everything i do is very physical

When people use the reason that Sansa was mean to Arya growing up and that shows how un-Stark-like she is and for all the stupidity she did as a child makes her Satan…I’m a younger sibling who grew up as a tomboy and my sister was older, more feminine in the conventional sense and also more bossy. We fought a lot and she was stronger than me so in physical fights I’d always lose. She and her friends never let me hang out with them because I was younger. And as all elder siblings with lesser age difference do, she even tried to make me believe I was adopted. My sister was also known as the wild child despite everything I’ve said before, who my mother was constantly worried about while she thought I was pretty set because of my grades and my manners in front of adults.

I thought she was the worst when I was younger. But she was also very protective of me when my own friends tried to bully me and bullied them when they did so as hypocritical as it was. And as we grew older, that one and a half year age difference got smaller and smaller and we grew to understand each other better despite our differences. In fact, she started acting much more like a mother figure to me as we got older because she’s more approachable than my mom. People who think sisterhood isn’t important if it was previously strained - especially in childhood or that it makes Sansa or the elder sibling a terrible person, either never had elder and younger sibling (with a very little age difference) relationships growing up that took a different turn or never reflected on the turn this relationship took. The lesser the age difference, the more the competitiveness and the more annoying they are while you’re younger but if both people are decent as they grow older, they come to understand each other in ways they didn’t before.

I have been both Arya and Sansa in my relationship with my sister as has she. I ratted out facts about my sister to an elderly person (sometimes my own family) who I didn’t know would take it out on her in a terrible way. I was too young to understand the consequences, as was my sister. This relationship should be read through a developmental approach and reflecting back on how such relationships work. If one of your siblings didn’t bully you when you were younger, that’s honestly rare and generally happens when there’s a huge age gap. So is it fair if you’re judging Sansa by a cultural anomaly because the rest of the Stark siblings got along fine? 

That’s exactly what D&D exploited because they knew there’s fandom discourse TM on this and they don’t understand it either. 

IxxJ Friends

~ Based on our INTJ, INFJ, ISTJ and ISFJ squad ~

- Complains about his lack of romantic life 24/7.
- Only likes doing / watching / reading stuff that makes him feel good.
- Always cheerful, never happy.
- Absolute bookworm.
- Seems shy and friendly.
- Judgmental.
- Awesome fashion style.
- Hair is always on point.
- Can’t watch a show or read a book if he dislikes the main characters.
- Also emo trash™.

Common phrases include:
- “But that’s not practical”.
- “Don’t think about it so much”.
- “Learn from me”.
- “We are cleaning up right now”.
-“That’s adorable”

- Witty and sharp humor 24/7.
- Emo trash™.
- All the yes to fictional worlds.
- Awesome writer.
- Her characters are more likable and complex than most real people.
- Better psychologist than 80% of professionals.
- Loves video games.
- Needs to be in the mood in order to do something smoothly.
- Understands anyone better than they understand themselves.
- Master puzzle solver.
- Whenever she does something moral but stupid, she compares herself to James Kirk to feel validated

Common phrases include:
- “I was joking"
- “That is hilarious, dude”.
- “*Explanation about how she started saying something in an ironic way, and how she is now doing it unironically*”.
- “Everything is meaningless. I wish I was dead”.
- “Fuck you, too”.

- Very busy person.
- Everything is scheduled (revenge included).
- Prefers to read non-fiction.
- Nerdy af.
- Learns physics in their free time.
-Quotes Spock in random situations.
- Very practical and driven.

Common phrases include:
“I already did it”.
“*Smiling in a very sweet and frightening way* Well, they shouldn’t have done that”.
“World domination is the best solution”
“You have to see this”.

- If it doesn’t teach you anything then what’s the point?
- Either so driven that they ignore physical needs, or so demotivated that they can only exist in the dark™.
- Once investigated intensively to find out if it was really true that Heavy Metal had a bad influence on mental health.
- Dark humour, which increases exponentially with INFJ’s presence.
- Likes bullying ISFJ, gets bullied by ISTJ.
- Existential crisis at least twice a week.
- Seems serious and intimidating on the outside, the social anxiety is real on the inside.
- 🎵Animals are better than people🎵

Moto: If I can understand it, I can fix it.

Shared characteristics
- Avoid crowds and noisy people.
- Avoid people in general.
- 99% of our meet ups are in either one of our homes.
- Allergic to stupidity.
- Perfectionism™.
- Different manifestations of condescendence

- Shows them a meme trash™ video

- Has already seen the same meme trash™ video 10 times.

- Can be mildy amused about the meme trash™ video. Will complain anyways to put his own video of liking.

- Doesn’t get and/or hates the meme trash™ video. Pretends to enjoy it.

(Bonus: INFJ notices)


xNTx squad

xNFx squad

Zuko and Katara did everything a couple would do actually, they trusted eachother, fought, ate, cried and slept near eachother. Only thing they didn’t do is be intimate on a physical level. But their relationship is very deep and intimate on a intellectual level. Their love and care for eachother is undisputable. I have seen many other shows with canon couples who don’t have the relationship that Zuko and Katara have, which is based on the mutual respect and understanding of one another. And that is why I ship them so hard.

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How To Be A Good Med Student In The Clinical Years

A doctor once told me that the best instrument we have is medicine is the retrospectoscope.  Basically he was saying that often it is easier to make sense of things when looking back from the vantage point of the future.  This is true of life too.  After being an intern for two months I suddenly understand what things make for a strong med students, and what things do not.  Unfortunately, I feel like I lacked many of the qualities that would have made me a helpful med student.  Though I cannot rectify my own mistakes, perhaps I can pass my advice on to future generations of third and fourth year medical students.  I now present, how to be a good clinical med student:

  1. Show up.  This seems obvious.  When you are there to work, then be there to work.  It is so frustrating when medical students are mysteriously absent all the time (only to be found later in the cafe or cafeteria) or when they are there but totally disinterested in what is going on.  I understand that sometimes as a medical student things get slow - like when the interns are putting in orders and notes or when there is a slow call day.  But at least bring something to read.  Don’t play Pokemon Go.  Don’t spend all day on Uworld.  Make an effort to learn real clinical medicine.
  2. Take initiative to learn.  When I was a third year I would wander the hospital to find learning opportunities.  I made friends with the telemetry nurses and they started a folder of good tele strips to give me each day.  I would go to other teams and see if their patients had good exam findings.  I found the cardiology fellows and asked if they had good patients with murmurs.  There is so much learning that can happen if you are willing to experience it.  Now, referring back to number 1, make sure you always let your residents know where you are.  Personally, I would be ecstatic if my students went to hunt down murmurs rather than playing Pokemon Go. 
  3. Read your patient’s chart.  This can be very helpful and will make you look like a star.  Residents are busy taking admissions and sometimes don’t have the time to hunt down records that are three and four years old.  You can stand out by doing that  Look at a patient’s past hospital notes or their specialty clinic notes.  For example, you might be able to alert the resident that an old echocardiogram demonstrated a below normal ejection fraction, which in turn might change how much fluid the patient is given.  Or perhaps you found that during a hospitalization in the past the patient became delirious and needed a one-to-one sitter.  Find ways to add information in a helpful, non-prescriptive, non-judgmental way.  I guarantee your reviews will benefit.
  4. Read about your patient’s condition.  Even if you just browse Medscape, UpToDate, or some other curated source, make sure you understand the basics of your patient’s primary diagnosis.  If they are there for heart failure, read over the basics of treatment.  If they have autoimmune hepatitis look up some info on diagnosis and prognosis.  These things will get noticed, especially when you ask intelligent questions on rounds.  Do not be like a med student I had who, when asked, reported for 4 straight days that he had not read about his patient’s disease.  He instead responded he was too busy with Uworld so he would get a good shelf score.
  5. See your patients.  I literally had students who, on rounds, tried to present without actually having seen the patient in the morning.  This is a huge no-no.  Get to work early enough to see your patients, review their labs, and their overnight events.  
  6. Practice your presentations.  Even if it is on your own or with other medical students, spend time working on your presentation skills.  Heck, even ask the residents to watch you.  I would be happy to do that for any of my students.  Unfortunately, none have taken me up on that offer and instead bumble through their presentation each day making the same mistakes.  By the end of medical school you need to be able to make a good presentation. 
  7. Spend time working on note writing.  Compare your notes to your residents’, your attendings’, and the specialists’.  Everyone has a different style.  Look at lots of notes to determine a style for yourself.  
  8. Forget all the step 1 stuff you learned.  I find many students perseverate on the terrible stereotypes and patterns they see on step 1.  Not all black people with cough have sarcoidosis.  Not every patient with acute kidney injury needs urine eosinophils.  These are good associations, but realize that step 1 has little overlap with real clinical medicine.  Take those associations with a grain of salt. 
  9. Don’t just look for zebras.  I cannot tell you how many times students opt not to follow a patient because the case “doesn’t seem that interesting.”  The majority of medicine is made up of mundane and common diseases such as heart failure, pneumonia, COPD, cirrhosis, etc.  It is pretty rare to get the exciting cases, like disseminated histoplasmosis or a crazy paraneoplastic syndrome.  A lot of learning can happen on cases that are “bread and butter” medicine.  Make sure you follow those cases too. 
  10. Be gentle to your interns/residents.  The transition from 4th year to being a doctor is swift and brutal.  It is easy to criticize when you aren’t the one taking 5 admits.  Find ways to help your intern/resident, because in return they will help you.  I learned this lesson the hard way my 4th year, when I unintentionally threw an intern under the bus while trying to look smart.  Afterwards she took me aside and reminded me that she controlled much of my fate while I was a student under her.  I learned my lesson and we went on to become very good friends.

