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Love Yourself, Love

Requested Prompt: Can you do an imagine where tom has a gf who has really low self esteem and is really struggling with her confidence, and tom is there to help her realize that self-love is important? (@dropdeadrxses)

           Thanks so much for this request! This is something that I’ve struggled with for a long time and have only recently overcome emotionally, but am still battling physically. If anyone ever needs support in any aspect of life, please know you can talk to me.

Warnings: reader struggling with self-esteem, self-loathing, self-depreciation, fluff


The Hollywood Reporter had just leaked photos from the photo shoot Tom did with his Homecoming co-star, Zendaya, and (Y/N) was curled up on Tom’s couch, eyes lingering over how stunning Tom’s new friend looked and mind running with scenarios of things that could have happened ‘behind the scenes.’ (Y/N) hated how easy it was for her to completely discredit herself, but in reality, what did she have to offer Tom or anyone for that matter?

She couldn’t help but notice how Tom’s shirt seemed to have a different number of buttons opened in various photos. Instantly, her mind went to thoughts of him cheating on her. Her chest tightened as she thought about what could have happened between the two of them. She knew that Tom was raised to be a gentleman and certainly distinguished himself from other guys their age, but the thought wouldn’t leave her mind. She was a no body and always would be. her disdain had nothing to do with the fact that Tom was a celebrity and she was a regular Joe, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Zendaya was a celebrity, she just didn’t know how anyone could see anything worth their time in her.

The soft pattering of Tom’s feet sounded as he made his way down the stairs and toward his girlfriend. “Hey, love,” he called out to her, “I was thinking we could go out to dinner tonight with everyone and I can show you off.” (Y/N) rolled onto her back, feeling the tension in her shoulder subside immediately. She clicked the screen of her phone off and dropped it onto the coffee table as Tom lifted her legs to sit beneath them. 

“Why?” she asked without intending to.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he asked in return with a smile across his face as he rested his hands on her knee.

“Because you can be with like three models at the same time right now and you’re with me,” she sighed all too quickly.

“Why would you say that?” he asked, his voice ignorant of the emotions running through her head.

“Because it’s true,” she scoffed lightly. “You’re an easy ten and I’m like what, maybe a five on a good day?”

“How could you think you’re a five, (Y/N)?” he asked with a laugh in his voice, still not picking up on the fact that she was growing even more upset.

“Just forget about it,” she sighed while slipping her legs out from under his and making her way toward Tom’s room, which she occasionally stayed in. She dropped onto the bed, pulled the sheets up to her neck, and curled into a ball while lying on her side. it didn’t take long for Tom to make his way back toward his room and close the door behind him.

“What’s the matter, (Y/N)?” he asked while sliding into the bed beside her.

“Can you please just leave me alone?” she muttered.

“Only if you tell me what’s making you so sad,” Tom stated while rubbing his thumb across her shoulder.

“Why are you with me?” she mumbled through the sheets as a small tear slid out of the side of her eye.

“Because I love you,” he said as he moved his fingers through her hair.

“But why do you love me?” she pestered as another tear slid across her nose from the other eye. “What do you see in me that makes you think I’m worth anything? There’s nothing special about me,” her voice started to shake slightly as she continued to admit to him everything that stood between them. “In fact, there are a lot of things about me that you didn’t know about when we first got together. I know my baggage is something that you didn’t sign up for when you met me. Why do you continue to deal with me? How can you be so nice to me when all I’ve been is a burden to you? Here you are, asking to go out and have a great time and all I can think of is why you haven’t dumped me or cheated on me yet.”

Tom’s chest tightened at her words and he flopped onto his left side. He slid his left arm underneath (Y/N)’s head, draped his right over her waist and laced their fingers together. His words were lodged in his throat but he couldn’t bring himself to say them without having his voice crack from sorrow. Tom cleared his throat and traced his thumb along her hand before speaking. “You may not see anything special in yourself, (Y/N), but you’re wrong,” he said softly as the wind created from the ceiling fan brushed her hair across his cheek. “I love that you can make me laugh when I’m having the worst day ever, I love that when you’re scared I feel compelled to make you feel safe in my arms, I love the way your nose crinkles when you laugh. When you walk into a room, I can’t help but ignore everything else and focus on you because there’s a pounding in my heart that makes concentrating on anything else so incredibly difficult.” Slowly, (Y/N) rolled over to face Tom. He pushed away the tears rolling along her face with his thumb and smiled at her. “I love the way you look when you wake up in the morning with a weird mix of bed head and sex hair,” he said while ruffling her hair lightly. “I love how smart you are and how you’re constantly pushing me to be a better person so that I can be a better boyfriend, because I want to be the man that you deserve.” She couldn’t help the tears that overcame her at his words. “And when I asked you to be my girlfriend, I asked that of every part of you, even the one’s I didn’t know about yet.”

The tears streaking (Y/N)’s face were a blend of joy and sadness as Tom pressed his forehead against hers. “You deserve more than I can offer you,” she said with an empty tone in her voice.

“Believe me when I say that you are more than I deserve, (Y/N),” he said as he took her hands in his. “All you need to do is love yourself, love,” he said while pressing his lips against her head. “I will help you through this,” he promised and then placed his lips gently and passionately against hers, “because you don’t deserve to go another day without seeing and apppreciating all of the things about you that make me love you.”

“resilience ― you are the person who survived a bunch of rainstorms and kept walking.”

hi taylor!! it’s sophie, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, because I don’t think you know. I don’t think you could ever know just how important you are to me, but I’ll try to explain.

let’s rewind to 2008 when I first discover you, I hear love story on the radio and immediately fall in love with the girl with the angelic voice. I go home and go on youtube and listen to all your music and fall in love with your words and your kindness. growing up, you were always there for me. I struggle with a severe anxiety disorder that makes life really difficult for me (I’m learning to control it though, and I managed to conquer my fear of crowds to see you on the 1989 tour at hyde park!) and you’ve always been there at my worst moments to help pick me back up again. whenever I was feeling really anxious or had a panic attack, I would put in my headphones and my best friend would be there. in high school I had a really hard time and you were always there through the heartbreaks, the countless nights I lay awake wishing I was ‘normal’ and could cope with things everyone else seemed to find easy, when I struggled with some really toxic friendships that made me feel like I was worth nothing, I would blast mean and hold my head high, because taylor swift had my back and that meant everything.

and here we are now, when I love you more than ever and our interactions on instagram and tumblr have made me feel closer to you than I ever have before, but I also need you more than I ever have before. this year has been incredibly difficult for me. I let somebody back into my life who’s intentions with me were not at all what I thought they were and it really hurt me and I’m still trying to piece myself back together from that. but you gave me the strength to walk away from that situation and reprioritise myself and my mental health and I cannot thank you enough for that. but the hardest part of this year has been losing two of the most important people in the world to me in a very short amount of time. my nan and grandad truly meant everything to me and losing them is the hardest thing I have ever and will ever have to go through. I’m still really struggling. I still have really bad days. but I know that you’re there for me, always. whether it be through your music, watching your interviews on youtube or coming on tumblr and interacting with you, I know you’ll always be there for me. I want you to know that I always have your back, just like I know you always have mine.

