everything has beauty but not everyone can see

I’ve met people whose past has made them feel like love isn’t for everyone. Like it has conditions, like their body is something beautiful, like their skin is seen before their heart. It’s hard to see, it’s hard to see someone who you think makes the sun seem weak look at themselves like they’re nothing. It’s hard to make them see that they’re everything, and I can’t fix every problem, but I promise you I will be right here, every day, reminding you that you’re not hard to love. You’re not something people look at with regret. You’re not something to be taken for granted. If you can’t love yourself then let me help you, if your thoughts are too heavy then let me in and I’ll help you carry them.
—  laceerainspoetry, You Were Made Of And For Love. 


- the one who tells everyone to chill before the exam but actually stresses about it the most himself

- always proud of himself when he answers correctly

- is also proud when his friends answer correctly

- whishes luck to everyone before exam

- popular af

- the captain of the basketball team


- pretends to be smart and gets mad when someone can prove that he’s wrong

- the one who’s always asking other people what they got from exam

- girls are jealous of his beauty

- is whining about how people ask to see how the homework should be done when they haven’t done it

- is whining about everything else too

- is always SHHH’ing when people are being too loud


- loves to help others do their homework

- has the prettiest notes

- is pretty good at every subject

- probably a member of the pupil council

- presses a pen against his cheek when he’s thinking

- always preaching about how important studying is and how everyone should work hard to get good grades and get to a good university


- always jamming to music while doing exercises (even when there is no music playing)

- is always asking for a pen, an eraser, or something else from others

- takes selfies during lessons

- takes selfies everywhere else too

- writes good essays and they’re probably from his dad’s binder

- he talks to people but realizes that nobody’s listening but still keeps talking because he doesn’t care


- screams a lot during the breaks

- gets decent grades

- confuses the art teacher with his strange and unique sense of art

- makes the team spirit of the class better

- gets a paroxysm everytime he gets a good grade from the exam and makes weird moves and weird noises

- the one who’s always asking if he can go to the toilet during the lesson


- actually likes school

- lives in the library

- gets good grades and is active during the lessons

- asks people a lot of guestions before exams and makes them feel like they have forgotten something important

- asks questions from the teachers after the lessons

- gets to read his essays in front of the class


- always headphones on

- salty af to everyone

- is a little evil who hides people’s stuff all the time and laughs and claps when they are desperately trying to find it

- hates presentations

- comes to class exactly when school is starting, he’s never early and never late

- laughs when people fail their exams and cries when it happens to himself


- smiles when he answers correct, smiles when he answers wrong, smiles when other people answer correct, smiles when other people answer wrong, literally just can’t stop smiling

- panics when teacher asks him something he doesn’t know

- loves to be in spotlight during the english lessons

- panics before exams (still smiling tho)

- judges people who don’t follow the school rules

- always wants to play something during breaks


- the one who’s often late

- doesn’t get anything when it’s explained for the first time

- has no idea what’s the next subject he’s having

- always clumsy; drops chalks, his pencil case and kicks the desks, falls when he has to go in front of the class

- ‘’when is the lunch break’‘

- has always sticky notes on his back and he doesn’t realize it


- never says a word during lessons

- pretends to be cool to become popular but everybody think he’s cute

- living meme, even in school

- stresses about math lessons

- during exams, he’s always peeking answers from other students

- never gets caught tho


- pretends to be dumb when someone is asking questions for the exam but then gets a good grade and confuses everyone

- the one who’s always telling stories about his life during lessons, and although the stories are related to the subject the teacher is talking about, they are seldom true

- makes everyone laugh, the teachers included

- loves to explain things to others so he likes presentations and usually makes them way too long

- has strange, random things in his pencil case (like dog food or toilet paper)

- just confuses everyone all the time


- the one who forgets to do his homework

- also probably the one who forgets about exams

- the one who everybody is waiting for during the lunch because he eats way too much but also doesn’t want to be left alone

- is popular but doesn’t know it

- is always copying other people’s answers to the exercises during the lessons

- always having some snacks in his bag


- the one who’s always quiet during lessons and pays attention

- can’t think clearly before exams

- always whining about his grades, no matter if they’re good or bad

- always the first one to sit in the classroom

- has a book with him even at lunch

- after exam he always wants to discuss about the answers and often ends up having a fight with someone about which is the correct answer

