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The submissions box allows you to send me text posts, pictures/gifs, links, and videos. MY SUBMISSIONS BOX IS OPEN 24/7!

If you want to share your own fan vids or fics or you found a vid or fic by someone else that you liked and you want to share you can send them to me anytime. You can also send me submissions for Would You Rather Wednesday and Fan Art Friday that will queued up to post on Wednesday and Friday respectively.

So I repeat, my submissions box is open 24/7. I really want this blog to be a community where people share all kinds of things instead of just me posting everything and you absorbing it.

Art by the wonderful and talented @anotherwellkeptsecret for this excerpt in the WIP fic The Façade!  This sneak peek has been put on my blog before, and can be found here along with another adorable piece of art ^.^

They really couldn’t have picked a better time of year to come out here.  The flowers were in full bloom, getting more picturesque as they walked further into the park.  The grassy areas were bright green with batches of freshly-planted flowers decorating the paths.  Oranges, whites, yellows, and reds were scattered all along, the soft breeze rustling everything slightly.  Greg was grateful that it wasn’t raining today either.  Basically, it was perfect.

Well, there were a couple elements missing.  But… there was nothing Greg could do about that.

Clearing his throat at nothing in particular, Greg glanced up at the blooming pink trees surrounding the main area where the Eiffel Tower was.  It was breathtaking.  He had to take a few pictures to take back, so he pulled out his mobile and slowed so he could.  He could feel patient eyes on him, Mycroft stopping when he stopped but not commenting.  It was peaceful.

“Okay, let’s you and me take a picture now,” he announced after he’d gotten a few nice shots.  He turned to look at Mycroft, who was giving him a surprised look.


“Oh come on,” Greg pressed, nudging Mycroft’s bicep. “One photo.  This is a vacation, after all.  We’ll snap one and then head back, yeah?”

He waited for a few moments while Mycroft continued to stare at him, pale eyes shifting back and forth from him and the tower behind them.  It was interesting watching what had to be some kind of internal debate, though Greg couldn’t really figure out why.  They were mates, after all.  Sure, he knew Mycroft wasn’t a fan of having loads of photos around of himself, but they’d never taken one together before.  What better opportunity than in front of the Eiffel Tower with all the gorgeous flora around?

Though… was he being too eager about it?  Was the wishful part of him taking this a step too far?  A minor wave of panic shot through Greg at the thought, though he was careful to keep it off his face.  Thankfully, though, the thoughts were interrupted as Mycroft nodded.

“Fine,” the man signed, taking a small step closer. “One photo.”

“Sweet,” Greg beamed.

Flipping to the front camera on his mobile, he turned so that both their backs were to the Eiffel Tower and held out his camera.  Mycroft moved to stand beside him, and as their shoulders touched, impulse took over and Greg slung his free arm around Mycroft’s shoulders.  There was a flash of surprise that came across Mycroft’s face as he turned his head to glance at Greg, who plastered one of his most excited grins on his face and snapped the photo.

It was a great photo.  The lighting worked, and Greg had angled it well enough to catch a good view of the bottom section of the Eiffel Tower.  They were also directly in front of one of the fully-blossoming trees.  All in all, Greg was incredibly proud of his photography skills in the moment.

What he happened to miss, however, was the fact that Mycroft did not turn to look back at the camera.  No, he had continued to look at Greg.  And while the older man could not see it at the time, the picture was definitely worth a thousand words as it captured one of the most honestly affectionate, adoring expressions Mycroft had ever worn.


First Picture

Second Picture

Third Picture

Attention everyone. @mirajanestrauss totally legitly been stealing my art. Like totally. Everything on her blog is stolen from me. Those who know @mirajanestrauss knows that she is very against art theft HOWEVER She spends all her time to prevent art theft so she can be the only theif. 

 Every time I try to be civil about it and ask her to stop, all she says is “Very funny Melissa”. Melissa is not my name.

Please spam @mirajanestrauss with messages that the only way to rectify this is to give me the rights to @ask-mirajane-strauss for I found a post to actually redirect her old url to her new one.  

If there are any other victims to @mirajanestrauss art theft, please step up. 

TL;DR, love you amber, and david bowie is dead (please tell your parents for i’m sure that they would like to know). 


Hi everyone! Saving for a few things at once, so! Just reiterating my commission openings.

Extra examples of most everything (and information including my TOS, rates, and contact info) can be found on my commissions sheet. Extra EXTRA examples you can get by going through my art blog, or by asking me! I’ll be happy to find you what you’re looking for if I have it. I’m more than okay doing OCs, human(oids), anthros, animals, monsters, etc.

If interested or have any questions, feel free to IM me here on tumblr or email me at crookedkindart@gmail.com . Thanks!



UPDATE AS OF 21NOV2015: All of the money earned for commissions will be used in order to pay for exclusively college classes. I no longer am in a situation where I have to worry about paying for my own gas or bills.

Please, if you can, commission me or signal boost me if you can’t. If you’d like to help out but don’t want art, I do have a donation link on my blog!

At the moment I can only take PayPal payments.

More art examples can be found on my art blog.

Under the cut is a detailed FAQ and the prices listed once again.

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Love Your Artist

Hi folks!

Sorry for the delay, but I was trying to decide how exactly I was going to do this. I follow a ton of blogs and I haven’t had contact with every single person I reblog/like stuff from. So instead of listing every artist/writer that I follow, I’ve chosen a select group.

