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oryb  asked:

Jael, You know what's going on with Joku?.. It seems that She is hurt because of bad people who hate what she creates.. Maybe You can help her..? I remember Your inspirational posts about how to resist people who humiliate Your Creations.. Many people love Joku and DreamTale but she disappointed in everything ;-; Jakei, She are Creator, like You...Help

I can’t do anything for her anymore.
And also I don’t want it.
I don’t want my blog becames like a diary. This is my art blog and also a “comedy” blog to make people smile. But it seems I’ll have ti make an exception because I found many asks in my inbox about this.
I don’t know if she will read this or if someone will show this to her.
So, if that’s the case… ya no recuerdo cuántas veces te dije que no llegarías a ningún lado llenando tu blog y tu cabeza con cosas negativas. Todo mundo tiene haters, y por suerte ninguno de nosotros aún tenemos los verdaderos haters de verdad que dedican su vida a calumniar a otros en videos y noticias a gente que es realmente famosa y mueve a millones de personas.
Demuestrale un poquito de esperanza a lo que creaste, C.
Sólo vas a hacer que una bola de nieve se venga contra ti si sigues mostrando debilidad a tus dichosos miles de haters que te llegan todos los días.
Parece que nunca me escuchaste ni me hiciste caso cuando tuviste la oportunidad de tener a alguien al lado que te diera consejos.
No hagas lo mismo con tus fans ni amigos de verdad.

Lullaby for Nightmares

“There we go….better…”

@saintzacharie I heard you were feeling a little down : ( so here’s a lullaby and a hug to keep the nightmares and intrusive demons away.

I’m not sure if you’re going through a rough patch at the moment, or if everything is okay right now, but always know there are people out there, out here, who care about you. Even if we’ve never met.

I only found your blog today, but I think you’re pretty cool : )

Keep fighting


commissions are OPEN!

minimum wage is killing me so i’m very tight on cash and could really use some help!

things i will draw! 

  • fanart
  • OCs
  • ships
  • nsfw
  • anything relatively humanoid! (robots, monsters, anthro, etc)

additional info:

*working email is maltedmilkshakes@gmail.com

*prices listed are estimates, each piece’s price is unique to its level of detail and time put into it!

*additional characters are extra, ~$10 each for lineart and ~$15 each for color

*i’ll provide a sketch of the piece before moving on to make sure everything is to your liking!

feel free to send me an email or an ask if you have any questions! this is my art blog, so more examples of my art can be found right here!

please feel free to signal boost!! every reblog helps me out greatly!

thank you so much!!

CLOSED, thank you!!

Hello there! Do you have a spiral dragon that desperately needs some nice art? Well I happen to have the perfect solution for your troubles!

For the low low price of 35 euros (or 37,6 USDs) you can have this cute little thing customized to look just like your beautiful spiral. I even have some extra expressions you can choose from to make sure this cutie is gonna look as close to your dragon as possible! (Expression A is displayed on the sketch above)

If this sounds like your kinda deal, hit me up at helmi.pirinen@gmail.com

  • Payment upfront with Paypal, I’ll send you an invoice once we have everything figured out
  • Background of the piece will be transparent so this little guy is a perfect fit for bios
  • Character will be fully colored and shaded in my most common cell shading style
  • Apparel and skins/ accents do not cost a dime more and are automatically included in the price

If you need more convincing, take a look at my other art that can be found HERE in my art tag (#helmiarts)

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them; ask them here on my blog or hit me up with an email.

Hopefully you’ll have a home for this little guy and finally, thank you for your attention! ヾ(0∀0*★)゚*・.。

anonymous asked:

Do you think the MCL/Eldarya fandoms are very active? Maybe I'm not following many people XD Could you recommend a few blogs?

There is cicles of activity. Usually fandom gets more active when it has events and eps, without this normally the post flow decreases. 

Maybe Eldarya’s fandom is more active (I see many artists posting), but mcl is pretty dead in most of the time :’) kkkkkkkkkk There is a few blogs who keep the fandom alive, let me think who I can recommend…

Well, @mcl-pauly is pretty good I like her blog alot and she is very active most of the time. @kahasan is always making good stuffs too. @justanothermclblog, @mcl-limos, @fictitious-life-ls, @partijunkie, @kurohabl, @andy-mcl-fashion, @mcl-maye, <~ some of my friends who do a good work posting stuffs. There is @mycandylovefanatics one of the first blogs that I started to follow and had some great headcanons. 

