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hi hun i was just wondering why you dislike cassandra clare and book magnus and alec? i don't mean to sound rude or prying i just want to be educated! thank you!

umm well there’s already a lot of stuff abt cc herself which you can find just by browsing the anti tag but in regards to book ma//lec specifically here’s the main reasons it’s shit (w/ comparisons to highlight why i hate them in the books but love them in the show bc that’s what people usually get mad about)

  • alec was 17 when they started dating in the books and magnus was a grown ass man. disregarding immortality, magnus was an adult who made the decision to kiss and then immediately start a relationship with a teenager. magnus should’ve shut that shit down as soon as alec asked him out, he was the adult in that situation and even though they ‘waited until alec was 18′ to actually have sex it’s still gross that magnus wanted to fuck him when he was underage.
    • compare this to the show where alec is in his early 20s (23 i think was said?), and a confident adult in a role of leadership. he figures out what he wants for himself and what he wants in terms of being with magnus, and then pursues it, and they actually take the time to get to know each other before ‘officially’ starting a relationship w/ each other
  • alec is biphobic, lying, bullying and generally toxic towards magnus in the books. he finds out magnus dated camille/is bi and immediately freaks out, starts treating magnus like shit and accusing him of wanting to fuck everything that moves. he goes behind magnus’ back and talks to camille then lies about it, and picks fights over every minor thing because he refuses to trust magnus and hates the idea of magnus moving on after he grows old and dies
    • show alec knew magnus had dated camille before they even met. his concerns about magnus’ immortality are rooted in the fact that it will cause magnus pain to watch him age and die, and his concerns about magnus having dated so many people are more along the lines of ‘we have these wildly different life experiences and i don’t feel like i’m able to measure up to what you might expect out of a relationship’ instead of ‘i don’t trust you not to cheat on me or leave me for the next pretty face’ which, is gross and biphobic. they’re open about all of this from the beginning, talk it out and decide to put in the effort to make it work
  • book!magnus is pushy, manipulative and selfish. he guilts alec into coming out (im not answering your calls because im tired of being your dirty little secret, you should come out because I Love You etc.). he p. much spends the entire six books only caring about alec’s feelings when those feelings inconvenience him, and then instead of concern his response is annoyance (literally instead of being understanding abt. why alec was clinging to his crush on jace for so long he was like ‘im tired of watching you pine after someone who will never love you as much as i do’)
    • show!magnus is more than capable of being petty (and this isn’t a bad thing at all!! @ the fandom please let him have flaws it’s a natural thing) but he would never never force alec to do anything that made him uncomfortable. he urged alec to accept himself but never tried to force him to come out (in 1x09 he basically offers to date him in secret bc he understands that it might not be safe for alec to be out in his current situation). his response to learning about alec’s fixation on jace was ‘there’s nothing to be ashamed of’ because he immediately understood the reasons for it. he’s genuinely concerned for alec’s wellbeing and encourages him without being uncomfortably pushy. at the same time he doesn’t let alec treat him badly and immediately withdraws himself whenever alec lashes out at him because he refuses to be anybody’s punching bag

that’s the main reasons, there’s other smaller things but. this is already long enough lmao so basically!!!! it’s just an all round unhealthy relationship for both of them and they’re miserable the entire time they’re together, but after they break up and get back together without resolving a single one of the problems that caused them to break up it’s suddenly sunshine and roses and true love. it doesn’t make any sense tbh

do’s & don'ts

1. don’t punch a wall when he tells you he didn’t love you.. send him his hoodie back with a note that says I don’t miss you anymore and take everything relevant to him and stuff it in a box under your bed.

2. don’t burst out crying when he kisses her, but don’t kiss other boys just to feel something.

3. don’t drink shot after shot to feel something because you’ll just end up on the ground slurring his name.

4. don’t avoid your friends… you need them and they need you.. now I can’t tell you how to make sure they’re true friends.

5. don’t text him, you don’t want to know how he’s doing… you don’t want to know that he’s found another girl.. don’t..

6. let it hurt, but don’t let it fucking kill you like it did me..

7. when your parents separate, don’t get in the middle… and don’t think love isn’t possible… it’s gonna hurt, but it’ll be okay

8. when you get your report card back and a message from your teacher saying how you used to be such a good kid with amazing grades, don’t cry. know that you’re going through a lot and work harder.

9. DON’T self harm. they’ll never go away even if the scars fade, every time you look at your wrist or your legs or any place you’ll feel sick. it sucks to wear a jacket in 90 degree weather.

