everything i never want to be lyrics

The signs as song lyrics I've written

Never been in a fight but I want to fight
Fight a bitch at night
The dark is cool
Fuck school
Wanna destroy everything
Including you

Just woke up messy hair
Attitude I don’t care
Should i even get up and start the day
Does it matter if i do shit anyway

Thought, thought, thought,
I thought if I thought a lot
Maybe my thoughts could learn to stop
I feel my brain beginning to rot
They are so fucking loud
All around
Up and down
I’m starting to look like a fucking clown

What am I feeling right now?
I feel like a drifting cloud
Full of storm water
Today rain is all I’ve got to offer
What’s wrong with me?
Changing tides like the sea
I can be a deadly storm
A catastrophe
Or calm and cool, my bottom lurking with things unseen

I love the way you fuck me 
Baby this is how you want me, thirsty 
I beg love me love me 
Love me more than i love you 
At night i feel so ugly

But not you, youre alive not dead
I hear all the voices that go on it your head
They never calm but you find peace in them
Taking their words of wisdom
They sing inside your lovely mind
You hum along, intertwined

I’m sitting in front of the man of my dreams
Love his dick, give me that cream
His face is amazing, it makes me want to sing
His voice is as lovely spring

Sometimes I think I see god
But then I open my eyes and it’s the same shit all around
Breath in the toxins of a cigarette
It’s all I got sometimes, wanna drown out the sound
Talk to a few and that’s fun
But real quick im done

If I could see your soul, I’m sure it’d be a work of art
Like a painting on a canvas, painted by the heart
You know you’re a masterpiece
A genius in disguise
I wish I could see what you see through your eyes

If there’s one last thing
I gotta sing
it’s that there’s no possibly
Just possible I am the unstoppable
Incomparable hear these words and know it’s me
I do not go unseen
(This one’s written by my boyfriend)

I’m so tired everyday
I want life to be so extraordinary that more than half the time I wouldnt know what to feel or say
Wheres my burning passion?
Melancholy, my minds gray.
Why care when you feel useless why give a fuck, this world is strange

You got me and you got me down for you and you only
Baby, look at me, I want you to be the one to own me
Devil or angel, you’re my sweet, lovely baby.
Tell me angel, have you looked in a mirror lately?

@zsaszmatazz tagged me to do the “six movies I can watch any time” meme (LIKE 10 YEARS AGO I’M SORRY) so here goes!

1. Road to El Dorado

Don’t tell me you can’t also watch this whenever. It’s lolzy, it’s feelsy, and it’s the source of one of my three OT3s. If Miguel/Tulio wasn’t allowed to be canon, I’m making Miguel/Chel/Tulio my headcanon dammit. Fight me.

The story is a fantastic adventure every time. The music is amazing, the animation is GORGEOUS. The jokes are funny no matter how many times I hear them. “Stars.” “Holy ship.” “Apparently ‘El Dorado’ is native for GREAT… BIG… ROCK.” 

And don’t get me started on the armadillo. Is that thing a spirit guide? A god? Probably. I’m for it.

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2. Chicken Run

I consider this one a guilty pleasure. Again, always a funny, fun adventure. Just serious enough to balance out the lolz. And Ginger is one hell of a snarky character. I love that she’s simultaneously mom friend and rebel friend.

Also, it’s that claymation Wallace and Gromit animation, which is just… nifty! I always find myself watching certain characters move, checking out different textures, especially with Babs and her knitting. Just… excellent.

Also, also this:

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3. Stardust

What can I say about this movie? Well…

I was based on a book written by my favorite author, Neil Gaiman, is a fantastic adventure that addresses the line between magic and non-magic worlds and includes such fun things as evil witches, falling in love, warring princes, falling stars, unicorns, ghosts, and sky pirates in drag (which Neil said he’s pretty sure he didn’t write, but it’s such a good scene you guys).

I am always happy by the end of it. The growing-up story is so good. And Tristan kind of bumbles through it like I totally believe I would were I thrown into a story like that. It’s just… such a satisfyingly complete and fun story, and I love it every single time.

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4. Megamind

Shut the hell your mouth this is the best villain-to-hero story I know. I am always so proud of Megamind. Like, real talk, how often does our favorite adorable villain get the girl? How often do we get to see the bumbling bad guy actually get a cool-ass happy ending? And the emotional journey he goes on gets just serious enough without killing the funny vibe the whole movie carries.

The writing is tropey, but in a way that totally plays on those tropes while making fun of them. Trope-ception is my favorite trope. And I love, love, LOVE the design choices. This movie is so colorful, and the proportions are so over the top. It’s just a visual salad. 

And, as always, the jokes are good no matter what. I don’t think I’ll ever get over, “And I love you, random citizen!” This movie is such a fun time, please go watch it.

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5. Strange Magic

Have you heard of this movie? Well, now you have. Please go watch it. 

Much like Megamind, Strange Magic got pushed to the back burner by more popular movies coming out at the same time. And that’s just a shame, because it’s just so good.

It’s a jukebox musical with reenactments of all sorts of songs, all of which are brilliant (half the time because Evan Rachel Wood My Queen is singing them, but also Alan Cumming, and sometimes they sing together and I die). The story is predictable, but the characters are what make it for me. They’re fun enough that even though I saw the end coming a mile away, it was nothing but enjoyable watching them get there.

This fandom is also dear to my heart. It’s full of some of the sweetest people with some of the most interesting fan fiction that I’ve ever read. When I think good writing, I think @abutterflyobsession who has made me cry on more than one occasion, and @jaegereska whose lore and OCs add so much to the world beyond the movie. 

Major draws: good music, lovely animation, self-confidence story, princess with a sword, SWEET SWEET VENGEANCE, and did I mention singing by Evan Rachel Wood, Alan Cumming, and Kristin Chenoweth? Bruh.

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6. Labyrinth

My favorite movie for now and always. Set it at the bottom for full effect. Get ready.

First off, music by David Bowie that is fuckin’ catchy as heck. If you don’t want to at least tap your foot along to ‘Dance Magic Dance’ you’re lying. ‘As the World Falls Down’ was the first song I remember wanting to know the lyrics to. 

