everything he is his entire being and existence is perfect

Lofty: Wanderer

Ain experiences different situations and circumstances while traveling with Elsword and the El Search Party and meets many people in Elrios. Ain feels “anxiety” because of the El that’s becoming further away from them due to unexpected events.This unfamiliar feeling starts to awaken the trace left in him from the rift of the Time and Space.

Ain feels a great demonic aura from the [Dark Forest] he had to visit by Hoffman’s request, and his inner anxiety turns into negative emotions such as fear and anger. These start to spread outside of him as well. Ain falls into a state of panic from the fear looming over him but regains his consciousness thanks to El Search Party’s calling. He tries to look for a way to calm the chaos, fearing that he might not be able to fulfill his mission in this state.

He even gets help from the humans and tried a Nasod mechanism that uses El as its power source, but it could not gauge the chaos that had grown uncontrollably, which only continues to grow.

When Ain’s anxiety reaches its peak, he asks for an answer from the Goddess, but he does not hear any reply. Ain feels even greater despair from not being able to reach the Goddess, and the seed of chaos inside manifests. When he is enveloped by the chaos, the power of creation that God had given him becomes corrupted; the body that was given to him to fulfill the mission begins to crumble and shatter.

Ain starts to wander aimlessly within the terrible nightmare that haunts him. He continues to question the mission and the purpose of his existence that are becoming more meaningless.


The more Ain uses the corrupted power of the God, the more his body shatters. The trace of Henir that starts to appear spreads throughout his body, but for the sake of his mission, Ain endures the pain and moves forward.

When Ain arrives at [Nasod Foundry] with the El Search Party, he sees how ‘Nasod’, a creation of mankind, is manufactured numerously then later discarded once its purpose is fulfilled.

From watching the Nasods, he reflects on himself - a being created for the mission and fated to disappear after its completion - and grows skeptical of his existence. Fear and despair for the future begin to fill his mind.

Again, to ask for an answer from the Goddess, Ain heads to Feita, but the terrible demonic aura that shrouds the entire region and the numerous demons only help develop the chaos within Ain.

Even then, believing that reaching the Goddess will cleanse him of everything, Ain perseveres with only that in his mind. He ends up discovering the <Dark El>, a jewel that the demons worship.

After seeing how the El, which he believed is a perfect creation that only the Goddess can interfere with, could be corrupted by the demons, Ain’s faith in the Goddess that has sustained him thus far, shatters and he is consumed by the fully grown seed of chaos.

Within it, Ain faces the core of the chaos again, but he, enveloped in chaos, does not feel that it is unstable like how he felt it was last time. At the end of the disordered chaos, Ain realizes that the creation of everything - the beginning and the end - everything is bound to return to nothing.

The mission to save the things that are bound to disappear, and even himself, who is created for that mission, have no meaning.

When Ain sorts out his chaotic emotions, he abandons the Goddess and his mission, replacing them by fully accepting the chaos of Henir that has been eating away at him all this time.

In the center of the storm of chaos, Ain becomes the absolute ruler of the Void who returns everything to its perfect state: nothing.

Tory Stank is not a hero

So there’s rightfully been a lot of anti tonka discourse going on lately and I am absolutely loving it. And a lot of this has focused around tiny taking peter’s suit from him but I wanna focus on a little line of dialogue which has gone pretty unnoticed. Just before taking the suit tincan says “What if somebody had died? That’s on you. What if you had died? That’s on me. I don’t need that guilt on my conscience.” Ignoring the blatantly ridiculous line of thought that reveals (if someone else dying was peter’s fault then surely his own death would be peter’s own as well. Either way, the responsibility would really be the killer’s), this is such a horrendously self-centred way of looking at the world. Tinka straight up admitted that he doesn’t actually care about whether or not other people get injured all that matters is whether he personally feels guilty about it or not (sidenote: tinky not telling peter that he was dealing with the weapons smuggling situation is exactly the same kind of bullshittery that people shit on Dumbledore for regarding not being as open with harry as he should but that’s another issue).

This self-centred and guilt-based reasoning for his behaviour is a recurring theme throughout every single one of the movies that tike is in. he only starts his vaguely altruistic behaviour after he is personally affected by his own weaponry not because he actually cares about any of the other people that the weapons which made his billions affected. The only reason that tyke becomes irony man is to find a way to lessen the guilt which he feels over his actions, something which is reflected in the above quote.

It is not just that quote which demonstrates that skunk only cares about relieving himself of guilt, the accords do so just as well. You’re welcome to claim that the accords are about accepting responsibility and oversight but they simply are not. The point of the accords was to remove any decision-making capabilities out of the avengers’ hands, thus removing any semblance of agency from any of them. And if you have no agency, you can have no responsibility because you are not the one making the choice. Taking responsibility means that you yourself make the decision and are willing to accept any and all consequences and punishments that come from that decision; if someone else makes that decision for you then you simply cannot be the one to be reprimanded for it. But, if someone is making your decisions for you then you avoid any and all responsibility and consequences for what you do and thus are able to avoid the guilt for what happens, which is exactly why stunk supports it. In supporting the accords, stinky was actually being quite politically shrewd in making it look like he was all for the avengers accepting responsibility for what they do when in fact he just wanted to avoid his own guilt.

