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Intertwined // dodie 2016


Get to know me meme: 6/10 movies» The Theory of Everything (2014) 

“There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. We are all different. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope.”

If you’re American and think the US presidential race is terrifying, imagine how it feels for the rest of us, knowing we’re likely to be affected by the outcome but having zero influence on the result.

Please go and vote for Hillary on November 8th. Register to vote if you haven’t already, register for an absentee ballot if you have to. No third party candidate. No “protest” lack of vote. (Guess what, voting is a right and not something the government actually needs from you; if you’re not exercising your right, joke’s on you.) I don’t care how you feel about presidents or politicians - I feel the same way, probably, but voting still needs to happen. I don’t care how “problematic” you think she is. Republican voters don’t care if someone is problematic. If they vote and you don’t, guess what, your ‘protest vote’ or non-voting was an idiot move. And she’s not a bad candidate. She’s demonstrated time and again that she actually has the skillset needed to be president (for example, basic listening and reading comprehension, much unlike Trump), and she’s not determined to dismantle any social progress the US has accomplished in the past decades. Vote Hillary.


Me, totally legit appointed representative of the other 195 countries

I’m still sad but I’m happy to be alive tonight.

“Of all of the things that she’s ever said-”

“-she goes and says something that just knocks me dead…”

maimishou  asked:

(Jet don't look at this message.) I'm curious. Do you not like Kyoko? Based on your replies to Jet's posts it sounds like you don't and I'm curious as to why. Personally after the events of Rrbellion she's replaced Homura as my favorite.

I love Kyoko? I’m confused about this entire message, she’s literally my favorite and the girl with whom I have the most in common philosophically. I don’t mean to suggest Kyoko Did Nothing Wrong because lol, but no, I like her very very much. 


I squeezed my eyes tight together and waited for unconsciousness—almost eager for my nightmare to start. Better that than the pale, beautiful face that smiled at me now from behind my lids.

I’ve got a post-Inquisition scene in my head and I wish I had any artistic talent because dang, it would look good as a picture. I could probably scribble a thumbnail, but that’s as far as it would get on my end.

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im so sorry you're feeling this way :( ive always appreciated and admired your blog and ily<3

aa thank youu ;~;’’

yeah i’m sorry i feel like this too, i just can’t find joy in anything, and the rhett and link fandom is just really distant and hateful lately,,,,

If you’re looking to get f’d up, watch She and Her Cat - Everything Flows. It’s only 4 (7-8 minute) episodes, but it’s 4 episodes worth of sad.


Henry + casual outfit (part 1)

what started as a thought about community team members spiraled into Tibalt being the actual community lead which somehow also turned into Tibalt acting as an annoying camp counselor yelling at everyone through an equally annoying megaphone.