everything feels better when your drunk

SHORT STORIES, my favorite kind of poetry ( meme ).


❝ i heard you were doing good. ❞
❝ you don’t grow your horns overnight. ❞
❝ i promise, it gets better eventually. ❞
❝ & we never talked after that. ❞
❝ am i really, truly, that unlovable? ❞
❝ don’t talk like you’re coming back. ❞
❝ my most dangerous habit is trusting. ❞
❝ we’re made of stars & stories. ❞
❝ you didn’t have to do that. ❞
❝ everything is poetry when you’re drunk. ❞
❝ did i mean anything to you? ❞
❝ real feelings don’t just go away. ❞
❝ you came & changed the weather. ❞
❝ when can you just be mine? ❞
❝ there was no love, only lust. ❞
❝ darling, stop wishing on dead stars. ❞
❝ art is another form of screaming. ❞
❝ silence is the most painful goodbye. ❞
❝ what the fuck did you do? ❞
❝ i’m drunk, dizzy & missing you. ❞
❝ kiss me like you’re losing me. ❞
❝ i don’t feel like smiling today. ❞
❝ not all good people are innocent. ❞
❝ we’re a disaster in the making. ❞
❝ some things are better left unsaid. ❞
❝ we really should’ve talked about it. ❞
❝ i’m so glad i met you. ❞
❝ i wish i knew you earlier. ❞
❝ i fucked (pronoun/name) to our song. ❞
❝ i dreamed of you this night. ❞


❝ you saw the messed up parts of me, & stayed. ❞
❝ all i’ve ever wanted was for someone to save me. ❞
❝ since you left, i have no one to talk to. ❞
❝ i apologize for the nights in which i cannot breathe. ❞
❝ everytime i look at you, i want to kiss you. ❞
❝ we said no strings attached but now we’re in knots. ❞
❝ there’s a difference between missing someone & missing having someone. ❞
❝ for which f are you drinking? fuck, forget, or fun? ❞
❝ my biggest mistake was thinking i could live without (pronoun/name). ❞
❝ whenever (name/pronoun) rose to kiss me, i fell even more. ❞
❝ i wish that ‘goodnight’ was followed by ‘i love you’. ❞
❝ let’s smoke a pack of mentholds & talk about love. ❞
❝ your deep, sleepy voice makes me feel like i’m okay. ❞
❝ i read both of our horoscopes looking for an answer ❞
❝ reality is the absolute last place i want to be. ❞
❝ i didn’t expect that drunk kiss could mean this much. ❞
❝ all i need is a late night drive with you. ❞
❝ feeling pain is nowhere near as terrifying as feeling nothing. ❞
❝ your eyes are the color of summer fading into autumn. ❞
❝ you are the warmest home i will ever, ever find. ❞
❝ the world is less scary when i am with you. ❞
❝ i still can’t tell which of us was the victim. ❞
❝ i just need an excuse to hang out with you. ❞
❝ your expectations for me have been set way too high. ❞
❝ i don’t want to feel this way about anyone else. ❞

darling. you need to take care of yourself.
that includes: your mind.
go buy that new book. meditate.
the gym isn’t just for a nice body–
when you feel better,
you think better
when you think better,
you make better decisions
your heart. make conversation with strangers.
people always have something to say.
even the weird ones.
your body. doing nothing is frowned upon
in our society. relax a bit. give yourself
some much needed space. to think.
or not to think. to feel or not to feel.
to be or not to be, right?
your soul. get lost. get high.
get drunk. know your limit.
do all of it with a
sense of responsibility
to how you are to yourself.
learn to loosen your grip.
you can’t control everything.
breathe. always breathe.
smile. fall in love with your own life.
fall in love with yourself,
okay? ♡

BTS Reacts to you flinching during an argument


Originally posted by bangtan

You’d both started arguing over something trivial, but Jin’s habit of being dramatic meant he was making a bigger deal out of it than it should have been. He notices your reaction as soon as he makes an exaggerated gesture, flinging his arm out, and you flinch away in response. You moves out of your space immediately, all of the anger taken out of him. “I’m sorry,” he would say, “But I want you to know that I’ll never hurt you.” He would take you out for dinner as an apology, and you appreciate his sincerity in respecting your reaction. 


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Suga didn’t get angry easily, but when he did, he had a nasty habit of projecting his own insecurities onto the person he was angry with. With it being you, you’re a lot more affected by his harsh words and mean tone of voice. You would flinch, though it was an instant reaction to a particular comment he makes, and suddenly you’re hearing those words from him and someone else as a painful memory plays in your mind. Suga would see how close to tears you were, and feel suddenly drained and guilty. “I didn’t mean any of that. Please forgive me.” The next day he would spend his time at the studio, feeling guilty, and message you constantly to apologize and check that you were okay. 


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The argument between the two of you had escalated, but it still shocks you when Hosoeok raises his voice, shouting at you aggressively. It’s the way his voice deepens, and the cold look in his eyes that makes you tense up completely. Your chest feels tight and you turn away, suddenly shaking. There’s a moment of tense silence, and he only realises what he’s done once he sees you shiver, eyes darting to the floor. “Did - Did I scare you? I didn’t mean to shout, I’m sorry Y/N.” You stand still as he slowly walks up to you, wrapping his arms around you and gently rubbing your back. “Let’s not fight again, okay? It’s not worth it.”

Rap Monster

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Namjoon tries to rationalize arguments and find other ways of communicating, but this time he was in a terrible mood and couldn’t think to care about the consequences of fighting. While getting caught up in yelling as he stomped about the room, while you stood tense and stalwart in the centre, he accidentally knocked a lamp over. You couldn’t hold back your loud gasp of fright as the lightbulb smashed on the ground. He swore as he looked at the mess of glass, and again at your terrified face and teary eyes. Stepping gingerly around the broken glass, Namjoon reached to hold your hand, wiping a falling tear from your face. He hadn’t noticed how upset you were, and was mentally berating himself for trying to get a reaction out of you earlier. “I’m so sorry baby. I’ll clean up the mess okay? Yours, and mine.” 


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After slamming a door too hard after an argument had led to an outburst from you, begging Jimin not to be so loud, he realised how frightened you were of loud noises. Though he didn’t want to pry too far, he wanted to understand why it scared you, and if there were any other problems you had that he could eliminate from your relationship. You spend time together talking about where your fears stem from, Jimin listening patiently, and he promises to understand as best as he can so he can prevent doing anything that will make you upset in the future. 


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The two of you were walking down a street, having just gone out with the other members, and were arguing over Taehyung having ignored you for most of the night, albeit without realising. V hadn’t realised how upset you were until he turned around from where he was walking in front of you, and saw you flinch back from him. He stops, taking in your subdued posture and the way your arms are crossed against your chest. “Y/N… are you scared of me?” “Of course I am!” you reply, “Why wouldn’t I be when you get angry at me, when you’ve drunk too much and start yelling?” He looks into your eyes and sees your confusion and fear, and feels terrible. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry, I should have known better.” He takes his coat off to cover your bare shoulders, warming you instantly, and holds your hand for the rest of the way home. 


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Jungkook was so shocked when you started crying during your argument, and had no idea what to do when you then ran away to hide in your room. He left the house, walking the streets as he thought over everything that had just happened, considering the shocked look on your face before you started crying, when he had, in a fit of anger, slammed his hand on the wall so hard the noise echoed around the house. He cringed at his own behaviour, not blaming you for being upset. He gave you some time to yourself as he got his own thoughts in order, and came back once he had calmed down. He knocked on your door, a bouquet of roses in his hand, and apologised. 

The Maze Runner: Newt - Drunken Confessions

Prompt: Newt confesses how he feels for you… but what happens when you notice things haven’t changed the next day?

Requested by: @nickey-mouse

You lie in your bed, blinking slowly as the sunlight wakes you and the warmth engulfs you. You smile, remembering the night that just happened, the imaginary music you danced to with the all the Gladers. The sparkling bonfire that glittered the night sky. The way Newt’s eyes clung to you as you danced.

And of course…

His drunken voice spilling over his lips claiming how he feels for you.

You sigh as you roll over, clutching to one of the pillows. It’s as if a dream came true, or something quite close to it. You don’t even know how it could have happened. Would it ever have happened if you didn’t encourage Newt to let loose and drink a little? Was it the alcohol that gave him courage to tell you or… maybe it was just drunken talk?

You sit up in your bed, the covers falling off the side of the bed, doubt overcomes you and suddenly you feel that maybe it might not have even been true after all.

