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an updated version of this post appears in my book THINGS ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OF THEM! 13 full-color chapters of illustrated essays like this for creative people of all kinds. you can get it here for $10.


I illustrated a couple of additional posters to accompany my Women Are Strong As Hell illustration– my mom, aunt and I will all be marching on Saturday in the Women’s March on Washington’s sister march in Austin! 

And guess what! You can buy these, AND my Strong As Hell lady as prints on my Etsy store now, for just $35 each!


I meant to post this yesterday but I wanted to give a shoutout to @thewitchofthenorse. I ordered some lip balms from her etsy store and they are amazing! She was so thoughtful and sweet and sending them! I plan to buy so much more but these were all I could afford at the moment since I’m paying tuition which takes everything I have! Thank you so much! 


The new newsies pins are finally with me!!!

We’re A Union Pin

An homage to the ‘even if we ain’t got hats or badges, we’re a union just by saying so’ line. This pin features Jack, wearing the hat he clearly does have…. And now you have a badge, so you can form a union of your own :P

Typewriter Pin

Katherine is such an intensely political character and she’d be appalled by the shit that’s going on right now, especially in America. So here’s a pin to remind you to speak up and fight back against it all.

Both designs are by @lairecart - check out her blog because she’s amazing!

Discount code TUMBLR10 is good for 10% off everything on my Etsy, including these pins!


Need to start your Christmas shopping early? Want to reward yourself for all your own hard labors? Need to cosplay the Evil Queen or Captain Hook this year? Hit up my Labor Day sale and take 30% off everything in my Etsy shop!

Sale goes from Thursday, August 31 to Tuesday September 5. Custom orders excluded.


With the change in Tictail policies, my sister and I have moved our store to Etsy.  Everything, including our new Nya Sheith “Soulmates” enamel pin, is up on the new store front: etsy.com/shop/hellotwinsies

First batch of pins have sold out, so we have pre-orders for them open until September 30th!

Lotor charms will be put up later, as they were misprinted.

I’m also holding a giveaway on Twitter for the debut of our new Sheith pin!  Please check my Twitter for more info!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far!  We really appreciate all your kindness and support! ; w ;<3

vaselineontoast  asked:

This is unethical if ppl can't find things for themselves they should learn how to, it's not hard. Usually if I find something on etsy it stays up for months or years but you posting items makes them go like that. It just becomes a race for those who have the money ready

This may be the most absurd ask I’ve ever gotten. First of all getting shit bought out from under u is the name of the mother fucking game when it comes to vintage shopping of any kind. Secondly I feel absolutely zero ethical dilemma over helping independent sellers. I have gotten so many messages from shops over the years thanking me for finally selling an item they’ve had sitting in inventory forever or for helping them pay their bills. I will not apologize for the thousands of hours I have dedicated to this blog (for nothing other than wetting my insatiable appetite for online shopping/vintage) just because u cant afford to buy everything u want on etsy

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good halloween/spooky themed fidgets, or alien themed maybe? Have a good day by the way! <3

Thank you so much, lovely anon!

I struggled to find a lot, unfortunately. I had a feeling that I could find, oh, marble mazes with these patterns, but when I looked the selection was minimal at best. Spinners, I think, are your best option for both categories. You also might find it worthwhile to check local dollar and party stores for (storebought) alien-themed slimes.

General info: Banggood links offer free worldwide international shipping from China. Everything else should be assumed to have shipping costs unless otherwise specified.

Please check links for regional currency, as Banggood and Etsy display everything for me in AUD. If you’re in the US, your local prices will be cheaper.




Lights (because they’re fun and cheap)


(Note: American Mala has a lot of textured skull pendants. There’s no moving pieces, but if you’re after jewellery you can just touch and stroke, there’s a great deal of options.)

Bean Bags, Marble Mazes and Weighted






(There’s a lot of alien-themed jewellery on Etsy, but not a lot of it looked textured enough for stimming, at least not for me to list it here.)


(For folks after chewables, check out Stimtastic’s Alien Pendant Necklace, UFO Pendant Necklace and Bat Pendant Necklace.)

I hope this at least gives you somewhere to begin, anon.

- Mod K.A.


Review package from @wiresandchains! Thank you SO much for sending me this, I loved it and everything was awesome. Etsy is ChainMailSlime so if you guys are interested in buying any of this stuff I would recommend it. More under the cut (also, trypo/phobia in the second half of this video because I’m playing with the slime)

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