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what's your biggest fear? p.s. i love u

I have quite a few. My most terrifying thought though, is that my mental illness will never just, go away. I’ve seen too many people say, “mental illness doesn’t get cured, you learn to cope with it.” And to be honest, as much as I know that may be true, I can’t let myself accept that. I don’t want to be 30, waking up next to the love of my life, with my kid(s) in the room down the hall, on a Sunday morning, and get a sudden dark cloud around me. I don’t want to finally have everything I’ve ever wanted in life, and STILL be sad and suicidal. I don’t want my husband to see me that way, I don’t want my children too either. I mean, I don’t see how I could handle it for that long. For the rest of my life. It’s terrifying.

p.s. ilyt


Sooky post;
I miss this face and this butt. I miss how calm he makes me feel, the feeling of my cheeks hurting because I can’t stop smiling when he’s around, the non stop giggling because of how idiotic he is and above all how happy and content I am when I’m around him. Thank you sicksloth for opening up, letting me in & being everything I have ever wanted💕

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i dont get why so much hate on s3 i found it very cool

I can’t speak for the entire fandom but, personally, there were things I loved and hated.

  • I adored the focus on Olicity. Even if I didn’t like what they were focusing on sometimes, I still loved that they were front and center. 
  • The Felicity focus was fabulous. She has always been my fave and to see her be the leading lady this year was everything I’ve ever wanted.
  • Diggle and Lyla having a storyline. I wanted more but it was really good to see them together and kicking ass. Fingers crossed for more in season 4. 
  • Thea’s superhero arc was pretty fucking solid. Why was she badass? Because she trained for five months under a member of the League of Assassins every single day. I’m pretty fucking convinced that she can kick anyones ass with that training. Beyond that, she had to deal with her own crucible (Malcolm) and had to claw her way out of that. Thea’s arc was a success.
  • Oliver, despite his emotional issues, was shown as 100% committed. Felicity told him she wanted more and he understood that, but didn’t wander. Felicity moved onto Ray and his reaction was that he was going to die alone. Oliver was 100% confident that Felicity was the one and only for him. It didn’t matter who Felicity was with or if she even returned his feelings, he loved her and that wasn’t going to change. If he couldn’t be with her, he wasn’t going to be with everyone.

What I didn’t like was probably more extensive:

  • Ray was a dick. Sorry if you liked him but what he did was no better than what Oliver did. Problem is, the narrative presented what Oliver did as wrong. Ray was presented as cute and quirky. Buying a company so that one woman works for you after she already turned you down isn’t ‘quirky’. Essentially stalking a woman who has said she doesn’t want to speak to you isn’t ‘cute’ (which Ray did a number of times). Then when Ray tried to fight Oliver and pretty much insulted Felicity? Like, okay, cool. That was resolved by the end. Great. The fact that they didn’t have Felicity call him out on any of the stuff he did was baffling because that’s what Felicity. Oliver acting like a dick? Here comes Felicity setting him straight. Yet, Ray was presented as a knight in shining armor. So, that bugged me.
  • Even though Felicity had the second most screentime, I feel like I didn’t get that much more from her? They used her as Ray’s stepping stone. They used her as Laurel’s stepping stone. She made everyone else a hero and she was supporting to them. Ray was supposed to be her individual storyline and it felt like he took over it. It was disappointing. 
  • There was a focus on characters that weren’t compelling to me. Oliver is supposed to be the main character, right? Yet, there were multiple times I was wondering where the hell Oliver was. There were episodes where I was straight up bored because they were trying to prop up characters I didn’t care about. 
  • There was little to no pay off. It was depressing shit after depressing shit. I definitely felt put in Oliver’s shoes because there was a constant onslaught of heartbreaking shit happening. Usually, there’s supposed to be some payoff in TV. That rarely happened in season 3 and it impacted the season a lot. 
  • Very little OG Team Arrow. They are the strong trio. I get that they need to expand the team and I expect it, but I need to know that the main core of OG Team Arrow can still work together and have respect from the writers.
  • Diggle was pushed to the side like crazy. During the time Oliver was gone, the team always had to bring up the fact that Laurel had very little training but they sent her out with the person who had the least experience????? So, instead of sending her out with Diggle or not sending her out at all (hellllooo, have her train more with Diggle while she learns how they do things in the Arrow Cave and how to be a vigilante), they put him on comms? How does that make sense? If they didn’t keep playing on that, “oh, laurel has so little expirience and she’s so green,” it wouldn’t have been as much as a problem but they did.
  • Felicity and Oliver on opposites sides sucked. They weren’t a team this season and that’s where they work best. Seeing them fight every episode and basically not have any friendship between them was the worst. I get that it needed to happen but that didn’t mean it was an enjoyable thing to watch. 
  • Ra’s sucked???? Sorry, Arrow writers, but I wasn’t intimidated at all.
  • The pacing was honestly so out of whack. Somethings were spent too much on and some got some passing over that needed more expansion. 

I’m sure there’s more but I’m tired. Season 3 wasn’t my favorite. I understand what they were trying to do and I was excited at the start, but I was disappointed. I don’t think it was terrible but… :(

I just watched Warm Bodies for the first time…..oh my gooossshhhh how did I not watch this sooner??? It is like……everything I have ever wanted in a movie I can’t even begin like zombie romances…….my favorite thing…….oh my gosh


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me pre-raw: i don’t even know if i want to watch raw today i just can’t be bothered with wrestling anymore maybe i’m getting sick of it again i think i might give up tumblr and wrestling and twitter and all that for a few months why is this happening during the road to wrestlemania maybe i’m getting too old for this shit i’ll just watch it later in the week if i am in the mood but i probably won’t be i dont even know


celestialtigerofthunder has found the island

She recognized his presence before she even saw him. It was one she had been familiar with since his imprisonment on her island, that looming sense of a building storm, just waiting to unleash its fury.

And she had a nasty feeling that that fury was about to be unleashed on her. Oh boy.

But she held her head high as she approached the one celestial god she feared most of all. No sword at her side, no brush in her hand, she left herself vulnerable, a sign that she did not intend to fight him.

“Gekigami.” She greeted, inclining her head slightly. “I would say welcome back to the island, but that is in poor taste, even for the likes of me.”