“Y/N!” You hear your Keeper Clint call your name from below, his voice filling your room through the window.  “Get your shank butt down here, we’ve got Slicers to fix up!”

You tumble out of your bed, slipping a clean outfit on before sticking your head out of your window, “Already!?”

Clint laughs, “Unfortunately.”

You slide your feet into a pair of shoes and tie back your hair as you make your way out of the Homestead. You meet up with Jeff and Clint by the shack where your supplies for patching up the Gladers are kept and start on the group of guys, who are of course, Slicers.

“I swear I see you every day,” you mutter over at one kid who’s scarred hands only earn more scars. “Why’d they give you the Slicer job if you keep getting yourself injured?”

He blushes crazily, “It was that or being a Slopper, I practically begged them to give me the Slicer job.”

You raise an eyebrow, “Point taken.”

After a few more kids, you spot a blond head enter the building; a stream of blood covering his right arm. “Bloody garden tools, I tell ya’.”

You walk over to him, almost too shy to even touch him, and bring him over to the first-aid kit. You wash him arm with water and then wipe it down with anti-bacterial wipes so it doesn’t get infected, that’s the last thing anyone would want in this shuck place. “Garden tools attack you again?” Your voice is quiet, and you’re not sure how you’re supposed to act around him after last night. But he doesn’t seem to look or act any different to usual…

“Yep, as always.” He laughs, and notices your unusual quietness but doesn’t say anything. Thankfully.

“Maybe you just can’t handle those tools because you’re still a little drunk from last night?” You joke, a smile on your face.

He laughs, “Yeah, yeah, last night was killer.” And that’s it, that’s all he says. You start to wonder, maybe he’s just joking around with you. It’s such a Newt thing to do, he’s probably just messing with you or trying to get you to say something first.

“Yep.” You’re not going to play his little game, so you just go along with his pretending.

Soon, the bleeding stops completely and you manage to cover the wound. He smiles gratefully and thanks you before he goes back into the Glade; you only watch after him.

Later that night you find yourself thinking about Newt, about what he said over and over. The way he was so shy, and how his voice was very timid. But you can only go about pretending it never even happened for so long, so you find Newt hanging with Thomas and Minho by Gally’s wrestling ring. You want to just go and ask him about it but the other boys are around and you’re not sure if you want them to know or not.

“Ah look, it’s the gal who saved my life!” Newt exclaims, smiling gleefully.

You laugh at his joke, “Barely.”

“You finished working for the day?” Thomas asks, chewing on a leftover bun.

“Yeah, but I’ll be on emergency duty tonight so I have to sleep in the Med-jack building.”

“First night doing that?”

You shake your head, “Third actually, I tried to tell the boys that I could do it more often but… well, I guess they’re just used to the schedule they have.”

“Well they bloody should trust you more with it, no one could fix my bleedin’ arm the way you did, darlin’”, he gives you a wink and you find yourself blushing. He’s still playing this game of his?

A few seconds roll by after you don’t reply, because of your confusion with Newt and this immense sudden feeling of not knowing how to act around him anymore. But the silence is cracked as Minho speaks, “How flattering,” he says with a laugh, and you join in. But it’s awkward, and you find yourself wishing you hadn’t come over here.

“Y/N, can I talk to you a sec?” It’s Newt, and at first you wish it wasn’t him who said it. But you knew sooner or later it would come to this, and finally you feel a little excited. You want to talk about last night, and you’ve been super annoyed all day because it hadn’t happened yet.

You wander off with Newt, walking beside him as you find a quieter, empty place to chat. He stops abruptly, his back to you for a moment as if he’s thinking over things, which makes you nervous. What if he’s going to say that last night was a mistake? What if he’s going to tell you that he never meant what he said?

He pushed your hair out of your eyes, tucking them behind your ear. His slurred voice and happy smiley-face the most adorable thing you’ve seen. “There’s something I want to tell you…”

He turns to face you, “Y/N… You’ve been acting weird. Not completey weird… maybe not even weird, just different.”

“God, you’re beautiful, you know?” He smiles even wider, “I feel so much… I feel happy when you’re around me, Y/N. I love the kind of person you are. You make me feel better, you make me feel as though this place doesn’t even matter. I think I could fall in love with you if you let me.”

“And now I’m worried that I might have… done something to you. Last night? Did something happen? You’ve been quieter and… I don’t know, maybe I’m just overthinking it, but I do get this vibe as if something’s changed with you. And I can’t ignore it anymore.”

You take a step back, and a flash of fear crosses his eyes. You blink, unsure what to say at first. “You mean… You don’t… You don’t remember?”

His breath hitches in his throat, “Like I said, if I did anything to you, I am so, so sorry.”

You shake your head, “I… I was so happy when I woke up this morning. But you don’t even remember? You don’t remember what you said to me?”

Newt looks away as he tries to remember, but it only brings on more confusion. He doesn’t remember that he confessed his feelings for you, and its like a stab to the heart. “What did I say?”

You feel your face tighten as you try not to cry in fornt of him but it’s no use, you’ve never been one to keep your tears away. You cover your face out of shame and he comes closer to try and comfort you but you only walk further away.

“What did I say, Y/N?”

You drop your hands from your face, “I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you don’t remember!”

“I was drunk!”

“Then man up next time and tell me how you feel without being intoxicated you damn shank!” Your cheeks blush out of embarrassment and anger, and you wish you could have just forgotten what he said too.

His mouth falls open slightly, and it’s like all the oxygen around the both of you has been cut off. “I… I told you? I really told you?”

You swallow another batch of tears, “Yes you stupid shuck-face, you told me!”

You kiss his little nose, not wanting your first kiss to be a half drunken one, “I think I could fall in love with you too, Newt.

You tell him what he said, and you tell him what you said. But you’re angry; frustrated. The moment you both had last night was the most perfect moment ever, and now it’s been ruined because Newt was too drunk to remember and you had to angrily tell him about it after.

“Y/N, I am so sorry.” He walks closer to you, and you think about just shoving him away and going to bed or something, but something makes you reconsider. You feel his arms slide around you as he pulls you into a hug. You hug him back and find comfort within his touch.
“What I said was completely true, you know that? I know I was drunk, but what I said is exactly how I feel.”

You laugh into his chest, the urge to cry subsiding. “I’m glad.”

His hands slide to your face as he pulls you in for a gentle kiss; it’s everything you had imagined and more. “I know it would have been better if I told you when I was sober, and I’m so sorry I’m such a shank. I hope you can forgive me?”

You kiss him again, resting your arms around his neck, “Of course, I forgive you.”

Who Is James Buchanan Barnes (Bucky × Reader)


Summary: A little anonymously requested Bucky Barnes fluff for his birthday, with eventual Bucky x Reader, as based off of the song ‘Seven Years Old’ by Lukas Graham. It’s very short and not well written, but I got it done. Basically, just a lot of angsty fluff on this one.

Character Gender; Not necessarily specified, hinted at petite female.

“[Y/N]! [Y/N] get in here now!” Steve’s voice rang out hurriedly from the living room of the cramped, empty New York apartment that you and ‘Team Cap’ had been pretty much squatting in since this early May. You quickly dropped the numerous loose notebooks that you had been filing away, slamming into a few crooked doorways as you rushed into the living room.

You were greeted not so kindly with the sight of a disgruntled Steve, as expected from the yelling, who was basically supporting Bucky from his entire left side. Bucky’s dark hair was hanging over his eyes, dripping from either sweat or blood, probably both. His eyes looked darker than normal, and there were deep smears in the mud on his face that resembled newly made tear tracks.

“Holy-” You trailed off in shock, ripping out the updo that your hair had been shoved up into mere seconds before, the instinct doing nothing to better the situation at hand, although you weren’t quite sure what the situation was.

“Steve, put him down, put him down.” You pulled off the lightly knit cardigan that you had been wearing over your exposed arms, rushing over to gently place it over Bucky’s heaving shoulders as soon as Steve dropped him into a sitting position on the loudly creaking couch.

You quickly grabbed a cotton rag from the precariously placed basket of laundry that you had yet to finish for the week, and began gently wiping the small debri off of your best friend Bucky’s cheeks, whilst interrogating Steve sternly, “What the hell happened out there?”

“I- I don’t know,” Steve managed, his throat sounding parched, and you hastily pointed out a bottled fountain drink that was placed on the edge of the coffee table for him to take a sip of, “One minute he was fine, ran off, and then I heard him yell.”