10. if you are hurting yourself or suicidal, tell someone you trust, you need to get the help you need.

11. if looking at your phone hurts, turn it off. if you can’t breathe in your room, clean everything until the feeling of toxic people is nowhere to be found.

—  tips I guess I need to follow
Pearl Shattered Pink Diamond

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Toon Ruins! The blog that answers questions about your favorite cartoons both old and new, to give you the answers to questions you’ve always asked. And today’s topic, is going to be focused on the Steven Universe special: Wanted.

Now, the theory I’m about to share with you I’ve had for a while now. But the newest episodes only gave me more cannon fodder to my argument. Specifically, the episode ‘The Trail’. Quick recap of the episode if you haven’t yet seen it.

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About Victoria Chase

I would like to know from where exactly people think that Victoria would change just because she met/is friend with/is in a relationship with Max, and I’m talking about fanfictions. 

Yes, Max is what we consider a “good person” and Victoria, “bad person”. However, nothing in life, absolutely nothing in life, is set in stone. There is no such thing as “good” or “bad”, just nuances of grey. With this in mind, how could Max change Victoria for the better? Is this even possible? My answer is pretty simple: no. 

Victoria Chase has/had a complicated background. We don’t know exactly what happened to her or still does, but it has to do with her parents, high expectations, title, money and respect. She’s part of one of the most riches families of Arcadia Bay, along with the Prescotts and who else more. Nathan Prescott and Victoria Chase share the same problems about their personalities, with obvious differences. It’s a pattern and it wouldn’t change because of someone else, no matter who that person was/is/will be.

Victoria has a clear sign of insecurity. She shows it every time something either bad happens to her or when she’s aware she fucked up, i.e the Kate situation, when she’s complimented and when Max shows sincere sympathy for her (warning her about Nathan and, again, trying to be civil with her). This is something serious, something that shaped her personality and who she is since when she was a kid and/or something drastic happened with her. She’s not timid for someone who’s insecure, which is a common trait, quite the contrary; she shows herself as confident, sure of herself, important. She acts as if she was superior, above everyone else. Is this also a common trait for insecure people? Yes, it is. Often insecure people act as if they weren’t, as if they had all the answers and their life were great, when, in reality, it sure as hell isn’t. When someone tries to be something they aren’t or aren’t okay about showing another side of themselves because of consequences, they try to cope as best as they can, mask their flaws and hide their passions. Insecure people often pretend to feel something that it’s alien to them. Most of the time they use sarcasm to hide their insecurities.

Is it all right for Victoria to act mean, to bully people, just for her to feel better about herself? Of course not. I’m not and wouldn’t excuse bullying, harassment nor anything that harms someone else. What she did to Kate, Alyssa, even Max, weren’t okay, not even close. She should be accountable for it, to know that what she did, does and will do almost made someone killed themselves (or even did). However, this is a behaviour born from a reason. Everything that is “bad” in this world is born from a reason. We shouldn’t investigate only how, when or what someone does, but also the root of the problem, where every single consequence and chain of events is born. Insecurity doesn’t appear from nothing, nor from day to night. It takes months to years to grow inside someone and eat them, make them fear everything and everyone, including themselves. 

Because of her superior complex, the act of thinking and acting like she’s better than everyone else, shows perfectly her flaws. The moment she opens her mouth and talks to someone else, especially someone she “doesn’t like”, it’s clear what she does and why. Victoria goes straight to people’s own insecurities, stuff they don’t like about themselves or are ashamed of. She uses words of effect to complement her attacks. She does it to make her targets feel smaller, so she can be greater. Doing the opposite, she does the same thing, for example, hitting on Mark Jefferson. 

She’s insecure, but at the same time, very self aware of her own qualities and what she’s capable of (Victoria shows this when in class - knowing all the right answers, for example). Still, she remains insecure. There’s no “right” answer for this, because it varies from person to person, but it may be related to never being enough. No matter what she does, how succesful she may be, she isn’t enough. She feels like she has to overcompensate. She has to hit on her teacher more, be the best student, know everything, be the Queen of Blackwell, be part of the Vortex Club and so on (these things, though, are examples I can think of, they may be and are debatable).

But why does she bully? There are insecure people who don’t need to bully others to feel better or whatever. Yes, very true. Again, everything in life is different for someone else, nothing is set in stone. It varies. It depends of a lot of things - family, social status, friends, relationships, internal struggles, religion, etc, etc. Because of this, no one can change personalities nor their own existence, what make them who they are - be it a “good” or “bad” thing - on their own accord, with a click of their fingers. If anything, it’d take years to try to change something about themselves.

