everything about you two breaks my heart

I feel so unimaginably stupid for believing in the two of us. I thought we would last, I believed it would mean something for a lot longer than it did.

Recently everyone has been asking about you and I pretend everything is fine; inside I can feel the tension. I refuse to admit it because it’d prove you were using me these past few months. I’d been warned about you. I never understood that it would hurt me so bad. I never knew how attached I could become. I never thought you capable of breaking my heart.

—  Lauren Eloria
Long Distance with Fred Weasley Would Include...

“hello! I was wondering if you could do a headcannon that involves dating Fred Weasley while being long distance and going to Ilvermorny in America. I love your work! its simply amazing!”

thank you anon, this request made me smile a lot; i’m happy that people like my work. i hope this is okay for you - thank you for the request, it means a lot. <3

  • Your family moving away to escape the upcoming wizarding war as you were muggleborn 
  • Obviously you told your parents the danger that you were all in
  • Your heart-breaking when realising you had to leave everything behind
  • Crying when asking Dumbledore to transfer your files to Ilvermorny for when you left
  • Crying in the Gryffindor Common Room
  • Fred walking in and seeing you crying
  • Him rushing to  your side immediately and worrying over you
  • What’s wrong, he asks
  • Has something happened?
  • Telling him you two need to talk - explaining about Ilvermorny and crying because of how heartbroken you are
  • “Well, have fun my love. I’ll miss you loads, but don’t miss me. Go live your life in America!”
  • Him thinking you’d break up 
  • Fred being upset but not letting you see that
  • Telling him you don’t want to go
  • And that you don’t want to break up because you love him
  • Fred’s heart slows down slightly from the fast pace it was at
  • Finding ways to stay in contact in front of the fire
  • Deciding on owl post
  • Buying an owl

  • Fred going to see you with Arthur before you leave the airport
  • Super long, tight hugs 
  • “I love you”
  • “I love you too, Freddie”
  • Fred writing you a letter about how much he misses you as soon as he gets home
  • Him not being sad because he knows he’ll see you again when everything’s better
  • Knowing it’s for your safety, yet missing you so much

  • After seven months in America
  • You settling in well at Ilvermorny
  • Fred’s letters still arriving every week, him mentioning how much everyone misses you
  • Especially himself
  • Leaving sweet messages at the end of your letters to each other
  • Using muggle telephones to hear each other’s voices every now and then
  • Fred saving up to visit you in America
  • Fred using floo network to travel to America when he realises he has magic parents
  • You finding the gesture sweet 
  • Hot dog dates in America
  • Getting Fred to try muggle candies
  • Taking him to the theater
  • Showing him Ilvermorny and getting him to meet your new friends
  • Them fawning over his accent, you telling them to sod off
  • “He’s my boyfriend, not yours”
  • Fred loving your jealousy a tiny bit

  • Fred having to return for the Battle of Hogwarts
  • Limbs tangled together in your bed
  • Both you and Fred crying
  • Both incredibly scared
  • Your parents not letting you go
  • “Be careful, Fred”
  • “I’m always careful”
  • A long kiss before he left for the UK
  • Worrying about him every day
  • Not hearing much from him anymore
  • Writing endless letters to him, getting no reply from him
  • Endless night, crying and asking anybody who was listening
  • “Why?”
  • Getting letters from his family asking how you were
  • You asking how they were
  • Presuming Fred was dead

  • Would Fred die when the love of his life was sat across the globe waiting for him to return?
  • Of course not
  • He surprised you one night
  • 2am
  • A shuffling and a bang in your living room
  • Grabbing your wand and heading there, prepared to fight the intruder
  • Lumos
  • Familiar ginger hair staring back at you
  • A large smile on his face
  • And you’re so ?? because you were convinced he was dead
  • But he wasn’t
  • He was perfectly alive and standing in front of you
  • Ready to start your new life together
  • Grateful, long hugs and thankful whispers
  • “You’re alive, you’re alive”
  • “Of course I’m alive. I’m Fred Weasley, you really think I’d leave you?”
You Owe Me // Archie Andrews

Hi!!! I love your imagines! Can I request an Archie one where he’s trying to get over Mrs. Grundy and he does that by asking the reader to fake date him so that she (Grundy) realizes he’s moved on but then they (reader and Archie) actually fall for each other and Grundy tries to get him back but fails????? Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Hey guys! I’m getting through these one at a time to the best of my ability so please be patient and if you have been thank you so much! I’m going through a rough patch at the moment so I need all the happiness I can get. If you guys have any ideas please let me know, love you all 💕🌸


‘Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!’ I perked my head up from my English notes, seeing my auburn haired best friend running down the hallway towards me where I was standing at my locker. I frowned at him, my eyes widened in confusion.

'Archie, stop yelling my name please. You’re drawing attention that is unwanted on my part.’ I whacked him in the chest once he reached me, closing my locker shut.

'I need to ask you a favour, only a small one I promise.’ He pleaded, following me down the hallway whilst I was reading up on Shakespeare’s famous plays.

'What is it?’ I asked absentmindedly, still staring at my notes, trying to understand his made up language.

'Please don’t overreact, but, I need you to be my girlfriend.’

'Say what now?’ I asked, raising my eyebrow, causing him to shush at me, pushing me into a vacant classroom and closing the door behind him. 'You have to be out of your mind.’ I shook my head, closing my book.

'Look - I need to get Ms. Grundy off of my back ever since the whole…’

'Teacher sleeps with student scenario?’ I cut him off, shrugging.

'Do you really have to put it like that?’ He asked.

'Yes, yes I do.’ I nodded, causing Archie to sigh. 'Continue,’ I motioned with my hand, sitting on one of the desks.

'Anyway, I need to get her off of my back and I’ve been trying to get over her. So, I need you, my best friend in the entire world, to fake date me.’ He explained.

'And why would I do that?’ I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

'Because you appreciate me and you owe me for that one time.’ He smiled cheekily as I sighed, playfully frowning at him.

Damn him and black mailing me.

'It was one time and I swore to never touch alcohol again after it. Why do you have to bring it up?’ I groaned, running my hands over my face.

'Because I’m your best friend. Now, please, just this once?’ He pleaded, standing in front of me.

I sighed. 'Alright “boyfriend”, let’s do this.’


'You guys are dating?!’ I shushed Veronica, glaring at the raven haired girl for almost announcing it to the whole cafeteria.

'Jesus, Ronnie. Keep your voice down. I’m only doing this for him, it’s not real.’ I sighed, eating at my cupcake.

'It soon will be.’ I frowned at her, confused at where she was going with this conversation. She rolled her eyes before continuing. 'Y/N, people who fake date end up falling for each other in the end…or have you already done that?’

I bit my bottom lip, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. 'Whatever I feel, this is me doing him a favour and only a favour.’ Betty and Ronnie stared at each other, almost with knowing looks that it was obvious that I had feelings for my best friend, I always did. But, I managed to suppress them, until now.

'Hey girlfriend,’ I looked up to see Archie smiling down at me, kissing the top of my head before taking a seat next to me. Jughead gave me a smile and sat next to Betty. 'You told these guys?’

I nodded, 'Well, they would possibly raise questions due to that romantic gesture.’ I chuckled, catching sight of Ms. Grundy walking into the cafeteria.

Archie quickly wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder, not really thinking about it. It was almost as though it was out on instinct.

I watched her walk past our table, giving us a glare as she walked past, causing Archie and I to bump fists under the table.

'She looked happy to see us.’ I snorted, trying to keep it together. Archie chuckled too, not removing his arm from me, whilst I never lifted my head from his shoulder.

I could tell you one thing though; I most certainly blushed and I wasn’t mad about it either.


'Oh, c'mon! This is just stupid! No way would he have made that jump!’ I exclaimed at Archie’s t.v in his bedroom, the two of us watching some action movie that Archie had picked.

'It’s because it’s Hollywood, Y/N. What do you expect?’ Archie chuckled.

'Some actual quality content.’ I answered, making Archie snort.

I chuckled, continuing to watch the movie. I was laying on Archie’s chest, feeling his gaze on me. We’d been “dating” for over a week now and in all honesty, I didn’t want it to end. I enjoyed spending time with him, doing couple things at school. The only thing we hadn’t done was kiss.

Did I want to? Of course I did. But, I was doing this as a favour, only a favour.

'Y/N?’ Archie perked up. I turned my gaze away from the t.v, seeing him looking down into my own gaze.

'Yeah, Arch?’ I asked, feeling my heart pick up of how close we were.