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I think you’re beautiful, although not the way people expect you to be, with no makeup and messy hair. So I always thought I was just biased. Everything about you is beautiful to me. But you stand beside me, staring off into the distance, and I think it can’t be just me. I think everyone has to see that you’re perfect.
—  L.B.
don’t be afraid to distance yourself from everyone + everything and recoup. sort out your thoughts. listen to your heart. breathe. read a book. write about how much your life has sucked - then write about how much you can’t wait to see the positive changes. relearn yourself. accept all the hurt you’ve been through. forgive anyone and everyone who’s hurt you. even if that means doing it within, and never physically or verbally reaching out. let go. & rejuvenate. take a step away from the chaos, and find peace. within.
—  Reyna Biddy

All I can be is myself. I’m a Christian. I’m a writer. I’m a sinner. I’m a lover.
I struggle with anxiety. I struggle with depression. I struggle with finding the right words to say. I struggle with wanting to please everyone.
I might not agree with everything I see on my dash. But I still love everyone I follow. You may not agree with something I post. And that’s the beauty of it all. We can still love each other and be friends.

Hate has been strong recently over a post I did months ago that has sense been deleted. I have deleted the anon hate. I will no longer acknowledge the anon hate. I will be the bigger person and forgive.
I love writing fanfiction. It helps me practice my writing. It calms me. It let’s me escape.
Tumblr is my alternate world. I want to feel safe here. Not ridiculed.
I’m going to be keeping the personal posts to an absolute minimum. Only my writing and fandom posts. That’s what I’m here for.

I love you all. Thank you for being so encouraging and supportive. You all are my light.


I’ve always hated the “bio”. lol I never know what to say about myself.

Okay so, I guess I’ll start with my name, I’m Jenny. I like tattoos. I like photography and I also take a lot of pictures of myself, but don’t post half of them. I like to dress up, it makes me feel classy, important. I like the beach and taking long drives. And I love music. I like people and can always see the twinkle that everyone has in their eye. You know.. how there’s always something about a person that makes them beautiful.. no matter how ugly some may seem or not seem. I can always find the thing. I love deep conversations.. about anything and everything. A conversation lasting longer than five minutes would be the bees knees. I just wanna make some new friends. If I caught your eye, get my attention.


G O T 7

He doesn’t let others tell him what to do. Be cute? Hell no. Be sexy? Only when he wants to. Just because he’s a Kpop idol doesn’t mean one can tell him to show what he is not. Three words that define who he is? Im. Jae. Bum.

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A man who shows that even the quietest people on earth can leave a mark and make an impact. He shows that everyone on earth has a purpose in life, but just in their own unique way.

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The sound of his laughter is like a ray of sunlight finding its way through even the toughest grey cloud. For him, nothing stays dark forever. With determination and optimism he see’s the light when no one can.

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To him the world isn’t bad. For him, everything is a hint of sunset where life in this world can be beautiful even when it’s grey. To him, one’s just have to be willing to fill in all the ugly holes and make it beautiful again.

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An angel sent from above to grace the earth with sunshine smiles. When he sings one can see a glimpse of heaven. He’s a reminder that people on earth can still be pure and innocent. Humanity is still there.

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He wears his heart on his sleeve so that his heart could reach million of his fans, creating a connection and bond that would be unbreakable. Across the sky, across the galaxy, and most definitely across time.

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Passion, it burns deep within him sparking an engine that churns and turns. Telling him to keep going, don’t look back and when he does he only sees the given opportunity to leave a mark. A mark for people to remember him by when he’s gone.

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All eye colours are gorgeous. All hair colours are gorgeous. All body types are gorgeous. All hair styles are gorgeous. All genders are gorgeous. All skin colours are gorgeous. All people are gorgeous, whether it be inside or outside. Just because someone doesn’t like what you have, doesn’t mean another person won’t. Everyone has a different opinion on what they like. See the beauty in everything and everyone. Not everyone will love you, but someone definitely will. It is not possible to be liked by all seven billion people. I’m trying my hardest for this post to stand out from all the other ‘accept yourself’ posts, because I know how irritating they can be, especially if you’re in that DEEP hole of self hatred, the thought of trying to accept yourself just puts you in a bad mood. Don’t hate what you are or what you have. People wish for what you have, just like how you wish for what they have. KNOW your worth. Know you don’t deserve to be treated a certain way, know you deserve better. It’s crucial. Don’t lose it. Honestly, just be yourself. Don’t stop learning and don’t stop improving.

