everything but the jeans and the black and white checkered shirt

Suits, volleyball, and all the headcanon in between.

[Terushima, Futakuchi, Noya, Tanaka, Ushijima and Tendou here]
[Akiteru, Kei, Kageyama and Hinata here]
[Ladies of Karasuno here]


  • Black on black. No tie, open two-buttoned suit jacket that hugs his waist, the top two buttons of his shirt are undone. Tailored wingtip derbies, black and matte- polished to perfection.
    • He’s actually the one who dislikes wearing suits the most (I mean, have you seen the guy, he literally looks like he throws on whatever he has lying on his bed).
    • Oh, but if you challenge him, or if the need arises- he’s going to be the sexiest guy in the room because he sure as hell isn’t going to lose at anything.
      • Hours of research and a lot of changing rooms is not going to be for nothing. If he’s going to suffer, he’s going to do some real damage before he goes (namely to your short-circuited brain and perhaps severe blood loss via nosebleed).
    • He tried the red and black combination once, until a girl actually came up to him and asked him which host club he worked at, and he’s stuck to black from then on.
    • Those undone buttons on his shirt? Collarbones. They’re so sharp that they can slice through paper, and it makes his neck slimmer and his smirk all the sexier.
    • Everything’s been absolutely tailored at least twice, and it’s so on purpose. Can you imagine those legs- miles and miles of slim height and oh, he knows you’re staring. He’ll wink right back.
      • Now that he thinks about it, he’s never had to buy his own drink before, and thus Kuroo’s legendary alcohol tolerance was born.

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“I’ll be good for you.” // Zach Dempsey x Reader

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Prompt: Hi can you do an imagine where the reader is Justin’s little sister and has a crush on Zach bc they’re close but can feel that he likes her back but when she tells him, he takes it a different way and tells his friends and they begin to make fun of her for it and so does Zach but doesn’t realize he likes her until he saves her from a bad situation? (You can change anything) Thanks!

I was sitting in the living room of the shared apartment between Justin and me. After we couldn’t take anymore from our mom, we decided to get emancipated and live on our own. Even though my older brother worked two jobs and I worked one, I have to say it was the best decision we ever made. I heard the keys jingling outside the door, signaling Justin’s arrival. He opened it and revealed an exhausted teenage boy.

“Hey little sis.”

“Hey Justin.” He came over and ruffled my hair.

Justin and I were really close because of the times our mom would become a lunatic and all we had was each other. He was protective over me, thinking I deserved the best and only the best. I dragged myself out of my thoughts and continued to change the channels on the tv.

He placed his backpack down in his room and came back out, joining me on the couch. “A few of my friends are coming over to hang out. Is that fine?”

I didn’t take my eyes off the screen. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

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okay but just imagine the Woman’s Pride March in Los Santos. You have your women marching and of course since this is Los Santos you have people who don’t believe in this and so they are throwing things at the marchers, fighting them, yelling slurs.(of course the police isn’t doing anything about it the LSPD is super corrupt) And then suddenly you here a distant rumbling and everybody turns and just sees 8 huge pink monster trucks stopping at the edge of where marchers and the assholes against it are. The doors to the pink trucks open revealing the Fake AH Crew

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Title: Riding the Horseman

Length: 2,545 words

Rating: M

Warnings: smut! lots of smut

Pairing: Warren Worthington III x Reader

Original Request: You have inspired me… maybe one warren x reader where he takes you to see Metallica live and you end un making love somewhere near the arena where you can still hear the music? Please it would make me very happy ★-★

A/N: for my dear @blood-on-my-french-fries You waited much too long for this one. This is hardercore than I have posted before. Please enjoy.

“Baby, are you ready to go yet?” you heard your boyfriend call as you finished applying your lipstick. You dabbed at the edges and made sure none of it was left on your teeth as it dried. Thank God for lipstains. “Babe! Come on I don’t want to be late for the concert!” he called again and you rolled your eyes.

“I’ll be out in five minutes!” you called back at Warren through the door. You could hear his newly refeathered wings moving against the wall.

“You said that ten minutes ago!” he claimed. He looked down at his watch to confirm it. “We gotta get flying soon or we’ll be late!”

“Well, this takes time!” you protested as you checked your reflection again. Even you had to admit you looked amazing.

“Babe, you would look beautiful in a clown suit, now can we please go!? I don’t want to miss the opening act!” you huffed.

“Okay! I’m coming out.” You opened the door and looked at him. Warren was dressed in a leather jacket he loved that you had gotten him for Christmas last year, black semi-tight jeans, his black ass kicker boots as you called them, and a white t shirt. You let out a low whistle as you admired him.

“Gonna have to keep an eye on all the girls at the show, they’re gonna want a piece of you tonight.” You giggled as his hands wrapped around your waist.

“You’re one to talk…” he looked you up and down. You wore a dark purple jean skirt with a diamond studded belt, a cropped leather jacket, high heeled leather boots, and a Metallica tube top showing off yours assets. You could practically see him drooling. He leaned down and kissed you like he was starving. You gently pushed him off.

“Save it until after the concert Angel Face.” You said allowing him one last kiss and a squeeze of your ass. “Remember? You’re the one who bitched about us being late.” You fixed your skirt.

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s head out.” Warren spread his wings as you ran over to open the large window. Outside the sky was clear, dark, and beautiful. He scooped you up bridal style as he took off. He soared higher and higher into the full moonlit night towards the city. You wrapped an arm around his neck feeling a breeze run through your hair. The world below looked incredible. No wonder he loved flying so much. You left a kiss on his tattooed cheekbone.

You had been skeptical at first when he told you about Metallica performing in the city. He told you a month ago he could get you both in but you had never been to a concert before and had no idea what to expect. You liked the band. Warren was the one who got you into Metallica in the first place, but you weren’t sure you could hang with his crowd. Eventually he wore you down and you agreed to go. You couldn’t wait to hear them play.

Within 15 minutes you saw the arena and it was already packed. You weren’t surprised when Warren didn’t fly near the ticket checkers.

“Make us invisible, babe.” You gave him a knowing look. That was your mutation. You kissed him and focused on the both of your forms making you both invisible. It wasn’t actually invisibility. You just blended into your surroundings. When he would say, make us invisible, he meant blend you into the sky and 9.99 times out of 10 it works. In this case it worked as you two flew over and circled the arena looking for a place to land. Warren finally spotted a place and touched down near the backstage and you both held hands as you made your way into the crowd. People parted and let you pass, mostly because of Warren’s wings. He kept his wings low as not to obstruct anyone’s vision of the band.

The crowd was already loud and getting rowdier as the anticipation got worse. Warren wrapped both arms and wings around you like shield to keep you protected. He held on tight and then let out a shout of joy as who you guessed was the band appeared on stage. You could see the grin on Warren’s face as he looked to the stage. The crowd surged forward in a wave like motion and the show began. You hadn’t seen Warren having so much fun in a long time. You held onto his arms and enjoyed the show.

It was almost an hour and a half into the show when you felt everything change. You were pressed close against him. You could feel his heartbeat elevate, his breathing increase, and then, with no warning, you felt him pressing hard against your ass. Maybe you should go to more metal concerts.

You craned your neck and looked him in the eye. His pupils were dilated and his hands griped your hips tighter. He pulled you closer so he could grind against your ass and you let out a gasp that was lost in the noise. He licked the edge of your ear and you shivered. If anyone around you noticed anything they didn’t let on. He kissed down your ear to your neck and bit down hard making you cry out. Everything was lost in the noise of the crowd and band. When his fingers brushed over your inner thigh you knew what was coming and it made you wet with anticipation.

Ignoring the angry sounds everyone else made, he gripped you tightly in his arms, spread his wings, and took off above the crowd. He flew, biting into your neck the whole time, and finally found a new spot to land. You could still hear the band playing as you landed in a fenced off, secluded area behind the arena the concert was in. You heard the familiar tune of “Enter Sandman” begin to play as you landed. Warren had you shoved against the fence and his lips were on yours, tongue in your mouth, and his hands wound into your hand and sliding between your knees. He was damn near drunk. Who knew metal music had this effect on him!

You moaned as his hand slipped under your skirt and he practically growled against your skin when he discovered you were wearing no underwear.

“Bad girl…” he whispered in your ear. “Trying to drive me crazy?” He buried his face into your neck nipping at your soft skin and his fingers moved inside you making you wetter than ever. He withdrew and pulled you away from the fence. He shoved you back first into a brick wall and began unzipping his jeans. He pressed back against you kissing you again and pulling down your top and bra exposing your breasts to him. He attacked one breast not being gentle in the slightest and kneaded the other in his hands. Your moans only fueled his fire as one of your hands tugged at his hair while the other gripped his shoulder scratching down his back. He threw off his jacket and yanked yours down. You parted for a second as the song changed from “Enter Sandman” to “Master of Puppets”.

You grinned at him and dropped to your knees. The hard cement dug into your skin but you ignored it. You finished unzipping his jeans and released his throbbing manhood from the confines. You looked up at him with innocent eyes as you shoved him against the wall. You gripped his cock in your hands stroking him a few times before licking his very tip. Then you took his right into your mouth. The sounds he made as you sucked him were enough to drive you crazy. You kept going letting your tongue do most of the work. When you would pull away your fingers would stroke along the bottom part of his shaft where he was the most sensitive. You felt his hand wrap into your hair and he pulled making you gasp with pleasure. You liked your hair pulled. You played with him a little more and then sank your mouth back onto his throbbing cock. You kept going until you knew he was about to go over the edge.

“No!” He pushed you back and you looked up at him. He hit his knees and kissed you again. “My turn.” He grabbed his jacket and threw it down before laying you down above it. If he was anything he was considerate. He yanked your skirt up bunching it around your waist. He bit down your stomach and chest until he hit his destination. You held your breath and nearly screamed as you felt his tongue plunge into you. He flipped your legs onto his shoulders and his fingers dug into your thighs hard enough to leave bruises as his tongue moved inside you again.

“…God! Warren! Don’t stop…” you begged as you felt yourself getting closer. He drank your juices like he was a dying man in the desert. “I can’t! I-” He always loved how you tasted on his tongue. He needed to hear how much you begged and how much you screamed when he ate you out. He didn’t stop until he felt the pull on his curly blonde hair and your lower half spasm as you climaxed beneath him. You screamed his name and your eyes rolled back seeing the full moon above you both. It was the only light in the dark.

He released your legs and pulled himself back up to his knees. He smiled as your juices dripped down his chin. It was probably the sexiest and most obscene thing you had ever seen. He climbed back above you leaving a long, deep kiss on your lips. You felt him at your entrance and you cried out as he rammed into you.

“Warren!” you yelled unable to hold it in aware you could be caught any moment. He rocked into you losing the feeling that was you around him. You were tight and hot and he couldn’t stop himself. He thrusted inside you going to the hilt as deep as he could get. You screamed beneath him as he hit a particularly amazing spot and he grinned. Warren grunted as he slid inside you again and again as hard as he could. Then, you both heard it. The song ended and you heard the intro to the band’s song “The Four Horsemen”. How appropriate. You grabbed him by the shirt and then flipped the switch.

By the last breath of the fourth winds blow 
Better raise your ears 
The sound of hooves knocks at your door 
Lock up your wife and children now 
It’s time to wield the blade 
For now you have got some company 

He hated being on his back when you had sex because it put too much painful pressure on the base of his wings. But you did it anyway. You pulled him up into a sitting position against the brick wall. His head was pressed against the brick but he didn’t even feel it. All he felt was you grind against him before sinking back onto his cock.

The Horsemen are drawing nearer 
On the leather steeds they ride 
They have come to take your life 
On through the dead of night 
With the four Horsemen ride 
Or choose your fate and die 

He watched you face as you sank down. Your face twisted and you let out a sigh mixed with a gasp as you came down on him. You muttered a string of curse words and he reached out to play with your breasts again. He latched back onto one and you held onto his hair.

You have been dying since the day 
You were born 
You know it has all been planned 
The quartet of deliverance rides 
A sinner once a sinner twice 
No need for confession now 
‘Cause now you have got the fight of your life 

The Horsemen are drawing nearer 
On the leather steeds they ride 
They have come to take your life 
On through the dead of night 
With the four Horsemen ride 
Or choose your fate and die 

“Fuck…babe…FUCK!” he yelled as you rode him hard. You kept going to the beat of the song never letting up as you came a second time. His stamina could last for hours but you were determined. You heard the solo and kept going. You grabbed his shoulder and the wall for balance. You sent yourself down as hard as you could feel him build up again. You completely lost yourself in the feeling of him inside you. You couldn’t stop. Not when you were both so close.

Has taken its toll on you 
The lines that crack your face 
Your body it has torn through 
Withered in every place 
For what you have had to endure 
And what you have put others through 
Deliverance for you for sure 
There is nothing you can do 

So gather round young warriors now 
And saddle up your steeds 
Killing scores with demon swords 
Now is the death of doers of wrong 
Swing the judgment hammer down 
Safely inside armor blood guts and sweat 

The Horsemen are drawing nearer 
On the leather steeds they ride 
They have come to take your life 
On through the dead of night 
With the four Horsemen ride 
Or choose your fate and die

You slammed onto him again and again as the song ended. Finally, the finals chords played and you slammed down for the last time. He came with a loud groan that sent you over the edge yourself. You both rode it out as he came inside you. You sat on him, still breathing hard, the music ended and the crowd cheered. You both smiled at each other and he kissed you again.

“Shall we head home?” he asked as you fixed your shirt. He helped you off of him and you fixed your skirt. You could feel fluids running down your thighs as you smiled at him. He stood up, dusted himself off, and picked up both of your jackets. He threw yours to you and he tucked himself back into his jeans. He fixed his jacket and zipped it. Once you two were sufficiently covered he beckoned you over. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him deeply pouring as much love as you could into the kiss.

“Only if you’re staying in my room tonight.” You smiled. You could hear the crowd begging for an encore. “We should have an encore of our own.”

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” he asked as his wings began flapping. You two lifted into the air.

“Not yet today.” You teased.

“I love you. I love you with everything I have. You fixed me when I was broken and you gave me love I thought I would never feel. So long as I got you, I know I’m a better person.”

“Don’t you worry Angel Face, I’m not going anywhere.” You whispered as he held you close flying in the direction of the mansion. In the direction of home.

I’m Here To Help

Request: Magnus bane x warlock reader??

Pairing: ReaderXMagnus

Word count:- 1.7K

Warnings:- None 

Authors Note: Hey everyone! I hope you like this imagine, I had so much fun writing it! Also its so good to be back after such a long time, hopefully now I can update more regularly. Anyways enjoy! :D P.s. If you want a part two let me know! 



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*GIF is not mine*

Magnus POV

“Why am I here again, Clary?” I huff, throwing myself down onto the nearest chair. We were all surrounding a huge table that held many files and photographs.

“ We asked you to be here because we need your help” Jace says, fully focused on the computer monitor in front of him.

“Wow, what a surprise! You need my help…… Again” I say dramatically, pulling out my phone as I recline into my chair.

“ Magnus you are the only one that can help us… And to be honest the only person we trust” Clary mumbles, looking at Izzy, who in return nodded in agreement.

“ Fine” I sigh “ what can I help you with?”

“ We need you to find her” Jace says plainly as he hands me an iPad, the girl on the screen was beautiful, almost too beautiful.

“ Who is she?” I question, concentrating on the image, I didn’t recognise her at all.

“ Her name is Y/n Y/L/N, she is a Warlock just like yourself” Alec pipes in.

“ Why do you need me to find her?” Looking up from the picture.

“ She is all alone, her family was recently killed by Valentine when he was on the hunt for the warlock that cast the spell on Jocelyn. She is in a lot of danger, she is next on Valentine’s list ” Izzy motioned to picture on the desk. It held a happy group of people, a family. I swallow the lump that was creeping up my throat, poor girl.

“ So you want me to look after her? ” I mumble looking back at the iPad.

“ Yes, it would be greatly appreciated” Jace said confidently.

“ It will be my pleasure” I say standing up, I nod my head and move to the doorway. Where do I begin to look for Y/N?


So I decided it was best to look this young Warlock up. Pulling out my phone as I walked, typing her name into the search bar on Facebook. Thankfully a page came up, the same picture that I had just seen.

I scrolled down her profile and see we had a mutual friend. Clicking on her friends list only to be greeted with a name I was not expecting. Raphael?

Quickly I pull up my contacts and press call on Raphael’s name. After 3 rings he eventually picks up with a cocky line.

“ Hello? Who may I ask has the wonderful pleasure of talking to me?” He breaths out, you could tell he was smirking.

“ Cut the crap Raphael, how well do you know Y/N Y/L/N?” I hiss through the phone, God I hated this guy.

“ Ooo that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time” Raphael says, suddenly paying attention.

“ So you know her?”

“Yes” he replies simply, ugh! I don’t have time for this.

“ Do you know where she might be staying?” I question, a hint of anger seeping through my voice.

“ Actually… I do” he says bluntly, obviously enjoying his power over me.

“ God dammit Raphael! If you don’t tell me everything there is to know about Y/N, I will come round to your scrawny hotel and burn all of your designer jackets!” I yell, earning a lot of strange looks from some passing mundanes.

“ Calm yourself Warlock I will text you all I know” he says and quickly hangs up before I could reply.

Seconds after the line disconnected my phone beeped, a text from Raphael. It was a link to a coffee shop that was two blocks away. Another beep followed.

Raphael: She is currently there.

I snapped my fingers and appeared at the entrance of the coffee shop. It had the cutest layout. They had squad lead windows that had colourful flower boxes underneath. The outside was painted a pale turquoise, with a simple sign that said: The Checkered Tablecloth. That must be the name.

I opened the door with care, a small bell above rattled to signal a new customer had entered. I had never been here before but some of my friends had told me that this was a cool little place for Downworlders, they were right.

Quickly I scan through all of the people in the small, confined space. Then my eyes flow over a delicate girl sat in the corner of the café, glasses placed on the bridge of her nose at a quirky angle, with her head in a book. Her face was scrunched up in concentration, long black eyelashes lay softly on her cheekbones as she closes her eyes every so often. She was the definition of beautiful. I was suddenly pulled from my dream like state by a voice.

“ Sir? Excuse me? Can I help you?” An older woman from behind the counter asks in a scratchy voice, slightly annoyed that I was just stood there.

“ Yeah.. I eh… Can I em …” I splutter, unable to form words, what was wrong with me? I glance back over to Y/N to find her still engrossed in her book.