'You now how I only asked you to do this as you owing me?’ I nodded, letting him continue, 'Well, I’ve been thinking about it…and I-I didn’t realise it until only a few months ago - actually, a few years ago but, I don’t want to fake date, Y/N. I want to date you, for real.’

I gasped quietly, his words taking my breath away and my voice.

'I-I understand if you don’t feel the same-’

'Oh, hush up.’ I cut him off, grabbing his face, kissing him eagerly like I had been wanting to for so long. I rested my hands on his cheeks, pulling away from his lips as I rested my forehead against his.

'So…do we make this a daily thing now, or?’ I joked, causing Archie to laugh and pull me in for a hug, kissing the top of my head.

I know what cloud 9 feels like now.


After Betty, Kevin and Ronnie’s reactions to me actually dating Archie, I needed to walk away and get some air and look for Archie at the same time.

I was genuinely happy for once, Archie causing the grin on my face. I felt complete and important, especially that the boy I’ve liked for so long finally admitted his own feelings. It amazed me that just by the two of us fake dating made us realise our true feelings for each other, ending up together for real.

I was knocked quickly out of my thoughts with shouting coming from a classroom. I frowned, walking over to the music room to see Archie and Ms. Grundy having an argument. I walked over to it, opening the door, causing Archie and Ms. Grundy to turn their heads and look at me.

'Really, Archie? Her? I gave you everything you could’ve wanted!’ She stared at me disgusted, causing anger to bubble up inside me.

'You manipulated me into keeping a secret about Jason Blossom’s murder and used me for your own good. Y/N treats me with the love and respect that I hope I can give her.’ Archie but back, causing my heart strings to tug a little at his words, warming them.

'Think about what you’re doing Archie, I can still give you everything-’

'No,’ Archie shook his head, cutting her off. He turned his back away from her, walking over towards me. 'You can’t. We’re done. I moved on and I’m happy.’

'She’ll hurt you, Archie.’

I scoffed. 'Give it a break, honey. You’re done here.’ I spat, feeling Archie grab my hand, leading me out of the tension build room.

I sighed of relief, the two of us being the only ones in the hallway.

'Well…that was interesting.’ Archie sighed, gripping onto the strap of his backpack.

I wrapped my arms around his waist, hugging him whilst I rested my head on his chest. He sighed, hugging me back. I felt his kiss the top of my hair, his hand cupping my face to tilt it up, pecking his lips.

I hummed happily, the two of us pulling away from each other. 'I’ll never get tired of that.’ I mumbled.

'I’m glad.’ He whispered back.

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prompt: arin rages so hard at a game that he actually starts crying. dan quickly turns off the capture and then they both lie on the couch as dan strokes arin's hair and shooshes him and tries to calm him down.

okay so i’ve got a few prompts in my inbox, but the minute i saw this one, i immediately sat down and wrote. i love this so goddamn much.

it’s got everything–caring, warm danny, emotionally compromised arin, and feelsy hurt/comfort. add in egobang and you’ve got the perfect mix.

i love them. thanks for the prompt! i hope you like it!

One thing that Danny was pretty proud of was his ability to sense Arin’s mood and general emotions at any given time.

For example, when he first was getting to know Arin, he’d get worried after a con when Arin would suddenly go quiet and enter a slump. When he’d asked Suzy, she’d just explained that Arin “got like this” after cons, and was perfectly fine. He just needed some time to recuperate.

Now it was Danny who explained to concerned friends what was happening to Arin after cons. He’d always get a sort of swell in his chest, as though he were oddly proud to know Arin this personally.

That was to be expected, though. Especially after realizing he was in love with Arin a few months ago.

After a lot of confusion involving Danny avoiding Arin for two weeks and a confused and hurt Arin practically breaking down Danny’s front door, he and Arin had shared a personal conversation involving feelings and fears. They’d immediately gone to Suzy, because she had an important place in this conversation, too.

But that was the past now, and Danny still marveled at the fact that he could call Arin his boyfriend casually and it was considered normal. Arin and Suzy were husband and wife, but he and Arin were boyfriends.

He was happy with that. Arin had more than enough love to share, and Suzy thought it was marvelous that they made each other happy. He still couldn’t believe a person as kind and understanding as Suzy existed.

Which brought him to his current situation.

Arin was frowning at the screen, his brow furrowed as he attempted the boss battle for the sixth time. Danny was beginning to worry about him.

Arin had been working extremely hard the past few weeks. He’d hardly spent any time with Danny, as he’d been flying from one project to the next. Danny had also been very busy, but he knew Arin had a tendency to overwork. He was worried that Arin hadn’t been taking proper care of himself.

Danny had asked earlier, tentatively, if Arin was doing alright. Arin had chuckled and kissed Danny’s forehead fondly, telling him that he was fine. But Danny watched him now with concerned eyes; it was just like Arin to worry about everyone but himself.

Now, as Arin died for the seventh time, Danny bit his lip.

“Wanna take a break, dude? This boss looks pretty rough.”

Arin’s head jerked, his eyes darting to follow his character. “Nah, man, it’s fine–shit–totally fine. I’ve got this–goddammit!”

The game over screen flashed in front of them for only a moment before Arin started it up again, throwing his character back into the fight. Danny glanced at Arin, unsure.

“Okay, but only a couple more tries. Then we’re stopping.”

He’d tried to sound firm, but Arin didn’t even seem to register his command as he pushed on. “The trick is, to, um…just…”

With a sickening crack the game over screen flashed at them again, and Arin seemed to still, his face bright red.

Danny prepared himself for the outburst of curses and yells. 

But they never came.

Arin continued staring at the screen, his eyes dropping in defeat. He took a deep breath, glancing up again, and opened his mouth.

Arin burst into tears.

It was so startling Danny jumped, not used to seeing Arin so distraught. In fact, he could only recall seeing Arin cry before a handful of times, and never like this. It was uncanny to see the normally cheerful man look so…small.

He did the first thing that came to mind, which was reach out for Arin. He sought Arin’s familiar form, curling his arms protectively around him. “Hey. Hey, Big Cat. C’mere.”

Arin dropped the forgotten controller, curling into Danny’s chest. His hands gripped Danny’s old t-shirt, but he didn’t give a shit. He stroked Arin’s back soothingly, resting his head atop Arin’s. “Let it all out, big guy. Shh, I’ve got you. I’m here for you, baby.”

The cries were heart-wrenching, tearing a hole in Danny’s heart. Arin sounded so desolate and unhappy that Danny just wanted to wrap him up in a safe little ball and never let anything bad touch Arin ever again.

After a few sniffles, the wails subsided, and Arin’s grip on Danny’s shirt loosened. “Sorry,” he whimpered.

Danny stroked Arin’s hair, feeling terrible. “Don’t feel sorry, Big Cat. You’ve got nothing to be sorry about. I’m worried about you.”

Arin stayed hidden for another moment before turning his head upward to look at Danny. His heart ached at the sight of Arin’s puffy eyes and wet face. “I just…sometimes all the work catches up to me…and I miss you so goddamn much and feel guilty because I hardly get to spend any time with Suzy…and then I just feel all the weight of everything on my shoulders, but it’s my job…I’m supposed to be able to handle all of this, Danny.”

It’s the way Arin says Danny that really breaks in heart in two. Arin doesn’t use the affectionate term very often, and the way he says it so tenderly yet brokenly makes him hold Arin even tighter.

“You don’t need to do all that by yourself, baby,” Danny murmured, gently wiping the tears off Arin’s cheeks. “We’re all here to help you. No one expects you to do everything alone. We’re more concerned about you taking good care of yourself.” Danny smiled down at him, feeling an overwhelming rush of love and affection. “I’ll take care of you properly, I promise. But you need to let me help, okay, Big Cat?”

A smile flickered across Arin’s face, and he sighed, resting his head on Danny’s shoulder. “You’re the best. I love you.”

It’s a simple statement, but it makes Danny’s heart catch in his throat, and a tingly feeling shoots down his spine. He swallowed his giddiness, letting a smile stretch across his face as he buried his nose in Arin’s hair, kissing the top of his head. “I love you, too. So, so much.”

They stayed like that for a bit, letting Arin’s breathing return to normal and a feeling of warm comfort surrounded the pair. It’s moments like this that remind Danny how he fell in love with this hardworking, generous, talented, beautiful man in the first place. His heart swells with love and pride. Taking care of Arin feels better than anything he’s ever done before.

Finally, Arin shifted to sit up properly, wiping across his eyes one last time. “I needed that. You always know how to make me feel whole again.” He smiled somewhat shyly at Danny, and it’s the cutest goddamn thing Danny’s ever seen. He has to bite his lip to keep from grinning like an idiot.

