everything about this video makes me happy

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that dan video and the follow up on tumblr made me so sad! wtf! sometimes i just stop n i'm like i love d&p so much and then after that video it broke my heart cause all i wanna do is protect but i read your responses to the posts about all this and it made me feel 100% better i appreciate

i know it made me really sad too. lately everything on here has been making me sad but it’s ok. i am just very happy and glad that the things i said made you feel better, that’s all i want really

The signs while stoned

aries: “this is stupid, where’s the alcohol”
taurus: *opens fridge and eats everything*
gemini: “this stuff smells, but it makes me feel good so idk”
cancer: “wow did I just laugh for once” “am I actually happy” “what is this feeling”
leo: *plays video game without blinking for hours*
virgo: “why did I do this” “why do I feel like this” “I feel funny” “guys when will this end”
libra: doesn’t stop talking (probably about something they love)
scorpio: “I really want to have sex right now”
sagittarius *doing something weird (but funny) af in the corner of the room*
capricorn: chillin, randomly giggles
aquarius: *thinks of some complex theoretical idea* *blows mind of person sitting next to them*
pisces: *scrolls through social media quietly laughing*

@therealjacksepticeye I hope you’ll see this. It took me a long time to do all the proportions (a reeeeaaaally long time) and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Btw I watch every video you post and I’ve seen everything you’ve posted before. And when you talked in your Diamond Rockheavy Pillow Youtube Thing vlog about those people, I actually cried. You just make me so happy and I’m so glad you exist in my life

I was inactive on this blog for almost 3,5 years before 2016 and I really didn’t think to ever come back. But when I learned about Shadowhunters in the beginning of the year, it not only brought my interest for tv shows back, but also introduced me to a complete new, wonderful fandom. When I started this blog in 2010 I mainly posted about football and Harry Potter, followed by years of posting about everything I liked.

I’ve been part of quite a few fandoms, but the Shadowhunters fandom is just one of a kind and it’s an absolute pleasure to know all of you amazing people. I used to do “Follow Friday” Videos and I loved to make these, so I hope I can make some people happy by doing my 2016 follow forever. I love you all.

I follow a good amount of blogs about Shadowhunters, The Foxhole Court, The Raven Cycle, Six of Crows, Yuri on Ice, Photography and Makeup… so this is gonna be long.

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

First to mention @natalieportman- because we’ve known each other since the beginning of my blog and I still have your christmas card from years ago at home ♥

Same goes to @brightsidesp and @dondaario who were already featured in my Follow Friday videos back in 2010 :) ♥

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I’m sorry if I missed someone :/

This weeks video

I just watched this weeks video and let me tell you, I cried. I cried because I can 100% understand what they’re feeling, I can u sweat and the feeling of the anxiety attacks Grayson has because I get them, I can understand how Ethan tries to make everyone happy because that fulfills him, I can understand how overwhelmed they are with everything that’s going on. This made me so sad because they are loving boys that deserve all the happiness in the world, when Grayson told us about their dad having cancer I felt my heart breaking, their eyes were emotionless, they looked tired and filled with sorrow, sometimes I thought they were going to break down and start crying, Grayson’s voice even cracked at one point. I just hope this just goes by and they get all the love and happiness ever. They opened up to so many people in a huge platform and that’s brave, they’re very strong boys and it makes me sad seeing them this way. I just want to give them a huge hug right now and tell them everything is going to be alright. Like I don’t Know how to explain what I’m feeling but I’ll always have their backs. I fee like they need a break from tour at this moment, we know how much they love us but I feel like they need to be with their dad at this moment, family comes first, their health comes first and God forbid seeing them in the hospital because of exhaustion. I just love them so much and want the very best

Everything about caspars new video is amazing. Just like.. the fact that he had the opportunity to meet Robbie Williams and the fact that he wanted to share this opportunity with Joe?? Just makes me so happy?? And Joe was actually so sh00k it was hilarious??

Don’t even get me started on the way Caspar sat Joe down and just asked him how his day was, and they sounded so soft with each other?? The heart eyes were STRONG in this. Not gonna lie, i actually started crying at one point because this was such an adorable and nice prank? I love them so much. I’m glad they were able to do this.

Please take your time to read this post.

So, yesterday was the Mnet asian music awards event.
Lots of  bands and singers performed, and did their best to give everyone a good show, but one thing disappointed me the most, and I think you can probably guess what.

I’m an IGOT7, just a fan, like all of you guys.

What I’m about to say might piss you off a little bit, maybe no, maybe yes, but..

I think Got7 is the most hardworking group in kpop, at least at the current time.

If you think it’s not true, can I remind you of

Their huge amount of fanmeetings?

Their promotions?

