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justin says in the 11th hour that taako started seriously learning magic to make sizzle it up more interesting when audiences started dropping, which means if you think about it that losing lup fucked him up so bad he forgot he was a fucking wizard at all let alone an extremely intelligent one so like when he says 'you took everything from me' he is referring not only to his only family and only happy memories but also his intelligence and all his powers like its LITERALLY everything & im dead

You Come Into My Fucking Home At 4 AM And Make Me See This Information With My Own Two Sad Eyes,

Exostace Masterlist est. June 4  ‘17

Scenarios are intended for 18+ audience, may contain nsfw images, 100% NSFW graphic smut scenarios with heavy language warning.

No copying, translating or using any of my works listed below allowed ( Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs).

❤️️🙈 means the newest!

Park Chanyeol

SOLACE You saw something Chanyeol wore on the stage…
TEMPTATION You just broke up with your boyfriend, and the fuckboy at school just happened to be your best-friend.. 
SWELTER You heard Chanyeol working out upstairs..
VEXATION When Chanyeol isn’t home and someone came into the picture.. 
❤️️🙈FIRST DATE The music major kid was a date to die for..

Byun Baekhyun

PLEAS  When Baekhyun got jealous..
HANDY  When your roommate, Baekhyun, asked you for a helping hand..
PROM Going on a prom night with your beloved boyfriend and things get hasty..

Oh Sehun

CAMERA Sehun cared about you more than you thought he would…
DOUBLE TROUBLE + KAI When two hot strangers seduced you, and wait, they have tattoos too? 

Kim Jongin

DOUBLE TROUBLE + SEHUN When two hot strangers seduced you, and wait, they have tattoos too?

Kim Minseok

PRIVATE The most famous stripper at the club doesn’t get famous for nothing..

Zhang Yixing

CRESENDO As always Yixing was too busy in his studio…

never shy away to leave any comments or leave an ask…. any ‘asfadfstlfadf’ would make me smile and keep me happy to write! I appreciate everything you send. Thank you for reading my love and hardwork ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Peter x Reader Imagine

Summary:  After getting your feelings hurt by one of your friends, you decide to spend the rest of the afternoon at the roof of the building you live in, to have some time alone with your thoughts. However, Peter, who happens to live in the same building as you, saw you cry on your way home, and followed you to the roof to make sure you were okay. From that day, something sparked between the two of you.

A/N: I’m basically venting my feelings, something very similar happened to me today and I feel like shit about it.

* * * * * * * * *


“Hey Y/N” One of your closest friends waved at you, as you emptied your backpack, leaving everything inside your locker. “Hey, you’re going to Frank’s birthday party?”

You frowned at your friend. You knew Frank’s birthday was today, and wished him a happy birthday in both his social media and at school. But, at any point, Frank didn’t tell you anything about a party or something.

“What? Why am I always the last one to be told about plans and stuff?” You asked sarcastically.

“Shit” Your friend muttered. “I-I thought he’d told you. He said he invited everyone from our group of friends…” He said awkwardly.

You felt your heart break a little bit. Did it feel like you’d been stabbed in the back or being left forgotten to die? Was it both of them? Whatever it was, it hurt, and instantly made you feel stupid for considering Frank a close friend, when apparently, Frank didn’t consider you as close as you’d thought.

“I-I mean…” Your friend continued, realising his mistake, and noticing how your usual smile immediately changed to a crooked attempt of smile. “I thought you two were buddies, ya know?” He laughed awkwardly, avoiding your stare.

“Yeah” You said feeling a lump in your throat. “So did I” You closed your locker and turned around, as your eyes became teary. “Gotta go, I might miss the bus” You said coldly and left at once.

Silent tears began falling from your eyes, as you avoid looking at anyone on your way to the bus stop. What an awful feeling, both anger and sadness filled you with loud thoughts, making you wish you could just mute the entire world and just be alone in silence for a while.

You sat on the very first seat of the bus, and looked out the window, hoping that everyone would ignore you.

“Ned, I’m telling you, Spanish isn’t that hard if you hand in everything in time” You heard Peter Parker’s voice, a nice and shy guy with whom you shared several classes, plus he happened to live in the same building as you did. You weren’t precisely friends, but, you found it easy to talk to Peter.

“I dunno, man. The teacher definitely hates me” Said Ned.

“Do you mind if I sit with you Y/N” Peter asked politely, as you shrugged.

Normally you’d greet both Peter and Ned. But since your eyes were fixed on the window, Peter noticed your weird attitude.

“Is everything alright?” Peter asked you, sitting next to you, as you shrugged again. “Can I help you…”

“No, Peter. Thank you, but no” You snapped, turning around to see him in the eye.

You turned back to the window, wishing he’d sat somewhere else. You immediately regretted the way you talked to him. Peter was a pretty sweet guy, who always avoided fights or arguments. He didn’t deserve it. However, Peter noticed your teary eyes, and felt worried for you. Since you were always the cheerful kid who always tried to have a smile and something nice to say to anyone. Something should’ve gone bad for you to be teary and aggressive.

“Peter” You whispered. “I-I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s cool Y/N” Peter answered before you could finish. “I hope whatever happened gets better. I really like your smile” He complimented you, in an attempt to make you feel better.

You smiled softly and looked through the window, silent until your way home. When your stop arrived, both Peter and you hopped out of the bus, and silently walked inside the building. In any other day, you’d had a small chat with Peter until you reached your apartment, which was on the second floor, and Peter would continue to his in the third floor. However, this time you didn’t stop in the second floor, you kept going towards the roof. You needed some alone time to cry comfortably by yourself.

However, Peter knew there was something wrong. He was surprised when you kept walking up the staircase past the second floor. He left his stuff inside his apartment and followed you silently towards the roof. He remained behind the emergency door to the roof, and watched from afar.