Side note: If you didn’t think the Fireys were creepy as fuck, you’re also lying.

There has never been so much glitter in one place ever. The visual gags are always funny. Like, there are Bowie faces I still can’t find to this day hidden in the scenery??? The muppets are all adorable because Brian Froud is amazing, and I want a pet goblin. Everything is just so much fun to look at. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous fantasy fulfillment that is the ballroom scene. I just. 

The jokes are always funny because they run on a dry sense of humor like mine. “Well, come on feet.” One I missed for years. “No, that’s the dead end, behind you!” Ha, hubris. “It’s a piece of cake!” Shut up, Sarah…

But you also can’t not love the characters? Like, come on, who doesn’t wanna hug Ludo just a little. And Didymus, the fox knight that rides a fuckin’ tiny dog into battle?? And Hoggle who collects jewelry and pretends to be bitter as hell but cares so much??? Heck off, they’re all awesome.

Fave movie. Always. 

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Honorable Mention: Big Fish

Added this one because I can watch this any time, but it always makes me cry, so I usually save it for when I need a good cry. (Srsly, @may10baby can vouch, I once tried to explain the end to her and started sobbing in the car).

It’s just such a cool story. We get to see the life of the father as told through his own hyperbolic stories, which include a star-studded cast playing funny scenes in between serious family time. And the end… christ, it’s just such a satisfying ending. Such a good play on storytelling and what it can mean to people. Which, as a writer, means a lot to me.

Also, it’s the only Tim Burton movie I’ve seen that doesn’t look like… that. You know. How Burton movies look. Helena Bonham Carter plays like 3 different people, and none of them are Mrs. Lovett. That’s a feat, honestly.

I’ve said this about a few of these, but please watch this movie.

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Ummm I guess I’m gonna send this along to the people I already tagged, @abutterflyobsession @jaegereska @may10baby and also @fandomizedwonderland @thetrendywitch @pkmndaisuki for shits and giggles.

sing one you know — p.p.

summary : peter isn’t one to sing for the masses, but for you, he might be able to make an exception. 

word count : 1.6k

author’s note : i don’t like this that much but i tried lol love you guys

  Every time you ask, he’ll insist that he doesn’t sing. It doesn’t matter that you’ve heard him hum a tune drastically similar to Ed Sheeran’s Perfect in the middle of Chemistry class, or that May has informed you of his singing habits when he takes a shower after school, or that sometimes if he thinks you’re asleep he’ll start singing very quietly. None of that means a thing, because the stubborn little shit that goes by the name of Peter Parker insists, swears, emphasizes the fact that he doesn’t, will never, could never, sing.

  He’ll never admit that he’s embarrassed to sing in front of you in particular. His regular voice, the way he talks, is already squeaky enough. It still cracks despite him having gone through puberty and it wavers and it isn’t the deepest, manliest of voice one would ever hear. He’s surprised, though he always is with you, that you’ve stuck around this long. He may call himself Spider-Man, but more often than not he feels anything other than that. Sometimes he thinks that he may as well just sing for you and get it over with, because in his anxiety ridden mind he’s sure that if he doesn’t, you’ll start separating yourself from him until it’s over. You’re reassuring every time he lets this worry slip out, and you tell him that it’s no big deal and he can show you that hidden talent of his when he’s good and ready.

   Still, you have to ask. If you’re lying on the couch with him, head slumped on his shoulder while you’re half asleep, you’ll mumble it groggily and your hands will twist the hem of his shirt around. “Sing me to sleep,” you’ll sigh, not really meaning it because you know exactly what he’ll say in response, but it doesn’t hurt to try, not at all. ‘Cause one day he will. Peter just shakes his head a bit, looks down at you with a shy grin and kisses the top of your head as you readjust yourself in a way that allows you to wrap your arms around his waist. “Y/N, I absolutely adore you, but not today, okay?” You never push it, so you nod off to sleep with his arms secured around you and a hand playing with your hair gently. He wishes he wasn’t as nervous to sing for you. He knows that you want him to more than anything, and that he’d be making you incredibly happy if he did, but Peter is too filled with nerves and too shy and too squeaky-voiced to trust himself to sing for you in the proper way that he wants to.

  You can hear him humming one day when you’re studying and you put your music library on shuffle. He taps his foot along with the rhythm, he sings under his breath so low you can’t hear it, his pen hitting the side of his notebook. “Might as well just sing, if you’re gonna hum and stuff…” you suggest quietly, innocently jotting down another note on the French Revolution before you can meet Peter’s eyes. You know he’s rolled them at you by now, annoyed even though he won’t show it because he’s far too sweet on you to risk anything, even a small comment to show his irritation, ruining your relationship. “’M sorry, babe. I won’t bring it up again.” You reach over, ruffle his hair playfully. You watch his eyes crinkle up at the corners as he smiles down at his book.

  “I just don’t want anyone hearing me sing yet, especially you. It’s not gonna be as great as you’re expecting,” he adds, craning his neck to give you that sweet smile of his. You push forward a bit to kiss him, your hand cupping his cheek and then threading through his hair. “I love you,” he hums, leaning his face against where you’re holding him. “One day. I promise. You’ll hear me sing one day, and if you don’t then you don’t have to marry me.”

  You raise your eyebrows at him, amused. “I’m marrying you now?”

  Peter just shrugs, secretive grin on his face as he goes in to kiss you again with rose bud colored cheeks and lips all too ready, too eager, to be placed upon your own. He’d go to the ends of the earth for you and marry you in a heartbeat if he were old enough, he thinks to himself as you hug him goodbye on the train platform after you get off your stop, but he can’t sing for you? He huffs once you’re out of sight. Bullshit. He can’t believe the way he thinks sometimes. Absolute bullshit. He shoves his earbuds in his ears and tries to sleep the rest of the train ride back home. Next time, he’d do it.

