everything i am searching for

My soul is chaos, how can it be at all? There is everything in me: search and you will find out. I am a fossil dating from the beginning of the world: not all of its elements have completely crystallized, and initial chaos still shows through. I am absolute contradiction, climax of antinomies, the last limit of tension; in me anything is possible, for I am he who at the supreme moment, in front of absolute nothingness, will laugh.

- Emil Cioran

Once you get into a relationship, you might wish you had more friends. Once you make more friends, you might desire to have a better relationship. Once you make friends at work, you might wonder why you can’t make friends at church. Once you make friends in the city you’re in, you might long for those deeply rooted relationships from back home. The cycle goes on and on. We travel through life not always feeling the need for the same things, and nevertheless our hearts remain in need. No matter where we are, we end up still needing something. But so often times what we fail to realize is that in our time of need, God is doing in our lives whatever was meant to be. He is putting people on our paths exactly when we they need to be there. That feeling of longing that we have for something more is met with God’s grace that says, “you don’t have to keep searching…I am truly giving you everything you need.” God knows what your heart is longing for, so long for Him all the more, because it is in your longing for Him that you will learn of your belonging in the perfect plan of what He has in store.

Knowing this, remember that you are going to be okay. Whoever is meant to be in your life, He is going to put them there. And most of all, He is going to continue to write His love and His guidance all over your life, showing you that over and over, in Jesus’ name, He will give you everything you need, from now until Eternity.

Psalm 5 is a prayer of guidance. Let this be our prayer when we feel the need to be loved, heard, and cared for:

Give ear to my words, O Lord,
Consider my meditation.
Give heed to the voice of my cry,
My King and my God,
For to You I will pray.
My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord;
In the morning I will direct it to You,
And I will look up.
Psalm 5:1-3

Keep looking up. He sees you, He hears you, and He knows your needs, and He hasn’t forgotten a single one of them.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

Can we transcend our religion for a more vast spirituality?

There comes a time when we have to transcend our religion-barriers. Religion is good, but we have to go far beyond religion. Religion will tell us about God; sometimes it will create fear in us when we do something wrong. The religious approach to God is mostly through fear. But the spiritual approach to God is always through love. It is not out of fear that we approach God but out of love. We want to establish our inseparable oneness with God. I don’t want to say that religion does not have love for God, because it has. But fear of God very often looms large in people who practice religion. People who practice Yoga do not have that kind of fear. They have only love of God. Oneness with God is what they want.

Religion feels that there is someone called God who is high above, in the sky or in Heaven or somewhere else, and that all Peace, Light and Bliss are with Him. But Yoga will say that where I am is Light, Peace and Bliss; where I move around is Truth. Truth and I are inseparable. Religion does not claim that oneness. Religion will say Truth is somewhere else; we can have a free access to it eventually. It says Truth is somewhere, Light is somewhere, and only if we pray and meditate will we one day see the face of Truth and Light. But Yoga will say, “No. Where I am, the very thing I am looking for is also there. I am the very thing that I am now looking for, searching for, striving for. Everything is already inside me, only I have forgotten it, I cannot recognise it or I have misplaced it.” Yoga tells us to look for our inner wealth, to discover and bring to the fore what we eternally have. Spirituality is Yoga in a vast and broad sense.

Sri Chinmoy, Flame-Waves, part 6

Shiro:Is your name google?


Shiro:Because you got everything I am searching for.


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Pairing: Arno Dorian x fem!reader

Word count: 760

Warning: none

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A/N: Inspired by a previous convo on Discord, I decided to add this onto my already heaping pile of requests for some reason. I hope you all enjoy.

Glitter, stiff fabric and extravagant clothing swirled through the eye slits in your mask as you navigate your way through the massive crowd of guests with only minimal candlelight and dim chandeliers to guide you through the night before the moon showed its face.

Versailles always looked better at night.’ You think to yourself as a tap on your shoulder stops you from trying to move past various bodies in coarse fabric and uncomfortable shoes. You turn around to see a man with dark hair, tan skin and dark eyes while dressed in a black French masquerade outfit complete with a gleaming white mask that covered half of his face.

Bonsoir, mademoiselle.” He greets with a charming smile and a suave French accent as you perform a mock curtsey.

Bonsoir, monsieur.” You reply sweetly  as you smooth the light blue sleeve of your gown.

