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I illustrated a couple of additional posters to accompany my Women Are Strong As Hell illustration– my mom, aunt and I will all be marching on Saturday in the Women’s March on Washington’s sister march in Austin! 

And guess what! You can buy these, AND my Strong As Hell lady as prints on my Etsy store now, for just $35 each!

vaselineontoast  asked:

This is unethical if ppl can't find things for themselves they should learn how to, it's not hard. Usually if I find something on etsy it stays up for months or years but you posting items makes them go like that. It just becomes a race for those who have the money ready

This may be the most absurd ask I’ve ever gotten. First of all getting shit bought out from under u is the name of the mother fucking game when it comes to vintage shopping of any kind. Secondly I feel absolutely zero ethical dilemma over helping independent sellers. I have gotten so many messages from shops over the years thanking me for finally selling an item they’ve had sitting in inventory forever or for helping them pay their bills. I will not apologize for the thousands of hours I have dedicated to this blog (for nothing other than wetting my insatiable appetite for online shopping/vintage) just because u cant afford to buy everything u want on etsy


I’m really uncertain about my future on Etsy, because of their short notice forcing everyone to switch payment methods, and I’m having issues with my supplier for art products. It kind of feels like a double wack. Then on top of that the shipping costs have gone up again, with a fair bit of a jump too.

So I thought I’d have a huge sale to clear up my stock, and think about my future on Etsy.

I have not increased the shipping prices yet!

Use the code: WOW40 at the checkout to get your discount. The minimum spend is £5 GBP.

The code is only valid until Monday 17th of April because I was putting the shop in holiday mode then anyway, as I cannot process orders while I’m a way.

So I hope you’ll enjoy the discount.


Review package from @wiresandchains! Thank you SO much for sending me this, I loved it and everything was awesome. Etsy is ChainMailSlime so if you guys are interested in buying any of this stuff I would recommend it. More under the cut (also, trypo/phobia in the second half of this video because I’m playing with the slime)

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For those who were in @tarotprose‘s rabbit chat with us last night, this message does apply to you!

To brush up on skills, and to potentially understand some new decks of mine, I’m offering those who were in the chat a 3 to 5 card reading! I know @yuna-the-autumn-witch, @static-chaos, @rosaofswords, @tatianaluz were in there, but I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head! I should’ve asked so I could tag people!

Since I have a bit of downtime, I’m going to be working on getting a page of my current deck list and whatnot. Some of them are new, so I don’t know them hardly at all, but maybe you’ll be drawn to them and can help me!

For those who were in the group chat last night that I haven’t mentioned, please feel free to reblog this and tag them in it! Oh, @damekitty was there too I think!

(Also note this is to offer some free readings to get myself out there as well. ^.^!)

I will be updating my Storenvy some in the meantime because I’m trying to get it nice and organized now that everything is over from Etsy. I will be shutting down Etsy before the end of this month, but don’t worry! All current readings and fractals are available on Storenvy as well (plus, the Fractured Lights Oracle deck as well as my hour long video readings!)


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aside from having a studyblr tumblr blog, i’d say my planning obsession is the most nerdy thing about me. but friends, i’ve come to realize an important life truth (and this will blow your mind); stickers are the key to organization, less stress, and cuteness.

my essential sticker collection (because i’m 5 years old and would love to share this hobby with you) is featured in the pictures above. (read the picture captions for more details about each one.)

- customized sticker labels from Erin Condren

- pre-cut washi tape from prep2plan on Etsy

- college stickers from LillyTop on Etsy

- do-it-all dots from Erin Condren

- checklist stickers from Planner Gems on Etsy

- mini arrow stickers from prep2plan on Etsy

- classic sticker book from Erin Condren

hope these inspire you! if you try any of them out, you’ll have to be sure to let me know what you think. study on ~ sarah

I’ve added a bunch of items to the discount section of my etsy shop (everything there is under $20) just to clear things out a little! I hate it when old work starts to pile up in my studio, so I’m trying to find homes for these things and make room for the new

Hi. I’m going to be tabling at NYCC this year at AA16, all the way in the back of the artist alley! Stop by and say hi to me and Janet. I’ll have prints, and everything on my Etsy for sale.

I’ll also be on a couple panels:

#WeAreComics: How Women Keep Changing The Game
Thursday, October 06, 2016, 6:45 PM - 7:45 PM, Book Con Panel Room

#NYCCLive: The Oni Press Monster Art Battle!
Sunday, October 09, 11:00 – 11:30 AM, Twitch Live Stage