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  • crow: has a history of concussions
  • crow: takes a weber slapper clean off the mask
  • crow: drops like he's been... shot...
  • crow: looks wobbly and out of it getting up
  • concussion spotter: yeah you can stay in
A Master Post of Siani CPD Rambles

Just ‘cause it seemed easier than continuing to dig for them all. Tumblr blogs become a deep, dark pit after a while.

// Updated 03.28.16 //

Meta Sets

it’s a domestic life (linstead)

life can be hard (linstead)

walking a thin line (linstead)

surviving (jay with linstead/team)

scarring, marring (linstead)

linstead + the 300

erin + cpd 3x01 (linstead)

Prose Pieces

Meta Inspired, A Quiet Exhale (post 3x11, Linstead)

Meta Inspired, I’m Here (Linstead)

Conversing (Hank & Jay)

Falling to Pieces (Linstead)

Addendum to the Song (post 3x14, Linstead)

Cancelled Plans (Linstead, Valentine’s)

Hey, Babe (Linstead)

Linstead + Theoretical CPD 3x17

Unfinished Drabble (Linstead)

post CPD 3x13 (Linstead)

You Fight Your Demons (post 3x17, Linstead)

Washing Off the Blood (CPD 3x17, Linstead)

Moustead Blurb (ask inspired, pre CPD)

Future Moustead Blurb (ask inspired, within canon)

Alternate Universe

A Series of Linstead AU’s

Heading Back Home

Mechanic Erin, Veteran Jay (con’t. from here)

Bartender Erin, Backpacker Jay

Linstead + A Baby

Linstead + Getting a Puppy

Marine Jay, DEA Erin

Teachers AU

Teachers AU, deleted ending

Linstead + A Dog


Grocery Shopping (Linstead)

Late Night, Date Night (Linstead)

Hospital (Linstead)

Running Into the Team on Days Off (Linstead)

Army/PTSD (Linstead)

Closing a Case (Linstead)

Erin Sick, Jay Caretaking (Linstead)

OTH 8x11 Inspired (Linstead)

Getting Tased (Linstead)

Nightmares (Erin + Hank, background Linstead)

Car Crash (Erin + Hank, liberal side dose of Linstead)

Intimate Moments/Touches (Linstead)

Episode Thoughts, Recaps, Anaylizations

CPD 2x03 parallels

CPD 1x01 conversation analysis 

CPD 3x11 reaction

Lindsay & Severide vs. Halstead

CPD 2x10 reaction

CPD 3x03 conversation analysis

CPD 3x12 recap

CPD 3x01 analyzing Erin

CPD 3x13 recap

Wishful Thinking post CPD 3x14

CPD 3x14/3x15 recap

CPD 3x05 reaction

CPD 3x17 reaction

CPD 3x17/3x18 + Linstead thoughts

Halstead’s Army ranking

CPD 3x17 reaction pt. 2

CPD 3x17 reaction pt. 3

CPD 2x03 screencap recap

Fic Recommendations!


LINDSAY AND HALSTEAD IN EVERY EPISODE || A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes  (3x07)

Are you okay?

Do me a favor and, uh, don’t leave me alone with the swim coach ‘cause…

Hey, I got you. 


Rent: Everyone has AIDS and everyone is poor
Hamilton: founding father fuckboys and everyone dies
Dear Evan Hansen: the whole show is based on a big fat lie but everything somehow works out
Chicago: you have to commit a murder to be famous
Hairspray: equality, motherfucker
In the Heights: we were poor but our dead grandma won the lottery so yay us dudes
Les Misérables: pain. That’s it. That’s the whole show.
Jersey Boys: we got famous thanks to the mafia guy and everything went to shit
A Chorus Line: literally every musical theatre kid’s life

Friday Four
  1. As done as I am with the content police, I am 666% more done with the resistance police. They’re everywhere, telling me how not to respond. Don’t protest! Don’t debate the facts! Don’t call them stupid! Don’t accept defectors back into the fold! Don’t ally with conservatives! YOU ARE FALLING INTO THEIR TRAP, these strategery masters say. But the conclusion of these lines of action is to sit quietly and do nothing and meekly hope it all goes away, waiting on the world to change. Fuck that, fuck him, and fuck you.
  2. It hit 66ºF here today, shattering a 137-year-old record by six degrees. It hasn’t snowed here in 62 days. The ten-day forecast doesn’t dip much below 40ºF. This is Chicago. In February. Everything is fine.
  3. I came within an old man’s stray ear hair of straight-up murdering a coworker today. It would have been brutal and merciless. He was berating his doctor’s receptionist on the phone for not writing a new prescription without him coming in. Just typing that out fills me with regret for not ending him.
  4. I was gonna do five but I’m going home.