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What's your top 3 bellarke scenes so far in all the show?


You know….when I first saw this, I thought it might be impossible. But actually….I think if I cheat slightly by having a top 4, I can do this pretty speedily. And, to give you an example of how much this list does NOT encapsulate all that I love about Bellarke, the 2x05 hug ain’t even on there!!!!! 3x02 ain’t even on there!!!! The List ain’t even on there!!!!!!!!!!!!

But before we get to my actual top 4, I have to mention two scenes that didn’t quite make the cut but are super duper close and might sneak in if you asked me on a different day.

HONORARY MENTION ONE: 1x08 Day Trip - Bellarke, sitting by a tree…

ICONIC. I know, I know…how is it not top 3? Well, the simple explanation is that THIS SHIP IS JUST TOO DAMN GOOD.

BUT this scene is essential to everything about Bellarke. The bond they formed in the moment carries through every moment since. There’s a reason that Bob (literally always) throws back ot it. It’s special.

HONORARY MENTION TWO: 2x16 Blood Must Have Blood Pt. II - Knock Knock Knockin’

This scene destroyed me. We’d had so little Bellarke in 2B, we’d just seen them reunited and so much better for it, the music, the length of the scene and how it built, and then the throwback to 1x08, and the hug and the kiss and ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m weeping again.

In terms of BIG scenes between Bellarke this was the winner up until a sneaky sneak episode stole its crown…

Okay so…

4. 2x15 Perverse Instantiation Pt. I - Start. With. Bellamy. Blake.

I know, I know. It was a small moment. But good lord, it packs a punch. More than any other scene (so far) I think this moment reveals just how essential Bellamy is to Clarke. ALIEs first instinct is to use him to break Clarke, over her own mother. She only resorts to using Abby when Bellamy is no longer available.

Can we stop and think about that for a second?

AND NOW AHHHHHHHH. Fucking hell. That shit is just….HOW CAN ANYONE DOUBT OR DENY?

And then you add the ACTING and the editing as we fade from Clarke into Bellamy resolving to climb that tower to save her?

Just fuck me up.

3. 1x03 Earth Kills - My Beginning

I was more than ready to ship Bellake in 1x02 to be honest, but it was 1x03 when I fell deep (quite early in comparison to many, I think?). When Clarke steps in to kill Atom, and Bellamy watches her become his murder princess? I die over it every time.

This scene established something very important for me, and that was that Bellarke were not like other ships. The fact that we had Bellamy showing softness, while Clarke was steel. The chemistry. The way he watched her and you could just feel him re evaluating her.

There are so many beats in S1 that establish a new stage in their relationship. This was the first BIG one IMO. And it lead to ‘get Clarke whatever she needs’ which is basically Bellamy’s life mantra.

2. 2x16 Blood Must Have Blood Pt II - TOGETHER

Again, a short scene but HOLY COW it’s so important.

It’s important in the moment because it’s just so huge and so beautiful, and the way it is shot is so perfect. But it’s also huge for the entirety of their relationship. It reflects where they have come from, and it informs what they have become.

This moment has been called back to in so many ways. Heartbreak in 3x05, reconciliation in 3x13, quietly but HUGELY in 3x16, and again in S4.

Part of the beauty of Bellarke is in themes that carry throughout seasons. Together is iconic at this point.


This scene is a masterpiece. Every single inch of it. The writing was SPOT ON. Everything each of them said was so on point I thought it had been pulled from my brain. The acting was devastating. It was given SO MUCH TIME.

Honestly, I’ve spoken about this scene so much and also I need to dash. So why don’t we all just die over my forever favourite angst vid in solidarity.