“I’ll get everything set up. Just two more recordings, I promise. Then we’ll nap,” Arin decreed, walking over to retrieve the controller.

Danny watched him, adoration burning in his chest for this man. 

He never thought it was possible to feel so much devotion to another person, but if this is what it was like to take care of someone you loved, then it was the best feeling in the world.

EXO Reaction to introducing their GF to all their friends and out of the corner of their eye they see the pain in your face

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“It’s my fault… everyone told me to move on.. that she didn’t like me… I guess this time.. she’ll be the one moving on.We are walking in circles”


*Talks with Suho* “Listen man… I screwed up… again. But I need a favor… take care of her. Make sure she’s happy… even if it’s without me. Please”


*Knows it was a bad call* “I can’t go back… and not date my new girl… but how do I fix this? I can’t make everyone happy but.. she’s important, special… what do I do”


*Remembering the good times when you both were inseparable friends* “What was I thinking? The signs were always there… she always hinted it… how much she loved me… but I can’t do much… maybe time.. time will clear everything”


*He’ll probably be thinking about it all day* “Did she always… liked me? It’s not possible… I thought she.. but.. now I have someone and.. I’m confused.. why does this… change everything.”


*Probably will be crying the whole night at the dorms* “I promised myself I would never do what she did with her ex.. she didn’t know but… I still promised myself and yet… here I am. Breaking her heart. I can’t do this…”


*Asking Suho for advice* “Don’t tell me it’s not my fault! Just because I didn’t know… it’s no excuse! I should have waited.. I should have asked her first… before trying to move on.. I’m in the middle of a love triangle aren’t I?”


*Won’t say anything at the moment and will pretend everything is alright. But he can feel the tears forming in his eyes and his chest hurting while he looks at your broken face* “I have to talk with her.. I have to solve this… I need to ask her… but how.. this is not right”


*He would be so confused. Wondering why you aren’t happy, why you have become so distant. He wouldn’t know the answer at the beginning but eventually figure it out* “She likes me doesn’t she? She… she was waiting for me to make a move and… and I came home with a new girl… why did you let me do this? Break her heart…”


*Stays very serious the whole day* “Is it always going to be like this? Breaking each other’s hearts all the time?” *thinking about everything you two have been through*


*It wouldn’t let him sleep. He had talked to you about it first, asked you if it was aright to date someone.. you were his best friend and you said yes. And yet you looked so sad*


*He’d probably be sad and wouldn’t leave his house. At least not until he figures out what to do* “I love my girlfriend very much but… but all this time I had been waiting for Y/N. And we both had the opportunity and I screwed it. I can’t be with two, choosing doesn’t even seem right”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Senior Year + College stuff (HC’s with The Sincerely Three)

A/N: I didn’t fully know what to do with Senior Year, so I just made that college stuff as well, wohooo


  • He’d be 0 excited for his senior year, while ur all #Hyped for it
  • Honestly, he’s just so anxious about what will happen after school
  • Cuz Boii, he’s afraid of his future and he’s afraid of losing you
  • Sometimes when you two hang out, you guys start talking about everything and then he starts talking about him losing you
  • And he starts crying
  • And ur like “Noooo” and ur heart is breaking
  • You’re assuring him that ur gonna stick to his side, no matter what, even after school
  • “But why would you even want to stay with me? I’m stupid and I’m probably not gonna achieve anything in my life” – “Well, because I want you, no matter what. It’s that simple.”
  • A lot of love, a lot of kisses
  • Sometimes in school, he’d even write you little notes and hide them in your locker
  • You’d be like Heart Eyes and aaaw it’s so cute
  • And Connor would blush, and be so happy that u like it cuz at first he thought you would think it was cheesy and bäh
  • You guys don’t give a shit anymore about what other people think of you
  • Some ppl still call Connor a freak, then laugh, but he just turns around, mocks them and yells “You’re childish and gonna die alone” at them
  • You are #SHOOK (but he’s right tho)
  • He got a lot more self-confident and you are so proud of him omg
  • His parents r still kinda dicks to him and literally force him into going to college (they want him to become a lawyer or like any job in a higher position)
  • Connor doesn’t give a shit and just applies for a photography school
  • To get into it, he needs to show them a portfolio, but mate doesn’t have one
  • “Maybe I could be your model, or so? You know, for some photos?” His eyes lit up and omg he was so happy to have you and was soo!! excited to take some nice photos of you
  • These photos were beautiful and Connor made you cry sometimes cuz it was all so Emotional
  • You’ve always hated your body, so you were not really excited when he said he wanted to take photos of you wearing literally nothing
  • But all the time, he whispered “God, you’re so beautiful” which made you sob sometimes
  • The ppl from said school loved his portfolio and immediately accepted him
  • Omg Connor was so happy and kissed you all the time and thanked you, oh god
  • Your prom was also really cute
  • At first, he didn’t want to attend it, but you begged him so much and well, he couldn’t say no to you
  • But Connor freaking enjoyed himself so much, he even danced with you
  • (He even waltzed!!! Because you showed it to him some weeks before prom; so cute)
  • At the end of it, you guys were so exhausted, just dropped into bed and immediately fell asleep
  • He held you so tight and omg u two are so in love wtf
  • BONUS: You two move together after high school, Connor’s a super photographer, while you also work together with him in his own studio, you two love each other very much and stay together #Forever


  • Our mate would be #anxious
  • “What if I can’t go to a good college? What if I CAN go to a good college, but we just can’t afford it?” – “Evan, it’s 3 am in the morning, what”
  • He’d totally be in the studying phase, where you wouldn’t see him some days
  • “Can I come over?” – “Well, I still have to write three essays, I gotta do that assignment for Ms Miller and OH GOD, I need to-“ – “Yeaaah, I’ll be there in like 20 minutes”
  • You’d help him with his stuff, he’d help you with your stuff
  • Evan used to be really quiet and shy about your relationship, but now in Senior Year, he’s all open about that
  • He doesn’t care what people will think and he even ignores some comments from SOME GUY (*cough* Jared *cough*)
  • One time, and god, you were surprised, he even slapped your butt while he passed you in the hallway
  • Afterwards he apologized like a million times for it, but you assured him that you didn’t mind
  • You kinda liked it wtf
  • Anyway, Evan would do all these essay contests to get a scholarship
  • He’d be doubting all the time that any college would be interested in him
  • You’d always hug him, he’d wrap his arm around your waist and you’d just whisper in his ear, how wonderful he is and how happy you are that he’s your boyfriend
  • Evan was also kinda scared that you’d leave him afterwards when you two go to different colleges
  • You were also v scared about that
  • So you two made a total serious pact that you’re just not going to break up
  • it’s that simple
  • Evan got accepted to one of his Top 3 colleges!
  • And you as well!
  • You two celebrated the whole night, laughing and kissing, maybe even some drinking, but not too much
  • “What should I do at college now? When I won’t drink alcohol, they’re gonna think I’m a loser!” – “Then both of us are losers!”
  • Cheers!
  • So, you two went to different colleges
  • A lot of tears, when you said goodbye
  • But!! Evan tries to drive to you every weekend
  • One time, he didn’t have enough time and couldn’t manage to get to you
  • Well, then you took a train to his college and surprised him (Maybe you two cried then and omg u 2 are so cute)
  • and ur PROM!!!
  • Evan made like a cute promposal
  • But sort of fucked it up and thought he was a mistake
  • u laughed and thought it was the cutest thing ever
  • So on prom night, you two danced and smooch and kissed and omg that love, beautiful night


  • “It’s our Senior Year” – “Yeah” – “Jared, we need to do something” – “No”
  • Jared would be all chill about it, while you’re all worried
  • He’d (sometimes) study stuff for his SAT’s
  • But not really tbh
  • Everybody would ask him which college he’d like to go to
  • And Jared would be like “Uhm, rude?”
  • Even you would try to persuade him into trying to achieve!!! more things cuz he’s smart and you’d tell him this all the fucking time!!!!
  • So, Jared agrees into “trying”
  • You would go to his house and study some school stuff
  • He’s friggin smart and v good at math and helps u
  • (bc obviously if one person needs help with math it’s u ok)
  • You’d try to study, but Jared just nudges you all the time and kisses you, while ur like #serious about it
  • Okay, but at some point you’d just give in nd u make out alright
  • ANYWAY the SAT’s right
  • Boi fucking destroyed it
  • You were so happy for him and ohhh god
  • And Jared was all like “Well, I told you I was smart!”
  • (Alright but he was also very excited about it and so happy bc finally he could prove to people how smart he was)
  • So, he goes to college and probably studies summat to do with computers idk
  • Before he leaves, you two have an immense!! horrible fight about what will happen to your relationship
  • bc to you, it seemed that Jared didn’t care about you at all
  • but he did!!! so much!!!!
  • (you guys made up again tho)
  • you didn’t attend it alright lmao
  • you just took some fake prom photos
  • and spent the whole night in his room, playing video games, watching films and getting drunk
“Come Back With Me.”-(Negan)

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Characters- Rick, Michonne, Rosita, Negan and (Y/N)

Warnings- None?