   There’s no better time than next time. In fact, sometimes he’s glad he waited so long, because it made the moment all the more special. He’s out patrolling, his suit is on and he’s sweating through it and when he gets your text that you need him to come pick you up, he’s ever so thankful that he can get off early for the night. Usually, he loves being the hero of Queens, but sometimes he needs a break. He never feels okay with leaving early unless it’s for a good reason, and there’s no better reason than the love of his life being in trouble or in need. The text reads, “Come get me at my house? Need to get away,” so that’s exactly where he heads. Swings onto the second story window of your bedroom, knocks with a feather light hand in case your parents are in the general vicinity, and then makes sure you’re secure in his grip before he swings back to May’s place. He doesn’t even need to ask what’s wrong.

   It’s the same as it usually is. The constant bickering of your parents is overwhelming, anxiety inducing, deafening, You don’t know what to do with yourself when it starts, because it never finishes it until one of them storms out for the night and you’re left sitting quietly in your room with your head between your knees trying not to throw up. Peter manages to get you out of the house almost all of the time, and if he can’t then you can bet he calls your phone and doesn’t stop until you answer. Once you’re through his window, he closes the door softly so May won’t hear, and he grabs a spare blanket from the corner of his bed where its balled up and sets it over you when you sit down.

  He practically wraps himself around you, pushing his nose down into the space between your collarbones and leaving a kiss on your shoulder even though you’re wearing a heavy sweatshirt and can’t feel it all that well. “You can sleep here, I’ll keep the door locked so May won’t see and yell at us. Not that she would,” he tells you quickly when he sees your eyes widen, “she knows you situation. She might be opposed to us sleeping in the same bed, though. No worries, babe.” You rest your head in Peter’s lap, your hand on his knee. You curl up in a ball with the blanket still over you and Peter gazes down at your shaking figure and closes his eyes. “What do you want me to sing?”  

   You stare up at him with your mouth slightly agape, before you murmur, “Just sing one you know. I don’t care.”

  “Put this in,” he shoves an earbud at you. He puts the other one in his ear and turns to Sparks by Coldplay, a song on his playlist dedicated to his infinite love for you and you alone. “I’m gonna sing. And I’m really sorry in advance ‘cause I suck. I want you to sleep, though. I know singing helps you sleep. If I can’t help you, what am I good for, right?” He smiles down at you a little bit before he presses the play button. He waited a little bit before he started, waited for the right lyrics to convey his feelings for you properly, because if he was going to sing, he was going to do it right, damn it. “My heart is yours, it’s you that I hold on to. He pauses, but you reach for his hand under the covers and hold it. This sweet boy of yours, he was everything you needed, wanted, and more. “I won’t let you down, oh yeah.” It wasn’t a long song, it was more soft music rather than lyrics, but the tiny little moments where Peter sang along with Chris Martin in his own low, nervous way where he was so focused on trying to avoid any voice cracks.

  When the song came to its end, and Yellow started playing, Peter lifted one of your hands to his lips. You know he’d never do this, the singing thing, even with a short song, for anyone else. Your gaze locks with his in that loving sort of way he does his best to hold and convey, intense in the fact that just one look makes your cheeks flush and your heart long for more contact despite him being so close to you already.  “Just ‘cause I adore you,” he says, switching to he next song. This was one of those moments, ones you want to take a picture of and live in forever. You grin, shut your eyes, and let him sing. Everything about your boyfriend was lovely, but his voice?

  That was something else entirely.

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anonymous asked:

can you write something about Harry being a private person and not opening up to you even though you're dating him, thanks!

WOOOWOWW my very first request ever this is unbelievable. Thank you so much for this prompt and I hope you enjoy it! And to the anon that asked about me writing angst earlier: I lied because I did not think I would be writing angst any time soon but then this happened so I think it kind of fits the criteria????

You’re sat in Harry’s apartment, idly flipping through a magazine while you wait for him to come out of the shower. He comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist, small droplets of water running down the sides of his arms.

“Are you not getting ready for the opening of that new nightclub downtown? A-lists only, apparently.” You had seen the invitation that he’d receive in the mail, and Harry hadn’t gone out in so long that you figured he would go.

“Don’t want to, not my type of nightclub,” he replied while he shakes the ends of his hair out. “There’s only certain ones that I’d go to.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

Now that you think about it, there are a lot of things you don’t know about Harry. You’ve been together for two months now and sure, it’s still early in the relationship and you’re not supposed to know everything about him, but you’re not sure if you know more than what the rest of his fans know about him.

When you think back on the conversations you’ve had with Harry you realize that they’ve all been about you- things you can’t stand, what you wanted to do with your future, places you wanted to visit. It was always about you, and while you appreciated the attention that Harry gave you, you were curious as to why he never gave you that much detail about himself.

Do you even know what his favorite dish is? Or his favorite color? His favorite anything?

Harry must’ve seen the frown on your face because he moves to sit down next to you on the sofa.

“Everything alright, love?”

“What’s your favorite color?” You suddenly ask him.

He looks taken back for a second. “Where are we going with this?”

It’s not exactly the answer you were looking for, so you hesitate before answering him.

“I just feel like I don’t know those little things about you, like I don’t know you well enough.”

“You know tons of stuff about me. I’m from Cheshire, I used to be a baker-“

“Everyone knows that about you, Harry, it’s all over your Wikipedia page,” you interrupt him. “I’m not asking you to tell me all of your secrets. I just feel like we’ve only been talking about me, and I want to talk about you now.”

Harry moves his fingers to the corner of his mouth and tugs on his bottom lip. You can see him finding the right words to say before the slowly gets them out.

“I used to not have any secrets, like the world used to know everything about me. I didn’t like it.”

“I understand if you want to be private with the media and the public but I’m not them. I can’t keep dating you if you won’t open up to me. It’s like you keep to yourself because you don’t see us going anywhere.”

You haphazardly toss the magazine on the marble coffee table in front of you, turning your full attention to Harry. You’re in this relationship for the long run, and if Harry only saw this as a temporary fling, then you couldn’t do it.

“Do you see this going anywhere?” You press.

Harry remains silent, and the frown that’s taken over his face tells you that his answer isn’t one that you’re going to like.

You scoff before reaching for your keys on coffee table. “Don’t forget to lock the door,” You tell him as you get up to leave his flat.


