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So today at Half Price Books when I went up to check out, I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation happening at the next register–and judging by the cashier’s face, it had been happening for a while already by the time I arrived. Instead of taking his purchase and getting out of the way, this middle-aged man had hung around to tell the female cashier all about how women are incapable of forming real friendships because they’re too busy competing with each other for male attention. I eavesdropped on this in silent incredulity until the male cashier ringing me up muttered, “Sorry you have to listen to this. I’m going to give him thirty more seconds and then I’m gonna shoot him.” So I just said, “Man, if you need a witness you got one,” because that, book lovers, is the side of Texas I like to see.


If you are like me, and despise everything to do with Fifty Shades, take heart.
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to be completely honest i was not ready for this scene and now miraculous ladybug has joined my list of shows that have made me cry

Ninja sleeping headcanons

Okay, I’ve seen a fair few of these, and I wanted to add my opinion.

Kai: The one who wakes everyone up at 2AM asking if dragons get songs stuck in their heads.

Cole: Loudest snorer ever. Will literally cause a minor earthquake of he’s congested.

Jay: Will cuddle anything and everything. Slept with about fifty stuffed animals growing up (and had names and backstories for all of them) but will also cuddle people or a pair of nunchucks.

Zane: Needs people to flip a switch to wake him up because once he’s out, he won’t move or make a sound. It’s a little ridiculous, honestly. Alternatively, has a built-in alarm clock and wakes up before anyone else. I haven’t quite decided for him.

Lloyd: Has frequent nightmares, and will cause a power outage if they’re bad enough. Had Jay soundproof his room in case he wakes up screaming. (nooo my poor baby why must I do this to him)

Nya: Night owl. Probably works on her machines and things around the same time Kai is starting to question life. Runs on coffee.

Wu: Insomniac. Probably gets up every two hours to drink tea.

Misako: Stays up past midnight reading. After she started living with the Ninjas again, she was always there to comfort Lloyd whenever he had nightmares (like the mother he deserves).

Garmadon: Combination of Wu and Lloyd. Hardly ever sleeps, because when he does he gets horrible nightmares leftover from the Great Devourer venom. Also runs off coffee (between him and Nya, they have to get one of those huge things of coffee beans every week).

Don't make it harder-Derek luh

Derek and I have been together for a year and a half, lately it’s been weird between us, he gets home at two in the morning sleeps till twelve in the afternoon then leaves again, we hardly ever even say more than two words to each other It’s five pm, just like always I make dinner and put his plate in the fridge but tonight, I made sure there was enough for another night or two. The door bells rings, I go open. Good delany.

“Hey you” she says and sets a bag on the counter

“Hi” I mumble, I watch her take out the drinks, all Derek’s favorites

“You’re really doing it?”

“Yeah it’s for the best del…” I sigh and let a tear fall, she Hugs me “here’s some of the money for everything” I give her fifty dollars

“Keep it, I don’t need it” she hugs me and leaves again, I wrap Derek’s food up and put everything up, I leave the drinks on the counter next to the fridge. I then go put all the clean laundry up, the towels in the bathroom, his clothes folded and hung up, I take his sheets of his bed and wash them. I decide to take a shower, after my shower I dry off all my things and place them in a bag along with all my other ones, I notice it’s six now I’ll give it two more hours maybe one. I dress in jeans and a tshirt. I finish packing my things, I place my phone on the charger. I sit on the bed for a bit then grab some paper and a pencil and write a letter

•Derek james; there’s clean towels, I did your laundry everything is folded and put up, clean sheets on your bed, I can assume you probably found your dinner and all your favorite drinks already. I’m sorry I didn’t do this face to face but I could t get the courage too, something’s changed between us, you don’t get home till two and we hardly say nothing more than two words to Each it’s hard just writing this it would’ve been worse in person. if you have any questions you know where to reach me I’ll always love you Derek.•

I felt my tears fall and hit the paper, I tried not to cry but I failed. I made the bed then put my stuff in my car, I go back in and hear my phone ringing I don’t bother to check the caller Id


“Have you been crying?, babe what’s wrong?”

