everything about this song i can relate

types of panic fans

the casual fan: listens to panic for fun sometimes if they feel like it. only knows songs from doab and the singles from the other albums

the ryan stan: br*nd*n ur*e killed their crops and burned their village. worships afycso and the rose vest. willing to fight the urie man for even having the thought of playing songs that ryan wrote live. has or plans to get at least one tattoo of his lyrics. lives for those edits where its his livejournal entries. their life mission is to get ryan the credit he deserves. also has a ryan ross hands kink

the brendon stan: brendon urie has done nothing wrong ever. he is the nicest, kindest, most beautiful human being to ever exist. lives for his high notes. would die for him. worships sarah. did i mention how beautiful brendon urie is and how proud i am of him can u believe he made doab all by himself wow

the ryden truther: ryden was 708% real. has read every ryden theory masterpost. has probably written at least one ryden theory post. every song is about ryan ross if you try hard enough. pretty odd is the best panic album. cries at every minor ryan/brendon interaction. everything that brendon does somehow relates back to the fact that he’s still bitter and sad about ryan. quotes throam almost daily. is rereading throam right now

the dallon stan: vices and virtues is a masterpiece. probably ships brallon. tags every picture of dallon with a keysmash. screams a lot. would kill to see a brobecks show. really only goes to panic shows to see dallon. strives to reach dallon’s level of dadness. here for dallon’s idkhbtfm project. is just here to have a good time

the “emo trinity” fan: obsessively listens to fall out boy and my chemical romance along with panic. probably also likes twenty one pilots, halsey, and/or melanie martinez. they like panic just as much as the other bands in the “trinity”. wants panic to tour with fob/21p. probably ships peterick/joshler/frerard

how do people just stop shipping larry ? im genuinely curious like how do you stop feeling so overwhelmed over them ? how do you stop looking at them fondly ? how do you just forget everything and move on ? honestly i can think about stuff that happened years ago and still be like, “wow they really … did that …”, i still cry over larry moment videos and songs related to them ??? still the one, home, i want to break free, etc. = automatically sobbing, the tattoos still fuck me up !!! these two have a part of my soul forever man im never going anywhere.

ok so in light of everything. here’s some things to appreciate:

  • tae finally got to start the song just like he talked about and even got a small dance solo
  • black haired jin
  • rapper kook
  • that footwork
  • jin getting lines
  • the fact that mic drop was inspired by obama’s mic drop
  • the variety and mashing of genres
  • the dangly earrings
  • jungkook’s hair
  • the hardwork bts put into preparing this album
  • the production
  • bangtan’s humbleness about everything relating to this comeback
  • jin
  • yoongi
  • hobi
  • namjoon
  • jimin
  • taehyung
  • jungkook
  • the fact that we don’t need to come up with theories for once

Happy Birthday Min Yoongi aka Suga aka AGUST D!!

I love everything about you; your gummy smile, your voice, your personality, the way you dance.. I’m in love

You’re my inspiration Min Yoongi

every songs that you wrote makes me adore you much more

when you rap.. oh my god, istg my heart stop beating

when you mentioned that you started to suffer with social phobia in your song “The Last”, I can relate to you because I’ve been struggling with it since i was a kid. I want to find my way out too. I want to be just like you, unafraid to achieve my dreams despite having it

hope you have the best birthday ever and I’m going to support you and BTS till the end

i love you min yoongi

this is from the bottom of my heart :)

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Crying in the club uses both her and him pronouns but not like talking to each other. But in a way anyone can relate to the song. Such a nice dynamic. 👍

Yep it’s good - because I like to imagine a back story for songs when I don’t really know what they’re about, I’d like to think that the song is about a gay guy and a lesbian (🌚 ) who broke up with their other halves and go together to a nightclub to try to have some fun - everything just sounds better when it’s gay.

