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Pregnancy Series #3 - Telling Him

A/N: Luke’s is a little different because he obviously “found out” in the last preference and Michael’s was so fluffy it gave me a toothache, hope you enjoy!!


You couldn’t wait to tell Ashton the news. The thought of what his reaction might be bringing a smile to your face. The both of you had been waiting so long to start your family and now it was happening. You couldn’t remember a time that you’d ever been happier and you knew that Ash would feel the same.

You stayed the afternoon at the Hemming’s household, talking all things baby with Luke’s wife. Your son or daughter would be the very first of the 5sos babies and you could already tell that they would be so loved by everyone. You sat on the back deck with her, soaking in the last of the afternoon sun as you waited for both Luke and Ashton. You’d texted him earlier, telling him to come home with Luke after the studio.

When they did step inside the house about an hour later they were greeted by Luke’s wife, a huge smile on her face as she greeted Luke with a kiss and Ashton with a tight hug. As she pulled away from him she nodded in the direction of the deck, grabbing hold of Luke’s elbow to tug him in the direction of the kitchen.
“Y/n’s just out the back.”
Ashton knit his eyebrows together at the slightly unusual behaviour but headed in the direction of the deck nonetheless. He always looked forward to seeing you in the after a long day at the studio, there was just something about your presence that relaxed him like nothing else.

As he stepped outside you looked over your shoulder, reaching out your hand for him to take.
“How was work?” You ask as he sits down next to you, giving your hand a soft squeeze.
“Good. We actually got a lot done for the new album.”
“That’s great Ash, really.”
“What did you get up to today?”
“Well I had lunch with Luke and Michael’s wives,” He smiled at that. “And then I found out some really exciting news.”
“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” you nodded, biting your lip as you guided his hands over to rest on your still flat stomach.
It only took him a second to understand what you were talking about and when he did you could have sworn you’ve never seen a bigger smile on his face. You felt a few tears gather in the corner of your eyes as Ashton looked up at you, his hazel orbs swimming with his own happiness.
“Are you serious?”
“We’re going to have a baby Ash.”


You’re lying in bed later that night, your head resting against Luke’s chest as he absentmindedly rubs his hand over your stomach. You’re not sure whether he knows he’s doing it or not but it brings back all the feelings from earlier when you first found out you were pregnant. Your head and your heart is pulling you in two very different directions and right now you aren’t sure which is coming out on top. Luke is a good man, a good husband and logically you know that he’d never leave you, not when there was a baby involved, but you can’t help but to keep telling yourself that he really didn’t want this.

You look up at him, shifting your hand up to trace random patterns across his pecs. You haven’t brought the baby up again since Luke walked in on you mid breakdown but you know this is something you have to talk about. You’re about to become parents.
“Hmm?” He replies, turning so he can look at you properly, his hand falling away from your abdomen.
“This is good news right?”
He’s quiet for so long you start to fear for the worst, a lump forming in the back of your throat. When he does finally say something you can hear his hesitation.
“Yeah, yeah it’s good news,” He presses a kiss to the side of your head. “I won’t lie to you y/n, it isn’t ideal timing and I’m scared as all hell about this but…I’ve always wanted to have kids with you. That hasn’t changed.”

“You know that we’ll figure this out right?” You continue. “You and me, we’re in this together.”
“I know, it’s just with this album about to drop and a tour on the table…”
“Luke listen to me,” You instruct softly, pushing yourself up on your elbow so you are face to face with him. “We aren’t the first ones to do this, all of your band mates have been there and you know that they’d all help out if we asked.”

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EXO Reaction when you go on tour with them

Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*It would be pretty fun, probably you’d feel like one of them* “wiggle wiggle wiggle~”


*Would take you to eat all the chicken around the whole world* “Not my style tho~ xD”
*Munch munch munch*


*Surprising you every time* “You like it jagi? First class and everything? wait for the hotel~” *;)*


“C’mon Tao control yourself… she’s here… try to act cool… she still thinks you are cool…” *Panda wants everything to be perfect*


“You know what’s the best part of tours? All the hotels/beds you get to visit..”