Back to my initial point: how or, better yet, can Max change Victoria? Once more, my asnwer is negative. She wouldn’t change for someone else because it does not depends on her exclusively. Max can, though, show her, not tell, that, in life, there is never only one option, one way or one outcome. Making other people feel like shit just for her to feel better, is not the only option. Treating her own friends - Courtney and Taylor, for example - like pets, even though she sometimes acts kind, is not the only option. There are other ways to feel good about yourself, yet some people can’t really see it (again, because of many reasons).

Victoria Chase is not only insecure, but jealous of those who are free to do what they want, feel what they want and think what they want. She’s unable to do so. She has to wear a mask. Max doesn’t. Therefore, the entirety of their “relationship” and then Victoria and Max talk in episode four. Victoria is capable of showing kindness, being kind and being “good”. She chooses not to or she was never taught to be “good”. These are things that don’t change that easily or in a short span of time. Victoria may rethink her actions and think about consequences, but she wouldn’t stop being the Queen of Blackwell. She has a reputation to maintain, her own name even, and Max wouldn’t even come close to “help her see the light”. They’re not friends and, honestly, I don’t think they would ever be or, at least, not within Blackwell Academy walls. 

Is it okay to see something more between these two girls? In my eyes, no. Max has every reason to hate Victoria, but she doesn’t. She may show dislike, but not hatred. A lot of people in the school does hate Victoria - it’s obvious who some of them are -, yet Max is one of the few who truly doesn’t hate her. Victoria, also, feels the same way. She’s jealous of Max, she says it, it’s not a healthy feeling towards someone, but it can grow into something good, like friendship, for example, if they could sit and talk things through. They do have a lot in common, as they also don’t, this, particularly, is fair point saying they could be something more than just “rivals” (I know they aren’t yet I couldn’t find a better choice of words). As to romantically, yes, it’s all right. Not healthy from canon perspective right away, but after some build-up and good writing, yes, it’s okay (I’m a Chasefield shipper myself, so…).

One last thing to say. Everyone in Life is Strange is a complex character. Nothing is black or white, good or bad. It’s about perspective and personal views. It’s about reality (episode four showed it perfectly how close from reality it is). There is no such thing as to judge a character right away, their personalities, reasons and actions are not one dimensional. They’re all multidimensional, they all have flaws but also qualities. Saying, some may think why do I defend Victoria. I don’t. What I defend is the potential there is with Victoria Chase and what she could do and become. She has the potential to grow as a character, to see things from another perspective, to see that there is always another way to do things. What she does is not right, it hurts people. She’d have to realize and to acknowledge past mistakes and fuck ups so she can grow. That’s how life is. That’s the potential I defend and, to be honest, I already saw a glimpse of it being palpable in episode four. 

The signs as crushes I have/had

Aries: he was captain on the soccer team and he was really quick minded and made me feel like I was living in a cliche movie.

Taurus: he was my neighbor and was always inviting me over and he gave me his t shirts and stuff and he made me feel welcome&comfortable

Gemini: my elementary school crush. We did everything together and had long conversations and shared lunch and stuff it was cute.

Cancer: we hung out and we liked the same music and he would talk to me about music and he would make jokes that had surprisingly dark humor in them.

Leo: everyone wanted him. I didn’t want to want him but I couldn’t help it he was so friendly and magnetic and just ugh he actually talked to me like everything I was saying was relevant.

Virgo: my math tutor who helped me a lot and I admired how smart he was and how he easily he knew how to pick things apart and put them back together. He was rlly tall and cute too tbh

Libra: he was my best friend that I ended up liking. He made me feel special and loved . It was all laughs when we hung out.

Scorpio: this guy who would show up at my worst moments and give me looks across the room. Looks of sympathy and admiration. All I ever knew about him was his name tho.

Sagittarius: this guy I met at the pool who I spent the summer with. Lots of fun and being pushed in the pool and cute playful arguments.

Capricorn: this guy who was in a band who lived really close to me and me and my friends would always walk to his house. And he would always point at me when he was singing.

Aquarius: my middle school crush. He loved conspiracy theories and reading and acting weird with me . We were unstoppable.

Pisces: the guy of my dreams. Tired eyes cute smile. Sweet but isolated. I never know what he really means. He leaves me in suspense and keeps everything low key.

