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god now i’m thinking about a hogwarts au….and how will would be so nervous about what house he would be in….and how he’d be so anxious bc lonnie’s always said he’s too much of a sissy to be in gryffindor and will’s been internalizing that for yEArs….but then the sorting hat yells gryffindor and he just! is so fucking happy! he’s not a sissy lonnie was wrong….and jonathan’s cheering him on from the ravenclaw table and he’s so proud….and god my heart hurts i love this boy 

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-stares like a creep at ichimatsu for 10 minutes-

Ichimatsu: ….


will byers is gay coded → canon evidence

you know why i fucking love kim taehyung? because he calls his zits his friends and points them out on cam. he’s happy when he gains weight. when criticized about his fashion sense, he basically schooled ARMY telling them fashion is cyclical and he’s going to wear whatever he likes no matter the cost. because he jumps to the other members’ defense in a heartbeat. because he takes care of everyone. stan him.


A pining sap

Key animation from Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX “Welcome to The Madness” by Tatenaka Junpei

let me share your dreams

nico and will sleeping, because boy, do they deserve it