Pairing- Negan x Reader

Word Count: 1397

Summary- You meet the mysterious Negan for the first time, however things quickly spiral in a different direction.

I wasn’t there when my people attacked the Saviour’s outposts. I wasn’t there when the group got ambushed by the Saviours. I wasn’t there when the first exchange happened between the communities. I wasn’t there because I was caring for the children of the community. I was caring for my own girl.

But I was there when the man Rick calls ‘Negan’ appeared early for his weekly collection. And so was my child. 

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Being the daughter of Jim Gordon and dating Jerome would include:

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Request:  Please, Can you do a headcanon like… Be the daughter of James Gordon and be dating Jerome (you are good and very young compared to Jerome, your father doesn’t accept) Sorry my English by @stupendousrpgkawaii

Warning: Reader being younger than Jerome, violence and unheathly love. Not a very nice love story.

A/N: Sorry that I’m late! But I made it kinda long eheheh

[Y/F/N]= your full name


  • Meeting Jerome radomly on the street and finding out he works at the carnival.
    • Him inviting you to watch the show.
  • Jerome being super fun and making you laugh all the time. Playing some minor pranks with him to annoy his co-workers.
  • Adoring his laughter.
  • Meeting him all the time and your dad becoming suspicious with whom you’re ‘chilling’ all the time.
    • “So, who’s the guy, [Y/N]?”
    • “I already told you. His name’s Jerome and he works at the carnival. And he’s funny and my friend.” 
    • “Just don’t get to ‘funny’ together, okay?”
  • Fiding out you’re younger than Jerome.
    • “You’re 18? What the…?”
    • “You look older, you know.”
    • “This is awkward.”
    • “Have heard and seen worse.”
    • “Same.”
    • Jerome being the childish one.
  • Comforting Jerome when he’s sad or/and angry.
    • “Jerome, you’re always welcome to crash on my couch. I don’t think dad would mind.”
    • “Thank you, [Y/N]. You’re the bestest friend someone could ever have.” 
  • Meeting Jerome’s mother and disliking her the moment she started to nag.
  • Climbing out of the window to meet up with Jerome at night.
    • “I’ve never done this before.”
    • “Don’t feel so guilty. We’re not doing bad things. We’re just going for a walk.”
    • Talking about your life.
  • Jim not liking that you’re never home.
    • “You should bring Jerome home for dinner. I’d like to meet the boy who’s making you climb out of the bathroom window.”
    • “Um…”
    • You feeling super guilty, making youself apologize to your father and promising him you wouldn’t do it ever again.
    • “I was young, too, and I did anything to get into a girls pants-”
    • “Please no!”
  • Jim forcing Lee to give you the Talk again. It’s very awkward.
  • Jerome kissing you unexpectedly after a walk. 
    • Blushing and stuttering but kissing him back. 
  • Coming home, grinning brightly and Jim asking you what happened, only to find out that Jerome had kissed you.
    • Jim not being happy with it and him trying to keep you busy. 
    • Lee being on your side. “Jim, you can’t keep them apart forever. They will find a way to meet and she’s going to keep you in the dark until it’s too late.” 
    • Jim still not liking Jerome. He being sure that the boy’s a vagabond.
  • Jerome liking to hug you from behind and kissing the top of your head. 
    • He’s a cuddler, you realise.
    • He’s so much more happy with you than with everyone else. You feeling special. 
    • Him buying you souveniers.
  • You fiding out that Jerome’s mother was murdered and comforting him, staying with him all night.
    • Jim meets Jerome for the first time.
    • Him hating Jerome because he’s too old for you.
  • Your father telling you that Jerome had killed his mother and that the GCPD sends him away to Arkham.
  • Crying al lot.
  • Begging you’re father for a meeting with Jerome. You wanting answers for the things he did.
    • “Please, dad…”
    • “No. You’re not going to be near that boy ever again. Do you understand, [Y/F/N]?”
    • “Yes, dad.” 
  • Being lovesick and burrying yourself in school work.
  • Two days after the Maniax broke out, you’re being kidnapped by Jerome.
    • “You can’t just abduct me! Jerome, you have to let me go.” 
    • “Don’t you understand? I brought you here to be safe from the others. The city is going to blow up, soon.”
    • You being frightened to death. Everything about Jerome changed. His laughter became haunting, his smile your nightmare and the look in his eyes told you that your Jerome was long gone.
    • Crying alot and begging him to let you go.
  • Him confessing his love to you in despair.
    • “Oh, I fell so hard in love with you, love. I never thought my heart could skip so many beats. I love you.”
    • You being in love with him but also knowing that whatever is between the two of you would never work. “Jerome, I’m breaking up with you. I don’t want this. I don’t want your twisted love.”
    • Jerome getting angry and slapping you, but apologizing with many soft kisses afterwards.
  • Being torn apart. 
  • Finally escaping the day he left the door unlocked.
    • Running to the GCPD, crying and telling him about Jerome. 
    • Jim and Harvey comforting you. 
    • Even Ed tries to comfort you with riddles.
    • Jim being ready to kick Jerome’s ass for hurting your feelings.
  • Going to therapy after Jerome’s death to deal with everything that happenend to you.

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College!Shawn - Sleepover (Drunken Visit Part II)

Title: Sleepover (Drunken Visit Part II) 

(Part I) (More College!Shawn)

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader 

WARNINGS: Mild swearing


Is a Drunken visit part 2 possible ????? Like omg so much feels

Are you gonna post more College!Shawn? Maybe this time not platonic?

A/N: Forever a hoe for College!Shawn lmao



You scroll further down the Netflix suggestions. How is it that they have literally every show and movie and yet you have absolutely nothing for to watch? Ridiculous.

A gentle knock on your dorm room door makes you look up from the fluorescent screen.

“Who is it?” you call out, just to be sure.

“Mendes.” You hear Shawn’s familiar voice reply softly, probably to make sure your dorm mates couldn’t hear him.

You shut your laptop close before opening your door.

“Back so soon?” you raise an eyebrow, hand on your hip as you widen the door enough for his large frame to walk through. Your eyes drink in the sight of him in his grey sweatpants and white tee, a nice change from his usual black skinny jeans and flouncy button ups.

“This time completely sober. Promise.” Shawn gives you a small grin as a greeting.

“I’m surprised you remembered how to get here, considering how drunk you were the last time.” You fake an impressed face as you took a seat back on your bed.

“Hey, having fun is not a crime.” Shawn smirks easily. “Plus, I was sober enough to remember where you put your spare dorm key.”

“Yeah, fortunately you got out quick enough before my dorm mates woke up.” You rolled your eyes. “Would’ve given (Y/F/N) a heart attack.”

He lets out a little laugh, imagining your friend’s reaction if she found his large frame sprawled on the couch in the morning. Would probably spit out her organic juice from the shock.

“Why are you here, anyways?” you ask, realizing that Shawn was still standing in the middle of the room. He’s always so easygoing and comfortable that you hadn’t noticed the awkward position he was in.

“Why? Not excited to see me?” he fake pouts.

You glare at him playfully in reply.

He gestures to the little chair crammed into your small dorm room and gives you a questioning look, asking for your permission to sit. You nod.

“Anyway,” he starts, plopping down on the uncomfortable chair. His large frame drapes over the seemingly miniature furniture, your throw pillow (that he sat on in his sleep the last time he was there) tucked beneath his muscular arms. “My roommate’s got her girlfriend over. So,”

“Ugh.” You grimace.

Shawn has told you stories about his roommate before, usually when the two of you walk back from the library after your tutoring sessions. According to Shawn, he has the whole ‘tortured artist’ vibe, and he has been a piano protégé since he was twelve. Shawn likes him enough, but apparently chicks really digged piano players—digged them a little too much.

“Yeah,” Shawn gives you a look that says I know right. “Thought it’d be a good idea to find a place to stay for the night.”

“So you’re dorm hopping?” you quirk an eyebrow, lips pursing in amusement. You’d tease him playfully about it, the same way you do about everything. But you know Shawn, and how much everyone loves him. Anyone would gladly give up their couch or bed for him, if he asked. Not that he ever would. He was a gentleman at heart and too polite in nature, despite his playful demeanor. You don’t care, though—about him ending up in someone else’s dorm. Shawn could stay at whomever’s he pleased, it had nothing to do with you.

