everything has changes


this love is o u r s


Its has been a pretty harsh week for me, I need more loving Jumin as father on my dash :P Will update this AU once in a while

Also if anyone confuse, Junha is my OC , daughter of Jumin and MC. && I believe Jumin will spoil his daughter (rotten)

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“All I know since yesterday, is.. everything has changed”


I don’t think it’s you that I miss,
I think it’s your touch.

We never spoke much.
Small talk,
words worked into a sentence
like a child fumbling
to thread beads onto a bracelet.

What I miss is your arm around
my shoulder.
The first time
you put it around me
you traced circles on my arm
and I felt like a kid again
playing musical statues, so
I became,
though my heart
shook audibly
in my chest.

And a little later,
(for a little was we had)
you would wrap your arm around me
as soon as we sat down.
And I would rest my head on your shoulder
or sometimes your chest
and put my legs up
on the sofa
and not worry about the size
of my thighs
for once.
And every so often
you’d kiss my forehead.

I lived for it,
but I didn’t think -
it never occurred to me
how cold I’d feel
when I let you go.

We were just a girl and a boy
playing pretend
and first love was our favourite game.

So I don’t love you,
maybe I never did.

But, fuck,
I miss those lips.
Every kiss I’ve had since you
has been a rushed meeting of
mouths pressed against each other secretly in hallways.
I loved
how long
kiss me
like I was the sexier alternative to

What I miss is your hands.
They loved to touch me
and I loved to be touched.
Your fingers and tongue
discovered me
and explored me
but I refused to let you colonise
my heart.

We used to be so close
that I didn’t know whose pulse
I was listening to.
you sit as
far from me
as the table will allow
not even our eyes
make contact.

I’m replacing you.
I need someone else
to hold me
the way you used to.
I need to know if it’s
mouth haunting my nights
if I just have to
feel desired
by somebody,
by anybody.

—  my body remembers you // L.H