BTS REACTION: Your Hands Being Shaky at a Fan Meeting

It isn’t often that BTS comes to your area, if they do it’s for concerts. So when you heard of the fan signing you just had to go, no matter what. However, the excitement of getting your ‘Wings’ album signed didn’t out weigh your anxiety in the slightest. You can’t stop how badly your hands are shaking as you hand over the album to the first BTS member seated…

N A M J O O N:

He’s more preoccupied with making sure that everything at the fan meeting is running smoothly. But once you are right in front of him, your hands shaking violently, his worries shift from the event to you. He quickly replaces the album in your hands with his own. “Take a deep, breath in and breath out, slowly.” He maintains eye contact as he gently coaxes you through a simple breathing exercise. It takes a few minutes but his gaze is unwavering and his voice is patient.

Once you’ve calmed down you quickly snatch your hands back. “Than…Thank you,” you say with a blushing face. You take another deep breathe. “Not just for this, but for your music. Anxiety is hard enough as it is…but…but when coupled with depression it’s…Just, you are your own worst enemy, ya know? Not only are you afraid of everyone judging you but nobody talks down to you as bad as you…You talk about mental health often in your songs and I find that amazing because it’s really hard for me to do that. It helps me, knowing that there’s someone out there who relates. Someone who by all means seems like they should have it all together…but doesn’t. I mean, I’m not going to become a psychiatrist or anything. But I want to try to help others like me.”

He gives you a soft smile that still shows off his dimples, “Whenever you find yourself doubting if you can go on, just remember how far you’ve come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won and all the fears you overcame. Remember that if you feel beaten down or alone, we will always be there with you. We will encourage and support you, just like you have done for us. Raise your head high and forge on ahead. I can’t wait to see what you become.”

Once he realizes what he said he wants to curse his philosophical nature. He really just said that to a complete stranger? The rest of BTS is face palming. Why is their leader so awkward?

You are touched by his words but also embarrassed by the public environment. He signs the album so that the awkward air can disappear quickly. You contribute by immediately moving on to the next member. Both of you are flustered for the remainder of the day, but unlike you, Namjoon gets teased by the rest of BTS.

It was a chance encounter. However, it gave him the courage he needed to push for their next concept to be ‘Love Yourself’ where each member gets to tell their story about their troubles. He hopes that it will help ARMYs who may be struggling and even mentions you.

“There was a girl who came up to me and said, ‘Thank you for being strong.’

I told her that somethings in life are going to go wrong. But you’ll never be alone even when there are no more songs,

Where I convey all my struggles that will likely never go away.

But hey, that’s okay. ‘Cause when I portray my dismay I know that somewhere far-away, when you are feeling grey, you have this song on constant play to help you see the light of day.”

During the tour for their ‘Love Yourself”’ album, a book is released under anonymous. It quickly gains popularity among English speaking ARMY for its dedication to BTS. Namjoon learns about it through their twitter.

With a love for books and a strong curiosity, he requests his manager to pick him up a copy as soon as they can. When he receives Love Yourself, Love Myself, he is surprised to see that it’s a book of poems. On the very first one, he is hooked:

Ed vs. Ire

It is a struggle inside of my head.

Do I want to get out of bed?

If I do, will my day be full of dread?

At the end, will I want to cut the thread?

I have yet to stain the bedspread with a deep red,

But that doesn’t mean I’m any less dead.

Though I have this desire,

There is still a fire that says ‘I am a live wire.’

Living fills me with dire,

But still, I aim higher.

Happiness is what I want to acquire,

And maybe it will never transpire.

Even so, I’ve always been a trier.

Each poem manages to convey emotions to the reader and rhyme. It amazes him, he’s not sure even Yoongi would be able to write a whole book that rhymed. Namjoon goes as far as to praise the anon on a Vlive. Even commenting that he wants to collaborate with them for his next mixtape. ARMY scrambles to try to figure out who the anonymous writer is, but to no avail.

Originally posted by sugasdiary

A few weeks later, the manager of BTS informs Namjoon that the writer of the book has actually reached out to them about collaborating and they have just arrived. “The rest of the boys insisted on keeping it a secret from you, until now.”

He doesn’t know whether to thank them or to knock some heads together, but it explains why he was the only one called to the company on their day off. He’s directed to the studio where the writer is. Once he opens the door, he almost gasps when he discovers that the writer of his favorite book is you.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N L/N, I hear that you’re a fan.” Your voice has a nervous edge to it but you extend a steady hand for a handshake. You don’t want to assume that he recognizes you, even though it’s been less than a year since you first met.