You sat close to the edge, and hugged your knees close to your body, and began sobbing and cursing in a low voice. Hearing you cry, made Peter’s eyes get slightly teary, he never liked to see people cry. He couldn’t stand watching and felt the need to do something about it.

He walked into the roof, and closed the emergency door gently, so it wouldn’t make any  noise, and walked silently towards you.

“What happened, Y/N?” He asked.

You flinched at hearing his voice, and looked behind you to find Peter, staring at you with a concerned face. You looked back to the buildings in front of yours, and gulped. Peter sat next to you, whispering your name.

“I-it’s just that…” You began, cleaning your tears with your sleeve. “…have you ever realised you don’t mean as much to someone as they mean to you?”

Peter moved closer to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and bringing you closer for a hug.

“It sucks…” He muttered. “Who…”

“I thought I was close friends with Frank” You interrupted him. “I really did. I’d message him constantly when he left to that exchange in Italy, I once threw him a surprise party at my place…I thought we were actually friends…”

“Wait, Frank? But you two are friends, aren’t you?” Peter asked surprised.

“I don’t even know at this point” You sighed, as more silent tears fell down your tears.

“I’m sorry Y/N” He whispered, hugging you tighter.

“Frank apparently is throwing a party today with his close groups of friends…you can guess what happened next”

“Hey, maybe he forgot to invite you? I dunno, you should try to…”

“Yeah, Frank” you added sassily. “Mr. Perfect, who always gets pissed at people who don’t do their job in team projects, and is in like every activity the school has, and yet he manages to have perfect grades? Yeah, I don’t think he forgot about me” Your voice lowered down, as you spoke, as you felt that back-stabbing ache again.

Peter didn’t answer. But he hugged you tighter and stroked your hair. From everyone in the school, you’d never imagined it would be Peter Parker who would comfort you during a hard time. He kissed the top of your head, as an affection gesture, as trying to say “I’m here for you, unlike that asshole Frank”

“I’m going to have chinese with my aunt May tonight, would you like to join us for dinner?” Peter asked.

More tears fell down your eyes, but this time were more like happy tears. Even when things felt like shit for a second, now everything seemed to be getting better. Having chinese with Peter and his aunt sounded like more fun that a birthday party. You broke the hug, cleaning your tears and smiling at Peter.

“Sure, I’d love that” You whispered, as Peter smiled back at you.

“Now, that’s the smile I was talking about earlier” He said, as you giggled shyly. “Let’s get going to my place, and I’ll call May to let her know we’re having a guest tonight” He stood up, and offered you his hand to help you up.

After having dinner, Peter and you hung out in his room for a while. The two of you talked about endless things, and realised you two shared a lot of interests. You’d never imagined Peter was this cool, and you felt somewhat grateful that you’d had to go through some bad stuff in order to get to meet Peter. So, in the end, you weren’t as mad at Frank as you did earlier. Because of him, you were now having a pretty good friday night, chatting with Peter.

After midnight, you decided to head to your apartment, and Peter offered to walk you to it, even if it was a floor below. Peter asked you out, to have some ice cream the next day, and you accepted before you two hugged before parting ways. That night, you couldn’t stop thinking about Peter.

“Has Peter being this good looking the whole time?” You kept asked yourself over and over. Feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Well, writing this helped me feel better, so, I’m glad. Hope you liked it, requests are open, since I lack of imagination *cries*

No, Seriously.

It irritates me so much that people turn a blind eye to B.A.P. And no, this isn’t just because I find them cute or hot or anything like that.

B.A.P is seriously the most different kpop group​ out there. I can say that with confidence. Absolute confidence.

Other groups out there produce the most trending music. They create hard dances. Show off their bodies and aegyo to get fans. At the end of the day, all of that fades. Bodies fade. Music trends die. Doing cute stuff when your thirty loses it’s appeal. 

It’s all be done before. A cycle of unoriginality mixed in with what’s the most popular thing right now creates​ stardom. It ceates​ main stream groups and the same old songs just with different keys and different vocals.

Here’s where I make my point.

B.A.P, the six men that make up the band. It isn’t all about smiling. It isn’t about putting off the picture perfect boy group, where everything is cookie cutter with them. No, it isn’t.

B.A.P has been through things most people never do in their lives. Contracts that pay them less money than minimum wage. Being forced to work when sick and having other issues. Eating disorders. Suicidal thoughts. Alcoholism. Lawsuits that make them lose a huge amount of their fanbases. They’ve been through struggles I hope no one else has to go through, sincerely.

I was just minding my business today, but a song popped up in my head. Their song ‘Wake Me Up’. I listened to it, and unconciously clicked on ‘1004’. I watched their old episodes of Weekly Idol, and voyaged further back into their history. Watching their performances and their interactions.

In the end it left me thinking: Do people not see what the lawsuit did to them? Do they not see how strong they are? How they decided to put out harder songs about real issues in the world rather than gain back popularity with another generic pop song?

They don’t have to dance hard to get your attention. They don’t have to be the best rappers or vocalists to get noticed. If you’re open to deeper concepts than just a school love or sadness over a girl, B.A.P is perfect.

And that’s what makes them unique to me. They chose being real and sticking to themselves when they came back from their hiatus. They chose to give out real concepts with their songs. Have you seen the ‘Wake Me Up’ music video? The diversity? The emotion? How the members struggled throughout it?

What about the choreography? Where the leader walks through two other members. Where he takes back the leader position and leads the boys. It makes everything so much more intense, and my heart aches for him. For his axiety and panic disorders. I respect him so much for coming back. I respect all the boys.

Sure, you could go against me and say, “What about ‘Feel So Good’? That song was just upbeat and smiley. They’re fake too.”

They have never been fake. They have never acted like a perfect group. They’re so much more than that. Yes, they put out a smiley song about happiness. But really, how often do they do that concept? How many of their comebacks were about dark situations and deeper stuff?