Alec Lightwood Character Development
  • CoB: What I'm not gay, if you say that again I'll kill you!
  • CoHF: *makes out with Magnus on a roof where anyone can see*
  • CoHF: Wait a minute my feelings are valid too, SCREW YOU JACE IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU I'M UPSET TOO
  • CoB: *has never killed a single demon*
  • CoHF: *literally kills everything, hide your kids hide your Meliorns*
  • CoB: "He looked uncomfortable in his own skin"
  • CoHF: Hi I'm Alec Lightwood, I'm gay, afraid of umbrellas, dating Magnus Bane, am a badass with a bow, and love myself
  • CoB: No one can know I'm gay my whole family will reject me
  • CoHF: *literally tells his dad to shove it*
  • CoB: *quietly follows Jace and Isabelle around doing whatever they want*
  • CoHF: I am not your bitch.

Prince Harry x Reader ~ Engagement Interview

Of course everyone can see the wide smile on his face. It’s almost brighter than the sun. “You seem really happy. I hope it has something to do with your beautiful girlfriend”, the interviewer notices his happiness. Harry didn’t even tried to hide his feelings behind his poker face. “Yes, I’m literally the happiest man alive. I asked (Y/N) to marry me”, he loves to remember this special day.
Everything was just perfect. Especially you with your lovely dress and beautiful hair. “Oh, wow! Congratulation! That’s really a good reason to be happy!”, the interviewer shakes his head smiling. “Thank you very much. To be honest I was so nervous. My brother tried to calm me down, but failed miserably. (Y/N) was just cool when I asked her this important question. A single tear escaped her eyes, then she hugged me tightly and whispered a yes”, Harry couldn’t help himself, but smile.
“I know how you felt. When I asked my wife I thought I would throw up every second”, the interviewer shares his memories with him laughing. That actually happened before Harry asked you to be his wife, but no one will ever know his little secret…

Hope you liked it :)

That moment when you search tumblr to see if you can find somewhere legit to buy henna from, because you really want to learn how to do it, and everything in the tag says that white people wearing/doing henna is cultural appropriation. 

I had always been taught that doing henna was okay regardless of race/culture, so long as you didn’t do dumb shit and you respect the meaning behind it. 

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Sad to hear you're not really enjoying the Hiccstrid moments as much as everyone else is. I hope you can still find some beauty in what the show depicts about their relationship, even if it's not perfect. Here's to whatever Hiccstrid goodness HTTYD3 brings us!

Well… I’ve read fanfics better than the show in its entirety soo yeah. Hiccstrid has been a mess since day 1. I mainly watch the show for curiosity sake. To see how the writers fuck up everything it’s quite hilarious and sad. Like REALLY sad and dissapointing and maddening… and I REALLY don’t want to sound cruel or mean. I’m SO SORRY for the ones reading this that like RTTE. PLEASE ignore me, this is just an opinion and I mean no offense to anybody. If you like the show go and enjoy it. I enjoy it myself but not for the same reasons. I’m mainly shitposting because it’s hilarious for me because to me this show is like a really bad written fanfic and I’ve read a lot of those and I just laugh. It’s funny idk how to explain.

Anyway, as for Hiccstrid… I can take those kisses and pretend the whole story doesn’t exist because I have TONS of Hiccstrid stories of them getting together and Blind!Astrid Au was definitely NOT what I was expecting the writers to pull of as the “MEGA HICCSTRID STARTING THEIR RELATIONSHIP” thing. Also Hiccup you creeper! Astrid is blind! Couldn’t you find another moment? And don’t give me that crap about “perfect”. Also that part he said about “there will always be a Hiccup and an Astrid” was more like the writers telling the fans that rather than Hiccup telling Astrid… like tf? Hiccup would never say that?? because it’s super weird and just SO CHEESY. I almost got diabetes of how sweet it sounded…

Now this is NOT a rant. The “beauty in what the show depicts about their relationship” can be is shown in LITTLE and I mean LITTLE amounts… I mean for example: After the “getting together” scene which I think was totally NOT the real hiccstrid tbh and everyone just seems to focus on that kiss I really liked the AFTER scene of Hiccstrid outside of the Main Hall in the stairs. I think that scene is the closest to the real Hiccstrid we’ll ever gonna get. Far from it, but the “closest”. And I don’t mean the “Astrid supporting Hiccup” deal but more like the nature of it. Idk it didn’t felt so forced (until Fishlegs interrupted) More natural, more relaxed. LESS CHEESY god. Like just ignore HOW they got together and skip to that scene. I liked it.