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phil radiates happiness and kindness all the time and i would die for an irl friend like him. his instinctive phrasing that sings of optimism and kindness in his ls (and vids) reminds me that we can find light in the dark recesses of our minds--it's body armour, not fat; sirens may herald a birth, not death. as a cynical person, phil's so uplifting and beautiful omg dan's so lucky to have him in his life. phil's ls just brought back fond memories from dizzy's "Everyone Needs a Phil."

i love everything about this message so much. and it’s so true. it’s not to suggest that phil doesn’t have his own slew of insecurities and struggles or that he’s stronger than dan is in any fundamental way but he does have a more innate inclination to push through darkness and find the redeeming qualities in the people with whom he interacts and the situations he is in. the body armor comment made me want to cry (for those who missed it, in yesterday’s live show he said we all have six packs but some of us just have them hidden under our body armor.) phil is so gentle and reassuring and warm and i earnestly believe he has such a deep-seated desire to take care of others and help them to be happy.

thank you so much for reminding me of dizzy’s piece. i went back to read it again and found myself just as choked up as i had been the first time through. the way she envisions phil interacting with the fan in the coffee shop :( my heart :( and this, one of the most beautiful ways of capturing phil that i have ever read:

“‘Phil,’ Dan whispers, and Phil clings tighter to him. He’s afraid of a lot of things. He’s got insecurities and self-doubt and questions about how much he’s really capable of, worries that he’s just fooling everyone around him into thinking he’s worth all this. He’s terrified when he stops to think of all the things there are to be afraid of, but - never Dan. With every fibre of his being he knows that Dan loves him, and Dan is there for him, and Dan is going to be strong with him when Phil can’t be strong alone.”

because even through this desire to help others phil so clearly has these vulnerabilities that he hides away for the most part and the one person he will always lean on when he needs to, the one person he trusts enough to take care of him in the way he takes care of everyone else, is dan. i’m dying. (go read @alittledizzy’s piece here https://archiveofourown.org/works/4966852 if u want to join me in my ocean of tears and while ur there also read literally everything else she has ever written)

After the war, after Kaidan gets back to Earth and after the eternity Shepard spends in hospital - cloned arm, broken legs, broken ribs, broken everything - they finally move into one of the prefab towns that the Alliance has set up around Vancouver.

It’s far from luxurious - a bedroom, a tiny bathroom, an everything-else-room - but it’s the best place Shepard’s ever lived; not just because he was a spacer kid and grew up in tiny cupboard-like spaces on freighters, but because he’s sharing it with Kaidan.

It means he gets to see all the little things that make Kaidan Kaidan, all the things the war kept from them; his singing in the shower and his dancing as he cooks; the way he mutters to himself as he colour-codes his reports and the uncontrollable giggles at his favourite vids - little bits of life, little bits of him unfolding, and Shepard loves every one of them - little luxuries all their own.


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PEYTON HEITZ IS BACK LADY AND GENTS (not to say her other solo wasn't great, but sassy peyton is everything) ya ya yay and also I don't get why some studios care so much about vids being posted. The whole copy choreo thing seems silly. Ik that's possible but realistically that can happen from any insta vid/ individual watching a live stream/ being at a comp. I just think videos being on YT should be viewed in a more positive light. Like wow ppl loved your work so much that they want to see it

some just want their best up i guess but i love jpd’s approach

Top 5 - Anidala/Vaderdala fan vids

for @jedifest16′s Top Picks challenge

Herein lie enshrined the five Anidala/Vaderdala fan vids that I viewed most this year. Prepare thyself for feels. 

1. Where’s my love? by AnneSoshi 

Oh my god, this fan vid.  So haunting. No matter how many times I see it, it still physically HURTS. The editing, clips, voiceovers, and music flow together to create the most exquisitely painful Anidala vid ever. 

2. Somebody To Die For by koppiezus

Another that I’ve watched many, many times this past year, this is an absolutely lovely fan vid that evokes my Hades and Persephone/Death and the Maiden feels for these two. The part where it says “when i’m standing in the fire, I will look him in the eye, and I will let the Devil know that I was brave enough to die”, I tear up, every time. But ultimately, I love this one so much because not only is the editing and music combo just gorgeous, but it also has an uplifting feeling to it at the end, telling us not to “go gentle into that good night, but to rage on against the dying light”.  