“Jagi smile for the camera! Tell them how it has been so far~” *Would record everything, so you never forget that special time with him*


*Wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you* “She is watching me… so pretty… I’m glad she’s here with me… oh it’s my turn to sing…”


*He would take you everywhere, give you the whole experience* “Look at that baobei! that’s the Eiffel Tower! We should go kiss there!”


*Wouldn’t take his hands off of you xD* “What?! You are my jagi ~ I want to make you happy~” *;)*


*He’s probably more nervous because you are there all the time than the actual show* “She’s there… this song is about her… she’s watching… Oh I think I missed the tempo…”


*Graphical description*


*Of course his princess is going to be more than well attended* 

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

  • episode 1: hey guys let's listen to my AUDIO RECORDING of my daily log, good thing that everything we're listening to has been RECORDED
  • episode 41: nothing is real, we're on a beach inside the memory of an artificial intelligence.. all conversation is simulated nothing is real trust nothing memories are subjective and so is everything you've ever known
Imagines- At Freddy Fazbears

I was just thinking about FNAF and started imagining how the egos would react not to playing the game, but to actually being in that universe where the pizzeria exists, both before and during the kidnappings/murders.

Also, iconic Dan and Phil moment here. Danisnotonchairs…

Bim, Silver, King, Bing and Bop are like kids in a candy store. They love the colourful displays, shiny balloons and mesmerising animatronics on the stage. Bop loves Freddy because he’s the singer int he group just like him, Bim loves Bonnie for his purple colour and King loves Chica because she’s the only girl. Silver prefers Foxy because he’s hidden away behind a curtain all day, just like Silver hides himself behind his mask. Bing is just fascinated by the mechanics behind the animatronics and often tries to pull panels off to examine the wiring.

Ed, as always, has to act as the father of the group. He frequently has to stop the ‘kids’ from touching the animatronics or falling off the stage and hurting themselves, especially King since he gets distracted very easily. He’s also responsible for trying to gather the group together, be it a few of them or all 17, to finally sit down and eat something. Ed only comes for the chicken and bacon ranch pizza, which he adores.

The googles used to work as security guards at night. They could access the cameras from their internal systems, meaning they didn’t have to hang around in a small, dusty office all night. Google watched the stage, party room and storage room; Plus kept track on the kitchen and pirates cove; Chrome observed the hallways leading to the office and Oliver was responsible for the two cameras either side of the office and the office itself. Although the animatronics came to life at night, the googles never had any issues since they themselves were androids. Oliver had even made friends with Chica when the other brothers decided they would all quit the job and become permanent IT technicians at Ego Inc.

Dr Iplier refuses to step foot inside the building. He can sense something bad about that place, and the only time hes ever been inside was when he had an awful vision of a child being murdered and stuffed inside an empty suit in the back. Two days later, police surrounded the pizzeria looking for a missing child, of whom matched the appearance of the child Iplier saw in his vision. He doesn’t trust the place and desperately tries to convince everyone else to stop going, but they all just think he’s overreacting.

The Jims worked on the story of the child’s disappearance. They loved visiting Freddy Fazbears every Wednesday evening after work for pizza and the chance to just talk to each other without another ego interrupting, but after Jim1 was assigned to the story, he had a flashback to the murder and saw everything through the terrified child’s eyes. Neither Jim has been back since and are the only egos to believe Dr Iplier’s mumbles about some ‘purple guy’ killing five more children.

The pizzeria closed down after five more disappearances and the murder of a night guard, which made Yandere and Will fascinated with the legends surrounding the building. They love sneaking into to building at night, armed with various guns, knives and swords, ready to take on any ‘killer animatronics’. Neither speak of their experiences, but Dr Iplier was concerned to say the least when Will returned home with a bite taken out of his torso. Thankfully, egos are stronger than humans and all it took was some reality bending from Bim to restore the missing chunk of Will.