He extends his own hand while smiling widely, “With my courage for ‘Love Yourself’ here, who happens to also be my favorite poet, we will be done too quickly for my liking.”

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Know your limit with shipping

So I came across this page on IG and they had blocked the comments on their post because their caption was:

“I think that taehyung’s solor stigma, about homosexual relations. I am only one who think so? Please read the translation and you understand everything. Very worried about them about their reactions 😂 as i said before taekpok dramatic couple lol…”

Shippers really do cross the line and it’s unbelievable how they can just easily get away with it. If you have read the lyrics, you can obviously tell that Taehyung is talking about his family; remember he has a younger brother and sister. He refers that song to family. It has nothing to do with homosexual relationships.

No, I am not homophobic, you can continue to support your ship but learn respect when it comes to the members’ personal things whether it be songs or anything else that needs to be respected.

Honestly believing that Taehyung’s song is about Taekook is like playing Yoongi’s song ‘First Love’ in the background of a YoonMin ship video. It’s disrespectful af. Please stop being delusional. Learn to tell reality from your sexual fantasies.

Please and thank you.

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I have big problem :( I love everything about goth subculture and I can call myself true goth except... I prefer other music than typical goth... I prefer symphonic metal and black metal than goth... :( i am still goth or no ? :(

I collect everything related to Michael Jackson, wait for Eurovision Song Contest like it’s Christmas, and am going to listen to Lana Del Rey outside the festival she’s playing at tomorrow (because I have no money to actually go). None of that takes away the fact that I also enjoy the gothy things in life, it just adds to it.

While it’s a good idea to know about the goth rock genre because it is so deeply related to the origin of the subculture, you can’t force yourself to like something you simply don’t like. I personally didn’t start preferring the original goth rock version of No Time to Cry to Cradle of Filth’s cover until my twenties. 

Many goth bands aren’t even pure goth rock, their sounds are often mixed with rock’n’roll, punk, synthpop, metal, and whatever else, and a lot of metal borrows themes from the gothic aesthetic, literature, and films (e.g. Theatre of Tragedy and Within Tempation). The music that falls under a subcategory of gothic is so varied nowadays simply because the genres have evolved, and that’s okay.

You’re under no obligation to suppress or hide your taste in music, it is what it is. Just like fashion is just one fragment of goth, so is music. Sure, it is a bigger fragment and it is an important one to know about, but that one fragment doesn’t define whether you get to be something or not.

No More

i’m sorry but i am not sharing any more of both Poppy’s and Mars’ past content. I was on /r/MarsArgo and Mars herself specifically asked for people to stop sharing her old videos. I have no doubt Poppy feels the same (even if she doesn’t know about that interaction). I didn’t realize fully until now that they really didn’t want us sharing things they purposefully deleted and that it upset them (specifically Mars) to see people reuploading things you deleted for a reason. I’ll be changing the name of this blog and the icon, as well as the description and background. I will no longer share old videos / gifs / pics / etc. of Poppy or Mars unless they decide that they personally reupload these things themselves. I will not be sharing any content that I have not uploaded. I will be deleting all posts relating to either of their pasts sometime next week (i would do it sooner but i don’t have the time currently, but it will be done as soon as i can). I’m still going to talk about how they existed, but not to the extent that it has been on this blog or like how the subreddit has gotten. I also will not tag any posts about either of them with things relating to their past (i.e their names, previous videos / songs, etc.)

I would like to apologize to @marsargo for not respecting the fact that you deleted everything for a reason. I was ignorant and I hope that you will forgive me, and I understand if you choose not to.

Here for the most part I reblog things about Lana or very rarely talk about her, anyway, everything is about Lana and I try to keep my life outside of my love for Lana on my other blogs, not this one, but I really wanted to make this post, and to some extent it relates to Lana.
I’m a writer and Lana is one of my inspirations, as a song writer and generally artists and also her aesthetic is very inspiring too. And lately…man, I’m gonna get killed for this, but she isn’t as good as I know she can be and that’s rather disappointing. I try to don’t think about that and enjoy the rest of her music, but as an artist myself it’s so sad.
To sort of…console myself I tried to think about how much has she actually inspired me in my writing and I’ve complied a list of all the songs that served me even the smallest inspiration and I’ve decided to post it. I’ll keep it brief since I know no one will read this anyway, but if anyone wants to know more, well, feel free to ask.