I’m planning on getting my ‘nothing safe is worth the drive’ tattoo very soon, because those lyrics get me through pretty much everything. you and your words mean more than you know.

I hope I can meet you soon and hug you and tell you all of this in person. I’m so proud of you every day, and I know you’re proud of me too. I love you endlessly @taylorswift

Kings and Queens {ch 12}

Summary: A Throne of Glass AU inspired by the Breakfast Club (1985). Five students come together for Saturday detention, and realize they are not all that different. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: WARNING: this chapter includes sensitive content, including references to drugs, abuse, and depression. The reason I started this fanfic, and the reason I love the Breakfast Club, is because it deals with real life shit. I have dealt with all that is listed above, so if you are hurting and you need someone to talk to, I am here for you.

You are loved, and you are important.

Enjoy. <3


11:45 a.m.

I knew that Rowan and Maeve did not get along. It was not difficult to see, although the two rarely interacted. He had told me that story, before Sophomore year, about how Maeve and his mother didn’t get along, about how his mother despised her elder sister.

I hadn’t realized, however, how much built up anger he had towards the bitch. But, as he turned toward the four of us, and a deadly, incredibly attractive, smile spread across his soft, pink lips….I knew a burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

He had let out anger toward Maeve, yes, but also anger over everything else he had endured.

A soft round of laughter erupted from our unconventional circle. Well, from everyone except Dorian.

“Are you okay?” I asked, causing his eyes to instantly connect with my own. He hadn’t realized he had been lost in thought. “Still feeling uneasy?”

I don’t know what Dorian had done in his time away from us, but he looked like a disheveled mess.

“I…” he trailed off, then squared back his shoulders as he faced Rowan. “Is it true?”

Rowan’s smile faltered at his question. “Is what true?”

“That you’re a bully. That you’re as bad as they say you are,” Dorian shook his head. “That you pick on your peers to feel better about yourself.”

A criminal.

I blinked at Dorian, who I did not think would ever have the guts to ask what he just did to someone with a social status like Rowan’s. I respected him a little more than before at the small show of bravery.

Rowan Whitethorn crossed his arms, and when he did, Dorian instantly looked as if he regretted opening his mouth in the first place. He carefully considered his words before he replied, “Would you like to know what I did to get in here?”

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Show Review 29/03/2017

This show was the most important performance for me because it was the one I was seeing with my Mum. I was actually quite nervous. I really wanted her to understand why I keep going back to see the show again and again and why it means so much to me. My Mum says I’m obsessed. I say I’m passionate. Maybe somewhere in-between. ;) 

I was also full of trepidation because my Mum is a cynic, and very hard to please. She is much more critical, generally-speaking, than I am and I was worried that she simply wouldn’t find the play as wonderful as I do and I was so desperate for her approval of it. If she didn’t think as highly as possible of it, I would be devastated. My Mum read and enjoyed the books - she would borrow my copy after I’d finished with it on every release. The last time she read one of them was nearly exactly ten years ago, when the last book came out. We saw every film together. There’s a lot of personal history for us that is attached to Harry Potter and in a relationship that has been tested at times to its absolute limit, the Harry Potter memories are positives of our time together that stand out for me. It was vital to me that this memory would be as jubilant as all those memories and that she would understand what the play and its themes meant to me and think as highly of the play as she did of the books and their themes and histories for us. Given that we disagree far more than we agree, my worries were not unfounded.

She thought the play was “outstanding”. The highlights for her were the acting, the choreography, the special effects and the music. She was particularly admiring of Anthony, Sam, Noma, Jamie and Anabel (as Myrtle), even though Noma and Jamie both stumbled on some lines (just momentary hesitation while they remembered the line. I don’t know if it was something in the air, as there were a couple of moments where I thought the cast might break, or whether they are all just very tired - it was enough for a first-timer like my Mum to pick up on but it wasn’t held against them at all). During certain moments she actually grabbed me and grinned at me like a child in Hamley’s, her eyes just shining with awe, such as in the Polyjuice transformations and the appearance of the dementors. I’ve never seen her react to something like that.

She wants to see it again. My Mum never wants to see anything twice. She gets bored incredibly easily - as I said, she’s really hard to please. She’s also disabled - it’s worth bearing in mind that sitting upright for five hours is difficult for her. But she wants to do it again. I didn’t dare to dream that she would want to see it more than once. There is no greater compliment to the show, for me, than my Mum wanting to see it more than once. For this particular performance, her reaction alone was everything to me, I wouldn’t have minded if anything else wasn’t ideal.

However, as luck would have it, the performance itself today was an absolute smasher - probably the second-best I’ve seen. The cast was almost entirely in their original roles, bar one - Josh Wyatt was on as Karl/Dudley - I really liked him in this role - I thought his Dudley in particular was very good:

I found out at the end of the night that @mrsellacott was at the same performance - it’s a shame I didn’t know she was in or I would have gone to introduce myself. I know what she looks like (though she doesn’t know what I look like, mwah-ha-ha-ha) so I feel foolish for not spotting her four rows in front of me (she was in AA, I was in C but I walked right between where she was sitting and the stage more than once - I’m so unobservant, but then when you’ve been holding your bladder for the interval, the loos beckon you rather determinedly). 

She has already posted her recap (https://mrsellacott.tumblr.com/post/159003741424/cursed-child-review-29317) so I apologise if I repeat anything she has already mentioned. I notice different things in every performance, so indeed, I apologise if I’m repeating something I’ve mentioned in a previous recap, or something someone else has mentioned. 

Act One Scene One:

Albus and Lily were holding hands on arriving at King’s Cross. Sibling moments within the Potters are few and far between in the play so that was lovely.

Act One Scene Two:

Ron and James laughed really hard when Albus asked about being put in Slytherin. Is it a running joke or do they find the idea ludicrous?

When Rose went to get onto the train after telling Hermione she couldn’t give a Professor love, she hurriedly said “Bye, love you, bye” as she left. It was cute and Rose-y and genuine. I love ad-libs - they make things even more real somehow.

When the kids left the platform, Albus last of all, Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck and he held her and gave her the sweetest kiss. Swoon. Okay, I promise to try to keep the Hinny swooning to a minimum.

Act One Scene Three:

Cherelle varies the “It’s exciting!” line from show to show and my favourite version of it is the one she did in this performance where she grabs Albus and shakes him back and forth as she squeals “It’s exciiiiitiiiiiiinnng!” Her enthusiasm is infectious to the audience and it always gets a good laugh when delivered like this.

Act One Scene Four:

During the flying lesson, Madam Hooch stopped the other students in their teasing of Albus by saying a scolding”Ah-ah!” at them and pointing her finger in termination when they Karl calls Albus a squib. This isn’t scripted but I really liked it because it bothered me that there was no scripted reaction from Hooch (though I understand that for the stage one has to make allowances in terms of cutting details from scenes that would extend the play). I always imagined Hooch (and any other teacher for that matter) putting a foot down if they heard that kind of thing from any student toward another. Anyway, I hope Helena keeps doing that.