3. ’Cause I’ll remember you by anakinspadme

Probably the fan vid I watched more than any other this year. The perfect depiction of Anidala-as-fairytale. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful – Anakin as the ‘charming prince’ with a ‘warm soul and arms of steel’. I mean, how perfect is that? And Padme as the ‘angel who prayed for him’. *sob* I adore everything about this one – the song choice, the editing, the colours. Palps as the ‘evil hag’, lol. ;D And when it says ‘though the shadows tried to keep our hearts away forever, it never came true’, I get such chills and my heart swells at the same time. And finally, the ending. is. perfection. Force ghost!Anakin and Padme looking happily upon their children at the end of RotJ. WHAT MORE CAN YOU WANT? :’) 

4. long after you’re gone by GandalfsTruth

A seriously awesome fanvid that manages to capture the essence of both Anidala and Vaderdala all at the same time. I included this one here because not only is it beautifully constructed, but it also stands out from the crowd. It’s just so unique. The music choice, especially. But it totally works, and is all the more memorable for it. Perfectly edited for maximum feels. GO WATCH THIS NOW.

5. Echo by MEOW.DK

Lord Vader, standing on the bridge of his Star Destroyer, looking out ‘across the stars’ while thinking of his beloved Padme. In other words, THE quintessential Vaderdala fan vid. I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT OKAY. The clever overlaying of PT and OT clips is just…. omg, ahhhh. So well done, and perfectly captures the ‘romantic’ side to ‘Vaderkin’ that IS TOTALLY REAL SHUT UP IT IS. I am not ashamed to admit this one makes me weep sad and lonely Sith-lord tears every time. The ending is the sort of knife to the heart that you gladly welcome.  For me, this is not just ‘headcanon’, but is up there with other Vaderdala fanworks like the famous ‘Vader’s dream’ as CANON. 

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@anon. the drama is from the fans tbh. not that they r perfect. But it's important for everyone to separate the drama from them. They aren't doing it.. mostly it's fans. be upset w the troublesome part of the fandom, not the girls. For ex: that vid.- L didn't sing during C's part (considering all the CR crap.. i don't blame her for that) but rmber we are quick to assume, everything is scrutinized - give ppl the benefit of the doubt. And don't allow drama to mess with ur love 4 the girls.


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do u think freelee will stick with the new channel even if it loses $?

The only thing she has been consistent with in the last year is slandering me. She made 2 videos in the last 48 hours about how it is my fault she looks so washed out.

I think the whispering stuff is fake AF. FL needs to ‘free herself’ and just speak how she normally speaks.

That video FL is projecting so hardcore. Just look at the Q&A video from my festival last year where FL is up on stage TOTALLY roasting me in front of my fans. That kicked everything off. 

She sounds bored AF with robin because she hates tri hard beta guys who mooch.

FL do some legit viral vids. Nobody wants to hear you whine about ‘how hard you had it’. When you met me you were 30k in debt and 20kg overweight and hating your life. Now you got over a mill in the bank and doing better.

PS: Freelee LOVES being skinny. Don’t be fooled 😂

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Why are you so nice? I REALLY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR TUMBLR. My name is Kim (real) and I'm from Perú and I don't speak english but I try hard for you ♡♡♡. I just wanna tell you that I love your edits and your gifs and vids ans everything about Got7 and Ahgase :) thank you for everything THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

you’re so welcome omg (personally I dont think im very nice lmao) and your english is perfectly fine. Thank you for taking the time to send this to me kim 💕💕

Alright Fam

I was asked to write my thoughts on another SE make out scene without any background music which is 4x02 and the lovely @itsthebestchoiceiveevermade (who I unfortunately can’t tag) and @thats0klaroline were both gracious enough to provide me with the link since I didn’t receive it from the anon originally. So I decided to just talk about all of the vids in one post.