“But my oppas are special too!”. Yeah, they are. But, just hear me out, what’s their latest comeback about? It it about a girl? Is it EDM? Pop? Maybe they lift their shirts. Maybe they do some wild hip thrusts. Hell, they might even lick their lips and tease.

Is that wrong groups are like that? No. Each group has the right to want to be popular, and find the best way to do it. The only reason I stress this is because it shows how different B.A.P is.

I’m happy your oppas are singing about their first loves and heartbreak when they aren’t even legal yet. I’m happy they’re doing that. Genuinely. It’s popular, and spreads K-pop around the world more. 

Most people start off with the most popular groups before moving to others. So yes, let them sing their heart out. Let them dance in tight pants and shirts that are a little too unbuttoned because that’s what’s popular. And that’s what spreads. Has B.A.P partaken in these actions? Hell yeah. But they don’t make their career about it. Look at all their comeback songs. 'Badman’, 'Warrior’, 'No Mercy’, 'One Shot’, etc. Tell me now, are they generic?

Long story short, before I make a book out of this, B.A.P deserves so much more. 

They might never be the trendy group they were before the lawsuit, but they’ll probably always be the realest group out there. Pumping out songs that challenge society. More than many other groups out there can say.

Go stan them and stan them hard. They deserve it so much. You will never regret it.


A big ol’ BABY (fandom name of course)

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Okay, I've seen tons of fics and hcs about Zen falling for MC while she is with Jumin, but what about the other way around? Jumin falling for MC while she's in love with Zen hcs, pretty please?

Hum… interesting… and maybe a little angsty? Yep, definitely!

Hope this is what you wanted:

Jumin falls for MC while she’s with Zen

  • It started after a meeting, Jumin was trying to hire Zen to model to some C & R product, and you, as his manager, was discussing the terms on his contract
  • Jumin was impressed, you were confident, persuasive, and smart. And when the deal was set, you smiled so sweetly he felt a heat growing inside him.
  • You were different from what he remembered, that sweet girl who used to fangirl over Zen with his assistant has turned into this powerful business woman, without losing that sweetness from the messenger.
  • He catches himself thinking of you often. Will you log in the messenger today? What will you talk about with him?
  • He just realized this wasn’t just admiration seeing some photos that were on the news. You between Zen and him with the subtitle: Musical star Zen and his manager/fiancée pose with C & R’s director Jumin Han, celebrating a new model contract.
  • He couldn’t stop staring at that picture. Zen holding your waist and smiling while he placed a hand in your shoulder, he remembers the smoothness and warmth of your skin and… what’s happening?
  • He makes excuses to see you more often, always offering Zen gigs and setting meetings about guests for RFA parties.
  • Some of them happen in his penthouse, having you in his home makes him feel so comfortable, for some reason.
  • Even Elizabeth seems to like you, she rubs her head in your leg and you caress her smiling. He suddenly wonders how would it feel having your fingers running in his hair slowly.
  • Seeing you with her finally makes him understand. He wants you.
  • “I hope I’m not bothering you by asking you to meet me in my house, MC.” “No, not at all, I prefer RFA meetings happening in less formal places. Plus, it’s good to see Elizabeth after so long.” And you put her in your lap, making her purr. He feels like he could purr too just seeing you like this.
  • “I thought you didn’t like cats…” he needs to distract himself from his wild thoughts. “I like cats, I just can’t have them around because of Hyun.” Hyun? Ah, Zen… he was forgetting about Zen…
  • “How is he? How are… you two?” he’s curious after you shared this little fact about not being able to be around cats, maybe there are other things you’re sacrificing to make Zen happy?
  • “He’s fine. Very busy with recording sessions and photo shoots, but everything is… pretty great. We’re both so tired all we want to do is sleep all day, but we still have a wedding to plan, so… yeah, we’re happy.” You smile so sweetly he could melt, but you’re talking about your happiness and your wedding with another man, and he stiffens immediately.
  • “The wedding… yes, Luciel keeps bothering me about Zen’s bachelor party, he wants me to host. Can you imagine?” your eyes gleam. “Would you? Don’t take me wrong, but I’d be happy knowing you’re taking care of this, taking care of Hyun. I know you wouldn’t let things go out of control. You’re a control freak just like me, right?” he’s happy to know you two have something in common, even if it sound a little like an offense.
  • “Well, if this will manage to calm you down, I’ll do it. I happen to know brides should never feel stressed.” You laugh softly, oh… making you laugh is much more than he could ever ask.
  • “Thank you, Jumin. No stripers, ok? This would be inconvenient for his career… and who am I kidding? I would be jealous as hell.” “I wasn’t thinking of inviting stripers. And may I say Zen would be the most foolish man alive if he ever left you for stripers?” you blush a little… oh god…
  • “Thank you, Jumin. Oh! Look at the time! I have a meeting with this TV producer. If they’re offering a deal for a soap opera again, I swear I’ll rip someone’s head off!” you gently put Elizabeth on the floor “Anyway, wish me luck!”
  • “Good luck. Not that you need it, you’re competent enough to set this by your own merits.” He notices a pale shade of pink again, god… Zen is the lucky one here.
  • You pass right beside him and pat his shoulder. “Thank you for the bachelor party. I knew I could trust you. I always can.” You’re close, too close… but you’re happy with Zen, and you trust him, doing something would only make you lose the only sweet feeling you have for him, he can’t lose your trust…
  • “It’s nothing. I couldn’t risk having one of C & R models in a scandal about stripers.” He shrugs, trying not to look at your beautiful face.
  • “Yes, sure.” You squeeze his forearm lightly “See you around, Jumin. Good bye, Elizabeth!” and you walk away.
  • Jumin sighs staring at Elizabeth. He wished he could explain to her what’s going through his head, but she wouldn’t understand, not even he does.
  • He remembers Zen admitting all the jealous he felt before. Jumin couldn’t fully understand at that time, now he does.
  • Zen would always complain about Mr. Trustfund Kid having everything he wants, but he doesn’t have everything… all he wants is your love, but it belongs to Zen.
  • For the very first time, he envies Zen. Zen is the one who has everything.
  • He needs wine to sort out his thoughts. That’s what he always does, right?
  • He still had hope one day somebody would be able to untangle the knots inside his heart, but the only person capable enough is too busy planning her wedding with another man.
  • Once again, here he is thinking about a woman that will never be his.