1. National Anthem -a story
2. Ultraviolence -a story
3. Shades Of Cool -a detail of a character/made me think of said character
4. Brooklyn Baby -made me think about a character
5. Pretty When You Cry -works great as background for a scene
6. Money Power Glory -a character
7. Fucked My Way Up To The Top -a character
8. Cola -a story
9. Body Electric -backround for a scene idea/ a story
10. Gods & Monsters -backround for a scene idea
11. Serial Killer -a story
12. Best American Record -backstory for a character
13. All of Ultraviolence -two of my characters would cry while listening to it, it’s just very relatable to them
14. All of Honeymoon -a scene/ background for said scene
15. Blue Jeans -a story
16. Radio -a story
17. Dark Paradise -a story
18. Million Dollar Man -made me think of a character
19. Groupie Love -made me think of a story

So, i got my first tattoo. A @twentyonepilots related tattoo.
This is a soundwave of a song that saved me when i was in need of a friend, and it continues to rescue me everyday. I can firmly say, that whatever i accomplish in this life i will owe to these two guys, because i stayed alive for them. And this song is a reminder of that.
Everything in this has a special meaning to me. And if you want to ask me about it, don’t hesitate; i’d love to share this with you personally.
Thank you twenty one pilots.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Harry related discourse lately, including some suggestions that the way his statements get scrutinised is unbalanced in comparison to the way the other 1D boys are treated when it comes to song lyrics, statements they make in interviews and the general bar we set for them.

I get that it’s annoying that Harry appears to meet more political challenges in relation to the stuff he puts out there, but I’m going to put a positive flip side to that observation. I think Harry attracts particular scrutiny because he’s been more vocal and nuanced about issues which have a social justice lean, such as women’s rights and LGBT activism and that he’s even thinking about this stuff is a very good thing. I know that’s one of the reasons why, as a solo artist, he’s held particular appeal for me and I’ve been so excited to hear more from him as an individual. I think the reason he attracts more extensive critique is because he has consciously positioned himself as someone who gives thought to these issues, as someone who cares about, as he puts it himself, fundamental equality. He comes across in his marketing as someone who thinks about things like gender, women’s rights and LGBT identity and that’s a very, very inspiring thing to see in a 20-something popstar who could frankly choose to be a ‘rich kid of instagram’ and enjoy wealth and privilege without giving a fuck about anything or anyone.

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SCANDAL’s RINA; “It’s me RINA” Style Book Translations Part 1 of 5 - MUSIC

Everyone who has gotten this book, thank you so much. I am SCANDAL’s drummer, RINA. The theme of this book is vintage. From music to movies to fashion etc., things that are important to RINA have all been packed within it. It’s a book that’s made from the heart, so I’ll be happy if you all could enjoy it. - Rina


‘Youth’ might be a word that’s mostly used when you’re a teenager, but I think that as long I am in this band, my youth will always been continuing. The fact that I can feel this way is probably largely due to the members. For 4 girls to come gathered together, and to always spend our time on such good terms is amazing, and I unintentionally think about it from an audience point of view at times.

About Member

The eldest, HARUNA always takes in everyone’s opinions calmly, and is a leader that judges only at the very end. To have HARUNA in the way that she is rely on me at certain times makes me extremely happy, and I think it’s nice if I could bring some relief to HARUNA. TOMOMI is a person that brings about relaxation and creates breathing space. In midst of a generally straightforward bunch of people, she also tends to throw out the odd curveball once in a while. MAMI is the band’s melody maker. She’s the most important support in terms of our music, and is the person whom widens our possibilities. The members aren’t family or friends, but they are definitely partners for whatever happens. I will support these members for who they are.