“Don’t think I have much of a choice, unless I want to listen to him getting it on with his girlfriend.” Shawn shivers in disgust.

“Gross.” You shake your head. “Spare me the grueling details.”

“At least he’s not lonely.” Shawn shrugs. “Don’t think I could stand it if the guy started playing depressing solos on the keyboard in our dorm.”

“Knock on wood, Mendes. What if they break up?” you raise an eyebrow playfully.

“Oh my God,” Shawn sighs exaggeratedly. He extends his arm to rapidly knock his knuckles on your wooden table. You pretend not to notice the outlines of his biceps under his worn T-shirt. “No. Please. Anything but heartbreak ballads.”

You laugh a little. Then, “Well, you can stay here.” comes out of your mouth before you can even stop yourself. You clear your throat. To seem less desperate, you add, “If you want to, of course.”

“Wha—“ Shawn looks taken aback. For a second, you’re worried that you sound too eager. Then, you wonder if your snark has lead him to believe that you’re incapable of kind gestures. “That’s not what I came here for, (Y/L/N).”

Your stomach flutters at the implication; that he came to your dorm room just to spend time with you. He wanted to hang out with someone and you were his choice.

Of course he couldn’t have just texted or called you like a normal 21st century person. Come to think of it, you don’t think you’ve ever called or texted Shawn—except for that one time when you were running late for one of your tutoring sessions (his fault, not yours, he demanded muffins and the line was extra long at the café). The boy even emails you when you two hadn’t run in to each other enough for him to ask about your History of The Arts 1 exams and essays. Starts them with ‘Dear (Y/L/N),’ and everything (he ends them with ‘Lukewarmest regards, your incredibly attractive somewhat-friend, Mendes’).

“Plus, you’ve got dorm mates.” Shawn snaps you out of your thoughts. “I don’t think they would appreciate it if they found an intruder asleep on their couch in the morning. Again.”

“Then sleep on my bed.” You shrug. Partially to hide the warmth breaking out on your cheeks and the stammer of your heart. “I’ll take the couch.”

“I can’t let you do that, (Y/N).” he looks at you through hooded eyes. The use of your first name doesn’t get pass you.

You tuck the image into your memory, because it seems like it would be the infatuated look he’d give if he were to pull you closer and whisper loving words after you’ve just said something endearing. You feel like a thief for claiming the image as your own, causing your cheeks to become warmer.

“Sure you can, Mendes.” you shrug again, praying that it will be enough to feign nonchalance (and to fight off the oncoming blush). “I’m (Y/N) your fair knight, remember?” you quote his drunken words he emitted the last time he slept over.

“Shut up, (Y/L/N).” Shawn looks up at you through his dark lashes. His eyes are warning but he’s suppressing a shy smile. You can tell. His thicker lower lip is a little twisted.

“No, but for real.” You say, getting up to gather your favorite pillow and the spare blanket. “Take the bed.”

“No—what?” Shawn is up in seconds, the throw pillow somehow neatly sitting back in its place again. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I’m not being ridiculous.” You argue, but a little laugh escapes. “Seriously. It’s okay.”

“Uh, no. It’s not okay.” Shawn shakes his head profusely. He’s smiling but he’s dead serious as he wedges himself between you and your door. His large figure is towering over yours and sleepy heat is radiating off of his body. “If you really want me to stay here then I’ll take the couch.”

“No, you already got the couch last time. Plus, I don’t really want you to stay here. But I know you need to.” You’re smiling too, but a crease is starting to form between your eyebrows.

(Y/L/N).” his large hands swiftly enclose themselves around your wrists and you almost drop the pillow and blanket from the sudden touch.

Mendes.” You look up at him defiantly, trying your hardest to ignore the proximity between your bodies.

“I’m not letting you sleep on the couch.” He chuckles. He’s half grinning that signature Mendes half-grin. He knows it’s charming, knows he’s charming. But it doesn’t work on you—at least not completely.

“Well I don’t care.” You fake a sweet smile for him. “It’s my dorm. So, unless you’re gonna find somewhere else to crash, you’ll sleep on my bed. It’s only fair.”

He hesitates, and for a second you think he might walk away. Might walk out of your door and call up one of his many friends like a normal 21st century person. You try not to think about the thought hurting your feelings. Why would it matter where Shawn crashes for the night? (And if he calls his other friends on the phone?).

“Fine.” He sighs. His eyes are still hesitant, still searching yours for any sign of defeat or regret. There is none, of course. “But only because you’re so pushy.”

“Wise choice, Mendes.” Your smile widens as you re-gather your sleeping gear for the night. “Goodnight!” you stage whisper in a singsong voice.

“Goodnight.” Shawn smiles at you fondly. It’s the one he gives you on the rare occasions when you team up and insult someone else instead of each other, or when you bring his favorite muffins to your tutoring sessions.

You walk out the room and start setting up the couch. Unlike Shawn during his last visit, you had the pillow at the edge of the couch. You smile a little at the memory as you laid the blanket.

“(Y/L/N)?” you hear Shawn call out from your room, stage whispering to ensure that your dorm mates won’t be disturbed

“Hmm?” you turn from your couch.

“Thank you.” He says and you can tell he’s being genuine because he’s not smiling.

“You’re welcome, Shawn.” So he knows you’re serious, too.

Shawn gives you one last smile before disappearing behind the doorframe. He doesn’t close the door, as if a teenager who needed parental surveillance at all times. You hear the blankets rustle softly in your room, and you crawl under the blanket on the couch yourself.

You think you hear Shawn wishing you sweet dreams but your eyes fall shut before you can reply.


Beep! Beep!

You groaned, recognizing the sound of your alarm blaring through your room. You stirred, attempting to grab your phone charging next to your bed but something heavy is weighing your hand down.

Your brows crease as you groggily try to open your eyes. “What—“

“Jesus.” You hear a sleepy voice mumble.

Your eyes open just in time to see Shawn’s confused state as he abruptly awakes from his slumber. Then his free arm is shuffling, and your alarm stops ringing. You realize that you’re now back in your bed, under the blanket you fell asleep in last night.

“Oh, shit.” Shawn mutters, eyes wide as he realizes where he is.

You take in the sight of his mess of curls and twisted body on the floor next to your bed, covered in your spare blanket. You didn’t even realize he’d been holding your hand until he snatches it back to furiously rub at his eyes in an attempt to wake up. You almost whine at the loss of touch and comforting heat.

“Were you sleeping on the floor?” you ask hoarsely, arms propped up on the bed. You hoped he’d take the blush on your cheeks as a post-sleep-flush.

“I think I was.”

You watch him stretch his body, back cracking and legs stretching out. You avert your eyes once he starts stretching his arms that had been folded on the bed next to you for who knows how long.

“’M sorry,” he chuckles, faintly shaking his head at his own antics. “I carried you back to bed last night so I could sleep on the couch. Guess I didn’t make it back in time.”

“It’s okay,” you shrug, pretending to be unbothered by the faint memory of his hand wrapped around yours. And the fact that he carried you back to bed in your sleep to ensure that you’d get a good enough rest.

“Thanks for letting me sleep over, (Y/L/N).” he’s back to his grinning self now—up and ready to go. You wonder how he can be completely relaxed and indifferent in such a situation, like this isn’t the first time you’ve held hands or seen each other right after waking up. Or, you know, slept next to each other. Maybe not in the same bed, but still.

Were you over-analyzing this? Probably. Most likely. 

“You’re welcome.” You answer as casually as him. He’s still grinning but doesn’t say anything. You realize that he’s waiting for a witty comment. But you’re so caught up in his crumpled cotton shirt riding up his torso that you end up silent for a little too long. “Uh, d-do you want breakfast before you go, or something?”

“Nah,” he shakes his head, a little amused. “I’ve definitely stayed my welcome.”

“It’s just bread and tea, not a gourmet dinner.” You roll your eyes, confidence slowly returning as you kick your blanket off so you could get up.

You hear him hum as you open the door, and you know you’ve got him. You gesture at him to follow you out of your room and he does, just as you thought he would.

“I’ll stay for the tea.” He announces as he plops himself on one of your small plastic dining chairs.

“And the peanut butter and jelly?” you raise an eyebrow, a smile playing on your lips as you gather the jars and bread.

“You spoil me, (Y/L/N).” he grins up at you, leaning back on the too-small chair.

You look down at the slice of bread you were spreading jam over, letting your hair fall over your face to hide the blush creeping up your cheeks.

reasons to go for jumin’s route! (deep route!)