“ Can I have a black coffee please?” I mumble back to the woman as I watch her scurry around. I fall back to watching Y/N, she was dressed like an average girl for her age, black skinny jeans, a cute novelty t-shirt and some converse.

“ That will be $2.50” the woman snaps as a I hand her the money. Grabbing the drinks, I began to head over to Y/N.

“ Excuse me? Are you Y/N Y/L/N?” I say politely as I sit. As soon as she lifts her eyes to mine I realize her mark was her eyes just like me. Hers were a purple/blue and they looked magical.

“ Yes I am, you are Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn” she says shyly as she places her book down, Pride and Prejudice? She was a romantic huh… “ Can I ask why I have been blessed with your presence?” She says as she sips her hot drink.

“ Actually, I have been sent by the Shadowhunters to find you” I say as I set my drink down on the glass table. A sudden panic flashed across Y/N’s face.

“ You are not in trouble” I add quickly, her body suddenly relaxes.

“ What do the Shadowhunters want from me?” She mumbles, looking at her hands, she was beginning to fidget. I lightly place my hand on hers to stop her, she looks up through her eyelashes lazily.

“ They want me to look after you, Valentine is looking for you” I state softly.

“ What? Why would you do that?” She questions.

“ Because I know what it is like to be alone, I don’t want that for you” I whisper, dropping my eyes to my coffee, my left hand still placed on hers.

“ Thats so nice of you but-” I quickly cut her off by placing my finger on her lips.

“ No buts, I will protect you Y/n”

“ Thank you, Magnus” she smiles when I move my hand away. After a few minutes of talking and getting to know the basics about each other, I suggested we head to the Institute.

Walking along the snowy path towards the glamoured building had become like a ritual for me, I was here almost everyday…

“ What if they don’t like me?” Y/n says from beside me, I quickly glance at her, she was wearing a white bobble hat and a green Parka coat. She looked adorably small.

“ They will love you, I promise” I smile at her to assure her that she was in no danger here. She smiles back softly. We continue up the steps to the entrance, Izzy suddenly appears with a grin.

“ Hey you must be Y/n!” She says excitedly, running over to us.

“ Hi” Y/n says quietly, she was so scared it made my heart melt. I quickly grab her hand, squeezing it to signal that she was going to be okay.

“ Come on in! Everyone is waiting!” Izzy says excitedly, skipping back into the Institute. We followed behind.


Later That Night

“We better be heading back” I tell everyone, I really needed to get back to sorting through Ragnor’s things.

“ Well, it was great to meet you Y/n” Clary smiled politely, which Y/n returned.

“ It was so nice to meet you too” she replies sweetly, grabbing her coat and hat. We waved our goodbyes as we made our was to the door.

“ We are better off taking a portal to my apartment, rather than walking” I explain as I snap my fingers. A purple haze appeared on the wall in front of us. Y/n gasped in surprise.

“ Can you teach me how to do that?” She says with a stunned face.

“ Of course, we can can start tomorrow” I smile as I grab her hand. We both walk through the portal.

We appear in my living room, my coffee table was currently covered in spell books that were Ragnor’s. I move towards them and began to pack them back in their boxes. I will have to do this tomorrow. I turn quickly to Y/n and smile, which she returns.

“ I will show you to your room” I say quietly and head towards one of the many spare rooms. It was recently decorated to a modern style. The walls were a pale blue, a sturdy wooden bed with white sheets and a set of chester draws lay against a wall. The rest was bare.

“This is now your room, you can add things to it if you like, we can go shopping for stuff. Also there are some clothes in the draws ” I say as she wanders into the room, silent.

“ It’s perfect!” She spins around to face me with a grin, then all of a sudden I was engulfed into a hug. I accepted the gesture and hugged back.

“ Thank you so much” she mumbles into my chest.

“ Its no problem at all” I mumble into her hair. After a couple of minutes we pull away.

“ Goodnight Y/n” I say quietly.

“ Goodnight Magnus” she smiles softly. A small grin appears on my face as I head across the hall to my room.

Fate | Chapter 4

A/N: hey guys! Thank you so much for all the positive feedback on this story! I hope you guys remain interested in it, enjoy! this chapter was much longer too and full of action, so i hope you guys love it as much as i do!

Summary: A world where humans and vampires live peacefully sounds great, but what about when a group of vampires organize a retaliation against humans? And what happens when a human not only crosses a vampire’s path, but also falls in love with him? What happens when a vampire’s fate is to fall in love with a human, but it’s too dangerous?

POV: Reader

Genre: Fantasy, romance

Word Count: 5340

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three

“Y/N, wake up! Aren’t you suppose to be out of here soon? You better get up!” The sound of Eva’s preppy voice pulled you out of the deep sleep you were in.

“Wait w-what?” You mumbled, squinting your eyes at the sunlight that was pouring in through the dorm’s blinds. When you checked the clock that read 11:00AM, you remembered Yugyeom would be coming by at noon to take you out for ice cream. You rubbed your eyes and swung your legs out of bed. You were never a morning person. Your process to get out of bed took about 15 minutes or more everyday. 

“It’s 11:00, silly,” Eva walked out of the bathroom, patting down her wet hair with a towel, “I hear Yugyeom’s gonna be here soon to take you on a date.”

You laughed, still rubbing your eyes and trying to wake up, “not exactly. It’s just friendly.”

“Sure, that’s what they all say. Anyway, you better get ready. One thing i know about Yugyeom is that he’s on time for everything, so expect him to be here at 12:00PM sharp. I’ll make you some breakfast while you get ready,” she said, walking over to pull you out of bed, “you really aren’t a morning person i see.”

“Okay, okay, i’m up,” you giggled, stumbling onto your feet as she let go of you.  You walked over towards your drawer to pick out an outfit. Your mind was only half awake so you settled on something simple: a pair of light washed shorts, a cropped, black hoodie, bunchy black socks, and Adidas shoes. It was beyond casual and you probably would regret it later, but you were too tired to care at the moment. You took a quick, but refreshing shower, brushed your teeth, fixed up your hair, and did your makeup. It took you about 40 minutes to get ready, but when you finished, Eva had a small breakfast ready for you. She had prepared crispy bacon, buttered toast, and a side of scrambled eggs. 

“Thanks for the breakfast,” you took a seat at the small table in the kitchen area, “you’re a real lifesaver.”

“It’s no problem,” she sat across from you, “you look nice by the way. Don’t make the boy forget how to breathe.”

“Eva, we’re only going on a friendly ‘date’, if you will,” you munched on the bacon, “he said so himself.”

You and Eva had grown close just as you and Ellie had, even though it had only been a week. She wanted to pour out to you everything she knew about Yugyeom and his deep, but complex interest in you, but she knew that wouldn’t be right. That wasn’t for her to tell you and she knew you wouldn’t really understand it yet either. “Well, you have fun. I’ll probably go to their place and spend time with Jackson if you two want to come over later.”

“Okay, i’ll see. We may come by later.” You said. You finished your breakfast in perfect time. You grabbed your purse, said goodbye, thanked Eva once again, and left out to meet Yugyeom. You took the elevator down and walked out of the main doors.

“Hey,” said a deep voice and you jumped, not expecting to see Yugyeom leaning against the building, waiting for you, “i’m sorry for scaring you.”

“No, it’s okay, i guess i didn’t expect to see you right here.” You said as he lead you to his car in the parking lot. He opened the passenger door for you and you climbed in. He walked around the car, sitting beside you in the driver’s seat. As he started the car, you looked at the clock. It read 12:02PM. Eva wasn’t lying when she said he was always on time.

“You said you wanted ice cream right?” he asked, pulling out of the parking lot. You nodded. “Sounds good, i know of an ice cream shop in a small town about 20 minutes away, i think you’ll like it a lot. We can walk around town for a little afterwards if you’d like.”

“Really? I love towns. My mom use to take me through a lot of little towns when i was younger to explore. Well, i guess until she got a new job.” You sighed, remembering your childhood and how you were always with your mom. You two were the type to always be out doing something, especially on the weekends, but that all changed rather quickly.

“You don’t see her much anymore?” He asked.

“Not really. She’s always out of town because of her job, but it’s understandable.” You explained.

“I see,” he acknowledged, glancing towards you, accidentally letting a small giggle slip pass his lips.

“What?” You asked, getting defensive.

“Nothing, you just look like you woke up maybe 10 minutes ago.” He focused his eyes back on the road in front of him.

“Do i look bad?” You asked, not trying to sound too insecure.

“Not at all, you look very nice, just sleepy. If i knew you were gonna dress nice, i probably would’ve thrown on something more than just jeans and a t-shirt.” He chuckled, but you didn’t quite understand his point. You were actually dressed very casual and you also thought he looked nice. It was something about the way his t-shirt fit his body shape perfectly  Something so casual, yet he managed to make it look attractive.

You thanked him and continued to make small talk with him. He talked about a few of his interests such as movies and the music he liked. It was simple and a bit awkward, which you expected, but it didn’t bother you.

Within twenty minutes or so, you two arrived at possibly the cutest ice cream parlor you had ever seen. The outside had an old fashioned, retro feel to it.

Yugyeom parked, got out of the car and walked over to the passenger side to open the door for you.

“Woah,” you smiled in awe, “this is the cutest place i’ve ever seen! I didn’t even know this place existed.”

“See,” he walked beside you towards the entrance, “i knew you’d like it.”

You two walked in and as if it couldn’t get any better, it surely did. As soon as you walked in, a gust of cool, sweet scented air filled your senses. It was a mix of chocolate, fruits, ice cream, and candies of all sorts. The inside was also designed just as the outside hinted; the floor was black and white checkered, the walls were white and decorated with a variety of different ice cream signs. Around the main front were little red stools, and on the sides were bright red booths.

Yugyeom walked over to a booth in the corner of the parlor, both of you taking a seat on either sides.

“What are you gonna get?” You asked as you reached over for the menu that leaned against the wall.

“Hm, i’m not too sure yet.” He answered, grabbing the other menu, glancing over the choices. You two took a few minutes to scan the menus. Everything sounded absolutely wonderful. There were choices from triple chocolate sundaes, to cake batter ice creams, to raspberry sorbet.

“Okay, i know i want.” You smiled, setting the menu aside.

“Oh, yeah? Which one then?” He asked with a smile.

“The pink lemonade sorbet, with kiwi, strawberry, and mango boba.” You said, excitedly.

“Wow, so healthy, would you like for me to get you an entire fruit basket too?” He sarcastically joked with you, making you giggle.

“Only if you don’t mind, thanks.” You smarted off right back.

“Such a smartass.” He chuckled.

“You started it!” You playfully debated with him.

“Hey, i never said i wasn’t a smartass too,” he stood, “i’ll be right back, i’ll go put in our orders.”

You nodded and he walked off towards the front. While he did so, you took the opportunity to look at all the other choices on the menu, just in case you two came back sometime soon. But, as you did so, you felt the return of that uncomfortable feeling wash over your entire body. The same feeling you had felt that previous day. You glanced up from the menu, and unlike before, this time you saw a pair of eyes staring right back at you.

It was a boy outside of the parlor. He was staring in through the window, another boy beside him, leaning against the window. The boy staring at you was attractive. He was tall and skinny with big eyes that were a color you couldn’t quite make out. His hair was dark and some parts of it were styled back to reveal his forehead. His skin was of a tan, caramel tint and his lips were full and the color of a freshly bloomed rose. He was staring a hole into your soul and for a second, that stare reminded you of the way Yugyeom stared at you when he first saw you. When the boy was certain you were staring back at him, he tapped on the other guy beside him, getting his attention. He nodded in your direction, saying words you didn’t know, and the other boy turned to look over at you. But, this boy seemed different. His eyes were more kind and his face was entirely relaxed. He even gave you a small smile. He pulled on the other boy’s arm, saying a few more words. You didn’t know what they were saying, but the kind looking boy seemed to have shook his head at something in disagreement.

“Y/N,” Yugyeom’s voice snapped you out of your trance as he placed a glass cup of sorbet in front of you, “you alright?”

“What? Yeah, i-i’m fine,” you shook your head, coming back to reality as he sat back down across from you, “i guess i just spaced out.”

“Are you s-?”

“This looks great!” You boomed, grabbing your spoon and taking a small spoonful of the pastel pink sorbet. You figured to change subject and not mention what had just happened to Yugyeom considering it was probably irrelevant.

You scooped up a few of the yellow, pink, and green boba, letting them explode in your mouth. It was delicious.

“This is so amazing, what did you get?” You asked.

“It’s like vanilla ice cream, with fudge and chocolate chips.” He said before taking a rather large spoonful in.

“Sounds great,” you smiled, scooping up some of his as well for a little taste, “wow, it’s just as great as it sounds.”

“Hey, don’t make me steal your entire glass.” He snickered, stealing a spoonful of your sorbet.

“You wouldn’t.” You smirked.

“Don’t test me, Y/N.” He threatened, but you ignored him and stole another spoonful of his ice cream, flashing him an innocent grin. You tried to steal another spoonful, but before you could, he took his spoon and smeared some of the ice cream across your cheek.

“Yugyeom!” you squeaked, your jaw hanging low in surprise. In revenge, you did the same to him, smearing the pink substance across his lips and down his chin.

“I won’t hesitate to shove this whole thing in your face.” He giggled, getting in position to do so.

“Don’t you dare,” you laughed, wiping off the ice cream from your cheek, trying not to mess up your makeup too much; he did the same but missed a little bit, “you missed a spot.” Rather than trying to wipe it off again, he stuck his tongue out, trying to lick it off, but missed again. You couldn’t help but to laugh at his attempts. To help, you reached over and swiped your thumb across his chin, wiping it off. He didn’t say much, but you could’ve sworn his cheeks turned a rosy red color afterwards.

You two finished your ice cream and walked out of the building, proceeding through town. It was a beautiful, fall day, a bit warm especially to be Fall, but you weren’t complaining.

“So, where would you like to go to next?” He asked, burying his hands into his pocket.

“I don’t know,” you tilted your head in thought, “i’ve never been here, any suggestions?”

“Well, i know there’s a little dress shop around the corner. It’s small, but actually quite fancy and pretty on the inside, you may like it.” He suggested.

“Okay, i like going inside of dress shops, but i also like trying on half of the store, so don’t get mad if i take too long.” You smiled, following him around the corner.

“No worries, you have all the time you’d like.” He smiled back and within about five minutes, he led you into the store. He wasn’t kidding when he said the story was fancy and gorgeous. The interior was fairly small but the walls were of a gorgeous golden color with a fancy border. It smelled of a mix of many perfumes. There was a large chandelier in the middle that illuminated most of the store. Fancy dresses were neatly hung around the store, all of them looking so pretty. It didn’t take long before you wondered off, losing Yugyeom in the store.

The first dress you looked at was maroon, velvet, long sleeved, and body fitted. It had little slits on the sides. It looked beautiful, so you searched for your size and grabbed it. You were matching it up with your body to get an idea of how it would fit you when you saw a price tag on it that read $275. Your jaw dropped at the price. You had never spent more than about $100 on a dress before in your entire life.

“That one’s pretty.“ Yugyeom said, from behind you. You turned around to see him holding two other dresses.

“Yugyeom, what were you thinking? This store is incredibly pricey.” You said lowly so only he heard.


“I’m not rich.”

“Don’t worry about it. I can buy you at least one if you really like it.”

“Absolutely not, i’m not letting you buy me any of these, they’re way too much.”

“Fine, fine, at least try them on then.” He begged, holding up the two dresses he had picked out. They both seemed pretty too and surprisingly were in your size. The first one was black and sequined all over with a little dip down the middle and and an open back that could be laced up. Pretty, but a little too flashy for your taste. The second one stood out more to you. It was a soft, pastel pink color and velvet. It seemed short, but you didn’t mind. The sleeves were off the shoulder, what you imagined would wrap around your upper bicep.

“Ooo,” you smiled big, “i really like the pink one.” You said with big eyes.

“Go try it on then.” He grinned and handed it you which you gladly took. You headed off to where you assumed the fitting rooms were, Yugyeom following behind you.

“Um, miss,” a grim middle aged woman stopped you two, “he can’t go in there with you.”

“Oh,” you shrugged, “he’s my friend, he’s suppose to help me though.” The lady wasn’t quick to respond. She looked Yugyeom up and down; he flashed her a quick innocent smile and the lady sighed.

“Alright, but only because nobody else is here at the moment.” She finally gave in and you two proceeded in. You picked the bigger of the four dressing rooms and hung the dresses inside You shut the door behind you and Yugyeom leaned against the wall across from your room to wait. You quickly stripped off your hoodie and your shorts and and pulled on the first dress, the maroon one. You took a look at yourself in he mirror and there was no doubt it was cute, there was just something off about it.

“So,” you opened the the door to show Yugyeom, “i’m not sure how i feel about this.”

“What’s wrong with it?” He asked.

“I kinda look like a young mom who’s hosting a fancy Sunday dinner for her family.” You furrowed your eyebrows, continuing to examine yourself in the mirror.

“Is that bad?”

“Well, i feel like i look older.”

“It’s still pretty though.”

“Eh, i’m gonna try on the one you picked out.” You concluded and shut the door once again. You stripped off the clingy dress and laid it to the side. You then shook out the one he had picked out for you and stepped into it.

“Hey,” you opened the door, “help me zip it up in the back.” and he did so. Once it was zipped up, you took a look at yourself in the mirror, doing a full 360 spin. You were never the conceited type, but you had to admit that you looked stunning.

The baby pink went well with your skin tone. The dress was a little short, stopping at the middle of your thigh, but you liked that. The velvety material was tight around your breasts and your torso, but not too tight, it was perfectly fitted. The bottom flared out, looking even more elegant everytime you twirled. And the sleeves wrapped around right below your shoulders, making your chest and shoulders stand out more.

“Wow,” you smiled at your reflection, “i actually really like this.”

But, Yugyeom didn’t hear a word you said. He stood tall behind you, able to see over your shoulder to look at your reflection, and to say he thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world was an underestimate. The fact that you loved the dress he picked out for you made him feel happy on the inside. Seeing you look at yourself with such confidence made him smile.

His mind began to wonder. He thought about placing his hands onto your hips and dancing with you at somewhere fancy. The way the dress would gracefully twirl everytime he spun you.  He thought about how your lips would feel against his, creating a thrilling heat between you two.  The way your thighs would feel in his grip. And then, he thought about having your skin in between his teeth, your blood staining his lips.  The sweet taste of you filling his mouth.

“Yugyeom,” you snapped your fingers in front of his face.

“W-What?” He shook his head, pulling out of his daydream.  He nearly slapped himself for once again having such a disgusting thought about you.