About Indies

There are probably endless memories of Osaka, I reckon. When I was a middle school student, and the other members were high school students, the 4 of us gathered together for a camp at a mansion in Osaka during our Summer holidays. We’ll practice in the studio every single day, everyone doing their own thing, then head to baths once practice is finished. We really didn’t have money, so in order to save, we’ll buy from the supermarket, and sometimes wash our clothes all at a go at the coin laundromat. It’s a Summer where be it doing the laundry, eating and living together, we were together. At that time, it was hard but we also enjoyed it. And during our indies period, we then performed street lives at Osaka-jo Park’s Ten-jo street, in front of an empty crowd that we really can’t possibly smile at (laughs). We made hand-written flyers ourselves, and tried performing and singing while dancing. We cracked our brains, wondering what we can do to make people pause in their footsteps, to be able to stand out. I think I’ll never be able to forget those times for as long as I live.

About Major Debut

I was in my 2nd year of high school when we had our major debut, “DOLL”. I was really happy to see that the dream I’d aimed for had come true. It moved me, going to the CD shop and seeing our CDs lined up there. I was so happy I nearly wanted to cry when I saw a plate that said 'SCANDAL’ hung up on the pillar. And right after our debut, we got to appear on music programmes and had many chances to widen our name, which I felt happy about, despite being busy. I can still recall clearly, the days that followed after our debut.

About Girl’s Band

I think that girl bands are the absolute best, and I’m so in love with being a part of it. 'Girls rock’ stands right next to the genre that is 'Rock’, and I think that the time that it can be naturally recognised for itself alone is coming; When it does, it’ll definitely be fun.

About Live

Lives are places where you’re able to see the band’s spirit and true abilities. I think that bands are the coolest when they’re giving lives, and if one doesn’t perform lives, there will surely be parts about them that you can’t understand. From the choice of the venue, to the components that make the live, to being able to convey themselves through MCs, all those make up the band’s spirit. It is lastly also a place where you can display your powers, when you use words and convey what you wish to say to your audience. From now on, I suppose my stance about making lives central of our activities will never change.

About Listeners

They seem different from the members or family, but they also hold a special spot. A relationship between the listener and a band can’t be placed specifically. Whenever I’m writing songs or answering at interviews, the listeners would pop up in my head often. That’s why, I’m always thinking of everyone. From honestly having zero in the audience during our street lives, to tens of thousands of people today, everyone’s presence brings us confidence and praise. For myself, I think I’m probably the type that won’t continue on with the band if we had no listeners. All of our fans are our power.

About Drums

As I thought of 'Wanting to continue on in the band as this member’, it’s been 10 years by the time I realised. I don’t think just by drumming is all of it, and I did it in my own way to a satisfactory point, coupled with fashion and hair and make-up. In response to that, I bet there are those who come for our lives and got to know me (because of everything). I’m glad that I became a drummer on my own terms. The drums aren’t just an instrument that is cool. Not only is it a instrument that girls can play, but there are also all kinds of drummers, and I’ll be glad to be able to know more.

About 10 Years

When the band was made, we were so hell-bent on making it work every single day, that we never had the time to imagine what it’ll be like 10 years later. After our debut, we’d been touring every year, and I always thought how much I’ll like for this to keep continuing on for a long time. In the band’s 10th year since formation, it felt like we’ve hit our very first point. Not only are we feeling the weight of the number “10”, but it also seems that we’ll be doing this for a long time to come.

About Composition

When I am making songs, it’s often that I start from writing the lyrics. When both the lyrics and melody come up in my head at the same time, I’ll make the demo using my synthesizer and electric drums. I’ll connect my electric drums to the synthesizer, and the synthesizer will add on to what I play on the drums, producing data. Afterwards, I’ll add in chords via the keyboard for the guitar and bass, then send my complete song demo to the members. When the melody doesn’t come, I’ll send my lyrics to MAMI. We’ll talk about it, and I’ll then leave the melody in her hands. Often, when it hits, I’ll make a memo of it to go back to later, and when I think 'Seems like it’ll come to me tonight’, I’ll write a song. When it feels like I can do it, I’ll gradually be able to. How many times that has happened…is a secret (laughs).