The clinical years of medical school are daunting.  You constantly feel like a tap dancing monkey, trying to impress people you barely have time to get to know.  But personally, I am not looking for someone who knows everything about everything.  That’s why you are in school.  The best thing you can get out of third and fourth year is how to do a good history and physical, how to write good notes, and how to triage patients.  The best students are interested, willing to learn, and know their patients well.  If you keep that in mind, the clinical years are much simpler.  I promise, if you follow your patients you will learn much more than just doing qbank questions.   

Best of luck on your clinical rotations.  Don’t make things too complicated.  At the end of the day have fun, treat your patients right, and keep an open mind.  The learning will happen whether you recognize it or not.

Mars thru the signs 🔥
  • Aries: driven towards everything daring, exiting and adventurous, extremely passionate about pursuit of conquest towards goal, possibly quick tempered, strong fire energy that must be channeled into physical challenge or passionate go-getting, can't sit still, needs new new new energy in their directed energy!
  • Taurus: slow and steady wins the race, may take a LONG ass time to get to where they want to go.. Putting in all of the hard work and gluing the puzzle pieces together so when they actually get there they have strong stability and comfort in their foundation, very sensual physical energy, can be funneled into extremely hard work or extreme laziness, two sides of the coin with Taurus Mars..
  • Gemini: verbal takedown, a ninja of words, goes towards goals and desires on a intellectual level, takes in all energies surrounding and from there strategically goes forth, likely to talk talk talk about the directed energy they have, talking about it helps them create what it is they are going for..
  • Cancer: oh sweet cancer... Above all else needs emotional comfort in putting Mars energy forward, very passive and wishy washy, has trouble putting their foot DOWN on something, very very fiercely passionate about the ones they hold close, would do anything for their friends, puts a lot of directed Mars energy towards nurturing others.. So much so that it can put a halt to self-advocacy.. Very sweet and emotional in the bedroom..
  • Leo: creative in any and all ways, incessant need to share themselves and their identity in how they approach the world, strong on self-advocacy "this is what I want to do and I will do it!" Thinks much of self in the context of pursuit, dramatic physical energy, a need to be the BEST, loves to perform and be center stage within their life, strong connection between having energy to be physical and sunlight, the sun shines through Mars in this placement. Mars loves to be in Leo and many of these people feel Leo very strongly in their life even if it's their only placement in Leo. (My placement hehe)
  • Virgo: extremely analytical in approach to directing energy, will look at all of the finer details and facts, add it- weigh it- equate it all up into a final consensus on what the perfect course of action is, perfection and correct execution is very important to Mars Virgo, needs to do it RIGHT, 100% kinky as fuck in bed oh lord.. Wants to serve and be served if you catch my drift..
  • Libra: emphasis on keeping everything in balance when pursuing something, with that comes a tendency for indecision on which way they want to direct their energy, beautifully creative in their stance (many musicians I know have this placement)Mars Libras physical directed energy is fine tuned to the harmonic melody of Venus, passionate and rhythmic with their directed energy, will come at you with a balanced kind creative energy..
  • Scorpio: the psychic touch! Their physical energy swims in the waters of Scorpio, their touch is metaphysical. Mars loves to be in Scorpio.. These people see something they want, take it inside to the deepest caves of their inner world and they go AT IT with no intention of loosing, they are formidable opponents in battle, a hearth of energy being cultivated and honed in behind the scenes, powerful directed energy that needs to be channeled into something productive, high emphasis on sexuality, passion to conquer and master in themselves what it is they are trying to attain, this energy can be totally transcendent or viciously deceitful..
  • Saggitarius: what is life if we're not havin some fun?! Expansive in the way they approach physical reality, Mars in Sag is the one to overdo it at the party because they are the one having the most fun! Boisterous and bubbling with energy..Will put physical directed energy towards saggitarian pursuits of higher learning, foreign travel, deep encounters, and having fun! Their physical energy is robust.. Likely to be interested in sports or organized energy exchange, feels a deeper purpose and intention when going towards goals, philosophical sentiment is held in their powerful fire approach to life.
  • Capricorn: tempered, controlled, powerful directed energy funneled into goal oriented mindset, a desire to achieve success and competence through directed energy implemented orderly and efficiently, like Virgo they have a desire to do things right but it comes from more of a place needing to feel competent in themselves rather than anylictal need for perfection in life, Mars in Capricorn has the capacity to create great lengths of achievement within their directed energy..
  • Aquarius: these people seek to get their way in the exact way that they would like to do it because in their idealistic mind their way of directing energy is the BEST way, therefore listening and taking others authority or advice comes as a challenge, they seem to challenge status quo in what they are pursuing, Mars in Aquarius will get there the most unconventional and well thought out route ..
  • Pisces: day dreaming their reality to life, they direct their energy through where their intuition guides them, they hold an extremely mystical Neptune energy in the pursuit of life, the way Mars operates in this person will be very ethereal and spiritual, whether they channel that energy into becoming a drug addict, body builder, writer, traveler.. They are going out doing what they are doing for no other reason than the trance state they are in put them there.. You ask Mars in cap "why are you standing here as a successful body builder" "Im here because I was scrawny and thin and wanted to have achievement in my body, I worked hard and now I'm built! check out my new business of fitness DVDs!" Now.. You ask a Pisces Mars the same question and you'd get "I'm here because it feels right to be here, this is my art and this is my life"

Notable Near Death Experience- Anita Moorjani

Hello, I decided to make a new story series of near death experiences (NDE). These NDE’s are going to be detailed and vived. They will offer insights into what happens after we die. The reason I like NDE’s so much is because all of these experiences share similar themes, across time and cultures. If these stories get popular enough, I will add more and more. They can really offer you peace if you’ve been confused about topics such death, religion, or the meaning of life.

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pinkbelly7  asked:

My 9 year old sister loves watching Underverse and wanted to know why you needed a break. I tried my best to explain how hard animation is and it's important to take a break between every project. I kinda wanna teach my siblings now how hard these things are and why it's important to be patient with animations and not rush animatiors and take breaks. Could you help give me an explanation for me to give my little siblings? I'm having difficulties since I don't really animate myself xD

Ask them about what if your parents would never come back home to spend time with them because their bosses want they work everyday and when those fews days thay they can go and check on you, are really exhausted and only want to sleep and ignore you because in two hours they need to drive at work again.

The same thing happens with everything people is rushing for. Not only for animation, also with comic artists, musicians or dubbers, big youtubers, etc…people that work alone, or even with a team.

That’s why we need to take a break.
Because we also have a family, friends, and most important physical and mental health.
That could get us very sick due to overwork. Sometimes, with side effects for life: Tendonitis, twisted bones, hearth problems…sadness. Things that would force you to stop doing works like these ones.

I’m sorry if this sounds kinda extreme, but this is how I explain something when is about something really serious.

What IS dysphoria?

Okay, I’m really annoyed by people thinking dysphoria is only debilitating, obvious to self body hate so they must be non-dysphoric. First off, let’s define dysphoria: Sex dysphoria is a disconnect, dissociation, or other discomfort a person has with their sex and/or sex characteristics. It can present A LOT of different ways and be very subtle.