You continued gently wiping away the slightly layer of darkness off of Bucky’s cheeks, turning the cotton cloth to be cleaner, as he kept looking at the ground, both of his hands shaking in his lap. You let slip a few murmured curse words before you muttered angrily under your breath, “I bet he saw something that those messed up HYDRA bastards did to him.”

Steve only gasped in a shaky breath as a reply. You took that answer as enough and quickly decided that Bucky’s face was clean enough for now, then did a long range hoop shot with the cloth, which landed back into the huge dirty clothing pile. Steve was putting the cold drink you had pointed out to his right eye, which was beginning to bruise over.

You brushed Bucky’s lanky, moist hair out of his brimming eyes to back behind his ears, making a shudder run through him as you did so, his blue eyes snapping up to your face, a dark fear spreading from within them. You held up your hands in mock surrender, leaving his hair where it was behind his ears, but you kept your eyes trained on him, hoping that he wouldn’t lash out in his current state of fear.

Luckily, he didn’t. He just kept his scared eyes on you, watching your face as another tear drop fell from his left eye, and then his right, continuing until the tears were silently flowing down his face, cleansing it fully. He turned his eyes downcast in what appeared to be shame.

“Hey, hey,” You soothed in a whisper, reaching out to touch his left shoulder with your comforting hand.

He flinched away from your touch, his eyes snapping back up to yours again, and you froze the comforting motion, your hand barely hovering above the shoulder of his metal arm. He looked at you in uncertainty, with you looking back at him, and you slowly inched your hand until it was on top of his whirring metal shoulder, your thumb rubbing circles on the flesh that you could reach.

As you did so, he started crying harder, bringing his flash hand up to cover his mouth.

“Shh, shh,” You began again, but were cut off by Bucky’s voice cracking, as he whimpered out a sentence that made your heart shatter into about a million pieces; “What am I?

But it wasn’t your turn to be hurt this time, so you swallowed the huge, tight lump in the middle of your throat, and ignored the growing black hole in the pit of your stomach as you let out a breathy exhale and answered him as best you could, “You are Bucky.”

He shook his head, but you didn’t even give him the time to protest, as you went on, “Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. We call you Bucky. You were born in 1917. Steve and [Y/N] Rogers are your best friends, even since then.”

“Your mother was Rebecca Barnes, and she always told you to ‘go out and play’ or you’d be lonely, even when she got sick,” You reminded him quietly, ignoring Steve’s stare from across the room at the two of you. Bucky grabbed your free hand in his own flesh one, squeezing tightly at the thought of his mother, “And you did. And we all had fun, remember that?”

“Bucky, go out and play!

“"Don’t you need help with the chores, Ma?”

““No, silly, Steve and [Y/N] are waiting outside.”

“He turned to see you and Steve, arms waving from the main street that his apartment was built on, shouting out things that he couldn’t make out. He couldn’t help the loving smile that came to his face at the sight of Steve in his boring slacks and tweed, and you in your musty pink outfit, a crooked bow hanging in your hair.

““You sure?”

““Of course, sweetheart,” she coughed, and he could have sworn he saw a hint of blood on her hand as she wiped it on the nearest rag, which caused his hesitation and her response, “James Buchanan Barnes! If you don’t get out there right now-”

““Okay, okay, Ma! Fine!” He grabbed his coat, “Be back soon!”

Bucky nodded in a silent answer, Steve remaining quiet on the lumpy chair, and you kept filling the silence with your quietly uttered words, “It was such a big world even then, but we acted like we could beat it.”

You smiled fondly and glanced over at your older brother, Steve, who had put up his newly dirty boots on the coffee table, which you purposely ignored to keep the momentary peace, and he flashed a bittersweet smile back at you before you turned back to Bucky, still tightly holding his hand.

“But not just that,” you went on, trying everything you could to make Bucky feel better, because, as much as you hated to admit it to anyone, you loved him, “When we were ten, I think, I started getting hit on by drunks. You and Steve pummelled those pervs, even though you were both so skinny.”

“Hey, girly,” a resonating, deep voice sounded from behind the three of you, causing Steve to jump a little as your trio whirled around to face a drunk man sauntering down towards you, “wanna come back to my place? We could have some fun.”

“S-Sir,” you stuttered out nervously, grabbing tightly on to Bucky and Steve’s free hands, squeezing, “Sir, I’m only eleven.”

“Aw, sweetie,” the man slurred lazily, stepping forward and leaning down to your level, causing you to stumble backwards at his bourbon smelling breath, “Age don’ matter to me. And neither will that lil’ dress.”

“Hey!” Bucky interjected, fury in his voice, as Steve shoved you behind the two of them as they puffed up their chests and stared the drunk right in the eyes, “Wanna try that again, pedophile?”

“What?” The man growled out, his words fuzzy at the edges from too much excessive alcohol.

“You heard him!” Steve chimed in, getting right up in the man’s face and stabbing a finger at his chest.

Bucky turned to you, a determined smile gracing his young features as he nicked under your chin with two of his fingers, “[Y/N], run.”

Steve laughed from behind you at your words, and you let out a couple chuckles yourself, but Bucky remained silent even through the fond memory that made you feel so giddy inside. This prompted you to lift the hand on his shoulder to stroke the side of his hair gently, still slightly smiling with your eyes wide.

“Steve and I never had much money,” you felt a reminiscent warm glow begin growing inside of your chest as you rambled on, “but you did odd jobs for us. You gave us the money. I remember Steve gave you the biggest hug he could, and I couldn’t even reach your neck, I was so tiny.”

“Thank you so much, Bucky!” You laughed giddily down at the money that had been placed in both Steve and your’ hands only seconds before.

“Hey, no problem, doll.” Bucky smirked proudly as Steve dove in for a hug that Bucky had to lean down into, because Bucky was just that tall, or maybe Steve was just really short. Probably both.

As Steve leant away from Bucky’s brotherly hug, the dollar bills still clutched in his hand, you passionately jumped at Bucky, making him laugh loudly in surprise and catch you, swinging your petite body around in the air as all three of you laughed all laughed deliriously.

Steve smiled bigger, remembering the scrawny, unfed little girl that you used to be, and Bucky gave you a fake, fleeting smile as you kept running your fingers slowly and gently through the side of his hair, just above his left ear. You wanted to laugh more, remembering how small you used to be back then, when Bucky and Steve could practically pick you up with their pinky.

“Your dad, he always joked that you would marry me one day,” You smiled a small smile, a pink blush rising to your cheeks as Bucky looked up at you, realizing what you had said, “but you thought that it was gross, and shoved me away.”

“Why would I…?” Whispered Bucky sadly, but no one heard his words, and no one saw his lips move either, seeing as you had turned back around to a guffawing Steve, your own grin growing wider on your face.

“One day,” Bucky’s father’s loud, joking, deep voice rang around the room, “you and [Y/N] are going to get married, Buck!”

Both Steve and him laughed loudly, leaning back in their wooden chairs, while you covered your face with your hands, pouting at their relentlessly close teasing. Bucky made a disgusted face, pulling back in his chair.

“Ew!” He yelled in disgust, shoving your now laughing body away from his, as you made a pouting face through your ridiculous giggles, while Bucky’s father tousled up your pulled back hair with his large, calloused hand.

“Yeah, well, I wouldn’t marry you either, James!” You stuck out your tongue.

“And I remember,” you went on, Bucky putting his now wide, curious eyes only on you, save for a few hesitant glances at Steve, “I remember you saying you wanted to be in the war, with the other men, like your dad. We were so young then, and when you said that, I cried. I remember both you and Steve had to comfort me.”

“I’m sorry…” Bucky whispered, just loud enough for you to hear, although Steve remained oblivious to Bucky’s words.

“No, no, no,” You rushed out, not wanting him to feel bad. Your hand immediately went to the side of his head again, combing over his smooth hair as best you could, with him ever so slightly leaning into your touch, looking at you guiltily, “I was a bit of a crybaby.”

“And, remember that one time when you-” Steve trailed off into loud laughter, leaning back on the seat, his brain going back to the memories that he had of the three of you, the memories Bucky was not gifted with.

You laughed again too, turning back to Bucky to hastily explain; “You got sick when we were teenagers. Not bad sick. Sick, like, be in bed for a couple weeks sick. But I was so worried about you, James. I wrote you letters every day. Sometimes I wrote out whole stories and songs that I thought you would like. You teased me so much after that.”

Dear James,

I hope you are well. Well, you’re obviously not, but I hope you get well soon. We miss you here so much. Steve misses you, although he keeps telling me you’ll be out of bed soon. I miss you a lot. No one’s bullied me yet, but I still would feel safer if you were here, not that Steve isn’t strong either. I have to go,

[Y/N] [Y/L/N].