Dark couldn’t care less about some children’s restaurant, both before the incidents and after its closure. He has never seen the point in leaving the building just for food since most egos can just materialise food at will and doesn’t see the appeal in performing robots. He has the search engines for that, so why should he leave the comfort of his office and endure socialisation with regular humans? Deep down, Dark hides the fact he’s followed Will and Yan on a few occasions and hidden in the shadows to observe their encounters with the famous animatronics. He does enjoy a bit of violence, but his protective nature kicks in when either ego is harmed. Neither Will nor Yan know that Dark has ever been with them, although Will has sensed his aura a few times when he or Yan have been bitten.

Meanwhile, The Host has been narrating and recording everything that’s happened. A purple guy killing children. Animatronics that come to life at night and attack you. Closing the pizzeria after another string of disappearances. The stench of death in every hallway like it was following you and haunting you. A night guard working in the building for five nights before he realised his mistake. The Host decided he would name this story ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s

Pocketbook of R

In my Ringabel/Edea rant, I mentioned some stuff that can be found in Pocketbook of R (set after BD) and Pocketbook of R 2nd (which takes place during B2nd).

Pocketbook of R is part of a translation commission project by Ellen @dokidokimaster​, and more information can be found here, as well as what she’s translated of it so far.

However, a while ago I commissioned her to translate some of PoR 2nd, and I’m not sure that was ever shared, so here it is!

4/23… It seems like a beautiful starry night, but…

Urgh… That the day would come when I write in my Pocketbook of R again…!

Oh no, I can’t hold my pen without my hand shaking.

It goes without saying I am truly rattled.

Hmmmmm, where should I even begin?

About Tiz? Norzen? The soulstone? The peace treaty signing ceremony?

No, wait.

I need to calm down.

How about I just take things one by one in order?

I took out my Pocketbook of R to organize all the info I have so far. Let’s start from the beginning.

Yes. Starting from the day Airy and I had safely reached the 5th World—

Airy, could you keep quiet for a while longer? I understand this isn’t the time to be writing in my “diary.”

So, please. Quit tugging on my ear.


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natsume-and-friends  asked:

I haven't been able to see the latest ep yet but I saw some of the evaluation performances and omg everyone is struggling so much, not just nu'est. P101 is tough and I think all of the trainees are amazing for even taking part. I'm gutted for nu'est that they couldn't show their usual skills but their confidence must have been knocked a lot by thinking they've failed everyone. I'm so happy to see them getting lots of support and I know they have what it takes to get to A.

We also have to remember that everything we’re seeing now has been pre-recorded several weeks to nearly a month ago, so it’s not a reflection of where the boys’ mentality is now. They seem to be making lots of friends and their morale is boosted. All the trainees definitely did struggle through the second episode, it was hard. But as I said before, they just had to get their feet in the water, and now they’re gonna show people what they’re capable of, and some viewers already are seeing what they can do and showing support. 

They really are becoming a trend group in Korea. There’s new NU’EST posts being made to kpop amino on the daily and a lot of their albums are starting to pick up in sales. Netizens are getting furious at Mnet’s evil editing (in which they showed NU’EST struggling for their audition performance that in actuality was so strong it was, in my opinion, breath-taking). Some of the boys are gaining followers by the thousands on instagram. I think it’s important fans know that 1thek and heyoTV both have been showing their support on twitter for NU’EST, and despite Mnet’s awful editing, Mnet continues to re-release old live-stages to their YouTUBE channel. 

For anyone that thinks this is marking NU’EST’s end, I say think again. 

that-cryptid-boy  asked:

Perc'ildan prompt: they get lost trying to find their way back to camp? Arguing happens and Vax kisses Percy to shut him up?