In Eldarya I don’t follow many ppl, but you can follow @emmyseldarya, @eldaryastuffs, @eldaryandy, @eldaryanna, @eldarya-scenarios , @thatredhead-plays-otome (she plays mcl too). 

And there is my friends who are artists and have some pretty good general content and I really like most everything that they post: @zurysalvatore, @fairywale, @fayrelynn-trinity, @lunaria-sucrette, @killdondan, @velvet-black-cherry, @giccix@chof-art (she is good too, not one of my mutuals but very good)…

Well I tried not to post the famous ones cuz I think that you are probably already following them? Most of everything that I post I found in the tag too. 

My good advice to you is follow blogs of others fandoms too or the geral content in tumblr, cuz mcl’s and Eldarya’s fandom can get really dead sometimes xD Also you can start to follow random mcl’s blogs and see if they keep posting, I did it alot in the at the beginning xD

Btw, thank you for the ask!! 

kfrances  asked:

can i just say i fucking love the line weight in your art and the mouths and the eyes and the way you draw bodies and hair and hands and agh fuck everything??? you go and say i'm good but you're fucking great. i love your art style. i'm so glad i found your blog

((oh jeez thankk you so much??? :’D i was not prepared to see this in my inbox but thank you you made my day! <3))

Originally posted by imjohnbender


I need to get $40~ together by Tuesday (4/18)!!

Long story short: I’m taking an exam on Friday (4/21) that will get me the last 4 credits I need to finish my English degree. HURRAY! There’s only one problem: I need to pay the college I’m taking the exam at $55 in fees to take the darn thing at their center. I thought I had the money… Turns out I don’t!! I’ve only got $20 to my name right now thanks to my bank taking all my savings for bank fees. 

I have been busting my ass studying for this exam for 2 weeks, and it would really, really suck to be this close to having those credits and not be able to take it because the darn college wants to nickel and dime me. 

Even if you can’t commission me, anything tossed to me would be really appreciated right now. I’ve got to get all this in by Tuesday though so everything can be transferred from Paypal by Friday.
I have a donate button on my art blog @ryuredwingsartarama if you can spare a few bucks.

Important Information:

  • I do not draw NSFW (to an extent, suggestive dress and poses are usually fine)
  • Additional characters are $10 a piece. The max amount of characters in one image is 4.
  • All commission inquiries should be sent to ryuredwingsart@gmail.com. Tumblr asks and ims, and dA notes will be ignored.  
  • You can pay via the donate buttons on my art blog @ryuredwingsartarama, or I can send you an invoice.
  • Clarification about reference sheets can be found here!

Because my art style is different and my interests have kinda changed, plus I want to change the feel and mood of my art and art blog, I’ve deleted all of my art from this blog. However reblogs of everything can be found at @cinnaminttea-archive.

Recently after injuring my dominant arm, I’ve been able to think about how I want my presence online to be and what direction I want to take my art. I’ve been slowly trying to develop my art style, and while I’m still experimenting with how I want my art to look, I’ve found that I want my art to be much more simplistic and make use of more pastel colour schemes and learn how to use low saturation colours effectively. I also feel I need to work harder at making my own original concepts and ideas, starting with a short webcomic I’m planning that I’ll share the progress of on this account. 
Thank you for reading and I hope you look forward to my art in the future!

anonymous asked:

Hallo can I just say you are everything I aspire to be you're super smart your art is freaking AMAZING like oh my god the details and your writing advice is soooo helpful so thank you so much i am so grateful that i found your blog

Thank you so much!!  I can’t tell you how wonderful this is to hear.  <3


I have a submissions box on my page. If you got to my profile there should be an icon, it will either look like an envelope or a circle with a plus sign, click on that and there are three options.

1. Send a message
2. Ask me anything
3. Submit

The submissions box allows you to send me text posts, pictures/gifs, links, and videos. MY SUBMISSIONS BOX IS OPEN 24/7!

If you want to share your own fan vids or fics or you found a vid or fic by someone else that you liked and you want to share you can send them to me anytime. You can also send me submissions for Would You Rather Tuesday and Fan Art Friday that will queued up to post on Tuesday and Friday respectively.

So I repeat, my submissions box is open 24/7. I really want this blog to be a community where people share all kinds of things instead of just me posting everything and you absorbing it.