“Care to join me for a dance in the courtyard?” The man asks and you nod before you extend your arm. He links his arm through yours and leads you outside of the palace into the newly renovated marble courtyard. A small string quartet with a guest French horn begins to play the Blue Danube as dancers start to file in front of the stage with their respective partners. Your partner leads you into an moderate tempo as you spin around other couples in their own lavish outfits and blinding jewelry.

“What brings you to Versailles, ma chérie?” Your partner asks as you glide towards the musicians.

“A certain peace that Paris can’t provide. Or America in general.” You answer while he spins you around before placing his hand on your waist again.

It’s just part of the dance, Y/N. No need to get all jumpy.’ You remind yourself.

“I see. Peace is something that not many can find, much less within a city.” He remarks.

“No, it’s not.” You swallow as your partner dips you before bringing you back up again. “What brings you here to the Château de Versailles then?”

“I came here once with my father. Everything about the palace spoke to me in a strange way and I promised myself that I would come back someday.” Your partner explains and you nod understandingly. The musicians stop playing and you separate yourself from your partner before bowing.

“I’m Y/N.” You manage to say without a stutter or a misstep before you leave the courtyard and escape from the slowly gathering crowd of new dancers. Somehow, you manage to find yourself standing in the garden, right in front of a fountain decorated in stone with an angel looking down on you like a silent guardian.

You hear the faint echo of footsteps behind you and you slowly turn around to see your dance partner standing there with a small smile gracing the unmasked part of his face.

“Who are you?” You ask so quietly, it could have been a whisper.

He steps ever so close towards you, so close that you think that he could possibly smell the whiff of lavender perfume you sprayed on before you left your hotel room earlier.

“Arno Dorian, amour.” He tells you, his eye partially lidded as you reach up slowly to remove the white mask, only to see the exact features you saw on Arno’s unmasked face.

“Why mask yourself if you have nothing to hide, Arno?” You inquire.

“You only see what you can on the outside, Y/N. But you can never see what is truly inside something, not until you unmask everything.” Arno explains. “I’ve been searching for who I am on the inside for a long time, hence the half-mask. I only know what I see when I present myself in public, and yet I never know who I truly am deep down.”

“Perhaps you’ll find it one day. And when you do, come back here at this spot in the palace, when the ball comes around again. I’ll be here.” You tell him firmly and he smiles before reaching for your mask and gently removing it from your face.

A soft breeze brushes your face and Arno delicately kisses you on the lips before placing his mask back on.

“Thank you, Y/N. I hope to see you here again someday.” Arno nods as he turns around and leaves.

You touch your lips lightly and watch Arno’s retreating figure slip away into the darkness of the ever-growing night before you place your mask comfortably on your face and head back towards the main party while the moon begins to glow brightly.

Anton Walbrook, on stage in the early 1930s. 

I think I keep falling in love with people to distract myself from the fact that I cannot fall in love with myself. I have loved other human beings more than myself, I have loved their flesh and bones more than my own. Not because my love for them was immense, but because the love I had for myself was lacking. I had so much of love and I gave it all away without leaving any for myself, and I know that was wrong. I am trying to love this shell that I am in, along with everything inside of it. I have been searching for the love of my life for so long, I never realized that they were right inside of me. They have been all along.
—  m.o.w, on loving myself

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Hello! Can you recommend me some good fanfics? (i already read Cloudy With A Chance) It doesn't have to be iKON. Thank you!

Ah hello, Anon! Pretty much all I read right now is iKON so I’m gonna give you (some of) my favourite iKON fics. :)
Just going with some more recent fics. If I went all the way through the entire fandom this list would be way too long. ♥

Fav Authors
A Memory Box -  I am deeply in love with everything AMB writes?? Soul-searching angst with happy resolutions! Honestly my favourite kind of stories, and there is a severe lack of them. “The Long Weekend” is my fav of the bunch. (Double B)

ZombieCheeze - I don’t know that I even need to rec my BFF, because everyone is probably already reading her stuff but no fav list is complete without my other half! ♥ Everything she writes is gold. Everything! (Mostly Double B but a mix of some other pairings)