“I said, this dress is $300. I can’t afford it.” You heavily sighed.

“What? But, it looks, uh, well beautiful on you.” He complimented you, turning red which you pretended not to notice.

“Thank you, but it’s just too much. Now, go along, i’m gonna change clothes.” You fanned him out of the room.

“Toss over the dresses, i’ll put them back for you.” He said and you did so.

By the time he returned, you had finished putting back on your original clothes. You two walked out of the store and continued walking along the sidewalk. The buildings that surrounded you were tall and brick, connected. It gave you a comfortable, cozy feeling.

“That place was so pretty, i loved-” you started, but Yugyeom’s focus on you was interrupted by fear and something he hoped was just something he imagined. But it wasn’t. Across from the street were two boys who he knew too well. Two boys he wished he didn’t know to begin with. The two boys lifted their heads and looked directly at him, he could have sworn one of their eyes even flashed red and he knew he had to get you out of there as soon as possible. While you were still talking, he pulled you to the side, into an entrance part of an old antique store. He was unsure of what to tell you, unsure of even what to do, but he knew he had to come up with something quick.  He knew he had to protect you.

“What are you doi-” you nearly yelled, but he put his index finger up to your lips to shush you.

“Listen, we have to get out of here. Don’t ask questions. I know we just met and you don’t have full trust in me, but you have to trust me on this, okay? Please.” He rambled, pulling out a black cloth mask from his pocket.

“What? Yugyeom, what’s going on?” You asked, a hint of fear in your voice. Confused was an underestimate of how you felt right now. Your heart was racing. Yugyeom looked terrified in his eyes and you didn’t know why.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, i can’t tell you right now,” he unfolded the mask and put it across your mouth, hooking it behind your ears and pulling your hood up so your face was barely visable, “just keep the mask on and your hood up, okay?”

“Yugyeom, i’m scared, why won’t you tell me anything?” You whined, but he only grabbed onto your hand and pulled you out of the entrance, speedwalking in the other direction.

“Don’t be scared, i promise you i won’t let anything happen to you.” He assured you, looking at you behind him. You weren’t sure why, but his words and the way he held your hand so tight made you feel okay and safe. You trusted him. He began picking up his pace until he was running. You followed behind him, your hand still laced with his. He turned into an ally, in hopes of a way to cut through towards the parking lot where his car was at, but came to a sudden stop, making you run into his back. He had ran right into someone.  Someone familiar.

“You guys in a hurry?” Said person who he had ran into. Yugyeom backed up, pulling you directly behind him. You looked around his arm and there stood the familiar boy. Well, two. Both of them were the boys you had seen staring at you at the parlor. The two skinny boys dressed in all black. They were both smaller in all aspects compared to Yugyeom, but both stood tall and hostile.

“Why are you guys here?” Yugyeom said with a firm, aggressive tone, a tone you hadn’t yet heard come from him yet.

“We just noticed you were in town and wanted to stop by to say hi. Long time no see.” The skinny boy extended a hand for Yugyeom to shake, but Yugyeom rejected.

“Bullshit, Bambam.” He pushed away his hand. The main boy’s name was Bambam.

“Well, that’s quite rude,” Bambam sighed, giving a fake pout, “i see you have a little lady these days. She’s very pretty, i don’t see why you’re trying to hide her.” he glanced down at you, reaching over towards you, but Yugyeom pushed him back before he could touch you. You gripped harder onto Yugyeom’s hand. He did the same back.

“What’s up with the stern mood? I’m just trying to be nice.” Bambam asked, his tone quiet and innocent.

“I don’t know your intentions and i don’t want you to lay a hand on her.” Yugyeom replied.

“Well, since you’re so curious about my intentions,” Bambam walked closer to Yugyeom, putting a hand on his shoulder, “i just wanted to tell you that you’re a loud dreamer. A loud thinker too. I suggest you quiet them down.”

For awhile Yugyeom didn’t say a word, he only stared the boy down, but if looks could kill, Bambam would have been dead by now.

“Leave. If i see you or Mark,” he nodded towards the quiet boy behind Bambam, “around us again, i won’t hesitate.”

“Fine,” Bambam, raised his hands up in defeat, “but just know, you don’t have to keep hiding her. I know exactly how she looks.” He smirked at you, making long eye contact with you. His eyes were piercing and made you beyond uncomfortable. You looked away from him, chills running up your spine. The boys said nothing more. Bambam continued pass Yugyeom, bumping shoulders with him. The other boy, Mark, followed behind, looking at the ground even though Yugyeom stared him down.

He stared them down until they were out of sight and that’s when he continued on his way to the parlor’s parking lot.

No words were spoken. You two arrived at the car within a few minutes and he opened the door for you. He hopped into the driver’s seat, and pulled off in a hurry.

“Yugyeom,” you pulled the mask and your hood off of you, “what the hell just happened?”

“I can’t explain it.” He shook his head.

“Well, try because i’m involved. I deserve to know.” You demanded.

“Y/N…” He trailed off, but never continued.

“You know, i saw those boys at the parlor today. When you came back to the table and i looked deep in thought, i saw them. They were staring at me.” You explained.

“Wait, what? Y/N, why didn’t you tell me that?” He almost yelled, but not out of anger. More of out of fear.

“I didn’t know it was important! I thought they were just weird guys,” you responded, “Yugyeom, were they vampires?”

“What? No, you’re being ridiculous.” He lied.

“Are you a vampire?” You asked and he hesitated.

“Y/N, no,” he groaned.

“Then what’s going on?”

“I can’t explain it to you. Long story short, those two hate me and my friends minus Youngjae due to past things. They’re probably just trying to start a fight and i don’t want them to involve you.“ He rambled and you could tell he was getting frustrated, but so were you. You knew Yugyeom was hiding something. You knew something wasn’t right. You knew you were involved in something you didn’t even know about. 

“Then what did that guy mean about you being a loud dreamer? Loud thinker? They seem like vamp-” 

“They aren’t vampires.” He interrupted.

“Well then what did they mean?”

“I…” he hesitated, “i don’t know.” 

“Whatever.” You rolled your eyes, looking out the window.

“Y/N…” he said, his voice sounding more relaxed and calm than before, “i know you’re mad and confused, but just listen to me. You have to stay at me and my friend’s place for the next couple days.”

“Why?” You interrogated, turning back to him.

“I just… they may try to find you and stalk you. Please just trust me.” He begged and even though you wanted to be away from him at the moment, you heard the worry in his voice. You could tell he only wanted to keep you safe from whoever those guys were and you hated to admit it, but somewhere deep down you actually trusted him.

“Okay, okay.” You gave in, and from that point there was only silence. He left you alone for the rest of the car ride and even for the rest of that day.

Time had passed by that Saturday and soon it 9:30 at night. Youngjae showered and began putting on his uniform for work. He walked downstairs where Jinyoung and Ellie were watching TV and you were sleeping peacefully on the couch, cuddled into multiple blankets. Jackson and Yugyeom were out of sight.

“I’m about to leave for work.” Youngjae said to Jinyoung as he laced up his shoes.

“Okay, be careful, it’s suppose to storm soon.” Jinyoung warned and Youngjae acknowledged him and said his goodbyes. He wasn’t very thrilled to be working until midnight, but the money was always worth it. The good thing was it shouldn’t be too busy. He worked at a small coffee shop and tonight he had to close shop, which shouldn’t be too dreadful.

Within minutes, he arrived at the shop. There were only three small groups there, two groups being teenagers, the other group being a group of college girls. Twenty minutes into his shift, the other worker’s shift ended and she left, leaving the shop to Youngjae. The remaining customers were all making small talk with each other. For the remaining time of Youngjae’s shift only a few more customers came through.

The clock read 11:50pm now and even though Youngjae hadn’t done much for his shift, he was still sleepy and ready to pass out. The rain had started pouring down outside as well, loud crackles of thunder rung through the shop from time to time. Everytime he jumped a little; thunder had always scared him since he was little.

He walked over to flip the open sign to closed and locked the front doors. There was still cleaning and dishes to do that he was in charge of, so he figured he wouldn’t leave for the next twenty minutes at least. He shrugged and untied his apron laying it in a booth so the remainder of his clothes included black shoes, black pants, and a fitted white polo that was tucked into his jeans.

He was cleaning a few coffee pots and plates when suddenly there was a loud pounding on the front doors. It sounded like somebody was trying to get in. Without even walking out of the kitchen area, Youngjae could already sense that it was someone. Someone like him. A boy. And then the pounding became louder and louder. Youngjae could hear the boy swearing under his breath. Youngjae, scared, still stood bold and decided to walk out of the kitchen and towards the front door. Youngjae cautiously unlocked it and opened it to see a skinny boy who appeared slightly taller than him. He had his hood up, but he was soaking wet from the storm. His hair appeared to be dark, maybe black and was sticking to his smooth skin. He was handsome and he even had a cute nose, at least to Youngjae. He had plump red lips and sharp fangs that were visable through the part in his lips. His eyes were red, dark all around with pulsing veins extending around his eyes.

“Please, i know you’re closed, but please let me in.” The boy pleaded and out of sympathy, Youngjae let him in and shut the door behind him. The boy sat in the nearest booth and brought his knees to his chest, crying into his already dripping hoodie. Youngjae stood there in shock, lost as to what to do, so he ran to the back to fetch a few dry towels for the stranger. He took a seat beside the stranger and wrapped a towel around his shoulders, rubbing them a bit.

“T-Thanks, you’re really sweet.” The boy flashed a sad smile and buried his face into one of the other fluffy towels.

“Sorry, it isn’t much,” Youngjae patted down his shoulders.

“It’s more than enough. You’re a lifesaver for letting me in." 

"What happened? Well, if you don’t mind.”

“It’s a long story,” he sighed, “basically i went against my clan, we fought, so i ran away.”

“How’d you go against them?” Youngjae continued to pat the boy’s shoulders, moving downwards to dry his torso.

“I can’t tell you,” he sniffled, “i’m sorry, it’s just too much.”

“It’s okay, i understand.” Youngjae nodded and the boy teleport to the other side of Youngjae where he began stripping off his soggy hoodie.  Youngjae tried not thinking about the fact that the stranger had such a beautiful, defined body.  He had strong abs, and biceps that bulged from his arms.  And his skin… his skin was practically glowing.

“Do you have a clan?” The boy asked Youngjae.

“Yeah, i’ve been with them since last year.”

“How old are you?”

“Uh, i was born a few decades ago.”

“Ah, a young one.  I could tell that you were younger.” The boy softly snickered as he took a seat across from Youngjae, still shirtless.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Youngjae asked, sounding overly defensive.

“Nothing,” the boy let out a small giggle, “so what’s your name?”

“Youngjae, what’s yours?”

“I’m Mark,” he extended his hand towards Youngjae, “nice to meet you.”

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All Too Well

Summary: The funny thing about young love is ‘forever’ truthfully means ‘as long as it’s convenient’.

The not so funny thing is years later, it still feels fresh.

After going out of state for college and getting your masters degree in english, you return home to your untied life; back living in your childhood house with your mother, a job at the cafe you worked at when you were 16, confronting your high school sweetheart for the first time in three years.

On a bitterly compromising ride of emotions your life soon becomes that causes old and fresh wounds alike to sting, you learn something vital about your future: Love is never a convenient thing.

Notes: This is for @latinenglishfandomblog ‘s 15 Songs Challenge, and I had a lot of fun with it! I missed writing more domestic Dean, so it was definitely interesting :)
italics = flashback
Bold + italics = song lyrics

Pairing: (past) romantic Dean x Reader

My Song: All Too Well - Taylor Swift

Word Count: 1.7k+

Warnings: Implied abusive ex, reminiscing, idk

Filled rolling suitcase: check.

Tote bag filled with the few random items you owned: check.

Purse with your passport, license, and credit card: check.

Shitty boyfriend fast asleep in the bedroom down the hall: check.

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Real Love//Part Four

Originally posted by xloveandpeacexx

A/N: Here’s part four! There’s only two parts left of this (: Hope you like it and enjoy!!

Warnings: swearing, mentions of smut, mentions of anxiety

  Part One   Part Two   Part Three

“So production is looking like it’s going to start in September. That means we gotta go look for a place for you to live because no client of mine is going to be living out of a hotel for five months.” Josh was all business at your lunch.

But one thing you could always count on him for, was to take care of you. He was like an older brother you never got to have.  

“Five months? That’s such a long time, I didn’t even think this role was that big Josh.”

Josh’s deep green eyes don’t even stray from his laptop when he says his next words.

“I know what you’re doing and I also know that you’re going to be just fine. Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?”

In your heart you knew this is exactly what you wanted but your mind was making you thinking that you weren’t ready for all of this. After going on countless of auditions and callbacks for the past two years and hearing ‘no’ most of time how could you be ready for such a huge change in your life.

You shrug, “I mean yes but I just don’t know if I’m ready for everything to change.”

Josh sets his iPad down on the table focuses on you.

“You know I’ll always be here for you no matter what. To encourage you or to give you a kick in the ass when you need it.”

His large hand encompasses yours, “You’re always talking about how differently you would’ve portrayed this role or that role. You’re always stressing about wanting an opportunity. Y/N this is it. This is the opportunity you’ve been wanting and you better fucking take it. I believe in you and I know you can do this.” His words resonated deep with you and you knew that he wasn’t going to let you just walk away from this because of a petty thing called fear. However, you also discovered that you weren’t easily going to give up either. The doubts and the fears had plagued you throughout your journey but throughout the process you learned to let them go.

At the same time Josh gets a phone call and excuses himself to leave, your phone is buzzing with a new text message notification.

“Can’t wait for tonight.”

The text did little to ease your anxiety about the party tonight. You didn’t know where you and Justin stood. All you two did was kiss twice, there hadn’t been much conversation about it. But you needed that to change, you needed to know what this ‘thing’ with Justin was or if it’s even a thing at all.

“Me too!(:” You  sent back a few moments later. 

Deciding on not to think about it, you finished your sandwich on your plate as you patiently waited for Josh to get off of the phone.

After, throwing every outfit you had in your closet on your floor, you came to the conclusion that you had nothing to wear to Justin’s listening party that was literally about to start in an hour.

A loud knock sounded from your front door and sent you walking out of your bedroom and to the newly installed cherrywood door Justin paid for.

After two more loud knocks, you’re yanking the door open, “Yes!”

Your voice is loud and heavy with irritation.

One of your only friends in LA you befriended other than Justin and a couple of coworkers stood in front of you with a smug smile.

“Girl why are you hitting my door so hard?! I thought you were the police.” I glared at Laila.

She shrugged her shoulders, “Stop it, I didn’t knock that hard. Anyway, I wannna go out!” Her full lips were stuck out in a pout.

Your eyes immediately lit up, an idea popping up into your head.

“You know my neighbor across the hall?” You explained to your friend.

“Yea the hottie tottie. When you gonna finally hit it? Because if you won’t then let me take him off your hands.”

“His name is Justin and he’s having a listening party at Nice tonight. You wanna go?”

“Bitch you should’ve said that when I first walked through the door. Yes I’m down!”

“Alright help me find an outfit!”

You two hurry into your room once again and look through the piles of clothes. You knew having Laila around would help with any awkwardness you may feel at the party.

Laila and you finally make it to Nice after trying on multiple outfits. While in the uber you’re telling Laila everything that’s happened between you two and her reaction is perfect. She’s so happy and excited than you’re interested in someone. She’s tried to set you up multiple times and you turned her down each time wanting to focus on yourself and career. But Justin had come along and disrupted your life.

By the time you walked into Nice, the party was in full swing. The place was packed with people in club attire and there were lots of servers walking around with silver trays with drinks perched on top of them. You were offered a glass of champagne but politely refused, focused on looking for Justin. Your eyes scanned the venue but there was no sign. A screech from your left caused you to stop mid-step, “What Laila?”

Her eyes welled up and she covered her mouth with her hand, “Drake is literally right there Y/N.”

You followed her finger to where she pointed out Drake talking to Justin at the DJ booth. Before you could walk up to the booth, you also spotted Trey Songz and Rihanna at the bar.

Whoa, you didn’t know all of these celebs would be here. How did Justin know all of them?

“Y/N!” Your name is being called and you turn to see Justin frantically waving his arms to try and get your attention.

You wave back and loop your arm through Laila’s as you two walk the short distance to Justin.

He looks so good tonight. His hair is covered by an all black hat, he’s wearing dark wash jeans, a long sleeved black thermal and a pale blue/white checkered flannel shirt.

Justin bounds down the steps to you and your friend, immediately hugging you.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” He’s whispering into your ear.

His voice dropping a couple of octaves making you want to bring him back to your apartment and have your way with him.

Before you get completely lost in the moment with Justin, you remember Laila.

“Justin this is my friend Laila. Laila this is my neighbor Justin.”

The two exchange smiles and shake each other’s hands before Za is butting into the conversation.

“What about me Y/N? You’re not gonna introduce me to your beautiful friend.” His eyes are trained on Laila and when you turn to introduce them, you can see that she’s definitely liking what she’s seeing. Her eyes were checking him out from head to toe.

You laugh, “Za this is—-“

Za goes for Laila’s hand and brings it to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to the outside of her palm, “I’m Za.” His eyes looking up at her.

Laila is completely in a trance and you don’t think you’ve ever seen her speechless because of a guy before.  

“Laila.” She finally is able to speak.

You and Justin stare at the two of your friends before Justin is pulling you away.

“Come on I’m about to start the mixtape.” His hand is grasping for yours and tugging you towards to the DJ booth.

And as the first song starts to play, you take a moment to look around your surroundings and everyone is nodding there head along to the beat. Laila and Za made themselves comfortable in a booth in VIP and you spot Lenny Valentine with you assume Khalil, his son and Justin’s other best friend. Then you’re looking at Justin who is also taking this moment in. His eyes are looking to gauge people’s reactions to his songs but then he’s looking down at you with a huge smile on his face.

“What do ya think?”

“I love it. Like I’m kinda pissed at you for never letting me listen to your music.”

He places an arm around your shoulder and pulls you in, “Sorry. I’m just really guarded when it comes to my music.”

You lean back into his chest and bring your hands up to his forearm that’s holding you securely to him, “It’s fine, I get it. Justin you’re gonna be huge.”

He pulls you in even closer to him, your back is to his chest and kisses you lightly just beneath your earlobe, “You really think so?”

The kiss does something to you, since he unknowingly just kissed your sweet spot.

You nod, “Yea I really do.”

As each song is played, the crowd is cheering even harder for him and Justin’s chest is swelling with pride. This mixtape was something he worked closely on for two years, he learned how to mix and work the soundboard just so that he could get his music to the point where he absolutely loved it.