The DADA scene - Rose really did try to help Albus with his wand in this scene. She hurried over to him and very briefly tried to assist and then said ”I can’t help” and re-joined the class.

Act One Scene Five:

When Hermione nagged Harry about his paperwork with a “Consider this a gentle nudge” he avoided her eye and tried to wave it off with an abrupt “Yeah, yeah, yeah”. It was childish and gave me strong book throwbacks with Hermione nagging Harry about homework or revision or working out his egg clue and I liked it. At this response, Hermione seemed to think he wasn’t quite heeding her authority, so she added the “from the Minister for Magic” which Harry reluctantly acknowledged, still avoiding her eyes. Such a kid. (I love it when something in the play gives an anamnesis of the books).

Act One Scene Seven:

Poppy gave the softest chuckle at Lily and her fairy wings. It was so natural and the way she was looking at her was with so much love and fondness. Poppy is one of the more unsung heroes of the cast. Her role isn’t as big as Noma’s so she gets less recognition but she deserves just as much, because her performance is just as outstanding. The way she looks at the people she loves, Albus, Lily, James, Harry, even Heroine and Ron - it’s so hard for me to remember that she’s acting. She is utterly, utterly convincing and she just radiates love and warmth. I imagine Poppy to be the kindest, warmest person in real life, because I really feel it from her on stage. She’s my favourite actress of the cast. It amazes me how readily she can cry real tears, too. She’s superb.

Jamie extended the “never wanted gratitude” line. It was “I never wanted gratitude or anything-” before Albus cut him off. As I’ve said, I love these ad-libs and actors playing with lines because it gives the play so much authenticity for each show and it works better for the cast because they have more to play with from each other.

Sam skipped the “Sometimes” in the infamous “wish you weren’t my Dad” line. I really like it like this because it makes it so much more hurtful and provocative to Harry. The line became simply “I wish you weren’t my Dad”. It changes the line so much - it is no more just something Albus is feeling on a bad day, the absence of the “sometimes” makes it definitive with no room for alleviation. It’s brutal. I’ve not noticed Sam changing it like this before (has anyone else?) but I prefer the line that way. Harry’s following line was the same “Well, there are times I wish you weren’t my son.”

Act One Scene Eight:

Little Harry for this performance was Jabez Cheeseman (epic name) and he is my favourite little Harry so far. He is adorable! He is indeed, really little, the smallest of the all the cast members (child actors included), and he’s excellent in his role. The child actors, particularly the young Harrys, as so impressive.

The whooshing noise in the transition between this dream scene at the lighthouse and scene nine sounds like waves. I don’t know if that’s intentional or if that’s just my interpretation.

Act One Scene Nine:

Ginny was stroking Harry’s hair when comforting him in bed. Sweet.

Act One Scene Ten:

I really feel for Rose in this scene. She is really trying with Albus, yes, it’s prompted but she’s trying. Cherelle added a new line here (it might not be new - maybe I just haven’t noticed it before - can anyone else weigh in? It’s definitely not scripted): when Albus tells Rose to leave him alone she gets really frustrated; she’s visibly hurt and angrily says “Why are you so angry all the time?” (unscripted) but they are then interrupted by Scorpius. Rose saying”I’m here, OK?” is very genuine. Rose has a good heart and she does care.

Sam was really on his game today, he gave the best performance I’ve seen from him. When he was explaining to Scorpius the conversation he overhead between Amos and Harry, he quotes Amos and says it exactly as Amos said it, same tones, same pronunciation, same expression of outrage, everything and it showed how much he’d been influenced by Amos (fuelled by their shared animosity toward Harry). However, Albus’s “I need to do this” shows that his motives behind the mission are selfish.

Act One Scene Twelve:

I mentioned in my last recap that when sitting in Row AA I could hear things in the general meeting that weren’t on microphones. In particular was Martin Johnston indignantly saying “that was unnecessary” when Hermione conjured silence from the crowd. I listened out for this time from Row C and could still hear it - he does say this every performance, it seems.

Act One Scene Fourteen:

This scene opens with an elderly witch pushing a walking frame which gets stuck. She hits it with her wand and it suddenly shoots out of her reach and zooms away. When the frame shot away this time, the witch said “You bugger” in an endearing northern accent. It was the first time I’ve heard it - can anyone else say whether she says it every time?

Act One Scene Sixteen:

When Albus, Delphi and Scorpius stand outside the telephone box at the Ministry, you can hear Big Ben chiming in the background. It’s a cool detail and I don’t remember noticing it before. Obviously, sound effects don’t change between performances, but as I said, part of the joy of seeing repeat performances it noticing new things each time - you just can’t pick up on everything in one show - there’s too much to focus on!

Anthony didn’t do his sea lion barks. :(

I love how Jamie!Scorpius looks at Delphi after he tells Paul!Albus to go to his room. He really grins at her, you can really see how much fun he’s having but it’s also as if he wants a bit of Delphi’s approval. Jamie!Scorpius was so dorky with his cloak that he actually almost fell over. I’m sure Jamie’s stumble here is intentional but it looks klutzy and accidental. He’s brilliant. Noma!Delphi gets impatient with the boys very quickly when they tussle with each other. She gets in between them with an impatient “Excuse me.”

Act One Scene Eighteen:

Hermione put her arms around Harry when she was trying to reassure him over what he said to Albus. I love the Harry/Hermione relationship. I only wish there was as much Harry/Ron in the play.

Noma did the two-fingered “I’m watching you” gesture to Paul. She doesn’t always do it. 

Paul’s mortified moan is wonderful as he buries his face in his hands once Harry  and Hermione leave. Paul is pure brilliance in this scene. I don’t know how he doesn’t crack every time.

Act One Scene Nineteen.

Paul!Albus got indignant at Jamie!Scorpius teasing him about kissing his Aunt, as if he felt Scorpius didn’t appreciate what he, Albus, had just been put through. :D

Jamie!Scorpius got so overexcited and high-pitched at seeing Sonnets of a Sorcerer and collapsed onto his knees looking as though all his dreams had come true. The audience loved it; it got a big laugh.

Act Two Scene Six:

This is always one of the more poignant scenes for me. Scorpius’s line about the “little tingle” is example of Jack Thorne’s genius because he knows that is exactly how the audience feels (Of course he does: he’s a Potterhead). I find the Hide and Seek soundtrack simply beautiful here. To anyone who knows the song but hasn’t heard it in this scene, it doesn’t sound like the original song. The song is cut to start from “Hide and seek, trains and sewing machines…” It sounds as though it is being sung by a choir from inside a nearby church that you are standing outside of. It’s so, so beautiful. If you recall the Part One film adaptation of Deathly Hallows, where Harry and Hermione visit Godric’s Hollow: in that scene you can hear a choir singing from inside a church on screen. The soundtrack to the play in this scene sounds just like that as the theatre glows around you to make you feel as though you are in Hogwarts. It’s one of the most beautiful scenes of the play and it never fails to give me and everyone else a “tingle”.

