everything i draw is stupid why

So ….. this happened. *looks around nervously*
I SOMEHOW ended up there…with the help of SOMEONE kicking my butt into the fandom. And … I fear I will stick around.

So.. those two are a thing now… in my art. It’s the arms and eyebrows… I s2g seriously…

(No, not a fandom switch, just an addition, don’t worry. I’m still totally in volleygay hell.. I just have a …space hell now too… oh god i have TWO space hells…)

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Hello its me again. Do you even respect other ships and why is everything reddie to you? You've ruined what was supposed to be a scary movie with your shitty fanart. Richie and Eddie kissing 24/7 is just wrong and perverted. While you whine about how they "Sexualize the cast" why don't you just start drawing some art that isn't Reddie or any other of your stupid ships. IT was supposed to be action filled not faggot filled. Btw Eddie had a crush on a girl in the books


Then Again P12  Peter Parker x Reader

Author’s Note:

Hello, everyone! 

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Without further ado, a testament to my favorite trope:

Then Again, Part 12:

(Word count: 1,439)

The whole idea of being honest seems like a bad one. I’ve been telling Aunt May and Ned this since they tried to push it on me. The thought of following their advice is uncomfortable enough that I want to resist it - and MJ’s idea - a smidge (minimum).

I’ll just wear one of Y/N’s shirts. She and MJ wear each other’s clothes all the time.

Back in the bathroom, I brush my teeth, pop in my retainers, and open her bag. Under a pair of jeans is a plain black t-shirt. Perfect. I have to yank the collar down to get my head through… and it is definitely tight… but it’s better than nothing.

What has my time in the suit trained me for, if I can’t wear a girl’s shirt?

I look in the mirror. Shit. The collar has turned my hair into a mess and underneath, it’s like I’ve tried on a child’s shirt. This is ridiculous.

As I attempt to maneuver my arm out of the left shoulder sleeve, I tug a bit too forcefully and hear a tear, suddenly losing balance and hitting the wall with the entire right side of my body. Shit. There’s a clear crack in the yellow paint. My head stings. I scramble to my feet and try again.

It takes what feels like ten minutes to get the shirt off without ripping it. I fold it and put it back. Never again.

I turn off the bathroom light and pad through the room as quietly as I can. I open the closet door near the window and reach for the blankets stored on the top shelf. Nothing. I check again with the light of my phone. Nothing at all. I’m going to strangle Ned and MJ tomorrow. What were they thinking? It’s way too cold for this.

I’ll still sleep on the floor, I decide. I’ll use my towel as a blanket… once it’s dry.

My heart is pounding. It’s chilly and the only blanket in the room is attached to Y/N, on the bed.

What would Aunt May say?

For once, I don’t know. I mean, Y/N and I just had a fight that I haven’t had the chance to make right yet. The competition is tomorrow. It’s late and she’s asleep. The situation between us is… stalled.

What’s the logical thing to do?

Get in the bed. Shift some of the blanket over. Get warm while the towel gets dry. Get out of the bed. Sleep on the floor with the towel.

It’s not the best plan, but I like it more than I need to.

Gingerly, I tiptoe to the bed and climb in. I stay as still as possible while I drag a corner of the comforter toward myself. It’s so warm. For the sake of body heat, I inch a smidge closer. I scrunch up part of the blanket to wrinkle a mini wall of fabric between us. That’s as much personal space as I can make, given the size of the bed. I’m so close that even if my senses weren’t hyped up, I’d be able to smell her hair across the pillow. God, I love her shampoo.

Dude, knock it off.

Like I’ve told myself a million times, I need to not make things so weird. At least she can’t hear my thoughts. Thank God.

I lie on my back and stare at the ceiling. Even though I wanted her to be awake when I got back, maybe this is better. There’s so much I have to say tomorrow, this extra time is probably for the best.

I turn my head toward her - or rather, the mountain of blanket with a face. I don’t come up with stupid scenarios about why we’re sleeping beside one another in a hotel bed or any other What If questions my brain is aching to invent. Instead, I go over all the shit she’s gone through this week because of me. I go over everything I need to own up to and everything I need to say to her in the morning. Maybe it’s selfish or pathetic, but I let myself hope that tonight was stupid and wrong and mostly my fault, but not irreparable. I imagine that forgiveness is on the table. That’s it. That’s all I have a right to consider anymore.