Bucky looked up at you, not quite sure why he would have teased you for doing something so kind for him, but not speaking a word in question of it, for fear that it would burst the bubble of your brightly shining smile, the stories that gushed out of your lips, and your hand that was running gently fingers through the side of his hair.

You gazed fondly at your fingers grazing through his hair, and he couldn’t help but stare at the face that seemed so beautiful to him, your lips moving to speak, “You were such a smart boy, Bucky. A genius, honestly. You still are. You won so many awards, but you were so humble.”

“I- I was?” Bucky looked up into your eyes that flickered to his, disbelieving, and you nodded at him eagerly, a brightness in your eyes that he had rarely seen before as you swooped in and gave him a gently kiss on the forehead.

“And the winner is… James Buchanan Barnes!”

“Whooo! Go, Bucky!”

Your lips felt soft, warm on his forehead, and he tried his hardest not to close his eyes out of comfort, snuggle into your gentle touch, and just breath in all the care, all the love that you showed him. All the love that he had rarely been shown in the last seventy years, that he was desperate to have from you.

“I don’t know if you remember, Buck,” you went on, making him snap out of his loving daze to look fully back into your eyes, “but we always asked you why you didn’t just get out there and become a popular kid, because you could if you wanted to, I’m sure. You had this class. But you always said we ‘were the only ones you really loved, and the only ones who would ever really know you’.”

“We love you too, Bucky.” You murmured sleepily, your young teenage eyes slipping closed as you leant your heavy head on his left shoulder gently, feeling a warm arm wrap around your shoulders, a kiss placed to the top of your hair, making you cuddle into his side even farther, your nose smelling his cologne.

“Good to know,” He chuckled at your sleepy voice, giving you another light kiss on the head, as you felt the back of Steve’s head land gently on your lap to sleep, “Goodnight, you two.

“When we were twenty years old, maybe older,” you squeezed his hand and felt him lightly squeeze yours back, making you smile at him, a sight that made him want to hug you tight, “you went off to the war. 107th, and Steve followed you, the stupid punk. Then I met Peggy, and we ran off after the two of you like two lost, determined puppies.”

“You don’t understand, Peggy!” Your voice sounded desperately pitiful, even from your own perspective, “We have to find them somehow! Steve’s my brother! My only brother! And Bucky- Bucky is- my best friend! Take me to the 107th, please!”

Peggy gave you a look, and you could see the look in her eyes, the effect that meeting Steve, even for a brief second had put upon her, and she nodded, “Let’s do this then.”

“Really?” Bucky asked, looking up at you like a small child who was hearing a jaw dropping story from an adult, and you smiled, the corners of your eyes scrunching up as you did so, nodding in response to his question, as you pushed some more loose hair out of his eyes, causing him to lean back into your pushing touch.

“You always saw your plans,” you let go of his hand, having to pry your fingers from his, as he did not want to let go, and he whimpered when you did so. But you quickly took your fingers from his hair to hold his hand, while putting your free one on his flesh shoulder firmly, “You told us failure was only a concept.”

Bucky nodded at what you said, something showing through in his eyes, something like a faint glimmer of true remembrance, “I did.”

You slid over onto the lumpy couch beside him, the metal springs creaking loudly as you did so, but no one in the room seemed to mind the sound, your gentle voice merely covering it up with soft words, “You knew our- Steve and I- our voices made a difference, even if they were small.”

Bucky turned his head to look at your beautiful face, small snippets of sentences falling out of his lips, just as meaningful as if they were paragraphs, “I still think that.”

Your eyes lit up at the fact that you were seeing a bit into the inner Bucky that he hid away so well, and you quickly leaned forward to gently eskimo kiss him with a smile on your face, causing his breath to hitch in his chest and a gasp to come out of his throat, one that you didn’t notice, along with the awkward tension practically radiating from Steve.

“Just remember,” you went on carefully, seeing the guilt, and pain from his Winter Soldier years reflecting in his baby blue eyes, “you’ve got us with you. We’ll always be there for you. Sam, Wanda, Steve, and me.”

“Steve… You.” Bucky repeated your words lightly, seeming awestruck by the caring phrase, “You’ll always be there…”

“Yeah,” you reached forward again, and lightly put a soft hand on his cheek, that he leaned into with a whimper, a few unexpected tears running down his cheeks, “and if you ever can’t tell us something for any reason, because you’re in danger, or you just hurt when you say it, you write it down for us, Bucky. We’ll help you find a way. I promise. Okay?”

“Okay.” He murmured helplessly, looking directly into your big beautiful eyes that had so much hope for him. There was so much belief in your big eyes, it made him want to stare into them forever and ever and ever, and kiss you. It made him want to kiss you.

“Soon, we’ll all be a hundred years old,” you laughed out, a light laugh, but with a lump in your throat forming, not of sadness this time, but of joy, “can you believe that?! There are tee shirts with our names on them! Your name, Bucky! Because you’re a hero!”

“I’m not a hero-” Bucky tried to protest, but you gave him no choice.

“Of course you’re a hero,” you gushed, putting another hand on the other side of his face to make him look at you, not as if he needed any prompting, “people around the world stand up for you! Stand up against Tony, the Accords! You wanna know why? It’s because they believe that you are a hero! And so do I!”

“You believe I’m a hero?” Bucky questioned you incredulously, just enjoying the feelings of your gentle hands on either side of his face, your thumbs rubbing comforting circles just beneath his eyes, which was putting him on the threatening edge of closing his eyes and just feeling your presence. At this point, Steve had left the room smirking.

You bobbed your head up and down enthusiastically at his question, changing to a meaningful expression in an instant, “Sure, you’ve made mistakes. So, we all have. You’re still learning about this life, how could you know?”

Bucky put his hands over your hands subconsciously, feeling more tears prick the back of his eyes at what you were saying about him, the beautiful words pouring out of your moutb, “One day, if you want it, a woman will give you children, and you can raise them however you want! Because you’re free now. Free, Bucky. And imagine the stories you’ll tell them, the songs you can sing.”

But I can’t sing, Bucky thought, delirious in all the care and love that he was getting from you, I want you to sing, [Y/N]. For me.

“Sure, we all got lost.” You went on, “But we remember our old lives, and so our new lives become better ones. And we all love each other. I love Steve, Steve loves me. Steve loves you, you love Steve. I love you…”

You trailed off, realizing what it was that had just came out of your mouth, wanting to take it back immediately, but also slightly glad that you put it out there, because he definitely needed it so much right then. You just looked into his eyes, hands still on either side of his face.

“Y- You love me?” Bucky whimpered out at you, stuttering as his fingers fell away from your fingers that wrapped on yours on his cheeks.

“Yeah, you’re damn right I do.” You shot back at him, seeing the longing disbelief in his eyes, one of your gifts being to read people, and going with what your romance-movie-watching inner self told you to do.

You kissed him.

Sure, it was a sudden move. Hell, everything in your life had been sudden since the day you turned two, and it was a little bit rash to do without consent, but you were hoping that it would go well enough that you wouldn’t regret it later. And, apparently, your hoping powers were really strong, because let me tell you something; it did not go badly at all.

He kissed you back, not adding any force to it, but just moving his oddly soft lips along yours, moving his shaking hands to your hands that were still placed on the sides of his cheeks, rubbing those circles to wipe away his tears, and you could feel them; the tears, from joy of now, or before, running down his soft cheeks.

When you both broke away from one another, you immediately pulled his body into a soft hug, his cheek resting on your collar bone, able to smell your exquisite vanilla shampoo that he had always complimented in the forties. Your fingers raked through the back of his hair, causing him to shudder, but in a good way.

“Thank you, [Y/N].” He graciously added, his voice shaking, and his arms cautiously wrapping around your waist, “I- um, I love you too. A lot.”

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unconditional - one (h.e.s)

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a/n: hello darlings. none of you know me too well yet. i’m ceridwen and i like vampires and harry. as such, this au was born, so if you’re a fan of the fantastical as well as a whole bunch of drama, this story will be right up your alley.

i would like to give you more of a taste of what this will entail, but i would also like it to speak for itself. i will leave you with a brief summary of this first part, and leave you to your own conclusions. <3 happy reading, and i hope you enjoy.

summary: your night out could have ended badly. thanks to a concerned stranger, it doesn’t. you end up with more questions than answers.

You’re not sure when this nightclub went from thrilling to nauseating.