Act Two Scene Seven:

Cherelle was great in this scene. She really went for it when cheering for Harry “HARRYYYYY! HARRYYYY! HARRYYYY!” She sounded like a football fan. Then, when she questioned the boys and Durmstrang!Albus apologised to her, Scorpius did the most ridiculous accent I’ve ever heard saying “Mmmmmm, yeeeessss” as Albus was trying to cover for him. Oh, these boys. 

Act Two Scene Eleven:

I hadn’t noticed before that when Hermione warns “if anyone else interrupts me again” it’s because Polly and Yann are just in the process of rising out of the chairs again with the mouths open to speak and Hermione sits them down with her hand as she says this.

Act Two Scene Twelve:

In the musical transition between this scene and the last (impeccably smooth) you can hear the staircases being moved on, but the set pieces are so soft in sound that the movement of them against the music sounds like a background of soft rain dissipating into the scene. It’s something I noticed before but forgot to mention. Perhaps it doesn’t sound that way to others but it is what it sounds like to me and only in the context of this scene. It’s the most haunting, beautiful, soulful, emotive sound and it will stir emotion inside me before I’ve even laid eyes on the actors.

Act Two Scene Thirteen:

This was my favourite performance of Alex’s that I’ve seen. I thought he was brilliant tonight. He was softer in general and his timing and his comedy was superb. When Harry asked if he was sure Scorpius was his, there was the longest pause I’ve seen. It was as if Draco was trying to work Harry out, did Harry genuinely believe the rumours or was he just trying to antagonise, or simply just clutching at straws? Alex’s “take that back” was almost comical, almost playful, as if he didn’t entirely believe Harry meant it but that Draco wanted an excuse to get wands out anyway; he drummed a pointed finger on the table with every word. When he drew his wand and Harry warned him, he emitted this high-pitched “Uhhh” as if he was really quickly thinking about what Harry said before deciding he really does want to do it. It was funny, but the Malfoy confidence with which he expressed his thoughts without becoming sinister and taking from the scene was excellent.

Act Two Scene Fifteen:

I finally saw the infamous “cooking” reaction from Alex, which I hadn’t seen him do in this way before. Upon hearing that Harry is the cook, there is a beat while he takes this in and then the biggest, most charming, adorable grin, as though this is the best piece of news he has ever heard and he’s immediately thinking about how much fun he is going to have over teasing Harry about this.

The rest of his lines in this scene were soft. I love it when Alex plays this scene soft because it seems that Draco really feels what he trying to say. Sometimes Alex can be quite rough with this speech which I understand, given the character and his reluctant to show vulnerability but I think it takes away from what is a very profound few moments from him so I loved his delivery this time.

Act Two Scene Sixteen:

The library scene. As well as being the best performance from Alex I’ve ever seen, today was also the best performance from Anthony I’ve ever seen (and Sam, as mentioned earlier). He really showed why he got that Olivier nom. He was incredible. He has never made me laugh and cry so much in one scene. Up until this performance, my favourite version of this scene had been when I saw James Le Lacheur as Scorpius (I’m sad she’s not staying on, I’d love more opportunity to see her in the role) but Anthony did it for me this time around. We all know how heavy this scene gets but a couple of comical moments include Scorpius giving an impromptu apologetic wave with one hand to Polly when she tells them to “Sshhh!”, Scorpius really starts to lose his patience and raises his voice when he says “This is bigger than you and your Dad” - Polly looks around again and he turns to her and puts both hands up in the air in apologetic surrender which got a chuckle from the audience. The highlight of this scene was the hug at the end. I’ve never seen Sam hug him so forcefully. As soon as Scorpius grabbed his hand to shake it (sneaky Albus never wanted just a handshake) he pulled him in for the hug so forcefully that Anthony completely lost his balance and fell into him and Sam was literally holding him up with his head buried on Anthony’s left shoulder, facing away from the audience, while Anthony just hung there looking awkwardly at the audience. There was this pause and then Anthony, pure genius that he is, just goes “Okay…” (it was a slightly muffled “Okay” because Sam was squeezing him so hard and Anthony’s face was squished) and his delivery of it was hysterical, as if he was gently trying not to offend a mentally unstable person. Big audience reaction.

Act Three Scene Five:

The Neville revelation got a gasp, from a handful of people, but one person in particular gave the biggest, most comical gasp I’ve ever heard and then the rest of the audience all laughed.

I have to say that I’ve never been convinced by Paul Bentall as Snape but this performance changed that. He made me tear up. Paul normally raises his voice quite a bit, which I don’t like as I find it very out of character but he hardly did so at all this time. He was definitely convincing in this show and the way he broke when Scorpius revealed what he knew - he really showed Snape as a broken, lonely, desperate man and it worked so well. I thought this different approach made his relationship with Hermione work much better in the next scene. Kudos.

Act Three Scene Seven:

Paul (Thornley) didn’t do the thumbs-up when Ron finds out he and Hermione are married in the other world. :(

Act Three Scene Nine:

Anthony did the long drawn-out version of “it’s HARRYY POTTAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” He doesn’t always exclaim it this way, sometimes he just says “It’s Harry Potter!!” I love it when he draws out his euphoria at seeing Harry because the audience loves it and they really feel his relief. It always gets a big reaction when he delivers it like this and the audience claps and whoops because they are just as overjoyed to see Harry back to life but their reaction is definitely fed by how Anthony delivers the line. Anthony also did the McGonagall dance which gets a good laugh. He doesn’t always do it.

Act Four Scene Six:

I know I promised to keep the Hinny swooning to a minimum and I think I’ve been quite successful but the kiss was awesome, as always. It was quite short but so full of emotion. Jamie literally grabbed Poppy and took her off her feet - she had to step into him to get her footing back. He also interrupted her - the end of her sentence got lost in his mouth. ^^ Swoon.

Act Four Scene Ten:

Paul took his coat off in this scene as he volunteers and it’s the first time I’ve seen him do it.  @mrsellacott can tell you more about this. https://mrsellacott.tumblr.com/post/158997227469/with-paul-thornley-at-the-stage-door-following

Act Four Scene Fourteen:

Anthony’s robe-thing on the staircase with Rose gets more and more adorable and ridiculous. This was the first time I’ve seen Cherelle really get into Anthony’s face and she held the longest beat, ever. Scorpius was nervous, Albus, was nervous, the audience was nervous because none of us knew what she might do but then she just calls him Scorpion King and laughs and Scorpius looks slightly relieved. Albus’s mouth falls open. Scorpius gave Albus the most adorable hug. They were standing quite apart for most of the scene (I still haven’t seen the nose hoop in any of the performances I’ve gone to) but you could see Scorpius thinking about hugging Albus. Part of him wanted to and part of him didn’t want to and then he just decided to go for it and slowly, gingerly put his arms around Albus’s middle (Albus was standing above him) and just kind of rests his head against Albus’s side. It was adorable.

Act Four Scene Fifteen:

Albus telling Harry that his childhood was a constant struggle got a big laugh from the audience. Jamie was very weepy in this scene - more weepy in this one than any other. Aaaaaaaannnnddd he did the hoodie thing! Not the tie-thing (because he hadn’t ruined the tie presentation this time) but he zipped up Albus’s hoodie and neatened out the hood behind his neck, smoothing his shoulders. Swoon.