So how does this all together mean that tnoy is not a hero? Simple, his reason for acting is self-centred. He doesn’t care about people; he cares about himself and his own guilt. The entire locus of his altruism is in mitigating and lessening his own guilt. In truth, tanko is a perfect example of white liberalism and performative activism, everything he does he does to make a name for himself in some flamboyant and flashy way or to make himself feel less guilty about what he does, he categorically does not care about the well-being of other people until it starts to reflect poorly on him. This is a constant of his personality which has existed from his first film right up to homecoming and this lack of character development appears to be a theme which refuses to shift for the foreseeable future and is the biggest blockade towards him being a hero.

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I read one of your posts to request about Naruto and his baby for the first time or taking care of her/him! Hehe He is such a precious sunshine ball //ugly sobs// So is it possible if i request them now? :D

OK SIT DOWN BOYS AND GIRL BC THIS IS MY BABY’S BABY AND Y’ALL ARE GONNA WANNA BE SEATED FOR THIS CUTENESS. Also, I fully believe Naruto would have a daughter as his first child, Sorry Boruto. 

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  • Naruto would literally give the entire world to his daughter; when it comes to her, the word ‘no’ does not exist whatsoever. She’s his little princess and he will do whatever he has to in order to make sure that she is safe and happy. In his eyes, this little baby girl is the most perfect thing that he has ever seen, and she always needs to be provided for. She becomes the reason that he wakes up everyday; she’s just absolutely everything to him.
  • He was so excited for a baby- absolutely ecstatic. Even if she wasn’t planned, I cannot see him being unhappy or angry. ‘Course he might be a bit nervous, but other than that’s he’s pretty pumped to have a mini him.
  • Definitely tried to use shadow clones to take care of his daughter, but it freaked his little one out, because she had no idea what was going on, because there was five of them all around her, and it was just too much for her to process at such a young age. So needless to say, he doesn’t use it anymore. Doesn’t matter really though, Naruto would rather be the sole one taking care of her. 
  • Omg, he absolutely died when he saw her first smile and her first laugh. He just melted, because she’s just so gosh darn cute, and she’s his, and lordy he was just a mess. Baby giggles could literally end Naruto Uzumaki.
  • After being resurrected, he again died when her first word was “Dada.” Naruto’s poor little heart goes into overload because of all these cute little things that his baby does. Someone please save him. 
  • Naruto is all for getting her messy with different sensory things. Like he doesn’t care if she gets paint all over her, or anything like that; it’s so easy for him to just bring her in the tub with him that it doesn’t matter if she’s covered head to toe in yellow paint and noodles. He wants her to experience fun things like that, and because of that, she’s a very sensory advanced child; always on of the first ones to try something new. Fearless little munchkin.
  • His daughter is such an attachment baby; it’s actually awful how attached she is to those around her, but Naruto absolutely loves it, honestly. He just likes knowing that even though she’s a baby; she cares about those around her, and it just makes him a proud daddy. Plus, he’s honestly not that surprised that she’s an attachment baby, because he gets pretty attached, so it just wasn’t a big shocker to him. 
    • But man, she’s especially bad with Naruto; such a daddy’s girl. For a good portion of her infancy, Naruto literally could not put her down, because she’d cry out until he picked her up again. He does not believe in letting them cry it out. Nope, not at all. Not Naruto Uzumaki. Over the months, he just became really, really, REALLY good at doing everything with one hand, because he had to hold her in the other. 
    • It definitely became better as she got closer to a year and became more mobile, though. She crawls through the house and follows Naruto wherever he goes, and if he’s sitting or lying down, you better believe that she’s going to crawl into his lap or cuddle next to him. She’s gets better the older she gets, but still she’s most definitely an attachment baby. Don’t dare try to take her away from Naruto, she will legitimately have a panic attack; she has some separation anxiety and just gets scared that she won’t get to be with her dad again. ‘Course Naruto would never allow that, but still, baby fears are very real.  
  • Bless his little heart, but he cannot stand seeing his little girl cry; rips him right in two. It’s one of the worst sounds in the entire world to him, and it’s not even that it annoys him, he just hates knowing that there’s something that’s causing his little girl to cry. 
  • Cosleeper, no doubt about that. 
  • You best believe her first real food was ramen; Naruto took her to Ichiraku’s and got her her first bowl, and it was so cute, because Teuchi got her a teeny tiny bowl and made sure that everything was bite size and not too hot and made it just like Naruto likes it, and bless his heart. 
  • Usually will ask Iruka to baby sit, because he trusts Iruka the most with his little one, because it was Iruka who took care of him, so he believes in Iruka more than anyone else.
    • He believes in Kakashi too, but he doesn’t want his baby around a dude who might forget to feed her bc he’s too busy reading icha icha. Getchu shit together Kakashi.
  • Naruto’s baby girl has such a strange relationship with Sasuke and it’s difficult to describe. Even Naruto kinda has a strange thing with Sasuke and his daughter, because his daughter is absolutely everything, and even though Sasuke is his best friend, he does not have a clean slate. Part of him wants Sasuke to be a part of her life, but he also doesn’t want his daughter to be around such a tainted person, and this caused Naruto to choose someone else as his daughter’s godfather; Sasuke just wasn’t the type of person he wanted his daughter to be cared for by if something ever happened to him. It’s just a bit weird for a while after she was born, because Sasuke isn’t baby-oriented at all, and Naruto’s completely absorbed in his daughter, and so they aren’t synced in that aspect. Of course, if Sasuke has to do something for her, he will, because she’s Naruto’s kid and he cares about her, because of that. It does get better as she gets older, but Sasuke’s still definitely that really distant uncle who will send her cards on her birthday with some little trinket from wherever he is and will show up if someone needs to be roughed up because they hurt her.
    • Surprisingly though, Baby Uzumaki doesn’t have any major issues with Sasuke holding her, which honestly surprised a lot of people, because she was such an attachment baby, and Sasuke’s not always there. She’ll spaz out if Lee tries to hold her, but she’s completely okay with Sasuke holding her. This probably happened, because she can tell that her dad and Sasuke are close, and so if her dad cares this much about him then he’s okay in her book. Though Sasuke’s not the best cuddler, so that’s a bummer for her. 
  • Naruto makes sure that she knows that he loves her more than anything else in the world, and that she’s worth so much. He knows what it’s like that feel like no one loves you and to feel like you don’t matter in the world, and he refuses for his little one go through that. He says he loves her multiple throughout the day and kisses the top of her head or check at least ten times a day. He just loves his daughter and wants her to know that. 
  • Ok so, hear me out on this one- so as a joke Naruto bought a Kakashi plushie, because let’s just pretend that Konoha makes plushies of their Hokages. Anyway, Naruto bought this as a joke and gave it his little girl, because he thought that Kakashi would get a kick outta it when he saw it, but by some work of irony, that Kakashi plushie became one of her attachment items and she carried it around like none other. It’s literally her only lovie and don’t dare take a lovie away from an attachment baby; you’re just asking for a fit by doing that. So now, Naruto’s little girl just constantly carries around a plushie Kakashi and when she was old enough to talk, she’d call it “Kashi-sensei,” and she lowkey has a crush on Kakashi, but only lowkey, and Naruto just refuses to believe that his 1 year old has a crush on anyone and Kakashi’s just like “you did this to yourself, Naruto…”