I’m compiling this list to help people see how confusing dysphoria really can be. If you’ve experienced dysphoria in a way that isn’t listed here, please say something to me and I’ll add it. You can read my person experience with my subtle dysphoria that was more obvious upon looking back: [Link]

Ways Dysphoria can present: 
- [Unexplained] depression or anxiety. 
- [Unexplained] anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure or joy)
- Phantom penis or breasts.
- Something feeling “off” or “wrong” in the mirror. 
- Disliking being naked or seeing oneself naked. 
- [Unexplained] anxiety or depression after orgasm or sexual contact. 
- A physical anxiety-like feeling, especially when reminded of one’s sex. 
- Desire to mutilate sex characteristics such as genitals or breasts. 
- [Unexplained] irritability. 
- [Unexplained] resentment for sex opposite of yours. 
- Jealousy of the sex opposite of yours. 
- Feeling uncomfortable, anxious, depressed, resentful, or jealous when people of the sex opposite to yours talk about sex-specific experiences. 
- Stuffing pants/pushing in genitals from a young age and finding it gratifying. 
- Extreme fear of or worse anxiety than normal towards puberty. 
- Stuffing family member’s bras. 
- Making phallic objects and pretending you have a penis. 
- Taking sex toys and finding enjoyment out of pretending you have a penis. 
- Taking every chance with delight to dress up as the opposite sex as a “joke”
- Extreme aversion to gender non-conformity, often times hyper masculinity/femininity to the point of being toxic.  
- [Unexplained] general dissatisfaction when looking in the mirror, especially when naked. 
- Avoidance to being naked. 
- Avoidance to being seen naked by people who it’d normally be acceptable: (Significant others, doctors, etc.)
- Feeling “disconnected” or “Dissociated” from one’s body, especially sex characteristics. 
- Feeling like you’re watching a movie through your eyes. 
- EUPHORIA from transitioning, noticing changes, passing, or doing things reminiscent of the sex opposite of yours. 
- Poor perception of time, days mashing together, time going by fast or slow, etc. 
- Trouble with memory and/or focus. 
- [Unexplained] Flat Affect: Dull emotions, dull facial expressions, dull expression in general.
- General apathy and indifference. . 
- [ Unexplained] General dissatisfaction with life. 
- [Unexplained] Dislike of sex and masturbation. 
- [Unexplained] Discomfort with sex and masturbation. 
- [Unexplained] Uncomfortable physical or emotional feelings or mood swings after orgasm, sex, or masturbation.
- Avoiding sex and masturbation despite wanting to partake in them to avoid uncomfortable feelings after. 
- Feeling as if you’re putting on a performance. 
- Feeling unable to relate to peers of your sex. 
- Feeling more negative or personally hurt about homophobia directed at sex opposite of yours. 
- Frequent daydreaming about being the opposite sex. 
- Frequently making video game or original characters of the opposite sex. 
- Feeling more uncomfortable than normal about hearing your voice played back on a device.
- Feeling uncomfortable in clothing that accentuates your sex characteristics, such as (FtM) women’s jeans making you appear more curvy. 
- Feeling like your libido should be higher or lower, more like the opposite sex.
- Other issues or discomfort with sex or masturbation involving natal genitals, such as vaginismus or vestibulodynia.
- [Unexplained] Dissatisfaction or discomfort with height, feeling you should be taller or shorter/more like the opposite sex. 
- [Unexplained] Strong connection to fictional characters of the opposite sex who you are not attracted to. 
- [Unexplained] Feeling of not belonging or being out of place in social settings where everyone is the same sex as you. 
- As a child, not feeling connected to peers of the same sex. 
- [Unexplained] Extreme aversion to reproducing. 
- [Unexplained] (MtF) Positive or euphoric feelings when thinking about being pregnant.
- (FtM) Using a strap on during sex feels more natural and enjoyable during sex, and (MtF) being penetrated feels more natural and enjoyable.
- [Unexplained] Discomfort or feeling of wrongness at the rate of muscle growth from working out. 
- [Unexplained] Discomfort with fat distribution, especially below the waist.
- Thinking you’re doing something different from what you’re doing when expressing gender nonconformity. Like putting make-up on in front of the mirror as FTM = “Oh my god look at me I’m so faggy!” Building muscle at the gym as MTF = “I’m a strong woman! Subverting gender roles! Breaking the glass ceiling!” There’s dissociation between what you know is actually happening (you look gender conforming) and what you imagine you’re doing.
- Jealousy of trans people who have gotten certain surgeries done
- Difficulty forming connections with people, especially of the same sex.
- Difficulty expressing yourself.
- Unstable identity as an adult. 
- General feeling that something about you is “off” or “different”.
- Switching clothing styles often due to unexplainable dissatisfaction.
- [Unexplained] dissatisfaction with overall appearance.

Thanks, for several suggestions, Trans-Mettaton! :)

THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO EVERYTHING. Please send me suggestions and additions of your experiences or others you’ve heard and I will happily and anonymously add them, but right now I’m drawing a blank.

It’s also important to note while gender nonconformity is very common among trans people prior to transition, it is NOT inherently dysphoria or a sign of being trans. Gender nonconformity and disliking/being uncomfortable with gender roles, or your sex/sex characteristics being assigned a gender role, can mimic being trans and having sex dysphoria. The important distinction is that sex dysphoria has to do with SEX. So your physical body, anatomy, physiology, being seen and treated as the sex you want to transition to, etc. Gender roles have to do with behavior, perceptions, roles, presentation, etc. 

Pretty much all of these examples can be caused by other things as well, so if you relate to a thing or two on this list it doesn’t necessarily mean dysphoria. If you relate to a lot of things on this list, I’d start questioning things though.

I hope this can help clear up what dysphoria really is so we can finally help questioning people better,

Heavy Metal Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide To Physical Appearance

Being able to guess a person’s astrological make up based purely upon looks is a very particular skill set that takes a lot of time and effort to perfect. It is slightly unnerving to some people to know that you can take a peek into someone’s very soul just by understanding the shapes and features of their physical bodies. Well, I am here to offer you that glimpse. I want to give you my own personal guidebook on how to more accurately guess the sun, moon and rising signs of not only your favorite people, but people in your own real life without knowing any of their birth data. Since the sun, moon and ascendant signs are the signs that make up someone’s physicality, that is what I will be primarily focusing on for the duration of this post.


The fire sign appearance depicts an air of athleticism. These are the people with the rock-hard abs that go to the gym every day. There is an element of fire sign physicality that allows them to put on muscle much more easily than the other energies due to the high level of testosterone in their blood. Because they are endowed with so much physical energy, playing sports and/or working out is a great way for these people to sublimate that energy into something positive. Their association with fire means that they quite often will be sporting a tan instead of their natural skin tone.


Elongated face and teeth; Thin, light-colored hair, sometimes red; High, sloping forehead; Thick eyebrows that go straight across; eyes pushed back farther than normal, causing them to look like slits; Thin roman nose and lips; broad shoulders and athletic build; An abundance of body hair; Above average height; Lower cheekbones.

  1. Aries Physical Appearance: The Aries look is marked by sportiness and primitiveness, often with a reddish tint to the skin tone; Fair and/or red hair; The bones at the top of the forehead come to a point as if to suggest they have ram horns.
  1. Leo Physical Appearance: The Leo look is marked by regalness and strength, often with them having a bronze glow to the skin tone; They usually have a wide forehead and an aqualine nose with a highly pronounced hairstyle; Feline-shaped eyes; Their physicality denotes an air of dignity and pride.
  1. Sagittarius Physical Appearance: The Sagittarius look is marked by larger than life features; Often taller than average; Everything about their look is exaggerated; Their hair is usually a lighter shade such as blond or light brown; They have long limbs, rectangular-shaped equine faces and ear-to-ear smiles.


The earth sign appearance depicts an air of delicate strength. These people have very sturdy physiques and are highly resistant to illness. I often like to refer to them as the more feminine version of fire signs. There is a very obvious physical toughness and robustness, but they do not necessarily have the same sort of inclination towards the more athletic figure due to genetics and the like.


Squared face which can sometimes be chubbier than normal; Thick, darker colored hair, often with copper tones; Thick eyebrows that raise slightly; almond-shaped eyes; small nose and pouty, sensual lips; Sturdy build; Average to below average height; Small teeth; Light brown complexion; High cheekbones.

