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imagine ransom being that person in the haus to have like what seems to be an unlimited supply of different skin care products - “holster get your flaky ass off me i have some twilight woods you can use” “dex my man, you need stress relief or night time right now?” “bitty listen, i know a thing or two about not being ready for a final so instead of putting it off with baking pop a squat over here and lemme give u a hand massage. white rose or almond peach?” “that shin needs some lovin nursey. oh sensitive skin you say??? *probably pulls out at least three full size bottles of different scents and seven travel sized bottles*” “chowder. chow. my lil sunshine child from far far away. of course i have massage oil recommendations. who do you think i am.”

also jack has a bunch of samples ransom gave him because he was too polite/didn’t know how to shut down his explaining why skin care is so important and thought jack was just really interested. bitty doesn’t complain. (jack “literal soft hands” zimmermann)


Versailles + Monsieur Philippe d'Orléans [ep1]

So this morning while getting ready for work my mind suddenly came to this conclusion.

This is Chris Evan’s new movie:

I saw the trailer at the theater and made a crack about Captain America raises a kid.

Well, wait.  That kid is a freaking genius.  So, hear me out, smudge a few details, ignoring key plot points and you have Steve Rogers, wreck of a man trying to raise his and Tony’s daughter after Tony’s [presumed] death.  That “grandma” character in the movie would be Tony’s evil sister patterned after Obie of the MCU and Greg Stark of Earth 1610 who wants to get Tony’s brilliant kid into their clutches to manipulate for nefarious reasons.  So the movie is really a non powered AU where Captain Steve Rogers-Stark squares off to protect his daughter against the evil Gregretta Stane.

Thank you.

Here’s Steve and with his and Tony’s daughter.

And their daughter showing she’s got her dad’s (Tony’s) smarts

She’s also a smart ass and not afraid to speak her mind.  Even slaps Steve when he does something stupid so totally their kid.

I just? Love? Evan Hansen? So much?

Evan is so fucking relatable he’s the most relatable character i’ve found in a LONG while and it makes me so happy and like? Hopeful? Because he gets better, but you can also tell he still has his tics which means like it hasn’t just GONE because it doesn’t do that but he’s all “you’re yourself, that’s enough” and idk it’s the only thing that makes me think maybe i’ll be okay and if evan can do it i can do it