Vax runs his fingers along a small strip of red cloth. The fragment is looped harmlessly around a twig, and should have marked the end of the trail that Vax had carefully left behind. He glances around, eyes keen even in the dim light, but he doesn’t see the faintly luminous purple archway that leads to Scanlan’s Magical Mansion. 

However, he does see another piece of scrap fabric, white this time, tied to another branch twenty or so feet ahead. Vax glances behind him, where he was sure that scrap of white fabric should have been. It’s not there. The only reason Vax is sure he hasn’t accidentally been turned around, is because Percy is standing there. And the gunslinger has been studiously following behind him. Somehow the trail has been altered. The trees are playing a trick on them. Or some fey-denizen is.

“I hate the Feywild,” Vax states blandly.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, do you happen to know what's Tom up to next? (T:R press/promo tour?) Thanks so much.


There’s a possibility of him participating in promoting still in the States I suppose but I personally doubt it. I think everything he’s been part of has already been recorded and is just coming out now.

As far as I am aware he’s next doing promo for Early Man. It premieres in January in the UK, so promos start sometime in December.


Keepsakes - Egobang/ @keenveins Porn!Dan AU (this is before Arin finds out about the whole porn thing, but there’s an allusion to it so go read her fic after this and be in awe at how great it is)

Arin can never seem to keep his eyes off of Dan for longer than a few moments. There’s just something about his body - the way his shirts always find a way to creep up just a little to show the tanned belly underneath, the way his pants always sit just low enough to show the waistband of his boxers, the way his hands move when handling the game controllers - that just drives him up the wall. So when Arin is playing a Mario Maker level for the seventeenth time in a row, and Dan leans forward to rest his elbows on his knees, he can’t help but notice how Dan’s shirt rides up just a little more than usual, exposing a thick line of smooth skin and the navy blue waistband of his boxers.

“Ar, are you ok dude?”

Arin looks up from Dan’s side, only just then realizing what had happened. He was so entranced by the flash of Dan’s skin that he totally ignored the game and just died again. He tries to look at Dan, who was raising an eyebrow in his direction, but he couldn’t meet his gaze.

“Nah man, I’m all good. Just got a little distracted is all. You wanna give it a shot?”

Arin holds out the controller and Dan accepts it with a sigh, shaking his head and returning back to his hunched position. Arin is able to focus on the game for roughly two seconds before his eyes drift back to Dan. He could tell that Dan has been working out, his arms looking more toned than skinny. His eyes follow the curvature of Dan’s back, admiring the way his shirt fit - just a little too tightly. His eyes finally reach his lower back, and he has to hold himself back with everything he has, because all he wants to do is reach out and touch him, caress him, slide his hands up and under Dan’s shirt and feel him all over, feel the warmth of his skin on his finger-

“A picture’ll last way longer, you know.”

Dan’s voice interrupts Arin’s train of thought, breaking him out of the daze he was in. How long had he been staring at Dan? And more importantly, how long had Dan noticed that he was staring?

“Oh sorry dude I was just, uh -”

Arin frantically tries to think of an excuse, his face reddening visibly when he couldn’t think of one. Dan eyes him, giving him the same confused look as before.He puts the controller on the ground and gets up off the couch, stretching his arms above his head. Doing this reveals even more of his midriff, causing a small noise to escape Arin’s lips. He quickly throws a blanket across his lap, trying to cover up the ever growing bulge in his jeans. Dan luckily didn’t notice this.

“Maybe we should take a break, yea? You seem a little off and I need to get something to drink anyway. Want anything?”

Arin shakes his head, not even bothering to try and speak at this point. Dan leaves the room and Arin sighs, trying to calm himself down. Getting hard just by seeing Dan’s underwear? He’s seen all the NSP videos, which feature 90% more of Dan’s long, thin body, but it was nothing like seeing it in person. After about a minute, he’s calm again, and Dan walks back into the room, water bottle in hand. He sits on the couch and looks at Arin.

