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The thing is loving someone is not a side effect of mania. The way that Even acts toward Isak (meaning his feelings)doesn’t really fit with mania. His actions and the way he is so over the top does, but that is usually because during a manic episode everything feels so heightened and there is a desperation to get everything perfect. You don’t pull feelings out of nowhere just because you are manic. 

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21 and 22! C:

21. My favorite physical features about the members

namjoon- his dimples, voice, and proportions~ OH and how one side of his face is puffier than the other, it’s so cutee (he’s a precious egghead omg)! Plus his luscious lips lol

jin- his curved eyebrows especially when his hair is parted, i’m swooning already!!! and how the pink undertones in his face show up sometimes when he’s not wearing any makeup~

suga: his gummy smile and his lips (they’re so pretty!!!) and his pianist hands!! honestly his physical features are such a perfect balance of everything

j hope: his smile and his nose and his doe eyes (he’s so beautiful I cry) and how his ears aren’t pierced (I find that really adorable)

jimin: HIS CHUBBY CHEEKS AND HIS SQUISHY NOSE AND THAT LITTLE CHIPPED TOOTH HE HAS (his face is so cute, just looking at it makes me feel so happy) plus his pillow lips and tiny hands I cry

taehyung: his skin tone, the moles on his face, his hands, and how his eyes are a little bit uneven <3  OH AND HOW HIS LIPS TURN INTO A SQUARE WHEN HE SMILES

jungkook- his bunny lips and big eyes and his jaw shape!! Also I really adore his side profile and the scar he has on his cheek asdfghjkl he looks so mature in one angle but in the next he looks like a lost little boy :’(

Reasons why Loïc Nottet is just perfect and deserves to win the Eurovision Final

Let me introduce you the amazingly talented, unbelievable cute belgian prince, who is representing his country at the Eurovision Song Contest Final 2015.

Here are some facts about him, that should convince you that he’s the perfect winner.

1. He’s creative as hell
2. EVERYTHING he is doing, was his idea.
3. Like the choreography. The whole thing was made by him.
5. And he dances PERFECTLY.
6. Look at his perfect twirl.

7. He also composed his song himself.
8. Of course his mysteriously perfect brain (researchers are stumped about how anyone can be so talented) is also able to come up with beautiful lyrics.
9. His sweet, mum-alike coach from The Voice Belgique, where he first became popular, wrote his Eurovision song. Loïc helped her to make it perfect.
10. He wrote the script to the music video of Rhythm Inside. And it’s unbelieveably creative and explains the story behind this song perfectly and everything he does is just perfect and Loïc is just perfect and wow.
11. He designed all the outfits.
12. From those he made perfect drawings first. Like all those famous fashion designers.

13. Before he sews them himself.

15. Even when he is lying on the ground.

16. And his voice!!! His voice IS SOOOO SPECIAL AND UNIQUE.
17. He is sooooooo humble
18. Sooooo friendly to EVERYONE
19. He looks like a puppy

20. And his face is making things who make us all sick because of too much ASDFGHJKL.

21. Even the other favourites love him and are amazed about his incredibility. E.g. Australian Superstar Guy Sebastian loooves him.
22. Loïc is super cute
23. He is also a nerd

24. He can do well with kids (I love men who love kids)

25. He is funny.

26. Hahaha of cooourse he can play music instruments, like the keyboard.
27. Everybody loves his america scarf.

28. Everyone loves Loïc and Loïc loves everyone.
29. If you vote for him tonight he will be very thankful. And let me tell you, he absolutely deserves your vote.
30. Loïc is perfect at everything

I’m sure Loïc can also cook perfect food and is the master at playing golf and would make a good astronaut. Loïc is perfect at everything.

We seriously don’t see a single bad thing about him


Thank you.