Now both arms are circled around your upper body and to a stranger ya’ll would’ve looked like a young couple in love, something you were now wanting to be true.

As the last song ends, Justin peppers more kisses along your neck.

“Justin, you need to stop before you start something you won’t be able to finish.” You turn your head to smirk.

He groans, the sound making your whole body go rigid because you can just imagine that’s how he sounds when he’s deep inside of you, on the brink of cumming.

“You don’t know how much I want that but I want to take you out on a date first babygirl.”

You turn around in his arms, placing yours around his neck causing his to fall to your waist, “I’d like that.” You kiss him fully on the lips, his hand coming up to cup your jaw.

Before the kiss can go any further, a large hand is coming to Justin’s shoulder shaking him out of his trance.

“Yo the mixtape is dope. Is it cool if I have a minute with this guy sweetheart?” Drake is sweetly smiling down at you.

Whoa, you never thought you’d be clockblocked by Drake but hey it’s not a bad way to meet the rapper.

Justin kisses you one last time before following Drake to his table.

Yoongi; color my life

❝im sorry im sorry im sorry I am min suga trash you guys should’ve seen any of suga scenarios coming from time to time but yo this video got me all emotional and I wanted to write it out so here it is.
(i am not colorblind and i can never feel the pain of how it is to be one so i really hope i don’t offend anyone with this but i hope that i did you justice (???))
►1859 words | scenario, video-based 
//i really like my edit like look at yoongs being all cute

You have a nine-to-five job that doesn’t wear you down, a lifestyle where you can feel proud of because your diet doesn’t consist of fast food every day (though you have your spree days), you’re sure (at this moment, at least) that you’ve found the one you’re going to grow old with but… you’re colorblind.

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So I came up with another Love Live! AU..

Okay so I mentioned something on my blog a few nights ago that I was coming up with another AU & I want to share it with you guys now!

So I’m not gonna lie this whole thing came from me joking around with the idea of BiBi working at Hot Topic. But now it’s seriously turned into something that I plan on writing small ficlets for & I’ve fallen in love with this AU so hard.This AU has taken a turn that I never thought it would take. This AU I’ve decided to call the Mall Rat AU because Muse is group of friends that work at a mall basically. They all met each other at the mall because of their jobs. The sub units are basically who they are closest to.  I’ll post more headcanons whenever I can! I just wanted to cover the basics.

Okay more info under the cut:

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Lying Persuasion

Word count: 3K+
Writer: Unknown – requested this one-shot a very long, long time ago
Pairing: You aka Haeun + Wonho of MONSTA X + V of BTS
Genre: NSFW, smut
Rating: 17+ | this contains vulgar wording and smutty scenes as well as the use of alcohol – WARNING: if you cannot handle what’s written, please exit out! Also, I am not responsible for underage reading. You have been warned.

INFO: Now this one-shot wasn’t by me but it was made for me when I asked for it a long time ago but sadly I wish I had the writer’s name to put the contributions to. However, I hope you all enjoy this nevertheless and I modified it to one of the newer bias’s of today’s groups rather than before.

Control, he was always in control. Why the hell couldn’t she have a life of her own? She was pretty, had a nice personality and she was smart. A lot of guys liked her. So what was the problem?

“Haeun dongseng – ah,” an older male whined to the side of her, “You’re supposed to help me pick an outfit not just doze off?”

Haeun rolled her eyes and made her way to the closet, effectively pushing the other teen out of the way. She pulled out a simple white T shirt, a pair of black baggy jeans, and a crimson sweat shirt with an abstract black design in the back that zippered up in the front. Haeun threw the clothes on the bed and then turned to search for the right sneakers. After rummaging around she pulled out a pair of black, white and red Nikes and placed it on the floor.

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Fortune’s Fool (1/4)

Okay! So about three months ago, my good buddy twig-height prompted me to write a Cophine HS first date AU. I’ve been working on it on and off since then–but I’ve gotta say my Cophine muse took a serious hit after the S3 finale. I wasn’t going to post this until it was finished. But I just passed my next tumblr follower milestone and so I thought I’d go ahead and post Part 1 as a thank you to all of you! And speaking of thanks, I’d also like to extend my eternal gratitude to thatscomplex for beta reading this fic into shape and coming up with the title! :)

Delphine Cormier bit the inside of her cheek to keep from scowling as an excited Krystal Goderich nearly yanked her arm out of her socket while weaving them through throngs of students. The back-to-school carnival was hectic, almost too hectic for Delphine, who preferred the peace of a quiet library or the tranquility of a beautiful park, and not the din that enveloped them. If it had been up to Delphine, she would have avoided the festivities altogether. But her parents had insisted that she go.

San Francisco est chez nous maintenant, her parents had told her. Tu dois faire des amis.

And when they had found out that Krystal, the daughter of their next door neighbors, had invited her, they had practically shoved Delphine out the door.

Bone-rattling dance music blared all around them as they walked through grass that crunched beneath their feet, long since dried up under the blazing summer sun. Hell bent on reaching her goal, Kyrstal squeezed Delphine’s fingers and moved to the pounding beat, the severely short skirt of her already skimpy cheerleading uniform swishing and swinging every which way and back in perfect time to the sickeningly happy songs that were grating on every last one of Delphine’s nerves. Krystal winked at Delphine over a sparkle-clad shoulder and Delphine marveled for the umpteenth time about how they had ever managed to become friends in the first place.

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Black Webs: Paint The Town Red & Blue

Submitted by:  xoeternalflamexo

Description:  Lydia Martin didn’t believe in last season’s trends or shoes that did not make her look at least six inches taller, but she did believe in Spiderman; New York City’s resident hero. One cataclysmic night changes everything and she gets swept into the madness of his world and falls in love with someone nobody would ever have thought she would be with.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Action

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Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride Part 3`

Hey Everyone!! Here is the next part of Always A Bridesmaid, Never a Bride.  I’m thinking there should only be 1 more part of this one, but we shall see.

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Finn: All right Rae?  Do hope you are ready for tomorrow. XX

Rae:  Hello Finn.  Is it almost Saturday already?  I suppose I will be ready. ;)

Finn:  Getting cheeky girl?  If so, I like it.

Rae:  Cheeky?  Me?  Never!

Finn:  Right.  Can’t wait to see you then.

Rae: Laters Finn.

Finn: Until tomorrow Rae :)

“And who are you texting that’s causing a smile like that?”  Linda asked as she sat a tea and toast in front of Rae.

“Just a coworker mum, talkin’ ‘bout an interview with a band I have next week.  Proper excited, they are a pretty good up and coming.  Anyways, how was your trip to the doctors yesterday?”  Rae did not need her mum in her business with Finn, besides even though Rae was excited, it still seemed too good to be true for a man as fit and lovely as Finn, to be interested in Rae.

“Everything’s good Rae.  Doctor said I am doing well in remission.  I’m more concerned about your sister and Karim.  He is constantly worried ‘bout me, and Emily, she is so much more visible with her emotions then what I am used to.  When you were her age, you just bang on about anything and everything yell most of the time, but her, she just cries all the time, you were tougher.”  Linda sat next to Rae placing a hand on hers. 

“Mum, you are all right yeah?”  Rae looked up at her mum concerned.  Her mum and her didn’t always have such an open functioning relationship, but when her mum had become ill with cancer they had settled their differences and have been working on having a good relationship since then. 

“I’m more then Rae, I’m great, and my hair has been growing in thicker don’t ya think?”  Linda bobbed her hand up and down flashing her hair and smiling.  “Dare I say I even feel sexy again Rae.”  Linda laughed; Rae scuffed but was still excited her mum was getting back to her self.

“Mum, remember when you and Karim had gotten together and you told me you always questioned what people thought?  Did you ever question if he were maybe too good for you?” 

“Rae at one point I did think maybe my beasty was too good for me.  I mean he is a few years younger, was fit but he showed me he wanted me.  He has stayed by my side through everything I’ve been through.  Why do you ask dear?  Are you having men problems?”  Linda was all too eager to hear of Rae’s dating life, her daughter has always kept a lot of her personal affairs a secret.

“No mum, nothing like that, just curious you know.  Besides not much to tell in the dating department.”  Rae lied; taking a sip of her tea, Linda always knew how to make her tea just the way Rae liked it.

“Right,” Linda looked at Rae questioningly, “Are you available tomorrow evening?  Karim and I were thinking of having a night out.” 

“Oh I, um, I can’t mum, I have to help Izzy with a few things for the wedding.”  Rae took another sip of her tea unable to look at her mum.  “I actually have got to go mum, I’ll see you round.” 

“Bye Rachel.”  Linda called after Rae watching her walk out the house laughing.  Rae may not admit it, but there was something or better yet someone on her mind that has her asking questions about relationships, which Rae has never done.


 Finn walked up to the last door on the second level of Rae’s flat building.  He couldn’t explain the nerves and excitement that he had for the evening.  He had been planning it out since Rae agreed to this date.  He inhaled deeply as he stared at the number 17 that was on her door before he knocked, holding his breath.

“ONE SECOND!”  He heard Rae shout from behind the door.  She sounded different, flustered almost and he exhaled with a laugh imagining what she may look like behind the door.

Finn stood nervously, tapping his fingers against his thighs until he heard footsteps approaching the door.

“Sorry, sorry come in, just give me a few more minutes yeah?”  Rae had opened the door for Finn already turning away before he could get a word out, which would have been difficult since she took his breath away even in her not so ready state.  She turned quickly away from him, as he appraised her backside, she was wearing a white satin robe, exposing her legs to him, which he appreciated. 

Finn glanced around Rae’s flat after she disappeared behind a door and couldn’t help the smile that was ever growing on his face.  Her walls were a soft yellow, but one could tell she was trying to cover as much of it with different memorabilia.  Band posters lined the walls of her entire flat; pictures of her with different people were on shelves along with different trinkets.  He walked over to her entertainment center and noticed a picture of Rae with a young girl who had Rae’s nose and big eyes but had a skin complexion that was a few shades darker then hers. 

“That’s my sister Emily.”  Rae said from behind Finn.  He turned around and saw she was all dressed and ready, his breath caught in his throat again. 

Rae had tried to go simple; she wore a simple blue sundress with a jean jacket and matching blue flats.  Her hair was straightened and left to flow freely, this time she just did a little more with her make up, a dark chocolate brown smoky eye with mascara and a nude pink lipstick.  She couldn’t help but notice that Finn had dressed up more then she has seen him previously.  He wore a checkered button up shirt with black jeans and black boots.  She couldn’t help but match the smile that was on Finn’s face.

“Wow.”  Was all Finn could muster up as he looked her up and down. “Rae, you, you look absolutely stunning.” 

“I could say the same about you Mr. Nelson.”  Rae swayed from foot to foot, making Finn’s eyes wander down to her legs and slowly back up to her face. 

“Shall we get goin’ then?”  Finn reached out his hand to Rae signaling her to take it.  She walked forward and grabbed his hand with one hand and the other she grabbed her bag.

“And where are you taking me this evening?”  Rae asked as they made their way out of her flat and she locked the door behind her. 

“That is a surprise my dear Rae.” Finn grabbed her hand again bringing her outside. “I hope you don’t mind if we head back to Uffington, it’s just I kind of planned our date there.”  Finn said nervously walking her towards his car.

“No, I don’t mind.”  Rae blushed as he walked around and opened the passenger side door for her.  She watched him walk around and let himself into the car.

“Ready girl?”  Finn looked over to Rae and she nodded.  “Now I know you think you have a superior knowledge of music, so I have made a bit of a playlist to see if I could impress you, I expect marks out of 10 for each tune.”  Rae rolled her eyes at him as she listened to the slow melody of Tender by Blur start to play.

“You know back when I was in college I had such a crush on Damon Albarn and on that bases I give this a 9.”  Rae glanced over to Finn.

“A Damon girl huh?  You know people used to say I reminded them of him back then.  Had an earring and all, same style hair too.  Well, still kind of have that hair now.” Finn looked at himself in the mirror tossing his fringe playfully with a sideways grin to Rae.

“An earring?  Oh what ear was it on?”  Rae was laughing.

“Oi, it’s not somethin’ to laugh at.  It was my left ear by the way.”  Finn said matter of factly, “You never did something embarrassin’ that you look back at now and just think what in the bloody fuck was I thinkin?”

Rae thought about it, “Well I’ve done some things in life that I’m not proud of, done things I regret whole heartedly.  I use to keep diaries, like I would write all my thoughts in there.  My mum found them awhile back when I was in Uni and sent them too me.  Quite embarrassin’ stuff in there, no one is ever going to be allowed to read those.” 

Finn took his eyes off the road just to catch Rae staring out the window nodding her head to the music thinking she was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.  He couldn’t wait to pull out all the stops for her tonight.


Finn reached for the door to the Italian restaurant opening it for Rae, “After you.”  He motioned for her to go ahead of him as she stepped in.  A waiter greeted them as Finn explained that he had reservations.  They were brought to a corner booth, Rae noticing the seclusion it had from the rest of the restaurant.  The atmosphere was quaint and small, had dim lights on the walls that were painted to look as if you are looking over Tuscany; candles were set on every table as white linen covered them.  The two sat in the circle booth meeting awkwardly near the middle, as they’re thighs touched they both looked up at each other smiling before adjusting to get comfortable.  They sat in an uncomfortable silence as they looked over the menu, until the waiter came over and took their order, Finn ordering a bottle of Pinot Grigio for them to share and drink.

“You make me nervous Rae.”  Finn admitted as he ran his finger around the circle of his wine glass finally breaking the silence.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to?”  Rae looked over in confusion unsure why he would admit something like this, and she thought to herself this couldn’t be a good admission and this is only going to end like every other one of her dates.

“No, no don’t apologize, I mean it in a good way, I like it.  It’s just we are still getting to know each other and I’m still trying to impress you.”  He looked sideways at Rae who was blushing.

“Well, you’ve impressed me quite right with your taste in music, which in my book speaks volumes and for the rest you are doing well.  Besides, there is no need to be nervous, it’s just me.”  Rae placed her hands on the table fiddling with her napkin. 

“That’s exactly my point, it’s you.  Rae from the moment I saw you starin’ at my pictures at the shop, I knew I wanted to get to know you.  Haven’t you felt a pull to someone?  Felt like even after just a few encounters with them you felt like you’ve known them forever?  Felt the need to get to know everything there is to know about them?”  Finn was staring at Rae so intently, watching her face go from a smile, confusion to her face relaxing with a simple nod.  Truth is, that is how she felt about him, but it was still confusing to her why he felt like that towards her. 

Their food arrived and they had a much lighter conversation while eating.  They talked about their younger years and even though they had virtually grown up around each other they had never met.  They chatted about their friendships as Finn animatedly did spot on impressions of Chop and even funnier impressions of Archie. He told them how they all met each other in primary fighting over a football.  Rae told Finn how it was actually Chloe that introduced her to Izzy in college and that Chloe and Rae were once best friends but things had happened where they just didn’t get on anymore.  Rae told Finn how Izzy was there for her while her mum was going through chemotherapy and did anything for Rae and her family at the time.  They hadn’t noticed the restaurants other patrons had long gone and they were the last ones left until Finn realized the restaurant staff had stopped coming around asking if they needed anything else as they were now busy closing around them.

“Rae, I think it’s time for us to leave.”  He looked around watching several restaurant employees wiping down tables.  Rae looked up and started to giggle.

“How did we not notice that?  Tonight has been great Finn we sh-”

“It’s not over, I still have a surprise, come on I’m going to bring you to me favorite spot.”  Finn paid and escorted Rae out to the car once again opening and closing the doors for her.  They drove as Finn gave her a small “did you know” about Uffington giving detailed information about the famous White Horse hill figure.  Finn pulled up to a home.  Rae looked noticing they were at a small cottage house, a little confused. 

“So this is me home, but it’s actually the view from the balcony outside of my loft.”  Finn opened the door and stepped around to open Rae’s.  Finn fumbled with his keys nervously as he opened the door stepping aside for Rae to go in.  Rae looked around inside, it was definitely a home of a single man.  Very little furnishing inside, more like the had the basics, his lounge was rather large but empty other then a television, gaming consoles and a settee directly in front of it leaving the rest of the space bare, he did however have a few similar posters around the television that Rae had in her flat. 

“Come on this way,” He nudged her forward turning on lights as they went.  He led them upstairs, “I guess I can give you a quick tour.  You saw the lounge, here is the bathroom and toilet.”  He pointed to a door as they reach the second landing, “that is a spare room, not much in there but albums and some exercise equipment.  This here is my bedroom,” he pointed to a door that was open and Rae could make out a large mattress and a wardrobe.  Finn cleared his throat nervously as he watched Rae size up his house. 

“There is another small flight of stairs past that door that leads to the loft.  Come on,” he opened the door and led the way this time considering it was dark, once up the stairs he fumbled for the lighting, the room illuminated dimly but Rae was able to see a door leading out to the balcony.  Once outside, there were blankets on the floor and fairy lights strung across the bannister of the balcony.

“Do you conveniently leave these out here or is this a special occasion?”  Rae joked. 

“Oh I do say it is a special occasion, come on join me.”  Finn sat ungracefully on the floor and reached his hand out to Rae.  Rae placed her hand in his and settled next to him.

“So what’s so special about this place?”  Rae asked as she picked lint from the blanket. 

“Look around, it’s beautiful.  I mean, the hills around, the stars, during the day just over there,” Finn pointed into a the vast black of nature that laid ahead of them, “Over there is a stream of water.  It’s just peaceful, compare to the fast pace world that I’m sure you are used to.”

“What do you mean?”  Rae looked at Finn with her eyebrows raised.

“Your career, it’s fast paced, it’s music, constantly changing.  You are always going here and there, it’s exciting, and you’re exciting.”  Finn put his arm around Rae’s shoulders bringing her closer to him and she went willingly.

“That it is, sometimes too fast, but I love it.”  Rae admitted.

“Who is the best band you have heard of recently?”  Finn was curious; one thing that he is definitely attracted to is Rae’s knowledge of music. 

“Um Arctic Monkeys, they seem promising.”

“I’ve heard of them, they are amazing.  I told Archie, if they play a gig anywhere near we are heading over.” 

“Really? I am interviewing them in a week before their set.  You could come with me if you’d like.” 

“Did you just ask me out on another date Rachel Earl?”  Finn pulled away from Rae slightly so he can see her face, which he could tell was glowing red even through the weak shine of the fairy lights.

“It’s not a date, if you don’t want it to be,” Rae said weakly.

