everything happens for a reason tattoo

I don’t believe everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe in fate. I don’t believe that everything that happens to us serves the purpose of teaching us a lesson. Sometimes bad things just happen - learning to accept that and cope in healthy ways is what is important. At the end of the day, you are the one who chooses how to live your life, and you are the one that chooses to move on. You cannot choose to be happy. But you can choose to do things that lead you to happiness.

And it has been asked:

“What is your most favorite part about you?”

I’ve been asked by many.

I could tell them about how you turned the word bittersweet into a half written word–

You’re my favorite kind of sweet.

Although the days are long
and the nights are even longer–
I don’t need coffee if you’re my caffeine.
I don’t need ink if you’re my tattoo.
I don’t need words if you’re my sentence.

“My favorite part of this story is her.”

For those of you who still look for people,
just know that they’re everywhere–
and strangely enough,
everything does indeed
happen for a reason.

Heartache leads to clarity.
Time doesn’t heal those wounds,
but we’ve learned to bandage where
stitches left scars–

We’ve learned that shadows
doesn’t necessarily mean

I’ve been wondering about you
and the lightness provided–

do stars recognize
their own shine?

And it has been said before,
every word has been written,
every sentence has been spoken,
every book has been written,
every heart has been broken,
every masterpiece has been finished,
every lover has been loved–

and it’ll be said again and again and again
until there’s nothing left to say anymore;

I guess what I’m really trying to say is:

—  I love you

Reasons to love Bismuth:
> She has tattoos.
> Her gem is an innie.
> “Hey, little friend! No, don’t go. I believe I’m lost and there’s no one here but us, so how about a little help?”
> Her interactions with Pearl and Garnet. Yes.
> “Come on Pearl, you know I can’t take it when you cry like that.”
> “Let’s show them what happens when you mess with the Crystal Gems!”
> “Rose really is something else. I mean, look at this! She really is something else! Everything’s changing.”
> “And we’re making our bases out of wood now?”
> “We took a huge blow from Homeworld, but now, we’re back in Bismuth.
> As Steven said, she’s got jokes!
> She knows how to make an entrance.
> “Nothing like a hot lava bath to get into a working mood.”
> She makes weapons. Really cool weapons.
> “Hey, it’s a pleasure doing business with you.”
> “Pearl? I don’t recall asking you to bring me a spear.”
> She told Amethyst and the other Crystal Gems that they were powerful and important.
> Crystal Gem Rituals! Bonding rituals.
> She got super excited over ‘earthling things’. She cooked a pizza, guys. She cooked a pizza.
> She made Rose’s sword.
> “You really don’t remember, huh? Rose Quartz changed my life.”
> She once looked up to and admired Rose.
> “You are different! That’s what’s exciting. You don’t have to be like Rose Quartz. You can be someone even better. You can be you.”
> “You should have shattered me back then. At least if I were in pieces I wouldn’t have to know how little I mattered to you. You didn’t even tell them. You bubbled me away and didn’t even tell your friends. My friends.”
> “Then you really are better than her.”

Reasons why Bismuth was problematic:
> She wants to avenge her allies, and she shows a lot of anger towards their deaths. It’s understandable, but it gets the better of her.
> She’s extremely proud that she created a weapon that could shatter any Gem.
> She thinks it’s okay to break gems so long as they’re Homeworld Gems.
> “Don’t tell me what a Crystal Gem would do.”
> “That’s exactly what she said. That’s exactly what you said!”
> She was convinced Steven was Rose.
> She attacked Steven.
> Her anger gets the better of her.
> “You should have listened to me Rose!”
> Unlike other Gems, Steven simply can’t fix her Gem. He would have to gradually bring her around to the idea that all Homeworld Gems weren’t bad. She’s likely to never come around to that idea. She may end up remaining in that bubble.

Hey dad,

A lot has happened since you left the earth. I was 14, a small freshman in high school with no hold on the world. I’m starting my senior year in two weeks. I’m terrified.

That cancer robbed you of so many years and opportunities with mom and I. Everything happens for a reason, but where was the reasoning in this? I didn’t know how severe it was until the end. That killed me.

There’s this boy. He’s wonderful, daddy. He takes care of me and tells me everyday how he feels. You would love him. I know you said no dating until I’m 35, but you’d make an exception for him. He’s the best I ever had, next to you of course.

You told me no tattoos, ever. I’m sorry to say, but since the day I held your hand as you laid in the bed that would be your last, I knew I needed one to remember you. Remember the journals you left me? Thanks to you I have your last words written down so I can transfer them onto my delicate skin. I love you. Heaven must be beautiful, I miss you so much.

Love, your Rae of sunshine

Loki is a young tattoo artist in NY and Tony just wants to get his first tattoo of a phoenix. Tony and Loki talk about what the phoenix means to Tony as Loki is tattooing his back and soon they are talking about everything and anything in the world. After getting the one tattoo, for some reason he starts getting more and more tattoos that just get bigger and more time consuming as time passes. And for some reason he always goes to Loki’s to get them done.

What will happen after Tony’s tattoos are finished? You decide.

A story about Leeds 2011 and a song called HOME.

So, Leeds happened.  The year was 2011 and two boys named Harry and Louis attended a music festival in Leeds.  Needless to say, good times were had by both and Harry wore his Leeds bracelet for ages until it likely fell apart (at which point he got the tattoo “I can’t change” in the same spot on his wrist and then much later, covered that with his anchor tattoo–almost as if the festival was really important to him for some reason).  I don’t want to rehash everything about Leeds when there’s already a great masterpost about it right HERE.

What I do want to do is talk about is the song Home by:  Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

This band played at Leed’s that year and performed this song.  Here’s a tiny snippet of the lyrics:

Man, oh man, you’re my best friend
I scream it to the nothingness
There ain’t nothing that I need

Well, hot and heavy, pumpkin pie
Chocolate candy, Jesus Christ
Ain’t nothing please me more than you

Ah, home, let me go home
Home is wherever I’m with you

Ah, home, let me go home
Home is wherever I’m with you

And while some could argue that we don’t know if they even saw them perform, I respectfully disagree because a certain someone tweeted lyrics to this very song.

Not just once:

 But twice.

They both seem to have an attachment to the concept of HOME being a person and not a place which I find fascinating.  

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An open letter to the people who feel like they'll never meet Taylor

I know it sounds crazy. I know it doesn’t seem real and that your time will never come. I felt that for so so so long and every time someone told me ‘it’ll happen don’t worry’ or 'it’ll happen when you need it most’ I didn’t believe them. I thought they were just trying to make me feel better. But honestly. It’s true. It will happen when you need it most. I don’t know how it happens but it does. When I got invited to secret sessions and couldn’t attend my heart broke. I thought my chance passed me by and that was it. It was over. But no. It wasn’t everything happens for a reason because if I had of met Taylor at SS I wouldn’t of got my tattoo because she wouldn’t of said it yet. We wouldn’t have built the relationship that we have. And to be able to stand there and tell her she’s the reason I’m getting though my anxiety and depression was everything. I wouldn’t of been able to say that at the SS cause it didn’t happen yet. I promise. She will come when you need her most. I promise I promise I promise. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. Taylor is magic and crazy like that. Hang in there.
Love, hairflip