Who’s That Vans Girl?: @sydlars10

When it comes to adventure, Sydney Larsen’s got it on lock. We first fell in love with Sydney’s killer style and lust-worthy travel photos when she popped up in our Twitter feed months ago— and we’ll admit, we’ve been stalking her ever since. Get to know the free-spirited Vans Girl and learn her tips for transitioning your Winter wardrobe into Spring.

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Imagine Jensen, your boyfriend, visiting you on set when you have a intense kissing scene with your ex and costar, Tom.

Originally posted by spindle-berry

Related to these: Imagine while at the Comic Con with your boyfriend Jensen, you run into your ex Tom whose feelings for you have not changed one bit. (Part 1)

Imagine getting a role in a movie with your ex Tom and Jensen, your current boyfriend, getting jealous and worried. (Part 2)

“Can you please not look like this?” you whispered to your fiance whose eyes wouldn’t meet yours.

“Like what?” he said in a low rough voice and you cupped his clenched jaw.

“Like you want to rip his heart out or even more cut his head off.” you said with a small sigh and his eyes moved from your ex in the background to meet yours. He gave you a half-smile, but it certainly wasn’t like the sweet ones he’d usually give you. More like a murderous one.

“No, not his head off.” he said and your eyes widened.

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Connor Murphy headcannons (meeting parents)

A/N: I don’t have anything to say whoops

- Connor definitely didn’t want to meet them at all

- He did a bunch for you, like let you braid his hair, watch Broadway bootlegs, come over at 3 am cuz you wanna cuddle

- But meeting your parents he would refuse to do

- So you tricked him

- you asked him to come over to watch a movie, but your parents were home

- usually when he came over, they weren’t so he agreed and went to your house

- your parents thought that he knew

- they were very excited, your mom wanted you to “prep” her about Connor

- so you just told her that he took a little time to get out of his shell and not to mention his family

- she and your dad agreed to the terms

- When Connor got there, he wanted to greet you with a big ole kiss, but you placed a hand on his chest to make sure he couldn’t

- he didn’t understand why until he saw your parents behind you

- He would have turned around and left, but you grabbed his hand so he couldn’t

- you dad greeted him with a handshake and Connor took a couple seconds to respond

- “Hello, I’m Y/N’s dad”

- “I know.”

- “Yeah, that was stupid to say. Well, it’s nice to meet you, Connor.”

- Your mom smiled at him and shook his hand also “Yes, it really is. Y/N talks about you all the time.”

- “Mom”

- “I guess I wasn’t supposed to say that.”

- while you guys are dinner, everyone was visibly tense

- Connor asked to go to the restroom and said you had to go to the kitchen

- your parents didn’t believe you two but let you go anyways

- you and Connor went to the hallway and you immediately started apologizing

- “I’m sorry I made you come and meet my parents without telling you. I can say you don’t feel well and you can leave now. I know you didn’t want to meet them. I’m so sorry.”

- He sighed and gave you a hug

- “It’s fine, you just owe me.”

- “You’ll stay???”

- “Yeah sure, just don’t make such a big deal out of it”

- When you two came back, your dad asked him what he liked to do in his free time

- smoke weed, jk he said he liked to read

- and your mom lit up, she loved to read!

- you guys had a small library and everything

- they had a small conversation about Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allen Poe

- you and your dad were just happy they were talking

- your dad and him didn’t have anything in common

- but they were chill with each other

- then your mom started again about how much you talk about him and how excited they were to meet you

- and you were blushing like mad

- Connor had a miniature smile at that statement

- so you asked your dad about his job because you knew he couldn’t be shut up when he talks about his job

- When Connor was leaving, you walked him out and he gave you the kiss he wants able to earlier

- you swooned

- He said he had a good time then walked home

- When he was gone your dad said “he’s more interesting than you”

-stfu dad

- the next day he called you to ask if they liked him

- but he tried to play it off like he didn’t care

- “My mom liked that you read dark romanticism and my dad said you’re more interesting than me”

- “he’s right”

- “shut up butthead”

- Connor snickered “wow mature”

- “now, I wann a meet your parents. If my parents liked you, then yours might like me”

- “hell no. There’s nothing you can do to make me say yes”

- “wanna bet?”

- “try your hardest”

- “I will”, but you didn’t know what to do lol

- but back to Connor!

- He was surprised that your parents liked him

- He was sure they were going to act nice and then tell you that you weren’t allowed to see him anymore

- but then he sees your mom around town and she smiles at him and his mom I like ???

- He won’t explain it though

- He just nods back to your mom and goes on with his day

- then you see him at school and tell him that your family loves him

- and he actually smiles and that makes you smile

- He kinda wants to go again

- but he doesn’t ask

- He just hopes that you invite him again

heartbeat | part two (m)

part one // part two // part three

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

[Yoongi x Reader | Jungkook x Reader]

Genre: angst, smut

Words: 6018

—> And as Jungkook begins to fill a void in your life, you think of Yoongi less and less. Sometimes, he feels like a person you just made up; and then you see his promotional posters and suddenly remember how real he was. But the pain is lesser now; your heart no longer calls for him in a sea of unrequited love. 

A/N: this was loooonngg overdue; the feedback from part one made me so happy! So I hope you guys like part two xoxo

You think about Jeon Jungkook for days after the kiss.

