everything i gif looks the same stOP

uuuuuuuuhhhhhh, i made a thing

and im not happy with it, haha, but whatever :D

anyway! color!Sans belongs to @superyoumna!


Where to even start:

  • Kai has two different sets of hands on his thighs. Jongin you hoe
  • But look at who he’s smiling at
  • Baekhyun is just resting his hand on Kai’s thigh while Sehun is actually grabbing it.
  • Look at how Baek’s hand stays in the same place while Sehun thinks he’s slick with his hand sliding up higher on Jongin’s thigh.
  • Sehun’s grip fucking tightens.
  • Having his hand on Kai’s thigh wasn’t enough so Sehun still elbows him to get his attention.
  • Look at the space between Baekhyun and Kai’s seats compared to the space between Kai and Sehun’s and yet Sehun still managed to get his knee touching Kai’s.
  • Look at these actual boyfriends being obvious on national television again.