And that’s the recap. It got very long, sorry! 

lukearnold  asked:

if you're still doing them... john silver for the character ask meme

yes i am!! also this is @ the anon who asked for silver as well! get ready for some YELLING about my son who is 12 snakes in a trenchcoat!

1. probably the first thing is that he really is 12 snakes in a trenchcoat, and by that i mean, he’s INCREDIBLY manipulative. that manipulation has its limits (you can’t actually control everything around you and if you think you can then you’ve bought your own con) but those limits are pretty far. he prides himself on always being twenty steps ahead of everyone else, and i think a lot of the time, he is. i actually find silver to be a very difficult character to write (compared to, say, thomas or madi, both of whom are much easier for me to understand) because this is such a big part of him - he doesn’t think about the “right thing” to do, usually or almost ever. he thinks about the best way to get what HE wants to happen, to actually happen, regardless of morality. i’m sure he knows, for example, that stealing or lying are “wrong” but his morality doesn’t really work that way; as long as he makes it out of a situation, ideally with the upper hand, it doesn’t matter to him how he gets there.

2. generally, he’s someone who is very desperate to completely control his own life. when he’s backed into a corner i don’t think he gets angry; i think, as mentioned above, he gets desperate to find a third way, another outcome, one where he can control the variables. this ties into his whole “i come from nowhere” thing - he can shape himself into whatever the situation demands, up until there arises a situation which overcomes him (e.g. when his leg is about to be cut off and he keeps saying “i don’t want this”). he’s not motivated by love or friendship, really, until season 3. before that, even with the crew, he’s motivated by the promise of the cache and the idea of getting the hell out of dodge. sure, he has a basic distaste for death and murder (muldoon, the crewmates who steal food in 3.3), but he kills a guy in his first scene!!! because that’s the clearest way out he sees! he wants to get his and get out, until circumstances out-maneuver him and he loses his leg. still, “there’s always a way out” is something we hear him say in season 1, and that’s something that doesn’t really change even through the traumatic amputation. we can draw a direct path from that statement to his exchange with flint in the cage in season 3, everyone’s favorite “nothing is inevitable” bit. he needs control over his destiny - that’s why “we will take care of you” is so terrifying to him. he doesn’t have the self-confidence that he is capable of x and y and z that flint has - he’s convinced that he is nothing and comes from nowhere, and all he has is ultimately himself. that’s all he can really protect.

3. that all said, when he cares, he cares A LOT. he may not really give a shit about “being a good person” but he cares a hell of a lot about keeping himself and his people alive. i’ll say a bit more about this in the miranda meta i’m writing (i’m working on it!!! all the metas are happening!! ..probably over the weekend) but i think that the scene where miranda’s talking to eleanor about how she didn’t REALLY betray flint is very similar to the scene where silver is talking to madi about how he’s not particularly sorry for what he’s done. granted, silver’s bullshit about “unmaking” flint is uhhh, bullshit, but he did what he did out of love, just like he brought the cache to trade for madi out of love. i don’t think he would have been able to shoot flint on that island. i just don’t buy it. that provocation, too, is a desperate act on the part of silver to save someone he loves - two people he loves, both of whom he thinks are going to martyr themselves for a cause he doesn’t believe in. he makes that choice - he decides he’d run the risk of waiting forever if it means both of them get to live. i can’t fault him for that! i really can’t! he doesn’t give a fuck about the war but he gives SO MANY FUCKS about madi and flint surviving. i could dedicate twelve pages to how much he loves them both but i think it’s pretty obvious to anyone who watched the show. for him, it comes down to the fact that if they die, he can’t apologize to either of them. he’d rather spend his life apologizing than being haunted by ghosts whose demise he could have prevented. that’s part of why flint is so quick to say “i probably would have done the same thing” - flint knows what it’s like to live with the weight of “what if i could have saved them.” silver kills the dream but very likely saves their lives. that’s his way out because he doesn’t care about the dream; he cares about madi and flint.

clearly i can never shut the fuck up so that’s where i’ll stop, but if i kept going, the next thing would definitely be “john silver probably had a super fucked up past that he refuses to acknowledge, which is also fucking him up, and he would benefit greatly from therapy.” ~THANKS AS ALWAYS FOR READING MY RAMBLING I LOVE YALL~

hi taylor!! it’s sophie, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, because I don’t think you know. I don’t think you could ever know just how important you are to me, but I’ll try to explain.
let’s rewind to 2008 when I first discover you, I hear love story on the radio and immediately fall in love with the girl with the angelic voice. I go home and go on youtube and listen to all your music and fall in love with your words and your kindness. growing up, you were always there for me. I struggle with a severe anxiety disorder that makes life really difficult for me (I’m learning to control it though, and I managed to conquer my fear of crowds to see you on the 1989 tour at hyde park!) and you’ve always been there at my worst moments to help pick me back up again. whenever I was feeling really anxious or had a panic attack, I would put in my headphones and my best friend would be there. in high school I had a really hard time and you were always there through the heartbreaks, the countless nights I lay awake wishing I was ‘normal’ and could cope with things everyone else seemed to find easy, when I struggled with some really toxic friendships that made me feel like I was worth nothing, I would blast mean and hold my head high, because taylor swift had my back and that meant everything.
and here we are now, when I love you more than ever and our interactions on instagram and tumblr have made me feel closer to you than I ever have before, but I also need you more than I ever have before. this year has been incredibly difficult for me. I let somebody back into my life who’s intentions with me were not at all what I thought they were and it really hurt me and I’m still trying to piece myself back together from that. but you gave me the strength to walk away from that situation and reprioritise myself and my mental health and I cannot thank you enough for that. but the hardest part of this year has been losing two of the most important people in the world to me in a very short amount of time. my nan and grandad truly meant everything to me and losing them is the hardest thing I have ever and will ever have to go through. I’m still really struggling. I still have really bad days. but I know that you’re there for me, always. whether it be through your music, watching your interviews on youtube or coming on tumblr and interacting with you, I know you’ll always be there for me. I want you to know that I always have your back, just like I know you always have mine.
I hope I can meet you soon and hug you and tell you all of this in person. I’d love for you to write out my ‘nothing safe is worth the drive’ tattoo too because those lyrics get me through pretty much everything. I’m so proud of you every day, and I know you’re proud of me too. I love you endlessly

I like to fancy myself somewhat of an artist. I do fiber art, I can paint and draw to a pretty fair degree… but I wish I had more of a mind for expressing myself. There are so many artists who can take periods of their lives that are difficult, and pour their hearts out into their art and make some really incredible things. Sometimes the best stuff of their career.

I get like this and the most I can handle is fucking Spirograph. And on my worst days even that’s too much. I’ve only ever created maybe two??? works that had anything to do with how I was feeling at a specific time in my life. Everything else is just my interpretation of kitschy stuff I like or pop culture references or weird history. And yeah, I know all those kinds of things make me who I am, but they aren’t what’s in my heart, you know?