Watching the 4x02 makeout scene without any background music had me like:

I admittedly wasn’t like OH MY FUCKING GOD about it because when you watch the original 4x02 scene you hear everything even with the music so I’m already OMG about the scene? But watching it without the music just amplifies the intensity of the scene. What I do realize about this makeout is that Nina is doing most of the moaning while Paul is the one reacting to her and not the other way around, which is kind of how it usually is so I’m like … Paul was doing something different today, huh? Which makes sense because the scene is about pleasuring Elena specifically and it had been four years of them making out so like I’m sure Paul knows what to do to get certain reactions from Nina and it really looks as if he was doing them all.

Now the 1x10 scene:

had me like:

Because it’s just so intimate. And it was intimate with “Cut” in the background too but without it you hear new things like the way Paul/Stefan catches his breath as Nina/Elena goes forward to kiss him after stroking his face or Nina/Elena’s moan as they kiss in the hallway, that moan that actually sounds really unexpected, or the way they just don’t stop panting in the hallway? LIKE HOW DO Y’ALL DO THIS?

The 4x03 scene:

STILL has me like:

And I think the reason why I react so strongly to it is because the music really does cover up how loud they are and they seem into it in a way that they don’t with the others, like with 4x02 and 1x10 they’re vibing off each other and the chemistry is hella strong, like hella strong and it seems like they could lose themselves in the moment if they aren’t careful but in 4x03 it looks like they are NOT being careful at ALL and they’re beginning to lose themselves in each other, like boundaries don’t seem to be there anymore because Paul is at Nina’s boob, fam and they both look like they just don’t give a shit and Nina’s EXPRESSIONS? and she’s moaning here more than sighing and she usually sighs, like they’re going at it hard and Nina and Paul are STILL panting even when they’re not making out anymore and I get that Elena is supposed to be hallucinating and freaking out, which causes hyperventilation but it legit just looks like they’re both are still affected by what was happening and I’m just like


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i think the moons from deadspace were awesome!!
I love big ol Kaiju and the Cloverfield monster!!
I love that big nasty monster thing at the end of that DYE music vid!!!!
i think eldritch-y critters that break every law of everything existing just because are cool!!!
i think space gods like the seraph here, who are technically even bigger and incomprehensible to what humans can actually see, because they are like some fucked up sapient portion of space bullshittery, taking on a massive, mantis-like form that is STILL smaller than what they truly are, is neat!!!

and really, all of this is in flux, that might not even be the final size!! cuz it’s really big and the hugeness might be inconvenient for things i want to happen!!!who knows!!! but even if i shrink it down!! it’s still gonna be huge because i love huge monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch on darrenstribrows.tumblr.com

I found a 1080p version of the wedding episode, and when I put the video file into Sony Vegas, I found that the file had seperate tracks for the dialogue and the music/sound effect type things.

So here’s the reunion kiss from the episode without that annoying background music :)


arrow’s canary | stole the show [4x18]

Oh the wrath..

A special thank you to everyone who made a review of the doomed episode 4x18, they basically took the words out of my mouth.
ALL THE MIXED FEELINGS. I decided to vid Arrow one last time and I really hope the writers get to see this video cause they shat on the comic book canon. Season one was great and then it all went downhill from there. The only time I thought the writers were redeeming the show was when they finally made Laurel the Black Canary. But ofcourse they had to ruin that for everybody as well. what a pity. This video is my closure, everything I loved about this show is gone now. There is no Green Arrow without The Black Canary. Laurel isn’t in the grave, Arrow is.