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Achievement Hunter Avengers

Geoff: He’s gotta be the Hawkeye of the group because he’s so tired of everyone’s shit. He just wants to be at home but these god damn kids keep messing everything up but at least he looks cool with the bow and arrows.

Jack: Since Jack is female in the Fakes, it seems fitting to be Black Widow. Not only that, but because who else will kick your ass for staring, is basically the mom friend, and is teammates with Geoff. Might look like a nice person, but will literally kill you with such expertise.

Ryan: Thor! Think about it, the God of Thunder struggles with Earth’s normality. Ryan struggles often. Imagine both of them trying to figure out social media. “This Diet Coke, I like it. ANOTHER!”

Michael: Can you blame me, he’s the Hulk. All that rage has to go somewhere. Rage Quit videos can be a scary time when things get too rough. Don’t let Gavin poke fun at him too much either.

Gavin: Fucking Iron Man because GAVIN FREE IS SMART GOD DAMMIT! He cares about everything so much and tries so hard to make every happy, but at the same time can be the most annoying prick you’ve ever met. (Dan is totally his Jarvis.)

Jeremy: Here me out, but he’s Captain America. I do feel a connection between the two because Jeremy gives me “let me help, let me fight, I can do this all day” vibes. Only he’s 50% more “America! Fuck yea!” With monster trucks and fireworks while he would perform before he actually fought. (MATT IS HIS BUCKY. DEAL WITH IT.)

Got7: dating Jinyoung would include

•  okay so being best friends with him was getting harder and harder
•  not only bc of your blatant crush on him, but you’re p sure the kid is in love with you as well
•  conversation starters are getting more awkward and you’re honestly not sure who’s gonna make the first move before you explode
•  until one night in the dark halls of the enchanted got7 dorms ~
•  "Hey Jinyoung hyung, did you finally tell y/n that you’re in love-“ ”…Yugyeom is2g if you don’t get out of my sight in .2 seconds I’m going to stuff you in garbage bin"
•  while gyeom scurries off laughing hysterically, Jinyoung would take a min before turning to you and taking a deep breath
•  "Ok so that wasn’t supposed to happen like that" “hmm yeah I figured…” “it’s not true-” “-I love you too”
•  so let’s just say you had a long night of figuring things out and stop the misunderstandings
•  he gave you so much butterflies when dropping you back home later and giving you a peck on the cheek
•  then hearing him say ‘screw it’ and pull you by the wrist, finally pressing his lips against yours
•  he’s like god dang it, I’ve had a crush on you for so long and tried to restrain myself from doing that, please don’t push me off
•  you two would be so dorky together
•  the others would tease you a lot for it, knowing how whipped he is by you
•  having moments where he’s lost staring at you, and when you notice he’d smile and bite his lip then look away
•  him knowing exactly how to make you laugh
•  talking about everything with him, there’s no such thing as off limits
•  him tucking your hair behind your ear when you’re talking
•  and you losing your train of thought bc wtf…it always feels so good when he does that
•  being so proud and happy for you when you’re excited about something
•  legit being the biggest cheerleader for you
•  "Why are you smiling so much? It’s creeping me out" “Yugyeom just tripped and fell on his face”
•  *clenches fists* “Yugyeom just…..I think I have high blood pressure now after dealing with him for so long”
•  "babe calm down, he only dropped your ice cream"
•  nonstop hand holding
•  nose booping
•  and tickle fights
•  esp when it’s time to wake up and he’s not ready, he’ll pull you in and unintentionally starting a merciless tickle fight
•  then he leans down and kisses your tummy bc he’s scared he might’ve hurt you
•  is hella smug when you fangirl over his acting
•  which btw, he’s going to bring you to every single award show and surprise you with the most beautiful gowns before the ceremony
•  sometimes he’d randomly kiss you and go back to whatever he was doing
•  which sucks bc he knows you’re gonna be thinking about it until he’s not working anymore
•  he’d stare at your lips and trace them with his thumb before fully kissing you
•  bc the boy loves to tease and he’s always grabbing and caressing any part that he can when making out
•  this fool will legit grab your hand and place it under his shirt
•  or ask you to pull on his hair
•  freaky oml ok let’s not get carried away
•  being that couple that’s always low key and quiet, but you’re pretty wild when you’re together  (take that in any way you will wink wonk) 🌼

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Can we just talk about the way Naveen looks at Tiana?!?!?!!

Especially at the part when she’s dancing during Mama Odie’s solo number. It’s the first time he’s ever seen her completely happy and FREE instead of stressing about work and constantly being tied down by her worries about how she’s going to achieve her goal. He sees a more carefree side to her, and you can tell in that moment while he’s staring at her dancing that he suddenly realizes that he absolutely loves seeing her so happy. That she, more than anyone, DESERVES to be happy. And that because of that he’s going to do anything and everything to make sure that she will get what she’s worked so hard for because her happiness is now the most important thing in the world to him. Like idk these two always just give me a lot of feelings their relationship is so beautiful Aggghhffsdxe@$%fgccfft:$!ewrcf!##!! *CRIES* 😭😭😭

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Having sex with Tom when you're Harrison's sister part. 2

a/n: You know what it’s sucks? not having a fucking cellphone
And I hate my job but I can do anything about it
but I love to sin so here we go
And I know that I have like a million others requests about Tom but I’m a slut for Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan
What do you think about it?
And let me know if you have more requests, if this is sucks, what I can do to make this piece of sin better

