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Just hold on darling-ai.

Summary- this is a continuation of the cop one shots im doing.you can find calums here

Word count- 660

Requested- Yes, by a few anons, & e-fflorescencelixir


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“Unit 13 please respond to the 10-32 on Merchant street.”

“Copy” I clip the two-way radio onto my utility belt, pulling onto a road that’s just a few streets away from where I need to be. I mentally prepare myself to face the situation I’m about to arrive at.
An armed man is never a situation to deal with lightly.
I pull up to the curb, unbuckling my seat belt. I double check my utility belt, making sure everything was in its place.
“Aye newbie!” Officer Irwin bangs on my cruiser window “hurry up you lazy ass, we gotta tackle this situation.” Irwin. 

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