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to draw again. When I was a kid I used to draw a lot, all over everything, all of my notes and workbooks, but then when I got into junior high the social anxiety and self deprecation hit me hard and I stopped drawing all together. But then, years later, I followed your blog and fell in love with your art. I love how no matter what you draw you always manage to make it look great and how quickly you can do it, and I wished I could draw like that (1/2)

(2/2) as well. But I knew there was only one way to improve my art, so I found a sketchbook that I’d barely used years before and started drawing again. I wrote this up now because I noticed that I’ve already filled up a large part of that sketchbook even though it’s only been 7 months since I started, and I feel like I’ve already improved with my art; I’m really proud of myself and I wanted to thank you. So, thank you so so so much for the inspiration!!! C:

anon this is unbelievably touching and sweet and i am SO GLAD you’re working hard and getting back into what you want to do! i’m super proud of you and glad that i could help give you that push.

thanks for sending this message, it was fantastic to hear <3 keep up the great work with your art!

Art by the wonderful and talented @anotherwellkeptsecret for this excerpt in the WIP fic The Façade!  This sneak peek has been put on my blog before, and can be found here along with another adorable piece of art ^.^

They really couldn’t have picked a better time of year to come out here.  The flowers were in full bloom, getting more picturesque as they walked further into the park.  The grassy areas were bright green with batches of freshly-planted flowers decorating the paths.  Oranges, whites, yellows, and reds were scattered all along, the soft breeze rustling everything slightly.  Greg was grateful that it wasn’t raining today either.  Basically, it was perfect.

Well, there were a couple elements missing.  But… there was nothing Greg could do about that.

Clearing his throat at nothing in particular, Greg glanced up at the blooming pink trees surrounding the main area where the Eiffel Tower was.  It was breathtaking.  He had to take a few pictures to take back, so he pulled out his mobile and slowed so he could.  He could feel patient eyes on him, Mycroft stopping when he stopped but not commenting.  It was peaceful.

“Okay, let’s you and me take a picture now,” he announced after he’d gotten a few nice shots.  He turned to look at Mycroft, who was giving him a surprised look.


“Oh come on,” Greg pressed, nudging Mycroft’s bicep. “One photo.  This is a vacation, after all.  We’ll snap one and then head back, yeah?”

He waited for a few moments while Mycroft continued to stare at him, pale eyes shifting back and forth from him and the tower behind them.  It was interesting watching what had to be some kind of internal debate, though Greg couldn’t really figure out why.  They were mates, after all.  Sure, he knew Mycroft wasn’t a fan of having loads of photos around of himself, but they’d never taken one together before.  What better opportunity than in front of the Eiffel Tower with all the gorgeous flora around?

Though… was he being too eager about it?  Was the wishful part of him taking this a step too far?  A minor wave of panic shot through Greg at the thought, though he was careful to keep it off his face.  Thankfully, though, the thoughts were interrupted as Mycroft nodded.

“Fine,” the man signed, taking a small step closer. “One photo.”

“Sweet,” Greg beamed.

Flipping to the front camera on his mobile, he turned so that both their backs were to the Eiffel Tower and held out his camera.  Mycroft moved to stand beside him, and as their shoulders touched, impulse took over and Greg slung his free arm around Mycroft’s shoulders.  There was a flash of surprise that came across Mycroft’s face as he turned his head to glance at Greg, who plastered one of his most excited grins on his face and snapped the photo.

It was a great photo.  The lighting worked, and Greg had angled it well enough to catch a good view of the bottom section of the Eiffel Tower.  They were also directly in front of one of the fully-blossoming trees.  All in all, Greg was incredibly proud of his photography skills in the moment.

What he happened to miss, however, was the fact that Mycroft did not turn to look back at the camera.  No, he had continued to look at Greg.  And while the older man could not see it at the time, the picture was definitely worth a thousand words as it captured one of the most honestly affectionate, adoring expressions Mycroft had ever worn.

Anonymous said:SORA-CHAN!!!!!! what anime do u plan to watch this summer? its not like im ccurious ok

EYE ZOOMS TO DGM…..  hi tsundere anon-chan i haven’t rlly checked what animes will come but- MOB PSYCHO 100!!!!!!!!!!! HANDA-KUN!!!!!!!!!! DGM!!! IM SO PUMPED FOR THESE and others that i forgot rn but will probably remember later teehee!!!!!

Anonymous said:yaoi ships are da best ships

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So I’m doing commissions now finally after getting everything set up haha. Check it out, see if anything interests you. More examples of my art can be found in the “my art” tag or at my art blog if you want to see if my work is something you want.

If you’re interested or have any questions, email me at tylerblank20@gmail.com. I use Paypal only.


- You must pay full price upfront.