“Oh it’s definitely a date.”  Finn laughed.

“You know, if someone would of told me someone as lovely as you would be interested in me a few weeks ago, I’d laugh in their face.”  Rae admitted.  Finn furrowed his eyebrows. 

“What do you mean?” 

“It’s just, Finn, you are lovely in almost every way.  Seriously, I am still looking for a flaw, even though, admitting you at one point enjoyed Babylon Zoo is questionable, but other then that.  I just thought someone like you would want a Chloe, not a me.”  Rae moved out of Finn’s arm.

Finn looked at her solemnly, “Why would I want a Chloe?  When there is a Rae?”

Rae huffed, “Look at Chloe and look at me.  Right?  Chloe tried so desperately to get your attention and don’t get me wrong, I also put effort in, but it seemed too easy, it still seems too easy.  I just don’t get it.  I don’t get the guy normally.  Like Chloe said, always a bridesmaid, never a-”

Finn cut her off, “Rae you’re talking crazy.  First off, Chloe is definitely not my type at all, even if you hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have paid much mind to her.  Secondly what’s wrong with easy?  I enjoy the fact that we get on so well, the banter you put me through.  You’re always bangin’ on about stuff, I like it, I like talking to you and I don’t like talkin’ to anybody, honest.  I don’t know those other lads you had dated and frankly I don’t want to know them, even though I would thank them for not keeping you so I am able to date ya.  Thirdly, that’s just a horrible saying made up by old hags to make people feel like rubbish, and you are still young Rae, are you in a rush to get married?” 

“No obviously not but I just hear it a lot from people, Chloe’s been married, Izzy’s getting married, even acquaintances from work are tying the knot.  Guess it just puts things into perspective that one day, I would like to.”

“Well then, that’s in the future right?”

“Right.”  Rae nodded.

“Can we please get back on to a lighter subject?”  Finn asked.

“Yeah of course.”

“So tell me about Rae, not what Rae does, but Rae.”  Finn looked at her squarely in the eyes.

“Ok.  Well I am extremely loyal to my family and friends.  I spend way too much time at or on work.  I live for music.  I have tried a go at knitting but realized I just do not have the knack for it like my sister.  On the subject of her, she is like my favorite person in the entire world.  I talk too much but then not enough, because I talk nonsense mostly.  I don’t know what else to say, should I show you my CV?”  Rae joked.  “But really, I’m no good at talking ‘bout myself.  What about Finn, who is Finn Nelson?”

“Hm, the tables have turned haven’t they?  Let’s see, I have been known to be a bit of a grumpy sod but you haven’t seen that side of me.  Kind of hard to be grumpy when around you I guess.  I have a horrible habit of biting my thumbs.  I go and see me da’ every Sunday to catch up with him, he still lives in Stamford, so that makes me a bit of a family person too I guess considering we are all each other has really.”

“Oh Finn, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up anything bad.” 

“No no, it’s fine, I like that it’s me and my dad.  We are close so it don’t bother me none.  There is this one thing though.  See there is this girl in my life right now, drives me mad in a good way.  When I’m around her can’t get enough of her and when I’m not with her, I’m scheming of ways to see her.”

“Sounds disturbing,” Rae pushed Finn a bit.

“Oh it is,” He grabbed her arm and pulled Rae closer, “Oh shit Rae, you’re freezing, here.”  Finn wrapped Rae in a duvet pulling her closer with it where their faces are centimeters apart from each other. 

“Can I kiss you Rae?” 

“Yes.”  That is all it took for Finn, he put his hand on both sides of her face, and it was cold.  Finn leaned in placing his lips softly on Rae’s running his thumbs on both of her cheeks.  Rae released the light grip she had on the duvet, putting more pressure into the kiss.   They broke apart, Finn wrapping his arms securely around Rae bringing her back to his chest.  “This has been the perfect date Finn.”

Finn chuckled as he ran his hands up and down Rae’s arm, placing soft kisses on her temple. 

They stayed there talking about anything and everything that came to mind, sharing kisses in between laughter and more serious subject matter.  Rae had never opened up to someone as much as she has opened up to Finn.  It was terrifying and thrilling all at the same time, Finn feeling exactly the same. 

They were in the middle of another hot snog session under the stars when Rae heard a beeping. Rae broke apart resting her forehead on Finn’s.  “Um, either you’re phone is going off or your arse is giving us a warning Finn.”  Rae laughed breathlessly.

“Oi, bollocks, it’s me alarm.  We need to get to the shop.”  Finn stood up and put his hand out to help pull Rae up.

“We need to get to the shop?”  Rae repeated perplexed.

“Yeah, I need to start baking, it’s 4 in the morning, need to get down and start the breads, and you my dear are helping me.”  He pulled Rae into a standing position.

“You are just full of surprises aren’t you?” Rae rolled her eyes with a smile as Finn dragged her down the stairs.

“Oh Rae, stay with me and you will see just how good this can be.”  Finn leaned in and pecked Rae on the lips before dragging her to his car and towards the shop.


1 month later.

“Rae, are you going out with Finn again?”  Izzy asked as she sat in Rae’s flat, they had their last fitting for Izzy’s dress and Rae was finally able to pick her dress up.

“He is my boyfriend Izzy, who else would I be going out with?” 

“No one obviously, but you seem happier Rae.  I am happy for you.  Even though you made me change my seating chart AGAIN, but for you I did it.”  Izzy acted as if put out but ended with a smile on her face. 

“You are far too kind Izzy.  Are you ready?  Need to drop you off before heading to Uffington for the evening.”  Rae said as she grabbed a bigger bag then normal.

“Is tonight finally the night Rae?”  Izzy wiggled her eyebrows.

“A lady never tells, at least before I sleep with him, but expect a full report after.” 

“Oh you two, are in such puppy love, I find it adorable.”  Izzy chirped happily.

“Come on I want to beat traffic.”  Rae ushered Izzy out the door.


“I’m gonna piss off early is that ok Finn?  Got myself a date with a lad from the gym.”  Archie was already removing his apron.

“Yeah yeah, that’s all good.”  Finn nodded.

“See you later mate.”  Archie patted Finn roughly on the back before leaving the shop.

Today was an abnormally slow day at work, but it was fine, Finn spent most of his time texting Rae getting excited for tonight.  She had only stayed at his a few times but she kept hinting tonight was going to be special which made Finn eager, he hadn’t put any pressure on her but he was ready to finally be together intimately.

Finn had his back towards the doors as he was cleaning getting ready to close just a bit early so he could go home and get ready when he heard the door open.

“Sorry we are closed,” Finn turned around when he saw a familiar face.


Just A Fuck: Part Two (NC-17)

Alright, part two is here! I want to say thank you for the amount of support part one received! You guys are amazing! If you have not read or would like to re-read part one, you can find it HERE.

Thank you once more and Enjoy!

Just a Fuck: Part Two

Jen: Still want to grab that drink tonight?

I push send before I lose my nerve. But he doesn’t make me wait long. A few seconds after the message is read and his reply is on the way. It makes me feel a bit excited to think that perhaps, he was waiting for my text. But that’s a stupid schoolgirl Notion. He wouldn’t be waiting around. Would he?

Josh: Time and place. You name it, I’m there.

Jen: That’s the thing… I’m already a little drunk. So I either need you to pick me up or I can call a car. Which is easier for you?

Josh: Did you rent a place here or are you staying somewhere?

Jen: I’m staying at the Beverly Hilton but I’m actually over at Zoe’s tonight.

Josh: Oh! You’re not far at all. I can be there in about an hour. I just got done playing ball so I need a shower. So about 8:15? Sound good?

The image of Josh in gym shorts, sweaty and then him in a shower has me nibbling on my bottom lip. What I wouldn’t give to join him in that shower right now.

Jen: Yeah. Sounds great. I’ll see you soon.

Should I? It’s toeing that line.

Jen: Don’t have too much fun in that shower…

Josh: All I can think about is seeing you, so no promises. ;) See you soon.

I debate another reply, but I decide against it, setting the phone down again on the table, “Alright…”

Zoe watches me, bouncing in her seat; she looks like a five year old about to see Santa Claus, “Alright…” she repeats.

“He’ll be here in about an hour.”

She shrieks and jumps out of her chair and starts dancing around the patio, “You’re gonna get laid! You’re gonna get laid!”

All I can do is sit back and laugh at her, “We’ll see.”

+     +     +     +     +     +

Panic fills my voice when I look up from my phone, “He’s here Zoe…”

She wraps her arm around my shoulders and together we walk to the key pad where she punches in the gate code to let him in.

“Jen… This is Josh we’re talking about.” She looks over at me and smiles, pulling me closer to her, “Your Josh.”

My head lulls on her shoulder, “I know.”

We stop just short of the door and she turns, grabbing my shoulders to face her, “Look. Even if tonight is just drinks and a polite drop off, at least you get a chance to talk to him.”

I feel my face drop a bit, I want more. But is wanting more selfish of me? Do I really just want him to fuck me? Is that all I’m after? Or do I want this to be the moment he comes back to me. The moment when he reveals he never stopped loving me? Am I ready to admit that I never stopped loving him?

“Jennifer,” she calls while giving me a small shake, “Get out of your head girl. Just let whatever happens tonight happen. If its talk, talk. If he ruins you all over that treehouse of his, let it happen.”

This elicits a smile from me, “Alright coach, anything else?” I laugh.

“Yes,” she says proudly, “Have fun. Play safe.” She winks at me and then turns to open the side door leading out to the downhill driveway.

As we step out onto the drive, I watch as a plain, black Audi with dark tint rolls down towards us. The car looks like the million other black Audi’s in the greater LA area and should go fairly unnoticed by the paps. It’s small instances like this that I appreciate Josh all the more. He rides around on his bike, in his Bronco, or in his Jeep whenever he’s home. Very rarely is he in the Audi. That only comes out when he is actively trying to remain low key. And for him, low key isn’t that important; his status just doesn’t get to him. I’ve always envied that aspect of his personality.

This is for me.

The car comes to a stop and the driver door opens. Josh steps out and leans over the hood of the car, “I must be at the right place, two of the most beautiful women in the world are right here!”

Zoe laughs as he rounds the front of the car that sits idling, “Save it Hutcherson, I already let you in the gate.”

I watch as Josh envelopes Zoe in a hug. From my spot on the stoop I can take him in. He’s dressed in a pair of dark jeans, not as worn as he normally wears them, but definitely on their way. There is a white leather belt secured around his waist, simple, but a standout against the dark denim. The navy blue and white checkered button down he wears flows freely, unsecured over a white v-neck t-shirt that hugs to his torso tightly. I can see the small patch of chest hair peeking out over the collar and it only accentuates his appeal. His hair is tussled, still a little damp from his shower. The well-kept stubble from earlier still lines his chiseled features, eliminating his boyish good looks and replacing them with those of a well versed man.

When he releases Zoe, his attention turns to me. I stand, unmoving from my spot against the door frame. He hesitates a moment, as if trying to decide if he should do something or not. Within seconds, his arms extend out before him and he holds them, wide and inviting. It only takes the thought of being in his arms again to have me launching off the door frame, leaping down the two steps and planting myself against him. I leap into his arms with such force that he stumbles a bit, but recovers nicely. I latch myself to his neck and his arms link around my waist. I laugh at how we must look; like lovers reunited after war or something. Perhaps, in our own unique way, we are.

He holds me tightly, burying his nose against my neck and shoulder, “Well hello to you too” he chuckles.

I let out a light bark of laugher and pull away slightly, “I’m really happy to see you right now.”

He cocks and eyebrow at me, “Oh really?” he asks in a playfully seductive manner.

I step out of his arms, and plaster a look of indifference on my face, “No. Not really. I was kidding. I’ll see ya later.”

Without missing a beat, he turns and starts heading back to the car wordlessly. I reach out and grab his wrist, halting him and causing him to turn. When he does, he has the biggest grin on his face, “I knew you couldn’t watch me leave.”

My heart clenches and maybe even skips a beat when he mentions watching him leave. I’ve done that before, I don’t want to ever relive that feeling.

I tug him closer to me and wrap my arms under his and settle them on his shoulders from behind, holding him to me. His arms encircle me again and I feel the way in which his body stiffens under my immediate need to have him close. It’s as if all the years between us never existed. He can still read me like a book. He is still so in tune with me after all this time.

“Hey,” he whispers against my ear, “Are you okay?”

All I can do is nod against his shoulder as I breathe him in. His cologne is different than what he used to wear. It has hints of citrus, maybe even some floral, but its overwhelming tones of sandalwood and musk complete the combination. It gives off such a masculine scent that I can’t help but commit the smell to memory; something to link to him. It suits him. It adds to the notion that he is no longer the eighteen year old boy I met years ago; he’s not the 20 year old man I gave myself to time and time again. No, he stands before be a man who has spent that last two years, traveling, working, playing, loving, and leaving me wondering why I ever let him go.

Finally, I find my resolve and pull away. With a smile, I meet his worried gaze, “Yeah. Just really happy you’re here.”

His reply comes in the lopsided smile I love so much and a nod, “Well alright then. Shall we?” He motions to the car before opening the passenger door for me.

As I slide in the seat, I can hear Zoe yelling, “Have her home at a decent hour young man. And behave yourselves! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

Josh waves at her with a grin as he closes the door. I roll the window down while he makes his way around the car, “If those are the rules then anything and everything is on the table right?!”

Zoe smiles as she makes her way back to the house, “Exactly!” she hollers back with an exaggerated wink. She then waves and disappears through the door.

I feel the car dip and the whirl of air as Josh takes his place next to me in the driver seat, “Anything and everything, huh?” he smirks.

My lips tug upward and I wink at him, “We’ll see. Depends on how you play your cards.”

He sits back while buckling his seatbelt, “And what makes you think I’m so willing to play?”

I reach behind me and grab my own buckle and pull it across my torso. Once it clicks I lift my face and he is an inch away from me. The air becomes thick and I’m unable to find my voice. I swallow hard, clearing the tightness that has rooted itself there and speak, “Because I know you,” I state firmly, confidently, “You would never miss an opportunity to beat me at my own game.”

Our eyes are lock; our breathing has all but stopped. He licks his lips and it takes everything in me not to taste his mouth on mine. I can feel the heat of his breath as it crosses the small space and mingles with my own. I can smell the mint of his mouthwash. My skin begins to burn when he leans forward, his lips miss mine by a hair and they plant themselves on my cheek. His stubble scrapes along my fair skin and his voice crashes on me like a wave, “You look beautiful.”

A shaky breath escapes my lips and my body shudders against the seat and I know that he felt me shake. I feel paralyzed, unable to pull away. His proximity is intoxicating. The feel of his finger dragging down my arm, starting at my shoulder and stopping as it reaches the bend in my elbow, causes my skin to pebble and a blush to creep across my neck. If I could simply turn my head, I could reclaim the lips that were once mine. I could taste his kiss, revel in the sensations that he is giving me. If I could lift my hands from my lap, my fingers could play in the fine hairs that pepper his chest. They could roam his thick neck; trace the pulsing vein that leads from his head to his heart.

But I am still, unable to move. For all the want and need, I am unable to act upon it. He is the only man who has ever been able to conflict me so. When he is near me, I am a reed, bending to his will. I dance as his presence blows through me.

He pulls back, and with him, the intense sensation of having him near. I shake off the binds he had imposed on me and send him a shaky smile, “You’re full of shit. I look like crap.”

He reaches down, shifting the gear and bringing the car back to life, “I’ve seen you covered head to toe in dirt and grass, un-showered, and having just pissed in the woods behind a tree,” he pauses, turning the wheel and steering the car up the driveway, “And even then, I thought you were the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on.”

My heart swells and my eyes drop. I can feel the warmth of his words as they wash over me, surrounding me with a sense of security, longing, and love.

“So where to?” he ponders aloud while turning out of the gate and on to the low lit road.

I think about all the places we could go where we would be able to maintain a low key status and all the ones that come to mind are high-end places. Frankly, I don’t want to eat a four course meal, designed around calorie counts and industry status. Besides, even if I did, I’m in jeans and a loose t-shirt that hangs off my shoulders. My hair’s in a messy ponytail and I have since washed off my make-up from earlier.  No, I don’t want to be Jennifer Lawrence; I just want to be Jen. More than that, I just want to be Josh’s Jen tonight.

“Ummm… Oh! What about Big Jo’s? I haven’t had them since I moved!” The mere thought of a big juicy cheeseburger has me almost salivating.

“They’re only open during the day. Remember?”

I suddenly feel deflated with no less of a craving for a cheeseburger, “Damn,” I sigh, “Oh! Let’s go get an office burger from Fathers!” I turn in my seat and rest my hand on his shoulder, “Doesn’t that sound good Josh?”

He moans beside me, “Ah man… the bacon and arugula. That does sound really good.”

He settles into silence beside me and I watch as the trees and homes pass outside my window. The quiet is comfortable, and it ushers in a sense of calm and relaxation that I hadn’t felt in a long time to be quite honest. After a few stolen moments, we come to a stop under a red light.

“You know Fathers is going to still be fairly busy right now Jen; lots of people. If you wanted to, we could drive out to Santa Monica and go to that one, but that’s another half hour or so.”

As I turn to him, a low rumbling sound fills the car and we both laugh, “My stomach doesn’t seem to like the idea of waiting another thirty minutes.”

“Okay,” he smiles, “How about this. We’ll stop by Ralph’s real quick, pick up some stuff and head back to my house and I’ll make you a burger there. No people, you still get a burger, and I’ll even spring for some Cheetos to tie you over.”

“Wow, breaking the bank to pick up some Cheetos! What a thoughtful man you are” I muse playfully.

He shakes his head, “I do what I can. So, sound good?”

I settle back in my seat, “Sounds perfect. To the Cheetos!”

He flicks the blinker on and makes a right turn, abandoning our previous route. It’s not long before we turn into the shopping center’s parking lot and he pulls into a vacant spot.

Josh reaches over, unbuckles himself, and turns his attention to me, “I figure I’ll just run in and run out; unless you want to come.”

I contemplate going in with him, but the thought of someone noticing us quickly draws an answer, “No, I’m good. I’ll just be withering away out here until you return.” We share a smile and then he’s out the door.

I watch as he disappears into the store and I finally let out a long and shaky breath I’ve been holding. His house; we’re going to his house. This is what I wanted right? I wanted to just have a good time with him, right? I wanted to forget everything about the last few months and just get lost in how he makes me feel when we’re together. A public place seemed more fitting to help in my small need to deter the situation. I honestly don’t know how I’ll be able to convince myself that just fun is really just fun. He can so easily run me. One look from him and the lustful part of me takes over. All I feel is an intense desire to have him buried deep within me. But I know, as soon as we move together, that feeling falls away from lust and I become surrounded by the love I feel for this man. The want that I mask so well as lust, is stripped of its façade and bares the truth that no matter how much time has passed, I still love him.