• being the girlfriend of your brother’s best friend it’s actually pretty cool
• you don’t have to worry if your family are going to like him
• and your family trust him a lot
• but not your brother
• since the day Harrison caught you two he decide to become the biggest cockblock of the century
• and just for fun
• just because it’s free
• Tom don’t get annoyed but you do
• you don’t remember the last time you two fucked properly
• and the thing is even when you’re in Tom’s house Harrison try to be cockblock
• at this point you actually gave up of having sex
• so you’re just chilling with Tom watching some random movie on the TV
• everything it’s fine until you pour hot tea in your dress
• the way Tom laughs about your situation doesn’t make you happy
• “Tom… I’m gonna slap your face if you don’t give me new clothes now”
• “But darling this shouldn’t be a problem. I’m hotter than this tea but you handle me”
• “Now!
• “Jesus, woman. More sense of humor. Go clean yourself while I search for something that you can use”
• in the bathroom you realize that your skin is red due the hot tea
• not even your bra it’s dry
• you feel a relief when you softly pass a wet towel on your skin
• you’re so concentrated trying to clean your dress that you don’t notice Tom entering the bathroom with a huge hoddie in his hands
• “Why are you wearing panties?”
• “My bra is also wet”
• “No darling… I mean why are you still wearing it?”
• you laugh and shake your head but don’t resist when he pull your body closer to him
• you put your arms around his neck and stands on tiptoe
• he place his hands on your hips and approaches his face to yours
• “You know I love you right? I fucking love you babygirl”
• “Raise it a million”
• and he kisses you softly and picks you up and places you on the counter
• you lace your legs around his waist while your hands make a mess in his hair
• you love to tangle your fingers in Tom’s curls
• they’re so soft and silky
• he start to kiss your neck and you take his shirt off
• soon your boobs are pressed against his chest and the kiss start to get deeper
• “I really fucking love you”
• “Tom… I love you too but we need to fuck before Harrison appears”
• “Why do you think he’ll appear?”
• “He always does
• “But…”
• “Jesus Christ, Tom. Just fuck me already”
• and you didn’t need to say it twice
• Tom push his sweatpants and boxers down at once while you take off your panties despite the struggles of being sit
• he start to kiss your neck and his fingers are sinking into the skin of your thighs
• the kisses are going down on your body leaving a trail of fire
• you feel his hot breath between your legs as he kneels down on the floor, coming face to face with your center
• he brings his mouth to your entrance as he pushes his fingers all the way in
• you arch your back and grab the edge of the counter, your knuckles turning white as you buck your hips up
• he continues to work his tongue against you, sliding and swirling against your clit as you struggle against his grip
• you moan as your hands squeeze your breast
• the sound makes he work his mouth even faster than before
•you feel the familiar pressure at your core but you can’t really find words to tell him
• your hand grab his hair as you lightly tug on his strands
• you release yourself but he continues curls his fingers inside you, not bothering to slow down his pace
• you throw your head back and rest your head on the mirror behind you
• “Tom… Please… I need you inside me”
• he pulls away from you for a moment to a appreciate the sight in front of him
• you breathing heavily and face all stained with a messy hair
• “Your brother didn’t show up”
• “Shut up and fuck me already, Stanley”
• he laugh but don’t argue
• you ready to complain again but he just push his throbbing cock inside you at once
• you let a small cry out and he hide his face on the croock of your neck
• “I love so much being inside you so much. Fuck, you’re so thigh and warm. I’m almost not able to control myself”
• you moan at his words and he start to pound into you merciless
• his pace was brutal, your shoulders pressing the cold mirror making you shiver
• you let out a cry, enjoying the burning stretch of his size
• you felt complete and full like you didn’t felt in a loooong time
• Tom throw his head back, letting out a breathy moan
• your hands held onto his shoulders trying to keep yourself in reality
• the sounds of his cock entering you echoed throughout the bathroom and you could feel him entering you deeper and deeper with each thrust
• “Ah-ah-ah, I’m gonna come! Tom, don’t stop. Please”
• your words stuttering as he pounded into you
• your nails scratching his back leaving deep red marks all the way but at the same time you’re pulling him closer because you needed it deeper
• the sound of a door, followed by tires on the living room caused the two of you to freeze; your eyes widened with fear
• “Tom?”
• Oh god
• No
• You didn’t even closed the bathroom’s door
• Harrison slamm the door closed and walk towards the bathroom reluctantly
• you felt your heart race even more at your brother’s voice
• Tom noticed your shocked expression and smile at you
• a devious smile
• you felt him pull his hips back before thrusting back into you harshly
• before you could let out any protest, his hand wrap around your throat cutting off any noise
• your eyes widened even more with shock as he pounded into you
• “Hey, mate!”
• Tom call over his shoulder after clean his throat
• your eyes were burning and the lack of oxygen was making your head spin5
• you wrap your hands around his wrist trying to get his attention
• but the pleasure from his thrusts and your nearing orgasm didn’t help you on causing any commotion
• you hear Harrison let out a laugh, followed by his footsteps getting closer
• “Have you seen, Y/N? She hasn’t been answering her phone lately and I’m worried.”
• you could feel yourself clenching around his cock, your orgasm beginning to approach as you try to hold his wrist thigh in order to warn him
• Tom thrust harder, his cock hitting that spot inside you over and over again
• “U-uh, yeah! She left about half hour ago. She was going to the movie theater with Y/F/N”
• Harrison don’t do more questions because you really wanted to go see that new horror movie
• Tom’s hand tighten around your throat as he felt his own orgasm approaching and he close his eyes at the feeling of your pulsing pussy
• “Are you okay dude? Are you sick again? I don’t want you to pass some weird virus to my sister”
• Harrison it’s into mother mode again but at the wrong time.
• “I think I’m coming down with a cold, actually –ah!”
• your orgasm rips through you making spasms run over you
• your mouth falls open in a silent scream, tears running down your face
• Tom lets out a small grunt, spilling inside of you
• “Tom? Do you need he-“
• “NO! No, I just need to rest a bit. I’ll call you later, alright?”
• Harrison hesitated and you could almost hear his inner debate
• your brother os one of the best persons you know but right now this doesn’t make you happy
• after a few seconds, you hear the sound of his footsteps fading
• “I’ll see ya later then. Call me if you need anything”
• you both relax at the sound of the locks once again
• Tom let go of your throat, smiling when you let out a needy breath
• “I’m sorry about that,” he says and give you a peek on the lips
• you were too blissed out to argue and you were just relieved you didn’t get caught
• “You know… I really think my brother have a kind of fuck sensor. We should change the locks or try to fuck in different places”
• “Like where?”
• “In a road trip or I don’t know… In the sea…”
• “That’s kinky”
• “Sorry”
• “But I’m in”