“You good now, buddy?”

“Yea man, sorry about that. Just sort of zoned out.”

“You know we have to scrap that whole recording, right? You didn’t say anything the whole time. Let’s put in a different game and try again yea?”

“Sorry, yea. Wanna throw in Kirby Dream Course or something real quick? Just to get in a goofy mood or some shit like that.”

“Sounds good to me, baby bear.”


After a few rounds, both of the grumps are in a better mood. They start the real recording session and get into their usual groove. When it’s Arin’s turn to take over - after Dan died five times in a row at the exact same spot - Dan takes out his phone and after only a few seconds starts giggling.

“What’s so funny, man? Did Barry send you a dick pic or something?”

“Oh Barry’s dick is no joke, believe you me. I was just looking on Facebook and passed this Buzzfeed article about men’s lingerie. Thought it was a little funny. I’m sure some guys can pull it off, but can you imagine someone like me in a lacy thong or a garter belt and thigh highs?”

Dan laughs but Arin has to stifle a moan, because he could imagine Dan in a lacy thong. In fact, that’s what he was doing now. The classic Mario death music chimed from the TV as Arin ran directly into a fireball. This causes Dan to laugh even more.

“Who knows, man. I mean, you look pretty good in a speedo and a full body spandex suit. Lingerie would probably be more comfortable, actually.”

Dan smirks at this notion, and chuckles softly, as though remembering an old joke.

“Next time on Game Grumps, Arin keeps fantasizing about me wearing a thong. Bye everybody!”

Dan tosses the controller on the couch and sighs, looking at Arin and smiling.

“I think that’s enough grumping for one day. I’m beat. Text me the time for next week, ok?”

Before Arin had a chance to respond, Dan had already left. Alone with his thoughts, Arin lets his mind wander back to Dan, as it usually ends up doing nowadays. The image of Dan’s long legs shrouded in thin black lace, meeting up with a garter belt and a sultry pink thong plagued his mind for what seemed like hours. After looking at his phone, he realizes it has in fact been a few hours since Dan left, and he decides to go home as well.

It’s finally time for the next recording session, and Arin has been trying everything in his power to keep his mind off of Dan and his gorgeous body. Unfortunately, nothing has been working, but he’s able to keep his composure when Dan walks into the room. He’s wearing an old Rush shirt and his usual pair of faded and torn jeans. Even in such normal clothing, Arin still finds himself thinking about what’s underneath, thinks about how nice it wold be to just lay down on the couch with him, to have Dan wrap his long, warm arms around -

“Hey, earth to Arin. You aren’t gonna start this shit before we even get one episode done, are you?”

Dan’s tone is playful, and Arin shakes himself out of his little fantasy.

“It’s all good, I promise. I’m on my A game today, no getting distracted.”

Dan smirks, just like he had at the last session. A knowing little smile with just a hint of deviance.

“Yea? If you say so.”

He takes his place on the couch next to Arin, sitting ever so much closer than usual, his right shoe touching Arin’s left one. Arin’s cheeks redden slightly, but Dan is too focused on getting the game started that he doesn’t notice.


“Hey Ar, can I get your opinion on something?”

Dan had been a little more quiet than usual for the first couple of episodes this session. Arin didn’t look away from the screen, trying to hold his concentration.

“Yea sure dude, what’s up?”

“Well actually, you might need to pause the game for this. It’s sorta a visual thing.”

Arin hears a light clinking sound and he looks over to Dan, who is undoing his belt. He can feel heat rising in his belly and face. His hands go limp and he drops the controller.

“Oh - uh ok. Barry, edit this out.”

Dan continues to undo his belt, making sure to look Arin right in the eyes as he’s doing it. Arin’s mouth goes dry and he can’t do anything but stare. Dan undoes the button on his jeans, that same smirk returning to his lips.

“It’s not my face that I want your opinion on. Look down, hot shot.”