Logic would dictate that it was about three cocktails and several shots in, when everything became just a tad blurry and your head began to spin, but logic is not on your drunken mind’s side. The blaring music and flashing lights prevent you from focusing for long enough to think – it takes at least a minute or two for you to finally fixate on the way to the exit, squirming past masses of gyrating bodies. You need to get out. The roiling of your stomach cannot be ignored, so the friend you arrived with is forgotten in the panic to leave before you potentially vomit all over the dancefloor. You’re going to regret this whole thing tomorrow. You already regret it, in fact, it’s caught up with you already. This was a horrendous idea.

The stuffy heat of the club gives way to fresh evening air, and you gulp it down frantically. So much better. Being exposed to the elements does have the unfortunate side effect of showing you how drunk you really are, though, which leaves you pressing your palms to the rough stone wall and staring down at the cracks in the pavement. Everything is slightly distorted. You smile and bop your head when you catch the rhythm to a familiar song thudding from inside, but grow to regret the jarring action immediately. God. If you’re going to puke, why can’t you just puke already? This debilitating sickly feeling is becoming unbearable.

Maybe you should head home. Yes. It seems like a good idea. It’s only a few streets away, you reason with yourself, and what are the odds of being followed? You hadn’t heard of any incidents like that in forever. It’d be fine. You could text your friend when you got in to tell her you were in the flat, and you could change out of this ridiculously uncomfortable dress and into some comfy pyjamas. Never has putting yourself to bed sounded so appealing.

Turns out the odds aren’t in your favour.

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“I hate nostalgia. God, that is the worst feeling. Nostalgia will fuck you up. I remember back when I was little how people would describe nostalgia as a good thing. Nostalgia is not a friendly emotion. It is vicious and cold and painful. Nostalgia makes you long for impossible things. It makes you want to go back to a time when everything was better. Back before you got broken up with, before you kissed your skin with a blade, before you dropped out. Before your parents argued all the time and before you fell in love. It puts an ache in your belly that will never go away. No matter how many drinks you gulp down or how many cigarettes you blow through, it will be there. Nostalgia doesn’t leave you.”

1. For months and months and months, you will debate if you should try harder or just give up on the past three years of your life
2. You know you deserve better but think, “Maybe I won’t find it, maybe I don’t deserve better”
3. You do
4. You were not happy, just comfortable
5. You should have left
6. When your feelings were made invalid- you should have left
7. When he poked fun at your insecurities day after day until you didn’t find yourself beautiful anymore- you should have left
8. When he condescendingly told you over and over to “Maybe pick a healthier choice” at the market- you should have left
9. When you were upset with him for something he said or did, yet somehow it was always your fault- you should have left
10. When you put his happiness before your own, but so did he- you should have left
11. When you exhausted all of your efforts into making him happy, and got little in return- you should have left
12. When he did not make an effort with your family or friends- you should have left
13. When he only found you beautiful with the lights off- you should have left
14. When you even thought you might be settling- you should have left
15. Everyone will tell you to leave, you will even tell yourself to leave, but it is so much harder than you ever thought it could be
16. Because you know you should leave
17. But you will not be able to go through with it the first time
18. You will get to his house and he will look so good and it will get to you- like always
19. The apologies and the “I promise I’ll try harder” ‘s will get to you – like always
20. The look on his face knowing you might actually leave this time, you might actually walk away, will get to you- like always
21. You will suddenly remember all of the amazing memories that you have shared and you will think “Am I really making the right decision?” – like always
22. You will hug him so tight and your heart will break when you realize this could be it
23. But this time you stop
24. And this time you leave
25. And this time you don’t go back, you don’t turn around, you don’t call him when you get home and say, “Hey, I’m really sorry, I made a mistake. Come back.” – like always
26. And this time, this last time, you will feel like you left a piece of yourself at his house in his basement; the same basement where you shared so many firsts and so many laughs and so many memories
27. And you will walk in your front door, right past where he first told you that he loved you and you will feel empty inside
28. And you will tell your parents and they will look at you like you could burst at any second because this time it’s different and this time it’s real and this time it happened
29. And your friends and family will be shocked that “you are taking it so well”
30. But they won’t know how nauseous you get every time he is brought up
31. They won’t know that your heart physically aches
32. They won’t know that you will cry on the bathroom floor until you can’t breathe anymore
33. And they won’t know that you will break down when his brother posts a video with his voice in it
34. The voice that convinced you so many times to stay
35. The voice that you aren’t even sure you recognize anymore
36. You were finally strong enough to say enough is enough, you don’t deserve this. But was it the right choice? Did you mess up?
37. You can’t imagine him with anyone else
38. You will be forced to put everything he gave you into a box because you can’t bear to look at in anymore
39. But you can’t get rid of it
40. You can’t just throw away three years
41. Like he did
42. You will text him a month later and he won’t want to talk to you and it will make you not want to be here anymore
43. You will laugh with your friends, but that night you will cry yourself to sleep
44. You will breakdown in the middle of Target because someone is wearing the same cologne as him
45. You won’t be able to drive past his house for months without crying
46. You will search for a distraction, in any place you can, because feeling nothing is better than feeling this
47. You will delete his number from your phone so he doesn’t hate you when you accidentally drunk text him
48. You will wait until four in the morning to go to sleep when you are dead tired because you won’t want to be left alone with your mind
49. You will feel like you are on the verge of tears for months at a time
50. You will look at old pictures months later and not recognize them or yourself; everything is different
51. “I wanted it to me you and me”
52. You will feel like this is never going to end
53. Because no one ever tells you how to leave
—  Anonymous, ​What no one told me about leaving

fabulousnerdgurl  asked:

How the boys in the RFA would react to a secretly self-loathing MC? As in, she (or he) doesn't say it outright, but they do little things like stare at themselves in the mirror, judging. Or making lighthearted jokes that inside they take seriously


- He calls you on it after only a few self-deprecating jokes
- “Why do you say such things about yourself?”
- Your silence sort of says it all; they weren’t really jokes, were they? 
- And, listen — this boy worships the ground you walk on. He’s made it explicitly clear he’s not going to stand for Anybody hurting you, and you were no exception to that. 
- He asks you to explain your feelings about yourself, and he listens intently, processing. And you go into great detail; laying out all of the things you hated about yourself before him.
- “…and, I just feel like I’m not good enough to love you.”
- That strikes a nerve.
- Taking both of your hands in his, leaning in close, letting his intense gaze linger on you, he begins reciting your list of why you hated yourself back to you, but he tweaks his responses just slightly.
- “Yes, it’s true you didn’t grow up in a ‘refined’ setting, but god if you aren’t a breath of fresh air for me. You’re a ray of clumsy, awkward, beautiful light in a sea of dark suits and business discussions over wine. Don’t you see that?”
- Despite the faults you find in yourself, he loves you dearly. All of you.


- Once your relationship with Zen becomes public knowledge, the amount of pictures you’re in increases drastically. Unsurprisingly, most are on Zen’s instagram, snapchat, and various other social media platforms of his.
- He sees you looking at them daily, and he’s pleased because he thinks that hey, MC looks at these all the time, that means they like seeing us together!!
- One afternoon he comes home and finds you glued to your phone, thumb scrolling quickly and occasionally screenshotting whatever it was you were looking at.
- He approaches from behind, and from over your shoulder he sees that you’re not looking at pictures of the two of you; you’re looking at the comments.
- Zen feels himself deflate as his eyes begin scanning over the comments.
- Just…awful comment after awful comment after dear lord, how could anyone say that?
- He pulls the phone out of your hand, surprising you, and is about to just exit out of the app when his eyes see the tiny letters in the search bar – MC hate
- And oh
- He already knows, but he goes into your photos anyway and sees the folder titled “comments” that had over 100 screenshots. 
- It all sort of clicks for him, and he almost doesn’t believe it because you’re so beautiful, so handsome, so perfect and how could you believe these awful things about yourself?
- You apologize, and he tells you no, don’t, it’s not your fault. You…You couldn’t help that you saw that in yourself, right? Seeing it said enough instilled it in you. He knew.
- He deletes the pictures and tosses your phone aside before joining you on the couch and wrapping himself around you, just aching to comfort you. He knew these wounds needed time to heal, that self hatred didn’t just vanish because of a few compliments and a cuddle session, but he would be there whispering encouragement and praise til the bitter end because you’re his everything, and you deserve to know how much he loves you.