Maybe I can’t be with her the way I want to. Not now, maybe not ever. And yeah, it sucks. I mean, since the start, and I’m ready to admit now that it started way before October, it’s been so different with her. It’s almost terrifying. It’s not the same kind of crush I’ve had before, like with Liz or anybody else. I know her, I really know her and I care about her like crazy. And I think about her all the time, too.

But none of this matters. It’s not happening. I can’t be with her like that and it’s obvious now more than ever. The vital part is how I can be with her, and with Ned and MJ, almost every day for the foreseeable future. I can just enjoy her- their presence without any strings. If things only go back to normal, that’s enough. It has to be.

What if she really doesn’t forgive me, though? What if I’ve really crossed the last line this time?

The same heaviness is pressing into my chest like before, a pressure that reminds me of swimming too deep underwater.

I need to remember what Aunt May said. If anybody is willing to give second chances, it’s almost always her. Then again, which chance was I even on tonight? I’ve run through too many to count.

I close my eyes. God, I wish I could turn brain off.

Why didn’t I just talk to her when she came here earlier? It seems impossible that fewer than twelve hours ago she hugged me and I shrugged her off. I can’t believe I actually let myself think of her like I did, as if she would do any of those things or, more importantly, as if any of it was even my business to begin with.

I’m such an idiot. I should’ve -

A twisting sound snaps my eyes open.

Y/N starts moving beside me. She awkwardly shifts positions with slow and mechanical movements until she’s lying on her back, her arm thrown over her eyes.

The red light from the alarm clock allows me to just barely trace the faint outline of her hand a few inches from my face. It reminds me of the first time we met, a memory that would usually make me laugh, and of the fact that handshakes are our main form of physical contact. And that it’s not exactly as if we shake hands all that often. 

It suddenly reminds me of all the tiny distances and boundaries that exist within our friendship, the ones that keep us from being as close to each other as we are the Ned and MJ. Just the shadow of her hand reminds me of how badly I wish everything could be different.

None of this matters right now. Let it go.

I breathe out. Try to clear my head. I think of that counting exercise Mr. Stark told me about. One. Two. Three. Four. Four, three, two, one. One. Two. Three. Four. Four, three, two, one.

One thought refuses to stop though. The same one as all week.

Despite everything, Y/N is still the only person I want to be around right now, the only person I actually want to talk to about this stuff, the only person I know would listen and really, really understand it all. But then again, after everything, maybe not… even if I could tell her.

Fear and anxiety churn in my stomach.

For a split-second, I stop thinking and let myself do a stupid thing.

I reach out, slowly, and trace her fingers with my own. I’m about to take her hand in mine, just for a moment, before I think better of it. I draw my hand back to my chest, the sudden absence of her skin making my own fingers itch. 

God, why am I constantly so weird around her?

“I’m serious about what I said before,” I whisper, needing to confess one final time tonight. “I’m really, really sorry. Anything you decide is suitable, I’ll do whatever you want if it helps you forgive me. I swear, I never meant to be such a jerk and I’ll never act like that again. Please, just tell me what you want me to do.”

I exhale and push my palms into my eyes. I need to turn my brain off.

But then a warm hand touches my shoulder.


Part 13

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i'm kinda confused, if i ever get a grimoire can i like, draw sigils i used/will use/came up with there safely? i know i have to charge one then cast it by destroying it (which i found a lovely idea of how to do!) but what about ones that i didn't charge? iiiii guess this is kinda a stupid question but i want to be as sure as possible with everything i do

I’m interpreting this question as: Can I draw sigils for reference without actually casting them? And the answer is yes.

People often revise drafts of sigils, so until you draw them with the intent to cast, they won’t have much of an effect. This is why sigil-making blogs can post sigils for others’ reference without casting a million spells in their lifetime. (⊃‿⊂)

Good question, though! 

“And it seemed to me that Dante’s face was a map of the world. A world without any darkness.
Wow, a world without darkness. How beautiful was that?”

- Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by  Benjamin Alire Sáen


Cloudy With A Chance

Part 20: …of Ex and Why


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I don’t understand why people thinks a canon ship that is not what they like is the end for everything

Is paperfresh dead now that omnipj is canon? Is fell poth dead now that Durik is canon?

Is someone tying your hands to not draw/write for the ship you like?

This is why people thinks our fandom is toxic

Your stupid intolerant butts are making fights for your selfish acctions and thats a bad thing

You can ship whatever you want, canon or not

Stop being like this

Or are you gonna kill/harass a productor of a movie/series because they made a ship canon that you don’t like?

The creators of those characters are people too

They can do whatever they want, and you too

No one is stopping you from loving your ship

But don’t be a shit and harass people for it

Everyone has different opinions and tastes

Ships are not worth a fight

And besides multishipping exists

Maybe the creators like that ship you love too, but they prefer the other

Not all creators are like this but maybe some

Just…don’t hurt people, don’t be selfish about this

Fighting for something fictional and hurting a real person is worth it?

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“No, no, your hair looks…unique. It’s okay, I’m sure we can fix it.” Julerose Halloween.

“No, no, your hair looks…unique,” Juleka said, trying not to grimace. “It’s okay, Rose. I’m sure we can fix it.”

Rose’s eyes filled with tears. “I messed everything up!”

“You didn’t mess anything up. It might take a few sessions, but we can get you back to blonde.”

“Stupid Halloween,” the shorter girl sniffed.

Juleka raised an eyebrow. “Since when do you care about Halloween?”

“I don’t, but you do! So I thought I could make a really good costume and I wanted my hair to match and now it’s green and gray and everything is ruined.”

“Nothing is ruined. Wait, why were you trying to dye your hair green and gray?”

Rose wiped her eyes. “It wasn’t supposed to be green and gray. It was supposed to be blue and purple. I wanted to surprise you and dress as that character you created. I saw you drawing her in your sketchbook and I thought it would be fun and then I didn’t know what I was doing and now my hair’s going to fall out!” she cried.

Juleka blinked in surprise before her face softened. “Your hair isn’t going to fall out. I can’t believe you were going to dress up as Kimenio. That’s…that’s really cool, Rose.”

“I know people around here don’t really do Halloween much and I wanted you to have fun.”

“You’re amazing.” Juleka pulled her girlfriend into a hug and kissed her temple. “This will be the best Halloween ever.”


“With you by my side, how could it not be?”

Prompt List

Buy me a coffee?

“I like you too.”

“Why didn’t you say, dumbass?!”

“Why didn’t I say? Why didn’t you say? Stupid! Stupid Kageyama!”

I drew a lil comic based off this really cute mini fic!! I hope OP doesn’t mind :3c

If You Wanted Honesty

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Drama

Summary: Sequel to The Five Of Us Are Dying (x). It’s 2011, and after performing a sold-out show in Boise, Gerard demands the answer you promised. ¼ of my The Five Of Us…. Alternate Endings series. 

So much had happened since 2006.

Two years’ worth of touring in support of Black Parade has worn you and the other members of My Chemical Romance out, physically, psychologically, and creatively. The stress caused by your accidental confession had only made it worse. You were constantly worried that the boys would figure out it was Gerard you liked, and that it would ruin your friendship with all of them.

You couldn’t tell Gerard the truth. What if you two dated and then broke up? What would happen to the band? What if Mikey, or Frank, or Ray, had feelings for you, and got so jealous that you reciprocated Gerard’s that they couldn’t work with him anymore? The band’s success was the most important thing to you. It meant the world not just to you and the other members, but to thousands of fans across the globe. If MCR broke up because of your stupid crush on Gerard, the tabloids would call you the next Yoko Ono.

You couldn’t have that, and so, for years, you stifled your feelings. It made you feel distracted and unfulfilled and it even started affected your drumming. Maybe that was why Conventional Weapons tanked. But, now, after some time apart from your band, you thought you’d finally got your head on straight. You’d successfully helped record Danger Days, and now the band was back on tour again.