I just wish I could paint my heart onto a canvas or stitch it into some fabric. To have some kind of an outlet for all of this. My lack of motivation and inability to translate what I feel into a cohesive image I can make with my hands is frustrating and makes me never want to think of myself as an artist again.

How To Stay Sane Your First Years Of Teaching

In a couple weeks, I’ll officially be a third year teacher.  This is nothing compared to so many fantastic Tumblr teachers, but in my short time in education, I have seen many teachers come and leave the profession.  Apparently, at high-poverty schools, 20% of teachers leave every year.  After working in one of those schools, that statistic doesn’t surprise me at all.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but here’s my advice for staying sane your first few years (and beyond…it’s a good reminder to myself!):

DO NOT go into teaching with a savior mentality.  INSTEAD, keep in mind that you are coming in to a new school (and often a new community).  All teachers want to make a difference.  But remember that the school, teachers, and community have been serving children long before you were hired, and that ignoring this fact will not gain you much respect.  Take time to become a part of your new school community.

DO NOT take misbehavior too personally.  Kids will have rough days/weeks/months.  Many children have diagnosed difficulties or traumatic pasts that even wonderful teaching can’t completely undo.  The fact that Samuel threw a fit does not mean that you have failed as a teacher, and it definitely does not normally mean that he was trying to personally disrespect you.  INSTEAD, stay level-headed and remember that they are children.  Work to improve behavior, but don’t let children’s misbehavior define you.  Even incredibly experienced, teacher-of-the-year types have difficult students.

DO NOT stop learning.  You just completed years of college and student teaching.  Maybe you even got a Masters.  But your study has just begun.  INSTEAD, read books, articles, and attend tons of PD.  Everything you learn is so much more relevant now that you get to apply it to your own classroom in your own way.

DO NOT isolate yourself from your colleagues.  It is difficult to come into a new environment, especially if you (like me) are much younger than everyone else and they are more “traditional.”  Additionally, teaching can be a very lonely profession without collaboration.  INSTEAD, remain respectful and friendly with everyone.  It is ok to do things a little differently, but do not get competitive.  Find a few teachers you really respect and build your own support network.

DO NOT feel like you need to be perfect at everything from the beginning.  INSTEAD, choose a few areas to really focus on every year.  My second year, I focused on reading.  This year, I’m focusing on math.  It takes years to become strong in every area, and that’s ok.

DO NOT see teaching as a sprint.  Every lesson does not need to be perfect.  Your value as a teacher is not dependent on you staying until 11pm every day for a month and functioning on adrenaline and caffeine.  INSTEAD, imagine teaching as a marathon.  As a beginning teacher, you are hardly on the first lap.  While you want to be the best teacher you can be for your current students, you also need to keep your future students in mind and make sure your practices are sustainable.  It’s ok to leave work at 4 some days to see friends and to get 8 hours of sleep.  

And finally, DO NOT forget to enjoy your first years, even with all the newness, stress, and craziness.  INSTEAD, remember that it’s a special and exciting time.  Find those moments where everything is going exactly as planned, step back, watch your very own class in action, and think, “I’m finally really doing this.  This is what I’ve been dreaming of.”

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I hate that there's been so much controversy surrounding Wonder Woman. Like I don't agree with all the naysayers attacking her because she's a female hero (obviously) but I also don't like people using how popular the movie is to bash male heroes and their movies (and don't get me started on the whole women only screening thing, because that's a ridiculous thing for both sides of that issue). Just enjoy the shows, people. Not everything has to be a political or social discourse.

Me too. Don’t get me wrong – I love the fact that we got a movie about female empowerment and that it’s one of the most successful DC movies made. But at the same time, I don’t like that people are tearing down male heroes and men in general because of it. It makes it difficult to simply enjoy the movie when everyone else is fixated on some political agenda. To be honest I just want everyone to be respected. Women are amazing! Men are amazing! Nonbinaries are amazing! Everyone is amazing! Let’s appreciate how incredible this movie was while still respecting others. 

Happy Birthday @whispered-story, you are wonderful and full of incredible talent and I hope your special day is as perfect as you are. Please enjoy! I present to you and everybody else, my It’s A Wonderful Life AU, entitled I’ll Give You the Moon

“I don’t think it’s gonna get better,” Lukas says, shaking his head. “My life fucking sucks because of him, he just doesn’t give a shit so nothing matters. My own father. Everything is difficult, he’s out to ruin every good thing I have. He doesn’t—he doesn’t know how to be happy for me. He never will.” It’s coming into focus, how fucked up it all is. How fucked up he is, because of it.

“Lukas, you just gotta hold on,” Philip says, wrapping his hand around Lukas’s elbow. “You’re doing so good. Don’t let him bring you down.”

The tears are threatening again. Philip’s support means the world to him, but fuck, it makes him feel lower than a goddamn cockroach. He doesn’t deserve it, because his own father doesn’t love him, doesn’t want him, would rather he wasn’t here. Because it’d be so much better, much easier if he just wasn’t here.

“I wish I was never born,” Lukas mutters, one tear falling.

Philip goes stiff beside him, which makes Lukas think that was the wrong thing to say. But for a second, he really means it.

I’ll give you the moon by andromedagalaxy

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omg this is some Tea about us pisces moons not being able to handle other people’s emotions.... honestly i’ve gotten a lot better about just being able to ride it out and be there just enough to comfort the person and make them feel at ease but i think pisces moons struggle with other people’s moods so much because we’re like sponges, we absorb everything in our environment... sometimes it’s incredibly hard for me to deal with someone else’s anger or sadness because it starts to take over me.

I agree!
I can fairly easily comfort strangers, but it’s so difficult for me to comfort my friends, I guess because there’s more connection, so the stronger it’s felt.
It’s really tough sometimes.

Newt x reader :: Tracks of My Tears

Requests: @justsuzanne27​ Hello! I just found your blog and I’m utterly in love with it. You’re really amazing! I’m wondering if you could write something about reader x Newt, where reader is a sensitive person and cries really often (like in a nostalgic way)? Oh, and they could be married :) thank you for your lovely fics!  

Anon: Hi dear writer! I hope I’m not a burden for requesting since you probably have a lot in your hands but it would be great if you do a one shot about Newt and a legilimen reader. Take all the time that you need to write :) I’m very much happy with all the works that you share with us readers ✿ All the love ♡ 

Notes: Ahhh, I totally feel you. I’ve had people try to make me feel bad or like I am somehow wrong for being an emotional person and crying easily. I’ve had people call me crazy for it and it’s not fun at all. Just know that all your feelings are valid, and if the most natural and healthy way for you to express those is through tears then let them out! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for being a sensitive person. The world needs people like you. Made this extra fluffy for you!

PS. I started going and going and realized that being a legilimens isn’t critical to the actual story, but hopefully this will hold you over until I do a better one, Anon! :)

WC: 1,828

There were many days–and even more nights–when you were sure your best days had long passed behind you like a train whose whistle you could only hear far off and whose baleful, hollow sound you weren’t even sure existed outside of your own imagination. Gellert Grindelwald, no longer only a name printed in the Daily Prophet, now influenced almost every aspect of your life. An anxiety this universal, this shared among all magic folk had never been known before: The advent of the radio and the Wizard Wireless had allowed fear to spread like a pandemic. Nobody knew where he would turn up or if he’d have an army of decaying inferi in tow.

