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Every time you post an interaction between you and Rob, I gain 5 years to my life


at every con, i go out of my way to try and distract his handler. she’s a really kind and laid-back person, but at cons she’s super focused and v serious so i like making her laugh

during the swain autos at nash i did everything i could to stare her down….which….NORMALLY works



i got the wrong person

I love that Jay immediately reacted and pulled her back when Erin started taking things too far and to an almost violent level and didn’t drop his hands until he was sure she was walking away. It makes me think about how they’re pretty much each other’s anchors - the thing that brings them back to reality and themselves. Like how Erin can get him to back off and follow her with one call of his name, etc. I’ve always found it sweet and it makes me hopeful that they seem to still have that effect on each other.

erin lindsay was genuinely one of my favourite characters on tv. i started watching the show about 3 years ago and completely fell in love with her. she taught me so much. i’ve changed as a person because of who that character was. who that character is. she overcame so much and developed so much, only for her to be given a crappy ending in which she just went right back to where she was before any of this happened. and i could deal with that, i could deal with that if she overcame it again. if she grew. but if soph is leaving, we don’t even get that. this was a four year journey, and we just ended up right where we fuckin started. do you know how heartbreaking that is? we followed that character through drug addiction. alcohol abuse. broken hearts and friends dying and her mother’s constant abuse. she fell in love and then it fell apart because they were both too fragile and too proud to see that they were both hurting. and she was so close. so close to just being okay. i wasn’t even asking for a happy ending??? i just wanted her to be okay. not in pain. after four years of constant struggle, she deserved at least that. after four years, and her only ending is losing the only things that kept her going through that struggle: her dad, her partner, and her job. she goes to new york, and she has no reason to keep going. she’s not happy. and we won’t get to find out if she ever is.