About Overseas

Whenever we go overseas to all sorts of countries, I am both shocked and happy, to know that we have this many people asking for us. In the 10 years that the band was formed, I’m able to feel the huge possibilities of every generation and will come to think, we can still do this, there are still things we want to accomplish, and things we can do. That’s because there are people who want to see us live. That’s why, it’s not so much about something special, such as 'Let’s advance into the world!“ No matter which country they’re from, our fans are all our friends. To be able to go to where there are people waiting for us, to do lives, that’s all there is to it.

About Now

Music has became the core to my being after all. Even when I’m having fun, and even when it looks like it’s unrelated to music at first look, it’s always connected. Even when I’m watching variety programme, for example, I’ll think about thing like how great that talk atmosphere was, or I’ll like to create such an atmosphere for our lives. After watching movies, it also evokes me to write music. Everything is related to music. Of course, I also enjoy listening to music in my private time. I often check out new songs on the radio, and recently, I think the Spanish girl band, HiNDS is pretty cool! From now onwards, I’ll simply like us 4 to use good songs to create good lives, and it’ll be nice if we can always keep going on like this. Also, as a band, I’ll like for us to be more exposed, and to take in all kinds of interesting things. We also have our own original shop called 'Feedback!’ in Shibuya, and we’ll also like to continue thinking of new ways where we can bring enjoyment to everyone.

Translations & photos by fyscandalband. To purchase, click HERE. For my "It’s me RINA” tag, click HERE. As I’ll only translate what piques my interest, this is only most of the interview and not a full translation. More to come.

  • Lily: Sirius just say it.
  • Sirius: I think I’m in love with Marlene.
  • Lily: I don’t believe it! I thought you called me over here to uncuff you from your sex swing again, but you’re in love? That’s so sweet!
  • Sirius: It’s not ”sweet“. It’s like a disease! I slept with Marlene one time and I caught feelings! I caught feelings bad. I used protection and everything!
  • Lily: Oh Sirius, you don’t “catch” feelings. You just have them! And they’re good!
  • Sirius: They’re terrible! I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. She’s all I think about. I close my eyes, I see Marlene. I, I hear a song it reminds me of Marlene. I sleep with that chick over there, I’m thinking about Marlene.
  • Lily: Sirius, how can you be in love, and still be sleeping with anything that moves?
  • Sirius: I’m sorry, I don’t follow you. That’s like saying, ”How can an ant carry 20 times its body weight, but root beer floats are still delicious?“ Are the two even related?
  • Lily: Sirius, you’re going to have to stop screwing around if you want to be Marlene’s boyfriend.
  • Sirius: Whoa, whoa, whoa. ”Boyfriend“? I don’t want to be Marlene’s boyfriend.
  • Lily: Well, what do you want, then?
  • Sirius: I don’t know. I just want to be with her. All the time. I want to hear about her day and tell her about mine. I want to hold her hand and smell her hair. But I don’t want to be her stupid boyfriend!

My dear lgbt+children, 

I always find “Not everything has to be gay” a rather amusing statement, considering that it mostly comes from people who are heteroromantic heterosexual cis and consume movies, songs and books about, by and starring, who would have guessed, heteroromantic heterosexual cis people

It’s almost as if people enjoy art by and about people they can relate to. Wild. 

Well, sarcasm aside, i did not always find it amusing. In fact, as a teenager i hated myself for getting excited when i found out my favorite singer is bi and the actor i’m a fan of is gay. I felt like a real lgbt+ person does not do that - “Gays don’t think about being gay all the time!”, “Real gays don’t enjoy being gay, they just are”, “Outside of the bedroom, gays don’t care about gayness”. Those were all statements i heard (cishet) people say, so as a “real gay” i was not supposed to rejoice at “gayness” in art, right? I wasn’t supposed to even care! 

Today, those statements are hilarious to me. People who are not lgbt+ believe they know more about being lgbt+ than people who are lgbt+, it’s ridiculous. But, as some of my followers are as young now as i was back then, i want to tell you what i wish someone explained to me back then: 

Of course gay people think about being gay. They think about their relationships, they think about love, they think about sex - and they think about their everyday experiences in their life, about their job, about their grocery shopping list, about if they should buy the green or the red shirt. And they think about those things as a gay person. No, they may not think “I’ll buy this gay red gay shirt with my gay money and wear it on my gay birthday” but they make the decision to buy that shirt as a gay person because well, they are gay. Straight people don’t stop being straight in the clothes store and neither do gay people. Their orientation is part of their life. And we human beings, we think about our life. It’s normal. 