Fandom: Arrow [Oliver Queen, Dinah Laurel Lance, Tommy Merlyn, John Diggle, Thea Queen, Moira Queen, Detective Quentin Lance, Walter Steele]
Played by: [Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Colin Donnell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Susanna Thompson, Paul Blackthorne, Colin Salmon]


okay in their akinator vid, notice how it goes from question 13 to question 15. dan and phil skipped a question. i know that they can’t include everything that happens because the video would be too long, but it’s only one question, and one question probably won’t add too much length to the video. not to overanalyze, but what do you think the question could have been? is your character in a relationship? is your character gay? is your character in love with their best friend? pls don’t hate me i’m not confirming phan i’m just wondering

lol @ this belief that snowbarry has a chance now. Back in the season one finale when Barry was going back in time, he saw Killer Frost. He also saw himself in prison. I’m gonna hazard a pretty good guess and say that Caitlin Snow in this new timeline is going to be killer frost. 

Then there’s Barry telling Iris how much he loves her and how much he’ll always love her. Like, how does that give one hope for a relationship between Barry and Caitlin? He’s in love with Iris and he’ll always be in love with Iris. Iris will always be the woman Barry wants to be with.  

And isn’t the Flashpoint timeline a big pot of terrible scenarios? What would the show be saying about snowbarry if, on the very very very off chance, it happened in this timeline? It’d be putting it right up there with all the terrible things that could possibly happen. The show would be saying that a relationship between Barry and Caitlin is a horrible mistake that must be mended. That’s what it’d be saying. 

I doubt it’ll happen though, because Barry’s in love with Iris and has no interest in Caitlin. Plus, Iris may have a new boo in this timeline. Barry’s gonna be busy being jealous, regretful, and lamenting over Iris and their relationship. 

Eventually Barry will go back to his original timeline and he’ll pick up where he left off with Iris…..kissing. What he’ll see and experience in Flashpoint will help him *fix* himself and he’ll finally be ready to move on from his tragedies. 

Barry literally said he wants to fix himself so that he can be worth something to Iris. The more I think about it, the more I think Barry didn’t go back in time with the sole intent of permanently erasing everything. He may have changed the timeline to start his journey to mend himself. But he plans on going back eventually. 

Point being, Iris is everything to Barry. From day one she was everything to Barry. She’ll always be everything to Barry. 

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after replaying that vid of youngjae saying "hey guys this is youngjae class.." its like junior anticipates jb to react because junior turns immediately, maybe even before jb laughed aND ITS LIKE HE KNOWS JB HAS A THING AND TEASES JB AND JB KNOWS THAT JUNIOR KNOWS BUT DENIES IT. THEN THERES YOUNGJAE WHOS JUST OBLIVIOUS TO EVErYTHINg GAH IM 2YOUNGJAE TRASH someone help me PLS

I FU KCING LOVE THIS V VID BECAUSE THE ENTIRE TIME JB JUST LIKE- WATCHED YOUNGJAE, OR WAS LIKE HELLA ATTENTIVE TO HIM????? It might just be my 2jae kicking in, but he was always smiling and cheesing whenever Youngjae spoke. If you watch carefully, whenever Youngjae spoke, Jb would look at him while he sorta had a mong face to everyone else. I’M SCR eAMNIG. Also in regards to the english portion, if you watch carefully from the beginning, whenever english was mentioned, jb was already smiling, like- he knew what it was going to lead too??? like- he knew english often equated youngjae, and jinyoung probs knew it too?!?!? i’m d eAD. My favorite moment, even though it wasn’t really captured on camera, was when Jb dissed Bambam for rapping fast and saying, “is this a thai rap?” and youngjae and jb just touched eachother’s hands? fist-bump? high five? just hand touching. bb shook the camera too much lol. bUT- that moment spoke to me. it was such a small gesture, but it further solidified my assertion that jb always looks for reassurance within youngjae if he makes a joke, and just expects or hopes youngjae will react and give him that smile that would ease his anxiety of thinking he wasn’t funny (it’s also probably because he thinks youngjae’s laughter is genuine? not forced? youngjae will only laugh if he finds something truly funny)??!!???