Daniel Howell

dan/yul/ how/ell


1. A very shady person, all about bants and no angst                                           synonyms: rat, heart eyes howell, snake, Dan Is Not On Fire

2. very soft boye                                                                                                   synonyms: curly hair, thighs, squish, legs, selfies, nail polish, makeup ?

3. Will travel to an island and back, only if you are Phil Lester, to spend more time with you on a family vacation that he decided to crash                           synonyms: bahama drama, true love

4. Causer of many deaths towards the Phandom                                                   synonyms: selfies, most recent mirror selfie, selfies in general, likes rubbing phan is faces of phandom, gives the people what they want

5. Phil Trash #1                                                                                                        synonyms: Best friend of the AmazingPhil aka Phil Lester, Phil Lester’s stalker/lover, tweeted Phil till Phil loved him, bottom, likes showing off that he’s with Phil or knows everything about Phil 24/7

6. One of the main sources of happiness to the Phandom                                   synonyms: even though we’re sometimes really ironic or sarcastic and meanish towards you, we actually appreciate every little thing you do for us and we like you but will never admit and we wish you happiness in your life and will support you no matter what, meme, life is joke, meme, meme, make memes out of sad life, meme, where’s Phil?, meme lord, meme

adored by him; peter parker

one shot based of ‘adored by him’ -by dodie clark
peter parker x reader 
word count: 1,179
warnings: influence of alcohol 
summary: you are hopelessly in love with one of your best friends, but he is in love with someone else. 
part two | three| four| fivemy other work

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book starters [15]

                            ( HARUKI MURAKAMI ) ( NORWEGIAN WOOD ) 

  1. “What happens when people open their hearts?”
  2. “Nobody likes being alone that much.”
  3. “I don’t go out of my way to make friends, that’s all. It just leads to disappointment.”
  4. “Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Only assholes do that.”
  5. “You need to grab whatever chance you have of happiness where you find it, and not worry about other people too much.”
  6. “I want you always to remember me.”
  7. “Despite your best efforts, people are going to be hurt when it’s time for them to be hurt.”
  8. “What stays in your heart will stay; keep them, and what vanishes will vanish.”
  9. “All I want in this world is you.”
  10. “I want the two of us to begin everything from the beginning.”
  11. “No truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one.”
  12. “What a terrible thing it is to wound someone you really care for and to do it so unconsciously.”
  13. “If you’re in pitch blackness, all you can do is sit tight until your eyes get used to the dark.”
  14. “I’ve had enough hurt already in my life. More than enough. Now I want to be happy.”
  15. “People leave strange little memories of themselves behind when they die.”
  16. “Stop eating yourself up alive. Things will go where they’re supposed to go if you just let them take their natural course.”
  17. “When your feelings build up and harden and die inside, then you’re in big trouble.”
  18. “When you fall in love, the natural thing to do is give yourself to it. “
  19. “If I have left a wound inside you, it is not just your wound but mine as well.”
  20. “Hey, what is it with you? Why are you so spaced out? You still haven’t answered me.”
  21. “People are strange when you’re a stranger.”
  22. “The dead will always be dead, but we have to go on living.”
  23. “You don’t get it, do you?”
  24. “I am a flawed human being - a far more flawed human being than you
  25. “At least let me know whether or not I hurt you.”
  26. “All of us are imperfect human beings living in an imperfect world.”
  27. “I’ve never once thought about how I was going to die.”
  28. “So I’m not crazy after all!”
  29. “I miss you terribly sometimes, but in general I go on living with all the energy I can muster.”
  30. “Will you wait for me forever?”
  31. “I don’t want our relationship to end like this.”
  32. “When am I going to be able to talk to you? I want you to tell me that much, at least.”
  33. “It hurts not being able to see you.”
  34. “I’m not totally mad at you. I’m just sad.”
  35. “The world is an inherently unfair place.”
  36. “Life frightens me sometimes. I don’t happen to take that as the premise for everything else though.”
  37. “I’m a real bargain, don’t you think? If you don’t take me, I’ll end up going somewhere else.”
  38. “We’re all kind of weird and twisted and drowning.”
  39. “Don’t you think it would be wonderful to get rid of everything and everybody and just go some place where you don’t know a soul?”
  40. “You’re not telling me anything I don’t know already.”
EXO Reaction to you and them being childhood friends

This was requested by @sekailover​ Thank you!!
I wasn’t sure how you wanted it to be, like just friends or their S/O being also a childhood friend so I did a little bit of both. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He’d be that kind of friend that has a spare key of your place and just comes in to get food* “Y/N hasn’t seen me… good, she might notice I ate the whole fridge”


*He’ll be the softest boy only with you* “Why did I tell you all my secrets… why…”


*SO much trust here. Probably too much. SO much that sometimes people think you are dating. Or maybe you are, who knows*


*You’d be fools together tbh* “I want you to do my make up two! Maybe we can go out like this and say we are in a weird date!”


*He’ll take you anywhere tbh. You’ll always be with him and he’ll always be with you* “We are going on an adventure today Y/N. We’ll be picking you up at 5AM xD”


*Probably would be eternally in love with you* “You came! I’m glad you could make it… I was looking forward to meeting you today… come I prepared a surprise”


*That kind of friend that will surprise you at 2AM with the last thing you would think of* “Hey there! Open, I brought you someone… yeah you bias. You better hook up already, please”


*Partners in crime… for literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G* “Wanna be  naughty today???”