“Oh watched a uh a sad movie is all” shit

. “Oh well I was calling to tell you I’ll be late again”

“Figured so” with that I hung up, I grabbed my keys and left I get to my friend rainys apartment, I grab my bag and go in “Rain?” I shout she comes out in a towel

“You’re here early” she says

“Yeah I didn’t want to be there a minute longer it’s already hard enough…” I sigh

Derek pov-

I called y/n that I was gone be home late again tonight but I was really on my way to the house now to surprise her. I pull into the drive, I don’t see her car must be in the garage. I go in, quiet maybe she’s sleeping I lay the flowers I got her on the counter

“Y/n!” I shout I run upstairs, no in the bedroom there’s a note. I read it. God fucking dammit. I Throw it at the wall, and go downstairs, yeah my favorite drinks and food in the fridge. She seriously fucking left. What did I do. Oh maybe not coming home till two am and not saying anything to her but hey, goodnight. Morning. I fucked up. I go upstairs and check the closet some of her clothes are here but the ones she wears the most she took. I call her

“Pick up the damn phone” I mumble

“Uh hello?”

“Rainy let me talk to y/n”

“She’s busy”

“Bull rainy let me talk to her.”

“Whatever, here”


“Why’d you leave.”

“Don’t make this harder Derek”

“Just tell me.. please… I came home early to surprise you but see you gone”

“You what?”

“I fucking left the studio and fucking came home early to surprise you and spend the evening with you! I got your favorite goddamn flowers and I get home to see you fucking gone!”

“Stop yelling Derek. It’s for the best nothing the same between us, you don’t look at me like you first did you don’t tell me you love me, hell Derek you lay on the edge of the bed!” She’s right… and it’s bad that’s she’s fuckijg right

“I’m sorry okay, I love you”

“Don’t make this harder, goodbye Derek” She hangs up, I seriously fucked up by doing something little and stupid.

~I haven’t written and imagine in so long because I’m working on my book ‘my brothers best friend’ ~


The most dangerous way we sabotage ourselves is by waiting for the perfect moment to begin. Nothing works perfectly the first time, or the first fifty times. Everything has a learning curve. The beginning is just that - a beginning. Surrender your desire to do it flawlessly on the first try. It’s not possible. Learn to learn. Learn to fail. Learn to learn from failing. And begin today. Begin now. Stop waiting.
—  Vironika Tugaleva
Two Dudes Walk into a Space Bar


Okay so you know how they say in hindsight everything is fifty fifty? Lance could see right now that this was a REALLY bad idea. Maybe going to a planet and being ‘diplomatic’ in a space bar was a REALLY bad idea. Especially since apparently he had hit on the biggest dude in said bars girlfriend. 

But in his defense, SHE WAS TOTALLY INTO HIM! She kept making these little cooing noises from…somewhere and she flipped her…tentacles? Over her shoulder. Classic flirting so shoot him. But don’t really because he’s pretty sure that’s what this guy was going to do. 

He held his hands up in surrender. “I didn’t know my man. If I did…wow your arms are big.” Lance stammered, because seriously he was as wide as a redwood from back home. Huston we are fucked. I repeat we are fucked. 

But then Lance sees a familiar mullet and WHY was Keith here? He couldn’t have come to party so…Didn’t matter right now all that mattered was that Keith was here. He caught his eye. He thought. Maybe…and gave him a pleading look. A look that said: Keith, my dude, my favorite mullet, help a bro out?


Dakota is very funny - and humor on a film set goes a long way, but she also had ability to be a very strong, dramatic actress. She’d be telling a joke one minute and breaking your heart on-screen the next - so she was perfect.” - Jamie about Dakota {insp.}