Markiplier's Panel at Vidcon

Of course, he brought the diamond play button (He named it Rebecca :P)

He will make a pole dancing video with Jack, Danny and Arin. He will perform with a song and everything (also with a little #sexymark)

He might do Wilford Warfstache interview with other youtubers

He didn’t really want to make another #sexymark or Warfstache vid, cuz they were Daniel’s idea. If Mark does make the video, he wants it to be perfect

He had a meeting with some people and he will be making a TV show or movie (I couldn’t really hear cuz of the screaming)

He is growing out his black hair. Since he bleached it so much, its coming out. (He actually pulled some of it out)

We sang him an early birthday song :)

He would date Danny ;)

That’s all I can remember rn, if anyone was there and they remember something they can add on :)

For all the people who don’t stan/hate on Jimin. 







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Park Jimin is a perfect cinnamon roll and deserves everything in the world and who tries his best at everything he does. My life wouldn’t be the same without him.

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Please love him always. Even if he isn’t you favorite. Protect my baby. He’s my whole world.

Let me tell you everything I love about Dan and Phil:

The way his eyes crease up at the sides when he laughs or smiles really big, and the way he fixes his hair and the little face he makes when he does it. The colour of his eyes because they’re not just brown, they are the most delicious melted chocolate mixed with the perfect shade of hazel, and the way he talks to us casually, just like friends and how he respects us. How he puts so much effort into everything, every video, no matter how long or short, he makes it amazing, and how he encourages us and tells us we’re brilliant. And his little catchphrases, all the words that remind me of him and if someone says something I’ll just think Dan would say that and smile to myself because he really is just the best and I couldn’t be more grateful for him.

How his eyes light up when he laughs and how close he is to us, how we all just seem like friends. How kind he is to us and the way that if I feel like getting annoyed about something I can think “what would Phil do?” and immediately it just makes me calmer because I know he wouldn’t worry about these things. The little things he does for his friends and how thoughtful he is. And the cute little things he does for us and I really love that. How he never seems to mind if someone asks for a selfie and he just seems so happy to meet them. And the hand thing that he does I don’t know why but I love that. I just love everything about him really, If there were more people like Phil in the world, honestly it would be a much better place. I love him with all my heart.

This is why I have chosen these two men as my idols and I am so glad I am part of this family, I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

Thank you.

I guess I don’t have to tell you that when Mads arrives on set, I briefly describe the egg trick to him whereupon he just tosses an egg up in the air and breaks it perfectly on the spatula. Did it. Unbelievable. I insist it was a lucky fluke but he does it again. I accuse him of practicing when I wasn’t looking but he laughs (as if he has time to practise egg-cracking between scenes) and confesses he was a juggler in his youth.
—  Janice Poon, “Feeding Hannibal" 

Kristoff vs Hans: Catching Anna

Someone made a comment to my last post of Kristoff being the first one who had really caught Anna for the first time since Elsa. They said that Hans said “Glad I caught you!” But here is why I don’t think that counts.

Hans: I have said this before and I will say it again: Hans is flirty. Everything he does is to win over Anna. Here Anna is pushed to the group, so why not catch her? It’s the perfect flirting tactic. And look at him how he smoothly pulls her up while putting his oh so sophisticated champagne glade down. Then he raises his eyebrows in a flirting manner as he leads her into a waltz. Everything he does is to please her, seduce her. Catching her is part of that plan.

Kristoff: This guy isn’t catching her for him, he’s catching her for her. He doesn’t expect to get any love from her. He doesn’t try. She just asks him to catch him and I think he would have anyways. I mean look at his worried face as she falls down. What if she falls? What if he doesn’t catch her? But he does and as you can see, he’s breathing heavily. He’s not trying to affect her because she already affects him. And that is confirmed by the lovestruck gaze he gives her once she leaves his arms.

So why don’t I count Hans as someone really saving and catching Anna? Because even without being knowing he is evil, he’s too smooth. He’s not doing it for her, he’s doing it for him.

Kristoff on the other hand is actually worried. He doesn’t want to have anything back, he just wants her safe because that would be his greatest reward.

  • Eric: I'm going to take care of Solar where her members are lacking
  • Moonbyul: *fetches tissue*
  • Moonbyul: *covers Solar's skirt*
  • Moonbyul: *makes sure yeba doesn't break everything*
  • Moonbyul: *fricking CARRIES Solar*
  • Moonbyul: so you were saying?