- Admittedly, he’d always taken your especially hateful comments about yourself as jokes. He never would have imagined you meant anything by them.
- Until one night when you got drunk and began spilling all of the details about your self hatred to him.
- “A-And, like…I’m really fucking ugly, you know? And,” hiccup, “You’re so much better than me, y’know, Yoosung? You’re so pretty and nice and good and I’m just. Awful. Sometimes I’m not sure if you really love me, or you just feel bad for me.”
- And Yoosung is just stunned into silence.
- It was such a cliche thing to say, but really, he’d never dreamed that someone so bright and beautiful and overall amazing could ever do anything less than love yourself.
- He wanted to argue, he wanted to scream that no, MC you’re so amazing, how could even begin to think that about yourself? Of course I love you, I love you more than anything, how could you…
- But he wasn’t going to argue with a drunk person. So he tucks you in bed with a bottle of water and a few Tylenol at your bedside and thought about just how he was going to broach the subject with you.
- Be it fortunate or unfortunate, you wake up remembering everything you told Yoosung. 
- “So, uh, about last night–”
- The conversation following is awkward and makes the two of you uncomfortable, but it all needs to be said and in the end it’s better for the two of you.
- Yoosung takes the day to just hang out with you, reiterating in any way he can how important you are to him and how wonderful he thinks you are.


- As an assistant, Jaehee has gained the ability to watch and read a situation without anyone taking much notice of her.
- She’s also learned patience working under Jumin, so she takes her time in unravelling the issue regarding you and your, quite truthfully, blatant self esteem issues.
- It was subtle at its most extreme, but even then Jaehee could tell in an instant. She knew the sorriful gaze that you give yourself in the mirror each morning as you’re dressing. She knew the way your whole body seemed to wilt when you did something you considered inadequate. She knew the look on your face that hinted at the tears burning behind your eyes when someone came up and began flirting with Jaehee.
- Jaehee had lived all of those things, once upon a time.
- So she broaches the subject carefully. Sits the both of you down on the couch, cups of your favorite beverages in your hands and one of Zen’s DVDs that you both enjoy playing in the background. 
- “MC, I’d like to tell you something about myself, if that’s alright?” 
- She knows that this isn’t an easy or comfortable subject for anyone, so she figures that she can get you a bit more comfortable and share a bit of herself with you all at the same time.
- So she does, explaining gently the inadequacy and self-loathing she felt when she was younger. How she never felt loved in her home, how even though she did her best in everything her aunt never was proud, how she had, once upon a time, succumb to the lowest of lows in the self-esteem department.
- “And the main point of me telling you this is…I feel that you may be feeling similar feelings of self hate. And I want to help you, so please, let me.”
- The day ends with the two of you having a long talk about things, and generally just letting you get everything off your chest. It wouldn’t solve things, but it was a start.


- Seven is the worst and best person to be around if you hate yourself honestly
- The worst because god damn this boy hates himself too but he’s not gonna tell you that
- If you start in on the self deprecating jokes, he’s going to be right there with you
- “Shit I lost this guest I hate myself lolol”
- “I’ve been at this one job for weeks I hate myself too lololol”
- You two are the worst
- But, at the same time, Seven is super perceptive. And crazy in love with you. So when he gets suspicion that hey, maybe MC’s not really joking, he is on your ass immediately.
- Being a sneaky bastard he starts giving you compliments rapid-fire and watching your reactions. 
- “Hey just so you know you’re perfect and I love you so much!!”
- “Uh, thanks Sev.”
- Yeah, he smells bullshit. You’re ignoring his affection and praise like it’s the plague or something.
- He calls you on it immediately. Why do you hate yourself, you’re so amazing, don’t you see how wonderful you are?? Why are you doing this to yourself??
- Now it’s your turn to call bullshit. “And what about you?? You’re just as bad as me!”
- Queue couple fighting over how much they hate themselves
- After a particularly petty fight, mostly comprised of you’re worse and no, you are! you both take a few minutes to chill out before seriously talking.
- You’re both awful in the self-esteem department, and both could stand to love yourselves a little more.
- It’s generally about correcting each other on little slip ups of self-deprecation and cheering each other up after really bad days, but slowly you come to think of yourselves highly with the others help. Oh sweet love borne out of hating yourselves

Drunk BTS


Repost because it looked weird when I typed it on my phone

Seokjin: Hungry Drunk

- eats before

- eats during

- eats after

- drinks with every meal which is the only reason why he’s drunk

- pizza sauce caked on his lip corners

- ketchup stain on his pants from that unneeded third cheeseburger

- usually he would be responsible for the other members but when he does drink, shit goes down

- prefers cocktails over beer

- “do you want more fries I think we need more fries MR BAR MAN”

- shovels down pretzels drizzled with warm cheese

- chokes on full sized hot wings

- eats all the peanuts at the bar and asks for refills more than once

- you’ll have to carry his drunk, stuffed ass home

- he’ll probably puke all over the curb

Yoongi: Emotional Drunk

- he’d be incredibly vulnerable

- wouldn’t cry or anything but would be in his feelings

- thinking about everything he’s ever did

- “I’m a fucking terrible person aren’t I?”

- like sulks in the corner

- or on the couch next to that weird couple making out

- cuddle him it will make him feel better

- when he asks for another drink bring him water

- he’d probably open up about things he never has before

- suddenly he’s telling secrets

- will tell random strangers about his exes

- chokes on his words because he’s such a saddie

- drag him away from that girl trying to take advantage of him

- let him sleep on your bed

- listen to him groan until you lay down with him

Hoseok: Horny Drunk

- he’d be trying to get laid all night

- definitely would

- becomes a total whore with one drink

- stumbles out of the bathroom after getting his dick sucked and immediately searches for another girl

- pants would never be buttoned or zipped

- his shirt would be hanging off of his shoulder

- he’ll always have a new drink whenever you see him

- his phone will be fucking exploding in his pocket because he had called literally everyone and asked if they wanted to fuck

- practice makes perfect

- the hips are too good

- will most definitely try to get at you too

- crowd you into the corner

- “c'mon babe, you know I can make you feel so fucking good”

- he’s got just enough conscious left to back off when anyone turns him down though, doesn’t push his luck

Namjoon: Romantic Drunk

- the slightest buzz and he’s confessing his love for you

- he’d be so in love the whole night omg

- clingy as hell

- wouldn’t let you leave his side

- would whine like a damn child if you tried

- stomps his feet, pouts, makes his eyes bigger like a puppys, everything

- “baby girl noooo”

- becomes instantly protective when a man approaches you

- tells everyone that you’re his and they better back the hell off

- you can roll your eyes but don’t tell him that you’re not unless you want a sobbing Namjoon on your shoulder

- will beg to stay at your place with you that night

- throws a fit when you leave him in your living room and demands to sleep with you in your bed

- you end up falling asleep on the couch in his arms

Jimin and Taehyung: Partying Drunks

- these two wouldn’t leave each others sides so they’re together

- honestly they disappear every time you turn around

- Jimin’s on the table thrusting at the air and Tae is only encouraging him by screaming and throwing money at him

- Jimin will hold Tae’s ankles up, while he’s tippy toeing bc short, while Tae chugs from the keg of beer’s tube

- they’ll have shot contests with everyone

- honestly, they’d probably do body shots off of each other

- could you see them drunk kissing each other you’d have to pull them back fast before something else goes down in the middle of the group of smokers, who are cheering them on btw

- the ones to take over the dance floor

- they’re professional dancers but not when they’re intoxicated

- they just flail and grind and think it looks good

- would never want to leave

- “We aren’t even that drunk!” “Yeah!”

- they’re literally hiccupping between every word and slurring so bad

- can’t walk

- Tae trips over his own two feet which sends Jimin into a cute fit of giggles before he also falls and face plants the side of a car

- have fun running with two drunk men while the alarm goes off and catches attention

- they’re behind you so far laughing and screaming out fruit names at anyone they see, plus the fire hydrant  that Tae pets bc it’s a kitty in his mind

- will continue to turn up at your place..

- Jimin ends up shirtless with a gallon of milk poured over his head

- Tae raids your fridge and cupboards and pukes up everything he eats into your sink

- they’ll both pass out on your fucked up kitchen floor, in a puddle of milk mixed with Tae’s vomit

- they’re like toddlers so just leave them be

- bang pots by their heads in the morning and blast music bc they’re asssholes for making you do that

Jungkook: Nervous/Horny Drunk

- I can see him switching it up

- one night,, he’ll be nervous as fuck and try to avoid anyone and everyone

- hides in a bedroom in the basement that reeks of weed and sends you to get all of his drinks

- screams and probs almost cries when he walks into the bathroom and sees two girls snorting cocaine off of a guys hard dick

- it’s probably Hoseok tbh

- “They.. they were.. they were..”