  1. Taurus Physical Appearance: The Taurus look is marked by harmony and strength; They have heart-shaped Venusian faces with soft but sturdy features; Their physicality gives off an air of strength and gentleness; The hair is often dark and thick and the face squared at the bottom; the eyes are shaped like ovals; the bones at the top of the forehead come together to suggest bull horns.
  1. Virgo Physical Appearance: The Virgo look is marked by meekness and modesty; Their musculature is usually slender; Average to above average height; These people look natural, with the women wearing very little make-up, if at all; The forehead is rounded at the top.
  1. Capricorn Physical Appearance: The Capricorn look is marked by frailty and sturdiness; Chiseled facial features; serious, dark and round almond-shaped eyes; there is a certain sternness about their appearance, which is marked by neutrality and sobriety; frail upper body and strong lower body; the bones at the top of the forehead come together to suggest goat horns.


The air sign appearance depicts an air of elegance and grace. These are very classy individuals and their physical appearance tends to reflect that. They are much more concerned with what’s going on in their minds than in their physical bodies. They prefer to engage in intellectual debate instead of going for a run, and thus, the air sign physique tends to be more slender and graceful.


Graceful facial features; Thin, light-colored hair, often blond or light brown; Rounded forehead; Thin eyebrows that raise slightly; eyes are smaller but much rounder than fire sign eyes; Elegantly-shaped musculature which includes but is not limited to the nose, neck, lips and chin; Average to above average height; Long, thin teeth; Creamy complexion; Low cheekbones

  1. Gemini Physical Appearance: The Gemini look is marked by youth and exuberance; They have a slim, petite frame with a short trunk and long limbs; Their slightly raised eyebrows showcase their inquisitive nature; They have rounded, sparkling and curious eyes with long, butterfly-like eyelashes; there is a doubleness to their facial features; They have pronounced apple cheeks that protrude forward when they smile; long, slender and delicate hands and fingers; average to below average height; Their heads are egg-shaped and rounded at the top because of their Mercury association; There is a small indention along the cheekbone that dips in between the teeth.
  1. Libra Physical Appearance: The Libra look is marked by beauty and symmetry; They have heart-shaped faces with oval eyes and more graceful features than their Taurus Venusian counterpart; Everything about their look denotes balance, grace and class; their eyes are much more rounded and are often blue; They have long teeth attached to beautiful smiles and are often dressed to the nines; They tend to sport the androgynous look due to the Libra association with the scales.
  1. Aquarius Physical Appearance: The Aquarius look is marked by eccentricity and sobriety; They are quite often slim and of average to above average height; They can have large alien-like eyes and similarly-shaped heads; their physicality gives off an air of originality and seriousness all at once; they can either sport the intellectual mad scientist look or the wild and crazy non-conformist look; thin nose and eyebrows which are slightly raised.


The water sign appearance depicts an air of gentleness and frailty. These are people which are very much in their feelings, and there is this delicate quality to the shaping of their physical bodies. Because of their intense connection with the water element, some can tend towards puffiness. Their association with emotion means that they are not athletically endowed. People with heavy water sign energy have the most difficult time putting on muscle due to the low level of testosterone in their blood.


Puffy face, as if to suggest water retention; Thick, darker-colored hair; small, flat forehead; eyebrows of average thickness that are raised higher than normal; round eyes pushed more forward than normal; Average size nose and lips; Soft, frail build; An abundance of body hair; Pronounced chin; Below average to average height; Short, thin teeth; Sallow complexion; High cheekbones.

  1. Cancer Physical Appearance: The Cancer look is marked by gentleness; They tend to have round, watery blue eyes which are full of emotion; Their builds tend to be somewhat stout, especially into their 30s; Rounded chin; Fair complexion; Pronounced breast area and wide child-bearing hips in women; Strong Cancerian males may come across very feminine in physicality due to their softer features and higher levels of estrogen; Rounded, moon-shaped faces; thin lips and noses.
  1. Scorpio Physical Appearance: The Scorpio look is marked by intensity in every sense of the word; They have very sharp, hawk-like features; They have dark, rounded and penetrating eyes; Their hair is often dark and thick; Their eyebrows are arched and angled like small switchblades, which indicate they are not to be messed with; There is a strong sexual energy within them that translates over to the physical body; Their lips naturally protrude forward in a seductive fashion.
  1. Pisces Physical Appearance: The Pisces look is marked by frailty and nebulousness; Their build is usually very petite; Because of the association with the ocean, a lot of them tend to have big, rounded eyes that are blue or cyan; The Pisces look is incredibly difficult to pin down due to its chameleon-like nature, as it is naturally a conglomerate of all of the other signs before it; They are usually of average to below average height; Think of the mermaid/merman aesthetic when dealing with a Pisces person.

Note: If you do happen to have this person’s accurate birth data, be sure to check any aspects being made to the sun, moon or ascendant signs, in addition to the houses these points are placed in, as they will play a major role in the shaping of the physical body.

PLANETARY GUIDE TO PHYSICAL APPEARANCE (Check aspects to sun, moon and/or ascendant)

  • Mercury: This planet can give you a certain elegance of musculature, endowing you with the nimble physical features associated with Gemini and Virgo.
  • Venus: This planet can give you a certain softness of musculature, endowing you with the delicate physical features associated with Taurus and Libra.
  • Mars: This planet can give you a stronger musculature than normal, endowing you with the strong, athletic features associated with Aries.
  • Jupiter: This planet expands whatever it comes into contact with, endowing you with the larger than life physical features associated with Sagittarius.
  • Saturn: This planet restricts whatever it comes into contact with, endowing you with the somewhat restrictive physical features associated with Capricorn.
  • Uranus: This planet can give you a certain eccentricity of musculature, endowing you with the somewhat offbeat physical features associated with Aquarius.
  • Neptune: This planet can give you a certain frailty of musculature, endowing you with the highly ephemeral physical features associated with Pisces.
  • Pluto: This planet can give you a very strong and intimidating musculature, endowing you with the hawk-like physical features associated with Scorpio.

Also be sure to check the aspects and houses relating to your ascendant lord. This is the planet that rules over your ascendant and your entire chart. The ascendant rules over the first house, which has the strongest pull over the physical body. This will give you added information on your body shape, musculature and stature.

HOUSES & PHYSICAL APPEARANCE (Check sun and moon house placements)

  • Fire Sign Houses (1st, 5th, 9th): This can give you a much more athletic build than normal.
  • Earth Sign Houses (2nd, 6th, 10th): This can give you a much sturdier and more robust build than normal.
  • Air Sign Houses (3rd, 7th, 11th): This can give you a much thinner, more elegant build than normal.
  • Water Sign Houses (4th, 8th, 12th): This can give you a much softer, more frail build than normal.
Here's a PSA for you all: Don't do this.

Please don’t do this.

I often times see people in mentally ill forums or tags that talk about how “People who are physically disabled are taken seriously and people believe what they can and can’t do." or claiming we get special accomidations that we don’t. Some even saying we have it easier, that we don’t face ableism.

Why is this a problem? Because people do this to us!

We are told we are exagerating. That we’re lying. That we just need to work past it. That we’re just lazy and have to do what everyone else does. That we just need to try harder. People don’t take us seriously. They won’t believe that you’re not ok.

We do get shit when we can’t do everything other people can do. Not just in school, but in the work place.

Mental illness is very serious and debilitating. I know that from experience. But don’t belittle the ableism directed at the physically disabled in an attempt to further visibility for mental illness discrimination.

Courtship - T’Challa Imagine

Originally posted by allthingsblackwidowed

Your POV

“Kitty cat!” Tony calls, drawing the attention of all of us Avengers in the room to him. “Why do you look so nervous?”  

I look at T’Challa. Tony was right, he looks nervous. More than I’ve ever seen. Dropping my phone that I had been pointlessly scrolling through, I turn my whole body towards T’Challa. Sitting up.

“I’m going to start courting someone.” He says, his voice deep.

I see everyone look in confusion. Tony voices there question, “Courting? What is that?”

Since vision isn’t here I’m going to have educate them. “Courting isn’t very popular anymore. Mostly people that are royal use it now. Courting is when you are getting to know someone with practically no physical contact. At the end of the courtship both parties decide whether or not they would like to get married or start a relationship. During the courtship which is usually 3 months, both parties show the other how they can provide, what they have to offer, and introduce each to the to the family.” T’Challa nods along with everything I’m saying.

“Practically no physical contact?” Tony says, the shock present in his voice and face.