- I will draw: OCs, fanart, NSFW, gore, Mecha/Robots, Humans, Monsters

- I will NOT draw: Anthro/Furry

- Highly preferred but not required: Men, monster men

Annnnnd, I think that’s it. I might update this with new info, so keep on the lookout. See ya! Also, please reblog and spread the word if you could. Thanks!

After watching @eden-queen draw Marinette in the fashion show dress, I had to too aha. I told myself I wouldn’t get in too deep with ML but then I found @seiyakanie‘s art and writing and now im in so deep someone pls help me


wow holy shit ratedemily is finally doing commissions??? yup u heard right folks, i am FINALLY TAKING COMMISSIONS!! its a miracle!

now lets talk business!

if youre interested in a commission, please email me at ratedemily22@gmail.com with ‘commission’ in your subject line so we can discuss what you would like me to draw!

  • payment will be through paypal (us dollars please!)
  • payment has to be upfront!! aka i wont start your commission until you pay me the full commission price (note: price does not include paypal fees)
  • if you want a drawing including your ocs, yourself, etc, please provide references
  • ill only take 5 commissions at a time! commission slots will be on a separate page on my art blog so that you can see if i am available for commissions or not
  • a progress shot will be provided if the commissioner asks for it!
  • your commission will be completed and sent to you 3-6 days after paying, depending on the complexity of the drawing
  • more examples of my art can be found on this blog, aka @ratedemart

also it should be noted that i will not draw porn!! but other than that everything else is cool yo

thank you for taking the time to read this and, as always, reblogs are very much appreciated! have a nice day! 🐤

So. Commissions. Those are a thing, huh? Well now they’re a thing I’m offering! With finals out of the way I’ve since discovered that I have quite a bit of extra time on my hands and oh so many things I need to throw money at to get by (bills and such, ya'know). I’m currently capping my open commission slots at 4 just to keep from taking on too much at once but I fully intend on opening slots up in cycles once each batch is complete.

You can find more detailed information on my commission info page which is found through this link here or through the appropriately labeled tab towards the left on my blog.

I think I covered just about everything on my commission info page but if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at shadowrabbitscommissions[at]gmail[dot]com or just send an ask! Signal boosts much appreciated. Thank you!

Love Your Artist

Hi folks!

Sorry for the delay, but I was trying to decide how exactly I was going to do this. I follow a ton of blogs and I haven’t had contact with every single person I reblog/like stuff from. So instead of listing every artist/writer that I follow, I’ve chosen a select group.

The Baes:

fenharels-heart: THE WIFU. Seriously, there is not enough I can say about this amazing and beautiful woman. She is everything to me. My wife, my soul mate, my sister from across the pond. I am so lucky that I found such a fantastic person such as her. <3 Lots of lovely art and writing!

katjalaroux: One of the first people I talked to when I started writing. A wonderful woman whom I can’t imagine NOT being friends with. She is kind, easy to talk to and has way too much love for Nate. (which isn’t really a problem since we can squee about him together hehe) She’s definitely helped revive my love for Nate with her writing.

rayeliann: Rachel is a beautiful soul who has so much love to give. Her art is stunning, the hard work she puts into each piece obvious. Her art is a gift that she has decided to bestow upon us and it should not be wasted. I am truly blessed that I can call her a friend. Her OCs are exceptional, particularly Hadynne Trevelyan, Nayeli Surana, and Rys Shepard stand out for me.

vitaebenefaria: Mercy’s writing is so much better than mine will ever be. She knows how to weave a story with intricate details and true emotion. I can’t imagine shipping Stroud with anyone other than her Hawke and the two of them have truly become an OTP of mine. One of my favorite people in the entire world.

yesmassdragoneffect: My smut sister and Samsonette. Madga is serious Dragon Age trash, especially when it comes to writing amazing smut for our favorite characters. Her June Surana is one of my favorite Surana’s of all time and I adore that we both ship our f!Surana’s with Anders. Totally worth a follow if you haven’t already.

inquisitor-desya-lavellan: LOVE OF MY LIFE. Ricky’s blog is gay central. Majority of it is Dorian, Iron Bull, FenHawke, Samson, and m!Shenko. If any of those sound good, FOLLOW HIM. His writing is my favorite and he is the sweetest and cutest babe ever. <3

Close Friends:

goddesstiera: While she doesn’t post her writing as often as she’d like, what I have read of Tara’s stuff is wonderful. Especially her Adaar x Harding fluff. I’m head over heels for those two!