Fenhawke Advent Calendar Day 14: Fangirl

When he hears footsteps that are unmistakably Cassandra’s - how does she make footsteps sound angry? - Varric knows he should have found somewhere more secluded.

He’s in the Throne Room in front of the fire - the only place in the castle that’s remotely warm. Around him are masons looking dubiously at the walls, and some Inquisition allies investigating their new base. They’re also being less than quiet about their opinions, of Skyhold and Lavellan both, and like a good writer, Varric’s been eavesdropping with interest.

But now here is Cassandra, about to ruin his day.

He sighs and turns to her with a disarming smile that he knows won’t work, but figures it’s worth a shot.

“What a pleasant surprise! If you’re after your daily update of Hawke’s location, I imagine he’s somewhere near Redcliffe right now.”

“It is not Hawke’s location I am interested in,” she says, folding her arms and looking down at him. She has her usual penetrating Seeker stare on her face, but just before she turns away from him to look at the hearth, he sees it slip, and beneath, something softer.

Curious, Varric thinks, and takes a seat at the table before the fire, sipping at a mug of water.

“Then how can I help you, Seeker?”

She’s silent for a long moment, and when she speaks again, her words come a little quick, a little heated, but it’s not anger. “When Hawke was here, I noticed he was alone. Where is Fenris?”

It’s not often that Varric is stunned into silence, but he is now. Out of all the things he expected her to ask, that was not exactly high on his list. Not even in the top hundred. Still, Varric’s good at what he does and recovers quickly.

“Killing slavers, I imagine. It’s kind of his thing.”

“But why is he not with Hawke?” Cassandra turns to him now, eyebrows knit in concern, and she sounds almost distraught. “Fenris stood by his lover’s side against the mages even though he hates everything to do with magic. Yet he is not here! Why?”

Varric spends another moment utterly confused about why she cares, and then it hits him: Cassandra is a Fenris and Hawke fangirl.

Well. How about that.

Conman and rogue though he is, expert at charm and deception, Varric can barely control his expression at that revelation.

Cassandra is a romantic.

And if he’s absolutely honest he’s been dying for someone to talk to about this. Hawke, stubborn jackass that he can be sometimes, refused to listen when Varric told him - very colourfully - that leaving Fenris was a damn fool decision.

“I don’t know all the details, but I’m pretty sure it boils down to this: Hawke makes some pretty stupid decisions sometimes.”

“What do you mean?”

Varric sighs and kicks his legs out straight under the table, crossing his ankles. “He left Fenris to come here. Said he’d only be putting him in danger.”

“But Fenris is a great warrior! A hero! And he belongs by Hawke’s side!” She seems to catch herself, and sets her jaw. “He would have been a valuable ally to the Inquisition,” she adds, glancing at Varric out of the corner of her eye, perhaps trying to see if she has fooled him into thinking her motives professional.

Varric can’t help a smile. Nice try, Seeker.

He feels the petals of a story unfolding within him. Hawke might be mad at him, but he deserves it for doing this to Fenris. As for Broody himself - well. What are the chances he’ll ever hear about his?

“I don’t think I ever told you about the time Hawke filled Fenris’s mansion with flowers, did I?”

A smile spills over her face before she catches herself, and looks away again. “You did not. Yet I seem to recall that I asked you to tell me everything.”

“What can I say? I didn’t think it was relevant. I’ll tell you now, though, if you want.”

Folding her arms, she looks at him, as haughty as only Cassandra Pentaghast can, and nods, taking a seat by the table. “Yes. It is best to be fully informed about all of our allies.”

Varric bites down on a laugh, but he doesn’t bother hiding the grin. “Whatever you say. Anyway; Hawke got this idea into his head to make a grand gesture of undying love,” he starts, an grins wider when Cassandra’s cheeks are touched with pink. Oh, this is going to be good. “So he fills Fenris’s whole house with flowers. Problem being, Fenris turns out to be allergic to flowers…”


Fenhawke Advent Calendar

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hey, im wondering what takashi0 did? ive heard that name and some drama around them for awhile but i dont see anything ?? do u have a callout available or something?? sorry to bother u if u get this question alot!!!!

hes preaches the ‘down with hate uwu’ bs while constantly using misogynist nd other oppressive slurs and ableist insults and constantly talks over trans ppl despite being cis and asserting his opinions abt intercommunity trans issues and shames trans ppl for rightfully hating their oppressors. there might be more in my tag but i probably didnt tag everything relevant to what im saying, but im sure theres plenty more ppl who do.