“In old times there was no touching at all. Meaning no hand holding, hugging, kissing, etc…” T’Challa answers. “You explained it very well, Y/N”

I nod in thanks, “Now though, it’s okay to hold hands and give a kiss on the hand or forehead.”

“And you have to do this because you’re royalty?” Steve asks.

T’Challa chuckles, “No, I’m very serious about my feeling for this woman. In my country that it how we show that we would like something serious. That will last forever.”

“Whoever she is, T’Challa. She’s very lucky.” Natasha says.

I nod along with her words.

“I’ll be the lucky one if she says yes.” T’Challa murmurs. 

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Spoonie Witchcraft - what does it mean?

A small disclaimer first: I am by no means an expert nor are my words to be taken as the absolute truth. Witchcraft is a great tool but doesn’t replace actual medical care such as pills, going to the doctor/therapist, and so on. Also, I suffer from chronic mental illness and have no experience from chronic physical illness and thus I cannot speak for people who suffer from chronic physical illnesses.

The Spoon Theory

For chronically ill people, we have only a certain amount of energy to spend per day, or spoons. Various activities take different amount of spoons and the spoon amount might vary from day-to-day. Quite often you do not have enough spoons to do everything you want, so you have to either borrow from tomorrow’s spoons or juggle between choosing what to do.
In a situation like this, doing witchcraft is very hard - bigger spells, rituals, or anything that requires a lot of energy can easily take a good chunk of our daily spoons. This is why spoonie witches prefer to do low-energy spells.

Different levels of spoons

Because our spoon levels can vary from day to day, I have adjusted my witchcraft to them. I will present some examples that can give you an idea of what I do on days with certain amount of spoons.

Critical spoons - this is the lowest I can go. I usually don’t even get out of bed or maybe I get up enough to grab my laptop and go back to bed. On these days I prefer only to study and read, maybe say a chant and just hold my crystals to absorb their energy. Most often I don’t do anything because of how low my energy is.

Low spoons - the most common days I have. These are the days when I can cast a few small/simple spells and activate sigils. Rituals or bigger spells are still out of my league. I can probably manage to do the most critical daily tasks but not all.

Big spoons - once in a blue moon. These days are what I suppose “normal” people have. I have enough energy to complete my daily tasks and have a bit of extra even after that. Rituals and bigger spells are achievable and do not drain me completely.

Huge spoons - I’ve had such days more often than “a lot of spoons” -days, which I find a bit funny. On huge spoon days I feel like I can do anything and everything, so on these days I do tasks that have been waiting around such as cleaning and cleansing, laundry, and other tasks I consider very big and energy consuming. I also tend to charge my crystals and sigils on such days so I can draw their energy on days I don’t have as many spoons.

Am I a spoonie?

A lot of people can relate to the spoon theory, but what does being a spoonie actually mean?
It means that you are suffering from an illness that limits your daily life considerably. Everything in your life is dictated on how much energy you have and/or how much you are suffering from your illness on that day. You might not shower for a week because you don’t have the energy for it. You might not eat for two days because you don’t have the energy to make food. Two weeks’ worth of laundry is waiting but you can’t do anything about it because just the thought of it makes you exhausted. You can’t get out of bed because everything hurts so much and you just want to sleep forever.

I personally didn’t feel comfortable in calling myself a spoonie before I had medical papers in front of me that said I had a chronic mental illness. Of course, not every spoonie can get these papers or see a doctor, so it is mostly up to you to determine whether or not you’re a spoonie.
Some chronically ill people feel it disrespectful if you use the term when you are not diagnosed with such illness, so please keep that in mind.

Spoonie tips

  • Take your time. Your craft is not going anywhere and taking breaks is more than okay. Taking care of yourself is the number one priority. Always
  • On big/huge spoon days charge up crystals/sigils that will act as your “batteries” on low/critical spoon days
  • Lighting up candles will usually make you feel better
  • If you don’t have energy to clean and cleanse, lighting incense or opening a window can do wonders
  • Spend some time with your crystals, even if you just hold them in your bed
  • If you have plants, keep them near your bed so you have someone to talk with
  • Drink a lot of water. You can also charge the water in the sun or moon and infuse the water with intent
  • Draw sigils on your pill bottles, on your favorite mug, above your bed, in your phone’s cover, your hands, your comfort items, your heat bags… Anywhere and everywhere
  • On days when you can go outside, absorb light and the energy of the earth into yourself
  • Remember to ground and meditate (I find it really helpful)

Spoonie blogs

Here are some of my favorite spoonie blogs. If you want to be added to the list, please do contact me!


Rising signs

Aries: These types come across as very confident usually and their most defining physical trait is probably their eyebrows and face, they look very childlike

Taurus: Come across as very laid-back and chill, very calm but also graceful and kinda materialistic, most defining physical trait is most likely their lips, very nice, full plump lips

Gemini: Oh my these types are very restless, very jittery always wanting to do something and they talk a lot, they get bored easily and are very enthusiastic, and intelligent, talk very quickly, probably bony or skinny

Cancer: The face is the most defining trait, they have a cute round face with soft skin, big eyes , plump lips. These kinds are gentle and emotional, and somewhat clingy

Leo: Okay so obviously the most defining physical trait is the hair, it’s sculpted by the gods, these types are charismatic and attractive, very cool to be around and thy carry a gigantic aura of confidence

Virgo: These types are neat freaks and perfectionists. They tend to be very hygienic and don’t look plain per say but very clean and nicely put together. They are also intelligent but critical and analyze everything.

Libra: Oh my so indecisive, these kinds don’t like doing things alone and are very pleasant to be around. They love doing things for others and have a beautiful aura.

Scorpio: The eyes!! Oh my gosh, I’ve seen many Scorpio risings and the one defining physical trait is the eyes I swear, their eyes are very intense and deep and even if it’s the plainest color it comes off as so intense. They are so intense and probing and these types come across as sexy and focused. They always have their guard up and may loners

Sagittarius: okay so these people are so fun honestly, they are so adventurous and bold. It’s fun being with them and their defining trait is most likely the legs.

Capricorn: These types are focused and determined. They may think their accomplishments define them and they are worth much if they haven’t accomplished much. They have very nice features and very good bone structure usually. Beautiful but complicated and kinda cold

Aquarius: So unique in their appearance and very accepting of others. They have a non-conventional type of beauty but are extremely beautiful usually.

Pisces: So dreamy honestly and true chameleons, they seem so fluid and kinda are very suggestible as they kinda morph into whatever their environment is. An ethereal kind of beauty. Usually shy but kind and so compassionate. Could be artistic.


kaz is autistic masterpost

yes we are doing this babey. special thanks to @saltyautisticpickle and @fourmillionkruge for helping me put this together: a collection of canonical evidence and headcanons for autistic kaz “dirtyhands” brekker!

