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💐 Kokoro by @ellesanimalhaven 🌸

I had first dreamed of this amazingly beautiful town a few years ago and have been wanting to revisit for a while now, and I’m still blown away by the amount of work that went into its completion. You can see all the love and attention to detail that Elle has put into it, and I’m sure that everyone who has also dreamed of Kokoro will agree with me! 

Safe pt.2 (Jasper Jordan x Reader)

Part 1 Here

Request: could you do a part two for Safe?? loved it 💖💖

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Somehow you knew you weren’t going to get away with what you did. Jasper knew it too and it’s almost as if he was waiting for the right opportunity to get back at you. As he and Monty stood with each other, chucking food into one anothers mouths as a competition, you watched and waited. Bellamy was taking a handful of people out to get more food, which was beginning to be scarce around camp. If you didn’t find anything today, people would start going hungry. Bellamy knew this, and he knew how important it was that it didn’t happen. “And you wonder why I’m making you come.” Bellamy mutters in annoyance as he sntches the packet of nuts from Monty’s hand, placing it away from the shocked boys. 

“Come on, we were on a roll.” Jas complains to Monty, who just crosses his arms in disappointment. Shaking your head, you focus on Bellamy as he goes through the plan. Feeling a pair of eyes on the side of your face, you glance to your left. A few people separate you and Jasper’s eyes that bore into yours with a small smile on his lips. Wanting to throw him off guard, you look him up and down before winking suggestively.

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