But I’m mostly here to enjoy the twins and SNOTLOUT MY PRECIOUS SUNSHINE CHILD. I think he’s like the only redeeming quality this show has. And Dagur. This season tho… I guess I enjoyed Mala and Throck omg I loved Throck that sweetheart. And STOICK! Omg the amount of Stoick this season was soothing.

But in the end. I will (as many people) and haven’t counted this as canon. It’s such a disrespectful and pardon the word lazy way of writing these characters that have SO MUCH potential God. Just please I… I don’t want any more seasons… There’s no need for anymore seasons. Just please don’t give us more. I’d rather wait with NOTHING for HTTYD3 than with this mess that’s totally pointless. YES, it’s a motherfucking gift, it’s like a fanfic made real with really good animation and the official voicecast and music and thank you DWA for it but yet still just a bad fanfic nevertheless… Leave it well enough alone. 

Just stick with the movies and read a good fanfic. *coughs* @avannak@oh–you–pretty–things@funkytoes@tysonrunningfox@hiilikedragons@nefertsukia​ *coughs* Really good fanfics… Oh and thanks buddy for asking nicely :3

As you get older and enter through the 4 treacherous years of high school, you begin to take a step back on things. You look at everything and see how much you and everything and everyone around you has changed. Your friends, who all once believed in God are now atheists because they went through things and began to forget what potential laid inside of them. People who were once popular, skinny and beautiful are now average, have all but 3 friends, and have zits lining their upper forehead and inner cheeks. People’s sexualities will change and you will either accept it or be unaccepted. The boys who loved football are now stoners who can’t even function a class without a puff, and became sad because their ability of playing a sport became dragged and dizzy. The cheerleaders will become anything and everything but virgins. You will begin to hear things about people who were once so sweet and innocent getting arrested for something you never imagined them doing. People begin to become the things they swore they’d never become and they change into these monsters of people. Or if you’re lucky… they change into these beautiful masterpieces. I know all this from experience. I walk the halls of my high school, examining people who were once these small people and are now a figure that is loved by everyone… and I also see people who I used to be close with who lost control of their life already. I’m only almost a sophomore. You become friends with people you once hated, and enemies with people you once loved. Things happen to people you know. Good or bad. We often wander what went wrong but that is always something we never understand. Maybe you’re one of these people. Or maybe you’re like me, and you stand back and watch the people who once loved you and the ones you once loved; completely turn into someone you never expected. Things begin to happen right in front of your eyes that you only thought happened in movies or books.
—  Abby Wormsbaker; I am seeing everything and everyone changing and it doesn’t scare me anymore.
Sofie & Emilie

Lately I’ve been busy with college (I always am?)but I had to take time to watch something that was in my queue since January. I can’t believe it took me so long to watch Heartless. The most cool Danish shit you’ll see. It has everything I like: Great and creepy enviroment, lesbians and supernatural stuff. Heart eyesss.

Sofie is the cute “I hate everyonefeisty girl who will feed from everyone and help her bro Sebastian with his broody boy problems, while Emilie is the passive aggressive beauty with some kind of telekinesis power and she’s the one who pins over Sofie and…. I cannot give spoiler. 

These 2 are 2 cool and 2 perfect and need 2 stay 2gether. 

It’s amazing how many things about this couple pairing made me so overwhelmed  because sexual tension + nice background stories… EVEN THOUGH I don’t understand 87% what they are talking unless I traslate the finish subs or pray they will say some eng words. Well, languages aside, they’re prolly my new otp (after hollstein ofc) and you will know why they’re OTP material if you watch the video. Sorry device users, copyright issues because of the song used.