What about their Japanese mini album they made, right after releasing Turbulance?

Their short video clips for No Jam, Boomx3, Sick, Prove it,

Their reality shows,

They do everything in order to make their fans happy,




Why are you treating them like rookies? why are you spelling Jackson’s name wrong, why do you mistake the name of the SINGLE song you let them perform to, why are you giving them such a small stage to dance on, with such bad lighting? and if that’s not enough, you’re not even moving a finger to make them look good on camera like you did with probably.. EVERYONE ELSE?!

Try to imagine how they felt? hurt, probably, and very, very disappointed.
And so what if they kept smiling, that’s what they have to do because they can’t let us see them break down, right?
The sleepless nights, the time they spent on making their album, filming their shows, giving us love, making us happy..


And to all of you GOT7 antis who keeps calling them Flop7, bashing them, laughing at them, saying shit like “JYP was buying votes”…
you can go to hell for how much we care.

And IGOT7, baby birds, you are the best, really!!
 Let’s not ever take them for granted,let’s continue supporting them and giving them our love, there’s a reason they won the WORLDWIDE FAVORITE AWARD!!!



A compilation of random videos I found on my phone that sum up the past few weeks. -got my septum pierced makes me sneeze a lot -laughed at everything -went on some amazing dates with an amazing girl -was happy about said girl and listened to love songs in my blanket -girl films instead of taking photos -I try to do cool photos but girl just laughs at me 🙃

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When I look at these pictures from 2014 and 2015 I see a confused but such a confident and happy person who was ready to take on anything. I feel as though over time everything about me seem fleeting. I truly miss who I was. I usually don’t make New Years resolutions but fuck it.

• Go see a gender therapist
• Start running again
• Open up and confront your feelings
• Find some fucking friends outside of video games (IRL)
• Yoga!
• Be a happy depressed fuck 😜

Pictures (Old to New)


cute hob with his portable fan alskjdskdfl 😭💞💞


At least not in the final problem
Why? Because that’s how Moftiss works
I bet there’s gonna be a bild up, John and Sherlock alone in the flat they just solved a case they happy and comfortable with each other no more bad blood about Mary the baby’s save everything is fine right? And they start leaning in to each other look each other in the eyes with cute smiles heads coming closer and closer…
But then the wall explodes, or something, maybe Moriarty’s back idk, and the screen goes black.
We’ve seen stuff like this, the did you miss me? video, Sherlocks suicide … At the end of a season, a shocker keeping the whole thing interesting making the goddam three years of waiting for the next season bare able, making crazy theories possible, did they kiss? Didn’t they kiss? That’s what y'all be thinking about
That’s how the whole pattern of the show works
And don’t get me wrong I ship them a LOT
But the kiss ain’t gonna happen
At least not yet

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I'm sure this sounds like an odd request, but can you share a little about yourself? I'm curious to know!

Aww sure! Let’s see… I’m short, I have two kitties that I love a lot, I love love love pastel colors especially pink, I think bows make everything 90% cuter, I love playing video games, especially on my 3DS. I used to play the violin but quit after a year or two, I don’t know what I want to be but I don’t mind what I end up doing so long as I’m happy! I own a little pink Polaroid camera and I like to take pictures with it. I recently decided to identify as bisexual, I love winter and spring the most, and my dream is to visit Japan to see the cherry blossoms and take lots of pictures!

Hopefully there’s some new things you learned about me!!


Whenever I feel down or anxious I watch that video of Ricky Wilson falling in love with a complete stranger with the voice of an angel, and it makes me so happy I forget about everything bad in the world

Dear Ethan, (crankgameplays)

You’ll probably never read his, but I really really needed to get this out.
I just wanted to say thank you, for all the happiness and fun times in your videos and interaction with fans. I mean, you make so many people happy, and u can’t believe how far this family (the cranky crew) has come.
You’re truely an inspiration and I can’t comprehend how happy you make me. I’m not gonna go on talking about all my problems, because everyone has problems and has sad times, but through everything, your videos have made me oh so happy. It’s a happiness that can’t be described.
I adore you, as a person, and as an entertainer. You’ve helped me overcome things I wish I’d never had to face, and hope nobody else has to, without even doing anything purposely. You’re my idol, and I can’t not look up to you. You’ve literally saved my life, and I wanna let you know that us members of the Cranky Crew, will always be here for you.
From the absolute bottom of my heart and soul, I love you Ethan.
You’ve been there for me, more than a lot of the people in my life have, with out being direct about it.
You’re a hero, did you know that?
Anyway, I don’t wanna take up too much of your time, because I know you’re very busy.
Once again, I love you so very much,
P.s. Do you think you’ll ever come to Australia?