Where are you?
Need to see you

You put your phone down as soon as you finish reading the messages that Harry sent. You take half a sip of your coffee before your stomach churns and you have to put the cup down. It’s been three days since you walked out of Harry’s apartment and you hadn’t heard from him until now. The knot in your stomach still lingers from the last conversation you two shared. Your relationship with Harry was coming to its end; you could feel it. Or had it ended already? Did it end when you walked out of his apartment earlier that week? Perhaps he wants to see you so that he could break up with you properly.

You decide that you have to face him eventually. Five minutes pass before you pick your phone up again to reply to Harry’s texts.

Alfred’s on Melrose. I’m alone, you can come by.

Fifteen minutes later you see Harry walk into the coffee shop with a book tucked under his arm. He pulls his sunglasses to the top of his head and slowly scans the room before waking towards your table and pulling out the chair across from yours.

You wait for him to sit down before you speak.

“If you’re going to break up with me I’d rather it not happen in public,” you don’t mean for the words to come out so bitterly, but they do.

“M’not gonna break up with you, I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I let you go.”

Your heart skips a beat when he says it. This is the Harry that you know, the Harry that you’re falling for, but you’re not going to let his sweet words mask the fact that you still don’t know him as much as you’d like.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper relationship,“ he continues speaking after running his fingers through the top of his hair. “Been a long time actually. I really like you and I don’t want to mess this up, but I think I’ve built my walls so high that it’s become difficult to take them down.”

Harry looks down and fiddles with the ring on his middle finger before picking the book up from his lap and sliding it across the table in your direction. When you get a better look at like you notice that it’s a leather journal that’s a bit torn up at the spine.

“This is my journal. I write everything in here. Lyrics, inspiring events, things that I like and I want to remember. I’ve never fully shown anyone it’s contents before. I mean, Mitch has seen a couple of pages when we were working on the album, but that’s just a snippet.”

You run your fingers over the leather cover and play with its edges. You look up to find Harry’s gaze, as if asking for permission to flip to the first page.

“Go ahead, take a look. I want you to know me as much as I’m getting to know you, and I think this is as personal as I can get.”

When you flip to the first page there’s a sketch of a flower and a some lines that you recognize from his songs. You quickly glance at the next few pages before your eye catches your own name scribbled about a dozen times on one page.

When you look up from the journal, you find Harry leaned back in his chair with a grin plastered across his face.

“Ask me anything, I’m an open book.”

Little Black Dress (Seth Rollins) One Shot

Originally posted by memeyoongss

Characters: Seth Rollins X Reader

Prompt Request: Request by @thenameskaelyn

172: “The food looks great but..there’s something much more delicious I’d like to eat right now”
185: “Open up”
187: “Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”

Warnings: This one shot has a bit of everything. Fluff, humor, relationship banter, and of course smut. Enjoy! :)

Word Count: 6.5k

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angsty starters ( + sad qoutes / song lyrics. )
  • "I love you enough to let you go,"
  • "I heard you moved on,"
  • "I didn't come here to hurt you,"
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "I'm sorry we fell in love."
  • "We'll do everything on our own."
  • "I'm so sorry,"
  • "You'll never understand."
  • "Please don't go,"
  • "I still love you,"
  • "I don't love you anymore."
  • "I never loved you,"
  • "I can't do this."
  • "We can't be together!"
  • "Will I ever see you again?"
  • "May we meet again,"
  • "I promise I'll do better,"
  • "I just want to see you, one more time."
  • "I'd give anything to see you one more time."
  • "One last time?"
  • "I don't deserve you,"
  • "You don't deserve me,"
  • "People like us don't get happy endings,"
  • "You still love me?"
  • "I never meant to hurt you,"
  • "I understand..."
  • "If you want to go, it's okay."
  • "I gave up everything for you!"
  • "I really need you to trust me,"
  • "Can you listen to me for once!"
  • "I cheated on you,"
  • "You cheated on me?"
  • "Don't expect me to come crawling back,"
  • "Shame on me, you fooled me twice."
  • "You said I wasn't just like anyone."
  • "Did I even ever cross your mind?"
  • "Can we pretend that we're in love?"
  • "I can't lose you,"
  • "Please go,"
  • "Don't you dare die on me!"
  • "I'm not losing you again!"
  • "I'm incomplete without you,"
  • "I will love you for the rest of my life,"
  • "So this is goodbye?"
  • "Kiss me goodbye."
  • "I loved them and they died."
  • "I was a bet?"
  • "You were nothing but a bet."
  • "Can you hold me?"
  • "I loved and I lost you."
  • "It's okay,"
  • "The worst day of loving someone is when you lose them."
  • "It hurts like hell,"
  • "I'm not coming back."
  • "You're never coming back?"
  • "What do you mean you're dying!"
  • "Come back to me,"
  • "What happened?!"
  • "They're dead!"
  • "Where's my love,"
  • "Don't do this,"
  • "I'll see you again."
  • "There's nothing we can do to bring them back."
  • "I don't want to be alone anymore,"
  • "You promised you'd never leave me."
  • "First love, you remember what that's like?"
  • "If I don't have you I have nothing at all,"
  • "I'm not going to fight you,"
  • "You're my friend."
  • "It's too late to apologize."
  • "You left me!"
  • "You left us!"
  • "You chose them over me,"
  • "I need you,"
  • "I was hoping that you'd stay."
  • "I never lied to you,"
  • "You said you might die so what the hell?"
  • "It's a bad joke,"
  • "We can never be the same again,"
  • "You don't need you,"
  • "You're not alone."
  • "You broke my heart."
  • "It made me think of you."
  • "You're my world."
  • "Do I wanna know?"
  • "So sad to see you go,"
  • "This is it, isn't it."
  • "Now I just sit in silence."
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Are you hurt?"
  • "I'll go with you."
  • "How bad is it?"
  • "My feelings for you are real, they always have been."
  • "Someday you'll understand."
  • "Because I love you,"
  • "There was just something about them,"
  • "I'm sorry for breaking your heart."
  • "It wasn't an act."
  • "Time doesn't heal everything."
  • "This is your fault!"
  • "Tell me what to do!"
  • "I didn't mean for this to happen."
  • "Everythings a mess."
  • "You ruined my life,"
  • "Do you still love me?"
  • "You gotta get up, we have to go."
  • "It's okay,"
  • "It was nothing,"
  • "I'll do something."
  • "You're safe here,"
  • "Don't forget me."
  • "I ruined this,"
  • "You ruined this."
  • "Quiet is violent."
  • "You promised me!"
  • "Stop lying with those words."
  • "If this is some kind of sick joke, you better tell me!"
  • "You're all I have!"
  • "I'm not ready to say goodbye."
  • "I don't want to go,"
  • "I loved you,"
  • "You don't have to do this,"
  • "I'm afraid it's never going to be okay again."
  • "I'm terrified,"
  • "You're a monster."
  • "You're all I have!"
  • "I'm a monster."
  • "Only fools fall for you,"
  • "Everything comes to an end,"
  • "I thought I loved you."
  • "Now I just sit in silence."
  • "It's unbearable."
  • "You're my first love."
  • "I never wanted to hurt you,"
  • "I was here,"
  • "Help me,"
  • "They won..."
  • "You don't love them."
  • "You're breaking my heart,"
  • "I hate you!"
  • "It's a waste of time,"
  • "You're all I want."
  • "I've always loved you!"
  • "I can pretend anymore."
  • "i didn't have a choice!"
  • "What if it's agony now and it's hell later on?"
  • "Love I will let you go,"
  • "I left behind something great."
  • "I want you back,"
  • "I don't regret any of it, not if it kept you safe."
  • "Get over yourself,"
  • "You'll be the death of me."
  • "Everything just fell apart."
  • "What the hell am I doing here?"
  • "I want you so much but I hate your guts."
  • "I found love where it wasn't supposed to be."
  • "You still like them, don't you?"
  • "What are you doing?!"
  • "I did this to protect you!"
  • "Don't cry,"
  • "I'm not crying,"
  • "I'm dying,"
  • "A-Are you alright?"
  • "I'll come back for you."
  • "I've never felt so alone."
  • "You don't love me! You don't even know me!"
  • "I don't even know who you are anymore."
  • "I don't even know who I am anymore,"
  • "Please let me do this for you."
  • "You're one of the lucky ones."
  • "It's never going to be okay."
Yours to Hold

