, but the others I’m keeping private) 

k biphobia aside for a second–I’m coming back to that don’t you worry–I just wanna say that your partners past relationship history, whether strictly romantic, strictly sexual, or a mixture of the two, is none of your goddamn business. If they want to share it with you, cool, and yeah if you really wanna you can ask them, but they are under no obligation to share it with you. It is the past, and it does not matter anymore. They are with you now, and that is the only activity you should be questioning them about with any expectation of disclosure. Especially if you somehow have it in your head that you have a right to be jealous over or judge them based on past sexual experiences. You are not in a relationship the moment you cross that line, you are just an asshole and they need to get away from your toxic ass as fast as possible. 

as for the whole biphobia thing, and I’m talking specifically biphobia in lesbians, I say this as a big fat raging bulldyke, if she wants to be with you, you already won. Out of all these other people, she picked you, do not fuck that up with your twisted ass misogynistic ideology that being involved with a dick somehow changes her value as both a partner and a person. It’s disgusting, it’s a fallacy, and it’s not how you treat someone you claimed to love ten minutes before you knew this fact that literally changes nothing about them except how fucking lucky your basic ass got that out of every option out there for them, they decided you were worth a minute. 


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It's 8:43pm. I'm in bed. Trying to slow down how fast I'm falling for somebody I've known for 8 years. She's everything I've ever wanted, but her life is too hectic for a relationship right now. I legitimately see myself marrying this woman, It hurts

aweee that’s cute. stick to her side and help her when she needs it and such. spoil her. that’ll win her heart. 

When love starts out it’s new and exciting. You try hard to make that special person feel happy and loved. You buy them nice things and take them out on fancy dates. You want to impress them and make sure they stay.

After a few months though the trying stops. You do whatever you want without any regard to there feelings. Things are rushed and forced. The only time you ever try is when you see them giving up. When you know that if you push them one more step, they will be gone forever.

That’s what I hate about love. You should always try in a relationship. You should always want then there. Everything should come easily. Sadly that’s not how it is though and it shatters my heart to pieces.

—  H.B. Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #5

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Ive been in a long distance relationship for about 3 yrs now. Both my bf and I have kids with diff ppl. We've been trying to bridge the gap for the longest going back and forth on who was moving. So finally Im the one moving and I feel really scared about leaving everything Ive built alone (apt, car, good job, son's good school) to go take a risk with someone i have no security with. Is it bad that I at least want a ring first? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

i would do what’s best for me and my child. But honey you deserve happiness too so don’t hold back.