Being a Add to dictionary made the fear even more concentrated for you. It was as if the  growing paranoia was a hot, bright sun and your skill was a magnifying glass slowly burning holes in your skull. You didn’t pick up on words very much but rather a person’s general emotional state and perhaps snippets of memories. Walking through a crowd these days was like walking through a swarm of insects on the last days of summer in a frenzy over their own sense of impending doom. No one knew who he would strike next or ship off to his hellish prison.

Your husband, Newton, was particularly at risk. He worked for the Ministry of Magic and had even directly confronted Grindelwald before. Grindelwald had more than one good reason to want Newt dead.

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Cautionary Poly: The Lone Unicorn Hunter

My introduction to polyamory was two online friends in the late 1990s. At the time, I was a recently-married twenty-year-old and I could not for the life of me wrap my head around why they bothered getting married if they weren’t going to be monogamous. I got the open relationship aspect, but why marriage? I mean, it’s not like they’d made it sound great. There’d maybe been some sort of problem immediately after their wedding with miscommunication and a previous partner of his? It was all very vague and they didn’t want to talk about it.

Twenty is not a great age to get married, and my relationship broke up fast. Even though they lived halfway across the country, my friends offered a room when all my other options eventually faded away or blew up. I got on a plane and visited them first. They were as great as I thought, so I went home, packed up my car, and made the drive.

Had I known more about polyamory at the time, the red flags would’ve all been there: the “miscommunication” after their wedding, his lifelong dream of having two wives setting aside her lifelong dream of a monogamous marriage. But I was absolutely clueless, and was starting to see how this polyamory thing might work. Their relationship seemed so strong that his attraction to someone else—to me—didn’t appear to shake it in the least. We kept it on a friendly level, though.

A few weeks later, I realized I was not ready to live so far away from my family and everything I’d ever known. As I was making plans to go home, she shrugged and told him he could make a move if he wanted since I was leaving anyway. It was okay with her, or so I thought. It turned out it wasn’t okay, at all. She was going through incredibly difficult emotional and physical problems, and I only realized afterward that it was likely that he had worn her down until she reluctantly agreed.

The result was an absolute mess. When she was at her lowest, he focused on me, ignoring the needs—actual needs, not wants—of his primary partner. They fought, in front of me, and I felt absolutely powerless. The fight got physical. I left soon after.

Somehow, this didn’t sour me on polyamory. Instead, I felt like I had been in a bad situation, and we were all in the wrong: her for not verbalizing her needs, him for being selfish, and me for not realizing her pain and drawing my own boundaries. A few years later, all of us supposedly wiser, we decided to try it again. I’d recently gotten out of a long-term relationship and was looking for a place to heal. I had a child, they had children, and we wanted to be a big family together.

I could get into all the little incompatibilities, but that’s not why I’m writing this. The second visit to them was when I truly understood the Lone Unicorn Hunter and how damaging his mindset is. Unlike couples who are looking for unicorns together, the Lone Unicorn Hunter has a partner but he will cluelessly step over her, broken and bloody, if he thinks he’s getting close to his perfect set-up. He does nothing about the fact she’s hurting; he thinks he cares but, if he did, he’d pay attention to her instead of the possible unicorn. The unicorn’s feelings will also be ignored on this quest; when I told this Lone Unicorn Hunter that I wasn’t quite ready to move on emotionally from my recently-ended relationship, he kept arguing with me that I actually was, kept trying to push me physically and emotionally past where I was comfortable. I tapped out pretty quickly, annoyed beyond belief that he was not listening to me. I started to put a lot of things together; the way he treated her was put into a different context. It wasn’t miscommunication. It wasn’t a lack of drawing boundaries. Even when I tried to set them, he stepped over them. She and I were there to fulfill his fantasy of having two wives, not people with our own desires and needs. I was angry for myself and livid for her.

After I left the second time, she went through one more round of “ignore the wife when a possible contender for second wife came into the picture” before she, too, tapped out and left him. She was bitter about polyamory for a long time afterward, and is happily, monogamously married now. She has no interest in ever being polyamorous again.

I stayed polyamorous. Despite my truly awful introduction into polyamory, I learned a major lesson from the Lone Unicorn Hunter: there are people out there who can talk a good game, but when it comes down to it, they are bad partners because they will always put a fantasy scenario ahead of the realities of the people they are in relationships with. Once I got that, they were so easy to spot: they will trash boundaries, push limits, and try to justify everything they do with words that don’t quite add up. They are to be avoided at all costs. They are the ones who say they have a primary, but they treat their primary like a second-class citizen in pursuit of that second partner. I wish I could say I never met another Lone Unicorn Hunter again, but I have. I try not to engage, but it’s tough when there’s a person being hurt for not giving up their own needs in service of someone else’s.

On my end of things, I gained experience in how to clearly state what I want or need, and I gained the self-confidence to break things off when the situation wasn’t what I was looking for. Sadly, it was the mirror of another woman being hurt that taught me to see when things weren’t good for myself, but as a result, my relationships since then have been much more healthy.

Cautionary Poly: Teachable Moments in Polyamorous Relationships is a special feature of Poly Role Models. The goal of this feature is to highlight the fact that successful polyamory isn’t always free of mistakes…and those mistakes can definitely be gained from. Now accepting submissions. Just send me a message to get the ball rolling.

Stop Calling Hannibal Queerbaiting

I wasn’t going to make this post but I thought, “hey, what the hell” so I’m gonna do it.

I noticed that I get a LOT of people who are not in the Hannibal fandom and who don’t even watch the show trying to start random arguments with me out of nowhere about how “Hannigram isn’t canon” because “Hannigram is queerbaiting” and let me tell you I am always left in disbelief by these people especially when literally all of them begin to compare it to Destiel (don’t get me wrong, Destiel is a FAB ship, but as we know Supernatural does use a lot of queerbaiting unfortunately). Now I usually ignore most of these people, because I know the truth, I don’t need someone who doesn’t even watch the show telling me my canon ship isn’t real. Today was different. I had someone comment on a tweet I made 5 days ago that had one favorite on it to tell me that Hugh Dancy’s statement of Hannibal and Will having a “Profound” love was queerbaiting because “They use the same term in SPN and its queerbaiting” Now as you can tell this made me real salty. Do these people even know what queerbaiting is?

Queerbaiting, if you didn’t know (I’m sure most of us are aware), is the constant promise or baiting of a queer relationship with no payoff. It is an awful scheme to lure in fans of the LGBT+ community without actually giving them what they really want, and usually having the gay played-off as jokes. Queerbaiting is not Homosexual Subtext. Queerbaiting can be used as fan-service but fan-service is not necessarily queerbaiting.