Jughead x Reader

Jughead is dating Betty,  and the reader is doing everything in their power to make sure that he doesn’t find out they like him. Based on the requested song: Yours to Hold by Skillet.

Warnings: Swearing (like one, again.)

Word Count: 2,240

A/N: This kind of took on a mind of it’s own as I kept writing. I had an idea for this being like super sad but like I never want Jug to be hurt ever so I let my hands write while my mind wandered. I was also thinking about doing a literal interpretation of the lyrics, but I wasn’t feeling that either. This felt right, i guess? It’s more metaphorical. I hope it’s still okay!

i see you standing here

but you’re so far away

starving for your attention

you don’t even know my name

Betty and Jughead had been an official couple for two months. Two months you had to push down your feelings you’ve had for him since grade nine. Two months you couldn’t walk down the hall without trying to avoid eye contact with both of them. Two months of your heart breaking over and over, every time you saw him climb to her window from your house across the street. You never pegged yourself for the girl next door, but here you were anyway. Although you were pretty sure that this time you wouldn’t be getting the guy.  It tore you up inside, always being the one that likes but isn’t liked back. It’s not like you and Jughead were close, you reasoned with yourself, so it’s not like he would’ve known, but you were good enough acquaintances to nod to each other in the hallway or share glances in the classroom when the teacher said something stupid.

You mainly knew Jughead and Betty and Archie through Veronica, your closest friend since she moved here at the end of last summer. You guys were a perfect fit, she needed someone spill her secrets to and you were someone who wouldn’t tell a soul. Who would you have to tell, anyway? The most social interaction you had was when you went to art club, but even then you kept to yourself and your drawings. Your drawings couldn’t hurt you.

What did hurt you, though, is that sometimes, on the best occasion, Jughead would come to you. Well, he would come sit beside you. You would draw in Pop’s diner late at night when you didn’t feel any inspiration from the school studio, so he would come and sit across from you with his laptop to write. It only happened once or twice, but every time it did your stomach started to turn and you couldn’t help but smile as your pencil hit the paper. It only hurt because it didn’t happen every day.

You were at your locker, going through the motions until you could go to the art room at the end of the day, and you were about to get books for your next class when Ronnie saunters up beside you.

“Hey girl, you hear the news?” she asks, her books wrapped in her arms, her bag slung over her shoulder in a way that only she could make fashionable.

“What?” you ask, exchanging the books in your hand for the ones on the top shelf. You grab your sketchbook, secretly filled with drawings and pictures taken of Ronnie’s gang, random kids in the hall, and Jughead. An overwhelmingly abundance of Jughead. You like to observe just like him, you just draw what you see instead of writing it. This sketch book was your version of his novel, which of course you heard about from Ronnie who heard it from Betty.

You probably knew more than you should about them, but whenever Ronnie started talking about them,  you didn’t stop her.

“The stuff about Polly!” she smirks, knowing that she’s just egging you on.

“Polly? Betty’s sister? Why would I care about her?” you ask, closing your locker, your face scrunching up just a bit, books in hand.

“Betty told me that there’s rough water in loveland.” she says, motioning for you to walk with her down the hall.

“Really?” you try to sound disinterested, but you couldn’t help yourself.

“Mhmmmm. Betty has been so focused on her sister, and so now Jug has been cancelling plans, not showing up on time…” she trails off, looking over at you as she flips her hair over her shoulders.

“That must be… rough.” you say, unsure of how to respond.

“It’s your chance! I’ve been talking you up to all of them, I think you should make a real effort to get to know them.” she urges, turning to you and putting a hand on your arm. You were at your next class, her class just the next door down.

“You know what happened last time.” you remind her, remembering what happened when she tried to introduce you the last time. You could barely get two words out to any of them, fumbling over sentences and stuttering over the simplest of words. They all laughed it off, but there was definitely an awkward feel hanging in the air, and Jughead didn’t even look up from his laptop.