[everything about woozi in this video is just too much for me to handle but with that being said, god bless this video and it’s entire existence] 

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She looked at her husband to be and let her first wish out into the world, willing it to be so.   “I have been wishing for change.” 

Hades shook his head slowly.  There was nothing he would change about her. In fact he wished he could lock her in a vault and preserve her forever.  It was an odd, almost macabre thought that of course would never be acted upon.   Because that would mean never being able to touch her and that simply was unfathomable.

“I’ve seen you change already, my love.  Just a year ago you were a mere girl.  Now look at you.”  

“Yes, look at me.  I’m not like my mother, Demeter.  I’m not like Aphrodite.  I’m small and fair and-“ She began, gesturing to herself, but Hades could not let her continue and reached out to take her hand into his own, her pale small bones so delicate in his grip.

“Oh, my love, you are not like them.  No you’re not.  I look at you.  I do.  And I  see.” 

She looked at him uncertainly, her eyes fluttering closed and the lashes that framed them swept over her cheeks before opening them again and he lost his breath in that moment because those stormy blue seas were drowning him in her gaze.   “What do you see, my Hades?” 

What did he see?  He saw the sun itself in her smile, bright rays that lit her up from the inside out and made the veil that hung around this place seem just a bit thinner, letting in some of the light from the Otherworld.   He saw strength in her that he’d not seen in dozens of deities before or since her incarnation.  He saw a warrior that would stand by his side and fight back death to its very fiery gates.  He saw a lover of whose perfect skin he knew he would never be able to taste enough of no matter how many nights he would spend worshiping her body with his.  He saw the mother of his children, hugging them to her bosom making everything right in every world they would inhabit with a simple song sung from her perfect lips.

Quite simply, Hades didn’t see Persephone as being part of his world down here.  He saw her as his world.  His entire existence for being. 

His answer was simple.  “Everything I want and need.”

A World Above Chapter 2 now posted (AO3) (ff)

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P. S. By the way, the whole Silence thing was NO genocide. It was simply his way to force them off the planet. They had TARDIS technology, you can't wipe them out with a few guns. And btw, here's a nice 4th Doctor quote on the subject: Leela: I thought you didn't like killing? Doctor: I don't. LEELA: Then why are you doing all this? Doctor: The virus has a perfect right to exist as a virus, not as a giant storm threatening the entire Solar System. Everything has its place.

Would he kill to save the human race?

Certainly. The Doctor can be ruthless, as we well know. 

But would the Doctor use the humans as his weapons? Would he force an overwhelming amount of people, including children, to kill another living creature on sight with no recollection of the action, therefore destroying any consequences of ending the life of another living being? 

I don’t think he’d do that at all.