nextcastle: Morgana is not only one of my outside of tumblrs besties, but a fabulous artist who has done nothing but amazing work of Dragon Age characters. One of my favorite pieces is art she did of my f!Trevelyan and Josie. She’s a treasure and you are missing out if you aren’t following her.

beckaliz: Bex, Oh Bex. <3 You are truly a gem. I have commissioned her so many times and each art I get makes me happier and happier. She is one person I am honored to call a friend. :D

symetrii: Cutie pie! Absolute cutie. She posts wonderful art and is one of my favorite people. Easy to talk to, has the best OCs, and is so talented!

chubbycatwhiskers: Koi/Angie is awesome. If you want to gush with someone over that damned Space bird lizard, she’s the one to go to! Shakarian trash til the end. Mass Effect arts happen here.

all-truths-wait-in-all-things: Fantastic writing and even more fantastic characters. Kaia Tabris is one of the most intriguing characters I’ve ever read. And to think, we wouldn’t have known one another without Mass Effect Holiday Cheer. :p

Those that I admire:

// cocotingo // ottabox // siawrites // thefereldenheroisanelf // aliciawonderland // cerulione // splicerspawn // officialfemshep // helilart // esakris // noctuaalba // icamon-chan // brennacedria // wrrex // korcariwitches // arimabari // yukisamui // danya224 // benefaris // ferzeldan // carpe-cullen // agregor // themintmagician // vallasliin // taakevegg // resoan// reellifejaneway2 // calyah // brelakor // chenria // inquisitorsophie // inquisitiorherah // biotictrash // pugletto // koipepper // orokay // blackheath-art // thinkdragonage // hellaartfordays // mysweetbologna // my-hart-will-go-on // gideon-ephraim // kitteria // myothermountsaqunari // seekerofweird // alexielapril // bloodofthepen // annaiese // pixiedurango // imperialdragonborn // ummmmandy // scriptrixdraconum // sane-cat-lady // thatantivanelf // theassassinlover // fereldanrose // anoratheirin // needlesslycryptic // black-rose4 // anotherdayforchaosfay // anon-omis // farashe // continueplease // soretto // erithe // lyriumrebel // eeveevie // knightcommanderalenko // adjectivebear // maebyrutherford // exposed-mama // bugsieplusone // gaurdian9sunshine // pheberoni // a-mahariels-travels // genericbanana // queenoftheprocrastination // nennesis // theinkedoctopus // loonyloopy // vir-tanadahl // alisienna // wardencommandervakarian // chrenada // captain-tabris // sketchingsparrow // obvious-apostate // riri-chi // keelahsomethigh-art // starfleetspectre // isriana // skeletonteaparties // shutterbones // kingalistairtheiriin // 50shadesofthanekrios // allrust // wei723 // choco-minto // tarysande // momochanners //



if youre interested in a commission, please email me at ratedemily22@gmail.com with ‘commission’ in your subject line so we can discuss what you would like me to draw!

  • payment will be through paypal (us dollars please!)
  • payment has to be upfront!! aka i wont start your commission until you pay me the full commission price
  • if you want a drawing including your ocs, yourself, etc, please provide references
  • ill only take 3 commissions at a time! commission slots will be on a separate page on my art blog so that you can see if i am available for commissions or not
  • a progress shot will be provided if the commissioner asks for it!
  • if you request a commission from me, i might post it to tumblr/twitter after its finished. if you dont want me to post yours, make sure to say so!
  • more examples of my art can be found on this blog, aka @ratedemart

also it should be noted that i will not draw porn!! but other than that everything else is cool yo

thank you for taking the time to read this and, as always, reblogs are very much appreciated! have a nice day! 🐤

WOW! we’ve come a long way since last time i had one of these! In thanks to all ya’ll wonderful people for following me and being amazing, lets have a giveaway! :D



  • Must be following me 
  • Please no side blogs or giveaway blogs
  • You can reblog as much as you like but be considerate
  • Likes do count
  • Make sure you have your ask box open if you win


First place:

  • 3 Custom key chains 
  • Up to $10 game on steam (can be substituted if you don’t have steam)
  • 1 Full drawing or 2 Colored sketches

Second Place:

  • 2 Custom key chains
  • 1 Colored sketch

Third Place

  • 1 Custom key chain
  • 1 Sketch 

The doodles and key chains are all commissions style (Can be from any fandom or OCs, anything you want!) and are made on you winning and I will be messaging you on what you want

There are two styles of key chains, this one and this one which you can choose if you win!

Examples for everything can be found here on my art blog or on here!

If you have any questions please feel free to message me!

Giveaway ends May 18, 2014