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Araknea Spinnerette- Hide your silk, hide your Tundras.

Araknea Swarmkeeper- Woe to the dragon who mistakes this highly venomous Araknea for a mushroom.

Females are done for now. Don’t judge my text okay, I just put whatever, bleh. If anyone has suggestions for the text for the males so they don’t sound so LAME…………

greentigergirl  asked:

"Wow! She looked hot!"

Bee Movie  {Sentence Starters}

“Wow! She looked hot!”

                          « ♥ »  —— Beatrix promptly chokes on the champagne she’d just taken a sip of. It comes back out her nose in a rather undignified manner, and she’s holding her hand up to her face to prevent the bubbly liquid from spilling onto her dress while simultaneously coughing in an attempt to clear… whatever had just happened in her throat. The blonde manages to pull a tissue out of her clutch bag and clean herself up, trying to calm herself. 

“Good grief, that burns…” She mutters quietly before turning to JJ. The tissue gets crumpled and put back into her bag once Bee has cleaned herself up. “I, uh, wouldn’t let her hear you say that, Jean. She’ll likely kick both our asses. Yours for saying it, and mine for letting you say it.” 


(๑ˇεˇ๑)•*¨*•.¸¸♪ Heading to the UK ! //Pewdieken intensifies//


Am i pumped for Pewdieken feels? Y-YES. //flip dah table// RELEASE DAH COOKIE BEAST .  Ken heading to the UK. i beg if there is no pictures of poods and ken. i cry.BRUH . FEED MEH . U can’t go to the uk and don’t see u r best bro’. C’mon COME ON . 8A8

Btw .eh. jacksepticeye was not too difficult to find neh? waht a lucky boi!Mh ..Eh ! don’t judge meh ! he’s in the house after all. or well..kind of. hAHaha. “BOOPER DOOPER IMAH GARDENER.”

Also. on the cheez wahn, i’ve drawn poods and ken so close omg.wtf am i doing.//screams//It’s FRIENDSHIP.with some bromance. but friendship anyway.

i have been feeling really apathetic towards everything for ages and suddenly i can feel all these emotions building in my chest and am just waiting for that one little thing to push me and its gonna be bad

*awkwardly pushes this towards you before running away*

Cough Drop, Licorice Snap, and Key Lime belong to @candy-undertale

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Still working on the anatomy, so this is probably a bit off ^^’

  • Akashi: What a beautiful morning! And those people look how happy they are, what a beautiful day
  • Kise: Σ(,,oΔo,,*)
  • Kuroko: Wow.
  • Kise: Um, Akashi-cchi, are you okay?
  • Akashi: What? What do you mean I'm okay? of course I am
  • Kise: Aomine-cchi come here, fast!
  • Aomine: ?
  • Akashi: Have I ever told you how much I like you guys?
  • Aomine: Who are you and what have you done to Mr. Akashi *don't talk to me when I wake up or I'll chop you in pieces* Seijuurou!?

alternate title: “[ASMR] Sollux Spits Directly Into Your Ear For 13 Minutes”

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I AM A HUMAN BEING;; an anders mix. // LISTEN

01. run | awolnation  you people are mistaken if you think that i’m awake and celebrating anything that i’ve become

02. pressure | youngblood hawke i am the killer of the sun / just a glimpse of what i have become

03. painted | ms mr if the lost ever knew broke where you’ve been / it’s getting old loving everyone else, more than you love yourself

04. machu picchu | the strokes your love is a surprise, / hopeless saints are in disguise / i’m just trying to find / a nice place for you and i

05. cough cough | everything everything i’m coming alive/ i’m happening now

06. fourth of july | fall out boy may the bridges i have burned light my way back home

07. savages | marina and the diamonds i’m not afraid of god / i am afraid of man

08. hanging by a thread | aka george oh lord, is it true that I’m loved / cause I’m hanging by thread

09. renegades | x ambassadors l ong live the pioneers / rebels and mutineers / go forth and have no fear / come close the end is near

10. beautiful crime | tamer we’re leaving the ones we’ve lost / leaving the ones we’ve crossed / i have to make an end so we begin