“I think you’re ready, you’re basically my best friend now, so they have to accept you. And beside, it’s my chance too.” she says, referencing her small crush on Betty as she blows a kiss and walks to her class. You sigh and roll your eyes, hoping that maybe this time she was right. Maybe this time you wouldn’t be the invisible girl in the corner, doodling in her notebook.

you’re going through so much

don’t you know that I could be the one to hold you?

It was movie night at Ronnie’s house. You were in your pajamas, which were just short shorts and a baggy t-shirt, ready to settle in to watch whatever she picked, since it was her turn.

“Did you hear?” she asks, walking in with the popcorn.

“What?” you ask, looking her up and down.

“Jug broke up with Betty.” she says, sitting down and crossing her legs.

“No, no way he would ever do that.” you say, shaking your head. That’s impossible, Jughead was head over heals for her just like you were for him, only difference is that he made his feelings public.

“He did. Betty told me that the reason he gave her was because there was someone else.” she smirks.

“No way, who?” you ask, wondering if it was maybe Josie, or even Ronnie herself.

The doorbell rings before she has a chance to answer.

“Be right back.” she says, setting the popcorn down and raising her eyebrows as she goes to the door.

A few minutes later she comes back with Archie and Jughead.

Your eyes grow wide as you stare down Veronica.
“I thought my boys could join us.” she says nonchalantly, shrugging her shoulders as she sits down to the left of you.

Archie takes a seat next to Veronica, leaving the only spot open on the right, so of course that’s where Jug sits.

You try to give him a smile without completely embarrassing yourself, and you think you see a smile as he gives you a nod of his head, his eyes lifting to look at the screen.

“Choice of movie?” you ask Ronnie, breaking the tension that had probably only been building in your mind.

“I thought we could let them decide, since they’re new members to movie night.” she says with a smile, looking from Archie to Jughead.

“I don’t know Veronica, I think whatever you pick is probably good enough.” Archie chimes in, pulling his sleeves down as he crosses his arms. It was clear that if Archie didn’t have a crush, he definitely didn’t want to get on Ronnie’s bad side.

“Alright, Titanic it is.” she says with a small laugh, getting up to put in the movie. She then dims the lights and plops right down next to you, giving you a wink as she does.

The movie begins and you sigh in relief. There’s no more talking for at least the next three hours. You lean into the back of the sofa, ready to enjoy the movie when Jughead brushes your shoulder with his. You stiffen. Was that on purpose?

You take a deep breath and begin to relax a little. Just as you do though, Jughead puts his arm around the back of the couch, inches away from your neck.

You glance at Ronnie, wondering if she’s seeing any of this. The smirk on her face says it all. The movie isn’t even 15 minutes in and you can’t seem to stand it anymore. You get up and mumble something about getting a drink, going to her kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. You take a deep breath.

You turn around and run straight into Jughead, spilling water not only all over yourself, but all over him too.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” you manage to get out, scrambling to find where Ronnie keeps her paper towels or washcloths, or anything.

“Don’t worry about it, it fits the theme.” he says, gesturing back towards the screen. You can’t help but chuckle at the comment. Sometimes you forget how funny Jughead can be.

“Yeah I guess so. ‘I’ll never let go, Jack.’” you mimic the movie in a high pitch voice, but still low enough to not disturb your friends in the other room.

“Do you wanna get out of here? I mean Titanic is great and all, but I do not want to be here when they start making out.” he scoffs.

“Who? Rose and Jack?” you question, a look of confusion on your face. You didn’t think that part was so bad.

“No, Archie and Veronica.” he corrects, a smirk playing on his lips, “dinner at Pop’s? You’re buying. It’ll make up for the water damages.”

You turn to notice that Archie has his hand on the back of the couch over Veronica, just like Jughead did with you.

He turns and walks away without another word, going out to his car, you guessed. Only then did you start to panic. Did Jughead Jones just ask you out? Was this backwards upside down reverse april fools day or something?

You grab your backpack and head for the door, only then realizing that you’re still in pajamas. You shake your head at the thought, this wasn’t a date. This was just his lame attempt at finding an excuse to get out of movie night. This would be just like the other times, where you would sit in silence.

you will see someday

that all along the way

i was yours to hold

Sitting in Pop’s on a late Friday night was like a low-key therapy session. You just hoped Ronnie wouldn’t be too mad that you left without telling her, but she seemed preoccupied and you were pretty sure she would understand.

Jughead ordered a burger and a milkshake while you just had a water. You couldn’t risk any food stains getting in your sketchbook.

You pulled out the one you always carried around in your backpack, opening to a blank page before setting it out on the table where he could see. Unlike the last few times, though, he doesn’t pull out his laptop. He doesn’t even have his bag with him.

“No novel tonight?” you question.

He shakes his head as you pull out a pencil. He might not have his novel but you sure as hell weren’t giving up your drawing.

The first pencil stroke to the page and it’s like your hand knew automatically what to do. It went directly to the curves in his hair, the lines on his face. You were just hoping he was too focused on his food to notice.

“I’m sorry about Betty.” you say under your breath, just trying to make conversation.

“Don’t be. I realized I only liked her because she was filling a void.” he states, stirring his straw in his shake. He was trying to be poetic, you could tell.

“Void?” you ask.

“I’ve had a crush on this girl since about grade eight, been real quiet about it, not even Arch knows. We haven’t had many conversations, she seems distant, nose always in a book. I just started hanging out with her more and more recently, though, so I’m hoping I at least get a date.” he explains, hope in his eyes that you don’t see. You’re too focused on the details of his beanie.

“That’s a real quick rebound.” you say, not really paying attention.

“Not if they’ve always been there.” he says. That gets your attention, and your eyes lock with his. Was he talking about you? He couldn’t be, there was no way.

You’re too caught up in your own thoughts you don’t even realize that he’s snatched your sketchbook right from under you.

“Don’t-” you say, a little too late. He’s already looking, and that one page leads to him flipping through all of them. Page after page of his beanie, his hair, his jawline. You probably knew his features better than anyone out there.

“Wow, you really did draw me like one of the french girls.” he remarks, a huge smile on his face. You liked his smile, very much so.

He meets your gaze and sets the book down. There’s something between you, something that wasn’t there before. It was the start of something, just what it was you didn’t know yet, but it was exciting, thrilling, and it made your stomach turn into knots and your heart flutter in your chest.

