everything else is so not relevant right now

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I don't why people is being so negative about this management, I really don't get it. They haven't represented Simon since 2009 and they do have good acts under their belt (and loads of LGBTQ+ people that are either engaged or married), then we have to keep perspective and keep in mind it's only a mgmt for UK based stuff, mostly related to TV (panels, sport content...). For everything else (music or 1D) we still don't know what they/he'll do (& I don't think he'll keep Simon Jones for PR either)

I can’t believe how negative everyone is TBH. I mean I shouldn’t be surprised but….

I think it’s a really good thing right now? It’s clearly his own choice, unless it’s a pr stunt and that doesn’t make any sense so?

Everyone’s so bent out of shape about the last paragraph and it’s not even bad? It’s relevant to his current position that he’s actively keeping up at this point. It’s something that can change at the drop of a hat if need be. I’m quite happy that there seems to be some kind of development at all and he’s seemed so happy the last week or so. As long as he’s happy I’m happy man, and if this is the direction he wants then I want it for him.