So here’s the thing with Hannigram:

Hannibal is pansexual or omnisexual. Will Graham is considered heterosexual, and biromantic but is also bi-curious and influenced. Hannibal and Will are in a canon queer romance. They are canonically in love. It is not queerbaiting. When one character is sexually attracted to the other or even in love with them, there will be homosexual subtext. When it is put in to cater fans, it is fan-service, not queer-baiting. Queerbaiting would imply that it would never go canon (which it has) or that they would use the subtext to bait fans without resolution.

If we look at this from a sexual angle, Bryan claims there would be much more of the sexuality aspect of their relationship explored in a S4. Nothing about this is queerbaiting, because we are not promised something or baited with something that we aren’t going to get if the show continues. “But why didn’t we already receive it? If there is sexual subtext why was that not resolved yet?” you may ask. Because it’s about relationship development and character development. We have never been so blessed and gifted with such a slow-burn and in-depth queer romance on television as we have with Hannigram (or at least I’m not aware of any others like it). It’s not queerbaiting to have homosexual undertones that will be explored later or even left alone. Why? because subtext is bound to be apart of a relationship in which one character is sexually attracted to the other and the other is “sexually confused”. Hannibal and Will are in love, they have a romance. Both of these facts are TEXT. Not Subtext. So PLZ, especially if you don’t watch the show, stop telling me that my canon ship isn’t canon or accuse the show of queerbaiting because the relationship isn’t necessarily a sexual one. The idea that relationships have to be sexual to be canon is extremely ace-phobic.

And It’s totally fine not to like or ship Hannigram. No one has to like it. This post isn’t about the people who hate Hannigram. It’s about the people who don’t even watch the show claiming they know that it’s not real, because with all heteronormative television, and all the queerbaiting on television, and all the non-canon ships who have tons of fangirls, what else would they expect! But let me tell you, Hannibal ain’t about that life!

But even with the Hannigram aside. Don’t comment hate or negative things on harmless ship posts that have nothing to do with you at all. I know I should ignore haters, but it’s incredibly difficult not to be at least a little salty when they can be so incredibly ignorant and persistent in starting arguments.

Don’t think you know everything about a show you don’t watch and don’t think you can hate on harmless shipping posts about a ship that you know nothing about. It’s immature, disrespectful, and only makes you look ignorant. Done.

closed starter :: @millikan-tarkatanson.

“Can you help me move this?” She’s helping to repair some computers that were recently destroyed in the ‘ incident ’. The mainframe was damaged, which would make everything else incredibly difficult. However, with both her leg practically screaming in pain and her head throbbing, everything seemed to be twice as difficult.

ohoccamyeggs  asked:

Do you have social anxiety? You don't seem to be comfortable around people very much, which is something I can easily understand. I have ADD, so I don't like talking to people I am unfamiliar with because I get scared of scaring them away. I am far more comfortable with a book or something that. I also get very distracted and tend to stray far from my original point, clearly. Sorry for the possibility of being incredibly rude. I also apologize for everything. Sorry.

While humans in general might not be my favorite creatures, I don’t particularly mind being around them.  I tend to care less about what they think of me than others, I suppose.  

But, I think, everyone has days when people can be… much too much.  And for those who might have anxiousness, or anything else that might make interacting with others more difficult, these days can be even worse.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a good book, or taking the time you need to reorient yourself, before braving the world again.  

Try to keep in mind, that you are much harder on yourself than anyone else is going to be.  Treat yourself kindly, if you can, because there’s nothing wrong with being a bit more of a reclusive creature than some.  It will never hurt to make an effort to socialize, and I would suggest it, but sometimes you must give yourself a bit of a holiday from others.

Nothing to apologize for, but sometimes it does just make us feel better, doesn’t it?  In any case, I do hope this helps.

“This is the happiest I’ve ever been,” Oliver admits quietly.

In the backseat of the black stretch limo it’s just the two of them, and Tommy reaches for Oliver’s left hand with his own, loosely lacing their fingers together until the the bright gleam of their wedding bands is reflecting throughout the small space. 

A smile tugs at the corner of Tommy’s lips and he brings their entwined hands up to his mouth, turning them so that he can press a soft kiss to Oliver’s ring. Out of the corner of his eye he can see the other man, his husband, - wow, Tommy really likes the sound of that - blush before a smile is gracing his own lips. Tommy lowers their hands into his lap, gently playing with Oliver’s fingers. 

“Me too,” he tells Oliver simply, because even though everything else in their lives has been difficult, this isn’t one of them. 

Loving Oliver - letting himself be loved by Oliver - has been one of the easiest things Tommy’s ever done and he’s incredibly grateful that he’s going to be able to spend the rest of his life continuing to do just that.

The feel of the limo rolling to a stop prompts both of them to look out the window, each of them smiling in turn as they see the private jet waiting to take them away on their honeymoon (to a location that Tommy is unaware of because Oliver insisted on surprising him). 

Before they open the doors and exit the car, Tommy lifts his free hand up to cup Oliver’s jaw, his fingers scratching lightly at the scuff there. Oliver hums contentedly, eyes drifting shut before Tommy leans in to capture his mouth in a slow, sensual kiss. After years of practice their lips move smoothly together, drawing soft, quiet moans from each of their throats before they’re reluctantly pulling away. 

The smile that Oliver gives Tommy after they’ve parted is almost blinding, and he catalogs it into his memory before pulling the door handle and stepping out of the car. When he’s standing on his feet he bends slightly until he can see inside the backseat, his arm outstretched.

“You coming, Mr. Merlyn?” Tommy teases, wiggling his eyebrows and winking at Oliver who huffs out a laugh before taking his hand. 

“Only for you, Mr. Queen,” he replies just as playfully, letting himself be guided out of the car by Tommy before the two of them walk hand and hand away from the limo and towards the awaiting jet.

Towards their future.

From a Certain Publication...

NEIL Amin-Smith romance with Olly Alexander is shining on.

The Clean Bandit violinist rubbished split rumours at GQ Style’s star-studded 10th birthday party at Home House in London last night, as the couple mark their one-year anniversary.

Neil said: “Nothing’s changed, I’ve no idea where that came from.

“He’s on tour at the moment, that’s all. I couldn’t do that to his mum anyway. She loves me more than he does!”

Neil and the Years & Years frontman were reported to have split earlier this week due to the pressures of their gruelling tour schedules.

The news came as a huge shock to fans following months of non-stop gushing between the two about their love for one another.

In a separate chat with The Sun while on the road, Olly said: “It’s true. My mum’s obsessed with Neil. When I see her, her first question is: ‘Is Neil coming?’

“I’m like, ‘Umm, no mum, it’s just me’.”

Olly, 25, who wrote the group’s hit single Shine about Neil, also opened up about the amazing support his proud mum Vicki Thornton gave to him when he made the decision to come out as gay six years ago.

He said: “I moved to London when I was 18. I was independent and headstrong and mum always supported me with everything I wanted to do.

“I told her I was gay when I was 19. She was like: ‘Yep. Cool, cool. That makes sense.’

“I was lucky. It’s not that easy for everybody else. People think we’re in a different world now, but it’s still incredibly difficult for lots of people.”