“I’ve always been there, Jug.” you say, finally letting it out.

“I know,” he says, leaning closer across the table, “and I’m mad at myself for taking so long to realize it.”

Closer and closer still, you close your eyes and try to brace yourself for what’s going to be the most thrilling ride of your life. Sink or swim, this ship was one you wanted to be on.   

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BEST OF: Linkin Park

sentence starters, requested by @mysteriousthiefofemotion

  • ❝I’m tired of being what you want me to be.❞ 
  • ❝I don’t know what you’re expecting of me.❞
  • ❝I’ve become so numb.❞
  • ❝All I want to do is be more like me and less like you.❞
  • ❝Can’t you see that you’re smothering me?❞
  • ❝It doesn’t even matter how hard you try.❞
  • ❝Time is a valuable thing.❞
  • ❝In the end, it doesn’t even matter.❞
  • ❝Things aren’t the way they were before.❞
  • ❝Put to rest what you thought of me.❞
  • ❝I’m forgiving what I’ve done.❞
  • ❝Your voice was all I heard.❞
  • ❝Give me reason to prove me wrong.❞
  • ❝There was nowhere to hide.❞
  • ❝Show me how to be whole again.❞
  • ❝Forget the rest, let them know my hell.❞
  • ❝I don’t hold back, I hold my own.❞
  • ❝We’re a broken people living under a loaded gun.❞
  • ❝God bless us, everyone.❞
  • ❝It can’t be outrun.❞
  • ❝This is not the end. This is not the beginning.❞
  • ❝This is not what I had planned.❞
  • ❝It’s out of my control.❞
  • ❝So many things were left unsaid.❞
  • ❝It’s hard to let you go.❞
  • ❝I know what it takes to move on.❞
  • ❝This was never meant to last.❞
  • ❝I thought it felt right but that right was wrong.❞
  • ❝My mouth kept moving and my mind went dead.❞
  • ❝I dreamed I was missing. You were so scared.❞
  • ❝No one would listen. ‘cause no one else cared.❞
  • ❝What am I leaving when I’m done here?❞
  • ❝I’m strong on the surface, not all the way through.❞
  • ❝I’ve never been perfect – but neither have you.❞
  • ❝I can’t be who you are.❞
  • ❝I don’t like my mind right now.❞
  • ❝I want to let go but there’s comfort in the panic.❞
  • ❝I drive myself crazy thinking everything’s about me.❞
  • ❝If I just let go, I’d be set free.❞
  • ❝I’m pretty sure the world is out to get me.❞
  • ❝Why is everything so heavy?❞
  • ❝I keep dragging around what’s bringing me down.❞

You’re everything I never want to be
And you’re manipulating everyone you see
The innocence you hide behind
But you are dressed up as a lie
‘Cause nothing is every really what it seems

You used to be someone,
Someone that I could trust
Fuck all that you’ve become
‘Cause no one’s gonna save you
Now I can see right through
Right through the best of you
You’re lost in the atmosphere
But I can see it all so clear

—  Charlatan by Sick Puppies
Mayor Damien song recs.

I thought I’d put together a list of thirteen songs that feel either like Damien would have enjoyed listening to them… or songs that describe him and his life, before he went full Dark.

You can probably find them all on Spotify and other music streaming sites, but I’ve included some lyrics to give you a taste.

Originally posted by thebirdwitch

Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon: “Fly me to the moon. Let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. In other words, hold my hand. In other words, baby kiss me.”

Susan Egan - I Get a Kick Out of You (Cole Porter cover): “My story is much too sad to be told, but practically everything leaves me totally cold. The exception I know is the case… I turn and see your fabulous face.”

A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover: “I’d never want to see you unhappy; I thought you’d want the same for me… So long, my luckless romance. My back is turned on you. Should’ve known you’d bring me heartache – almost lovers always do.”

Linkin Park - Leave Out All the Rest: “I’ve taken my beating. I’ve shared what I’ve made. I’m strong on the surface, not all the way through. I’ve never been perfect, but neither have you… When my time comes, forget the wrong that I’ve done. Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed.”

Evanescence - Imperfection: “I wanna lift you up into the light you deserve. I wanna take your pain into myself so you won’t hurt. Don’t you dare surrender! Don’t leave me here without you, ‘cause I could never replace your perfect imperfection.”

Elton John & George Michael - Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me: “I can’t light no more of your darkness. All my pictures seem to fade to black and white. I’m growing tired and time stands still before me, frozen here on the ladder of my life… Don’t let the sun go down on me. Although I search myself, it’s always someone else I see.”

Sheryl Crow - Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns n’ Roses cover): “He’s got a smile – it seems to me — reminds me of childhood memories, where everything was fresh as the bright blue sky… and if I stare too long, I’d probably break down and cry. Oh, sweet child o’ mine. Oh, sweet love of mine.”

Leaves’ Eyes - Take the Devil in Me: “My heart stops beating; it makes me see how bright life could have been. I cry for angels to save me. Take the devil in me… Save me for I’ve been mistaken, save one moment of my life.”

Within Temptation feat. Chris Jones - Utopia: “I’m searching for answers not given for free. You’re hurting inside. Is there life within me? You’re holding my hand, but you don’t understand… Why does it rain, rain, rain down on utopia? Why does it have to kill the ideal of who we are?”

We are the Fallen - Through Hell: “Are we alone? Is there more than we believe in, haunting these walls? Shadows crawling out, revealing fear in me stays in me. The nightmares inside here, my darkest fears all in my head again. The nightmares I might hear, all my tears pull me through hell again.”

Vast - Here: “Where do I put the shame? It feels like a broken toy I can’t play with anymore. Where do I put the hate? To a pixelated screen I can’t watch anymore. All I know is that I’m here, drifting somewhere in the vast, somewhere in eternity.”

Lacuna Coil - Heaven’s a Lie: “Something wrong with all the plans of my life. I didn’t realize that you’ve been here… Set me free, your heaven’s a lie. Set me free with your love.”