The Baes:

fenharels-heart: THE WIFU. Seriously, there is not enough I can say about this amazing and beautiful woman. She is everything to me. My wife, my soul mate, my sister from across the pond. I am so lucky that I found such a fantastic person such as her. <3 Lots of lovely art and writing!

katjalaroux: One of the first people I talked to when I started writing. A wonderful woman whom I can’t imagine NOT being friends with. She is kind, easy to talk to and has way too much love for Nate. (which isn’t really a problem since we can squee about him together hehe) She’s definitely helped revive my love for Nate with her writing.

rayeliann: Rachel is a beautiful soul who has so much love to give. Her art is stunning, the hard work she puts into each piece obvious. Her art is a gift that she has decided to bestow upon us and it should not be wasted. I am truly blessed that I can call her a friend. Her OCs are exceptional, particularly Hadynne Trevelyan, Nayeli Surana, and Rys Shepard stand out for me.

vitaebenefaria: Mercy’s writing is so much better than mine will ever be. She knows how to weave a story with intricate details and true emotion. I can’t imagine shipping Stroud with anyone other than her Hawke and the two of them have truly become an OTP of mine. One of my favorite people in the entire world.

yesmassdragoneffect: My smut sister and Samsonette. Madga is serious Dragon Age trash, especially when it comes to writing amazing smut for our favorite characters. Her June Surana is one of my favorite Surana’s of all time and I adore that we both ship our f!Surana’s with Anders. Totally worth a follow if you haven’t already.

inquisitor-desya-lavellan: LOVE OF MY LIFE. Ricky’s blog is gay central. Majority of it is Dorian, Iron Bull, FenHawke, Samson, and m!Shenko. If any of those sound good, FOLLOW HIM. His writing is my favorite and he is the sweetest and cutest babe ever. <3

Close Friends:

goddesstiera: While she doesn’t post her writing as often as she’d like, what I have read of Tara’s stuff is wonderful. Especially her Adaar x Harding fluff. I’m head over heels for those two!

nextcastle: Morgana is not only one of my outside of tumblrs besties, but a fabulous artist who has done nothing but amazing work of Dragon Age characters. One of my favorite pieces is art she did of my f!Trevelyan and Josie. She’s a treasure and you are missing out if you aren’t following her.

beckaliz: Bex, Oh Bex. <3 You are truly a gem. I have commissioned her so many times and each art I get makes me happier and happier. She is one person I am honored to call a friend. :D

symetrii: Cutie pie! Absolute cutie. She posts wonderful art and is one of my favorite people. Easy to talk to, has the best OCs, and is so talented!

chubbycatwhiskers: Koi/Angie is awesome. If you want to gush with someone over that damned Space bird lizard, she’s the one to go to! Shakarian trash til the end. Mass Effect arts happen here.

all-truths-wait-in-all-things: Fantastic writing and even more fantastic characters. Kaia Tabris is one of the most intriguing characters I’ve ever read. And to think, we wouldn’t have known one another without Mass Effect Holiday Cheer. :p

Those that I admire:

// cocotingo // ottabox // siawrites // thefereldenheroisanelf // aliciawonderland // cerulione // splicerspawn // officialfemshep // helilart // esakris // noctuaalba // icamon-chan // brennacedria // wrrex // korcariwitches // arimabari // yukisamui // danya224 // benefaris // ferzeldan // carpe-cullen // agregor // themintmagician // vallasliin // taakevegg // resoan// reellifejaneway2 // calyah // brelakor // chenria // inquisitorsophie // inquisitiorherah // biotictrash // pugletto // koipepper // orokay // blackheath-art // thinkdragonage // hellaartfordays // mysweetbologna // my-hart-will-go-on // gideon-ephraim // kitteria // myothermountsaqunari // seekerofweird // alexielapril // bloodofthepen // annaiese // pixiedurango // imperialdragonborn // ummmmandy // scriptrixdraconum // sane-cat-lady // thatantivanelf // theassassinlover // fereldanrose // anoratheirin // needlesslycryptic // black-rose4 // anotherdayforchaosfay // anon-omis // farashe // continueplease // soretto // erithe // lyriumrebel // eeveevie // knightcommanderalenko // adjectivebear // maebyrutherford // exposed-mama // bugsieplusone // gaurdian9sunshine // pheberoni // a-mahariels-travels // genericbanana // queenoftheprocrastination // nennesis // theinkedoctopus // loonyloopy // vir-tanadahl // alisienna // wardencommandervakarian // chrenada // captain-tabris // sketchingsparrow // obvious-apostate // riri-chi // keelahsomethigh-art // starfleetspectre // isriana // skeletonteaparties // shutterbones // kingalistairtheiriin // 50shadesofthanekrios // allrust // wei723 // choco-minto // tarysande // momochanners //



Hey guys been nervous cuz I’ve been wanting to do commissions for a while [last time i did some was years ago for gaia money omg XD] But recently I quit my old job and while I’m looking for a new one figured now is the best time and I need some income coming in, I need it =7=

ANYWAY on to the important details~

★Prices in USD though paypal only. [I will be doing the invoice system]
★Will do fanart or OCs [just need good references for original characters]
★Will not do nsfw [maybe one day], mecha, gore
★Extra characters: will give price depending on the style chosen
★Can negotiate prices if background is wanted
★Payment for sketches can be payed after work is done, for everything else it will be 5 dollars up front and the rest after work is done.

Thank you for reading! Any reblog will help me greatly, more examples can be found on my art tag, or my art blog. If you’re interested go ahead send me an ask or a message!╰(・∇・╰)