And what about art? As i stated above, most people enjoy art they can relate to and many seek out art they can relate to. So what’s wrong with a trans guy loving books with trans characters? What’s wrong with you getting excited when you find out a member of your favorite band is bi? What’s wrong with listening to “Girls like girls” on repeat? Nothing,  

You don’t “over-do” being lgbt+. You don’t make “too much fuss” about it. You’re not too “obsessed” with it. 

So, go on and enjoy art by, about and for lgbt+ people. Be excited about it. 

And don’t let anyone tell you how to be a real or a good lgbt+ person - You already are real and amazing, just the way you are.  

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom

ID #51022

Name: Francisca
Age: 22
Country: Chile

Hello. My name is Francisca, but you can call me Fran.
I’m from Chile, in South America, also known as the land of earthquakes (really, there’s a lot of movement here).
I love meeting new people and learning about different countries and cultures. I’m a really curious person who likes to ask questions, learn new things (cause, seriously, there’s so much things to discover in the world everyday!), and talk about almost anything. I say “almost”, because I don’t really like small talk, don’t you think is a little awkward sometimes?
I’m currently studying something related to cinema and I love it. I like watching series (my favorite is The 100) and movies. I love writing, too.
I love, love, love music, it’s my inspiration for everything, I’m not a musician, but I find my comforting place when I’m listening to my favorite songs.
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[INFO] Everything we know about the song 'Ending Scene' so far

Song lyrics can be found here

About the song

An R&B ballad track that brings the sound of vintage piano and lyrical orchestra melody together in perfect harmony.

During the moment of parting, you feel the loneliest. I wanted to paint a scene so lonely that it’s a classic. So the lyrics are really sorrowful. I wrote the lyrics hoping that many people can relate to them, so I hope this song will receive lots of love too.

About the MV

Kim Soohyun starred in the MV. You guys thought it would be released today (21 April) right~? /posing with hand on hip/

Fans: Ah~

If we released it today with the MV for the title song, there would be too many things to watch.. because there would be too much ‘tteokbap’ (slang for hot topic/issue), I decided to modify the schedule.

Fan: You’re witty!

Witty right?

So I wanted to release it at a time when you can watch it calmly. Can I announce when it’ll be released? (asking the staff)

Fans: Yes!

I’ll just go ahead and announce it. The Ending Scene MV will be released at midnight KST between Sunday and Monday.

Fans: *Cheering*

It’s a really sad song, but the MV turned out to be really interesting. It became a really interesting MV. It was more challenging to film than Palette and longer as well, so it was more tiring to film. You guys won’t sleep and will stay awake on Sunday at midnight to watch it right?

Fans: Yes!

I’ve prepared gifts for Ending Scene as well. I thought hard about the keyword ‘scene’. ‘Ending scene’ kept repeating itself in my mind as a keyword when I worked on this song. The MV explains that part well and because of that, I’ve prepared two movie tickets! Originally, this song was to be titled ‘Ending Scene’, but we changed it to 이런 엔딩 (An Ending Like This) instead.

(Live ONE Comeback Showcase)

(MC: Kim Soo Hyun featured in your ‘Ending Scene’ MV. How did that happen?) We got closer through the dramas we filmed together. Although ‘Ending Scene’ isn’t a title song nor a pre-release track, I thought it would be great if we could have an MV for it. That’s because I had an image in mind as I wrote the lyrics. I thought of the ending scene of a movie, so I felt that if it was filmed into an MV, the fans listening to the song would be able to better appreciate the song. I felt that selecting the male actor was quite important, so I contacted him and luckily, KSH’s schedule matched mine. (MC: You called him personally?) Yes, we talk on the phone or via Kakaotalk.

(Sudden Attack FM)

Translated by IUteamstarcandy
Screencap by Lizhi