  • his calls are mostly about how he misses you!!
  • he just wants you to stay by his side
  • he thinks you’re cute when you’re on your phone!!
  • wants to shower you with so much love and affection!
  • things get a little r18 sometimes bUT YES PLS *screams*
  • he calls you “my love”, “my princess”, and “my angel.”
  • is jealous when you talk to someone else in the chatroom *idk man that is cute*
  • according to him, if you were a cat, he would have brought you home immediately
  • is worried that you won’t eat proper meals just because he isn’t there with you
  • he loves Elizabeth 3rd as much as he loves you!!
  • he can’t imagine a life without you *CRIES*
  • was actually dying to kiss you the first time he saw you (AAAAAaaaAAaahH)
You are my best friend;
You make me want to write poetry about everything beautiful,
But also everything dark and devoid of what most call ‘beautiful’
You don’t only make me want to write about sunshine and flowers;
You touch even the darkest part of my soul
You are my confidante, my inspiration, my motivation.
I can rant to you about shitty coffee
And two seconds later be ranting about how heavy my heart feels-
How hopeless a person I can be,
How desperately dark things seem.
I can kiss you on the forehead, tell you you’re beautiful,
Then instantly joke about breaking up till one of us caves.
I can be completely raw with you;
Touch my jagged skin darling
And if you cut yourself on my sharp edges
I’ll kiss you,
But I won’t tell you this will be easy
I’ll tell you it will be worth it.
You are my best friend
When you look at me,
I can feel you starting at my soul
Not who I am on the outside
I can send you my ugliest pictures
And we can laugh for hours about how disgusting I can make myself in .01 seconds.
I love that;
I’m never scared to be myself with you.
I won’t hide pieces of me,
I’ll hand them to you,
I’ll even wrap the horrible parts of me up in majestic wrapping paper as a joke;
I’ll give you the good parts and the bad-
I just want to experience everything with you.
When you miss somebody the way I miss you,
It’s not that bullshit type of romance;
It’s missing my best friend
Waking up every day feeling like you’re away from the one person who gets you,
You get me
Through the dinosaur noises, the earth worm faces, the no makeup, my lazy days, the tears, and everything else that I’d be scared to show you;
If you were only my girl
But you’re so much more than that
I miss you every day because you’re my best friend
Not because you’re beautiful (which you are)
Not because I crave you physically (which I do)
Not because I want to take you on dates and be cute (which I love)
But I miss you endlessly because you’re my favorite person to laugh with,
You’re my favorite person to have meaningless small talk with
You tell me bad jokes, and I tell you worse ones
You say you hate me, well I hate you more.
That’s what I call a best friend,
And somehow I’m also lucky enough to call you my girlfriend.
—  Every day life with you is so damn easy

anonymous asked:

Do you think this is worse than the lodge? Just genuinely curious what people think about this on the scale of break ups

now this. this i can answer.

drumroll pls anon

welcome to…. 

✨ the first annual break up awards!!! ✨

the break up that seems the most impossibly insurmountable

nominees: all 500 break ups

winner: the lodge. like. aaron tried to go behind rob’s back and get him confessing to MURDER it was manslaughter but u kno and then rob KNOCKED HIM OUT TIED HIM TO A RADIATOR FOR A DAY POINTED A GUN AT HIM AND TRIED TO KILL HIM. i’m sorry but. dudes. no one should come back from that. ever. they should be kept as far away from each other as possible forever more. except bless the law of the soap, that’s not what happened and rob hella redeemed himself.

break up that made us cry the most

nominees: like all of them but really the four big ones (the donny break up, the lodge, january and today)


break up that made us all antis

nominees: still every one of them


most aesthetic™  break up 

nominees: obviously yes still all of them except the break up where they go to a theme park the next day fuck that break up


stupidest break up

nominees: that one break up where they go to a theme park the next day like fuck that break up

winner: that one break up where they go to a theme park the next day seriously fuck that break up

…i’d like to apologise to that one break up where they go to a theme park the next day it makes me laugh every time and that is valuable but actually u kno what fuck that break up

biggest non break up that should have been a break up

nominees: that time they argued in the prison and rob was so upset that he got drunk and impregnated his ex a.k.a. the incident

winner: i think you know

best break up dialogue

nominees: all of them have a chance with this one son

winner: …….does the reveal count as a break up? no? oh

break up that felt most like we also just got broken up with

nominees: ….lets get real

winner: 13/07/2017: aaron falls apart, tries to murder robert. robert literally looks like he’d rather have the wrench. also they smashed rob’s car. entire fandom has to go sit in a dark room and listen to break up songs while crying.

break up i really could have done without

nominees: all of that shit


aaaaaand that was the awards! tune in next year where we’ll probably have 20 more additional break ups to include in our judgement! thanks for ur votes @ myself democracy is beautiful goodnight

in the meantime, tune into the robron break up posts for more details (ongoing)

  • oh look, young hoe got a request
  • lmao ok i’m sorry
  • our precious coffee prince <3<33<3<3
  • this concept really fits him btw, this is going to be really interesting to do
  • i have here my own coffee cup by my side as i write this,,, for inspiration
  • lmao okay shall we start???
  • okayyyy so!!
  • one of this baby boy’s biggest goals always has been to with have his own cafe someday
  • it all started when he got his first job in a small cafe
  • that’s what made him realize how comfortable he feels in that cozy and warm environment
  • until one day he was like
  • “you know what mom? i’ll have a cafe someday"
  • and john’s mom was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sure son 
  • and even if it was going to cost him years of hard work he was decided on this, he was going to make that dream of his come true sooner or later
  • he probably had to study and work everyday and luckily he’ll have an almost decent amount of sleep
  • but damn it all of that was worth it because when he finally got his cafe he was the happiest person in the world
  • he took advice from his family and friends and literally everyone to decorate the place in a cool way but still making it cozy and comfortable
  • and probably decorating the whole place was really fun for him
  • but, when he started to get clients he and all his family felt so proud of himself like aw :’) bby u did it
  • even if he had the cafe for quite some time now, he always treated his clientsin the same friendly way
  • whenever he talked with the clients he had the widest smile in his face and was really attentive and kind with all of them
  • his extra ass probably even remembers the face of the first costumer he ever had lmao
  • i feel like he would make small convos and jokes with everyone and he would never erase that smile from his face
  • anyways, the thing is that one day you were getting late to your classes, but you were hungry and bREAKFAST IS IMPORTANT!!!
  • okay you couldn’t just no eat ur breakfast so you literally entered to the first cafe you saw on the street
  • and oH wHat A cOINciDEnCe it’S waS jOHNny’s cAFe
  • and y’ALL MEET!!! WOOOOOOO
  • he attended you with those warm, shiny eyes and that calm and positive attitude of him
  • but you were too worried to even realize about the beauty you had in front of you, lmao
  • “hey, what’s up”
  • “hey”
  • “are you okay?”
  • and you were so ????? is the fact that my stress is breaking me apart THAt obvious ????
  • but you just said that you were fine and just take your order without waisting more time
  • and while other worker was preparing your order he created those small convos and in one moment he was like
  • “you’re a student, aren’t you?”
  • “yeah”
  • “i can tell, hey, everything’s gonna be great”
  • and you looked at him like ??????????????? what
  • you were so weirded out like i came here for a coffee and now this cute barista is comforting me????
  • but his eyes were so warm and you actually felt a bit better
  • you just thanked him while you were paying him and he just smiled at you and then went other part of the cafe
  • and when he came back he had your order with your order, you noticed that the cup had cute hearts and smiley faces all over it
  • and you could help but smile and even blush a little bECAUSE IT’S SO CUTE
  • and that’s when johnny started to be all heart eyes w you, your smile melted his heart and u were so adorable and it was love ya know
  • “have a good day today”
  • but anyways, the point is that both of you thought about each other a lot since that moment
  • and johnny knew that he was very smooth w you but what if you thought he was creepy or weird instead of cute ??? like what if he fucked up
  • and he couldn’t confirm anything until you came back in the weekend
  • and you weren’t sure either bc u heard lots of people talking about how nice the long haired guy of that new cafe was and what if u misuderstood everything???
  • but when he looked at you entering the small building his smile showed uo instantly and you easily notice his whole face iluminated
  • you felt more calm when u saw that but you still got a bit nervous about talking w him aND HE WAS JUST AS NERVOUS FOR SOME REASON??
  • “caramel macchiato?”
  • “oh, you remembered it!”
  • i don’t even know if y’all like caramel macchiato but iSN’T IT LIKE SUPER ADORABLE WHEN HE SAYS IT??? MY HEART MELTED
  • and he goes to his co-worked that was already working on your order and he’s like
  • “actually, make two of those, i may take a break”
  • and you’re like !!!!!!!!!!!! okay !!!!!!!!!!!!! sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • aw :’) this is so cute i’m dying
  • and y’all had a super little date of like 20 mins before he had to go to work again
  • he asked you about your classes and if you were feeling more relaxed now aND YOU WERE SO SOFT BECAUSE HE REMEMBERED
  • he talked a little about what he studies and about his little cafe and idk maybe about some of his plans for the future
  • then he had to go, but he was eyeing you the whole time, and smiling whenever you do anything
  • you could be reading or answering a phone call or smth and he would observe your expressions and smile the whole time
  • “it was nice talking to you, hopefully we’ll see together more often in the future”
  • “i hope the same thing!”
  • and you gave him your money and tiny piece of paper with your name a phone number
  • and after he notices he would look up just to have you smiling widely and winking a eye playfully at him, making his face turn bright pink
  • “we’re for sure going to see each other then”
  • this was so cute i’m :’) 