So y’all seemed to really enjoy this post

So… I ficced it. It’s on a reblog of the original post too but just in case you missed it, here’s its own post. Enjoy!

“Mmm, Bits…”

It’s whispered against Bitty’s neck but he can still hear it – can practically feel the words as Jack’s tongue comes out to lick his way up to Bitty’s ear from his collar bone.

Bitty lets out a weak giggle. “Darlin’ that tickles,” he sighs, until Jack does it again and Bitty can’t restrain the little squeak that comes out of his mouth.

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I fell in love with him and for the first time in my life I truly believed someone was capable of loving me back. I danced around for six months with permanent butterflies in my stomach and permanent bags under my eyes because I simply could not bring myself to sleep at night, texting him was so much more appealing. It was perfect. He is perfect, no one seems to understand me quite like he does, and no one makes me smile so deeply. He was like a drug I couldn’t get enough of and it made me so damn high, I was hooked from day one. One day it just stopped. I have no idea why and can never bring myself to ask, but going cold turkey from such a powerful drug tore me to shreds. Like a true addict all I can think about is my drug, and everything I do leads me back to it somehow. I wake up craving him. I always thought it would be a pleasure to have my heart broken by him, but let me tell you, it wasn’t.
fic: When The Stars Go Blue

title:when the stars go blue

genre: romance/angst/AU

rating: nc-17 

warnings: mentions of alcohol, cigarettes and swearing

word count: 4500

description: Dan’s a failing musician without a song who struggles to make rent every week, so he sits atop his flat block roof every night and stares out at the city wishing for inspiration. Phil is a dreamer who paints and works part time as a barista; he’s bright, wears lavender and is, in other words, everything Dan needs. And one night, he wanders up to the roof, too.

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dazai/atsushi domestic headcanons because we all deserve it

- dazai wakes up first but he doesn’t go to bathroom or anything, no. he stares at atsushi. until atsushi wakes up and he pretends he’s asleep then atsushi will proceed to drag him out bed but – “no, atsushi-kun, the warmth of our bed is too good to waste!”

- atsushi can cook decent meals. let’s say, he’s good at following google’s instructions. dazai can fry and boil water but that’s it. leave the both of them in the kitchen and they wont be out until everyone is dying out of starvation. just ask kunikida, he’s still scarred as hell.

- atsushi helps dazai to put his bandages on. actually, atsushi thinks of it as a task and its cute when atsushi gets all focus on making everything perfect for dazai, according to the man himself. kunikida doesn’t want to know, though. so does ranpo.

- they go to work together and dazai likes to hold atsushi’s hand when they walk. atsushi is embarrassed, not because everyone is looking at them but – “dazai-san is holDING MY HAND PAGE 404 ERROR”

- dazai likes to kiss atsushi’s forehead. because he’s taller and its something he can do before he shoves atsushi’s face in his chest and hugs him tight.

- atsushi talks about dazai when he’s with other people. it’s more of a conversation kind of thing, like: “so i heard this donut” and atsushi will go, “yes, dazai-san is –” and there he go. expect a full conversation about this amazing, bandage, man who likes suicide when you’re talking about donuts.

- dazai compliments atsushi, and its easier for him to do so because it feels right in his tongue. but his compliments are vague. “you have a wonderful look today, atsushi-kun” translation: you are beautiful and i am only a mere human looking at God’s creation.

- dazai is a proud significant other. i’m telling you, he sounds like a proud dad who cheers for his son in a baseball game when atsushi does stuff. kunikida thinks dazai is a embarrassing individual, so much, he could die.

- atsushi doesn’t call dazai in his first name. neither did he dropped the honorifics. he calls him dazai-san and dazai calls him atsushi-kun. dazai doesn’t like it at first, but meh. maybe dazai could complain about it again when they are married.

- speaking of marriage, dazai makes very vague proposal. from “wanna die with me?” to “please make me more average breakfast for the rest of our lives” and atsushi knows shit about it. kunikida wanna die.