The car door opening breaks my thoughts, “Here.”

Suddenly a snack size bag of Cheetos puffs lands in my lap as Josh drops in the seat beside me. He flings the plastic bag into the back seat and situates himself. I pull the bag open and pop a cheesy chip into my mouth. The soft crunch it makes is followed by my moan of approval as the flavor washes over my taste buds.

“What…” I mumble, covering my mouth to keep from spitting on him, “no drink?”

He smiles and reaches behind me, rustling in the bag, he retrieves a bottle of water, “God you’re needy. Good thing I know you.” He winks and flashes me a smile that causes me to forget what I had just said.

I take the bottle silently and he starts the car. Untwisting the cap, I swallow large gulps, hoping that they’ll somehow remove the backup of breath and words that became caught in my throat with his actions.

We begin to move and I finally find my voice, “Thank you.”

Josh drops the shift and the car roars down the street before us. He shifts back and when the gear settles, his hand finds its way to my knee and settles there, “You got it.”

As fast as it settled there, it was gone, back on the steering wheel and leaving me feeling empty. If a simple hand on my knee can send me here, what will a night of shared passion do to me when we part ways again?

The rest of the ride is spent listening to the radio and me enjoying my snack while Josh teases me about the haste in which I eat. When we arrive at his house, I note that not much has changed. We settle in on the patio and as I watch Josh fire up the grill, I realize the only thing that strikes me as odd is the lack of a certain gray and white family member.

I look around once more, take a sip of my freshly poured vodka cranberry, and ask, “Where’s Driver?”

“He’s back in Kentucky with Connor. I haven’t been around much and with Amanda being out here, well, she has her own things going on. Connor moved back home last year after school and took a job there. So when he got an apartment, he said that he would be happy to have Driver there.”  

A little saddened by the news, I respond, “Oh. I was looking forward to seeing him.”

Josh closes the grill to heat and makes his way over to me. The couch cushion dips and he falls in beside me, “So, how’s life been?”

A breathy laugh breaks between my lips, “That’s a loaded question.”

Reaching for his beer, he leans back and tosses an arm over the top of the outdoor couch between us, “How so?”

I scoff and take another sip, allowing the cool liquid to burn its way through my system. I can feel it mingling with the liquor from before as my body begins to heat from the inside out.

“Come on Jen, we used to be able to talk about anything.”

“You didn’t seem too willing to talk to me anymore after I told you Nick and I had gotten married, Josh.”

He sighs deeply, “I suppose I deserve that.”

I feel guilty for stabbing him like that; he just asked me how life was, “I’m sorry, Josh.”

“No. No, you don’t need to apologize. I earned that. I just didn’t know how to handle that back then. I’m the one who is sorry.” He avoids my gaze and swirls his beer in his hand. “I just wasn’t ready to hear that you had gone off on a vacation and come home a married woman. It was just a lot for me to process. I kind of always knew that would come one day, but actually hearing it. Seeing the ring, knowing you were officially his wife, it just hurt. But that’s not your fault.”

“Josh, I never wanted to hurt you. I was just trying to move on, like we agreed.”

“I know” he sighs, “And I’m sorry that in my selfishness, you ended up hurt.”

I can tell this conversation is only going to grow bleaker. My eyes dart to the grill and he hissing sound coming from under the hood, “I think the grill may be ready.”

After Josh has retrieves the ingredients from the kitchen, he steps back out onto the patio and makes his way to the grill. I watch his hands as they mold the hamburger meat into patties and then toss them on the grate above the flames. The white smoke billows up, around his head, and dissipates into a transparent could against the night sky.

“My life kinda sucks right now, if we’re being honest.”

He doesn’t even turn to look at me when he replies, “What reason do we have to lie to one another.” He closes the hood and begins to walk to the kitchen. “Care to elaborate?” he shouts from the kitchen sink through the open glass doors.

I tuck my legs beneath me and take another long pull from my drink, “Long version or short version?” I shout back.

“Whatever version you can fit in the time it takes the food to be ready” he chuckles, wiping his hand on a towel as he walks back to me.

“Ah, okay, short version.”

“Short version it is. So, talk to me. What’s up?”

“Nick and I are separated.”

I watch his features closely, hoping to detect some sort of giveaway as to what he’s thinking or feeling. But he’s very passive; makes him difficult to read. He nods once, I can see his eyes flit briefly to my ring and then back to a thoughtful gaze just beyond me. 

Finally his eyes meet mine once more, “Why?”

I inhale deeply, “He doesn’t feel like I love him; among other things.”

“Do you?” His question is so simple, it catches me off guard.

“I… Well… I don’t know, I guess.”

“Well,” he begins, “Was it your choice or his to separate?”

“I guess we came to it together. I’m not happy either. Not like I used to be. He’s distant, and I feel like even when we’re together, we’re a million miles apart. I know its cliché, but it’s the best way to describe it. I don’t enjoy coming home anymore, Josh.”

“I’m sorry to hear that” he says after a few moments have passed. He takes a swig of his drink and stands, making his way back to the grill, “How long?”

I pick at a loose strand on the edge of my shirt, “About six months.”

“Six months?” he turns, surprise and shock written on his face.

I simply nod.

“You’ve been separated for six months? That’s quite a separation Jen.”

“Well” I start, “it was more like four months.”

Confusion draws his brow in as he glances over his shoulder at me, “So is it four months or six months?”

“Four” I state. After a brief pause between us, I continue, “We filed for divorce two months ago.”

At the word divorce, I watch his back straighten and I feel the energy change. I remember being there for him through his parents’ divorce. I remember how he tried to keep it together; he was a grown man when it happened. But his entire life, he always considered himself lucky to have the perfect family. He had parents who loved one another come hell or high water. He was always so steadfast in the knowledge that they had the kind of love that a person would mold all their own personal goals after. When he learned that under the surface, things we’re anything but, he was shattered. I watched as his whole illusion of love and marriage was tossed to the wind and the reality that love is not easy invaded his world. Even at twenty, he was destroyed. It was as if he lost faith in true love. It broke my heart to watch him and know that we had made the decision to withhold from each other. Watching a piece of your heart crumble is one of the hardest things a person can do.

He remains quiet as he flips the burgers. I’m not really sure how to approach the subject. So I just go for it.

“We decided that we couldn’t keep trying to breathe life into something that wasn’t salvageable.”

He drops the hood and turns to face me, a bit less tense, “Well, if it’s what’s best for you, then it sounds like you made the right decision.”

“Yeah…” my voice drops off and becomes lost in the soft lull of the city below the hills and the canyon to our left.

He is beside me in a few moments and settles back into his spot, “I’m sorry Jennifer. I know that was something you never wanted to do.”

I shrug my shoulder, “I was naïve to think that Nick and I could make it work forever. I always had reservations. Especially after our break, up a few years back. I just thought, maybe. Ya know?”

“Yeah” he responds quietly, “I can understand that.”

I inhale deeply and blow out a long breath. It mingles with the crisp, cool night air and hangs between us. I sniff, combating the burning urge to shed a tear, and speak, “Well, anyway, enough about that. Let’s talk about something fun.”

“Something fun, huh” he laughs.

“Let’s play a game” I chime.

“Okay. What kind of a game.”

“What do you miss?” I stop. Should I leave it there? Go for more? “About us… What do you miss about us?”

“Hmm” he hums. “I miss the way we could find trouble anywhere we went.”

This brings a smile to my face.

“I miss all the shit we gave each other.”

His laughter floats on the night breeze, “Yeah, we gave each other a lot.”

I lift my drink and adjust in my seat, crossing my legs Indian style and bouncing with excitement, “You’re turn.”

He turns and faces me, beer in hand, and a cocky smile playing at his lips, “We’re being totally honest here, right?”

I mimic his earlier words, “What reason do we have to lie to one another?”

He chuckles lowly, “Very true.” He lifts the bottle to his lips and smacks when he pulls away, “I miss the sex.”

His mention of sex causes a warm blush to creep across my skin. My heart beat doubles and I can’t seem to wrangle this feeling of excitement that fires on every nerve ending. My head falls back and my eyes close under the night sky, “Mmm, yes, the sex. It was good wasn’t it?”

“Shit, good is an understatement.”

His gentle laughter weaves itself around me, holding me captive under its deep tone. Coaxing me into a lulled, dreamlike state in which I long to listen to the sound forever.

“Man, we gave each other a run, didn’t we?” He smiles over at me, his features alight with joy.

“Yeah. Yeah, we did.” I reply, sipping on my drink to hide my desire to trace his features with my tongue.

Another silence falls over us. I watch as he picks at the label on his beer. I turn my attention to my glass and quietly count the ice cubes floating in the maroon liquid. After a moment, he pats my thigh and stands, making his way to check on the food.

Now is my chance. I feel like this is an opportunity. What if I let this slip by? Will my courage cease? What if I ask him and he turns me down? Says no? What then? I think I’ll be mortified. I still don’t know about his current situation. It didn’t even occur to me to ask while I was busy only talking about me. I know he doesn’t have a ring. And, it sounds terrible, but I’m fairly certain, in our industry, I would have heard if he had gotten married. But still, if he says no, I need to have some hole to curl up and die in. But what if he says yes? Am I ready to face that? Of course I am! But can I walk away after? Can I really just have sex with him to just have sex? Technically I’m still married. But Nick has already found a bed to lie in, why not me? Is this wrong? I mean what kind of lines am I crossing here?

You know what? I don’t care anymore. I’m tired of doing what everyone else thinks is right. I want to do something for myself for the first time in I can’t remember when.

“Hey Josh…” He turns to face me, awaiting my continuation. “Let’s go for a run.”

Confusion crests his face and I can see the wheels turning in his mind, “Go for a run?” 

I lean forward, planting my feet on the ground, setting my glass on the table beside the couch, and stand. Our eyes lock and the heat in which I stare at him, has my skin crawling under its intensity.

My voice is low, but holds power as I respond, “Yeah. Let’s go for a run.”

When he registers my innuendo, his eyes ignite. The immediate change from confusion to hunger makes my knees buckle and I fight with everything I have to stand. I watch as his Adams apple bobs under the strength of his swallow. His jaw clenches tightly, revealing the tightly woven fibers just beneath the skin.

He steps forward, “What are we talking here, Jen?”

“Ya know, a good time” I reply.

He continues to move toward me, “Like, just a fuck; that kind of a good time?” His tone rakes across me with its ragged nature.

When he is a foot in front of me, “Yeah” I whisper.

The corners of his lips lift and the side smile, that has brought me to my knees every time before, causes them to quake once again. I side-step him and make my way around the patio, heading into the house. One, I needed to remove myself from his proximity before I melted at his feet. And two, I know his eyes are watching every sway of my hips as I go.

When I reach the threshold, I grab the door frame and turn to him, “You coming?”

I watch him; he stands still, never leaving the spot I left him. Then, as if snapped out of a trance, he nearly hops when he turns. His pace quickens and as he breezes past the grill, he flips the knobs, turning the grill off. Before I can even count his steps, he is behind me. His hands snake around my waist, bringing my body forcefully against his chest.

He nuzzles my neck and slightly pushes my head aside to gain better access to my ear, “What do you want, Jennifer?”

His hot breath blankets my skin and I shudder against him, arching my neck further, praying his lips drop to that spot that makes me fall apart.

“I want you” I sigh.

His large hands creep beneath the fabric of my shirt and his fingers splay across my abdomen, “What do you want me to do to you?” He punctuates the question with a nip at my earlobe, giving me reason to moan and buck back against him.

“I want you to fuck me, Josh.”

He releases a low, guttural groan that ripples around me and sends my stomach coiling in anticipation. His tongue darts out and tastes me from my shoulder to my ear, stopping sporadically to nip and caress my skin.

With one hand I grip the doorway tighter, anchoring myself against his attack. My free hand snakes up around his head and holds his lips to me. My fingers bury in his dark hair and rake across his scalp.  

One of his hands begins to trail the dip in my stomach down, past my navel. His hand slips under the fabric of my jeans and dips low into my underwear. He cups his hand, molding his fingers against my slick heat. Before I can verbally respond to his boldness, I feel his middle finger lift and push its way between my folds. The pressure alone elicits a moan from me. He begins to move his finger in a wave motion, slow and deliberate. With each roll, the pressure he uses strengthens. My body arches against his touch. His other fingers that had simply held me, come alive and work their way into the moisture I have presented him with. I feel them slide against me with ease. He teases me, circling my entrance but never burying his digits there. He pushes in just enough to make me whimper and then the pads of his fingers are gone again, onto some new way to torture me. His palm presses roughly against my clit, rubbing in a circular motion.

My legs betray me and I buckle under his touch. When I do, his hold around my torso tightens and I cling to his neck for support. My whimpers are growing into low cries when he teases my entrance again. Only this time, he pushes two of his thick fingers in me and coaxes me, come hither, from within. My hips rock against his strong hand while his lips are unrelenting against the sensitive skin at the base of my neck.

“Fuck, you’re so wet” he murmurs against my skin.

I try and respond but the only thing I can push past my lips is his name, “Josh…”

Feeling more secure on my feet, I release the door frame and my hand drops to the button at the top of my pants. It’s secured tightly under the strain of his arm, but I release it and the zipper pulls apart at the freedom. My hand skims his arm, feeling the muscles flex under my touch as he works me below. Further down I move, never losing contact with him. My hand reaches his; I spread my fingers over his hand. I push against the fingers within, begging for more; helping his motions along. Together, we bring me to the edge. My fingers push furiously against his as my hips grind against his palm. I can feel the tightness in my gut build and I know I’m close.

Without warning, he pulls from me, paralyzing me. My hand immediately grips his still one, pushing against it. I need more of this.

“Please. Don’t stop.” I pant.

“I don’t plan to” he whispers.

My mind is reeling while I try and comprehend what he said. My head falls forward, chin to chest, while I inhale deeply in an attempt to slow my ragged breath. His hand slips from my pants, bringing mine with it. When his hold on my torso loosens, all my attention goes to ensuring I don’t drop to the floor. I feel his hands grip my sides and then dip along my hips. Slowly I can feel my panties and jeans pulling down my legs. The coolness of the night air assaults me when it drifts across the warm dampness between my legs. It causes a shudder and I whimper against its contrasting feel.

When I feel the material pool at my feet, I step out wordlessly. His hands trail back up the outside of my legs and then move behind me. He grips my ass firmly with both hands, squeezing hard, groaning as he kneads my cheeks.

I feel mischievous and decide to push back against his hands. I push a little harder and I am met with the stiff bulge in his jeans.

“Fuck” he moans, gripping my hips hard and pulling me back against him.

He thrusts forward, the rough material of his jeans meeting the soft skin of my behind. His hands lift from my hips and dive back under the material of my shirt. They find my breasts; both hands work my chest, while I move against him. His head drops to my shoulder and he bites the exposed skin. It’s hard enough to leave a mark, but only serves to spur me on. My hand swings around and grips his ass from behind, and I forcefully pull his front against me again.

He moves to pull my shirt over my head, leaving me in nothing but a simple black bra. Reaching down, taking my free hand in his, “Right here” he tells me. He lifts it and places it over the hand that still grips the door frame, “Face this way.” He positions me so that I am leaning against the door frame with my arms, fully facing away from him.

I feel all his heat leave me and I know he’s stepped back. I can’t see him, but I can feel him watching me and it causes a fresh pool at my core. I feel alive, aroused. I feel wanted.

Only a moment passes before I feel his knuckles brush against my back. There is a soft pull on my bra and then it simply falls free.

“You’re good at that” I smirk.

My shoulders bow forward allowing the straps to fall around my biceps. His hands settle in the curves between my breasts and hips. He leans down and I feel his warm lips plant between my shoulder blades, “That’s not all I’m good at” he mumbles.

My head drops when his hands circle me again and he begins rolling my peaked nipples between his fingers, “Mmm, why do you think I texted you?”

Catching on to my playfulness, he responds, “Is that all I am to you Lawrence?” One of his hands abandons my breast and snakes it way to my neck. He tilts my head to the side and we are cheek to cheek. His rough stubble scrapes against my soft skin and it sends my mind reeling, “Just a good fuck?”

His breath dances across my lonely lips as he speaks. Hearing his tone, so heavy with desire, leaves me searching for the best angle to taste his kiss; I can’t wait anymore. I turn my head just a hair and find the side of his mouth. My tongue darts out, telling him I need him. He leans forward against me, tilts his head and slants his mouth. When I feel his tongue brush against mine, I sigh.

So long I have waited to have his kiss belong to me once more. He is greedy, but so am I. I want to relearn the curves of his mouth. I want to remember the taste of his tongue on mine.

He abandons my other breast and his hand slides freely back down my body. His fingers dip back into the desire that awaits him and he gently massages me. Round and round he goes. His fingers mimic the motions of his tongue. Every sound I make, he claims, quieting to nothing more than a muffled moan against his mouth.

When he pulls away from my lips as well as my core, I whine loudly into the night air. This only makes him laugh behind me. I can hear him rustling and I glance over my shoulder. He’s peeling his shirt and undershirt off, and the brief peek I get of him causes a frantic drumming between my legs. I expect him to continue undressing; allowing me to anticipate what comes next. But what comes next was not even in my thoughts. His shirt falls to the ground beside us and he steps up behind me, pulling me flush against his chest. The feeling of his solidarity against my bare skin burns in the most pleasurable way. I can feel his nipples, hard against my shoulder blades. He places kisses at the base of my neck and moves down. His lips sear me as they find new spots across the expanse of my back to claim.

“I have missed these” he whispers between caresses.

“This one” he mumbles, “and this one.”

With each kiss I realize he is talking about the freckles that cascade down my back. He used to spend entire nights simply tracing the spaces between each; as if he was mapping out the stars.

When his lips reach the base of my back, I can see him out of the corner of my eye, kneel. He drops to his knees while his hands wind around my thighs and push them further apart. I obey and step out to open them wider at his beckoning. He shuffles around me until he is situated right in front of me, back against the door frame.

I look down at him, dropping my hands, “What are you doing” I giggle.

“Keep your hands on the door frame. I didn’t tell you that you could move them.” He answers sternly.

I raise my hands back to their original position and watch him. He hooks his right hand behind my knee and lifts, settling my foot on his thigh, effectively hiking my leg. I know now what’s going on.