Arin’s eyes turn downward, towards Dan’s hands that are slowly lowering his jeans, exposing the top of a hot pink lace thong. Dan tugs at a piece of the fabric with two of his fingers, pulling it up a few inches as if to show off the intricate design. At first, all Arin can do is sit there, mouth agape, staring directly at Dan’s crotch, his own jeans starting to feel a little tight.

“Where - where’d you get those, Dan?”

Dan chuckles, buttoning up his pants as he does so. 

“I’ve had em for a while, actually. I bought them for a uh, project back in college but I never ended up using them. Well, not this pair any way.”

Arin is still too dazed to move, not even making an effort to hide his very obvious erection, Dan looks him up and down, pausing at his crotch, and bites his lip.

“I’m guess guys like me really can pull off this sort of thing. Thanks for setting me…straight about that, Ar.”

Arin can’t even respond, his mind still trying to decide if this was really happening or if it was just another fantasy. Only one way to find out.

Some creepy program can talk to your kid through Mattel's new Hello Barbie.

So, you go to Toys R Us to buy something for your kid and there’s a display for a new Hello Barbie.  She looks like all the other Barbies, but she’s new, so you pick it up.  Your kid opens it, loves it, everything is fine.  Then one night, you peek in and your kid is talking to Barbie, because sometimes kids talk to their toys.  Everything is fine until BARBIE TALKS BACK because your kid’s voice has been recorded, transmitted wirelessly to some central location, and a Mattel partner has picked the perfect response to send back.

I’m going to vote NO ON THIS because children aren’t that bright, creeps are everywhere, and somebody’s dumb kid is gonna be like “Barbie I live at 123 Everson Lane come visit!” and now you have some gross sweaty man in your driveway holding a box of cookies talmbout “your kid invited me.”

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My (crazy) optimistic theory - Coming out in 2014

Coming out in 2014

I am gonna list the shortest timeline possible which gives you some insight what went down since OCT 29TH.

But let’s start with something interesting, coincidental.

SEPT 27:

Anon to a big Larry blog: hi there. found your blog through some searching. i’m in the industry on the PR side. the end of this thing y’all call “closeting” is near. news outlets and media sources have a firm date of change in the marketing plans of this boy. all i can say is “the end is near”… no official capacity do i send this in, but i do say this with extreme seriousness and hope you believe it, you will soon… -M

(later this same anon came back and said this was just something they made up.)



OCT 29: the day when everything started. Winter GF questions, Not on purpose,  first interactions in the interviews, NOT THAT IMPORTANT, gay innuendo questions, Louis and Zayn leaving H’s house together, fond faces, lipbiting, giggles. BRAVE pointing at Louis at the signing.

OCT 30: Yahoo interview. You could have told me.

OCT 31: Rosso and Mark Tomlinson’s KUTGW

NOV 1: ot5 “next to you” selfie. Yahoo Twitter account Larry AF.

NOV 2: prancing and romancing, Yahoo Larry day 2, another ot5 selfie

NOV 3: Scott Mills interview video is out, we can see from Scott’s face that the question was planned

NOV 4: Seated insta, Mike Adam Larry AF, 25+ articles about H’s sexuality. E!Online edited theirs TWICE. 

NOV 5: 76+ articles about H’s sexuality. RADO SILENCE. Livestream announced.

NOV 6: 40+ articles about H’s sexuality, Harry is with Louis’ bodyguard at the rehearsal

NOV 7: 10+ articles about H’s sexuality. Louis spoted wearing a rainbow apple logo T-shirt

I bolded the ones that are from official members or even the 1DHQ account.

I AM NOT SAYING THE ANON WAS RIGHT OR FAKE, BUT THE TIMING.. I keep telling myself the timing of EVERYTHING here…

So my theory:

Everything happens for a reason, we already know that in this fandom. THESE listed above all lead to something. It escalated so fast in the press, that I do not see a reason why this could mean the beginning of a glass closet.