  • he very rarely emotes and is super blunt
  • his trauma/triggers are focused on tactile sensations
  • he refers to himself as thinking in extra dimensions (”thinking like a lockpick”)
  • he went nonverbal during inej’s “i will have you without armor” talk because he was Super stressed
  • the way so many people are intimidated/unnerved by his behavior/character is half because he puts effort into keeping up that scary aloof image, half because he just doesn’t understand all the nuances of social interaction
  • choosy about his gloves and suits because they need to be that Good Texture… and he has a ton of weighted jackets
  • “kaz brekker wears all black because it’s hARDCORE” no he just hates bright things
  • the way he fell apart when inej was kidnapped was super reminiscent of a meltdown, and his whole internal effort to shove down his tendency to be open and trustful with inej after that reminded me a lot of an autistic kid suppressing their autistic behaviors
  • kaz has a collection of Spooky Pendants and people think it’s to add to his Look™ and well. it kinda is because Fashion Is Everything but he also just likes to fidget with/chew on them. (wylan, the other autistic icon of the dregs, likes to steal them sometimes. kaz is never angry, just impressed that he gets away with it)
  • “Seems like everyone is forming alliances.” “They’re called friendships, Kaz.”
  • kaz “everyone thinks i drink coffee black because i definitely look the part but actually i have a sweet tooth and bitter foods are horrible” brekker
  • his Ultimate Cursed Food? fish
  • he doesn’t like to stim in front of people because he’s embarrassed/he’s gotta keep up the Cold Dirtyhands Image but he likes running his hand over the head of his cane a lot
  • in canon, after the scene at the exchange with geels, kaz doesn’t talk to the dregs; jesper takes over instead and explains what happened for him. kaz says that jesper always does this. conclusion: jesper knows kaz is autistic and helps him out when he’s nonverbal/overstimmed/starting to shut down (and i feel autistic/adhd solidarity in this chili’s tonight)
  • kaz gets overstimmed when the ketterdam streets are too busy, since there are A Lot of different noises and a lot of people brushing up on him when he tries to walk through the crowd. he goes nonverbal when he gets overstimmed and it happens pretty often since ketterdam Is a busy place, but he hides it easily behind his Cool Mysterious Doesn’t Talk Much persona
  • due to this he had a hard time when he first came to ketterdam, he literally Clung to jordie for like a month before he could get adjusted to the sudden change in scenery/schedule because jordie was the only familiar thing he had (”okay it’s super loud outside but being all alone in the house is worse than being outside with you so i’m coming with you to wherever you’re going!! WAIT DON’T LEAVE ME TO WAIT OUT IN THE STREET WHILE YOU GET SOMETHING FROM THE STORE I HAVE TO COME WITH YOU!!”)
  • prefers to walk the streets during the day even if it’s busier than it is during the night because ketterdam at night scared him shitless as a kid
  • “Wylan had been red-faced, barely able to speak the words of his supposed ‘affliction.’ Kaz had only shrugged. … So what if he couldn’t read?” this and kaz’s pep talk about disability are such iconic examples of autistic solidarity
  • kaz likes to stim with inej’s hair sometimes, like he’ll curl a strand around his finger or help her brush/braid it. it means they can make physical contact without skin touching so it’s really nice. also i’m crying as i type this because i love them so much
  • kaz and jesper are both Chronic Hand-Flappers And Leg-Jigglers
  • kaz’s happy stims: playing with his hair, humming
  • kaz’s unhappy stims: flapping, rocking
  • he has very rigid morning rituals and if you interrupt them You Will Die
  • picky as HELL with food. cook this steak the Right Way you cowards. you have all these spices and yet you use none of them. i have to do everything myself don’t i. i despise you all
  • he’s embarrassed to do anything Too Autistic around inej before their relationship really develops because he’s worried it’ll affect her opinion of him but jesper knows he’s autistic so he feels safe around him and lets jesper calm him down when he gets overwhelmed….. It’s Good
  • kaz: *shoves his hands in a pile of kruge to stim* I’m Fucking Coping
Basics of Aura seeing and reading

Although I may not be an expert upon this subject. I have been asked to give some information on what little I know on seeing auras. So here it is.

What are Auras:

Auras are basically the energy surrounding a living being protecting it and acting as a sign of well being. It is a different shape, size and colour for each being depending on their health, emotions and many other factors. Because auras are life energy, they not only surround humans (although for many these are easiest to see) but plants and animals also. There are many layers of auras, each showing a different aspect of the being they surround.

How to begin seeing Auras:

I personally began learning from a boo called “Energy Powers” by Walter Woods. This book came with a pack including come small squares of bright colours which will help with practicing.

You must first learn to blur your vision. I could already accomplish this. Allyou need to do is relax your eyes. Once you get the hang of it, you wont have a problem doing so.

Next you need a being with an aura you wish to see, its easiest for most to begin with a human rather than plant or other animal (I only learnt to read plants after a lot of practice.) Place a brightly coloured piece of paper behind the being and blur your eyes, allow the colour to spread around the being (usually about an inch) and although this might not be what you expected, you will be seeing the first layer of an aura.

Keep practicing with and withouhg the colured papers and you will find your ability to see these energy fields grow and you will soon no longer need the paper and, although it may be easier on an in-patterned background, you will find your abilities grow to be able to distinguish the aura from the air surrounding it.

Colours in Auras:

Some people can see colours in auras straight away but others, like myself, find they need to practice. Practice is always needed and it will take a long time. After a year I still find it difficult to see aura colours except greens and blue but for everyone it is different of course.

I will add a post on aura colours soon but it is similar to normal colour connotations. Brighter colours are positive and strong and darker, murkier ones are negative and weaknesses.

Layers of Auras:

There is not definite number of aura layers and different people can see different numbers of layers. You must practice a lot to begin to see the different layers of the aura, fading out as they expand from the body, (google aura layers images if you have no clue what I’m on about.) The first time I saw the second ayer of an aura was in an English class so believe that you can practice anywhere as nobody will notice.

The layers represent different aspects of the being. For example, layers closer to the body tend to be concerning physical traits and further one represent mental, emotional and even spiritual ones.

You must keep practicing and believe you can do what you wish. Learning will take a very long time and, as with everything, it will take a long time to see even a faint aura for some.

It is also possible to both feel and sense the aura and pendulums can be used sometimes to find the edges of each layer.

I hope this has helped anyone who wishes to learn.

But what if we got this nice, calm, drama free, mutual and respectful love story that just happens exactly the way it’s supposed to be in the background of everything else blowing up left and right. Of course there would be some small hitches because of all the other drama happening around them, but at the end of the day nothing much would change regarding their feelings for each other. 

Wouldn’t that be beautiful and refreshing?

Just them falling slowly in love, respecting each others boundaries every step of the way. Building up this really, really strong emotional bond that nothing could break, ever. It’s not a very physical relationship, it doesn’t have to be, all it takes is a glance and they know it won’t matter that the world is falling to pieces around them.

Reasons to not be convinced Root is dead

This isn’t an attempt claim that Root is alive or that any of what happened was planned, but to clarify that based on what happened and what would be consistent with this show (which has always been masterfully consistent) there is no way to claim that she is in fact dead.

  • First and foremost: obviously, we didn’t see her die. Nolan said “sometimes the hero dies alone in the dark”, but any TV writer knows you have to show it if you expect anyone to believe it. Yes, it allowed for that big reveal with Harold and TM’s voice, but that shouldn’t have taken priority over giving Root her final moment and the audience any sort of convincing closure for one of its main characters. This show has always shown the final moments of any large character’s death and left no ambiguity unless there should have been. We always got that final shot—that brief moment where you get to look at their face as they acknowledge that they are about to die. (They also had the perfect opportunity to show her dying in ‘Return 0′ when TM was visiting people in their final moments.)       
  • The cochlear implant. Considering Samaritan has known about the implant for a while and had access to her body at any time from the moment they shot her, why would they wait so long to get to it? Getting that implant would have been one of their top priorities since ‘Asylum’.         
    • So counter argument—Root and TM have given up the team’s location before in order to get access to something knowing full well they’d be able to handle themselves (‘Most Likely To…’).
    • This excuses why her body wasn’t cremated, which would have been the most logical choice, and allows her body to missing.
    • There’s no way TM wouldn’t have thought of how important it would be to destroy the implant. It was the single most important piece to her communication with the team and contained the exact information needed to reveal all of them. It would just be plain stupid for an Artificial Super Intelligence to forget that (She literally says “my bad”).                
  • They’ve faked a dead body before. Shaw was poisoned and passed for dead well enough to convince a bunch of paramedics in ‘Relevance’. Considering Fusco was the only witness to Root’s actual body it’s not a stretch that he could have been fooled.  
  • How did the machine not detect Jeff Blackwell? He’s crossed paths with the team enough for the machine to have a close eye on him above most others, so TM should have seen something like that coming even if he was using the shadow map. (I made another post about Blackwell after 5x10 about how odd of a choice it was to choose him as the shooter when he’s failed all of his previous (and future) missions) ·
  • Still don’t know whatever happened to that missile from QSO. Did Root go to Russia? What happened with that?
  • Root just happened to upload that software to the machine the same day and said all the things she would need to say to Shaw and Harold for them to process her death the way they needed to in order to move forward and take down Samaritan. This show has a lot of happy coincidences and foreshadowing, but that’s a bit much even for them.
    • The whole giving her a voice part also happened in the beginning. We learned in ‘If-Then-Else’ that the machine is capable of predicting exactly what characters would say in any given scenario (“What good’s saving the world if we can’t enjoy it?”) so it could have predicted that Harold would respond to a conversation about giving the machine a voice by letting it choose one.
  • ROOT HAS NEVER WANTED TO BE THE MACHINE. The ‘Root becoming a God’ concept from the writers isn’t consistent with her character. Yes, Root was all for transcending and becoming more than just human and having an ever closer relationship with TM, but she never would have wanted TM to become herRoot has always just wanted to be her greatest servant (“She sees everything, but there’s very little she can do about it herself. That’s where I come in. She tells me what to do and I do it.”). It was Root’s physical body and actions that made her so critical and important to TM. 
  • Root didn’t need to be dead for TM to take her voice. But from the writer’s perspective it was moving to have Amy Acker play TM (which would have been strange if Root was still around), it helped communicate that TM really does care because of how sentimental she is towards Root, and they needed Harold to finally have those full-on conversations with TM without him sitting at a computer screen. It was simply the quickest way to ‘humanize’ the machine so the show could end the way they wanted. 
  • Root would absolutely fake her own death. That’s probably the biggest reason why none of us are convinced—because she totally would. Again, not to say this was planned, but the writer’s would have to give us a lot more proof if they wanted us to believe she really died. She’s the master of manipulation and disappearing acts and has survived far worse.       
  • The only ‘solid’ evidence that she died is that the writer’s say so. If writer’s have to convince us of something outside of the show itself, they clearly did something wrong, because they didn’t write it in their story.