*There are no boundaries between you too….* “The Eve, special dance for Y/N. Here we go!”


“Don’t look at me like that… you are making me blush!” *You’ll probably know everything about each other and might as well be in love with each other in secret*


*The person he treasures the most. Sometimes looks like a brotherly-friendship, sometimes more like a love thing* “Have I told you how nice that sweater looks on you? You smell nice, are you seeing someone today? OR just going out with me?”


*He’ll be the one you can truly count on, even if you two had a fight. He’ll be there, because he just loves you too much* “You know… I love seeing you happy… it makes my heart content”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]


a/n: yippee an imagine!! i have a love hate relationship with this but oh well,, please tell me if you liked it xx

pairing: chris x reader

word count: 1012


There was no better feeling than being with the person you adore the most, to you at least. You would’ve never thought that you’d ever feel like this in anyone’s company, yet alone Christoffer’s. The whole concept of being in a proper relationship was new to both of you, both lacking experience in the domain of how to keep one up. It was a mutual agreement really when you decided to keep your feelings behind closed doors, if you could say that. The last thing you both wanted was to people make comments or speculations about it.

It was really hard for you two to not make it totally obvious that you were dating, when you could barely keep your hands to yourself when it was only the two of you. That was probably why moments like these, when it was only you two were so precious to you. You were laying on Chris’ couch, watching as he tried to play a game on his console but failing in it terribly. He was aware of the fact that pretty much he sucked in it, annoyance visible on his heavenly features. You couldn’t help but laugh a bit, making him turn around with a pout on his face.

”You’re supposed to be nice and supportive to me, you’re already failing as a girlfriend.” Chris said, the pout turning into a small smile. Your heat probably always skipped a beat when he smiled, it was one of your favorite things about him.

”You just really suck in that game, I’m supportive in a realistic way.” you told him, poking your tongue out at the boy. He let out a dramatic sigh, closing the console before throwing himself on top of you carefully enough that you don’t get hurt from the action, his cheek was squished against yours.

”Chris, what on earth are you doing?” you asked, doing your best to not laugh at him once again. In the end, he was a huge dork and you were surprised when you discovered this side of him. It was also one of the few things you could tease him about. Chris repositioned himself so that he was now hovering you, staring into your beautiful eyes. He didn’t mind that you brought out the dorky side of him out, as long as it made you happy he was alright.

It was surprising how different he was around you, his eyes literally beaming with pure admiration. Chris, the kid who previously had serious committing issues and fear of catching feelings, was head over heels for you.

”You’re just really comfy and pretty, princess.” he said, making you blush in the process. He had the nickname even before you started dating, but it still made you feel all warm and fluffy on the inside. Chris smirked, seemingly proud of the fact that he was still able to make you blush.

Chris leaned in, his lips meeting yours. The kiss was simple and sweet, but it still made both of your heads spin. It wasn’t like this was your first kiss ever or anything like that, yet it still made them both feel in someway, like it was all new. Chris pulled away, his eyes were still closed and his nose was touching yours.

A small laugh escaped your mouth as you were staring at Chris, who’s eyes were now open and his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

”Remember how we used to throw popcorn at the television when an annoying couple or a kissing scene came on?” you looked into his beautiful eyes, wondering if he remembered all of those little things you used to do when you were friends only. Those were the memories you probably cherished the most, even with the whole dating thing going well.

”Yeah, I do. Why are you thinking of that when I was having a deep and sentimental moment like characters in books?” Chris asked, his head tilted to the side.

”Funny how we’re now in a similar situation, you know, the two idiots slowly falling in love.” you shyly said, not sure of how Chris would react. ”If everything goes like in movies and television series we should be married with a kid in a few years or we’ve broken up and hate each other guts.”

”I’d rather not break up with you, guess we’re more likely going towards the first option.” Chris’ hand was now on your cheek, softly caressing it.

Chris wasn’t sure if he could say that he was in love with you, after all the whole concept was new to him. He really liked the idea of being in love with you, though. He couldn’t imagine kissing anyone else than you ever, the idea of going on a date with someone else with you was unheard of, just the thought of him being with someone else made him feel nauseous. Was it silly? Probably. Could it be helped? Probably not.

The idea of falling in love with you was appealing to him, it was almost like the normal thing to do. After all, even if you hadn’t spent that much time together as boyfriend and girlfriend it felt inevitable. You had been friends since you were small kids, you were his happiness, the one who never failed to make him smile. You were the one who encouraged him when things got rough, the first one to tell him that everything will eventually get back to normal. You were the only one who had ever managed to get him blush, make him feel those butterflies in his stomach that everyone always talked about.

”That sounds nice to me, I’d like that.”

It was the ideal scenario for a long lasting relationship, friends since small kids, trust, you knew each other better than you knew yourself. Two teenagers slowly falling in love, learning about the world and life after high school together. Maybe it would take years to admit those feelings or not even a month, but it was all worth it as long as you were happy together.

SH birthday post

I took a moment to calm down before writing this. After tears, huge smiles and a lot of freaking out, I’m finally calm (sorta). I just want to say that Lili’s post is the most beautiful thing. She didn’t say “I love you” and she didn’t say “you’re a great boyfriend”. But I honestly prefer her caption over that. She expressed her appreciation for him in the most beautiful way by saying that she enjoys their moments together and being with him makes her happy. Everything about that post just warms my heart. They don’t share much about their personal life, which is perfectly fine. They shouldn’t do it if they don’t want to. But just seeing that they are happy together makes me happy. And thats enough. These two humans makes me smile so much.

I hope Cole has an amazing birthday surrounded my people he loves.