daredevil memefour characters [4/4]  —  Frank Castle

“Look, I might generally be considered out of my skull, so this might not mean much, but that’s got to be the craziest most batshit thing I’ve ever heard in my life. People that can hurt you – the ones that can really hurt you – are the ones who are close enough to do it. People that get inside you and and and… tear you apart and make you feel like you’re never gonna recover. Shit! I – I – I would chop my arm off, right here in this restaurant, just to feel that one more time for my wife. My old lady, she didn’t just break my heart, she…she’d rip it out, she’d tear it apart, she’d step on that shit – feed it to the dog. I mean, she was ruthless, she brought the pain! But, she’ll never hurt me again…you see, I’ll never feel that. You sit here and you’re all confused about this thing, but you have it! You have everything…so hold onto it. Use two hands and never let go. You got it?”

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Hi! :) I have some problem when writing, not in dialogues, those are the easiest part for me, but like after the dialogues, I always feel like I'm repeating the entence "she said" or "he said" wayyy too many freaking times, and it bothers me a lot. How do I kinda replace the word "say" and not make it appear 500 times in my 1000 word story? xD Thanks! And I cant wait for your novel to release :D

Hello my dear (fyi, this answer is scheduled for posting on my author website tomorrow morning as well as one of my weekly writing tips!)

Ohhh, dialogue tags. What an important question!!

Two things: the first is, check out this cool page about other words you can use for “said.” Remember that you probably want to convey action and emotion with your dialogue. The only thing “said” tells us is, literally, that someone… well, said something: which, mind you, is important!

But, other words – that more directly describe the way something is being said – can often be super helpful, and that’s where the link above can be very nifty.

The second thing: remember that you don’t always need dialogue tags. The goal with good dialogue is to have everyone communicate – as we all do in real life – with different cadences, with a voice all their own. So making sure your characters have their own rhythms and tendencies when speaking can help us as readers know who’s talking without necessarily having to be told. Relatedly, it’s fun to let readers see what characters are doing while they’re talking, and this can provide a lot of great alternatives to “said.”

Take this bit of dialogue, for example, from this delightful scene between true loves Emma Swan and Regina Mills in Once Upon a Time:

“How do you feel about kale salad?” Emma asks.

“Like someone found some place other than Granny’s for take-out,” Regina answers.

“I’m fine with her grilled cheese, but I know it gets to you,” Emma says.

“You eat like a child. Is that a root beer?” Regina asks.

“Two! I got you one. Thought you could use a break,” Emma says triumphantly.

Okay. Awesome. My heart is melted like that grilled cheese that Emma didn’t get because she knows it hurts Regina’s stomach be still my fangirl heart.

But, still. As written, it doesn’t convey everything that went on between them in that scene, does it? So, lets try it without once using “said”/”says” or synonyms for it.

“How do you feel about kale salad?”

Regina doesn’t bother looking up, either at the salad or at the woman who’d placed it there. “Like someone found some place other than Granny’s for take-out.”

Emma ignores her distant, distracted quip as she struggles to crack open the bottles she brought with her.

“I’m fine with her grilled cheese, but I know it gets to you.”

Regina scoffs with soft eyes and finally glances up. “You eat like a child.”

She pauses, then, and nearly gasps, her mask of disinterest finally gone. “Is that a root beer?”

“Two!” Emma quirks a small grin, holding up one bottle in each hand like she’s Henry, trying to be casual while proudly presenting his science fair project. “I got you one. Thought you could use a break.”

You see what I mean?

More melty-grilled cheese for Emma and warm fuzzy someone-notices-what-I-need feels for Regina, and more overall feels for us.

Sometimes, we need those actions, those facial expressions. And, it does two things at once: injects deeper forms of communication into the scene, and eliminates that pesky “said” repetition.

Remember, most of communication is held within the unspoken: don’t be afraid to put that in your writing!!

Have a great time, dear writer: you got this :)

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Are you still taking requests for your Natsume Yuujinchou stories/fics? : Ok ok so how about, Natsume and his friends go to a city close to the town and suddenly Natsume meets one of the people that took (horribly) care of him and he reeks of alcohol and suddenly starts a fuss with Natsume and Natsume gets scared that his friends will get hurt but everyone starts to protect this angel or smth while my boi is scared stiff and- OH MY GOD MY HEART-


They’re leaving the karaoke bar as a group, headed further into the city instead of back towards the station, because Nishimura has his heart set on oden, and there’s a stall just a few blocks away that was put there by either an angel or a god or a mortal saint, even – totally worth the trip, they had to trust him on this one. His friends roll their eyes and share commiserating looks, but Natsume is smiling indulgently at him, and Tanuma and Taki would follow Natsume off the edge of the planet if he expressed a mild interest in going that way, and that gives Nishimura the majority vote right off the bat.

He smirks victoriously at Kitamoto the rest of the way there, and only almost trips twice.

The stall is set up along the riverside railing in a relatively quiet area, and the smell hits them even before the lights come into view through the thin crowd. “Oh, you were right,” Taki says, her bright grin doing something complicated and fizzy to Nishimura’s heart. “It smells amazing.

A man ducks the curtain, stepping out of the stall – his steps are a little wobbly, and he smells strongly of alcohol. Nishimura wrinkles his nose and moves around him, hearing his friends follow suit, and smiles at the familiar old man behind the counter.

He opens his mouth around a greeting, but Tanuma says “Natsume?” behind him in a way that makes the world stop.

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I would like to know why the 6ft tall manly, genius rapper Kim Namjoon was made with two of the most angelic dimples on the planet. You know how they say dimples are where you were touched by an angel? The angel must have fucking stabbed boy joon with how deep them dimps are.

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that cute little thing he does where he talks seriously and then breaks out into a smile??? the purest thing on earth

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he aint even smiling and he tryna drown me in that dimple boy tf

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my handsome joonie !!!!!! so !!! handsome !!! models are shook!!!

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this is the most beautiful thing on earth his gorgeous thick lips and eyes and everything about him stops my heart with love

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the softest boy

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this concludes day 2 appreciation. i wanted to do something soft and happy today because namjoon is a soft happy boy. 

day 1 

Short thoughts on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why....

You know you’ve found an incredible, moving, powerful, honest, game changing, real… unique… show when you stay up until 6:30 in the morning watching the entire first season the day it’s released. Beware: Spoilers ahead. I’ve now watched it twice, and I just have to say… #JUSTICEFORJEFF I did not see that coming. Everything about tape 10 broke my heart. Also, no one is talking about Clay finding Jeff. He lost his friend and the girl he loved in the time span of two weeks. This poor kid can’t catch a break. Plus, the scene with Jeff’s parents crushed me. Fuck, why did such an awesome kid have to die…. not okay.

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The Assistant

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Request: Bruce x Female Reader where the reader has been Bruce’s secretary for years and is super close with the batboys & Bruce doesn’t know. And then when Damian first meets her, him and the other batboys talk about how great she is during family dinner & how she spends time with them individually doing what they like (& Jason misses her cuz she was super sweet but he can’t see her cuz he’s “dead”) and then Bruce realizes he doesn’t know that much about her and asks her out and then some date fluff

Pairing:  Bruce Wayne x reader

Summary:  You have been Bruce’s assistant for many years and he finally notices why his son’s love you so much

Words Count: 1470

Genre: Fluff

Notes:  So I’ve seen a few fics with a request a lot like this, so if this fic is too much like a fic you have written please tell me and I will take it down. I don’t want to take any credit away from any other amazing author.