Ultimately it seems like the writers were playing at a weird line of making her dead for the sake of ending this season and wrapping up Harold and TM’s original plot while still leaving enough holes to make it possible for her to return if this story were to continue. So, because all of those open windows exist and that it would be consistent with this show and her character for her story to not be over, it’s simply Schrödinger’s cat all over again…

anonymous asked:

Sorry for rambling but I saw someone say they think maybe Nicole loves Waverly more the she loves her but I think the fact that Waverly betrayed her sister shows that it's equal, do you agree? I also think that as much as Emily is trying to make her not just the gf I think we still really only see her as that. We don't see her much with anyone else or her emotions much more then waves and work were we see all waves relationships and they mean a lot to her. Hopefully we see more next season.

Please! Ramble away!

I understand how others may get the impression that Nicole loves Waverly more. I think on the surface level, that is what you see. However, you need to understand and look at the past experiences of Nicole and Waverly (well, mostly Waverly’s because her love of Nicole is in question) to realize that they are equally devoted to each other and equally love each other deeply; they just express it in different ways

(I saw the same post; I believe we are talking about the same one)

This got a bit long, so everything under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely loved season 4 of RTTE! The graphics were great and I enjoyed so many of the episodes. Especially touching was the scene with Toothless and Hiccup in Dire Straits. It left me in tears and was so well put together! I would love to hear your thoughts on that episode! Would you be willing to analyze it?

I think this moment in Race to the Edge Season 4 was one of the highlights of the season. It was an extraordinary moment between Hiccup and Toothless. The facial expressions and body language demonstrate the love and closeness these two share, while Toothless’ gutsy actions show how much he was willing to risk to try to save his best friend. Even in an impossible scenario like this one, Toothless does not give up. To my last anon friend who feels that Toothless did not try hard, I hope my description of the situation explains why I believe that Toothless does everything in his emotional power and physical might to try to save his best friend. This dragon did not do nothing. On the contrary, he does a whole lot in an attempt to save the human he loves! It’s an incredible moment and displays their friendship oh-so-powerfully.

Now. One wonderfully written element about Dire Straits is that, from the very beginning, the story sets up the concept of Hiccup going deep underwater, and Toothless fretting about the venture. Toothless commonly becomes leery of Hiccup’s experiments, be it gliding through the sky or submerging deep below the ocean surface. In fact, every single time we see Hiccup prepare to descend in his latest invention, we also see Toothless cringing, moaning, and worrying. Toothless is fearful something might go wrong.

As we know, having seen the whole episode, Toothless’ worries end up being founded. Something does go wrong and Hiccup almost dies. And we see an early, powerful moment foreshadowing the climax of Dire Straits. The first time Hiccup tests out his invention, Toothless stares worriedly at him from the other side of the amber, with a similar camera angle to the horrific scene that happens at the end of the episode.

And at the same time we see Toothless worrying throughout the episode, we watch Hiccup preparing. During this time, we learn much about the construction of Hiccup’s underwater cauldron. It is constructed from Gobber’s old metal smelting cauldron and reinforced with Gronckle iron, an alloy that is stronger than iron. The death song amber window is thick and triple reinforced to ensure it does not break. The cauldron is built of an incredibly thick metal base, easily several inches thick, and due to its heavy weight, it must be raised and lowered with thick chains through a pulley system. The thick metal dome is held up by three heavy metal supports, presumably constructed from Gronckle iron, too, given as they appear to be the same material as the other reinforcements.

This robust construction is actually an important aspect of the episode’s climactic underwater accident. The point is that this is a very, very firm invention, something Fishlegs even describes as “dragon-proof.” Dragons cannot simply break open this device. It’s not that easy. It’s reinforced with Gronckle iron. And… it is so heavy that it requires a very robust pulley system… the average-sized dragon isn’t going to be able to carry this thing. The story makes it seem like this solid construction would be an asset, as it would prevent breakage or damage while Hiccup was underwater. He needed this to stay together or else he would die. However, what ends up happening is that this solid construction is so solid that… Toothless cannot get Hiccup out of it.

So everything building up to the climax leads to it: the strong construction of the cauldron and Toothless’ continued worrying all lead to the moment Hiccup is trapped underwater.

Part of what makes that scene so emotional and effective is the extent to which Toothless tries to save Hiccup. Toothless’ heroics start small but then spiral into increasingly dangerous, gutsy, futile actions. 

When the dragon riders first realize Hiccup is in danger, Toothless is already unnerved and tense, constantly staring down at the water. When Fishlegs says that they cannot bring Hiccup up because it’s too early, Toothless growls. Toothless wants Fishlegs to pull Hiccup out of the water; he would rather have his dragon rider companion alive than the Submaripper rescued.

And then the pulley system breaks. Here comes Toothless’ first enormously bold move. He instantly charges and grabs the cauldron’s pulley chain to try to pull Hiccup up. Even though an enormous, heavy metal dome is hurtling down ocean waters, and there’s no possible way a single Night Fury could carry such a weight, Toothless grabs the chain anyway. It’s a desperate, frantic, emotional, instinctive action. It’s not the most logical choice to grab on this chain… but what we see is that Toothless’ first instinct is to save Hiccup’s life. 

As expected, Toothless grabbing and pulling on the chain with all his physical power does squat. He is pulled down to the bottom of the ocean with Hiccup.

Already, we have one desperate, emotional, frantic action coming out from Toothless. And this is just the start of the dragon’s attempts to save his friend.

Now Hiccup is trapped on the bottom of the ocean surface. Toothless wastes no time trying to free Hiccup. Toothless swims around the cauldron, yanking on chains (which is a completely useless and emotional task, if you think about it… if he can’t pick up the cauldron the first time, he can’t pick it up the second or third or fourth times). Toothless also, as you point out, fires several plasma blasts underwater at the cauldron.

But there’s only so much Toothless can do in these conditions. The plasma blasts hit their mark, going straight to the base of the cauldron, but they’re not going to be as effective as they are above water. This is because Toothless fires acetylene charges that react to oxygen. When acetylene and oxygen interact, they create a plasma blast. Here’s the problem: Toothless is underwater. The acetylene cannot come in contact with oxygen. It’s the same reason why fire doesn’t burn underwater; water prevents the fire’s fuel from coming in contact with needed oxygen. So even if Toothless gave his largest, most aggressive plasma blasts underwater… they’re… not going to do much. Not in these conditions where we don’t have much free oxygen gas floating around.

Granted, even if Toothless had access to his full firepower, it’d probably be wise if Toothless didn’t shoot his strongest blasts. Plasma blasts are extremely explosive, and we don’t want Toothless killing Hiccup with his own shots. But that’s still all a hypothetical. We don’t know if Toothless was giving his full firepower or not underwater here… but we do know that Toothless was giving his best attempt to free Hiccup. We do know that, chemically, Toothless’ plasma blasts are rather weakened. His shots, which he uses for so many useful, quick-save tricks above water, are useless down here.

Another strength of Toothless’ that is suddenly depleted underwater… is his speed. Sure, Toothless is a fast swimmer from what we see, but it’s going to be nowhere close to the hundred mile speeds he gets in the sky. This is another thing to consider when we watch Toothless swimming around seeking to save Hiccup. Maybe it looks like Toothless’ attempts are “weak” and “halfhearted” because he seems to be moving slowly and without much force. But he’s underwater. Have you ever tried running even just waist-deep in water? You can’t. You’re extraordinarily slowed down. There is no way for Toothless to move quickly; I bet he’s moving about as fast as he can.