U2 - I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For: “I have run, I have crawled, I have scaled these city walls… only to be with you. But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”


A path is faintly illuminated by the moon…
I wonder where we’ll go from here.
The moon faintly wavers on a nearby lake…
C'mon and show us our unknown futures!

We’re afraid of having more things that are important to us.

So if fate tries to pull us apart,
I want to protect you, even if it destroys this world!

Even knowing this dream is fleeting,
I still want to live my life with someone else.
Even if I learn the pain of loss,
I’ll always be longing for someone else

If we never love anything, there’s nothing to lose…
But we end up lonely anyway.

Even if I learn the pain of loss,
I want to keep loving you.

We’ll see each other again somewhere!

Your nourishing tears
Watered this forget-me-not.

The night of the full moon
Whisks everything away.

Goodbye… goodbye…
We’ll overcome this goodbye! Ah…

Scenarioart I really really love you! 💜

You guys literally described entire sasusaku story in a single song. These guys I love them.

You all should check out the official video of this song it’s good and the lyrics.. god as soon as I came across the lyrics I decided to do this.

I wanted to add more images but yeah 10 image limitation 😒.

Guys do watch their video ✌

VIXX: married life

N:  Hakyeon is all about relaxing and kicking back when he’s not in practice or shooting with the band members, and your home is like a sanctuary to the both of you. Days off are like heaven, when he can lay in bed with you all day without a care in the world and gets up early whenever he’s planning something romantic to do. He’s still not exactly done with trying to impress you, so he always outdoes himself with cooking on most weekends, and planning surprises for you when he’s feeling a little daring.

Leo:  he’s become even more of a cuddly cat after having you agree to take his hand in marriage. He’s constantly surprising you at your work and is all about showing you off and letting everyone know you’re his. He sees as you as his inspiration when he’s stuck on writing or composing a new song, and sometimes he’ll randomly crawl in your lap while you’re working or watching TV just bc ‘he needs some sort of ideas to come to him’ and he feels that they always do when he’s close to you.

Ken:  marriage isn’t too different from dating him tbh, he’s still just as crazy and foolish since the day you met. Dates are still spontaneous, seeing as he’ll pretty much take you anywhere and still call it a date. He’s serious about wanting to cook often, and clean around the house since he’s figured out that it’s the one thing to stop you from still being mad at him. He’s been taking better care of himself and his eating habits, and urges you to join him on that gym membership. I think he’d want to try and have children pretty early on, so while never pressuring you, he’d still make it known that he wants it more than anything.

Ravi:  tries his best to be home as often as he can, but he’ll appreciate it when you surprise him in the studio late at night with some food and plenty of kisses. He’s showing you new tracks and lyrics that he’s working on all the time, and will ask for your honest opinion when he’s stuck. It’s fun watching him become more domesticated and wanting to hear your thoughts on everything and putting you at the top of his priorities. I don’t think he’ll want to have children early on, he’d want to settle down with you naturally and over time before taking that big step.

Hongbin:  honestly he can’t even believe that you agreed to marry him, and he’s still in shock to this day. Hongbin wants to go everywhere and anywhere with you, always asking for days off so that he could go on adventures with the love of his life right by his side. He’s become more supportive and open minded, not to mention that he’s so thankful for you and that you’ve helped him with expressing his emotions. Little arguments would ensue every now and then, but that’s only bc he’s too stubborn to let you walk away during a stupid fight.

Hyuk:  wow being married to him would be such an adventure, you’re never bored or sick of being with him, and he’d make sure of that. He’d be teasing and ask what your thoughts on having kids are, just to get a reaction out of you- but it would fire back at him if he’s not really considered it himself. It still feels like you’re two high school lovers who are still very much in that honeymoon phase, and don’t seem to be getting out of it any time soon.

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Galra Like Me
Galra Like Me

i’ve had this “Strangers Like Me” parody from Tarzan written up about Galra Keith since last summer I just never got around to actually doing it lol. i wanted to give myself 3 hours to do this tonight, but it took me 4 in the end with mixing! 

as usual, everything you hear is done by yours truly (including the backing track + arrangement). enjoy!

Does it matter where I am from?
I’m a paladin just like them.
Would things feel the way they feel right now or change? 

lyrics below:

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GOT7 Reaction // When their s/o writes a song for them.

Anon said: can we get a reaction of got7 of their s/o writing a song for them? like sometimes by ariana grande or smthg✨✨✨ (that’s my fave song tbh)

honestly same I love ariana’s songs so much this is such a good request. Enjoy!


Jaebum would be shooketh. He knew everything about you but he never saw the songwriting side of you before. He could not believe the piece of paper before his eyes with your own lyrics on it. Let’s just say he’s a lucky bean to be yours.

Originally posted by marksseunie


I see youngjae as an emotional person. He seems like the type to write songs that really speak to anyone. So when he read your lyrics he honestly would be on the floor with tears running down his face. He just wanted to love you and cuddle you and never let you go.

Originally posted by youngjai


Jinyoung is so good at songwriting. Once he finished reading the song you wrote for him, he wouldn’t know what to do. Half of him was wondering what he did to deserve you and the other half wanted to make an actual song with your lyrics. HE IS SO IN LOVE

Originally posted by jypnior


Oh Mark. Let’s just say once you got home he would not stop bothering you about it. He would keep complimenting your work until you finally gave him what he wanted. He would pull you in for the biggest hug and kiss you all over. He would ask himself how he got so lucky.

Originally posted by jypnior


THIS BOI WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO HANDLE HIS EMOTIONS. Jackson would keep asking you who gave you the magical power of songwriting. He would be moved to tears because of how beautiful your song was and you’d just be there like “Jackson please you’re overreacting”


Originally posted by got7ish


This would just be another reason to fall deeper in love with you. All of your feelings towards him were basically summed up in one song and he realized how deep he was in this relationship. When you got home that night he could not keep his hands off of you, and just wanted to love you all night.

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Once he read your song, he felt so moved. It made him realize how thankful he was for you, and your existence. You mean so much to him, so he would always bring up the song in conversations to tell people how lucky he is.

“Can you believe my girlfriend’s awesome songwriting skills?”

Originally posted by jypnior

This was a cute scenario and so fluffy. Don’t hesitate to request some stuff ♡