“(Y/n)!” You heard a shout from behind you and then you were tackled by a bundle of energy.

“Hello Tim!” you greet cheerfully as.

“Are you doing anything important today? I want to go to the coffee shop down the street again.” he says, releasing you from his hug.

“I’m sorry, your dad has a few meetings today and I’ve got to be there, but I’ll tell you what. I get out around noon today for lunch so why don’t I met you there for awhile?”  you ask.

You have been Bruce Wayne’s assistant since you graduated high school. What started out as an internship turned into a full paying job within a year. Now you had been with them for awhile and you were more than just an assistant to their family.  You have babysat all of Bruce’s sons since they were little, now the oldest had his own life and it felt like your little bird left the nest even though he wasn’t actually your son. Whenever Bruce had an important meeting and couldn’t be disturbed you would take the boys somewhere fun until it was time to go home. Dick liked going to trampoline parks, Tim liked coffee shops  and Jason before he passed loved to go to the movies. Now Tim, being the youngest in the family, was 16 so you didn’t need to babysit him anymore but that didn’t stop him from visiting and neither did Dick. You got at least one visit a week from your boys and it was always the highlight of your week.

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Home Again| 15

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen Jay or anyone from AOMG for that matter. Three weeks to be exact. I’ve been distancing myself from them all. If you’re with one, another appears out of nowhere. I can’t risk it. I decided to leave Korea soon. It’s better for me. I really can’t stay here if I’m getting nothing but trouble. It’s my home, yes. But I’m scared for Seulgi. She wants to stay but I know what happens to mixed race children here in Korea. I was one of them. I basically grew up here. Both physically and mentally. But more mentally. They get bullied. I was used to get pushed around. I owned up to it, fought a few girls and boys here and there. But I don’t want her to be like me. I want her to have a good life. I don’t want her bullied because of her darker skin color. I don’t want her coming home crying or coming home expelled because of a fight. She deserves so much more. 

I was currently in Soyoung’s apartment, playing with Seulgi. She brought out a few dolls for us to play with. “Aren’t they beautiful?” I asked. “They’re okay. But they don’t look as beautiful as mommy.” She said. I could only smile at her. She smiled back at me. I heard a knock at the door. I got up and walked over to the front door. I opened it without thinking. I was greeting by an unwanted guest. Sunghwa. “Can we talk?” I shouldn’t have opened the door so wide. He could clearly see Seulgi behind me. “Who’s the kid?” I grabbed his wrist and shut the door behind me. “She’s m-my, my niece. Her dad is my brother Byungho.” I lied. When I lie there are two reactions from my body. My hands either start shaking like crazy or a slightly twitch. This time it was the twitch. Only a few people can spot my lies. Of course Sunghwa was not one of them. He just wasn’t. “You never told me about your niece. Can I meet her?” “Aniya! You need to leave! Soyoung doesn’t like people in her apartment without her permission.” I explained. “Why do you keep pushing me away?!” “Why do you have fucking love me?! Do you know how hard life is for me right now? Ever since the fucking accident! I got hit with a car running after you, Sunghwa! You! Not Jay! You! I care about you! Hell, I am even love you! But I can’t be with you. I can’t be with Jay. I don’t need nor want a man right now. Stop making life so hard and back-” Interrupting me, he smashed his lips on mine. I couldn’t pull away because deep down inside of me, I wanted this. I wanted him. I wanted his lips on mine. I wanted nothing more than to kiss him. It was everything I imagined. His soft lips against mine felt like heaven. I kissed back for a few seconds then pulled away. “I can’t.” I said. 

-Jay’s POV-

I needed to see her. She’s been avoiding me. I pulled up to Soyoung’s apartment, I guess she lives here now. I let the window down. I saw her and Sunghwa? Kissing?!?! I turned my car off, jumped out of it and rushed over to them. She could see me coming. She almost immediately jumped in front of him. “Why the hell are you protecting him?! Move Y/N!” “No! I’m not letting you hurt your friend of me, Jay! Stop this! You two are like brothers!” She shouted. “No brother of mine would kiss the woman I love the most!” I screamed. I tried to push her out of the way but she hugged me tightly, not once loosening her grip. “Please don’t hurt him Jay! Please! I’m begging you! Please don’t do it!” She said her voice breaking. Is she crying? I wrapped my arms around her. She was so soft. I missed this feeling of hugging her. But she was hugging me for the wrong reason. I can feel her tears drenching my shirt. Sunghwa looked at Y/N before rushing off somewhere. I couldn’t focus on him right now. “I’m sorry for everything. Eight years. Eight years.” She said in my chest. Eight years? What the hell does that mean? 

After her little meltdown she headed back inside and I left. It was for the best. I went home. I couldn’t even come into work. Eight years? Eight years? Those two words stuck in my head. She left Korea nine years ago. Not eight. Did something happen eight years ago when I wasn’t there for her? Why did she say it twice? And why was she sobbing over that phrase? I know Soyoung and Steph won’t really help. Maybe, just maybe Steph’s, little cousin knows. What was that sweet little girl’s name? Seulgi? Yeah that’s it!   I made my way to Stephanie’s apartment. She was outside with a friend of hers. I hid behind a railing around the corner of her apartment. “I just want her to tell him, you know?” “You can’t force her to tell him about the kid. Maybe one day she’ll admit it to him. She shouldn’t tell him. He’s not ready to be a father yet. I can clearly tell.” Her friend said. Who the hell are they talking about? Her friend got into her car and drove off. I walked over to her. She slightly jumped at the slight of me. “What are you doing here?” “I wanted to talk to you about Y/N.” She sighed and mumbled a few curse words. She opened the door to her apartment. “Come in.” I walked in and sat on the sofa. There was something off. “What is it? Why’d you come here when you know my sister’s at-” “Is she in love with Sunghwa?” I interrupted her question with my own. She sighed and looked away. “She doesn’t love anyone.” She answered. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m just jealous of every man in a 10 meter radius of her.” 

I looked over across the room and saw a family picture on the coffee table in front of the sofa. I grabbed it and smiled. It was a cute little picture of Seulgi and…Y/N? Y/N was hugging Seulgi. Oh yeah. That’s her niece so it’s not really weird. But she looked like a mother in this picture. I don’t know why. She was holding her so tight. I saw little writing on the bottom. It looked like a children’s writing. “My Mommy” Mommy? This is some joke, right? 

-Stephanie’s POV-

“My Mommy” I heard him mumble looking at Seulgi’s picture. I snapped it and hid it. “Why does that picture say my mommy?” He asked. “That’s none of your business. Let it go!” I shouted at him. He looked like he realized everything. “Seulgi. She’s not your niece is she? Y/N is her mother, isn’t she?” He asked with pleading eyes. I felt bad for him. “Tell me the truth. Is Seulgi her daughter?”

-Y/N’s POV-

Seulgi wanted to go to the park so I took her to the nearest park. We were walking through the park. Well I was walking, she was skipping. “Mommy?” “Yes, Seulgi?” “Can you tell me about when you lived in Korea?” She asked. I sighed and looked up into the sky. “When I lived in Korea. Honestly the best time of my life. People cared about me. I always thought it would be hard because wasn’t like the other kids. But it wasn’t. They actually liked me.” “That’s not what I wanted to know. Tell me about Dad.”

“Your father was the world to me and I loved him with all my heart. I met him in my first few months of Korea. He was my everything.” “Then why did you two break up?” She asked. A tear fell from my eye remembering what happened. “…Please don’t leave. I love you too much…..Then tell me why you’re leaving and I’ll let you go, only if you agree to come back….I can’t live with you Y/N…..I’ll do whatever it takes-” (Shout out to the people who know where these lines come from. Hint: Chapter 6)

I could hear his voice in my head as if it was happening for a second time. “It’s complicated sweetheart. Maybe in the future I’ll explain. But now go have fun. The playground is over there.” I said trying to change the subject. She rushed over to playground and the other kids welcomed her with open arms. I sighed and sat on the bench. I watched the children play with Seulgi as if she was just like them. It warmed my heart. “Y/N?” I heard a voice. I looked to my right and saw Stephanie’s friend and co worker, Yumi. She walked over and sat next to me. “You look a little down. You okay?” She asked. “Yeah I’m fine.” “I had a talk with your sister early about Seulgi’s father and-” “I’m gonna tell him.” I interrupted her. “What?” “I’m gonna tell him about her. He deserves to know about her.” I said. She didn’t say anything. She just sat there in silence. I looked down at my phone. 

Here’s the next chapter since a lot of people were asking about it. We hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading. Sorry for any mistakes. Admin Kai and Admin June. 

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