Based on their promo schedule, there won’’t be much chance to do anything reckless. Unless they want to snog each other’s faces on stage, which I am all for it, but… let’s be realistic.. Everything has been pre-recorded, there is only 3 interviews remaining with Harry or OT4:

- Sugarscape: Harry and Liam (no release date)

- Nov 10: Chart Show interview: Harry and Liam

- Another snippet from ET Canada??

- anything I missed?

Nov 8: Livestream


IF my theory is right and this all leads to a coming out, (cause why go to such length as to let the news escalate in the media and not making an official statement that it was just a joke???)

H&L sitting next to one another during the livestream. They need to say or do something that would make the news on Monday. Like Ben asking about the next single and Louis saying: “when me and Harreh (and then he embraces H or pats his shoulder) and Nialler wrote the Night Changes this and that happened”. Something HAS to happen!

I do not believe in a coming out during the Livestream, that would not be okay’-ed by Sony/Syco/new team. No denial, the topic would not be brought up unless that is the plan. BUT NO DENIAL. Ben is their person, their friend.

That interaction or quotes from H/L during Livestream will be picked up by the press again and they will start connecting the dots (as if they had not known about them already…) and the topic will be “hot” again.

After the album is released, everyone will be happy, Modest/new team got their money for the OTRA tickets, Sony got their money for the album. Now there is an album out, songs to be offered to a new target, an older audience.

This is the best time for HL to come out. No one would lose. Win. Win. GREAT PR MOVE. Like Swifty-level of brilliant PR move. Then papped together and so on..


  • Harry and Louis are ready, BORN READY.
  • The topic is hot NOW
  • why do we need more seeding? What would be the point? H has outed huimself at least 10 times since August, and Louis has zero zero cooperationn with his beard. What if THAT was also part of the seeding process? And we are talking about months here. Months leading up to where we are now.
  • Then when is the better time to come out? Xmas will come, then MIA time, then rehearsals and a new tour. 
  • What’s the point of this many articles and these actions if they don’t lead to something BIG?
  • AND as hiddensymposiarch noted: IT all started with the Winter girlfriend question. 

IF the livestream does not give us anything, there is not much platform for anything reckless with this crazy promo schedule.

Optimistic, I know, but the timeline helps you summarize that too much has been happening not to lead to something BIG.

"The Anderson Rose" - Kurt/Blaine (7/24)

(See the masterpost for the full summary/notes/overall warnings.)

Blaine Anderson is heir to the ruling seat of Westerville and, from birth, has been destined for an arranged marriage—he must father an heir in order to ensure the line of succession. When it becomes clear to his parents that his affections lie with his own sex, they make it their mission to find him a suitable—and potentially happy—match with a carrier who can return his interest.

Kurt Hummel is the son of Burt Hummel, Westerville’s most well-known engineer. Though he has grown up far from the Andersons’ manor in a small village to the north, his family has worked with the Andersons for generations, providing them with transportation vehicles, engines, machines, research, and repair work of all kinds. After the tragedy of losing his wife, Burt takes it upon himself to explain to Kurt that, since his birth, he has been sought after by the Andersons as a potential future husband for their son, because he is a carrier.

The compound slowly comes to life again. Where before there had been nothing but snow and ice and silence, there are now people and noise in the streets. Shops reopen. Market days begin again. Horse and transport travel resume.

Kurt receives a letter from his dad, and is overjoyed to hear that Lima had fared well. He replies, telling his dad about his lessons, the trials that the compound had gone through, and his blossoming romance with Blaine. He writes about his involvement in the changes to the work placement program, his meeting with Marley, and the plans for Blaine’s birthday party.

His search for the perfect accompaniment to Blaine’s birthday gift leads him, one lovely afternoon, to a musical instrument shop.

He is greeted by the sight of a man behind the counter, probably in his forties, who is very obviously pregnant. Kurt hasn’t seen another carrier since he was a child. He doesn’t mean to stare, but he can’t help it.