Only a moment passes before I feel the warmth and wetness of his mouth merge with my heated desire. A guttural moan flies from me when my head falls back and I grip the door frame. His tongue begins lapping at me. He becomes possessive, gripping my ass in his hands and pulling me against his greedy mouth. The sensation of his scruff scraping against my most sensitive areas has a tingle running the length of my spine. I use the door frame as leverage when I buck against his face. Each time I thrust into him, he moans my name, which vibrates across the sensitive bundle of nerves and sends his name falling from my lips in return.

Each time the tip of his tongue dips in and teases me, I fight the urge to bury my hands in his hair and hold him to me until I cry out in ecstasy. Every so often, he scrapes his teeth along my folds, causing such an indescribable feeling of pain and pleasure, that all I can do is beg him, “More. Please, Josh. More.”

His mouth takes up residency over my clit, while he pushes three fingers in me at a jackhammer pace. My breath becomes broken, my cries strangled, as I bounce on his hand. I push up and down against him, using his leg as a springboard. The sounds of his wet mouth smacking against my soaking core and the grunts he makes while working me into oblivion, fill the air around us.

He nuzzles the tip of his nose against me and I lose it. Like the crack of a whip, I feel my body release against him. I can only string together a long list of expletives as I yell into the space around us. His fingers slow as his hand receives my release. He pulls from me, but his face remains, eagerly accepting me. His moans of approval reach my ears while I rock against him leisurely, riding out the explosive orgasm. A smile pulls at my lips as I listen to him. I have missed him enjoying me.

Sex with Nick was good, but there was never the desperate want that I feel with Josh. When Josh looks at me, touches me, tastes me, there is never a doubt in my mind that he wants me. He’s vocal about his wants, he owns me when he has me. I can honestly say that I have never felt owned outside of him. When I think about being claimed, I think of him. Surrendering to him is as easy as breathing.

He finally leaves me and again, the contrast of the night air sends a fresh round of sensations firing along my entire body. The crisp breeze licks at the parts of my skin that have developed a thin layer of sweat. The damp strands of hair that lay at the base of my neck whip around and paint my skin with their cold tips.

My head bobs when I drop it. Through hooded eyes, I watch him below me. His tongue darts out and licks the moisture around his mouth and I find it so fucking hot. He is proud of himself, that much is clear by the cocky smile he wears when our eyes meet. He wipes his face with his hand and rocks back, using the door frame to push himself up. When he stands, my arms drop around his neck and I push him flush against the frame and claim him lips.

I can taste myself in the kiss and it only reignites my need for him. Our mouths mold to one another as we constantly tilt and dip our heads, looking for more of each other. His arms encircle my waist and his hands hold me to him tightly. My legs are still shaking, so I lean further against him. He continues to anchor me to his body through the kiss. When we finally break the kiss out of necessity for air his lips lower to the base of my throat. Slowly, his tongue traces the dip just above my collar bone. There is nothing rushed about his actions right now, he is simply enjoying what he always said was his favorite spot on my body.   

A few moments pass, and while he continues his re-exploration of my neck, my hands run down his toned arms. I can feel every dip, every rise, and every movement of muscle beneath his skin. My nails lightly rake as I go, causing his skin to pebble under my touch. I deviate from my path and my hands slide between our bodies. The cool feel of the clasp on his belt meet my fingers and I push us apart just enough to unsecure it. I then turn my attention to the button and zipper on his pants. He sighs against my neck when the back of my hand grazes his erection from the outside of his briefs. My hands wrap around his waist and push his jeans down over his perfectly rounded ass. I steal a brief squeeze as I push the pants further. He bucks against me when I do, “Jennifer” he moans.

I smile and lower my lips to his ear. Talking his earlobe in my mouth, I nip with my teeth and ask, “Are you going to fuck me or not?”

His jeans finally fall past his strong claves and rest at his feet, leaving him in only his briefs, “Over there” he states, nodding to the couch in the living room.

I finally release the door frame and steady myself as I turn to walk further into the house. He kicks his pants off his feet and, in one swift motion, pulls his black briefs from his body. I reach the arm of the couch and turn to see him. He stands erect before me. My eyes feast on the view before me. His strong, thick legs carry him closer to me. With each step, I watch his erection bounce, and it causes me to clench my thighs together. I want him inside me. I need to have him fill me so completely.

The fire in his eyes only matches mine. Excitement captures me at the thought of him owning me once more. I move from the arm and go to round the couch when he reaches out, “Uh-uh. Over here.”

He leads me to the back of the couch and turns me; so once again, I am facing away from him. I plant my hands on the back of the couch and wait. His hand that rested on my hip now slides down, stopping on my calf. He wraps his fingers around my leg and lifts it until my knee is resting on top of the couch beside my hand.

“Stay here” he says, moving to walk away.

“No. Don’t.” I stutter.

He leans over and chuckles softly while planting a kiss on my shoulder, “I’ll be right back, I’m just going to grab a condom.”

I want to scream. Tell him no. Tell him that I want to feel him in me without a barrier, but I’ve been really lax about my birth control in the last year, so I really don’t think I should risk it. I bite my lip and simply nod as he walks away.

While I stand here alone, butt naked, leg hiked up over the back of the couch, I can’t help but laugh at myself. Zoe would be so proud.

“What’s so funny?”

I glance over my shoulder, and seeing him before me naked again, makes nothing seem funny.

I nod at him, “I was thinking about Zoe…”

He steps up beside me and tears the metallic wrapper with his teeth, “You’re standing naked in my house and you’re thinking about Zoe?” He cocks his eyebrow at me while a smile dances across his lips.

“Well…” I trail, watching him roll the condom over his shaft, “You did leave me here all alone.”

His breathy laugh washes over me as his playful eyes meet mine, “Guess I’ll just have to make sure I’m the only thing on your mind then, wont I?”

“Mmm” I hum, raising my eyebrows in a challenge, “I guess so.”

He steps behind me and reaches down, his fingers caress me once more, “Fuck, You are still so wet, Jen.”

“I want you” I say, pushing against his probing fingers.

His hand pulls away and he grips himself, guiding his tip to my entrance. I can feel the smooth latex slide across my entrance and over my folds, teasing me. I reach down and cup his erection, rolling against him, using my own arousal to further lubricate him. When I’ve had enough teasing, I position him at my core and he finally obliges me by thrusting forward and filling me.

My body lunges forward, my head dips, and my fingers grip the back of the couch. God he feels amazing. My walls expand, welcoming him back. The stretch isn’t painful, but more of a need to reacquaint our joined bodies. He groans, long and low, behind me as he slides in to the hilt. We settle there for a moment, allowing our bodies to fuse comfortably.

He begins to move slowly, thrusting at a steady pace. I roll my hips to meet him. With each thrust, my moans become louder. His hands alternate between my breasts and gripping my hips. Having my leg hiked on the couch allows him deep access to me and he takes full advantage. He brings a hand up and pushes on my back. I lean forward and he pushes so deeply in me that I cry out his name. With each push, I feel him knocking on the door of an ecstasy I can’t quite put my finger on. But I know that if he opens that door, I’ll be more of a feral animal than a woman.

His hand hooks between my waist and my thigh on the back of the couch and he uses that leverage to pull me harder against him. Faster he thrusts; his grip on me is tight and rough. His pace quickens and I can feel the jarring movements shove the couch forward. I hold tighter to the couch, “Yes, Josh. Oh god yes. Fuck me… please, fuck me” I cry out.

He throws his leg up beside mine and thrusts so forcefully that I lift off the ground and only find hold on my toes. He’s done it, he’s opened that door; my body quakes, crying for more, but begging to stop. My breath becomes broken as I fight to keep moving through the intense waves of pleasure that are washing over me. My eyes are clamped shut, unable to open as I ride against the fury he is claiming me with.

“Jen… Jennifer… Oh fuck, I’m so close… fuck…” he grunts behind me, harder he pounds me. The slapping of my ass against his hips resonates in the room and mixes with our cries. I can feel him tightening behind me; he’s going to snap at any second.

“Stop” I yell into the electrified air.

His frantic movements cease immediately. He’s panting like he’s been running for hours, “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” The words rush from his lungs so quickly I have to concentrate to realize what he said.

“No. No.” I pant, “Just, slow down. And…” I lean forward and feel him fall from me, “I want to see you.”

Both our legs drop and when I see his face, he wears a mask of pure confusion. His hair is damp; there is a bead of sweat dripping from his furrowed brow. His skin shines in the soft light from outside with the sheen of sweat his has developed. His chest heaves under the labored way in which he breathes.

“Wha-” he inquires.

My hand cups his jaw and my eyes implore him, “I want to watch you. I want you to watch me” I whisper softly. A complete contradiction to the person I was moments ago, screaming for him to go harder, faster.

A small side-smile takes over his confusion, “That sounds like more than just a fuck, Jen” he breathes.

Both my hands lift and brush the wet hairs from his forehead, “Josh, you’ve always been more than just a fuck for me.”

He sighs, dropping his forehead to mine, “So can I tell you how much I’ve missed you?”

I purse my lips, biting them.

“Can I tell you how sorry I am for acting like an asshole? How much I regret ever letting you go? Jennifer, I have just been going through the motions without you. You we’re my best friend.”

I can feel the tears burning at the back of my eyes. My heart is beating so rapidly that it almost hurts. And it’s not from the actions we were wrapped up in. It’s because the man before me is singing the song that I have been dying to hear since we stepped away from each other all those years ago.

He takes a breath to continue, but I steal the moment from him. My lips move against his, his words dying right there.

“I love you” I whisper before kissing him again, “I miss you so much.”

I pepper his lips with kisses and words of longing. He quiets me, taking the kiss deeper. His arms wind tightly around my waist and he lifts me. My legs wrap around him, his throbbing erection captured between our bodies, and he walks us around the couch. He lowers me and finally the kiss breaks. He lays me back against the plush cushions and lowers himself above me.

In one motion, we are rejoined and I whimper. His hands plant firmly beside my head and he begins to move. My legs find purchase on either side of him and tent, allowing his body to fall fully against me. His hips roll and add to the smooth rhythm he has started. My hands hook under his arms and hold tightly to his shoulder from behind. Our eyes lock and our bodies take over from there. I watch his face, the way it shifts in and out of expressions. All the while, our eyes hold each other. Through my lashes, I see him dip and strain.

“I love you” he sighs, over and over.

Our pace quickly grows frantic again. The hairs fall forward on his forehead again, rocking back and forth with the motions. I can feel my ponytail as it pushes against my scalp and the couch. My hands roam the large expanse of his back, sliding across the moisture building there.

His eyes close tightly, wrinkling at the ends. He thrusts deeply once more and he comes undone. His jaw falls open, his arms shake, his body shudders, and a low cry drips from his lips. His eyes fly open and the intensity in his stare causes my walls to ripple against him deep within me and I cry out right after him, bucking up against him in reaction. My nails dig into the soft skin of his lower back and my body writhes beneath him.

His head buries between my shoulder and neck, his shoulders rise and fall against my chin. His breath is hot and heavy on my neck as he sighs incoherent whispers. I turn my head; with ragged breath, I press a kiss against his temple, “I love you, Josh. I always have.”

I think his mumbled response was another I love you, but I can’t be sure. He lowers himself above me and comes to rest. His weight on top of me makes me feel more euphoria than the entire night. Knowing that I have him right here, well, nothing can top that right now.

We lay together for a while. I don’t know how much time has passed when he leans up and looks down on me.

“You are way too beautiful” he muses.

“Too beautiful huh” I counter, my hands running up and down his strong arms.

“Yes” he replies simply. His features shift just slightly, “God, I have missed you so much.”

I lean up and brush his lips, “I’ve missed you too.”

He kisses me back and then lifts his hips, eliciting a groan from us both as he pulls free from me, “I’m gonna go clean up.”

“Mmk” I respond, stretching my long body across the couch, “I should too.”

As Josh makes his way to his feet, he starts, “The guest bathro-” he pauses, laughing, “You know where it is. I’ll be out in a minute.”

I smile at him and roll off the couch, onto my knees, and pushing up off the table to my feet. My legs shake beneath me as I walk and I wobble just a bit. The best way I can describe it is feeling drunk. The world is a little off its axis right now.

When I exit the bathroom, I’m still completely naked. I find Josh standing in the kitchen in a pair of khaki shorts and a tank top.


“Hey” he replies. “Here,” he says reaching over for a pile a clothes he had sitting on the counter, “Not that I want you to get dressed, but…”

I take my clothes that he had gathered for me and set them on the bar stool beside me, “Thank you.”

I step into my panties, and pull my jeans up my legs. While I slip my bra on, Josh reaches into the refrigerator and pulls out two large bottles of water, “Drink?” he asks.

Suddenly realizing how parched I am, I grab the bottle from his hand, “Yes! Thank you.” I untwist the cap and together, we stand in silence in his kitchen gulping the refreshing hydration.

When I finally pull the bottle away, I see that I’ve easily drank half. I set it on the counter and pull my shirt over my head. While I was in the bathroom, I had attempted to quell the nightmare that was my hair. I can still feel it knotted in certain spots, but it’s a billion times better than it was when I saw myself in the mirror.

“Well,” Josh begins, “We kinda ruined the burgers. So I was thinking, it’s late enough now, not so many people, wanna make an In-N-Out run with me?”

At the mention of food, my stomach roars to life and leaves us both laughing, “Yes. I need some food.”

“Alright, let me grab my keys and we’ll head out.” He brushes past me, stopping to place a soft kiss against my neck before continuing out of sight into the foyer.

The car ride is quiet. But it’s a comfortable silence. Our hands rest against the center console, fingers intertwined. His thumb lazily brushes over my knuckles, causing me to smile as I stare out the window. When we arrive, we decide to just go in together. There are only a handful of people in the lobby and truth be told, I don’t care anymore. If I am going to take this step with him, I am going to own it. I’m going to own us. This thought stops me short, Can I take this step? Can he?

“Josh” I state, pulling him short of the doors, “Are you with someone?”

The red and yellow glow of the sign above us blankets him, “What do you mean? I’m with you.”

“No, I mean, are you seeing someone?” I push, “Claudia still, or someone else?”

His brow bunches and he almost looks hurt, “Do you think tonight would have happened if I was?” he asks quietly.

“No. I mean. I don’t know. I wasn’t implying…” I sigh heavily, “I’m just gonna stop talking because I’m ruining this.”

“Jennifer” he says, pulling me to him, “No. I’m not with anyone. Claudia and I split about a year ago. There really hasn’t been anyone else seriously since then.”

“I just…” How do I say this? “Josh, I know it’s only been a night, but I want to try again; you and me. I don’t want to hide it. I don’t want to pretend it doesn’t exist.”

His lips tug up on one side and he nods, “I want that too.”

“Yeah” I question with a sigh of relief. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

“Yeah” he chuckles. “But I’m not going to be any good to you if we don’t eat.” He nods to the doors, “I didn’t have a bag of Cheetos to hold me over.”

He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls the door open, “Ladies first.”

“Such a gentleman” I return.

We enjoy the late night vice of greasy cheeseburgers and French fries. Engage in a fry fight. Apologize for the mess. Share a last minute strawberry shake, and finally make our way back to his house. Before falling exhaustedly into the bed, I text Zoe and let her know I am here for the night. I rid myself of all my clothing and mold my body to his under the sheets. We’re too tired to do anything else.

His hands hold me, his lips caress me, and his words send me into a dreamless sleep.

I no longer have a reason to dream.

With the man lightly snoring beside me, my dreams are now a reality. 

The End

Marry me? (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

@sassdoctordeath + @bookgeek600 :Bucky Barnes oneshot :-)

+ Anonymous: Bucky proposing :-)

A/N: I mixed some requests for a fluffy Bucky Barnes oneshot :-) Hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated :-)

They were the best three years of your life. Three but something in you was telling that they were going to be more. You and boyfriend Bucky had been inseparable. You protected each other even if that meant getting hurt or that something worse could happen.

The two of you met during the Sokovian Accords event and fought side by side with him and your best friend Steve Rogers. Steve was the one to bring the two of you close. He said he had a dream about you and him together and he would be even happier if it was truth. The Captain successfully completed the mission.

Only that currently you felt that you and Bucky were drifting apart. That hurted you very much. You loved Bucky with all your heart and dreamt about a life with him. You dreamt kids running around a house with the name ’Barnes’ on the mailbox on your yard.

You dreamt about him.

The nights were usually spent in each others arms but the last two weeks each of you slept on your sides. You missed everything from him. But you mostly blames yourself.

Did you do anything wrong? Or he just got bored of you?

One day you decided to talk to Steve about that. He was the most suitable for this talk since he was the one that set you up.

“Y/N, you know that Bucky loves you with all his heart. I haven’t seen him like this with someone else.” The supersoldier said sitting down in the couch next to you.

“I know that and I love him too. But lately he is very distant. I am afraid that he’ll leave me. Maybe he found someone else better than me.” Your voice near cracking in the last sentence. You didn’t get jealous often but when it came to Bucky you could kill.

“Bucky would never do that to you, doll. He says that there is no girl better than you.” He smiled at you. “Talk to him Y/N”

“You are right, I will. Thanks Stevie! Oh and after all this I’ll call a friend for you and I think you two will be perfect together!” You said leaving a kiss on his cheek.

“Y/N I swear to god if you set me up with someone again I’ll kill you!”

“You’ll be the one to deal with a metal armed furious soldier then!” You laughed and exited the room.

You walked up to the roof of the Avengers facility. It was a place were Bucky used to be. It helped him clear his mind.

“Hey baby.” You took a seat next to him and leaned your head to his shoulder.

“Hi, doll. What’s up?”

“Um, I was wondering something. It’s about us.” You felt him tense up and looked at you.

“A-Are you breaking up with me sweetheart?” His voice cracked and breath quickened. After the winter soldier phase he used to have constant panic attacks and nightmares.

“No, I’m not baby. Don’t say that please. I wouldn’t leave you for the world.” His breath came back to normal. “It’s just.. I feel that lately we’re not spending time together and I was wondering if I did something wrong.”

“Love, you didn’t do anything wrong and you know that. I was planning something with Steve’s help and I literally had no time but this had to be done.”

You just smiled and he kissed your lips slowly. “I love you, Buck”

“I love you too, Y/N/N” After he held you for a while in his arms, you fell asleep. He carried you bridal style to blanket that happened to be close and called Steve. “Hey, pal. Can you bring in the decorations and don’t make a sound she is asleep..” There was a pause as Steve was talking. “How am I supposed to know how long she’ll be asleep? Just come over Steve. Oh- and don’t forget the ring.”