- keep him calm with back rubs and pills

- butttt the next week he’d so be like Hoseok

- chasing after every girl

- comes back after missing for two hours and you’re like wtf? where were you?

- but he won’t answer, just straighten his clothes out and ruffle his hair up

- then you’d realize and probs beat his ass, screaming and asking if he used protection bc he’s stupid

- he’d dodge your hits like a pro and go get more to drink

- probably the one to get into stupid fights

- wins sometimes

- loses others and you’ll be in the hospital at 2am with your bloody ass best friend waiting for a cast and sling for his arm

- smack him on the hand so he learns

- then take him home to the dorm at almost 6am, the sun comin up and shit

- watch Jin go into mom mode when he answers the door and yank Jungkook inside

- listen to his yelping for a few seconds before you go home to sleep

- wake up to awesome texts from him in the morning btw

The Bet (Part 7 - Final Part)

Pairing: Nerdy!Y/N/Hockey!Fratboy!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: Yes

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Summary: ”Fine. I’ll be picking the girl and you’ll have 5 weeks to take her virginity.” Calum said challenging and crossed his arms.  ”5 weeks? I can do that in the matter of 5 minutes, Calum.” Ashton stated with confidence.

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12:24 am
Oh my god I can barely breathe,
I’m gasping for air that’s just out of my reach,
Drowning in my own salt water tears as they overflow from my eyes,
They flood onto pillows soaking the outsides.
God,I miss you.
It haunts me now,
As I re-read old texts.
Cause when I said:
\I just feel like I wanna die\
You said:
//Baby I wanna make things better,I feel so sick, I just need you right now. I need your love and your hugs and everything about you. You’re my princess forever don’t you ever forget//
And as I’m sitting here crying,
Trying to remember if I overdosed on pain, thinking of when you drunk a little too much and you forgot my name..
—  He killed me from the inside out..
Alone (2)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

As soon as you opened the door to your tiny apartment, you dropped everything and headed straight for your bedroom, not bothering to wash up or find pyjamas to put on. Instead you just stripped down to your underwear and climbed under the inviting sheets, letting your head find the pillows with ease. You pulled the sheets up to your chin and closed your eyes, feeling the pull of sleep already.

On the brink of dreamland, your mind echoed the drunk man’s voice again. “I’ve found you,” your mind replayed over and over again in his low gentle voice. No matter how hard you fought, you just couldn’t get Park Chanyeol out of your head. When you closed your eyes, he was there – his face a perfect image behind your eyelids. Instead of hearing the early morning noise outside your window, his voice was all you heard. Your fingers still tingled with sensation from when they had touched his hand.

Even as sleep consumed you, Park Chanyeol was there in your dreams. Sometimes it was just his voice echoing out from the shadows. Other times it was his face in front of you, close enough for you to see every feature of his face and yet you still couldn’t reach it no matter how hard you tried. Every time you got close, you’d wake up in hot sweats with the worst headache.

After hours of wrestling between being asleep and awake, you finally gave up on trying to sleep and kicked the sheets off your body. “Why can’t I sleep?” you exclaimed in annoyance, clambering out of bed and grabbing your short silk robe off the back of your door.

You felt absolutely terrible, not just exhausted from the lack of sleep but your whole body hurt. Your head felt like it was cracked open with the worst headache and your limbs ached, all the way from the joints in your wrists to the muscles in your legs. You didn’t feel this bad when you left work earlier: why did you suddenly feel horrible?

Even your hands were shaking. It was as if you were going through caffeine withdrawal again.

Heading into your little kitchen, you filled up the kettle and started getting everything ready for a hot chocolate. Your movements were slow and sluggish but you were hoping a hot chocolate would make you feel better. While you waited for the water to boil, you leaned across the counter with your head on your arms.

I need to find her,” the drunk stranger’s voice reverberated in your head, this time sounding desperate.

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How would the lords from slbp comfort the MC when she is upset or crying? Use gif please and congratulations on 200 followers!! :)

Thank you anon! <3


He would pull you into his arms, mumbling something like, “Stupid woman, you know I don’t like it when you cry,” But you can feel the love and compassion behind his words as he squeezes you tightly.


He’d stroke your hair and your cheek, wiping your tears away like you’re a precious gem, then he’d look deeply into your eyes, and tell you how he’ll always be there for you and protect you with his life, “Please believe me when I say that I will choose you over anyone, including myself.”


He would be in total panic mode. He is not used to comforting people, let alone women, when they are crying, so the moment he sees the tears flood down from your eyes, he’s a stuttering mess. “H-h-h-hey! D-don’t cry! I-it’ll be okay, I promise!”


He’ll force you to join him in his bed, cuddling you from behind. He won’t allow you to leave until you’re feeling better and will squeeze you tighter if you attempt to do so, “What are these tears for, hm? I can permit many things, but you being sad will not get a free pass, little lady.”


He’ll kiss your forehead gently and hold you close as if you were as fragile as glass. He’ll whisper in your ear about how lucky he was to find a woman as wonderful as you and how he wants to make you as happy as possible and never in a state like this, “I’m here little one, cling to me as tightly as you want, if it’ll make you happy again, I’ll let you do it everyday if I must.”


He would hug you from behind with a blush on his cheeks and rest his head on your shoulder. He’ll murmur in a soft voice about everything he loved about you and how he trusted you more than anyone, “So..don’t cry..please..I love you Y/N..”


He’ll kiss you everywhere and try to make you laugh. He’ll then get serious and embrace you, and say that he’ll never leave you again, even if doing this puts you in danger, he’ll protect you always, “Hey, remember that time Inuchiyo passed out drunk on Mitsunari and woke up with a black eye?”


He’ll panic like Yukimura, but only for a few minutes since he is experienced with making you feel better when you’re sad. He’ll pinch your cheeks and say how you look like a puffer fish but then he’ll frame your face and beg you not to cry, “I love your smile better than your tears, Y/N, so smile for me, okay?”


He’ll flick your forehead and comment on how you look ugly when you cry but then he’ll take you into his arms with a blush and mumble into your ear about how you’re such a nuisance, making him care for you like this, but you know he means it with love, “I already said it once that I hate it when you cry, so quit it already, idiot..”


He’ll immediately cut off your sobs with a passionate kiss. He’ll kiss you repeatedly afterwards until you calm down a little then bring his mouth close to your ear and talk about how it is his duty as a man and a lover to not let those precious tears fall from your eyes, “You are the only one in my heart, and it pains me to see you like this.”

You accidentally/have to  kiss another member (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -you and Sungjong turned accidentally at the same time turned and ended up kissing lightly before scrambling to apologize. But Sunggyu saw and went scary- “you have 5 seconds maknae to run before I kill you”

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Dongwoo: -you and Hoya accidentally ended up under a mistletoe and had to kiss due to tradition. Dongwoo got right in Hoya’s face- “I wanna make this clear never walk next to my girlfriend during Christmas or it will be the last thing you ever do”   

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Woohyun: -You and Sunggyu had to do the pepero challenge on tv both of you shot Woohyun a look of apology before you started. As soon as your lips touch you pulled away but Woohyun was making eye contact with everything except you- *gif*

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Hoya: -it was even before you and Hoya were together Sungyeol and you had kissed. Hoya didn’t feel overly threatened but he had to ask- “who kisses better me or him?”

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Sungyeol: Dongwoo was your best friend so there had always been moments where you kissed each others cheeks. You went to kiss his cheek when he turned his head and you accidentally kissed him on the lips. Sungyeol need a minute to process- “what the hell?” 

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L: -you were drunk and when you’re drunk its rather funny because you never could tell people apart and he was well aware of the fact and you always apologized before you drank. So when Myungsoo saw you kiss Woohyun thinking it was him, he had blackmail to use against you if he had to- “silly girl, you have to stop drinking”

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Sungjong: -you had to kiss Myungsoo during spin the bottle as a random party and you had apologized to him right away and he wasn’t mad at you- “don’t worry babe I won’t kill you I’ll kill him. No one should kiss you but me”

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BTS when you are hungover

I have never been hungover in all my life because alcohol has almost no effect on me like?? But please don’t drink irresponsibly, be good kids~~~ 

All gifs belong to their rightful creators/owners (see urls right under the gifs as always) :* Please support each other and BTS well <3

Al eonni sends all her love <333

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Jin: “Are you alright? Should we go to the bathroon just in case? Can oppa do something for you?” *backhugs you*

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Suga: “Just so you now: I’ll let you sleep on me today because of your bad condition only, don’t get used to it” *secretly looks down at you lovingly*

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J-Hope: *gets worried every time you shift in your sleep or moan because of your headache* “_______-ah? Everything okay?” 