Fav Fics (complete)
Glitch by shier - Alien!Bobby. It’s a wonderfully bizarre and complicated story with constant flashbacks and a jilted time-line. But that’s one of the things I love the most about it (it’s meant to be like that, for reasons you’ll understand when you finish reading it). It’s the sort of story you want to read again as soon as you finish it, just to get a better understanding of it all. It’s fascinating and as someone who’s desperate for space AU iKON, I am impatiently waiting for more of this series to come out. (Developing JunBob)

Accidents of Life by hizashi - (Okay so I have to be honest I still haven’t had the chance to read this yet? But I read the follow up companion pieces (Triptych) and am in absolute love with them, and the author recommends reading this one first. I just haven’t had a chance.) It’s a college AU that deals with life’s complications. (JunHwan; also has a gorgeous Triple Kim friendship)

Atlas by aijee - Absolutely beautiful soul mate fic (presented in a canon setting) that spans the years of iKON. (BinHwan)

We Are Like A Time Bomb Set Into Motion by lumoon33 - An observation and exploration of iKON ships through Chanwoo’s eyes. (Double B, JunHwan, YunDong)

Dickle Pics by kihyunskitten - Bobby sends dick pics to Hanbin to critique, which forces Hanbin to come to terms with his feelings. (Double B)

Fav Fics (works in progress)
Kintsugi by everywordnotsaid - A very beautiful story about the struggles of trying to make a formerly broken relationship work again. It’s absolutely gorgeous! (Double B)

Lacuna by ikonbias - Bartender Yunhyeong and singer Donghyuk trying to navigate a potential romance. The first story that captured my interest for this pairing! (YunDong)


Sequel to my drabble “Slow Burn”, but you don’t need to read part 1 to enjoy this one! 

Read it on AO3!

With a soft ‘click’, the thick wooden doors to your beloved library snapped shut and you were left alone in the darkness. Your lips were bruised and swollen from the rough kisses bestowed upon you from the King. With trembling fingers, you reached up to brush against the still tingling flesh.

You wanted more.

You refused to waste another moment. With purpose, you hurried on out the doors and followed the paths to Thranduil’s throneroom. It was still early morning and you didn’t encounter a single elf on your way, but when you reached the elaborately carved doors you hesitated. Doubt washed over you like a cold wave. What if he didn’t want to see you?

‘Well then he wouldn’t have invited you to dinner!’ your subconscious argued back.

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Dear God,
I search for your face in every mirror I don’t look twice in.
I’m afraid I won’t find you,
or worse,
I will,
and you will look just like me.

Everything is heavy again.
Like every night I am returning to an empty home I forced into abandonment.
I want to cry without feeling guilty.
I’d like to stop casting the first stone.
I’m covered in bruises shaped like my own hands.
Sometimes, I daydream about dividing up my bones,
like a backwards puzzle
I don’t want piece together.

Do you ever wonder if people pray to you to prove they’re good enough to do so?
Do you ever wonder if people really love you for you,
or for the stories and perks that come with your name?
I’m not saying I’m like you.
I’m just saying if a supreme being can doubt their own existence,
I can, too.

I think all the wine I’ve drank is turning back into water.
I’m learning to love drowning on dry land.
It helps me remember the concept of breathing.

I am always tired.
Do you ever rest?
Or are you kept awake by the thousand aching voices washed away in your anger?
Will I become like them?
Or you?

—  the burning sinner, the praying bush | bianca phipps
You touch me

And every stream in my body becomes an ocean raging, waging war against the wind. Racing, trying to reach the top of the shore at the tips of my fingers in attempts to touch your face.

To touch you is to know you, to love you, and to heal myself all at once. You are a miracle.

You are soil, fertile, waiting for flowers to bloom in spring. I am a mountain in the distance trying to match your beauty.

But it’s cold where I am. Everything here is frost bitten to death. I am eternally in search of sun, in search of light.

I want to sprout legs and stop watching beauty.

Because of you, I aim to walk towards it. I ache to become it.

And when we are together

i forget everything what’s in my mind

you kiss away my pain 

you hug away my problems.

And when we lie next to eachother

you in my arms

and me holding you so..

cuddling for hours without no words.

Baby this silence

means more than words

what we can’t speak with mouth

those sparkles in your eyes

that light in smile..

that happiness in your voice -

just you, just you

are my home

my love.

My everything -

what i have searched so long

so i am finally here and i won’t

leave even in million years.

Thank you for loving me.