You were on stage, in front of an arena full of kids, drumming your heart out. Even though you’d been the drummer of My Chemical Romance for seven years now, you still got nervous sometimes that you were going to slip up and play the wrong note. You put all your focus into tapping the skins, hitting the rims, getting the beat just right. After all, if you fucked up, it would throw everyone else’s timing off.

You were sweating with the effort when you successfully finished the last song of the set. It was “Helena” – closing the show with that tune had become a tradition by now. You never got tired of hearing the fans sing “So long and goodnight” along with Gerard.

“I hope you had a great time tonight, Boise!” Gerard shouted to the crowd.

Wait…..Boise? you thought. You hadn’t even remembered what city you were in tonight. When the tour bus took you to a new city every single night, they all started to blur together after a while. It was always get there, play your songs, get out – no time to rest or even think.

But the name Boise was suddenly making you think very hard – about something you hadn’t thought about in five years. Or, at least, had been trying not to think about.

“Do you guys remember a little scandal the band had, all the way back in 2006?” Gerard spoke into the mic. “It was all over the tabloids back then, wasn’t it? Y/N said in an interview that she had a little crush on one of us boys, but she wouldn’t say who it was on!”

The crowd screamed in response. You couldn’t even tell if it was a “yay” or a “boo”, but it certainly got a rise out of them.

“I remember all the fans went on the message boards, like, ‘OMG, who do you think her crush is?’”, Gerard continued.  “And I know some of you guys wrote your little fanfictions about it……”

Wait, what?! People shipped you with Gerard? You knew that some people had written fanfic about Frank and Gerard. That was why the two of them had stopped acting so touchy on stage. But, you never realized there was fic about you. It wasn’t like you ever read that shit anyway. The idea that there was badly written porn out there about your four closest friends was incredibly awkward to you.

But, given the way the crowd was cheering, you and Gerard must be a lot of people’s OTP. How crazy was that?

“Now, you guys don’t know this,” Gerard smirked, “but five years ago, when we were still on the Black Parade World Tour, Y/N made us a promise.”

Oh, god, you thought. He wasn’t seriously going to hold you to that…..

“Y/N said that if we ever did a show in Boise, she would tell us the truth about who she liked!” Gerard announced. “Well, my dear little Idaho Killjoys, it looks like tonight’s the night!”

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god i’ve been doing this for a few days now because.. i dont even know why. i really hate the winx club designs and plot lines and character relationships and basically everything but i still watch it.. in the mornings… every day… i feel like it could be better in a different universe. basically a universe where i’m in charge of winx and they’re all gay and there’s no shitty boyfriends or stupid pets

i didnt draw their wings because hell no


Genre: Slight Angst
Info: College AU, Namjoon/Reader, feat. Hoseok, 19+
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, heavy drinking
Word Ct: 3.672

Have you ever done something that you regret with every piece of your existence? Like that split second where the weight of your decisions just comes crashing down around you. That exact moment when you can feel relationships end, bridges burn, and when trust is completely shattered? No? Well, I have.

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What I think of this situation?
I don’t know what I can think.
I’m disgusted, to much.
Skrill say more excuse and in this period of silence, he try his best, but hey, nobody see it.
You are kids.
Just only kids.
I really want to see you in him situation.
People hate him, everyday insults, kill yourself and more shit.
Ah but, gore is OKAY, rape NO.
Death in a drawing can make too thinks about bad experience, but people are in silence.
No, don’t say “ I HAVE BAD EXPERIENCE!!! ”
I hope Skrill are ok, I hope Skrill can be strong, I hope Skrill return and HE WIN, not YOU. @sleepy-kinq

Yes i wanted to be more alive after last image but… something didnt work out -_-“ Im some stupid f*ck but im planning to punch muself in the face and start working on art again. I dont know why i feel like doing nothing for the past half or more year, sorry for everything <.> I know i owe some art to some people so i will be working on them now.

Froz is back and hopefully for longer time now;D


GOING ON THAT STICKER HEADCANON what If Indigo just… Puts I stickers on everything he decides that he owns. That’s your bed? well too bad it’s mine now

this is so stupid why the heck did i even spend time on this lmao

[Indigo, Blue, & Red belong to @loverofpiggies!]