Here we see Toothless using all the tricks he usually employs to save others… and these tricks fail. Plasma blasts, strength, speed: none of them are going to do anything in this submarine situation. Even if he had thought to do things like ram against the death song amber… that had been reinforced to be dragon-proof, and he wouldn’t have been able to break it. HTTYD 2 has some amazing, near-impossible saves, yes, but it also shows us that sometimes reality doesn’t go as we want it to. Stoick had to die to protect Hiccup. There wasn’t a perfect, beat-the-impossible solution to save Hiccup there. And it looks like there isn’t a perfect, beat-the-impossible solution to save Hiccup here.

Now some people might note that Toothless doesn’t seem as frantic as some other people might be watching their best friend drown. This all comes to various personalities having different psychological reactions. For some people, in frightening circumstances, it might not fully click what’s happening until after the event. Many people terrifying events seemingly rather numbly or “calmly”, functioning just fine, until their minds can process what has occured. Then they get hysterical. Other people are very emotionally distraught during a situation but still manage to function halfway well on the outside. Just because Toothless isn’t in hysterics doesn’t mean he isn’t emotionally affected by what’s going on. We see that he’s extremely distressed. It’s just that he’s not frantic-frantic panicking.

It’s also to note that Hiccup and Toothless are seasoned to danger. Toothless is going to be extraordinarily distressed about Hiccup, but he’s been in enough dangerous situations to know not to panic. He’s conditioned to be able to operate efficiently even under enormous, terrible pressure. It’s going to emotionally kill Toothless to go through this situation… and we can see, with his worried eyes, that this is a horrible reality for Toothless to experience. But Toothless isn’t going to get hysterical like some lesser-experienced individuals might so do.

The dragon might be operating more efficiently than some people in tight spots, but we can tell he’s not operating as logically as he would in calmer situations. His distress is emotionally compromising him. Toothless is wasting his strength doing things that obviously won’t free Hiccup. Remember: this dragon yanked on a chain to pull up an object impossibly heavier than he could bear. It’s entirely possible Toothless can’t think of other solutions to this problem with his mind in his compromised, scared state. What we see is a dragon who is doing his best to help Hiccup, is able not to panic, but is still extremely distressed and emotionally compromised. We can see it all through his emotions and his choices.

It’s a very realistic and simultaneously poignant reaction from Toothless here. Once he goes through all the methods he can think of to free Hiccup, he comes to the conclusion that Hiccup might die down here. We start to see Toothless slow down. Toothless is starting to run out of ideas, and he’s starting to realize that his best efforts might be futile. That’s really disheartening, so his emotions cause him to break his rescue attempts, look at Hiccup face-to-face, and mourn. Toothless slows down and stops trying to save Hiccup… because the depression of the situation is weighing him down. It’s the point where Toothless’ thoughts of “I might save Hiccup” change into “I can’t save Hiccup” which lead to the horrible realization… “Hiccup is going to die.”

Boom. Ow.

Now, in addition to Toothless doing so much to try to save his friend, the reason this scene is so powerful is because of the complex emotional reactions that occur when Hiccup and Toothless communicate. What we see in this interaction is that their primary concern is for each other. Hiccup whacks against the death song amber, insisting worriedly, “Go! Save yourself!” He loves Toothless and he wants Toothless alive. But Toothless is worried about Hiccup, not himself.

So when Hiccup tells Toothless to save himself, Toothless doesn’t swim to the surface. Toothless continues to stare at Hiccup, and Hiccup says, in response, “I know, bud. I wouldn’t leave you either.” 

What this means is that Hiccup and Toothless both know… the dragon isn’t leaving. They know that their love for each other is too strong for that to be an option.

Toothless would rather die helping Hiccup to the very end than save himself.

Hiccup realizes Toothless’ intent. And then we see his facial reaction change… from one of fear for his best friend’s life… to sad comfort. He’s touched, albeit emotionally pained, that Toothless loves him so much he’s going to stay at his side.

It is at this point that Hiccup calms. He accepts he won’t make it out alive. Toothless, on the other side, cannot accept this. Depressed and worried, the dragon is going to make the ultimate sacrifice of staying by Hiccup’s side to the very end… even if this means the end to both of them.

The end of the “conversation” occurs when Toothless closes his eyes, reaches out, and nuzzles the amber window. Note that he’s reaching for Hiccup’s hand. Hiccup’s hand is outstretched toward Toothless, and Toothless tries to touch Hiccup’s hand. Recognize the gesture? It’s only sort of similar to this friendship-building moment from long ago…


Toothless can’t save Hiccup. He can’t even touch Hiccup. But he demonstrates the trust and love of their friendship as best he can: with the gesture of “touching” nose to palm. It’s the demonstration of ultimate love and trust, the motion Toothless and Hiccup make when they are at their most tender and caring.

My feels.

It’s such an emotional moment. It’s the concept of so-close-and-yet-so-far. We see this done in movies. A New Hope with Obi-Wan’s death. The Force Awakens with Han Solo. Characters are close enough they can watch someone die, but simultaneously too far away (or barricaded) such that they can’t do anything. Hiccup and Toothless are so close. They’re face-to-face. They can read one another’s eyes, communicate, see how the other is emotionally handling this nightmare. But Toothless is separated from Hiccup, unable to touch him and unable to save him. The best Toothless can do is nuzzle the glass in front of Hiccup. In a way, this nuzzle is a way of expressing his loyalty, his love… and his good-byes.

It’s possible that Toothless might have gotten some physical rest at this moment. Then he might have tried some more futile attempts of freeing Hiccup. But we don’t know because it is at this instant the Submaripper appears. 

So. You know what I said about Toothless doing ridiculously, increasingly gutsy things to protect his best friend? This is what we have going here. Toothless is probably running out of air. He has exerted a lot of physical energy trying to budge a cauldron that is too heavy for him. He has shot several plasma blasts and seen they have almost no destructive effect underwater.

And yet when the enormous Submaripper swims toward the cauldron…

…Toothless goes into attack mode. It doesn’t matter Toothless is out of his element. It doesn’t matter Toothless is probably running out of physical strength. It doesn’t matter his plasma blasts mean squat here. It doesn’t matter that he’s so much smaller than the other dragon. When Toothless sees the Submaripper advancing toward Hiccup, his automatic response… is… to… fight.

There’s no logic to this. Hiccup is going to die anyway. Toothless is going to die anyway. Toothless is completely, utterly outmatched.

Doesn’t stop him from trying to defend his best friend.

Toothless fires two plasma blasts immediately, trying to fight off the enormous dragon and keep Hiccup - at least for a few seconds more - safe. This dragon is willing to die underwater with Hiccup. This dragon is even willing to die fighting a seadragon to prevent Hiccup’s soon-to-be-dead body from being touched by a hostile individual.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief (wordplay on breathing intentional) that the Submaripper’s motives were misread by Toothless. Toothless tends to be suspicious first, friendly second… and to be fair, the Submaripper had been aggressive toward the humans up to this point. But instead of attacking Toothless, we see the Submaripper pay debts. Hiccup saved the dragon… so the dragon will now save Hiccup.

Thus Hiccup is rescued.

So yes. I absolutely love this moment, and I consider it one of the standout moments of Race to the Edge. This is a moment that expresses the deep bonds between Hiccup and Toothless in a horrifying, emotional near-death situation. Everything is done so perfectly… the foreshadowing camera angle compared to the climax… the nose-to-palm “touch”… even the music, which is a variation on the theme that happens whenever Toothless is in grave danger (heard, for instance, at the end of the Kill Ring). What we see here is a friend desperate to save a friend… a friend willing to die next to his friend… a friend willing to sacrifice himself for a friend…

It’s the very essence of the loving bond between dragon and rider.

referenceoflove  asked:

I'm not entirely sure this isn't the best su base ever been, but the very VERY best part of everything is that steven is doing it all still on his sandels lots of love to ya

Let’s recap the amazing tenacity of Steven’s sandals: 

Lion 4: Alternate Ending

- Trudging through a burning-sand desert in Lion 4 (Check)

Doug Out

- Darting through an amusement part with numerous physical stunts (Check)

The Good Lars

- Running around what seems to be the entire Beach City in a night (Check)

Are You My Dad?

- Engaging with two hostile gems on a grassy terrain (Check)

I Am My Mom

- More amusement park darting and staying on his feet through all of this (Check)

Stuck Together 


The Trial

- Sandals back and intact (Check)

Off Colors

- Trekking/Running through Homeworld’s abandoned ruins (Check)

Lars’ Head

- And doing whatever you think this looks like (Check)