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Jimin: *babies you* “Is my little _______ feeling better by now? No? Awww, come here, let’s get you back to bed~~”

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V: *Cuddles you when you moan about feeling sick and hungover* “Haha come here, my little stupid ________, lie down a bit and get better soon~” 

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Jungkook: *Teases you about how you acted when you were drunk* “______-ah , when you returned home last night, you looked like this kekeke”

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Rap Monster: “______-ah, please, whatever you do, DON’T throw up! Oppa is not good at cleaning up, you know that! Please don’t get sick!”

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He cares about you (1D preference)

NOTE: Because everyone wants someone to care…

Harry: You are waiting on your front porch when you see Harry’s black car arrive on your drive way. You don’t even bother wiping your tears away because you know it won’t make any difference. Your only goal is to get in that car and drive away from everything that makes you sad. From the moment you step in, it’s like the tears only come faster and stronger. And it feels like you’re not breathing at all anymore. ‘Just drive, please.’ You cry out, answering his worried eyes. And before he answers your demand, his arm reaches over you, and fastens your seat belt, because you clearly are not in a state of mind to think about that. Then he drives off, and after a couple of miles his hand finds its place behind your neck, giving you more comfort than he’ll ever realize.

Louis: ‘If you just would’ve put the gas in the car, we wouldn’t even be walking here. You know that right?’ Louis’ voice groans frustrated. And you roll your eyes as an answer. ‘Don’t blame this on me. If you had taken the shorter cut I had told you about, we would’ve been just in time before that god damn car broke down.’ You bite back just as frustrated as he is, both walking your way back to the nearest village. A couple of minutes pass in silence, both too irritated to admit your wrongs. You can feel the tears sting behind your eyes, because you are freezing in this night cold air and you just wished one of you had a working phone with you, which was not the case. ‘You’re cold.’ Louis suddenly states behind you. And just when you want to tell him off again, he grabs your hand to make you stop. ‘Put this on. And don’t even try to say no to it. Because you don’t want me to get more pissed than I already am. I don’t want you to get sick.’ He hands his sweater to you, waits for you to put it on and then starts walking again. And it’s just the perfect reminder why you love him.

Niall: Today is your final exam. Something you’ve been working on for more than three weeks. Something that kept you from sleeping and eating and making fun. But today is finally the day your life can go back to normal again. And you’re not the only one happy about that. It’s when you’re packing up your revision papers in your bag after looking everything through for one last time, that you see little stars and black spots in front of your eyes while standing up. You need to grab the table to stabilize yourself again. ‘Niall, I’m goin-’ You try to yell after you think you shook the dizzyness off. But suddenly your boyfriend cuts you off with an angry tone. ‘Don’t even think for a second you’re going to leave like that. I’m going to make you a lunch. You are going to eat it. And I’ll drive you to the exam. I’m not letting you faint and miss your exam today. Now drop that bag and sit back down. I’m going to make a sandwich.’ And off to the kitchen he is, while you obey his demand already longing to have something in your stomach. 

Liam: Everything’s spinning. And you don’t want it to stop anymore. Because this is the moment when everything feels lighter and better, and the darkness doesn’t seem so dark anymore. ‘Anot-t-her glass of wine, pl- please.’ You stumble over your words while ordering your new drink. You always tried to sound as sober as possible, but hearing your own voice talk feels a bit like a realisation of how drunk you really are. But then again… It feels good now. And that’s your only goal. But before you’re able to take the glass from the bar tender, another hand snatches the glass away just in front of you. ‘Enough drinks for you. You are going to thank me for this tomorrow.’ Liam says with a frown when he reaches your eyes. ‘Come on. I’m taking you home.’

So about fanfiction,

I’ve been reading a lot of angsty fics recently and I’ve seen some things that have really been bothering me… 

1. I don’t care how well they can handle their alcohol, no one can have 47 drinks and only be drunk enough to have their words slurred. Look it up, they should be dead. (Really it depends on the amount of alcohol in the drink and how much was consumed in a short period of time, but around 50 is just ridiculous)

2. Subtext is everything before you make a ship cannon. It’s always better to have the people in your otp show signs of their feelings for each instead of just whoever is narrating at that moment think, “And that’s when i knew… I was in love” because that’s pretty cliche. Also, it sounds better to have them show physical reactions instead of plainly stating it, because aren’t meaningful glances and unconscious flirting what we non-cannon shippers live off anyway?

3. Check your work for spelling mistakes, I know it’s really fucking boring but a fic that has correct basic grammer is much more enjoyable to read than a fic were they didn’t use the right form of “there” 


{sorry for that rant but i keep seeing it getting passed off as angst and it really bothers me}

Request: Lucky To Call You Mine

Request: Would you be open to writing a fic that’s like Complimenting Sam, except it’s Dean complimenting the reader?

Word Count: 715

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!:D

Simple was never a term you would use to describe your life. That’s the way it was, moving from place to place, killing things, saving people. It was lonely until you met up with the Winchester brothers, with whom you joined forces and quickly became known as the must fierce and deadly hunting trio in the country. I mean, you screwed up sometimes and y’know, accidentally started the apocalypse, but it usually turned out okay.

Quite quickly, your relationship with the elder brother, Dean, flourished. There was always, right from the start, a spark between you and it only grew bigger until you were seemingly linked by a flame tat wasn’t letting go.

The relationship was far from perfect, but it didn’t matter. The good moments far outweighed the bad, and you loved each other. It worked.

One afternoon, you find yourself lazily sprawled over a couch. You’re reading a book and he’s lying down with his head in your lap.

Suddenly, he randomly says, “You’re so beautiful.”

You close the book, dropping it onto a table, “Thank you.” You smile, and he grins back at you.

“Really, though, you’re drop-dead gorgeous.” He reaches up, touching your hair. “To be superficial for a moment, you’re so pretty. Like, did you make a Deal for that face?”

You laugh, a smudge of pink spreading over your cheeks. It’s not really like him to be overly romantic, but when he is, it’s nice. You shake your head, “It’s all mine.”

“Damn, ‘cause I haven’t ever seen something so perfect. And to be totally honest with you?” He pulls you down closer to him. “You’re really hot. I could fry an egg on your butt.”

You laugh, “Are you drunk?”

“Totally sober. You’ve been with me all day.” He says, and you smile. “Now, shh, let me continue. See, your body and face is amazing, sure, but there’s stuff I love more.”

He smiles, looking into your eyes. “You’re so loving. Like, you always take to opportunity to make someone feel loved. And you’re so good at reading people, when someone’s down you’ll know, and you’ll do everything you can to make them feel better. You actually care about people, no matter who they are.

“You’re always so selfless. I mean, like, give-me-the-last-bit-of-pie selfless. And brave, so brave. You don’t give a damn, you’ll go in there and slaughter anything in your way.”

You laugh, smiling down at him.

“As a general rule, I’m really wary of new people,” He continues, “But when I met you? We just…clicked. That’s never happened before.”

You nod in agreement, running a hand through his hair lovingly.

“You remind me of a rainbow. You are bright, somewhat mysterious, and just so perfect in so many ways. And you don’t even know it.” He tells you and you smile widely.

“You’re wonderful. Even on a bad day.” He tells you seriously, “There’s not many perfect things in this screwed up world of ours, but you’re one of them.”

A happy tear falls down your cheek, and his eyes widen, “Are you okay?”

You laugh, “Happy crying, Dean. I’m fine.”

He sighs with relief, “Good, ‘cause I’m not done. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, you know that? Without you, I’m a puddle on the floor. You’re my everything. I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul and everything between and beyond. But you mean so much to other people too. I know Sam loves you, platonically of course.

“We work a lot of fake jobs. But every time I see you comfort a grieving parent or orphaned child, they always fall in love with you too. I’m just so lucky that I can call you mine.”

He finishes, smiling like a loon. You laugh, leaning down and kissing him gently.

“You know, you’re pretty amazing too.” You smile, wiping your eyes.

“I love you so much, Y/N. I always will.”

“I love you too.” You answer as he reaches up and caresses your cheek.

“Every single word of that was true. A hundred million percent. Remember it, okay? I don’t ever want you thinking you’re not totally amazing because you are.” He says, his finger brushing over your lips and pulling you closer to him.