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Andi Mack
  • Disney: *gives us Andi Mack a revolutionary show with POC and a new kind of story line in children's TV with above average acting and music*
  • The Friendom: ya, ya that's great. Can you make that gay.
  • Disney: *breaks more boundaries. Has Buffy have a story line about her hair and a sexist dress code.Has Andi's dad come into the story*
  • The Friendom: but... like... gay...er.... please.
  • Disney: ya ok.
  • Disney: Blesses us with Cyrus looking back
  • The Freindom: fjnsncbsnchjMDBWVHNSKFHHWMA.... Still Could be Gayer.


Did you see the preview of the next episode in Chinese New Year? Cyrus was MIGHTY uncomfortable with Iris laying on his shoulder. He was fidgeting and eyeing with a look like “hey, ummm…… please don’t do that.” Disney is showing that not only does he like Jonah, he’s uncomfortable with someone of the opposite gender being romantic with him, and that is confirming this Isn’t a one time thing. He is going to like boys for the rest of the show. This gives me an amazing outlook on Disney’s choices, and I’m ready for more.

Imagine Buffy keeping on in the carrying Cyrus away whenever he tries to act Straight or just generally embarrassing himself in front of boys, Marty doesn’t even get jealous cuz he already knows Cyrus is Buffy’s baby since the moment he saw him. Later on when Cyrus comes out to the rest he joins in the ‘carrying Cyrus away from trouble’ 

Thoughts on ‘Friends like these’

•Amber and Andi’s relationship development is great and I’m here for it

•Really love that they are giving Amber a redemption arc

•Jonah is the biggest dork who is totally oblivious about literally everything

•Cyrus and Iris is one big y i k e s

•I feel bad for her though bc she is pretty nice

•Them being gigantic dinosaur nerds is the cutest

•Buffy slaying as always

•I really like Buffy and Marty’s friendship, so much fond banter™

•TJ is such a dick but also a very realistic character

•I really like that Buffy made the team and Marty didn’t, but I still feel bad for him

•Buffy’s mum?? I wanna know more about her!

•Tell her Cyrus!! The poor girl dude!

•Gabriel wtf? I also want to know more!

•Acknowledging toxic relationships on Disney? Sign me the f up!

•The song™ that played at the thrift store omg

•The music in general was amazing!!

Overall, I loved the episode so much aaaa

Amber’s Redemption

I love how we’re all so desperate for a wlw ship (me included) that we instantly ship Amber and Andi the second we see Amber acting nice to her. And, like, I’m all for it, even if I would prefer Buffy x Andi (bandi?), but first Amber’s got to prove she’s changed. Like, REALLY changed. And a great way to do that? Have her fall out with Iris (preferably over her using Iris to take advantage of Cyrus because she *knew* about the whole Cyrus and Jonah thing but anything would work really) and have Iris start holding her accountable for every sh***y thing she’s ever done. Who would know better just how much someone has to improve to redeem themselves than their best friend. Because as we’ve seen, Jonah is NOT going to hold her responsible. And even after everything, she really hasn’t wronged Andi enough for Andi to be the one to force her to improve. Obviously we know that Amber was inspired to change by something, and we know that Iris is going to start really assimilating into The Good Hair Crew, so it would make sense that something having to do with Iris would be what drive’s her to become a better person and make good with The Good Hair Crew. Also, I really want an excuse to ship Amber and Iris (Aris?). But yeah, I really WANT to like Amber , and feel comfortable shipping her with Andi (or anyone else, Iris included); but she has to earn it.

listen andi mack is doing so many things right

  • first off the humor is On-Point. it feels so natural, especially compared to last season?? lov,,
  • there are hints of a redemption arc for amber, the “pretty, mean girl” who demonstrated like zero good qualities last season
  • bex doesn’t rush into marrying bowie despite the pressure from her own daughter!! like yes you can’t force love and it’s unhealthy to try and do so!!
  • bowie isn’t mad about bex not agreeing to marry him. he does, however, apparently try to woo her with pizza, which is. amazing
  • this is really subtle but like iris is super nice to the good hair crew despite being at least 2 years older than them?? like other tv shows and movies tell us you’re generally supposed to be rude to people younger than you, children especially, but iris is such a breath of fresh air. lov the gorl
  • listen jonah was heckin’ DUMB last season but he’s shaping up to be such a nice dude. my boi has grown so much
  • and OF COURSE….. cyrus. disney finally has their first canon gay character and i am so happy and excited idek how to express it!!!! bless his heart for trying not to hurt andi even when he has a secret crush on her sort-of boyfriend lol frick
  • and also?? bless buffy. she’s so supportive of BOTH of her friends!!! she hates to see either of them get hurt and even if she says the wrong thing sometimes it’s all with good intentions!! everything she told cyrus…. so goshdang spot-on. bless

all in all, i am in love with andi mack and i can’t!! wait!! for next friday!!