everything else is just secondary

jaksandrow replied to your post: I don’t care about hiccstrid becoming official,…

See like… I shipped Hiccstrid from Day 1. Honest to goodness. But to me, the movies aren’t supposed to be about Hiccstrid. That’s just a side story that is not affected by the main plot (to a point) and doesn’t affect the main plot (to a point). As far as I’m concerned, HTTYD is about dragons. And specifically, Hiccup and Toothless’ relationship and development together. Everything else is just secondary, as well-written as it may be.

The thing for me, personally, with pretty much all media is that I have 0 lasting interest in what’s done well.  Like…the stuff that’s done perfectly doesn’t resonate because it doesn’t make me think, it’s just…accepted as the truth and I don’t really come back to wonder about it.  Like, yes, httyd has a powerful coming of age story about Hiccup and Toothless, yes, that occured, it was so phenomenally well done that I feel 0 need to discuss it or add to it because like…it’s all right there, all the evidence is neatly collected and displayed and organized, it doesn’t need me.  

And I think that’s the whole thing about fiction too, that everyone gets to interpret it differently and like different things, and gosh, it’s almost like a collective group of geeks could accept that…but it’s too rare in most fandoms I’ve even glanced at being a part of that it’s ok or even celebrated, as I think it should be, to enjoy the thing differently.  Instead it’s like everyone is supposed to like the same thing the same way and it’s shitty.