“Well, hello,” the man says, waving. “What can I do for you, Kurt?”

Wanting to cover up his rudeness, Kurt blurts, perhaps just as rudely, “Congratulations!”

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Got the best post set news! Everything I’ve heard from the new Perfume Genius record has been ridiculously great. Get this record!

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Louis headcannons / fangirling. You've been warned.

Sometimes people talk about Louis as a walking stereotype or simply as a constrast to Harry, and it’s dumb and annoying. He’s given us a shit ton of looks, public personas and personality traits that all combine to create a complex, layered guy who also happens to be my favorite chameleon ever.

Below are my self-indulgent thoughts because I am too lazy to do one of those fancy image-packed master posts. Hoping that if I describe the personas in my head, you won’t need the actual visual, lol:

-Mummy’s boy (Eternally. Faithfully. Pure heart and raw guts)

-Doting teasing big brother (lots of sensitivity, responsibility and salt of the earth type shit here. How he supports his family is honestly incredible, and when I think of him doing so as a kid himself, I clutch my chest with emotion)

-Eminem wannabe (the most hilarious, unfortunate and cliche. Why were boys/especially white boys like this in the late 90s? Psuedo cool masculinity. I can give or take his middle finger now)

-Emo selfie king (both his teen/prefamous ones and his current ones are endearingly earnest, awkward and heart tugging. I really can’t. Bless him)

-Theatre kid (flamboyant center of attention. There’s obviously fond memories for Louis, and he got a lot of confidence from the stage. He also picked up a lot of shtick/personality crutches too, imo)

-Mischievous golden boy (during X Factor and 1Ds early days, he was literally a beautiful cheeky prince playing an eternal game of prankster and follow the leader. Please.)

-Relunctant pop star (After the riches, fame and the glow up, Louis is mostly unaffected, walking his ass barefoot, glorifying cereal and bargain hunting for cheap DVDs. He definitely resented tedious rules/conforming, intrusive fans, pushy paps and the rumors/disrespect)

-Take me seriously damn it song writer (Combination of pride, ego, emotion and ambition coming through. True Capricorn if you’re into that kind of thing)

-Grungy rock star (Swerving a bit into bad boy territory. Rebellious. Moody. Also looked the part with the cheekbones, messy hair and sex on legs vibe)

-Humanitarian (his big splashes as well as his private donations, immense empathy, sensitivity and everyday acts of kindness showcase his generosity and heart)

-Laddy party boy (fun, loud, gives no fucks, crazy, messy bitch. The man has been recorded doing everything from dancing topless to mouthing off to paps to singing gleefully about weed and other substances to embracing his inner rico suave. True entertainment and true exhaustion, lol)

-Footie star (he loves the sport, is competitive and just seems the most carefree/instinctual on the field)

-Red carpet divo (if you include the dressing room primping/mirror gazing, the power stance and the bantery sparkling bits, he definitely plays and enjoys the celebrity card. He can also be so subtle, elegant and charismatic as well. It’s unnervingly effective, and I want that guy all the time.)

-People pleaser / magnet (no suprise his friends call him a legend, his bandmates fell in love with him and his girlfriend hinted that he is magic. When “on”, Louis is larger than life and a bit addictive. But he can be shy, stoic and serious, like he’s giving a bit of himself away or telling you a secret. I dig both vibes, and they both draw people to him)

-Smart business man (The most underrated. He knew how to game the X Factor and he knows Simon opens doors. If solo music is a thing, I have no doubt that he will forge savvy partnerships like the one he has with Steve)

-Daddy cool (The most complex and daunting for obvious reasons. He went from someone who appeared conflicted early on, to perfunctory and dutiful in the middle to full-on in love by the time Freddie was born. The hooplah that surrounds him is gross, but his pride, grace, protective streak and maturity as a father has been all class)