You didn’t know how long you’ve been asleep. Maybe one hour or maybe two. You rubbed your eyes and then noticed that everything in the roof around you were different. Many candles and red flower petals were surrounding you. You raised your eyebrow and looked down. You weren’t wearing your plain jeans and white T-shirt with the green and black checkered flannel but a black dress with matching shoes.

You stood up and walked to the corridor of rose petals. At the end a curtain of lights appeared. You separated with your hands and walked in. Everything was so beautiful. Soft music was playing from the radio and in the middle of the room, there was a table with champagne and food. But then you saw Bucky walking to you. Wearing a black tuxedo, a huge grin on his face as he stood right in front of you taking your hand in his.

“Buck, what are all these?” He didn’t say anything. He just got down on one knee. You knew where this was going. Tears of joy left your eyes.

“Y/N Y/N/L. You are a very beautiful and intelligent person. When I first met you I was in the Winter Soldier form, you changed me. I was a man that thought he wouldn’t find love because everyone hates me for what I did, and then, there’s you, the girl with the H/C hair that smiled to me. That told me that she’ll stand by my side on everything I’ll do. That’s one of the many reasons I love you. Now, I can see you are ready to cry and I spent thirty minutes to make your makeup properly so..Will you marry me?“

“You chuckled and hugged him tight. “Yes. A million times, yes. I love you so much Bucky.”

“I love you too” He then kissed you sweetly. You could tell he wasn’t able to stop smiling.

“Hey love, If all this avenger thing won’t work out for you, you can become a professional makeup artist!”

“Thank God for YouTube.” He said and you laughed. The life you dreaming for, was just getting started.



Today’s the day that my mom and my dad had fully given me permission to do so and I was thankful and at the same time, a nervous wreck.

It’s the day of piercing.

I don’t know how I’ve thought of it, but it was just one day when my fucking mouth opened up and muttered that I wanted to get a lip piercing. At first mom and dad wasn’t that happy. Well… Except for my dad because everything was fine for him. But my mom, my mom, she was worrying she’s like ‘But Lukey, it would be bad for you’ or ‘Luke, no, you’ll look like a gangster’ or that other one when she said that it would ruin my reputation.

But finally, after weeks of begging and persuading, she finally approved. And now that the day has come, I am fucking nervous. I’m worried that it would be too much pain to take since it’s on the bottom of my lip and that would be such a pain in the ass, or maybe how I wouldn’t be responsible enough to disinfect the poor hole.

But I needed to be brave. I don’t want to be called a coward.

Sitting on the stool, I played with my fingers, waiting for my name to be called. The store was a bit pleasant though, nothing scary. It’s welcoming, since it has posh cream walls and lots of jewellery scattered and secured in glass boxes. Employees with suits and button-up shirts, looking business-y as fuck. But I didn’t care. Right now, I was completely nervous.

Continuing to mind my own business, the bell of the store rang and looking over the door, my eyes widened in utter disbelief. She was beautiful. Like a beauty of a goddess. She didn’t wear any makeup, wearing the same employee costume but with a black pencil skirt covering and fitting every bit of curve. She was magnificent. Continuing to stare at her beauty, she pulled the bar of the stall up as she greeted her coworkers and began to prepare for her job.

She looked like just my age, maybe a year younger but her beauty, god, you couldn’t simply try to look away that easily from her. She was beginning to wear the latex gloves as her co-worker whispered something in her ear. Nodding in understanding, she went to the microphone and spoke softly.

“Luke Hemmings.”



You prepared all the tools needed, prepping the disinfectants and needles. Adjusting the latex gloves, you heard the door open and close shut, turning yo saw a blonde boy with a quiff standing tall, black shit, checkered black and red flannel over, voce ring his arms and ripped skinny jeans, with matching black vans. Taking in his presence you walked over to him.

“Hi, I’m Y/N and I’ll be the one piercing you since my other friend is busy with the other customers.” You greeted, holding your hand out for him to shake. He stood there continuing to look at you, seeming to not notice your hand. Curious, you spook again, but a bit slower. “Hello, are you there, mister?” You asked, waving a hand in front of him, which made him snap back to consciousness.

“Oh, hi I’m Luke…” He shyly spoke, hesitantly shaking your hand. You both pulled away at the same time. Nodding in appreciation, you went to the table and gestured for him to sit down in front of you.
“So, today you’re piercing your bottom lip?” You asked, in which he nodded in approval. “And it’s obviously your first time.” You commented, giggling after.

You sat down in front of him and went closer. You took his chin and slowly rubbed the disinfectant on his lower left lip.
“So, have you thought of what to put?” You sparked up a conversation in which he took cooperation. “Yeah.” He simply said.
“What are you going to use then?” You asked, finishing the thin cover of protection. “A black ring.” He grinned. Smiling back, you placed the cotton down and took the needle.

“Okay, Luke, this would be short. It’s simple, I’m just gonna poke this through the area. It wouldn’t be that painful since it feels like a simple insect bite, okay?” You told him, in which he nodded in understanding.
“Okay, just, if it’s too much you can hold my hand.” You told him, sincerity in your tone. He nodded again and took your hand in his absentmindedly.

Feeling heat go through your cheeks, you shook of the feeling of butterflies and went to business. Marking the area with a small black pen, you placed the needle on the area and pushed through. You felt his grip slightly tighten and the needle sink in the skin and flesh. Not even lasting for five seconds, you pulled the needle, disposing it and taking the black ring inserting it on the hole and locked it close. “Done.” You told him, his grip loosening. You took the cotton with the disinfectant and carefully rubbed it on the area. He winced in pain, which make you look at him in sympathy.

“Thank you, uh, Y/N.” He spoke in which you waved off in easiness.
“It’s fine. It’s my duty to do this kind of things.” You told him. You turned around, cleaning the materials and setting up for the next customer, but you didn’t hear the door open and close shut. So you turned back and saw the blue-eyed boy still standing there on the same place, looking at you.

“Yes?” You asked, wondering if he needs anything.
“Uh, well…” He awkwardly spoke, scratching the back of his neck, as he shyly stood in front of you. “Since, you’ve done my piercing, how about I treat you out?” He asked hesitantly. He swayed side to side, awaiting for your answer. Tilting your head in small joy, you walked over to him and raised his chin.

His pouted lips and eyes begging. Laughing since he’s being a cute fucker, you kissed his cheek, letting it linger longer as you pulled away, seeing his pale white cheeks turn into a red rosy colour. You laughed out loud and spoke softly.

“I’d love to, Luke.”

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it's me again i have an au request for levihan at the airport and it's two in the morning and they dont know each other but the flights are so delayed they notice they're reading the same book then you decide what goes after LOL <3 take care i hear you're ill sorry to hear that <3 <3

Okay so this ended up being pretty Levi-centric and it’s not really romance-y but it was fun to write and it’s kinda cute(??). Anyways super duper sorry for the wait, I’m in such a lazy mood atm but here you go! 

Levi bought the book from the hot drinks vendor for twice the price he paid for his tea. 

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All American Girl

Hey guys this is my first fanfic on tumblr. I suggest listening to All American Girl by Carrie Underwood. Thanks to @josiebearx for inspiring an important part in this oneshot. This is coincidently on par with Girl Meets Great Lady Of New York in the sense Riley is all american. I did come up with this before seeing the episode. Enjoy!

It has been 2 years since their moment in the ski lodge. They had been together ever since. It goes without saying that there has been some conflicts along the way but Riley and Lucas had always been able to talk through anything. It was the last week before the summer of sophmore year. Lucas had come rushing into school all excited. His brunette girlfriend couldn’t help but giggle at her adorable boyfriend yet at the same time wondered what had him so riled up…pun intended. Lucas finally made it to the circle of friends.

“Hey guys, hey baby.” He said to his friends and girlfriend while pecking her lips.
“What’s got you all excited baby?” Riley asked Lucas.
“Well i’m going back to Texas for the first week of summer and Pappy Joe has invited all of you guys to come stay with us.” Lucas says happily but notices the unsure look on everybodys face.
“Whats wrong guys?” He asked.
“Don’t get us wrong we all love Texas and I did really love the ribs but I mean the last time we were in Texas…” Farkle trailed off.
“You almost kissed Maya and Riley brother-zoned you and the triangle began.” Smackle stated bluntly.
“Smackle!” Farkle exclaimed. Everyone looked to Riley to see her reaction.
“Lucas I would love to go back to Texas with you.” Riley said happily.
“Really? I mean I thought you would be a little weiry about it because it was where all the mess started.” Lucas said to his girlfriend.
“Guys Texas was over 3 years ago. Yeah the triange was a really bad part of that year but its different now. We all know where we stand. Theres no confusion. Me and Lucas are in a relationship and no one got hurt.” Riley said to her friends who all agreed with her.
“So theres no problem. I don’t have to worry about anything…do I?” Riley asked.
“Absolutely not.” Maya said to her best friend.
“Lucas?” Riley asked.
“Riles you know exactly where you stand with me. Especially now.” He said wrapping his arms around her waist from behind. Although they had not said ‘I love you’ yet they both couldn’t deny that what they were feeling was just ‘really like’. It was a lot more.
“Well then I better dig out my cowboy boots ‘cause we’re going to Texas!!!” Riley screamed as her friends cheered. Lucas kissed Rileys temple and held her tighter. He couldn’t help but think how much they had grown as a couple and how much she had grown as a person. She was so sure of their relationship that she was willing to go back to the place it all started. He couldn’t help but fall more in love with her.

The rest of the week consisted of planning the trip, packing and waiting for school to be over. The week flew by and Friday was upon them. The 6 friends were sitting in Topangas discussing where and when to meet up to leave for Texas the following day. They agreed to meet at Rileys at 7 am. All of a sudden Riley stood up and faced her friends.
“So my parents were a little reluctunt to let me go to Texas again. I told them it was different now but they were still concerned so I invited someone to join us.” Riley said. As soon as those words left her mouth her Uncle Josh walked in.
“Hey kiddies.” He said.
“Boing! What are you doing here?” Maya asked.
“Riley invited me to come to Texas with you guys.” He said.
Maya looked to Riley and said “I love you.” Just as she had done in the class before the ski lodge trip.
“Yeah and I love you. I also didn’t want you to feel lonely around all couples because lets be honest the first thing Zay is gonna do is find Vanessa.” Riley said.
“Thanks for thinking of me Riles.” Maya said as she hugged her best friend/sister.
“Always. Now go catch up with Josh. I know how long the long game can be.” Riley said.
As Maya and Josh walked away Lucas walked towards Riley and kisses her.
“Mmm, what was that for?” She asked smiling.
“You are the most amazing person in the world Princess.” Lucas said smiling down at his girlfriend.
“Okay Romeo walk me home?” Riley asked.
“No.” Lucas replied. Riley pouted her lips which Lucas thought was super cute.
“Why not?” She asked.
“Why walk you home when I can carry you home.” Lucas said as he scooped her up bridal style. Riley was giggling uncontrolably which was music to Lucas’ ears. Once they got to her apartment, Lucas set her down infront of the door.
“I’ll see you tomorrow baby.” She said kissing him goodbye.
“Can’t wait Bean.” Lucas said pecking her lips once more before letting her go inside. He knew this trip was his one chance to express exactly how he felt about her. The last time he tried to romance Riley in Texas it didn’t end well but now he knew nothing would stand in his way.

The next day Lucas had arrived extra early to Rileys house since he knew his girlfriend was not a morning person and wanted to wake her up. He obviously asked her parents permission first to which they both agreed considering they didn’t want to wake up at 6 am on a saturday the first day of summer vacation. Lucas made his way to her room to find both Riley and Maya in bed. He walked over to Rileys side and kissed her forehead, nose, cheek and finally her lips.
She began to stir which the Texan found very adorable.
“Riley wake up princess.” He whispered gently in her ear.
“5 more minutes Lucas.” She mumbled.
“If you don’t wake up now I won’t make you my chocolate chip pancakes.” He said.
“Fine.” She grumbled as she sat up and tapped Maya to get up.
“Don’t worry about her. Josh will wake her up.” Lucas said.
“Lucas…baby?” Riley said cutely.
“What do you want?” Lucas said knowing Riley was gonna ask for something. She reached her arms up towards him with her eyes still closed. He knew what she wanted. He picked her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist and nuzzled her face in his neck. He could never deny her anything.
After breakfast was done and everyone was ready to leave, they all left for the train. Farkle and Smackle were all excited about scouting constellations. Zay was asleep and Maya was alseep on Josh’s shoulder. Riley and Lucas were doing what they do best. Talking. What about? Everything. Anything. They had finally arrived in Texas. It looked exactly how they left it.
“Bay window bay window everyone.” Riley said.
They all walked to the make shift bay window.
“This place brings back a lot of memories. The good…” she pointed to the tombstone trophy “…and the bad but all of it taught us some pretty good lessons. One being anything good is worth waiting for.” She said as she grabbed Lucas’s hand. Everyone smiled at one another.
“Well well if it isn’t my favourite New Yorkers.” Pappy Joe said coming into the room and they all rushed to say hello.
“Ooh we got some new people Luke.” Pappy Joe said.
“Yeah thats Josh he is Rileys uncle and that is Smackle one of our friends.” Lucas said.
“Its nice to meet ya’ll. I gotta run but i’ll see you later.” He said leaving.
“So you guys make yourself comfortable and later we can all go to Chubbies.” Lucas said.
“Oooohh I can’t wait to get me some ribs.’ Farkle said while licking his lips.
They all left to freshen up and get ready for the night.
The boys were waiting down stairs to leave for dinner but the girls were taking a while. The first one to walk through the door was Smakle who wore a cute checkered shirt with some ripped jeans and boots. Farkle had literally passed out and Smackle had to pull him away.
Maya came next wearing high waisted shorts and a black lace blouse wearing cowboy boots. Josh walked over to her, took her hand and said “long game.” She smiled and walked towards the couch with Josh.
“Where’s Riley?” Lucas asked.
“She’s putting her shoes on.” Maya said.
Riley had walked through the door shaking her hair to make it more edgy. She wore high waisted dark ripped jeans that showed off her figure. A flannel that was tied around her waist acentuating it even more. The buttons were undone which showed the white lace tank top underneath. To top it all off she wore heeled brown cowboy boots which did wonders for her legs.
“Lucas…are you okay?” Riley asked. He stood there staring at her mouth wide open, eyes barely blinking. Riley kissed him to bring him out of his daze.
“You look absolutely phenomonal princess.” Lucas said.
“Thanks baby. You look very handsome too.” She said kissing him again.
“Okay lets roll everybody.” Zay says walking out the door.
They walked into Chubbies remembering the last time they were in here. All of them thinking of how grateful they were that things worked out the way they did.
“Okay I don’t know about you guys but I am starving.” Riley said taking a seat.
Everyone followed her lead. Vanessa had joined them and everyone was sitting in couples. They were finishing off desert when the live music was begining.

‘Since the day they got married
He’d been praying for a little baby boy’

The song was playing and Riley was sitting in Lucas’s lap playing with the hair on the nape of his neck. She remembered the words she had said to him last time.
“Hey huckleberry we dancin or what?” Riley asked teasingly.
“Riley if you wanna dance you gotta ask me properly.” He said teasing her back.
“Lucas will you dance with me as my boyfriend for the first time in Texas.” She asked.
“How can I say no to that beautiful face.” He said. They went of to the dance floor along with the other couples. They stood in the exact spot where Riley said they were better as brother and sister. They were going to make great memories to counteract the bad ones. As the song was begining to finish he pulled Riley impossibly closer and said “You are my sweet little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, all american girl.” He said kissing her after each word. Reciting the lyrics from the song they were just dancing to.
“Hey I come from cream cheese remember.” She joked.
They both laughed.
“That may be but you will always be my Riley.” He said seriously.
“And you will always be my Lucas.” She replied.
“I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you chose me Riley. You accepted me. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know if I would’ve survived in New York and without you I don’t know if I can survive at all. I love you Riley Matthews. I love you so much.” He says as his voice cracks and he begins to tear up. Riley immediately kisses him. When she pulls back she says “I love you too Lucas and now I definately know how.” She says and they kiss once again.
Once they all left Chubbies, they head back to the house but Lucas pulls Riley aside.
“Hey I have a surprise for you.” He said as he blinfolds her.
“This is awfully criptic. Its a good thing I love you.” She said as they both smile.
“I will never get tired of hearing that. Ever.” He says. He continues to walk her to her surprise. She suddenly feels a wave of heat. He takes off the blindfold to see the campfire. It looks identical to the one they built last time. Everything was set the same way.
“Lucas what are you doing?” Riley said feeling nervous. Lucas positioned Riley to stand exactly where Maya did when the almost kissed.
“You are standing exactly where Maya was 3 years ago. Except everything is so different now. You and me are together and in love. Everyones happy and where they should be. The last time we were here I wanted to have my moment with the girl that I liked from the start. I never got that moment. I still want that moment and i’m determined to get it. One of the most important lessons that your dad has taught me is that when life gives you an opportunity to change your history you take it. Im taking it right now.” He said taking a step closer to her, grabbing her head and un apologetically kissing the girl he loves. As they pulled back.
“Well I think that its gonna take a little more than that to change the past and my opinions on campfires. Whenever I hear about them all I can think about is you and Maya but we are gonna change that right now.” She said.
“What do you have in mind?” He said.
She pushed him to sit on a log, climbed into his lap and began kissing him again. Neither one of them could tell how long they had been there. It could have been 10 minutes to 1 hour but they didn’t care. They were happy and in love. They were interupted by the rest of the gang who walked in with hot cocoa and all the ingredients for smores.
“Well its safe to say huckleberry won’t lose his mind over me again. Im so telling Mr Matthews that we caught you guys making out under the stars.” Maya said as a joke. Both Lucas and Riley blushed as she climbed off his lap.
“I guess we got carried away huh.” Riley said to Lucas.
“I guess I lose my mind over brunettes more than I do blondes when infront of the firelight.” He quipped which made her giggle.
They spent the rest of the night laughing and having fun with their friends. At the end of the night Riley was helping Lucas put out the fire. Once they had done it Lucas started to walk inside but Riley grabbed his arm and stopped.
“Lucas when you come back to Texas again if its possible I would love to come again too.” Riley said.
“I would love to come with you again. So you had fun?” He asked.
She nodded. “It was one the best nights of my life. I will always remember this trip. I love you Lucas Friar.” She said.
“I love you too Riley Matthews. I can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for us.” He says. They kiss one more time before intertwing their hands and walking back to the house with the promise of their love lingering in the air.